ihcilon – Stammer

Artist: ihcilon
Title: Stammer
Keywords: experimental dark ambient drone ethereal noise poetry sound art soundscape Memphis

When I think of a Stammer I think of involuntary stops and repetitions in speaking, but after hearing this album the definition has been changed. Stammer by ihcilon seems have nothing to do with this as the entire album floats by in a smooth way. There is no bearable sense of repetitions and even the words that are spoken seemed to roam around freely without obstruction. I’m in a serious mood (recovering from a hangover) so here is a statistic walk through the tracks on this album: (good luck with it!)

The Mimic makes me want to hold my oxygen in my lungs, shut my mouth and listen to it in all the best quietness that I could be. Just to give the music the right amount of space to go in and do its magical wonders. The melody here sings around its own self, like a circular motion that plays out like a hypnotic mysterious session that gets slowly transformed from something nice into something more eerie and perhaps strangely disturbing.

Tiny Thought makes my tummy rumble and the ears flap; it comes in like a instant trip with a soundscape that is loudly psychedelic. The work gets thicker and thicker along the lines, really forming some kind of smokescreen in which Stoney Maloney friends could wade through and see nothing but foggy nice noise.

All is almost like a prayer’ comes with the words and voice of a intriguing sounding artist named Colleen Bak. By magic her poetic touch goes so very well with the pretty tones that the music provides, creating a perfect mysterious fineness to listen to and be entertained by culture-wise.

Back Around makes the listeners feel like they are going on deep. Deeper in the well prepared trance that the producer had cooked up. With a session that feels rhythmic and more heavier on the noise side the music creates a illustrious scene in which tension and tension-tamers are going hand in hand through a careful case of experimentalism.

Spear goes for a darker alley kind of vibe, quietly at night floating through the badly lid ways, passing by quickly without any disturbing going on. The same vibe but even more darker comes with the lengthy ‘null’, one that slowly seems to progress through this side of the music. One that is intense and a bit ghostly.

The track title of ‘Stammer’ makes me think of the rapping words of scatman, but the actual music is a calm flotation of a brighter infused side of sound, one that is warm and lovely, that gets a bit more wetness at the end. Last up is ‘Vaso’ which feels a bit more like an experience in flying. A strange mysterious machine to sit on and buzz off into zones not yet explored. Is there a opinionated final opinion from me on this album? Not really… it was fine listening material, though!

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[lyn] – Questions au clair de lune

Artist: [lyn]
Title: Questions au clair de lune
Keywords: electronic breakbeat electronica experimentation idm ost Paris

Are you ready for some seriousness over here? Well, there is this fine album by [lyn] and it brings in a serious tone within me. One that makes me want to describe the release in a unusual seriousness, so let’s put on your intellectual face and continue to read, or perhaps skip the text and find a direct link at the bottom of this post. Anyway, here we go:

With a fine touch of synth the album opens quietly, only to continue on a lovable journey of moody feel good alienating pretty music. With the main dishes in melody and the uprising programmed drums as the good tasty side palls! It feels as if love cats have been meowing in each other’s furry paws, cuddling with the tails around each other like a true scene of warmth and coziness. This record is one of pleasant synthesizer sounds forming somewhat lonely loving melodies aligned with electric rhythms.

The album gets a more punchier vibe with the appearances of ‘Créer un autre monde’, ‘Si le monde soudain s’arrêtait’ and ‘L’Apocalypse’, ones that brings a more distorted muffled beat to the atmospheric synth magic. Even though it’s more punchy, the all round vibe is calm and relaxed. One that makes you want to slip on a pair of slippers and a bath robe just to feel that extra bit of coziness slipping into your bones and body. Huffing on a pipe while ‘Voir au delà d’une nuit sans étoiles’ shimmers in it’s pretty presence makes you feel like your life is worth to live for. In fact the whole album is a smoothable session in which you could calm down with, but not too lazy-making to entirely fall asleep in. The rhythmic elements are keeping the vibes up, drumming up the space that bring the minimal synthesized sessions alive and well.

