p0stm0rtem and Raymond Cummings – We Don’t Exist, This Is Only A Dream

If you've ever played Scrabble through an old television with a faulty cathode while on 100 drugs, I imagine that very bizarre life situation you experienced could have looked similar to the album art for We Don't Exist, This Is Only A Dream, by p0stm0rtem and Raymond Cummings.

If you’ve ever played Scrabble through an old television with a faulty cathode while on 100 drugs, I imagine that very bizarre life situation you experienced could have looked similar to the album art for We Don’t Exist, This Is Only A Dream, by p0stm0rtem and Raymond Cummings. By the way, I’m definitely interested in reading your memoir, sometime.

Artists: p0stm0rtem and Raymond Cummings
Title: We Don’t Exist, This is Only A Dream
Label: None
Cat#: N/A
Keywords: Experimental, Noise, Spoken Word, Avant-garde, Dark Ambient, Glitch, Improvisational
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Sometimes, reader, I begin to wonder if we aren’t being… read.

That’s right… read. It’s just one letter short of dread (and delicious bread, yum).

I will occasionally get this disgusting feeling… a feeling like somewhere, out there, all these eyes are on us… omnipresent and ever watchful eyes. Well, maybe not us, but the words, I mean. These words I’m typing right now, even. Eyes of dread… eyes without bread to feed us with.

Whatever that feeling is, real or imagined, I’ll tell you, it’s not what we signed up for when we started a blog. No way.

Just between you and me, I’ve got this album I’m needing to write you about. It’s by p0stm0rtem and Raymond Cummings. I’ll tell you more, but I suggest we write over here in the corner of this other room. I feel like it’s the safest place. I’ll turn the shower on, too, that way the eyes won’t hear us. I… don’t know if eyes really possess the faculty of hearing, but I wouldn’t discount it. Those creepy, lidded balls in people’s heads are always up to something. You can tell the way they stare at you.

Well, if the coast is clear, we’ll get underway before we’re spotted. It’s just two tracks, and I’m otherwise very excited to write about them. I’d also like to talk about bread again, later.

‘We Don’t Exist, This Is Only A Dream Part 1’ begins with what feels to me like a broadcast signal being dialed up, and there are voices… very strange effects on the voice, like we’re receiving a feed from an AM radio station. Drones… and now, some kind of growling synthetic noise. The spoken word elements compliment the peculiar drone textures very well, I feel as if I’m clutching an edge, leaning into nowhere, intently trying to make out what is being said. We’re tethered to a kind of obliterated reality, finding we are white-knuckle gripping a nothingness, and there is not even a remnant of what’s slipped away to be found in these palms that cannot be loosened. The noises, scattered, leave me with an impression of malfunction on a very strange level that conveys for me an absolute spatial nihilism. The concept of this work, with it’s sonic manipulation of recorded voice patterns, feels to me to express here a convincing sense of total breakdown in communication, to such an extent that the words have become empty, but even further, mere guttural machine processes, a mouth being rinsed of purpose and meaning. I begin to feel as if the human within the music has become a value to be coldly abstracted from, with these cartoonish gurgles, the sound of stretched and looped throat. Ew… disturbing mental images aside, past this we come again to mechanized vocal processing…

… and then we move onto ‘Part 2’, which sounds highly effected and minimal at the start. A voice sample is cut in and repeats in a rhythmic way, followed shortly by some screaming tonal feedback. This piece feels like it puts rhythmic voice manipulation front and center for awhile, then dropping it away for low, ominous synth growls… and then throws a series of vocal noises at us that have been manipulated in such a way as to make the vocalizations sound like free jazz arrangements, even a didgeridoo. There’s a siren and deep bass plop, some shards of hoover texture, swathes of breath. It’s like a chorus of tracheotomies being performed on robots.

Yes, I am going to just say for the record that this was probably one of the most disturbingly subtle pieces of music I’ve yet heard from p0stm0rtem, in a really good way! I mean, of course in a good way, I’m always a fan. I bid you to explore it for yourself at the following two links, as I run up the utility bill with my obfuscating shower ruse. Do you think the eyes have seen us? O_O And… do you think there’s any bread around? That would be tasty. Well, anyway, here’s that link:


… or, alternatively…


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Lil Brie Brie – The Science Of Silly EP

Artist: Lil Brie Brie
title: The Science Of Silly EP
keywords: austin,comedy,alternative,hip-hop,nerdcore,rap,
reviewer: Willem van O.

