Feyla – Cracked Earth


Title: Cracked Earth

Keywords: alternative ambient experimental glitch experimental-electronic Toronto

I fell through the earth and all that I actually wanted was just listen to some music and write a little nifty report about it. But no, there I was falling.. falling through sounds, but suddenly I got saved! Well semi saved as I was rolling around and pushed in all kind of directions. Let’s say I was getting bumped around as if I was just a ball inside an old fashioned pinball machine.

It was alright, some banging action that was of a friendly origin that was simply saving the fall and kicking back some sense by serving up some pretty electro acoustics along the way. Material that i suspect specialised audio snobs would have kept for themselves like some kind of privileged thing, but are here dropped in the middle of an popular arcade of flickering lights and semi intelligent electronic pop tastiness. Life is not too bad when things are locking up in a good combination I guess.

that’s what happens when the earth is cracking up and you fall in one of the cracks when you least expect it. Synthesisers are functioning as the glitter & glamour and enthusiastically electronic programmed beats as the enthusiastic kickers that want to beat some sense back into you. It’s a recipe that the big boys in the IDM field for their fame and glory from, but Feyla’s music seems to be more punk orientated and less for the ‘oh let’s sit down and stroke our chins and look intelligent while we listen to music’ others.

It’s just two tracks, but I guess that is also in line with a luxurious thing; don’t give too much, as less the more it’s appreciated! And who doesn’t appreciate a good fall through a crack of the earth &ja human pinball experience:



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Laura Cavan – Unsuspicious

Artist: Laura Cavan
Title: Unsuspicious
Keywords: experimental, soundscapes, sound art. Field recordings, minimalism
Label: Eg0cide Productions

When I listened to Laura Cavan in a traditionally unsuspicious way, i noticed how cozy it was. From the first moments in her work I felt as if I was in the inner mechanism of a prepared coffee machine, not a cheap one but one of those luxurious ones that had the green light on, ready for a coffee loving person to place a cup underneath and make an automatic cup of sheer deliciousness.

This feeling of being in this cozy coffee machine of sheer luxury that had been equipped with hot warm water inside, the kind of wanted liquid ready to be used to please the great tasting flavours of a coffee lover in an instant simply continued in the second track that Laura Cavan had boiled up. It made me feel very small, but also very safe. I could sit in this coffee maker for ages, dreaming about raindrops on a attics window; it’s one of my favourites calming things to fantasise about…

When the third track came in, it was as if Laura Cavan had read my mind.. I didn’t wanted the release of sound to go anywhere. I wanted to stay inside this coffee machine and listen from this place like a voyeur to the possible human activities that might happen outside of this coffee maker. I could clearly hear someone walking around, it might be muffled but that only added more comfort to the “I’m just a microscopic figure tucked away in a coffee machine” experience.

Laura Cavan really kept on giving what I wanted to hear, kept the bubbling watery sounds as muffled and wet as they could be, while still keeping me as a listener dry and warm. I mean it wasn’t that the artist was boiling us listeners in a hot pot or anything like that; more as if we could sit dry on a bit of luxurious plastic inside as the water kept itself hot and ready to be used to flush itself through the coffee bean purée.

When track five came even the sound of the coffee maker’s inside seemed to have chilled out. In fact I must say that this was definitely the moment in which I thought that it’s quite relaxing to be here in this coffee machine with no reason to be found by an owner or operator of such an device. It feels so safe and pleasant that I can only say that it’s been a real pleasure to have been Unsuspiciously teleported into this strange situation & I’m gladly inviting you over to be in this coffee machine too. We might want to drink some coffee later if you are in need to do things after experiencing it, as it is pretty sleep inducing!

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Das All – Don’tfuck

Artist: Das All
Title: Don’tfuck
Keywords: experimental, abstract, techno, lobit
Label: sub65

Don’t Fuck by Das All is banging in all the right consensual ways. A feast of cheerful minimalism at first, slowly building up for a intoxicating rhythmic banger with the right pulsating bass sounds, kicks and lobit freakiness.

It doesn’t make you want to fuck with Das All, but does make you feel like you should dance with Das All. But isn’t screwing also kinda similar to dancing? Does it burn the same amount of calories? We should ask a biology teacher. But of course there isn’t one available at the moment.

But who cares, anyway? As who could resist the woolly wobble sound and those tightly done shakers moving in and moving out as if it’s on a satisfying mission in which no f*cks are given? I mean we can have intercourse with Das All or dance with the music; but we might as well spend time listening as the artist is clearly giving some mixed signals over here… I mean first it’s a no, but than suddenly it’s a yes. And than a no again…

The moment that Das All gives the green light to go ahead with the actual hanky panky business, it is still done in style and extreme comical sounding minimalism. How sexy is that! This comes as a little swinger of repetitive penetrative action that feels silly and light; there are no bad vibes while fucking with Das All, as Das All is basically mind fucking you happily instead.

