Floating Mind – Schöni

Artist: Floating Mind
Title: Schöni
Keywords: deep minimal techno
Label: monoKraK http://www.monokrak.net

The quality netlabel with the deepest and dopest grooves is back with a very intoxicating free downloadable release by it’s prominent superstar “Floating Mind”. An project that earns and honors its name by giving exactly what its title suggest; a floating mind.

The music provided under the title “Schöni” will take your mind on a detour over devored deep beats, minimal melodic hijackers team up with fat basskicks and micro percussive samples to kidnap you into a groove nobody in their right mind would like to escape from.

Floating Mind simply uses only the needed tools, avoids any distractions and completly knows how to hypnotize a listener into a well willing moving object only obeying to the druggy sounds of deep minimal techno. There is not a lot of things for me to say other than that it would be nice if someone like you could join me in the hands of Floating Mind’s music.

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Jon Tessier – Like The Sun

Artist: Jon Tessier
Title: Like The Sun
Keywords: alternative electronic garage hard rock indie poprock alternative rock doom pop dream pop indie rockSpain

I was walking on a sunny day in the park when suddenly Jon Tessier’s “Like The Sun” started to play through my headphon es. I wasn’t prepared for it, hadn’t heard it before and suddenly the exposure to this track made my pants drop till my ankles, an act that made me tumble until I quickly fell with my nose into the mud. When I sniffed it up I realized it was actually cow-shit and this realization in combination with the tune by Jon Tessier I made the thought that I must be blessed to be stricken down through music & to be greeted with the favorable smell of ‘nature’.

It doesn’t happen a lot that a song or a tune has this effect on me, this was really something that it made me trip over my own feet. While still firmly holding my nose in the cow-shit I continued the listening session; what a warm voice this Jon Tessier has, what a vibe of old and new, a future sound for something that could be a love child between an early “here comes the sun” Beatle & a ‘here comes the heroine’ velvet underground member, yet this love child was massively upgraded with a thick music sound that could (and did!) bring a grown man down!

It was good that Jon Tessier his hit sounded like this & had such an effect that took me so much by surprise. It was also good that it was only one single as I don’t know if it would be possible to listen to an entire album with my nose still stuck into this semi fresh pile of cow poop; but the smell of nature, the sun on my back and the sheer effect of this song that had made me fall down like a tree who didn’t see a chainsaw coming, was something that made me not only respect the song & music production skills by Jon Tessier, but also the entire situation; gosh life is good!
Especially with this song on the ears, horizontally with sunshine on the back and a nose pressed in nature’s delight!

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Mortua Nix – Watch Us Bleed

Artist: Mortua Nix
Title: Watch Us Bleed
Keywords: experimental dark ambient drone harsh noisepower electronics Aurora

Wroaar! This is a beastly compilation of (with the exception of two new ones) tracks previously unleashed ;'(or pending to be released..) on compilations & splits. A thing that all together feels as if a monster had went into the recording booth with a noisy presence and a love for maniacal classical bits executed on piano to create a great suspense of grueling tensions. Sometimes these dark bits of warm noise are actually pretty pleasant, as if a piano had been haunted and hollow breaths of its demonic soul are expressing themselves by blowing out bad breath full of dusty mysterious clouds.

The haunting combination of noisy ambient that rings the ears like a sensation of dark warmth and those tracks in which clearly a beast is brutally awake making its loud presence is one that is atmospheric & terrifying at the same time. Just when you think it’s ‘relaxing time’ a devilish demon simply might pop up to poison your ears with fear and slight paranoia. It’s a semi relaxed thrill of an album that sounds hungry for people like you and me.

It might even trigger you to step on a chair and jump with your neck into a noose dangling from the ceiling; this dramatic tension between beast, classically undertones and noise is simply not for the faint hearted listeners who normally dig an listening session with music of the likes of Beethoven and Mozart, still, who knows, maybe this collection might actually freshen up some of their rustic minds with material that is just as intense, yet fully crafted out of the darkness; a place in which it doesn’t matter if you are wearing a wig, dress or a suit as the monster that lurks around isn’t fuzzy to claim devoted ears to be munched upon. Want to step in and try it out? Here is a kinky link:

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William Henry Meung – Rotten Rainbows – Mix Tape 2017

Artist: William Henry Meung
Title: Rotten Rainbows Mix Tape 2017
Keywords: experimental beats drones experimental electronicfeild recording low-fi Dunedin
Reviewer: Furchick

William Henry Meung based in Dunedin tells us straight up….THIS IS NOT NOISE. It is 49 mins and 70 seconds of low fi, fucked beats and moans/drones.

