Sertax – What Happened To Us EP

artist: Sertax
title: What Happened To Us EP
keywords: acid ambient experimental Port Talbot
label: Transmos Records

What Happend To Us? well here at the YIKIS office we all got a bit enthousiatic! You know, like a kid on its birthday ready to unravel the presents of dissapointment, but this time its actually something we liked! And then there was another present inside the present and another one, and another… our enthousiasm didn’t know no more ends!

But no, this isn’t our birthday and this is actually not really a touchable present filled with presents; this is just a case of adrenaline and enthusiasm when the office got introduced by this very fine original release. Something that just kept on giving & the whole crew got enthusiastic about. Even the toilet cleaner came out with a thumb up sign surrounded by an oversized rubber glove! Let me talk to you about from my personal point of view…

This EP was and is the first time my ears had been exposed to the music of Sertax & damn considering that it was a collection of unexpected surprises I can only hope more like this would come our ways. I couldn’t wait to share this material with you (showers have to wait!) so excuse my hasty but enthusiastic writing!

This release is of such a kind that it seems like it is packed with so many out of the blue music bits that you’ll probably be like me, falling from one original bit into another. It’s not a mixture of different tracks, but totally outside the box kind of material. And it will possible rock and blows your mind with things that are impossible to expect.

It’s as experimental as it can get, without the whole avant-garde intellectual chin stroking part. It’s quite bizarre perhaps as the material goes for such unexpected twists and corners that it’s difficult not to be flabbergasted by its originality. One moment you will be hearing ambient kind of material, singing, pretty stuff and then garage two step strangeness with beats, vocals, strange outsider audio arts with lo-fi spookiness and warmth + Beautiful and haunting audio collages with piano tones.

It’s really difficult to put your finger onto it, but it’s like listening to a pot of genres all mixed up but not too mixed up, generating something completely new. I might have been living under a rock if there is actual more artists like Sertax around, but this stuff blows my mind! It’s like opening a birthday gift that keeps on giving unexpected gifts. It’s beautiful, crazy, fun, serious, idiotic, smart, and original and I like it! Will you like it too? Check this weirdness out at the following link:

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enlarged garbage – ♥ HOLY DEATH ♥

artist: enlarged garbage
title: ♥ HOLY DEATH ♥
keywords: hip hop hip-hop/rap beats lofi weird Virginia

Within a time frame of 9 minutes enlarged garbage sets the mood of laid back chilling hip-hop. The beats presented might be super sleek and tight, but like the rest of the sounds that surrounds them they are completely dipped in an outside layer of muffled age. The sound is as if it’s material that has been originally recorded on analogue material that is ready to hit the expiry date.

Luckily that enlarged garbage had saved it from potential decay and brought it to our ears like a smooth mixture as ‘♥ HOLY DEATH ♥’. The track is not one boring exposure; it’s like a mixtape, bringing a whole batch of these lazy hazy sounding wordless hip-hop grooves that are as fuzzy as they are warm. In the middle of these exposures some voice would say something to make up for the lack of raps in these rap-worthy snippets.

Personally I think this material is easy to be heard on repeat, setting a nice mood to smoke or eat a carrot (in case you don’t smoke). No disturbing or annoying moments are included, making it a smooth patch for easy listening. We all should be glad that ‘enlarged garbage’ didn’t toss this away!

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I can’t shit because I’m a tree. – demo 1

artist: I can’t shit because I’m a tree.
title: demo 1
keywords: punk demo emo folk punk shit-mo shitter-songwriter singer-songwriter Rotterdam
reviewer: Simon Hit

I can’t shit because I’m a tree is apparently a certain singing and guitar playing character named Henry. And this ‘demo’ is a collection of songs he is embarrassed about, but yet not embarrassed enough not to upload them on the internet for our disposal. The songs aren’t that bad, or well… Let’s say how he delivers them isn’t bad; you can hear Henry as ‘I can’t shit because I’m a tree’ clearly making an effort to get something out that is passionate. He sings a bit weird, like a folk singer who had been living for a long time on a diet of gin and cat food. He is half flipping out, half moaning, half sweet, half like a garden gnome trying to express feelings.

His voice sounds very young, and when he drops the whole Irish pub theme in his voice while singing ‘Party Moral’ he shows his crystal clean version & it’s as if it’s a young girls voice: Very smooth and sweet. it made me double check if it was not a featured track by someone else, but no; I can’t shit because I’m a tree’ is simply able to switch his voice & if he would be able to produce two at the same time, he could do a duet with himself.