The whole confusing ordeal gets even a bit more cuckoo when Das All noted that Das All doesn’t wanted to get fucked in the end. Leaving us confused listeners (who had grabbed our chances) feeling utterly ashamed, slightly regretting the motion of quickly taking our chances earlier on. Luckily Das All doesn’t seem to be bothered and happily cooks up a minimal freak show that does not disappoint.

I guess because through magic Das All moves us to a place named Zero dimension, which is full of lasers & bit like bass to keep the situation hot and pounding. It’s as if the techno Viking had been marching in space generated by an old pixelated retro game.

More dominating mini kicks and fun comes with the section in which Das All let us all know that the artist has a knall. Personally I don’t know what a knall means, but it feels as if it means that it had a banger on its hands. The sound is very smooth and sexy over here, intimate intimidation that feels nicely detailed in the minimalistic hypnotic department.

Last bit on this free release goes for a moment depicting 30000 trillion years before Christ, which feels like an personal account as done in the Germanic language, still coated in a minimalist way, but severely slow, backwards and more aiming for an ambient flavour. I guess whether Das All does or doesn’t like fucking; it does know that it has special knowledge of history! Oh and an intoxicating style of detail that even though it’s encoded in lobit, sounds pretty top notch and high in detail. Free download from over here:

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The Bordellos – The Bordellos underground tape 23

Artist: The Bordellos
Title: The Bordellos underground tape 23
Keywords: alternative, folk punk, garage pop, lo-fi, post punk, psychedelic folk? St Helens

The Bordellos, as controversial as they are keep being consistently consistent into delivering free underground tapes. In fact they are so rebellious that these tapes are even too underground to be actual tapes, but they certainly have the allure of finding a dusty cassette, placing it in your dodgy tape cassette deck and discovering each and every time a new set of emotional or social commentary in expressive music and song form. Today we listen to underground tape 23 to celebrate the whole phenomenon. It starts with ‘Sweetest Hangover’ in which the charming voice shows his sensitive side to feed the romantic minds of the Bordello fan base. It’s the solo version, so I expect there to be a version floating around recorded with an entire orchestra, especially violins, maybe even a cello. As a stripped down solo, the actual words of the song aren’t dressed in camouflage, are all exposed out in the open.

Contrary to the what you might want to believe; this charming song doesn’t seem to go about the daily happenings of the life of an alcoholic; but it’s about love, about enjoying the moment and when it’s all over still finding comfort in the sweet memories… that could have sound like a cheese fest if it was performed by anyone else, but with The Bordellos sincerity and going face to face to express things as they are feels always real and human; making this short song into one that can be felt in the heart & even might be a reason to drop a tear or two. Let’s hope it’s a sweet tear and not a salty one!

Talking about The Bordellos always being true to themselves, not hiding in a wealth of nonsensical songs but truly expressing opinion or theories, diary notes in music and song form; it’s easy to take in that ‘Did The Bastards At the BBC Kill John Peel?’ is an actual thought of The Bordellos and a homage to John Peel at the same time. In fact it feels as if it’s The Bordellos’s Psychic TV – Godstar. Both songs are passionately dedicated to their dead musical heroes and both have great catchy sing along appeal. Probably both would not be played by the BBC, but who knows? The catchiness is simply so irresistible that its as good as impossible to not sing or clap along, making the statement only stronger and utterly believable.

The grittiness of the recording of the next song ‘Hop To it Bunny Girl’ makes the sound as warm as a crackling appealing fire in a fireplace. The whole recording is pleasantly fuzzy and the song itself feels like an light weight raw expression of a punk that had gone into the wrong venue, being surprised as there a bunny girl hops around to become some kind of version of light entertainment. Of course the Bordellos treat this happening with respect, but do not forget to note it down into the song book and indeed realising it into another lucrative must hear gem on the fantasy tape. At the end there is ‘Straight Outta Southport’ in which The Bordellos seem to scratch the surface of a picturesque picture of England. One that I’m as a foreigner are probably alien with, but can obviously witness the symphonic charm of it all. It’s a lovely place of gone Glory, in which romantic hearts still beat the bush & lone rangers live in memories of good old times.

All in all it’s another lovely segment of heartfelt music that has nothing to hide, raw and honest exposing whatever lays on The Bordellos mind & strangely it reveals more and more loveliness, even though some gatekeepers at the commercial radio shows probably hoped to find out dirt and psychopathic tendencies! Not because they would play that, but just to find a righteous thing to defend them blocking The Bordellos the righteous success that they so much deserve for being honest and caring!

