Pettaluck – Vainglorious Faux Pas

Artist: Pettaluck
Title: Vainglorious Faux Pas
Keywords: experimental folk indie pop instrumental Southend On Sea

Pettaluck’s Vainglorious Faux Pas is quite different than the recent album that had been released on Wrieuw recordings. Different in a sense that it is more minimal and perhaps even a bit more experimental, while still having that picturesque honest Pettaluck sound that is creative and free. On it she is first celebrating her birthday in a most unique audio way. Followers of this blog might already know about her ability to play the balloon, but it is a complete mystery what she is using here to generate this birthday sound. It might be a combo of a birthday whistle and a balloon too, or just a internal recording of her inner-bits celebrating in excitement. In any case it’s bewildering and puzzlingly exciting.

After the birthday celebration Pettaluck brings something that pushed me over the line to write about this release, she did this with a very lovely moment of one to one action. It is called ‘the downfall of human civilisation’ and very much made me lovingly think of the singing on some legendary recordings of Moondog (my research ends here – you might have to and play the legend’s entire discography to find what I’m talking about ) , it has that authentic streetwise pleasantness, that wise sound that makes it all alright, no matter what it is; even the end of the world seems to be brushed off like a moment in which we (Pettaluck and the nice friends like you and me) all will come out alive and well. Pettaluck sounds so trustworthy and not at all providing a moment to pack your bags and fly to the moon for. She rather gives us a hug and sits with us while we face our fears together and conquer them delicately. Maybe I’m imagining things over here, but I do think it is truly delightful.

Than there is the recording of Pettaluck bringing us down into an empty cafe. This must be a place the artist feels very comfortable in as she plays the sounds as if she is safely surrounded in a potentially action filled comfort zone. A cafe in which she uses the opportunity to make her own by optimising the emptiness by filling it up with her sounds of music. She seems to happily sing with her mouth into the many glasses, delightfully plays with the cutlery and enjoys the lack of people by using the acoustics for her own inner star to shine.

Pettaluck also managed to create a song especially for you. Yes, you dear reader! So please don’t let her wait so long and let your ears come over in order to hear it. It’s one called ‘waiting’ in which her truthful sincerity gets a mixture of psychedelic pop that in all honesty sounds very heartwarming; which is especially good news for when you are facing the cold winter days. You can enjoy it while embracing the sound that will do its best to make you feel all tingly inside from a state of being beloved. That surely must be nice to hear and feel for everyone involved!

Incidental Music for an Uncomfortable Silence is the last one on this pretty piece of trusted open minded fondness in Pettaluck’s experimental music form. With a quirky low tech rhythm on loop, Pettaluck sets out her hands on the keys of a warm sounding piano, pressing accidentally all the right tones to gives us the music to calm down anxiety, nerves and rattling thoughts; with humble tracks like these here made by the adventurously kind Pettaluck in our ears, every day will simply be our lucky day! I don’t know about you lot, but I feel this one and can’t say anything but: I love it!

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Logosamphia – HOW TO [Postrelease un-remastered]

artist: Logosamphia
title: HOW TO [Postrelease un-remastered]
keywords: 2000 90s electronic experimental bebop breakcore chipcore circuit bending classical electroacoustic elektro jungle neopolka robot soundtrack Rotterdam

Logosamphia, the project, the legend behind it and it’s incredible upbeatness that has spread its love wider than a ballerina’s ability to spread his or her legs. The good man is battling the revenge of the evil croissant, the French delicatesse more dangerous than the black plague has left him hospitalized. Luckily he has been pampered, snowed in with tremendous love, incredible nurses of various genders and ages, caring doctors and a whole lot of incredible friends. real or imaginary – it doesn’t matter!

While he is fighting an inner war to get the last bits of oven baked dough out of his system, we listen in his honor to nothing but Logosamphia. Logosamphia in the morning, Logosamphia in the midday and even Logosamphia in the evening, night and at the exclusive special ‘toilet times’. Hell, we even have Logosamphia while having english tea with our saluting little pinkies in the air! Cheerio!

