Cat Temper – More Than A Feline

Artist: Cat Temper
Title: More Than A Feline
Keywords: Electronic catcore dark synth darksynth electro electropop electropunk meowave synthesizers synthpop synthpunk synthwave vocal synth vocal synthwave Boston

Isn’t it tempting to hear a cat playing wild synth riffs in the garden? Isnt it inviting when the cat meows with its friends all through the night? Is it not appealing to hear them bang the bins at that moment of the day when you just really needed a big nap? If the answer is all yes, you would be happy hear the latest cat temper and friends! It’s so loud and so much fun, you probably could out Meow the cats in th garden if you are able to turn the volume up a notch.

Oh yes, Cat Temper brought so much friends along, it is almost if this cat sat on a huge pile of fish, food to bribe all of them into featuring on this star its album. First one in line is A buddy named Oceanside85. They played like sweet little cheetahs on the sincere heartbreaking synth pop to rock out on while fantasizing  about John travolta in his heydays. It has that leathery Saturday night fever vibe, one of passion and attitude that would certainly bring many cats in extacy.

As the synths meow, Cat Temper and  Swayze hunt down the cool sound of having an excellent cat time. It’s hard perhaps to imagine how cool these cats are, but I think they are the kind that will snatch your tuna sandwich out of your hands and will look at you as they eat it slowly in front of your face & you will definiatly let them get away with it – that’s how cool they are. They have that attitude that will make potential love interest faint in the bushes and swoon away in the moonlight for the lucky ones that can be close to them. Stare them in their cat’s eye and you will see pure confident sexiness!

When Jennifer Maher Coleman hops on Cat Tempers music it’s like a fitting glove, a perfect fit. What’s been born is a cat-worthy lady gaga-esque of thick kitten music. Cats the music is instantly forgiven and forgotten when this duo sets their earworm in you with their claws. With thick dirty baselines they parade their sensual precence at you and yah think is to

it’s a fresh start when Frisky Monkey joins the cat-life dopeness. While exploring their nine lives they simply seen and heard it all, placing their survival skills in a glittering anthem in which every paw will be pressed into the right keys for a great melody & every word is sang in such a way that it would thrill any genitalia to the furry max! Think about the glam style in which the alternative kids from yesteryear danced until their mascara dripped off their faces like an oil spill! Frisky Monkey and Cat Temper simply take what’s good and spice up the heath for a brilliant nowadays! What a feast!

The party mood goes next level with Cat Temper and Casey Desmond sweeping us of our feet in this bilingual electro pop anthem that makes even the toughest human super hero meow along like a cute fluffy kitten. It feels like the tune that would fit perfect in a movie of cat woman, one that will elevated the perfect crime with a perfect song that it would leave many of the theater watchers in a excellent state of mind. All hoping that it will roll out again as the credits rollout, so everyone can pick their back in successful inspiration.

What cats really think is pointed out by Gulf Blvd when rocking out on the Cat temper vibes. They simply lift up their in your face secret of them owninh their so called owners, order them to open up  cans of food or scratch you to get it done. High on cat nip they clearly enjoy being served and tempered by their human servant. A meow of good willed encouragement might be their only payment, but don’t they know what an great honor it is to serve such amazing cats? They are gods living in your house, so you better live up to that high level of expectation.

Things just gets better and better, thanks to C Z A R I N A teaming up with Cat Temper we are in for a hot fevered banger! With enough flair of enjoyment the hard fast ninja moves of the feline empire are being praised, let out the killer instinct and let it fill us up to dance like a panther stealing a large ruby without any alarm bells going off! It’s a full blast with golden vocals that ride on the banger beat and bass combo.

Upon eventual collapse is another one who teamed up with Cat Temper for a jolly good music excerzise! Together they created a very big cat of a tune, very bubbly, fat and hairy. You can just imagine the whiskers being pitch black and heavy, complimenting the focused eyes who are focused on its prey. Let me tell you we are mice in this tunes eyes, do better prepare to be eaten!

Violet Candide and Cat Temper now chases the whole lot into space, leveling up the cat and mouse game into other galaxies. From there they protect the earth from the evil rats with a classy allure of sentimental space synth rock that would slap even the biggest evildoer back in to their pest trap. With these cats being out there we all could sleep at night in peace, they are the protectors that we didn’t know that we needed.

Last but not least, a personal favorite on this biggy full of cat hits! It’s a no escape gruesome banger in which all left over rats and mice will be crushed thanks to The Vessel of VVOV and Cat Temper who created a classic alternative electronic gothic banger that will make many lovers drip from sweat on the dance floor. It’s hard, it’s hanging, it’s the end of every sensible thing & goddamnit what’s not to dig about this? It’s a killer!
You need to hear this album! Meow!