‘Le Temps’ strips it all down to the core, just giving the lonely melody the main stage; creating an intimate sentimentality a voice. You can hear the artist being devoted to these works, putting itself in there for the greater cause to create friendly emotional music with that touch of being human. ‘Si la lueur du soleil un jour s’éteignait’ feels like the one with the most anxiety attached to it; you feel the nerves running through the kindly toned melody and the rhythm, making this album not one of total easy listening or some simple ambient record; there is just some more facets to it all. It’s clearly made with love and passion & if you want to hear it all, I would recommend to slip on something comfortable and click the following link:

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Gifgrond #61 the aftermath report

1961 is my favorite year, mostly because it sounds good when you pronounce it. Nineteen sixty one…doesn’t it sound beautiful? That year might not come back in the future, but when the Gifgrond party announced its 61th episode the fondness for that year & the love for gifgrond itself had been merged together as one! What 1961? Gifgrond 61 is sounding even better!
Gifgrond sixty one… yep, that’s the one!

For this special occasion Gifgrond invited the label Enfant Terrible to come over for a exciting party vibe! This intrigued me as I remembered a epic Gifgrond episode with Enfant Terrible and it was not at all terrible!

To make a long story even longer; I wanted in on the 61 action & paddled over the ocean from England to eventually end up on the pretty beaches of Tillywood, the Netherlands. It was a tough travel situation, but knowing about Gifgrond was enough to face the risks and go for it! Besides I was dressed in my warm chicken costume, so now cold, rain, snow or storm could put salt in my plans.

When I arrived at Gifgrond it was already cozily busy. The music was pumping and the excitement grew when the gifgirls came over for a warm welcoming group hug! They must have had a few drinks as they didn’t even seem to care that my costume wasn’t washed for many years. (the smell of it might have fatal consequences, but just as expected the gifgirls are brave and courageous; no poison is too strong for them! 61 times they have ultimately poisoned themselves with killer music and their Gifgrond mixes; they never succeed to meet death and shake it’s hand!

As a familiar face I’ve been there 60 times!) they brought me to the secret grotto above the main Gifgrond area. There the pre-party was going on. The artists and very important poisonous guests had been sitting around a golden table as DJ DMDN and Sjak from the incredible vintage fashion & awesome record shop combo Sam Sam / Antenna kept themselves very busy in the kitchen preparing a very special salad. Also main chef cook A3 was there doing his ultimate thing; spicing up the people with a very hot bean soup that would create anus rings of fire later on? It was superb and very tasty as all of them know that true Gifgrond love goes through the stomach (and the liver!) … normally I do not eat, but here on Gifgrond, even with the difficult face mask that my costume came along with; I had to bulge-eat! What a incredible food these people had made! The tastes had been formidable, sickening hot peppers, freshly salad made out of the finest grass! It all took us to heaven and above; so incredible delicious! It was really Gifgrond 61! The artists ended up in a sportive fist fight, just to get the last bite!

A3 spicing things up

It was also great to reunite with Linda (our very own head of comment) who seduced the entire grotto crowd with a dubiously tasty cat-cake that she had specially baked for cat-loving Paca! She ate most of it and the rest of the people (who had been there) licked the plate or scraped the left over crumbs up with tea spoons! Yummy! Body fluids, spit, cake and spoons; a true sign that the 61th Gifgrond party would be a truly amazing blast! I teamed up with Frank Janssens who made all the fabulous photographs (thank you so much!) and decided to empty some left over drinks…

Linda and the cat cake

When our bellies had been bloated & the 61 pre-drinks per person had gone in to kick our own asses, the whole group went down into the true Gifgrond zone. This was easier said than done, as at the time that we had been indulging in the culinary feast, the dance floor had filled itself up with lots of fresh happy faces. Linda pulled me to the side by my chicken wing and whispered loudly; look! Lots of Gifgrond virgins!! I told her to not say these things too loud as it might scare the Gifgrond virgins away; we can’t miss them, it’s the new blood of the party!

DJ M from Enfant Terrible was on a festive mood, clearly happy that his friend (the other deejay) was ill & now he could rule the scepter of party music all by himself! All the records that he was spinning had been instant success stories; the Gifgrond veterans and the Gifgrond virgins danced shoulder to shoulder, tongues out and all smiles; what a miraculous feast this was!

I can’t really remember the order (because of slight signs of food poisoning & alcoholism) but do know that there was a moment in which Garçon Taupe took over the stage! What a talent, so grandiose; the true master of a spectacle! The artist had been shimmering in the underground with a very limited output in release form, but here on Gifgrond he had unlocked the brakes & went for a full on session with big beats, electro and acid infected punchlines! The audience went berserk, the neighbors furious; all good signs for a successful feast!