Of course we have covered the breakcore fusion persian anarchy wicked party vibes of Logosamphia a whole lot over here, but surprisingly not this historic piece of HOW TO (a unmastered master piece that goes in the books as a postrelease)… It’s like going down memory lane, taking a deep look back the history books, staring at old baby photos of Logosamphia and seeing this raw diamond already shine bright with all its mad potency!

It goes in like candy, a very nice bombastic kind of candy; perhaps more like a bowl of crunchy cookies that you eat with bowl and all… It’s a nonstop mini mega mix that might be chopped up in separate tracks, but is recommended to hear all in one go, as they seem to be made to be superglued to each other!

To me this proves my theory that mastering is just a bit of fancy bullcrap, as anyone who tells me that this album doesn’t sound like a bulging bulge of the purest and rawest energy that cannot be tamed by a master is either a croissant lover, or indeed a total twat with ears miraculously placed in their groin area. These perfectly fun tunes are like a wild untamable child, with melodies, screeching beats, energetic madness that is of the jolliness that would elevate even a winter-sleeping bear from its sleep for an instant upbeat quirky party!

I’m glad that Logosamphia didn’t hide this bombastic craziness away in the attic, didn’t hide it away in an old shoe box next to a collection of toenails, as this bird really needed to fly! And so it does, happily, spreading smiles, joy and good times to anyone daring and caring enough to get swallowed in, sucked up and press the goddamn ‘play’ button!

You can use it as party music, as material to put on when ‘doing things’ (with things i mean anything that you can possibly imagine – from bungee jumping, to knitting a sock while high on speed – hell, even doing the dishes will be fun with this mad-fest blasting itself away!
You might do excersizes, sporting activities, happily binging on a game of hardcore bingo, breakdancing all over the place or having the wildest wilder than wildlife sex in your entire life: this HOW TO by Logosamphia will be the empowering soundtrack that will enlarge your drive and make you excited, fueled up and energized!

Vaginas will smile, penises will wiggle! Logosamphia’s youthful bender is a happiness that you simply cannot miss out on! Hell, even the duck tales are included, so what the hell are you waiting for? You need fun loving cute melodies? check! you need breakbeats? check! you need good old time memories? check! hilarity? yep! Bass? hell to the yes! Kicks? oh yes please!
With the music of Logosamphia around you simply have no need to put your fingers in an electric socket, as this unshaven goody of a mega classic will safely electrocute you for a very revitalizing bliss of the purest happiest energy!

Stay away from croissants, eat this stuff instead! Good party vibes for the entire family: FEEL THE LOVE – ENJOY THE POWER!

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The Dead Heads – Kylo Ren Slips On A Banana Peel

artist: The Dead Heads
title: Kylo Ren Slips On A Banana Peel
keywords: christmas experimental kylo ren skywalker star wars comedy crazy electronic food keyboard movie sci-fi soundtrack weird United States

If you need some instant action that will make you happy, smile and hungry for delicious banana action, the latest EP by The Dead Heads is the highly recommended thing that you might need. You just click play and immediately start to slip and slide with the silliness. It’s as if you have become a person named Kylo Ren (we must google it – googled it – takes note never to google anything again) falling nonstop over a banana peel for a wonderful slapstick situation that keeps on giving.

If the comedy of banana peel sliding isn’t enough to make you all giggly, The Dead Heads have no problem giving you more than what you could have possible bargained for; yep, the sounds of Kylo Ren falling down the stairs! Think of a Benny Hill style action of dropping down the staircase over and over again, it’s hilarious and yet doesn’t even seem to be in the need for a build in laughing track!

Of course after slipping and sliding over banana peels & funnily falling down the stairs The Dead Heads knows what their listeners need to hear next: yup, Kylo Ren wrapping up Christmas presents! What a joy to hear the wrapping paper and the exciting sounds of Kylo Ren wrapping! It’s like listening to a child on the happiest day of its life!