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Ohsaurus – Where to Go When Home is Gone

Artist: Ohsaurus
Title: Where to Go When Home is Gone
Keywords: ohsaurus pop cassette sunup recordings tape where to go when home is gone United States
Label: Sunup Recordings

Where to go when home is gone by Ohsaurus’ gives us a bit of hope, as apparantly this is the kind of uplifting album you could run away in no matter what, you will have no problem here to find a happy shelter within these old school 2012 electronic vibes. They are normally very wrong when they say that in the old days things had been better, but in this case it’s good to know that you can actually travel back in a moment in which nobody (except nurses/doctors and bank robbers!) would wear mouth masks… With melodies that are joyful and welcoming in all their almost innocent like ways, there might suddenly something to be happy and smiley about. Just beam yourself into the good days and enjoy a nice time.

First a little bit of free booze to boost up the spirit, making us cheerful with a laugh and a jolly dance & than a dopey experience will follow, one of hanging out in the music equivalent of being drugged up on Dioxazine. It’s here as if humming monks had come down in a group of ufos, ready to welcome us in their midst, feel accepted within their warm pleasant bizarre state of welcoming sounds. Not bad, eh?

And than Ohsaurus just continues with pleasuring our senses on this classic album among pure electric joyfulness. A happy upbeat freakout with sensual upbeat vibes will make you feel all good and uplifted. You will find you instantly in higher feel good spirits, no matter if you had been evicted, kicked out or had to eat out of dumpsters for a while. This music here is an upper, boosting the morale. You can just hear the joy of the artist creating it, really hoping to give us that roof above our head and than (as if it hadn’t been good enough!) give us plenty of quirky upbeat reasons to go through the roof and dance upon it for glorious feel good reasons.

But don’t worry if you are worried that you are too stiff to dance into escapist escapades, as Ohsaurus simply makes you feel at home, no matter what. You can chose to sit back on these tiles and let the melodies and rhythms just play over your head, pick them up with your heart like a playful child that just got a new toy to either play or stare happily at. This music grabs the dark clouds and tosses it in the bin & quickly replaces it all with a certain pure lightweight joy that you can easily flip off the switch of your overworked thinking capacities & just embrace a nice time of no worries at all. Let Ohsaurus do the thinking, while at the same time coming across as if all that you hear cones out so naturally, that it might be joyfully made while on a automatic creative transmission.

Just hear the super fun baselines in Reduced and you know that all falls in place, that all puzzle pieces had come together. Who cares that this is not made in 2021 but probably around 9 years ago? It is very relevant, as who doesn’t want to escape in a happy manic zone of artist expression who clearly loves what it was doing and that fun attitude is captivating and in fact a good hearted escape plan for anyone out there in these harsh days of trouble. Is it not great that thanks to the internet and the digital age, we can just teleport back into happier and more innocent times & just stay there for a bit? Catch some breath, enjoy the music and embrace the fun!

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Else Marie Pade – Electronic Works 1958-1995

Artist: Else Marie Pade
Title: Electronic Works 1958-1995
Keywords: electronic, avant garde, experimental

Else Marie Pade brings us on a journey through her electronic works made in 1858 to 1995. I guess we could ask uncle Google to spot out more information about this artist, but let’s be an alternative in the information age and just be an idiot for idiots sake. Brainless and without a notebook full of clues and missing out on  a printed out curriculum vitae of Else Marie Pade, we could and should still be able to listen to all this, as it’s pretty damn interesting for the ears and the mind, even without being informed about the legend who made it. I can just sense that she is danish, probably from Aarhus. I can also smell that she is from the Karl Heinz Stockhausen school of arts and if I listen very well I can clearly picture the artist spitting on the nazis in war time… See, no google is needed, you just need to open your ears and listen and you are able to pick up all kinds of information. I also sensed that Else Marie Pade had gone to the after life, but I can clearly picture her there as she continues her music experiments over there whole also slightly giving thumps up about this attempt to write something about a amount of intriguing stuff she left us behind.

For once, these electronics are taking up the whole ‘is it music or is it noise’ question in all their might and glory. It totally provide no reasonable answers to this age old question and that personally makes me love it even more. But what’s not to love? With sounds that vibrate and ring the inner ears as if they are made for it, this collection certainly conquers my attention. With these frequencies that are formulating incredible sceneries you can feel easily as if you had turned on your old tv set and suddenly saw captain kirk and friends overacting on a alien planet. It is those environmental soundtracks that can easily be the backdrops of many alien mystic places,keeping you on the edge of your seat whenever the whole old school startrek crew had been beamed down for a fine explorative mission. I hope you are not the security officer dressed in a red shirt… but other than that I don’t hear no problematic drama within all this. These are the good hearted we come in peace missions, there are no dangers here, but lots of unknown bits of excitement at each and every corner, mystifying it all for a great workout of thrill.