Lil Brie Brie is taking over the hip hop nerd scene with fierce raps that deal with a certain part of society’s reality. This warrior queen got all the right words and attitude to spit them all out in a perfect way. Like this she provides lessons for us all too learn, and making them easy digestible by delivering them as tunes that sound as if  they are keeping it close to Lil Brie Brie’s home and surroundings.

Lessons about subjects like phone addiction, shopping and (s)hit song formulas are all a part of this nerdcore fest. I have a hard time coming up with stuff to say about it, as there is no need really; Lil Brie Brie’s tunes speak for themselves! All you got to do is plug in and hear this new female Eminem doing her thing while keeping it real. You can tune in over at the following link:

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Isa GT – Melo Komo Remixes EP

Artist: Isa GT
title: Melo Komo Remixes EP
keywords: Columbia, cumbia, experimental, latin, tropical, electronic,

Colombian DJ/Producer Isa GT brought a percussive slow moving dance track to swing your hips to in a sensual fashion. The synthesized melody, the dark piano accents and the cool vocal performance making it in a hot brewing excellence that sounds tropically exotic, in an intoxicating poisonous way.

The tune comes with a dub version, and it certainly keeps on delivering the body the infectious sound to move around. It makes me feel as if it’s the perfect tune to hear when downing in refreshing cocktails on a late night beach party.

Castagno’s remix brings the piano a bit more to the foreground, along with a more step-beat and the rhyme for a nice freaky spin on the original. It does come across a little bit more dark, with an impressive alternative drop.

EsaMiPau’s remix gives it a more synthetic baseline, which changes the mood in a minimal mellow way with kooky hooks. It’s a great remix to keep you up at night, even just in order to find stuff to use as percussion to play along. All is nice and good, so if you’re in a tropical hot brewing mood and need a tune to go along with it; search no further!

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THE LAST HOUR – Everything Fades Away

THE LAST HOUR - Everything Fades Away
Title: Everything Fades Away
keywords: alternative dark ambient dark electro dark synthpop dark synthwave darkwave experimental gothic synthpop synthwave Italy
label: The White Room Netlabel
Reviewer: Caffeinate

No. Not again. Anything but this! Well too bad, this extension is going for the long haul. That back log ain’t clearing itself out ya know. What better way to get into it than by getting into some darkwave? You might think so, but this writer would beg to differ at this particular momement.

It’s a single. With a remix. So we go for the original first obviously. Everything Fades Away starts with a little arpeggiated synth. Then we get into some eteheral vocals. Alright, we are fitting darkwave to a t here. Which, is no sense bad. This is a rather awesome track. It brings back all sorts of memories of say…well you can guess as to what other bands I might be thinking of.

Speaking of associating other musicians with other musicians. I’d like to call bullshit on that. Unless you are blatantly trying to copy or pay homage to anothers style its your own music. I can’t tell you how many times people have said “Oh you sound like so and so.” Thankfully I have really settled into my own unique style so that is no longer much of a problem, but I always take it as an insult. Just because yeah, I want to give the artist the proper credit and association and such. Moving On.

By the way, the original ended on some super bass notes. That was a pleasing vibration to my ears.

I was completely mistaken. The next track is a completely different track. Awesome! Something Is Still There (Feat. Label Mou) starts off with a sick drum pattern with some wonderful vocals by presumbaly Label Mou. This is making me feel really good. I’m really jamming out to this one.

Very solid two tracks here. They did a great job here, with some awesome darkwave that makes the body move. Here it be where you can find it:

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Offensive:winter – Bring back the Pain [SSR​​-​​RR​​-​​0064]

Offensive​:​winter - Bring back the Pain [SSR​​-​​RR​​-​​0064]
Artist: Offensive:winter
Title: Bring back the Pain [SSR​​-​​RR​​-​​0064]
keywords: experimental electronic industrial post-industrial splitting sounds records Novi Sad
label: Splitting Sounds Records
Reviewer: Caffeinate

We’re going to jump right into this one. Offensive:winter starts us out with The Calling. Holy fuck, these drums are so good. The scrathes and hats and snares and claps are buzzing my soul something fierce on this one. This is all percussion folks!

