artist: De Grote Anti
keywords: alternative oostblok beats balkan folk gypsy Tilburg


^ somewhere in Tilburg

Tilburg is a bit like that village of the Asterix stories; around it the music scene is defeated by total mainstream shit, while Tilburg has the best music in the Netherlands & with the help of a special soup of mind alternating substances the Tilburg party people are known to keep the shit music out of town, while at the same time being a safe harbor for good music from wherever. The best party in town (in which that special power liquid soup is at hand for all who enters…) is the legendary Gifgrond party, which will happen once in a while to celebrate life and victory of their long standing stronghold against the mainstream.


^ behold the flag of TIlburg

Upcoming party features a lot of Persian vibes mixed with wicked break beats for that refined ‘go mental’ vibe. But all the artists responsible (Logosamphia , Hassan K to name a few…) aren’t exactly based in Tilburg, although heavily represented with their warrior like sound fights they might have their roots elsewhere, but got their feet on the Gifgrond grounds because they know it’s the last standing place to be freaking out in the most Divine forms.

But did you know Tilburg has also it’s own brew of Balkan flavored Dutch hardcore loving warrior living under its wings? It is strange to believe that this artist has not been included in the upcoming Gifgrond party as hearing this EP it would fit right in with all it’s classical Tilburg Balkan Dutch sounds that would leave the Romans pulling back while suffering colorful spastic heart attacks of joy.
This Tilburg based ‘De Grote Anti’ is definitely putting up the party vibes within this EP. With the local underground hit ‘Das Mien Merk’ De Grote Anti has proven that it’s a master of the minimal Hardcore beats with the well placed humorist sample of a typical Dutch farmer in love with his tractor…
But with this EP over here it’s all about melodies and danceable beats to go jolly and happy-go-lucky with. Not sure if it’s Persian folk, Balkan, homeless hum-papa or gypsy troubadours that are brought back to life in these happy flavored dance tunes, but it is made in Tilburg which is already a ‘success guaranteed’ piece of knowledge on its own!
Forget about Dutch cities like Rotterdam or Amsterdam, it is clear that the small dominant and uncountable non sheep of places ‘Tilburg’ is the real place that brews, cares, fosters the real talents out there! Just listen to this EP by ‘De Grote Anti’ and you just know the mayor of Tilburg should officially reward this artist with an honorable Medal of the Tilburg Arts. Tune in and enjoy these tunes:

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Dont die before hearing Miss Von Trapp

Miss Von Trapp is a performing individual that you can’t and shouldn’t miss out on. She performs her story telling folk material in full detail, making the average listener sit up and listen to every detail that walks (or crawls) out of her mouth. Not only is she the qualified story teller & long lasting minstrel of these creepy modern times; she is also someone who visually speaks with her daily attire of ‘casual’ Miss Von Trapp antics.
Her black songs of death and decay will entertain and even haunt you delightfully in your deep dreams (and possible nightmares). Even a song about a chocolate bunny for Easter becomes something so grotesque that there might be a chance you dont want to munch on a chocolate bunny ever again.. (especially not when having cavities in your teeth..)

Miss Von Trapp is of course a favorite performer among the performing alternative club circuit. Her wide eyed charm of playing her favorite Cello while sitting with her striped legs wide spread is unfazed. Her way of letting the words of dark humor parade around the premises is everyone (who is in need for dark entertainment) ‘s wet dream.
Miss Von Trapp doesn’t mind you having a good time, cracking up a laugh or chocking on a giggle; but do know that on Halloween she might come knocking on your door for a last laugh. There might be even a secret chance that her plan is to actually make the people laugh until they are dead because of her love for the worms, who obviously love to munch and crawl in and out of the new buried ones…

Miss Von Trapp does have a good sounding release out, it’s an entertaining one that feels at times like coming from a mysterious other grim time, with songs that are well researched and have nice hints of a beautiful twisted (but talented) mind. But next to presentation, material choice, her unique visibility and humor it is her actually being a nice person that makes me want to share her with you.

How I know she is nice? I just feel it! Besides I believe she hexed me somehow enough that I have no choice to write these words of love and praise to you in order not to be served as a little side meal on next sacrificial Halloween party. I mean who can resist a woman with her magical selfie stick? Join the parade and be a fan of Miss von Trapp!

For more videos (and live performances) check YouTube:
or simply move to her albums and get your ears filled with these wonderful sounds of black humor & poetic graveyard folk:
or watch and visit (if you dare) her online home:

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Artist: MPG&MAN
title: MPG&MAN
keywords: ambient grace good hooping mpg mpgexperts nashville songwriters ariel pink Nashville

The beautiful exposure of letting go of what establishment has set as the rules is such a relieving relief. With fucking logic it’s like listening to Harry Merry who suddenly had applied his knowledge to the cut and paste handy works of plunder phonics. Not even sure if there is actual plundered phonics going on, but that’s no surprise as its defeating logic in such logical ways that it’s hard to know what or who runs the show. It’s important that penetrating logic into arousing and climaxing forms is actually coming across pretty logical; a quality piece of smooth fuckery.What a great start on an album as eclectic as MPG&MAN’s MPG&MAN.