But let’s forget startrek as it might be a  little lame joke that nobody should be comfortable about. So beam me up Scotty! as in fact this material seems so much better then all of that. It is more the music for Faust, or other big happenings that are hard to cook up the perfect soundtrack for. It’s no problem at all for Else Marie Pade though! As a soundtrack for Dr Who it would be nice, but as a stand alone collection without graphic and visual content it’s probably much more enjoyable and mind blowing. As when you listen, you get simply lost within it all. You will be like ‘where am I?’ at certain times.. 

Voices of an occult movement might suddenly accompany these tones, a surreal sound show that slide through the speakers, kindly overwhelming and overruling even the toughest thoughts of the highest music critic with its nose normally firmly tucked between its own ass cheeks. Maybe their nose might now be blocked  their ears are still very open and exposed, perfectly ready to hear the electronically designed weather that Else Marie Pade had created with her machines. You can hear the surreal wetness, the recreation of thunder that prepares us for a storm that comes nearer and nearer, only to be replaced by more ringing modulation sounds that might hit the secret high notes needed to break the glas vases in grand mother her cupboard. Dogs might whistle and howl along if they had been listening in  with you, but you won’t hear them barks as these excellent soundtracks will be mind controlling your head in such an order that all you hear is wonders. The wonders of Else Marie Pade.

Think of rattling strange sensations coming fron tonal tones that might suit the more adventurous meditation practicers under us as a sound track to relay on. Think of losing track in time, completly mind boggling your senses away as this material sets out time and time again to strangely teleport you to unexpected places. Yes, Things are strange over here, but everything seems to grow in such a prospect that the strangest noise music simply becomes the newly established normal. You might think… oh no avant-garde or The kind of material that will captivate your attention by non conforming ways, but they effectively hook you up to the speakers as if you are a fresh caught fish that is quicky been fished out of the water, tumbling in a foreign place other than your usual habitat, yet are still somehow familiar with it all.

Dangling on the fine line of enjoyment and captivating interest. Things ploink and plink like smooth lines of water drips with enough sparkles to widen up your iris. Things play like electronic breaths that give life to the silence, that shovel around the furniture of vibrating sounds with great expense, leaving you in a state of mind that is equally reached when listening to the soundtrack of a strange movie in which you feel disoriented and yet firmly at home. If you pay attention you can hear that Else Marie Pade had been in the resistance, had been putting Denmark on the map with her electronic sounds and lived a very full and interesting life, a sensation that fully comes out as a characteristic style that is unique, smooth, rebellious, intriguing and very much out there… Ready to be rediscovered, learned from and inspired by! Much respect to Else Marie Pade, may she rest in peace, but her experiments live on forever! Live long and prosper, mister spock would say!

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Ishtar Sr. – Technomancers

Artist: Ishtar Sr.
Title: Technomancers
Keywords: hip-hop/rap philadelphia r&b rap abstract hip-hop afrofuturist art pop dance electronic experimental r&b future pop hip-hop pop rap Philadelphia
Label: Grimalkin Records

The sound of Ishtar Sr. is magically appearing in the shape of technomancers, a crew of tough martial arts futurists that come from out of nowhere, a group that are simply delighted to pin you to the wall as they expose to you their glowing navels like the irresistible belly dancers that they are. You will be blinded in their perfection, covering your eye sight with stunning color and a attitude to kill for. Yes, when technomancers arive the mood changes rapidly. In fact your whole surrounding might change style and look. As things are highly futuristic over here, so modern that you could see it as a modern day Tron-like future in which these technomancers occupy every corner, they are like sensual soldiers that ride heavy synth basslines and sadle up on rampantly wild rattling beats like there is no other. They are the dominators and everyone else is just a speck of dust in their shadow.

It isn’t a question of being able to resist them or not, as when technomancers come down withtheir surprise technique, it kindly feels as if you instantly have to lower your senses and let them get away with you. As if they are trained in blatant martial arts and specialized in a art of social overwhelming, a thing you could feel as a knock out  with their tough aura radiations and upper blasts from joyful muscle techniques, these figurines of the future are at it right now as they have been clearly traveling space and time to bring the sound of the next millennium into the one that happens right now. You can’t and don’t want to run away when technomancers like these pop up in all their magnificent glory.