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Culture as a Dare (14th Jun 2019 investigative report)

Southend on Sea anno 2019 is an experience, coke dealers drive around in roofless cars, a big part of the beach is replaced by a ghostly looking theme park in which nobody dares to enter. The boulevard is full of benches placed there in honour of beloved dead people. Locals talk about the famous jams coming from the area, at the venue in which ‘culture as a dare’ has claimed to do their thing these legendary jam jars are filled with local liquor. Dead palm trees wave around in the sunlight, several Rossi ice cream parlours are spread around as if they are the local mob selling the people of south end ice creams like offers that they cannot refuse.

South End’s legendary carrot eating pigeon

Within all this madness a more adventurous crowd flocked its way in twenty one southend, where the evening organised by culture as a Dare was organised. It had a really nice juice line up, one that would make your mouth water. It started with the most insanely deejay set ever by DJ Lee Ashcroft who played oddities after oddities that had kindly the right allure of simply being all over the place. Lets say his deejay set was eclectic and completely unexpected & he certainly enjoyed the confusion that he happily planted! Fun!

The first act of the evening was Pettaluck who had a special reason to be extra turbulent as she just released her solo album named Pass on South End’s famous micro label Wrieuw Recordings.

Pettaluck’s Pass

Sadly Pettaluck didn’t have all the luck in the world as apparently she had an accident a couple of days ago & had to do her gig while suffering from a concussion. Still tough as she is, she didn’t let the audience down and went in with a full band for support & performed songs from her new release. As a multi instrumentalist you know you will be in for a treat, but when she started to play the balloon many minds (including mine) just got blown away!

Pettaluck photographed by Gary Franklin

She even went on to perform an mysterious dance with coloured fabrics, making me think of a swan that proudly showed off her feathers. She did the percussions, looped a meow sound, sang all her songs fluently and created an very impressive opening of the exquisite evening.

Photo by Gary Franklin

After more craziness by DJ Lee Ashcroft, it was time for the most sanest person ever to perform; Pancake Promises! If the artist name makes your mouth drool, than you had been at the right address. Pancake Promises delivered commercial jingles with the distinctive midi sound, including animated corresponding images on an old retro television. One of his main instruments was a prominent microwave which he used to Heath up pre made poffertjes. You know those tiny pancakes?

Pancake promises at work with the microwave

He was happy prancing about making sure the audience their sweet tooth got what it wanted! A happy joyful moment!

Pancake Promises

More Lee Ashcroft craziness came after his set, playing the kind of tunes that either helped digest the tiny pancakes, or made them twirl around in the stomachs of all the wonderful loonies attending the event. After a while our good friend Toxic Chicken came along while seated on a mutated chicken. He didn’t share his food like Pancake Promises, but instead ‘entertained’ the members of the public with the wonderful act of watching him casually, as he ate a bowl of delicious noodle soup.

For many people (the understandable) highlight of their life.

Toxic Chicken photographed by Gary Franklin

After DJ Lee was done randomly popping on some outsider music, it was time for the headliner to do her thing. This was Rita Braga, who not only shined in her glitter dress as she enthusiastically played and sang her wonderful multilingual songs, she also entirely lifted the spirit of everyone by creating a wonderful atmosphere of intriguing happiness.

Lovely album by Rita Braga

For the people in South End who never had traveled before, this part of the night must have been like a exotic vacation, as the artist easily performed songs that took you to places that probably only flying birds would be able to attend all in their life time.

Rita Braga photographed by Gary Franklin

From tropical locations to carefree zones of sheer fantasia; Rita Braga brought it all out in a way that was easy approachable, making everybody flying away to a happy place full of wonders!

Rita Braga photographed by Gary Franklin

All in all this evening was a great melting pot of eclectic fun. For everyone into escapism this was the place to be! Hell, culture never been so daring!

A daring bunch!

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Noodle Soup

Hello, welcome at the most biased music blog ever. Even if we aren’t talking about music you might notice that we just praise what we like. With this post we hope that some endorsement deal will go through, a sponsorship by a special kind of food..

I’m not a big food lover, as you could imagine when you place food and a intoxicating liquid beverage on a scale, the food will be ending up in the air and the drinks one will be in no time swimming somewhere in my body. It’s like a swimming pool in there and I’m sure the parasites are having a party within it! But let’s focus on whatever I wanted to let you know.. not that any sane person would care; but I presume that anyone being here is not really all ‘there’ so it’s all good! … oh.. oh yes! Focus!

I wanted to tell you about one special kind of food that I do like. Maybe you have heard of it. I guess I like it because it’s mostly liquid too.. and maybe with the potential amount of MSG within it, also not the right thing to spoon up by the health freaks.. but damn, maybe it’s those taste makers or anything else in there that makes me love this stuff so much… I can’t stop eating noodle soup. Not just any noodle soup but these Mama Tom Yum noodle soups from Thailand.
My goodness if they weren’t so tasty I would simply put the content in a syringe and shoot it up!

