Devin Sarno – Fall

Artist: Devin Sarno
Title: Fall
Keywords: ambient, experimental, drone, soundscape, improvisation

Devin Sarno makes a fall look like an endless happening, one that isn’t over in a couple of seconds or minutes, but a fall that simply feels like forever. Perhaps it’s the fall that defecates on the concept of time and space, just making the whole idea redundant and turning the whole fall thing into a adventure that last forever. 

But don’t think it’s a endless adrenaline rush, a instant heart attack from keeping on falling; no, it’s more like ‘fall’ the season, but as seen as ‘fall’ from falling it just sound a bit more interesting. And in this case falling isn’t about speed, it’s a low tempo fall, smooth like the weight of a person who just weight a little bit more then a actual cloud. 

Falling around with the music makes it clear that we aren’t the only one falling; there are children too. They also seem to be fine, making child like playful sounds that assures us all that this fall is for all ages. And the Fall keeps on going, perhaps softer, like a fall between feathers from the inside of ripped pillows; a drone session in which we are the lightweight feather to fall down in an endless way… even the end of the release receives no confirmation that we have touched the ground… it’s like a super light weight Wil E Coyote without the scene that he hits the ground.

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Charlotte de sicaä – absent dream calendar / Memory Linings

Artist: Charlotte de sicaä
Title: absent dream calendar / Memory Linings
Keywords: noise, love, queer, harsh noise, power noise

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when going for this release by Charlotte de sicaä, so totally unprepared she came in hacking my head with the sound that was just as strong and determent as a unexpected chainsaw swung by a blood thirsty psychopath. When recovered from the shock opening and my ears had adjusted to the harsher noise environment the material became more pleasant. (If that’s a word to use…) Charlotte de sicaä ‘s absent dream calendar was more like a ‘to hell with calendars’ and hip hooray let’s collect them all and throw them in the flames. And now that we are at it, let’s throw ourself in there too just so we can hear the crackling violence from a closer look. 

Flesh Doll is another angry sounding work, one that feels as if Barbie dolls made out of human meat, skin and hair are being pushed through some all eating shredding machine. You can hear the office equipment to destroy documents having trouble shredding these dolls, yet it never gives up; creating a nasty sound case of glitch and deconstruction. 

Lesion Fantasy also sounds quite mechanic but this time there is no flesh being stuck, it’s more like the machinery is well oiled and now fully capable to go for a shitstorm of electronic freaked out noises. They are sharp enough to cut your ears yet the work isn’t very long; saving your life and abilities to hear. (Or at least for a while)

Memory Linings is like gremlins in pure hysteria; the noises are high pitched, nasty and crazy! Like devilish ghosts in the machine who just had a nasty shot of speed injected between their eyes. They screech and squeak and their sound goes under the skin like a nasty show of killer rats on helium that are melting while attempting to munch you up alive. 

The last part of this release is ‘lullaby’ which is so perfectly nice and kind, just flowing around like the look of an innocent child who just had beheaded its own doll collection. Strangely because of it sitting next to these harsher tracks, the music keeps a person’s attention just because you probably won’t trust that it keeps on behaving so nicely. If you are in a nasty mood, need something to wake up or induce some kind of hysteric reaction with kind aftercare; this release by Charlotte de sicaä might be something for you:


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Consistency Nature – Silent Thalia

Artist: Consistency Nature
title: Silent Thalia
keywords: Ambient, Soundscape, Drone, Noise, Experimental, Rework, Remaster, Remix, Conclusion
label: Sirona-Records

Consistency Nature is back with a long lasting album that will be there forever to impress.
It must be one of the longest albums (with actual music!) by a singular artist (with some manipulative audio friends passing through). I’ve promised to review it on an much earlier time date, but because of its sheer impressive length and its psychedelic content it feels like I’ve been not able to bring this to you quicker.

Consistency Nature’s mega album brought the most Florissant dream worlds by shaping audio of the experimental kind side for a magical ride of wonder. There is so much detail to discover in here, it’s a pleasure for people either high on soberness as well for people tripping out on the finest mushrooms available. The music is a true discovery with tiny and large things hidden in every smooth corner, carefully creating a landscape that can be enjoyed over and over again & each time it will be a completely new experience with other things to notice and be touched by.

It’s not only a trip, a smooth transitional one of wonders; but it also leaves room for the listener its own interpretations and dreams. There might even the graceful gesture given in ‘A Dream’ to make yourself comfortable and actually do a well-deserved trippy nap while the artist looks after your physical human vessel’s safety. How kind and polite of Consistency Nature! The artist known for his audio sculptures, Dadaist poetry and amazing dance performances will certainly give it all at this supposedly last production of this producer.