Spacemen might be drinking petroleum at the bar, they know that they can’t overlook the technomancers as they pump up the volume and make them ready to voluntarily empty their pockets in the hope to see and hear more from where they had come from…
And indeed the technomancers rock out hard and bang their heads as they dance around like bewildering hot spectacles that wouldn’t seem out of line in a blade runner movie. It is indeed worth a fortune to watch these strong beauties slay the boredom of the day away. With their prettiest glam, theit sensual muscles and the toughest mouths in the universe they pickpocket you all out of attention. Their beats so dope, their bass so hard; you will just want to climb up a high mountain and ask for surrender. Hoping that Ishtar Sr. Will pop up with an alien aircraft, beam you in and let you live a happily gorgeous life under technomancer control. We could only dream… And wish this fantasy was all real! But trust me… This music is real!

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Keywords: ambient drone experimental improvisation London
Label: Anticipating Nowhere Records

Are you ready for a trip? One that you can’t be prepared for? One that might make you question your dealer and their respective trips that they sold you many times before? IVY NOSTRUM swings us on a chair full of delusional delusions, one in which out of tune deliriums are holding your hands, slapping you on your air filled cheeks with a toothbrush while also  whistling the holes in your teeth as if it’s a mouth harp. Things are going into bizarre directions, ideas are going out of the window, as abstract weirdness flubberly vibrate your inner ears to such extent that you clearly might feel like you are hospitalized in the nearest looney bin.

You will feel like the earth surface had been a little wonky, as if you had swollen the pills that the doctor ordered but you mixed them up with the fictive ones that you took from nurse Ratchet straight from a page withing the One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest book. Nothing is what it seems, imaginations are reality, reality is surreality.  Nothing is real, which makes everything way too real. Who are you? Who am I? Where are we? Where are we going?

The line on your heart monitor bleeps one stable stroke as a doctor stands next to you doing a german lederhosen dance, slapping it’s buttocks like there is no rush to get your heart beating again. Are we dead? It doesn’t feel like it! It’s all an illusionist wet dream? Or is it? A real night nurse might saw off your legs with a rusty saw, while an improvisational poetic artist goes through its tape collection full of notable notes to oneself, completly ignoring your state of  looneyness. What a strange hospitalization is this!

It’s okay, as the aliens might be here too, flirting around mid-air, zoning you out with enough probes to get your skin itchy from conspiracy theories. You are feeling subdued, wacked out into your own mind again, spacious into a unforgiving craziness that has nothing to do with the system that you had been trapped in since birth. Here we play a classic game of pong, while nails are being scratched on a blackboard, ready to rise up the hairs in the back of your neck, just like a micro forest. It might be  a tornado of lunacy, yet the manic episode feels natural, like a wild adventure that might have been cut out from the rules of a sane society, but is still out there with half a toe, just holding on to normality.

There we have it; we are tossed back to the ground. Just like mister bean, but instead of a concrete floor we have slammed into the green depth of the deepest  rainforest. A watery stream can be spooned up with our endlessly long tongue, moisterizing our head as our eyes are spotting the hungry creatures lurking around in the bushes. We feel safe as our dodgy walkman in our back pocket is playing wonky songs of comfort to keep the chimpanzees entertained. The ttropical birds squeek out their complimenting mating songs in appreciation of the music. In the end we are guided back home, wherever that might be. It’s cozy and sane, welcoming and friendly. The delirious adventure has come to an end and all we want now is to take this WTF joy ride again. Nobody will overdose on IVY NOSTRUM but we sure get blown away!

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Forest Robots – Times When I Know You’ll Watch The SkyTimes When I Know You’ll Watch The Sky

Artist: Forest Robots
Title: Times When I Know You’ll Watch The Sky
Keywords: ambient ambient ambient pop classical drone electronica idm jazz meditation synthwave California

Believe me or believe me not. But I have been listening to forest robots. You might have difficulties picturing them in your mind, let alone them making music. But trust me, I heard forest robots music on repeat and even though I’m aware of having a creative vivid mind, I would not imagine music that these forest robots have been feeding my ears and equally by humanoid brain. I don’t care much how forest robots look like, but the music has given me an unbiased love for them, so much so that I had to start up my own machinery and type this stuff in order to hopefully share it with the unaware individuals out there. Cause it would be really selfish if I would keep listening to forest robots on my own. Not that I’m the only listener, but you know, in my own lock down world I kindly am.

So what can I say about this specific music by forest robots? I guess that it suits the name in all respectful ways, it takes the best of nature, as we can hear birds becoming rhythmic instruments and pretty melodies flowing out like true natural happenings. This all is still tight and mechanical in a way that it indeed might make a person think of a robotic precision. I really seem to dig this combo, one in which natural elements like water are fitted in with the straight edged mathematical melodic happenings that feels calculated and programmed to the max, yet has a fresh lovely liveliness to it. It makes me think of neatness, of material that can be annalyzed and enjoyed by biologists and lab technicians, as well as anyone else that loves structure with a natural robotic preciseness. But aside all of this, it’s just very lovely music to hear, as otherwise I couldn’t explain why it had been playing it in my playlist for days now. Heck, I got lost within it for days.. weeks maybe…

In fact I have been listening to it while stepping around in a forest and have to say that it made everything nicer than it already was. It is indeed a perfect soundtrack for such forest explorations, which made me wonder if this would be the ideal soundtrack for when walking through a robot testing space. Unfortunately such places are seemingly harder to get into than a forest, but with a bit of imagination it wasnt hard to simply imagine being there while this music kindly boasts itself as the ideal back drop.