From here the music becomes perhaps les fuckable, a bit more stable and to the realms of everyday perception. This is proof that MPG&MAN has the mind to create a hit for the everyday man and woman to be recognized and sang along. This is GogoManUnderground that goes for the love of a sweet lazy beat, a sugar coated guitar and the finest warmest lyrics to wet yourself for.

Then there is something in between the fucking the logic and logical music progression. This is the love baby ‘Gyp<MPG’ and I swear I’ve written an whole essay about it, but unfortunately some technical and illogical computer issue had decided that it was obviously too good to be placed in this review. So, leaving you, the reader only with an option to hear the track by yourself & perhaps attempt to do your own research.

Good news is that the science of logic in music form returns, with the upbeat and good vibes friendly sportive squat inducing health track named ‘HAYES’2minBOOTYbustManUnderground’. While actively listening to this you burn all those calories away, coming out fit and firm like the person you always imagined you to be.

In ‘NOGOYOwoeMPG’ we can hear these unwanted calories in fatty bass form blubbering on their way out while put to good use as a useful sound in a original song. The music goes through various scenes making me feel that the unwanted calories go out with their hands holding their fat faced faces from bar to bar & obscure musical location to another one to beta test as much alcoholic material to drown their sorrow from rejection out.

Meanwhile we and the music makers are happily listening to the song RevManUnderground with the finger pointed at the door. Goodbye fatty unwanted blurbs there is the exit and don’t you dare to come back’ is the feeling that it implies. The music is rough, leather raincoats, tattoos on forehead, snot dropping out of an obscure nose, rock n roll, cigarettes with benefits, cats having intercourse with bicycle dudes all over a authentic jimmy Hendrix guitar. If this isn’t smoky sexy, than what is?

Then it’s simply time to grow our self some alligators to marry in the near future, shave our self and apply spandex to our happy jumping display costumes. The inspiring MPGexperts@hashtagood is inspiring to leave the concept of seeing something through far behind, just do whatever comes rolls into the mind and have fun applying lunacy. It feels so good when you do, do you know?

Then the love comes in music form with unpretentious love making in song writing skills. Thom Yorker should take note as WatchYouBurnManUnderground is the material that will turn a Radiohead’s head into one with a future. This song gets all the warmth and the praises of a lyric observer & its good listening material too.

The favorite among favorites on this album must of course be MPG, which feels deep and indulging. It embraces the essence of life, the sniff of good things, the wobbly doodles noodles poodles of what music should be now, in the past and in the future. If all radio shows would spin this song on repeat people finally would tune back to listening to the radio again. How nice of MPG&MAN to include such a goody radio station savior on this album!

The final work is perhaps more traditional sounding and I’m the first one to admit it administers chicken skin all over my entire body. The melody, the feeling of love and hope, the beautiful raw soulful singing, the bass, the last notes… ISEEYOUTHEREManUnderground is all you could wish for! And this album, ladies and gentlemen is MPG&MAN’s proof that having fun with logic and non-logic is the recipe for great entertainment! Have a listen:

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Autry! – BUG

artist: Autry!
title: BUG
keywords: alternative, singer songwriter, performer, entertainer, power house voice, vocalist, video,
words by: WIllem van O.

I quite enjoy the talent of Autry! And for some reason I was thinking, who knows, you might be available to enjoy it too. Maybe you already knew her music, and we just never talked about it together. But in case you didn’t know or had heard of Autry; it’s luckily never too late to dip your ears and eyes in this artist’s talent.

Of course we are here with a comical setup as this is not the place to take yourself so seriously, which is also a skill that this artist had covered very well. A great example is her popular music video ‘hit’ named ‘Bug’. I have to say that it’s a music video hit, as the song and the visuals are so meant to be together that it would almost feel wrong to hear only the song, or watch the video without the music…

The video captures the fun that is this artist, but also features some happy friends to help out in the visual scenes. Autry! is obviously a great sport at pulling the most awesome looking kooky facial expressions, (something she also colorfully applies at live performances to keep the audiences hooked to her stage presence like a child glued to their Popsicle.) and she throws the most successful ones all out for the perfection of this music video.