I love that stuff so much that they come in by a big box thanks to the kindhearted sister who knows what to give to the hopelessly addicted noodle soup lover & so it basically functions as breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack! If I die and they would check my body for reasons why it collapsed, they would have probably an mortuary full of watery spice! And of course some noodles here and there! They going to have a field day to clean that all up! … oh… oh yeah: focus!

So yes apparently I love the mama tom yum noodle soup so much that it became an album. One that you could hear for free as it’s been released on the wonderful experimental netlabel Dog Park. Now it would be really shameful to just blatantly write about it over here as if I didn’t make it myself, but because no sensible blog or magazine would probably want to give it some kind of write up or love, I’m stuck here on the sucky empire that you are on right now. Congratulations to yourself; a massive round of applause to you!

But let’s not go too far by reviewing this album or saying anything nice about it, but instead make it all about this noodle soup. How do you make it? Oh there are tons of variations, but let’s just go for the easy one. You boil some water, grab a bowl, grab the package of noodles, open it up, rip open the two mini bags containing the ingredients and spices, place them with he hard block of noodles, add the hot boiled water, let it sit there for a minute or so, maybe stir it a bit & voila! Enjoy!

The flavour, the spice, the colour of the water, the hotness of it all; its like a kick in the guts, an eye opener for all who just came rolling out of bed, a fist to the head before attempting to go back to bed again! It’s just perfecto, if it ever comes to facing dead on dead-row, i know that mama tom
Yum noodles would be my last meal before it’s time to say goodbye. Myumm!

But words are just words… visualisation is everything! So here is a video of a volunteer eating my favourite noodle soup, hope it will make your mouth drool:

If your mouth started to drool, you might as well get some free noodle soup over at the following link:

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Caffeinate – Rough Cuts

Artist: Caffeinate
Title: Rough Cuts
Keywords: electronic experimental idm dark electronic dark house experimental electronic glitch house United Kingdom
Label: Flamingo Vapor

It doesn’t happen a lot but when someone like caffeinate comes in to stab you in the ears in order to deliver some certain rough cuts, you better let the artist come at you and do its thing. Not only is he a great reviewer with a good taste and an excellent sense of humour; his cuts are as bold and sharp like a razor, clearly designed to cut through your boring day and splices it up with sound that are razorlike cool!

With the fattest badass bass and the tightest beats the madmen gives enough power to knock you (while you dance!) straight into the nearest emergency service. Caffeinate rams these well produced bangers in your ears with a certain lethal clarity that many high tech big studio based producers could only dream off. Wet dreams in which they wake up with the unfortunate task to clean and wash the sheets that they had wrapped themselves in. Even if they didn’t have dreams like this; they might simply go baloney from pure jealousy as they might know that they might be able to cut an onion, but excellent in Your face dancing music like this? Impossible!

Our humble friend Caffeinate simple slaps and stabs these beats in the face, claps it around in full frontal view while he manically provides the wickedest badass bass lines like only the coolest person in the world could do. His hit ‘arbeiten’ that sits nicely in the middle of this release will be the perfect friend for any commuter going to work; with its German lyrics and fun loving slapping boldness it makes the trip into one in which your mind happily fantasises about throwing the job providers of a 5th floor balcony; a thought that brings a smile to anyone’s face no matter how much they love or don’t like their work.

Caffeinate’s super cut will make the day into a brighter one as it laughs with you and not at you; another element of music producing that many producers simply might murder for. But for Caffeinate his genius mind it doesn’t seem to be hard work, he drops it like it’s nothing; cutting its way through into excellence that is way cooler than any sunglasses wearing polar bear! Confidence and big middle fingers raised in the air; Caffeinate shows everyone what big in your face industrial music is all about, as he rubs it in by dropping the nastiness that will elevate any dark club into an hot boiled rocket! Making body’s dance while their spirits move together above them; the best raving outer body experiences that you will ever be able to see!

For the last final victorious victory the producer spices the vibe up with an very vibrant upbeat hard bit of unforgiving coolness that simply can’t be ignored. Adding some mysterious atmospheric darkness to the delivered force of beat and bass extravagance! If you thought that the Arnold’s terminator was bad ass; you obviously haven’t dealt with a ‘Slow Burn’ by Caffeinate before! What a brute force, what a great in your face bulging amount of uplifting energy, what a cool flair! Nobody likes to be stabbed, but if it’s done by this producer to deliver those rough cuts; everyone will be voluntarily jumping in front of this cutting edge -to the point- badass of an producer!

To make it even more tougher and cooler, these rough cuts are not there to ruin your beauty, but are perfectly contained on a wonderfully good looking cd! You better get it before it gets you!

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