What I can tell you is that this is a one man genius DIY lo fi show.

Track 1 is made up of sides X and Y and was recorded and mixed in Dunedin using an iphone, Facebook, Zoom recorder, 4-track, and a Macbook. The instruments are hard to pick out individually and lucky for us listeners we are helped in the mix tape notes. We can read that he used circuit bent toy keys , dictaphones, DIY synths, Type drummer, bleep lab, Korg monotribe, tape loops, field recordings made on iPhone and features spoken word by Rachelle Wood.

Rotten Rainbows also wants it to be clear that he isn’t wasting time shooting up creating “Dunedin Music”. So much effort and creative process has been put into this that there is no way that a smart listener would even imagine that.

I am finding it difficult to write about the tracks separately. Its an album work to my mind. It meanders in many directions, but a rhythm, not always drums, keeps it all pinned together nicely.

All of these tracks have melody but not pop or even really a song structure. They are beautiful. Moments of sadness, and possibly even a heart beating fast as a panic attack give way to a pretty morning, and sparkles in the rain on the windows. Loops of curious items, sounding like some kind of broken down machine moving back and forth in the wind, keep the rhythm steady.

Side Z is a fantastic bonus live recording made at The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery in Christchurch in 2015. Trying to imagine the immediacy of the live show, I wish I had been there to lie in the gallery space, eyes closed. These sounds are new and almost fun, but too serious a work to be called that.

It was also released as a limited edition of cassettes in hand made /painted card and canvas 7″ covers that any collector of interesting music will want to get their hands on.

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{AN} Eel – Demon Lot

Artist:{AN} Eel
Title: Demon Lot
Keywords: experimental
Label: Dog Park

Asthma, eating disorders, dadda craziness, old nostalgia of computer days invested with insects and never ending gameplay, sweet memories, alien oddness, singing under the shower, the legendary goblin voices in your head, therapeutic snippets and other mental mentalities; {AN} Eel seems to have gathered them all and melted them down straight into a blooming melting pot that is conceptually called ‘an album’ by most people. I’ll call it an experimental goodness, not only for the artist to create but also to hear for any listener into this world. What will it do to you & what will it do for you? These answers can only be answered by these brave personalities that have the guts to dig into these happenings created by this interesting character named {AN} Eel.

To me (as a test person) these tunes had gone sometimes a little odd, a bit into the unexpected fields of audio cacophony, (no idea what the word means but somehow it sounds and looks fittingly good.) this SomeTimes is mostly a all-the-times when my ears are observing the musical escapees coming out of {AN} Eel it’s colorful brain, hands, mouth and assortment of sound generators. It is a true fitting fit for the Dog Park Recordings catalogue, a label that houses the echoes of sanity, the recklessly absurd, the artistic friends at the psychic ward & the ones that defies all the borders, squares and attitudes of the socially acceptable. It’s a great bunch of people (and animals) and music in which any misfit fits in & could fully enjoy the feeling of being home and loved in.

To me, {AN} Eel underlines this homeliness with the presence of this album, a release in which you never know what to expect and the unexpectedness becomes evidentiary the expected! …and even that is twisted and turned around, astonishingly crossing the unexpected expectations in ways that even they will be pushed over the edge. With each track traveling over pure diary-worth material it feels as if the artist had opened up the door, allows you to sit on his lap while sprinkles with joy his aura all over you. Take a listen and bewilder yourself with this demon lot:

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More Eaze / The Freebiez – More Eaze / The Freebiez ‘Split’

Artists: More Eaze / The Freebiez
Title: More Eaze / The Freebiez ‘Split’
Keywords: cassette diy eclectic experimental vinyl freebiezmore eaze noise pop New York

A split is almost always fascinating; will it work? will it be about someone splitting the legs or about a togetherness of two music projects that are tucked together for a fine corresponding experience? In the case of More Eaze and The Freebiez it is definitely about music, although it might be good fun to indeed twist your legs in that split position while listening to it.