We can hear him singing and humming along with the birds of imagination, the creatures of imagination, the goblins of thought, the meditational expressions of oddball wisdom who are in perfect sync with the universe. Consistency Nature seems to give much more to this album then a normal person could possibly do, he is channeling gods, words of love and bliss, inner peace and you can feel it vibrating in every part of your mind, brain and funny bone.

The album is like a love in sound form, carefully crafted for the ultimate psychedelic flight in which seemingly the aim is to power its listeners up and showing it the world as seen through a wide open third eye. Everything Is alive and breathing is what Consistency Nature seems to teach us through sound; there is so much to explore, so many hints of live in a never ending embracement of kindness; basically making this an album that will turn every trip into a pleasant, but also educational wise experience. At times I felt that the table, chair, floor and even the keyboard used to type this had become fluid, breathing like pulses as if they too are living beings connected with our mutual bodies and souls… in fact I’m still convinced that this is truth. Thanks Consistency Nature to make me conscious again…

Consistency Nature simply created not only a temple, he created a whole universe of knowledge and even though the actual album is gigantic, it all comes across as severely small, timid and extremely digestible. This is a place refrained from big egos, there are no laws of physics, there are no rules; only the barriers from a brain’s mindset are the limit; which while tripping out on this fantastical flights of audio elevation will be easily broken down and abolished. Once this point is established, Consistency Nature really brings out its true forms; with birds and insects he hits the warrior drums until a huge euphoric greatness opens up in which volcanos, strange spiritual beings, swamp monsters, black crows, hazy sunrays and all burning magnificent forces of lunacy blows away all your expectations into unexpectedness.

The thing with this trip is that it let us explore a extraordinaire world, one that excites and yet feels like surroundings that we visit in our comfortable kind of bizarre dreams. It’s the sound in which spirituality meets in the middle, let us walk up the highest hills and look out over the valleys while we scream out loud from receiving all our finest revelations of life. All is odd and yet everything is normal, croaking chairs are music instruments, dream catchers are the sparkling voices & garbage is gold.

In a way Consistency Nature gives us the gift of a portal, a gate to fly through and live an extensional new dimensional life in. It’s the music that is made for hearing ears, for minds that can distinguish rattle snakes from desert birds. This fantasy is not a fantasy, it’s overlapping with reality and easily tricking a listener to go and make that step towards being one with the sound, your imagination and become surrealism in person. Consistency Nature embodies the anti-embodiment; a soul without limitations that can go and fly wherever it wants, through the shadows of the trees, over unrealistic situations like professional peyote munchers who just ate a fully grown cactus.

In other words; this is an album that is your best friend when you are out to take a trip. Bring it with you in nature, or take it in you while wandering in the city, or perhaps even in a small room between four walls as this music makes those walls melt and sets you as free that free can be. You can feel it in your body and dance on it, you can let it flow and become one with it. There are no endings and no beginnings & at the end you will feel engaged in mystique knowledge that enriched the mind body and soul.

In simple words; this is THE psychedelic album anyone should listen when in need for an amazingly positive experience. Absolutely highly recommended to get it in your collection, besides it’s free download, making it an extra gift of love & to top it off also comes with two amazing trip videos to stare at! Excellent material!


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How I met Lauren + See Through Buildings – VOID

Artist: How I met Lauren + See Through Buildings
Title: VOID
Keywords: ANW, experimental, ambient, drone, HNW, post-everything, Germany

See Through Buildings is one of the perverted actions superman could do, but in this case it’s the name of an project. One that brings a stable rainfall of black and white noise in which it’s fair to say that you wished for a umbrella made out of unbreakable stone. This could be the shelter to sit or stand under when you don’t feel like being crushed by these gruesome unstoppable continues flow of heavy rain. I agree, a little bit of water from the sky is good for all, but this waterfall feels much heavier; as if they are equipped with lead, or perhaps the entire rain is made out of stones. 

How I met Lauren is the co-pilot on this split of an album, coming up with a ambient work that feels a bit like we are on the back of a vibrating motor, or perhaps one of those modern day washing machines that promise to not make any sound or noise. Whatever it is the thing vibrates and it wouldn’t be a miracle if there is also a frog attracted to these vibrations, responding towards it with a sensible croaky frog sound of odd love. To make this seemingly love affair between frog and vibrating object even a bit more romantic; nice background drones are applied for the perfect atmosphere. 