On a tangent, one day I think we should all get together and form and industrial drum circle, with actual drums, and drum pads and just get some sick tribal industrialism going on. A guy can dream can’t he?

Seriously, these drums are so good. The beat keeps on progressing with some slight ripped chirp going on. Minimal in terms of amount of sound but packed to the brim with feeling.

Cold Despair begins with well some cold synths. Kind of low key scale used with some echo coming in now. Low low and I mean low drums start rolling in. Oh my GOODNESS. Seriously, Offensive:winter fucking kills it with their percussion. It’s as if it is the main insturment, the main focus and the melodic sounds are just for taste, to fill up and expand. Then it gets absolutely nuts, some small hats with some wobs and globs and completely crushed something. Gave me chills.

World full of Bullshit sounds about right. Super glitchy with harsh synths and all sorts of shit. Makes me want to hate the world and the stupid shit in it. Slow and sounding like it is being pounded out in the most fuck it underground warehouse possible this thing stomps through. Clear through to the center of the earth, where we will be presumably setting off some sort of device, not to save the core but to let this planet slowly die off.

Worms are oozing their way over my skin as It crawls upon me, well crawls upon us. I feel all sort so of creepy and awesome and just shivering with delight with this track. Again another pounder. Just due to my mood I wanted some a bit quicker but this is an absolutely phenomenal track.

Our World (Bring back the Noise Mix) punches through with a bit more typical beat but none too typical sounds yet again. This synth is doing it for me. Breakaway from the synth a minimal drum beat we get this robotic shutter sound (maybe a voice) just coming through and going nuts.

Human Waste starts with some chimes and some huffs. Then my goodness. The glitched out super rough synths. Pure grit. This is what I was missing from my evening.

This just just so glitched it’s ridiculous. Mechanical Disfunction (Jamsession) is well not quite sure since I seem to be running out of good things to say. I like variety in my vocabulary when I can help it. It’s just so pleasing and enjoyable on such a base level.

Now we have some remixes. Cold Despair (mhzesent’s Walkinonwater rmx) is a rather chill remix. Nice violin work with a trip hoppish drum beat. This is some solid shit. If I wasn’t so frantic I would listen to it over and over but I need my energy.

Cold Despair (Cyborgs On Crack Remix) brings us a really warm opening that gets foreboding. A nice smooth transition into some haunting and beuatiful. Vocals come in with some heart wrenching strings. This is why I like classical music so much. It evokes such depth and just such amazing emotion. I am biased of course, seeing as that is how classical music effects me but I only listen to certain songs, mostly long dead composers This is a modern masterpiece.

To sum it up, Offensive:winter makes music that I thoroughly love. It reminds a lot of my music and being the conceited narcissistic asshole I am, I could think of no higher compliment.

This is a must have. I really fucking mean it.

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tooth_eye – the wheel of fate is turning remix EP

tooth_eye - the wheel of fate is turning remix EP
Artist: tooth_eye
Title: the wheel of fate is turning remix EP
keywords: electronic breakcore chipmusic chipthrash chiptune hardcore Bowling Green
label: Datathrash Recordings
Reviewer: Caffeinate

Oh me, oh my! BREAK OUT THE RYE BREAD AND MUSTARD GRANDMA! IT’S GRAND SALAMI TIME! (quote courtesy of Ken Griffey Jrs. Slugfest for N64)

Having just left you with some folk and such, we dive right in to this breakcore release courtesy of tooth_eye and the various remixers on this release.

I saved this one for last on my walk for a reason. In a sinister mood, breakcore seemed like an excellent way to delve into the deep dark recesses of my emotion. I was already hyping this up in my mind because for some reason just seeing the cover art made me think I was going to hear something like this:

If you have never listened to this, then stop what you are doing. LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM. DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW. LISTEN TO THIS!!!!!

If you have never listened to this, then stop what you are doing. LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM. DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW. LISTEN TO THIS!!!!!