And so there I walked for many days around in my own head, hearing forest robots while getting physically lost in an actual forest and mentally in a super sonic robot testing ground. Only waking up from this special state of music enjoyment when the long playing battery of my music provider said ‘no’ and ended it all. It was a real eye opener although I would have preferred to have kept them closed with my ears peeled and the music on repeat…

I was indeed a little bit upset and surprised, as waking up from being truly captivated by this music of forest robots for days had been severely pleasurable, although I had been completely dried out from thirst and hunger… How many days I had been ‘away’ in this music of the album ‘Times When I Know You’ll Watch The Sky’? It’s hard to tell or to figure out… It didn’t really matter anyway as I felt it couldn’t be long enough!

I wanted to go back home, charge up my music device, eat, drink and post this post & than get quickly back into the music of forest robots again… It’s sublime and makes the time simply come  to a pleasant stand still. And believe me, as long as there is shit going on, I prefer to hide away in the music world of forest robots… As a matter of fact: I’m heading there now again! See you later (maybe!)

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Various Artists – Poverty Electronics Vol. 6

Artists: various
Title:  Poverty Electronics Vol. 6
electronic ambient drone dub electro experimental field recording hip hop improvisation industrial noise techno thrum United States
Label: Poverty Electronics

A compilation… where do you start? Let’s say the beginning? Ok. Let us try and roll with the rules and dip in at the start and tell you what is happening over here apparantly there is Sergei Tumanov who brings the poverty bunch to the greater outside. There we are surrounded by the pretty birds that sing and do their thing as Sergei clearly delivers its own kind of sound contribution to these sounds of nature.

Think of noises, hiss, and crunchy frequencies that are skipped and zapped through as if its a bird of a strange and mechanical robot order. Why not? We got robot dogs, why not have robot noise birds? The fun part is that even though being so different than the birds chatter, it sits perfectly well among them, becoming somehow one with the wind between the trees and all those pretty singers that are doing their thing so nicely high above. Isn’t it great? It makes me want to sing and whistle! Tweet tweet tweet ghhhghhhh sssshhhh

In any case with this it feels as if Sergei Tumanov brings human life to this bit of the outdoors and with every step it’s a blessing to follow. No need to toss breadcrumbs behind us as it feels that the noise maker is fairly clear and familiar in mowing the right paths to walk over here. We won’t get lost, but just be a little bewildered, that’s all. In any case it’s good to get some substitute of fresh air and the great outdoors.

Also datewithdeath rattles and shakes like a jolly funderground opener of futuristic delights. Isn’t it marvelous? I think it is, as I loved this mechanical but so much that I had to catapult it as an opener, splashing you these sounds in the face like a fresh splattering shower that will wake you up with a wet look. Isn’t that what life is all about? There is something fresh and watery, without having to actually shower. Nice! We can be dirty and clean at the same time! like a robot dance that loves to breakdance upside down on a sweet puddle of slippery oil. It’s short, it’s full; it’s a spectacle! Or at least it’s something neath to write about.

Mandatory Message than takes over with a robotic friendly bit of cowbell and woodblock worthy vapor rock. The vocoder singing is pumped with sentiment and the glitchy vibes are outer worldly, as if it’s single handidly making up for the breakup of Daft Punk by slidding in a more grown up version. Oh can you feel that robot soul? Can you feel the love? It fits like a glove? A glitchy glove, but still not glitched out enough to not hold that cowbell firmly. It has that emotional touch, enough to make the lube slip out of the mechanical eyes, it is fully embracing the melodical dance music as if it fully embodied the source code for how to have a heart and soul, even if you are made out of tin! Daft punk? Who? The underground is here to save your sentimental ass!

What follows is MaterialXyz who delivers a real beauty for people ( or droids) to gather behind in enjoyment. You could probably classify it as ambient, although it feels much more special to me. Like an originality that highly dips the eccentric fingertips in the blessings of experiment, ones that arent afraid to type out a ‘hello’ while not sounding at all like a Lionel Richie. Words are there to speak to you, no idea what they say, but it feels warmly muffled, upfront and personal. Almost making me feel obliged to take out a mouth harmonica and jam along, although that is of course totally unnecessary. The music or sound show us fully full and commited to entertain you in all the truest experimental senses of the word. This is no flaky business, no bad shit labeled as a experiment, but a truly unboxed showcase of out of the box material. Pretty fun especially if you realize that this kind of thing is hard to do these days.