For the final moment of niceness, the Dead Heads provide us a ‘sing a long’ Kylo Ren blues, in which the inviting vocal whoooooaaa whoooooaaa’s are teamed up with some fancy piano plinky ploink. I don’t know about you, but it made me think of retreating in a pub, the smell of cheap beer and greatly becoming more and more bananas! It might be short, but it’s pretty good! Or maybe I had bananas in my ears for the entire listening session, which is a possibility that might actually not be so far from the truth. In any case, here is a quick bit of jolly nonsense:

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Backxwash – Black Magic

Artist: Backxwash
Title: Black Magic
Label: Grimalkin Records

Montreal-based “BACKXWASH is a trans rapper (they/them/she/her) from Zambia whose music provides an eccentric and aggressive social commentary.”
‘Black Magic’ is her first single since the widely acclaimed (by Bandcamp Daily, Bitchfork, Houdini Mansions, Boston Hassle, God is in the TV) album ‘Deviancy’ released in July 2019. We are very excited to hear her latest piece of blistering wisdom!

At first our mood is heart-achingly tentative, like we are tip-toeing around the entrance way to a cave where a fearsome dragon lives. There are the sounds of a great and powerful creature awakening from a deep sleep inside, hisses & sighs, whispers & moans, we hold our breath… and then just as we think we will expire with anticipation Backxwash bursts this bubble with the battle cry “I fuck with, I fuck with Black Magic!” and we can’t help but move our whole bodies in time with the beat and the voice and the searing sounds woven into the track. We can feel the depth of Backxwash’s emotion as it fills us up and swells in our chests. We are completely under her spell and hang on to every word, we hear the pain and the struggle and the anger and the strength that it takes to fight back. She has a searing way with words, twisting and turning them into wholly new visual pictures inside our brains. ‘Black Magic’ ends with a shimmering hiss moving from one ear to the other, this track is now permanently impressed into our skulls.

You can listen here, but we warn you once you play it once you will become totally addicted and have to listen to it over and over again:

and also please check out the amazing Deviancy, The lathes and both runs of cassettes sold out very fast but you can still grab a digital copy!

“Proceeds from digital only sales now will go to Project 10 in Montreal.
They were previously going to Nationz Foundation ( in Richmond, VA, but we are trying to spread the support out more evenly between Project 10 and Nationz. Thank you!”

“Project 10 works to promote the personal, social, sexual and mental well being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirit, intersexed and questioning youth and adults 14-25.”

Also —->


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Assassin Of Sound – Earth Suite Reworks EP

Artist: Assassin Of Sound
Title: Earth Suite Reworks EP
Keywords: experimental Lancashire
Label: Wormhole World

I can assure you that hiring the assassin of sound won’t get you to feel like a sneaky criminal who masterminded a dodgy hit on a sound that you have no empathy for. As apparently being the assassin of sound isn’t the hard faced killer who shoots ultra precisely a beam of harsh noise in the neck of a victim from a safe distance… I know you might have thought that, but it couldn’t be more further removed from the truth: Assassin of sound is not assassinating any sounds, but does override the silence, but this is done in such a careful way that even silence will come out of it alive and well. Probably smiling and refreshed as if it had taken a well deserved holiday.

Maybe it’s because the Sound assassin has teamed up its skills with an nice A-team of goodies over here, this might be the reason why it might have been pulling a straight face and not stepping out in total assassin modus. But whatever it is, when your ears are at close range you got nothing to worry, only perhaps if you have a phobia for excellent trip music, but who on Earth has been blessed by such a rare disease (the entire main stream music lovers perhaps?).

The sound assassin or better known as the ‘assassin of sound’ sits down for three masterful reworks of Earth Suite, at the beginning it spends a wonderful time being masterminded again with the legendary Radio Europa whose super stardom proofs to me that this is not a case of sneaky mobster behaviour, but something that is done and celebrated out in the open. The result of their get together clearly should get a reward for sounding exactly as the perfectly fitting music that fits the sight of this artwork picture exactly. It’s astounding how they made a welcome to the end sound like an incredible sunset, one with pretty imaginative glows and mushroom-worthy micro adventures that aren’t at all about to put a pillow over your face when you close your eyes for a bit. Radio Europa and the assassin of sound are clearly not there in ill faith, but secretly on a mission perhaps to get rid of bad music instead by replacing it with the material that fits the perfect postcard of a pretty sight of sun meeting the night.