See Through Buildings next track is like a continues never ending lick by a very raw tongue on the back of a postal stamp. But then you must imagine the postal stamp to be both your ears and you get a bit what I’m saying… it is a way of showing affection, but it also is quite intrusive such a raw tongue in both your ears on repeat. I feel like after this work you’ll be grateful if you are close to a shower; just to cleanup the spit and slime that will fill up the ears while hearing this work. 

How I met Lauren comes back with another odd vibrating engine, it isn’t loud; it’s a comfortable sound. It’s not the same thing that vibrates as in the other work; it sounds more wooden. A wooden motorcycle? Or perhaps a washing machine inside a wooden box? It doesn’t really matter what it is or was, as the created soundtrack is enough to create some kind of atmosphere that relaxes, making unneeded thoughts and thinking patterns like this; pretty redundant. Just sit back and enjoy the ambient drill.

Then there is a unannounced guest contribution by a certain Melinoe. It sounds like a field recording of the sacrificial deity Moloch calling up the community to fill up its stomach. You can hear the creature is hungry, moaning like a cow in a cold night in the hope that someone feeds the void inside. 

The last exposure of See Through Buildings is a rather cozy crackling one. Like snow that falls into the ears until there is a nice pack of it. If you listen carefully this noise is actually music, having things going on that gives the whole snow effect a dissenting split, turning the sound into something hallucinative with very strange audio meet-ups at certain places. 

How I met Lauren gives a nice smooth ending to the release, something that will probably please the void with gradual ambience and industrial artifacts. It’s as something smooth and pretty is balanced out with a kind touch of destruction. Imagine someone you really adore and love seated on a swinging wrecking ball; together destroying a wonderful immersive place… it’s a tragic combination that you can’t peel your eyes away from until both the pretty place and the person that you adore are both crushed in collusion. 


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Yogo Yolk – Bohemian Serenade

Artist: Yogo Yolk
Title: Bohemian Serenade
Keywords: electronic, experimental, avant-garde, disco, psychedelic, triphop

Yogo Yolk has this eclectic little EP sitting on her bandcamp account which fits the style of one of her fun live video: A video in which Yogo Yolk can be seen in action, playing an instrument while clearly being in her element. The smoke effect is also a favorite among the YouTube commenters, clearly hoping that the smoke ‘machine’ will also blow some in their direction.

This EP plugs into this feeling; one that you can hear the pleasure of the artist in from making it. It for sure is electric, coming with freshness in synthesizer sounds & groovy percussion to move your head with in a jolly fashion. There is the funk, the lovely diarrhea bass, the hippy shaker, the feel-good lightweight guitar; it’s the music that transports a boring place into a swinging gypsy tent.

Yogo Yolk’s fun waves itself into the music, as if it’s an extra bonus instrument, an invisible but fully unmissable layer that creates a comfy intimate party. I think that’s what makes these tracks so special, it’s the soundtrack you would expect to hear at a private feast at that cool friend’s house who always plays music to get us all in a jolly dance mood, & wants you to ask the question ‘who is this?’ & ‘what is it you are spinning right now?’ But just never ask as you don’t want to come across as an idiot with laughable music knowledge.

But thanks to the following link, Yogo Yolk and you being here reading YIKIS, you too can be that cool person! Perhaps even throw your own miniature party and invite that cool friend to feel secured that this person will feel the same as you. That is (of course) if this person isn’t already next level cool to actually know about the music of Yogo Yolk; anyway, it’s worth the try! Besides if so; you both be the coolest music selectors in your own miniature worlds!

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Peter Percept – Noise Bleeding

Here is one of the images sent to me with the album Noise Bleeding, by Peter Percept. I was gonna make a bunch of puns about it, but I didn't have the heart. Ha, got you. Got you with a pun. Stupid puns. Anyway, the other two associated images will also be featured in the review, they're pretty cool.

Here is one of the images sent to me with the album Noise Bleeding, by Peter Percept. I was gonna make a bunch of puns about it, but I didn’t have the heart. Ha, got you. Got you with a pun. Stupid puns. Anyway, the other two associated images will also be featured in the review, they’re pretty cool.

Artist: Peter Percept
Title: Noise Bleeding
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0334
Keywords: Illbient, Abstract, Future Jazz, Post Rock, Krautrock, Experimental
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Hello, and welcome to another review, by me.

Is there a rule of writing that you can’t begin important published documents that way? “Hello, and welcome to my thesis paper, written by me.”