But that’s why we have poverty recordings, as look and listen to Lärmschutz. How cool is this shit? It feels like space music from an unknown alien planet, shooting frequently rockets in and out in the air, while also traditionally playing electric alien music to eat your unknown made strangeness with. It is exciting, it has that same effect of going on a lunacy journey in which noise proofs itself to be a hot item that breaks through the oppressive boundary of being dark, gloomy, painful and nasty. No this material is happy noise, it got that excitement of discovering a new alien nation and all their odd traditions, like an odd accidental explorer.

Talking about odd accidental explorers, our good friend {AN} Eel is here. Balancing around on the sound of a scrap yard ballerina, tiptoeing over radical industrial jazz, with plenty of mental nose galore, coming over out of a form of true expression, bringing melodic wonders along as the artist flutes and vocally burst out like an emotional volcano with a brilliant new found own language in its owb back pocket. As things to on, they sounds more and more tropical and inviting, as if the artist offers you a hand to parade in a tutu all over the dreamscape of rubbish ready for recycling. And why the hell not? Here we can be free and nobody will laugh at ya!

brunk follows with the soothing layers of relaxing material. You will feel enlightenment, but also excitement in the air. It is those kind of strings that will work on your senses to mystify you as they work on your back like determent masseuses that will revitalize you as a being. Yes it’s nice to be treated well, but also to be kept in a aware state of mind, not being bored to death, but just get that little power nap without passing out and become groggy. It’s a nice quick fix that ultimately make you ready for the epic sound of Terbeschikkingstelling.

Who could have done a better job over here by blowing it’s horn and spread your ears and eyes wide open with every blow? In this state also this artist friend takes us out in the street, not so much into nature, but for a nice hilarious walk in the local traffic. Cars might drive by as our steps gets larger than life, but no police whistle or car claxon can squeeze out Terbeschikkingstelling’s best tooting performance to date. It will blow away the houses of all the three piglets and the wolf would have enough meals to share with his or her own friends and family. How kind is that? Very kind!

Now you might think that this should be enough to blow out the entire compilation, but nope; there is KR Seward. Thank goodness as imagine if it all was over and done, how sad this moment would have been… I don’t even want to think of it. Luckily the collage if electric bubbling synthetic layers of friendly electronics are there to delete any attempt of sobbing tears away, creating some kind of prettiness that keeps a listener on its toes, grabs them by the ears for a full on exposure of the previously unheard and unfelt. We fly and flow like insects that are just new to the surrealism of the world and the bodies that they are in. It’s an adventure of pleasantries that like most on this lovely poverty collection: keeps it together in exciting thrills.

DJ ANY WAY just totally gets my drift with the dreamy message music that starts to pop out now. It is a all overwhelming gassy sound sedative, full mysterious mystique, music accents and big floaty harmonics. It is as if you are hearing the sound track of one these very rare movies that are worth to be watched. There are the moments that you sit on the edge of your seat, the times that you completely forget to place new popcorn into your mouth, just because you are too busy wondering what the f you are digging it in a virtual viewable audio way.

mhzesent brings the right sentimental dramatic soundtrack for a saddened time in which all the cats that we know had been dead. A tear jerking idea in which mellowness gives us the crunchy shoulder to squeeze out our tears upon. This goes on like music that feels as dusty as the inner parts of a urn full of cremated felines. It’s a touchable reason to sink within the loss of earth’s beloved domesticated pet without including a single meow. Grab the tissues and embrace the music as our only memory of the good old cat infested happy days.

But we don’t go out all teary as 80’s Horns will provide the perfectly edged twinkling sparkles to feel like we have totally arrived at a very pleasant happy ending. One in which a spontaneous jungle of new life is growing, happily, peaceful and full of new born life… Maybe even cats! There is so much love over here, so many days of light and freshness that it feels as if we have not only reached the end of this compilation, but also pretty much made it into paradise.

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datewithdeath – Thrush Urn

Artist: datewithdeath
Title: Thrush Urn
Keywords: electronic drag dub experimental hip hop industrial techno thrum United States
Label: Poverty Recordings

I wished that I had been drinking tons of  alcohol in order to see not one but two aphex twins. But sober and in full consciousness, I can conclude that I don’t see double and that even in singular vision there is no aphex twin in sight. That is nothing to worry about, as even if a single aphex twin was here I doubt that I could hold his hand and show him around the imagined booze garden. Not only because it is all imagined, but also because it’s those pandamic days in which holding hands is banned to flower circles deep down into the hippy age. Besides it must be a mutual thing, right? Fine! No intoxicating liquid, no holding hands with either one or two aphex twins… So what do we do now to kill the time, being all sober and all that? In any case it’s good to drop names, it is what proffesional critics do in the music buzz… Maybe this is a good moment to drop some other names too? Uh… Abba…?