Matt Weiner came on with his synth driven work as TWINS! What a statement this artist’s performance was! The music was so good that nobody even noticed the farts coming out of every lucky person who had indulged in the spice of life that was the bean soup of A3! The fumes formed clouds through the entire premises, creating excellent effects that went well with the lights and the pounding music by this music genius!

Half way the elephant in the room popped up; it was the early festive arrival of the holy man AbSint & his equally appreciated partner Piet! They came for gifgirl Paca, not because she was naughty and needed a free holiday in the sunny side of Spain, but because they wanted to put her in the bright spotlight of the place that she had created! AbSint knows all, as he got this little red book you know? Piet informed the crowd about all the hard work, while AbSint offered his holy lap for Paca to awkwardly sit on. Apparently the red book didn’t inform that Paca would have preferred to sit on something else, like, uh.. a chair.

With lots of excellent excitement among the gifgrond crowd, it was told that Paca would go and take a well deserved break from organizing the Gifgrond parties, with loud appreciation Paca was given incredible useful presents; first of all a heartfelt traditional AbSint poem, a bottle of actual absinthe (one that she gurgled down as if it was a casual lemonade!), a original authentic piece of white underpants with lots of skulls on it & most importantly the special Gifgrond stamp; the secret key that allows her unlimited returns and always open doors to all that is the future of Gifgrond!

Somewhere along the spectacular evening with the honorable surprise guests; the synth electro duo Staatseinde had taken over the stage! With their retro futuristic outfits they really had a presence going on. They played like true fanatics on their synthesizers and used the microphones to spread out danceable pop with a alternative twist! The Gifgrond crowd went mental, everyone danced as if they all had been gurgling down a similar bottle of absinthe that Paca downed down so quickly! DJ M happily provided the rest of the night with a brilliant set of energetic infective goodies and so came the very intriguing & special 61th edition of Gifgrond to an end! Spectacular!


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Barry Soetoro – Homeland Security

Artist: Barry Soetoro
Title: Homeland Security
Keywords: homeland security, dance, breakcore, netlabel
Label: Effluvia Recordings http://effluviarecordings.wordpress.com/

Who doesn’t remember the underground hit ‘I want your guns’ by Barry Soetoro? When that one came out a tremendous amount of conspiracy theorists had been holed up in their bomb shelters to rave to the illustrious beeps and bleeps that the tune provided. The beeping music in combination with Barry himself promising that he wouldn’t take any guns away, was simply the energetic enigmatic maddening food at all the tinfoil hats inspired underground parties.

It was a typical one day fly hit, once that made a lot of dust blow in the air but eventually flatlined into obscurity. For years I had been strolling the underground for more Barry Soetoro & evidentially by pure luck bumped into the artist himself at a blood transfusion exchange center. It’s a thing where you can donate blood for a good cause & we found each other magically seated next to each other while a rude nurse drained us like a vampire. Normally it isn’t a very pleasant feeling, but when I met Barry I simply wished the drainage would have never ended.

I was quite shy, also a bit worried that I wouldn’t embarrass him when going into a fan mode… but he was very friendly, told me about his wife and kids, his passion for water slides, midget golf and eventually a bit about his music. He was very insecure about his music career, wasn’t sure if it was the right thing for him to do as he had bigger plans to go and execute. He was seemingly not even aware that “I want your guns” had been such a successful underground release, even being released on a floppy diskette… his reaction was a awkward laugh and the remark that someone must have made some money out of it , but that it wasn’t him…

Surprisingly after the blood ordeal he gave me something, a brown envelop (I remember it well) with a mini micro CD inside. He told me that it was his last and final recording, that he had kept this one and only copy of it in his bag to give to someone who would appreciate it. Obviously I was thrilled, yet sad at the same time… the last ever Barry Soetoro material… in my hands… I wanted to tell him not to stop producing, to continue his voyage in the underground music world and praise his shiny teeth & rain compliments all over him… but he quickly gave me a firm loving handshake and said something like ‘got to go buddy…’ and made his way quickly out of the blood sucking place.