On most of the tracks he pushes his voice through a grinder, half crying and half passionate sounding without a obvious moral limiter to control the expressions. Maybe It’s just easy to clarify as Henry never claims to be human, so he might indeed be an actual tree and because he really needs to do a shit, but can’t because he is a tree; his voice is making all these weird expressions to make up for the lack of ability to drop some poop.

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Eisenlager & Tabasa – Radio Japan, Radio Germany

Artists: Eisenlager & Tabasa
title: Radio Japan, Radio Germany
keywords: petroglyph-music, Eisenlager, Tabasa, Radio Japan, Radio Germany, Experimental, Avant Garde, Electronic, Ambient, Sound art, Soundscape, Japan, Germany, Collaboration
label: Petroglyph-music

Eisenlager (based in Germany) and Tabasa (Based in Japan) have met through the mysterious ways on the internet. Both appreciators of each other’s musical sound outputs they decided to collaborate. The result is a journey of travels, starting with a slow deep eruption of great depth and pressure. It’s a drone ambient work that feels hollow as a large departure hall at an airport, filled with voices of different kind, all mixed up in abstract sound that becomes almost holy in its heaviness.

Then the journey comes in with atmospheric female humming voices among the talking ones, with an active strange electronic beat bedeviling the audio environment. The German language sound snippets come across like news bytes that become dramatic through the angelic hums and drums; it’s as if we are mourning something.

Eisenlager & Tabasa can be heard zapping through channels, some are comedic, other euphoric and others cinematic. The music suggest that its none of their liking as it clearly captures a ‘sigh’ before returning back to the actual business of reshaping and creating their own music presence. The great thing is that the channel zapping now gets used to function as an actual instrument instead of the main dominator to eat brains away.

Then there is a track in which Eisenlager & Tabasa also have featured Im Wesen. I’m not sure what Im Wesen does here, but the result of this triple collaboration is superbly beautiful. To me personally the best track on this album, very sweet, nice and gentle sounds, strange but perfectly integrated audio snippets. It’s like a new age trip with trumpets, sweetness, some sadness, but also a fair amount of silliness and laughter.

The track ‘Yoshimichi Setsuda’ is also of the pretty kind, calmly inducing its sounds like a rhythmic ambient vortex that you actually don’t want to end, but in the end; still does! Luckily there is more music to explore! And with Menlo Park’ we can even go for some dancefloor action. The music is very gentle, has a nice swing without being in your face. It does its rhythmic summer style thing while an whole collection of radio snippets pass the revue. They add an interesting vibes to the mix, especially the opera parts!

Gone To Earth’ is one of the more relaxing parts on this collaborative album. It contains a very easy going warm audio flow that is easily digested with both ears and makes everything feel like a solved problem; there are no problems here, everything is perfect and we are all in this surreal humbleness together.

Then there is ‘I’m a Crossdressor’ which title wise sounds a bit confessional, but the music is sounding more like being in the surroundings of some kind of public transport. Maybe the title versus sound part should generate the feeling of crossdressing and going for a ride in some kind of modern day underground rail system. In any case it’s the end of this successful collaboration in which the artist (from other far away countries) had joined together to create something new.
It is difficult to say who did what, and who is responsible for the certain aspects in these recordings, which eventually is what makes such a collaboration something that is a bit like a new born child. (But a little bit different!)

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Floating Mind – illuminati

artist: Floating Mind
title: illuminati
keywords: deep, minimal, techno, electronica, Floating Mind, netlabel, monoKraK
label: Monokrak

Monokrak is back with a perfect new release containing four high quality deep techno track of the extremely good order in the quality department. The music might be sorted in the minimal side of a record shop, but listen to all the details and always changing interesting sounds and right on time fun breaks & the whole snobbish look on minimalism will be tossed out of the window: this isn’t minimal at all, it’s like a micro cosmos of details with a very nice exposure of deep bass & sweet melody on top of an never ending flow of rhythm. It evolves and evolves and grows like a never ending electric tiny world that is an pleasure to hang out in.