Oh yes, I know what I could do instead! I could tell you about the epic twin that probably (not to my knowledge at least) isnt a real twin, but its skills definitely counts for two… The name?  datewithdeath. Yep. That is the name, one to remember and one that feels great enough to hold both hands with, even in these pandamic days, after all: it gets us closer to the experience of having a real date with death. And that might sound like gallows humor, it definitely is not. Or at least it isn’t intended as such… Let’s shake hands on that! So let’s wipe all nonsense aside, as I totally dig datewithdeath, an artist that has no problem to be approachable and one who makes very (how to the hipsters say it?) Sick music. So sick, it might fill up buckets!

When the popular twin is mostly all fancy with melodies and all that stuff, our down to earth datewithdeath focusses on the essential basics; rhythm and sound & the combination of them both. Think of dance material that is a bit more in the expert regions of experiment. Frankenstein in a down to earth music studio. if you might put it in a box, I would say it’s one that feels easy to understand, yet has that brainy bit that keeps itself naughty, adventurous and not really wanting to be contained in a box at all.. how naughty! Oh yes, people call it intelligent stuff probably too, although everyone clearly hates that word, so I should find a different one to replace it with. Let’s say we replace intelligent with wonkybonkyplonky.

Yes, datewithdeath makes great wonkybonkyplonky electronic music over here, stuff without all the fancy melodies, cause you know – sometimes less is more! Some people say that it’s not the size that matters, it is what you do with it… that kind of thing, eh? Maybe that sounds weird and random, but in the context of this release it means that with a few classy sounds you can create a very entertaining thing. And yes,  even though melodic material will make most geeks shit their pants from how incredibly well designed it all is, sometimes we just can’t deal with all those smells of shattered underpants… And then datewithdeath comes in handy .. besides it’s not that hard to understand, you don’t need to be a fanatic freak or a self hitting autechre fan to follow what this artist does & you know what? That makes a datewithdeath so comfortable and easy approachable. A low key choice that respects you no matter what your business is.

I mean melodies are our friehds, but you know sometimes it is more handy and dandy to just stick with the most needed basics, the act of not overdoing things, the decency of not fancying around in a flamboyant costume in a sparkling trail of ‘look I’m the modern flamingo of music composing’, but more diy hobo style without star allure & still being absolutely awesome. Yes, datewithdeath doesn’t come at us over in a suit stepping on the red carpet, but the artist  goes straight from the underclass bins of the poverty zone and turns the cards upside down in order to proof that you don’t need a lot to be epically awesome. In other words; to get the job done. Which job that is might be open for debate, but lets say that it works.

Making electronic music to dance upon, while also staying true to a playful authentic wonkybonkyplonky style, is simple and simply all you need to enjoy yourself. Crazy as that might be, I discovered that because the lack of melodies, the music has a much higher replay value than shitloads of other releases in the electronic world, as you maybe imagine melodies yourself, but also because the material keeps on changing enough to make you discover new things, even if that might sound weird, especially if you think of how stripped down and to the point it all should be ‘officially’.

In any case, while being sober and still having a mind open to hear some material on repeat, than this Thrust Urn by datewithdeath is the kind of thing that swings in the ear like the rightful recommendation for any electronic lover in drastic need for good things. You don’t want to think too much, but you still don’t want to be numb all the way too… The right candidate for all who is sick of all the unnecessary accessories and see through the non existent clothes of the emperor.

To top it off, the colorful entourage of datewithdeath is also holding themselves strong in balance with their friend its wonkybonkyplonky style. Individuals with names like Teen Smoking, Jukka-Perka Kervinen, ‘all the stores are dead closed’ and the legendary mhzesent all play around with full on respect to the original  datewithdeath track. None of them steps in the unneeded realms of melodic baloney, all honor the tune and knit away in the fantastic style of freaking out with the material nearby at the hand that feeds them.

In the end it feels like a very fun collaborative ep that can be spinned for many hours on end & I’m not so sure if I would have that similar experience with material that is all out to impress in all its melodic musicology. So who needs twins or booze, when we can be drunk and happy on a stripped down to the point date with datewithdeath and friends? Proving that you don’t need much (the essential plus some creative friends) to make a really fun dance EP that can be played on repeat while not being bored, annoyed or displeased. Maybe this weird write up does all these things though, hitting all these boxes…but hey, that’s a whole new story: A good reason to listen to the music Instead!