When I came home that night I listened, danced and listened some more. I didn’t want to be the only one to be able to do such an act, this was the work of Barry Soetoro after all.. the one hit wonder with two tracks for dancing purposes… I remember contacting effluvia recordings with the story of the encounter & sending away the contents of this micro CD for the label to look at and hopefully spread; which effluvia gloriously did so we could all enjoy the rare one off obscurity that is ‘homeland security’ by Barry. It might not have become a hit, but still feels like a classic case of history to me. I have no idea what had happened to Barry after our little encounter, if he was okay with it to bring these tracks into the open or not, but I hope they he is doing the things that he loves, enjoying the freedoms of midget golf and the family life…

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Suzanne Ciani – Probes: Electricity

Artists: various
Title: Suzanne Ciani – Probes: Electricity
Keywords: buchla electronic avant-garde female modular psychedelic synth London
Label: Finders Keepers Records

Welcome on board! Unfasten your seat belts and enjoy a glass of whatever you fancy; we are in for a fool-proof full treatment of niceness! This here is a compilation album curated by nobody less than the fun loving electronica pioneer Suzanne Ciani! The whole collection is a blast, really setting you out on a interesting and nice journey through electric sound and experiment, all with a sense of humor, creativity and materials to get tripped out with. With such a playlist carefully selected by Suzanne Ciani you just know that you won’t have to worry about what to play music-wise; it’s all here!

The second law by Max Mathews is a short but lovable openings expression, one that feels to me like a mixture of a morning in the army in which the camp is being somewhat awakened by a silly soldier blowing air through a trumpet, the sounds of someone trying to sing while taking a waterless shower, inhaling and exhaling steamy clouds in a closed ranged microphone… all of course in pure abstraction, so this might be what I imagined when hearing it, but there is a big chance you would & experience something completely different.

Sweetie Night by Bruno Spoerri is as sweet and nightly as the title implies, one in which melody transported my head into a bright moment somewhere in the potent seventies, a window pane open & a warm midnight summer breeze pops up under the guardian eyes of the moon; that sort of thing and vibe! One of freedom, sensibility and loving fun… wished it would be longer, but the option to hit the repeat button isn’t all that hard to execute.

Photonos by Emerald Webb is one that comes to me as a delftware are traveling situation, one that brings us with the help of pleasant retro futurism somewhere into a deep space, a part of the galaxy with the best possible view and survival rate. Here the music rules lovingly, with atmospheric alien mellowness, high hanging synth tones and a certain pulse of bass; the idea of hanging out here is being blessed by the stars themselves. It’s beautifully orgasmic, a psychedelic gorgeousness with mellow melodies to hold your hands & exchange feel good energies with.

Malkin cat trapped behind a wall by the eccentronic research council manages to sound warm and shimmery at the same time, it’s as if we are in a closed cupboard looking through a peep hole with our ears and witnessing something strange and extraordinaire. Maybe a juicy alien with a octopus appearance, maybe something even less definable. Something that is wet, slippery, magical, strange and bizarrely; we love it very much!

Curtain music by Remi Gassman also makes us feel like we are hiding and peeking secretly into a excitingly different world. Now we are on stage behind a curtain, standing on a croaky wooden floor; the feeling of excitement comes in… what will happen when the curtain opens?

Dimensione Concreta by Daniela Casa is one work for the ears and the mind. One that took my personal trip into a basement in which someone is digging a shallow grave, but also deep inside a throat in which a strange sound is produced… it’s a moment of pure suspension and no answers are given; great open story telling in the audio way!

La Amoreux Musique by Pierre Henry took me into some kind of bizarre cultural exchange between a tribe of nature loving humans and extraterrestrials. The sounds are a combination of primitive and futuristic at the same time, creating a adventure in which it made me feel like we have gone into a world in which gun fire, alien space ships battle and Neanderthal cave people are all executed at once; like a peek into the life of a time traveler who had somehow became trapped in some strange space continuum.

Modern Residential Complex by Maria Teresa Luciani is one of the tranquilizing beauties on this carefully curated compilation. It sets out a psychedelic dream world in which warm synthesized sounds form the mysterious blanket and guitar like tones the hypnotists to get us in a warm pleasant trance state.

Diu by Kema made me dance. With its rhythmic hand playing vibe and fun loving sounds it will presumably turn the face of any hardened critic into one of a smiling softball. With the right amount of fun and energy this work is the spice of life!

Ragtimes by Henk Badings keeps up the colorful vibrations and positive messages all the way at the end of the compilation. It’s a exciting work, one that feels as if it’s full of material in one, all oddly being able to work together in becoming one completely new thing. The end is pure perfection to say the least!