We start off with some sample from an anime I am assuming. Japanese words with some creepy piano, some strings and THEN BAM THE DRUMS. Excellent original, and it made me twitch down the street. Pretty sure the numerous amounts of police cars rolling down the street passed me thought I was some sort of weirdo, and well hey they’d be right. Anywho some seriously fun sounds and screams and overall YES! YES! YES!

Then we have the first of the remixes by Basura, aptly titled xtacy in her bootyhole mix. Backdoors a plenty. While I personally didn’t like the samples used, it was a rather unique take. It made me chuckle. It got all sorts of weird hip hoppy. I am down with the weird hip hopishness.

Vaenus is up on deck next with their remix. I would say it’s a fusion of the original and the second. Got the breaks goin and then BAM! Sample time. Got some IDM elements sprinkled in for taste and wah-lah the track is done.

Now, Brian Lowe and Adam Sapphire start theirs off with a nice little house beat before slowing things down. Then some nasty drums with stutters and blips and a sweet metallic snare come in. I’m not even at the best part. They manipulated the piano samples (or found one, not really sure) but they make it play Happy Birthday. Happy. Fucking. Birthday. Sheer motherfuckin genius. That fades away and then some awesome rap flows over a more chip tune ish beat. Really nice sample manipulation in this one with some fun ideas.

d_strict follows that up with their pills and scotch remix. Wow. I’m having a happy time seizure from this. We’re getting nuts with some metallicish verb and overall lightness. Then all the clinks and clanks and ERRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS come in. I am diggin this big time. Core (whatever core you be into, be it break, speed, happy even? (oh but who can forget sweetcore)) is a rather nice genre and this remix hit that nail on the head.

Now, when I was back in expectation land, Malaria Labs Boku Remix was what I expected the original to be. Noises and sounds and drums and screams and shit I can just get down to. (I’m doing a rather horrible job and describing the sounds used, sorry guys!) Short and to the point. This shit goes off the hook and leaves you wanting more.

Thanfully CDR thought so to, because while in a different vein, it makes me want to do the same shit. Pretty much do all sorts of crazy jittery dancing. The drum pattern that was used is just mental. Great to see that this type of badassery is practiced.

PICK THIS UP. Seriously, absolutely awesome release.

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Red Trees – Give Love (side A)

Red Trees - Give Love (Side A)
Artist: Red Trees
Title: Give Love (side A)
keywords: pop acoustic electronica experimental folk Italy
label: La bel netlabel
Reviewer: Caffeinate

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand welcome back! It has been but a mere few minutes since we last left off with JWYTIWSaYIKISWGTDARVI. Up next is…you guessed it! MOAR MUSIC.

I’m going to apologize for this one. Why? Well, you’ll see in a moment. I was continuing my walk and as previously stated I was in an ominous mood. Sadly, folk does not mesh well with ominous moods. So, suffice it to say, it didn’t hit me in the right place.

That being said, that does not mean I didn’t listen to it. The two vocalists have superb voices. Seriously, absolutely wonderful. They grace us with their wonderful self contained wind instruments with every track! Awesome.

The guitar playing is also nice. The drums, when they come in, add in that little bit of umph to drive it home. A good small collection of sweet and beautiful tracks.

But Caffeinate I wanted your in depth reviews, track by track saying “sweet little folk tune” and “oh my god THE SWITCH UP to a different tone.” Alas I cannot deliver on that. This release I listened to as a whole and barely paid attention to the track titles. While I wasn’t completely fallen for this release, I did enjoy it and felt it needed to just be listened to, without having to worry about the review to come later.

Now, something I was drawn to was the description for this release. Apparently a specific member of this duo (Lou Richards by the looks of it) was succumbing to some personal demons. Then, when the second part of this duo wanted to record with some friends, the demons were dealt with! Seriously, that’s some awesome stuff and just goes to show you the power of music. No matter how dark or scary things seem to get, music can pull you out from the depths! So, that was something that definitely moved me. Seriously awesome stuff (the whole not having the demons to worry about and such)!

Personally, I make friends with them, then absorb them into myself but hey, whatever it is that makes ya happy then go for it.

So, if you’d like to listen to a release that pulled a musician out from some bad places, as well as listening to some solid and beautiful folk music, this one is for you!

Get it here:

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