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Cultum Draculesti – Antigone The Martyr

Artist: Cultum Draculesti
Title:  Antigone The Martyr
Keywords: black metal, doom, doom metal
Label: Grimalkin Records

Enter the darkness, duck down as flocks of hungry bats are flying low over your head while you toss away that garlic around your neck giving to you by your concerned friends… you don’t need this kind of smelly protection, because once you are in this atmosphere it is obvious that you want to be here, ready to ettle down into your own corpse and become one within the powers of a wonderful hell. In this underground state of mind you will not want to be unattractive for a possible encounter with the handsome sounding undead. They might come at you and you will want nothing more than having a bite mark in your neck instead of the standard artist autograph… it might be a ticket to long living, a life in the continued space of forever flowing around in the potent sound of death and decay, a place that you can rest in and live at the same time & find a acceptable home in with loving friends that just like you – can’t stand daylight.

The music fills up every night,  the smell of fresh moldy graveyards is like a parfume of beautiful doom that you love to sniff up, it generated a bleak fantastic space in which you wont have to protect your eyes from all the annoying rays of hurtful sunlight. As the wasted vocal chords, beautifully decaying in a living corpse of unbeatable energy, simply show us that this is our new home & here we can all be as one, together in a clouded fuzzy state of wonderful doom. You can hear the realness, the passion, the ultimate hellfire of creation burning. Each note, each voice burning into your soul as if it’s a twisted ear worm that will never let you go!

Here everyone is highly allergic to vitamin D, but no one is allergic to the powers of wild electrifying music.. With hard strikes similar as thunder, the electric gloom is being played here  like jimmy hendrix full of blood thirstiness. It might be weird to feel so much alive in this underworld of sound, but it comes over as one of the few spaces to lower your shields & just be free as a bat. There is no Ozzie here to bite your head off, this is a perfect safe space to seclude from the idiocy of everyday society.

Their individuality might be up for gothic galore, but trust me, when entering this realm of darkness you feel like a virgin that just wants to stay here and join the batcave crew forever until eternity. It is one of the few places you are welcome, as wherever you come from – all blood donations are equally welcome within this community stream of consciousness. Here we twirl around the pretty graveyard stones, admire eachothers coffins and get all hyped up as we fly up to scare the living shit out of anyone with bad minds and wrong hateful intentions.

This zone created here by Cultum Draculesti is one that you feel like its one to stick around in, a place of cold warmth and burning hellish flames and eternal living possibilities. Here we can totally be absorbed as new found children of the night, totally embrace a state of forever young and be totally respected among eachother. This is the sound of the graveyard in which it painfully underlines that in the end we are all wanted to be one, accepted and understood. Listening to Antigone The Martyr is like embracing the fact of you being different and having no problem at all with this fact, as here you are one as an individual, full of that glamorous vampire spirit and more importantly; one with the music!

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Zack Dolin – Dawn of Claymation

Artist: Zack Dolin
Title: Dawn of Claymation
experimental ambient computer music drone electronic midi new age prog progressive progressive electronic progressive electronica synth vaporwave vgm videogame Fairfax
Label: Ingrown

Oh how cute, the spunkiness that this funk mini show of this album contains is simply coming out to greatly greet us like a mouse from the  eighties who is just too smart for the cat to be caught. You can just see it wiggle its tail happily in its tiny spandex costume, you can imagine its smile under a fashionable sweaty headband.  The mouse isnt there dancing for nothing, as it surely likes cheese and the music is pretty much the best cheese for the ears. It got that high retro feel as if it had been formenting for years in between the safe walls of a electronic synth producer’s hidden attic.

Who can resist squeezing it in the cheesy cheeks? Who doesn’t want to take out the video camera and tape it all onto a vhs tape? The retro sound is like a game for the heart in which fake trumpets are bringing a solid celebration, a place where cheekiness is good willed and well spirited. ‘Frank Zappa at its worst’ is taking notes as this music plays, scribbling it all down while obviously putting crumbs of this material into its mustache for later references. His face curiously red from potential jealousy.

With all the fade outs in this lethal production of cheese fun, we certainly get the idea of listening to multiple micro parties that will just go on and on behind many closed doors. To think of mice in the wall partying like musicology maniacs who dare to go a little berserk as they snort the festive feet-cheese through their tiny nose holes, really speeding the melodic madness up like the greatest form of classical middle finger music, but than with much more dare to just go quirky in all its berserk style of pure funniness.

It isn’t hard to imagine the parties, the wiggling whiskers and their tiny feet hopping over midi keyboards as they show off their beautiful wildly haired composer wigs. It is a feel good celebration and with all their energetic joy it is clear that there is enough of this jolliness to be shared with anyone.. even if you are a hungry cat, you might be dancing from one paw onto the next. I guess cheese-fest never sounded so good! Yum yum, big up for radical melodies!

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