The rhythms and sound choices made are of an important order & it seems that even though the music is suitable for dancing, it is also very usable for whatever people doing while being smoothly pampered by ambient atmospheres. The music at times can be seen like road map to a dream; grooving in a hammock with a sunset in the back, chilling somewhere on a tropical beach with a lovely cocktail in the hand. This is the soundtrack for such a moment & if you’d never end up there in real life, the music will take you there when you close your eyes. And trust me it’s a much better experience than anything giving through idiotic virtual reality head gear. The music will take you on a lovely trip in which the sun and good vibes rule!

Somehow at times there are electric crickets to be heard, maybe a insect from the future; but within the orchestration of the musical context these friends turn into elements of the rhythmic session. See them like that bug in Pinocchio who guides you through it as a guide between the state of conscious and dreams. These four tracks take the time & sound as professional (or even MORE!) as any commercial variation, minus that this one is clearly done with love and care for the sounds and music & available for download for absolutely no money at all! A holiday in audio form that you shouldn’t refuse:

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Robin Stroop – Een atypische verhouding

Artist: Robin Stroop
title: Een atypische verhouding
keywords: delft experimental robin stroop spoken word dotje dutch gesproken woorden mixtape poedel seen. jenny hval Leiden
label: Smikkelbaard

I have heard and seen ‘Een atypische verhouding’ by Robin Stroop sitting on the Smikkelbaard Bandcamp. Nice, firm and stable like a square bottom that you would like to stroke and lick like a true lickkebaard. Every-time I stare at ‘Een atypische verhouding’ I start to wink with my eyebrows, simply in the hope that it too will recognize me and my bodily features. My tongue wetting my lips, making me as a passerby hopefully look glossy and healthy, purely in the hope ‘Een atypische verhouding’ will notice my presence.

Many times i click it politely, in the hope nobody notices it. Afraid that the love and attraction doesn’t come from both ways; failure would be such a disaster to the stream of internal hormones. I click it like a lover would brush a loved one’s hair. I click it while imagining me being able to whisper sweet words of love in the release its ear. Once in, I open and present all my colorful feathers, like a proud peacock waiting to fall in good taste. ‘Een atypische verhouding’ never seems to be impressed by all this; the reaction would be always the same: a lush workflow of naughty sweet and poetic Dutch words that drives the imagination into a loophole of Devine sensuality.

When it does it’s thing I feel like melting, powerful sunshine rays of horniness are shining upon the whole listener’s experience. Even if nobody understands the Dutch language, you will feel all wet and woozy in the erogenous zones. Bulges of joyful pressure might press against the speakers, a pantyhose might get a little soppy & the imagination begins to circulate stories straight out of poetic pocket book romances.

To make sure that the ordeal will be neat and civilized, the tasty words of slippery pronunciations are being flushed with a regular appearance of music, Music that might as well be described as a bucket of cold water to deep freeze the brain, pull out the hardness or wetness that the Dutch words had generated; returning the blood back to the brain instead of the listener’s crotch.

Luckily this isn’t a real bucket of water being thrown over our face, and luckily music is music. And in this case it’s like a radio show with music selected by the poetic word smith to bring us back to our senses & forget all our disastrous attempts to flirt with a release that has been flirting with us from the Smikkelbaard head office. Who can resist the pleasure? Who can resist? Oh gosh, who?

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David Liebe Hart – I Eat My Veggies

Artist: David Liebe Hart
title: I Eat My Veggies
keywords: vegetables, pop, singer songwriter, electronic, lo-fi, fun, veggie, vegetarian, broccoli, carrots, healthy, vitamins, perfect ingredients, video,

Vegetables. Who doesn’t like them? They come in all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes & oh so many tasty tastes! Oh and they contain lots of vitamins and are healthy & yummy! You can eat them in many ways (but mostly by using a mouth) and are a natural source for beneficial bodily benefits. Ever seen a nutritious carrot loving rabbit with glasses?

David Liebe Hart also loves vegetables and took the time to write and sing a song dedicated to them. You just know that if you have a vegetable garden and play this to the growing vegetables they would grow even more delicious then without! But it seems also a good idea to play to the little ones who are struggling with their veggies at the dinner table; play this and with lots of fun the vegetables will go from spoon (or fork) into their mouths & stomach! Thanks to David Liebe Hart no more veggie problems, only love and celebration!

With lovely engaging music and words David Liebe Hart convinces that veggies are delicious once again! You should eat them every single day!

You can support David Liebe Hart and his original arts and crafts,
by bringing joy to yourself and getting this song from his ‘Astronaut’ album.
Check it out (and other releases) at his official website:

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