Also the mysterious artist named Human Concept had been hanging out with the sounds of the assassin of sound, reworking a track called ‘arctic’ , (by the way; I would expect the arctic to be the perfect place to execute a murder and getting away with it 🙂 ) but in music form over here there seems to be no murderous temptations, no executions or silent killers; but more the melodic wonder of electronica that proofs to be kind, gentle and melodically nice. If this is the work of bad people that liquidate sounds for a living, than it must be said that they are excellent at covering their tracks. With rhythmic elements, piano sparkles of sheer mystique and a stabbing electro bass things simply feel like a happy happening in which we can be at ease among the sounds of a good crowd.

Also Xqui hangs out with the assassin of sound, rolling out their bold friendship sound in a louder way, beeping out the final preconceived ideas that these people are bounty hunters, shady individuals with bad intentions or simply killers into the bin of no return; they are the sound makers, not eliminators or exterminators but the ones that make music and heroic bombastically pleasant noise that can’t be dented, wiped out or badly talked upon; they might be tough, but obviously gentle giants in a excellent world of creativity. Bad music or crappy audio will avoid anything surrounding this EP and only good people with the taste for adventure, an open mind and a will to be tossed into an audible sensation that is wildly pleasant will press play without any fear of repercussions! Go and check it out as these tracks definitely won’t kill you!

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Blue Ray – live laugh love

artist: Blue Ray
title: live laugh love
keywords: Somerville
reviewer: My Assistant

I don’t care what the music insiders normally do, but I will listen to Blue Ray like a ‘normal’ individual, someone who had accidentally stumbled upon this release on Blue Ray’s bandcamp. It’s probably not the professional way, as we might have been send a private backstage pass to download the entire thing? Let me ask my assistant…

Did we get some private backstage pass?

My Assistant: (incoherent mumbling)

no? oh… strange…

anyhow, It had been sent in as a request on the 12th of november 2019, so you might think it had enough time to pop up like a flower… and indeed according to Blue Ray’s info on the bandcamp page it had been officially released on the 14th of november, which is a great lucky number, so close to the 13, but yet not the thirteenth.

Sadly, the normal crowds (and us?) are only given the option to hear one track of the ten tunes available. Is that correct assistant?

My Assistant: (incoherent mumbling)


My Assistant: (incoherent mumbling)

Yes, he is shaking his head in the yes form.

Now I can continue this mambo jumbo in peace… or… oh wait… sorry, my assistant wants to say something….

My Assistant: (incoherent mumbling)

Yes? what? oh, really?

Oh, apparently we did got a VIP access to all the ten tracks on this album, not sure if it’s a private kinky link or one to spread around for all the working class people to check out… It’s on soundcloud, maybe you can do a search for ‘Blue Ray” – Live Laugh Love and see if it is coming up or not. Makes you feel a bit like an adventurer, a bit of a tom cruise before he was jumping on Oprah’s sofa; it makes it feel a bit as if you are doing something sneaky and exciting… oh wait… the assistant wants to say something again… what is it assistant?

My Assistant: (incoherent mumbling)

oh, yes; the review. Yeah, well… I’m the boss here, you are the assistant. I make the rules you are just here to help. Don’t get too much star allures in your head, eh? We don’t pay you, so please don’t act as if we do, okay?

My Assistant: (incoherent mumbling)

okay. I don’t know if it is possible to fire unpaid assistants, but in any case: YOU ARE FIRED!

My Assistant: (incoherent mumbling)

yeah, yeah… just mumble at home please.

My Assistant: (incoherent mumbling)

there is the door…. please get out or i’ll have to unleash the evil chihuahuas!