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Krovo – Permanently

Artist: Krovo
Title: Permanently
Keywords: ambient experimental musique concrete noise abstract electronic free jazz improv improvisation not actually jazz rhythmic noise sound collage synth synthesizer Chicago

If you are into hearing something that is listenable, likable, human, yet on the colorful edge of being extremely experimental with synthetic sounds, hand played melodies and noises; this might be the perfect enjoyable album for you. Through 7 different tracks the album sets out on a personal journey between artist and sound machine & for us eager listeners it’s a tour that will keep the ears and mind excitingly alert!

Let’s say that ‘screws’ (the first track in this release( sounds like a prominent legendary electronic music maker on some kind of ketamine trip, one that finally screwed up the artist’s marbles in order that the producer isn’t able to make what it normally creates & instead shapes music that is of a complete different fantastical order.

With ‘psuedoplume’ the music becomes more it’s own manufacturer, going for a crazy drummer vibe tat had just engaged its futuristic steps into noise making. Creating a big beat based experimental work that has lively rhythms but all reformed as if it’s not it’s main goal. The main goal seems to be to entertain in a way that feels pretty much hands-on. Material to be entertainment for everyone beyond the expectations of rhythm,

Through Akeksys the producer throws in a complete different type of experience, one in which a melodic kind of eccentric material seems to be playing out. Something funky, something strange and weird, yet sounding like the stuff that feels the closest to a orchestral work played out by an extremist who manages to get every good sound out of its electric device to create some weird kind of musical sound collage that made me feel as if it should be included as a demo track that should be included in a awesome synthesized.

After this it’s time for more of the good entertainment that this release seems so rich off, this moment is called ‘fatal’ and sounds as if the artist is onto some totally new kind of organic synth music with high noise tendencies. It’s the music that I personally like to hear when I’m either doing things, or when I’m on some kind of trip that gets better when hearing intelligent bizarreness of the highest order. The music is synthetic yet has managed to get this freestyle human touch that makes you feel like it’s lively improvised on the spot & directly recorded to capture its progress in its experiment to push music into a new unclaimed genre.

Nebulous will come after this, it’s a track that continues the experimental experience of a artist that is one with its sound machine & is able to get the most out of it in every minute and second that it is doing its thing. It slips from chosen sound into another sound, has no problem to involve noises and melodies to create something that I would call ‘damn interesting!’.

A two sentence term that also can be applied when praising ‘Leechlyfe’, which is the next goody on this pretty case of listening music. Here the artist seems to rock out with the sounds and the noises to create some kind of orgasmic piece with a melody that seems to be beautiful in a alien kind of way.

Ether is the last piece on this very enjoyable extremity of a listenable & equally likable experimental album. The Artist must have been onto something, maybe just high from the sounds that it is creating, or possible some other kind of brain stimulant to get the psychedelic creations going into it’s unexpected one-on-one takes. You can just imagine the creator pressing keys and twisting knobs on a little live mission that gets the most out of its experience in experimental experimentation. I think it’s all sounding very good, superbly entertaining and above all quite the original! Definitely worth to check out if you have the chance to do so:

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Shurayuki-Hime – Friendship

Artist: Shurayuki-Hime
Title: Friendship
Keywords: anw dnw experimental hnw ambient Elektrostal
Label: Reason Art Records

The goodness of being friends is something that makes living life worthwhile. If you share similar interests or have similar tastes or are simply compatible companionship the friendship will be the thing that can last a life time. Thanks to the vast work on Shurayuki-Hime’s friendship album you can test such friendships out, see if they last through the album’s entirety without breaking apart or freaking out. Just hold hands and face the music (as they say…) & the truth will come out; will the friendship be strong and lengthy or perhaps cut short?

Will one of you enjoy what you hear and the other reacts by talking through it, unappreciative of the all eating ‘holding-hands’ sound? Will your friend enjoy it and you feel like hiding underneath the ground? Will you be in on it together, soaking up every second until you are both one stone within the wall? Or will you run away together, hand in hand in search for anything but a harsh crackle?

There are so many options that this friendship testing album can go for; make, break, or even strengthen your friendly relationship… its damn interesting! With one full-on hour you would be happy if the outcome would be a case of the perfect match; the two of you, sweetly going through the whole ordeal. As I believe this is not even so much friendly stuff, it’s actually the material that can turn the occasional friendship into a romantic relationship. I presume that being close to each other while experiencing this together, it would be bringing the two of you even closer… it’s like romantically sharing a umbrella, but than perhaps both of you sharing one black bin bag together, true harsh Noise Wall romance style!

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