Somehow this position does sound not unsuitable to do while listening to the lengthy “entertaining distractions” by this ‘More Eaze’, who created a futuristic electronica work with vocals and a fanatic retro feel that feels very yoga friendly. A mindful trip that slowly established itself on a rhythm of pure hypnotics; a track that intrigues and hooks anyone up like a fresh caught fish on a well established fisherman who is on the top of its game. No one wants to escape this friendly synthesizer material, stuff that gets only better and more dreamier as it continues! Who can resist this bite? I certainly can’t!

Of course keeping yourself in the split position for 13 minutes straight might be a bit much, but More Eaze’s music might make it absolutely possible; time simply goes fast forward in a way that you don’t even notice that it’s passing; it’s truly magic. Good thing that there is More Eaze after More Eaze, meaning that there is another track coming from this irresistible music project. This one is “caught a body” which dives deeper in experienced experimental music experimenting with a fancy rhythm and warm vocal eccentricity. It feels like listening to something futuristic from the past, super friendly and disorientating in a way that is absolutely together. Things shake, love can be felt and genres are bended for pure heartfelt perfection. What can I say, as a music loving fish I would still definitely bite this delicious bate!

Although if I had the choice between these two tracks and the ones also lurking around in this split by The Freebiez, I wouldn’t know which one to bite. The first one, named “Patricia” is intense and intriguingly intimate and personal sounding. A love letter in music form with a energetic undertone that is practically approachable for dreamers and energetic dancers alike. This “Patricia” even has a serious raw attitude included, making it possible to capture a certain punk intensity that feels as if the love letter approach has worked and The Freebiez are now making love to our LSD loving brain-centers of our mind! Intensively wicked in a sweet insane way! Even the happy clappers can’t destroy that feeling of wanting to be & have a part of it!

The last part of this exciting split is ‘ch4rli3 br0wn’ also by The Freebiez. One that shapes with big sounding crushes and kicks a firm dreamy stepper that gets a futuristic effect by the use of vocoder style vocals that stamp its way through it. It feels intensively psychedelic, with its glittering synthesizer sparkles that are decorating this construction nicely. Here again, The Freebiez provide a danceable dreamy attitude that you could easily feel like switching in between from; shall we sit and trip the F out or shall we try to follow the rhythm and dance in awkward retro-futuristic ways towards the end of this record? It’s probably advised to do both, or even to just play it all on repeat and try different approaches of enjoying it! I have enjoyed them both on a bottomless stomach filled with booze & must say; can’t wait to go for the sober experience while attempting to sit in the split position!

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Cleopatria – Gutural Femenino

Artist: Cleopatria
title: Gutural Femenino
keywords: cleopatria, colombia, gutural, femenino, pop, lo-fi, marbelle, shakira, marta traba, divine, AUC, bogota, juancho polo valencia

If lo-fi tropical tunes by a Colomian underground goddess with a indestructible attitude named Cleopatria is something that gathers your interesting interests, than you should obviously be thrilled that this Cleopatria exist & her album named “Gutural Femenino” is out there in free downloadable internet-land freely awaiting your arrival. It’s 15 tracks long and covers a whole array of interesting happenings, from talking snippets to super cool beats and under the table swingers! You don’t need to speak or understand the language that Cleopatria is performing in to know that she is awesome & that to spend time in her companionship is like being like a lucky character straight out of ‘pippi longstocking’ adventures.

With “Gutural Femenino” Cleopatria simply throws out whatever comes to her mind & there isn’t a real sad bit included, mostly all positive happy material that sounds cheeky and fun. With low fidelity instruments and sounds, she proofs that it’s not the hi-tech that makes something cool and good, but the attitude and joy of freedom & of course the art of recording killer tunes that reminds of a don’t give a shit style in the lovely sun! Even if Cleopatria hits an emotional string she does it with a bright ‘la-la’ to top it off in a nice glow of intimate loveliness.

Recently our main head of comments ‘Linda’ discovered that some places might be blocked from the Internet Archive website that this release is living on, but free legal albums like this is definitely worth to find a way to go around these obstructions, be naughty and rich in mind & find the happiness that shines out in all that Cleopatria has captured on this bright quirkiness of a happy album!

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