That’s how I’d start a thesis.

Anyway, I’m getting side-tracked. I wanted to write a review for Peter Percept, who puts out a lot of really intriguing music that I love! This was the first thing I’d ever heard of his, sent to Noise-Joy basically forever ago, but reissued now for the first time in 8 years. Wow!

So, the first track here is ‘Abstract Wedding’. Clicking, clicking, then some really nice bell moods, a groove comes in, fluty puffs… it’s really strange, the harmonies, jazzy and obscure feelings. I feel like I’m on an alien world, surrounded by gel creatures, handing them toothbrushes and other things from a pack, which they’re analyzing with curiosity. This music is brilliant!

Then, it’s time for ‘Moo Center’! There’s a slow motion drum groove at the start, and we’re exploring alien jungles full of weird ass frogs. ‘Moo Center’ is super rhythmic and bizarre, our machetes can barely cut through these layers. Spaceships are singing from somewhere within…

Peter Percept - Noise Bleeding 2

… after this is ‘Internet Will Become Spiritual’, which features a low rhythmic groove. Low bass string tones rumble, a sudden distorted drum, more bells, ever escalating drum shuffles introduced… I feel like the aliens are showing me a computer system they built, and I’m trying to figure out how much RAM it has, but there’s no way to tell, it’s like they don’t even need things like RAM, or memory for that matter. So it’s like, what the hell are they doing with this stuff? There are some horns now, in the mix, lots of snares. Maybe they’re storing data in their bodies somewhere.

The next track is ‘Life As A Rotten Karaoke’. There are a lot of strange alien synth voices on this, it’s like they’re having a conversation about dancing and parties. Which would be cool. I’d like to see what a party would look like on an alien planet. There are some really fantastic percussion elements fluttering around like butterflies on this track! Beeps, and the whir of sampled sound, and bells, and Mercurial rhythms that seem to change every time you try to stare at them.

On ‘Dust To Dust’ we hear a drum groove, a voice muttering, strange strings phasing a bit. This one’s wonderful! Are we sleeping in an alien camp, now? Do these aliens eat food? I hope so, I’m getting hungry.

Peter Percept - Noise Bleeding 3

After that is ‘My Drug Dealer Is A Koala’! There are guitar-ish string tones bouncing a bit within, more multiplying grooves. It’s morning and we’re surfing an alien tide, and the aliens are grilling us strange onions they’ve pulled up from the shoreline. The food smells awesome. It’s also a pretty nice day outside, considering this is a planet I’m completely unfamiliar with, so I have nothing to base that assumption on.

And, last, is ‘Grand Guignol’. This was an early fave of mine from this album… I liked the way it felt like peculiar midi instrumentation being bent, as if plastic, into an abstract piece of electronic dance music with a glitch / IDM vibe. Things are getting a bit dark in the mix, and I think it’s time to leave the alien planet behind and travel elsewhere, before we wear out our welcome. Maybe it’s too late, and all these sounds are like, biolaser weapons being fired at us as we flee back through the jungles to our rocketship. Yikes! I love the mood of this music, the frenetic, rhythmic, abstract jazziness of it, and the way it moves constantly. It ends with something sort of like a melodic computer malfunction.

Very fantastic musical work, and one of my fave submissions of all time from back in the Noise-Joy days.🙂 Definitely check it out!

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The Male Tears – The Male Tears

Artist: The Male Tears
Title: The Male Tears
Keywords: indie, rock, post punk, punk rock

The Male Tears might have different genes or anatomy then The Female Tears, but that doesn’t hold them back to start a rock band. Can you imagine them, those tiny drops of tears with miniature guitars, miniature drumkit and one Male Teardrop even managing to sing as loud as a an actual grown human being would sound like?

I don’t know precisely what The Male Tears are about but the singing tear seems to drop the F word quite a bit. As if it isn’t amazing enough to suddenly be aware that tears can play music; now we also have to take in that they apparently are also capable of ‘love making’. I wonder how it works, if they all have a little watery penis capable of ejaculating liquid micro tears? 

But in all fairness these The Male Tears are a true phenomenon in the world of tears. The only tears that I’ve ever produced would just fall or slide down over my cheeks… which is perfectly fine as even though there might be money to be made showcasing a band of tears playing rock music, it would freak me out if every tear produced would be able to do such things. 

I imagine The Male Tears as a freak show, like a flee-circus but then with instruments and singing; I would pay for it if I had the money just to see them perform without drying up…

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