My Assistant: (incoherent mumbling)

(Door slamming)

ah… so, that’s better. Sorry for that. Hope you are okay. Assistants, eh? You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them… Well you can, but you know… just wanting to break the awkwardness with some gibberish wisdom. In any case, the assistant suggested to listen to the provided link on soundcloud and share it with everyone over here… SooooOoooOOOooo that’s not what I’m going to do. I will just listen to that lonely listenable track on bandcamp. I know, really stupid, stuborn and whatnot; but hey, i’m one of the people, one of the simpletons with a slight phobia for soundcloud…

(door opening)

My Assistant: (incoherent mumbling)

yeah, sure… please do take your bags. No problem. We have no use for them anyway…
and please, might I ask you to stay? –Sorry readers at home, the just fired assistant came back in because he forgot his bags & I kinda regret my hasty decision..–

My Assistant: (incoherent mumbling)

Yeah, you are re-hired! Zero cents per hour and no vacation! Lots of experience and good credits for on your C.V.!

My Assistant: (incoherent mumbling)

Welcome back! …Hmm… now that my assistant is back here, maybe me and him can listen together to this single track available for streaming on Blue Ray’s bandcamp account?

My Assistant: (incoherent mumbling)

Yes? Good… let’s rock and roll, babe!

My Assistant: (incoherent mumbling)

(((Blue Ray’s My Assistant plays)))

wowa… I don’t know about you but I think that I think this is a great opportunity for my assistant to write the actual review, after all the track is also called ‘My Assistant”… what a coincidence. I feel that my words can’t really do anything justice anyway… so assistant, dearest… what do you think? What did you think of Blue Ray’s My Assistant song?

My Assistant: (incoherent mumbling)

really? And what about the voice?

My Assistant: (incoherent mumbling)

The guitars?

My Assistant: (incoherent mumbling)

Yes, I totally agree with you. I completely stand behind your opinion assistant… very glad to have you re-hired!

My Assistant: (incoherent mumbling)

Love you too!

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Ray Kosmische – Flashback 1

Artist: Ray kosmische
Title: Flashback 1
Keywords: compilation crane house records experimental freak out psychedelic ray kosmische roots sound collage spoken word psychedelic pop Manchester

Ray Kosmische throws us into the shed for a weird experience of instantly falling through a different dimension. Things might becoming rather weird. Before knowing what the hack is going on, things are already different again, we might be even standing in someone’s room who gladly informs us that professionals that wants to be taken serious needs to shower at least for two hours a day, scrubbing every hole like a hygienic mentalist. When all is clean the portals of musicality are opening up to a loophole in which instant psychedelia seems to kick in, all in a way that felt as if our inner selves had een somehow beamed into the inside of a spaced out hippy on top of it’s heighty bit of an successfully positive LSD trip; pretty nice – some healthy unexpected flower power for the entire family!

After that we had fallen through the wall to end up in a wooden bar in which a band of cowboys are delivering a tune in which we could pretend to gallop on horses, clink beer glasses with each other and have strong conversations at the bar. When the music goes a bit ballistic it simply opens another hole for us to tumble through. Where it goes next is quite a place of delight , a short but candid place of starlight seeing, one that with every look & every stare you will feel more reduced into a state of laid back intoxication. Music surrounds us with a flute that is spacing out, creating a relaxed atmosphere in which it feels as if we had been smoking a lot of ganja to potentially floor an elephant.

Of course the trip isn’t over, as for some reason we find ourself in another weird homely situation in which solidarity in vocals are seemingly teaming up with a person trying to communicate through some kind of old school communication system, (walkie talkies?) but comes across as a burping frog that burps while the hummingbirds of music settle on a feel good moment in the mix.

An intoxicating mix it is, as when the last bit of the trip arrives things feel as if we are in the house of a hip hop producer that had lost the plot, one who had become a genius of an enormous other kind, too smart to communicate with words and beats, but instead manages to bring an entire zoo out in the shape of deliciously delirious sounds, managing madness like a out of this world oracle trying to track in down into a recording that feels pretty much out of this ordinary world. This is the end, not of this world,but of this fine psychedelic trip that you can have when you open your ears and play the following release:

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