Her creativity of facial expressions is almost as equally creative as her colorful choices of haircuts and spectacular choice of clothes. But the song sang by her here in the most absurdest way possible is the biggest contributor to the music video’s success. In all honesty I have no idea what the song is about, but it stands out that a ‘sandwich’ is one of the most important items in the lyrics here, and it’s also greatly represented visually by a real singing guest appearance if indeed a ‘sandwich’. There is also a lovely cute dog available in the clip… But I feel like I’m wasting your time, you probably already knew about this music video hit (it is a hit after all!) but whatever, it’s too good not to watch and hear again (and if it’s your first time; enjoy!!!) :

Autry! has many videos online and if you’d like her, you probably had a nice browse around and would have found out that she is actually (next to a great charismatic entertainer) an amazing singer. In case you heard her for the first time over here in the above video, you might be surprised to hear her sing like a powerhouse songstress! Or even better than that! Check her materials out on Youtube:
Before saying bye, bye I wanted to share one other thingy with you…
Personally I have this thing with singer Adele, something along the line that I can’t stand her voice. She sounds to me a bit like a screamer, and when she sings live, it just sounds like the record, no special technique alla Whitney Houston or something… I’m obviously not a fan, but when I heard Autry! covering Adele’s Hit ‘Rolling In the Deep’ I was over the moon & blown away! It wasn’t the song that I couldn’t stand to hear, it was definitely the voice that had made the song popular… But with Autry!’s cover I was in love, what a passion, what a feeling she puts in there, this was not a boring voluminous voice; this was one expressive passionate vocal performance that Autry! did with funny facial expressions.. She brings it back to life and where the original singer annoys me, Autry! makes happy!

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Pollux – Naked Lights

Artist: Pollux
title: Naked Lights
cat: [Siro771]
keywords: Ambient, Experimental
label: Sirona-Records

The Naked Lights by Pollux are seen shimmering over the dark lands, they appear to come from deep under the ground, now zooming over the landscape like the mysterious northern lights but then so much more naked. These lights reveal everything and when they shine through their windy exposures they seem to go through you from ear to ear. It’s as if the Naked Lights are making listeners transparent as bright lasers shoot by like extraterrestrial entertainment.

These naked lights have also humanity to them, a guitar might even be played by these naked friends, or they zoom in wet illustrious forms over the horizon like alienating spectacles that absorbs the sky and takes all their clothes off. The naked lights reveals the mechanics, the insects and the squeaky bugs that have run the show behind the fabrics of life, the clothing of the emperor who had always walked around naked.

The naked lights are not only shining their lights to make all that’s in their way transparent, they also reveal a huge beauty. This comes later, as the more the naked lights progress and the more every listener gets more and more used to the revelation of exposing them self without masks or cover ups. The naked lights will massage the mind and the ears with electronic special materials, kind kindness, little mechanic shocks and pleasant soothing low sliding bass orgasms. Who needs or wants normal clothes again?

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Dead Day Revolution – Vampire Blues (short version) Music Video

Artist: Dead Day Revolution
Title: Vampire Blues (Short version) Music Video

This music video for Dead Day Revolution’s Vampire Blues really brings out the inner (much more suckier version of) beavis and butthead in me. I just watch it all hearing them laugh and giggle, making obnoxious remarks at everything that appears to be happening. Feel like listening in? But before we do, let’s change their names for copyright purposes into Beeffish and Budhead… p.s. the short version of this video clip can be found at the link at the bottom of this post (somehow embedding wasn’t a option..)

Beeffish & Budhead: uhhuhu hehehe nghe nghe
Beeffish: what is this dude doing alone uhhuhu nghe
Budhead: hehe watching a movie hehe dirty movie ehehe
Beeffish: alone ready to play with his joystick uhhuhu nghe
Budhead: wooh a chick… You didn’t see that chick coming eh beafpiss?
Beeffish: uhhuhu hot!
Budhead: most be hot there she doesn’t have a lot of clothes hehe
Beeffish: whoa she spreads her legs for the lonely dude … Hehe
Budhead: nasty! Ehehe nacho nacho!
Beeffish: oh now she is playing with his joystick hehe..
Budhead: Beeffish want to sit on my lap for a ride?
Beeffish: hehehe uhhuhu
Budhead: ehehe he uhhuhu
Beeffish: oh look more chicks hehe
Budhead: hehe i like this
Beeffish: one for you and one for me
Budhead: I prefer to ride the dude hehehe
Beeffish: nice car dude uhhuhu huhu
Budhead: shit look at them teeth… Hehehe
Beeffish: they can be handy to open beer… Uhhuhu
Budhead: cool hehehe
Beeffish: woah these two girls are hella ugly! Hehe
Budhead: looks like your mum uhhuhu
Beeffish: so, Budhead… These supposed to be vampires?
Budhead: lizards ehehe
Beeffish: look at their tongues hehehe
Budhead: caramba lick my bunghole huhu hi
Beeffish: hehe wouldn’t it be cool if they stick each end of their tongue inside each nose hole?
Budhead: uhhuhu taste the snot! Hehege
Beeffish: taste my bunghole hehe
Budhead: uh… nope. uhuhu nghe nghe
Beeffish: wowa the dude is loving it
Budhead: the vampy lady is not cold anymore hehe
Beeffish: she is humping the life out of him
Budhead: good hehehe
Beeffish: uhhuhu hope he dies hehe
Budhead: yeah not that he returns as a hot vampire climbing on lonely dudes their cars to spread his legs hehe
Beeffish: you would love that budface ehehe nghe nghe
Budhead: did you see these toilet ladies?
Beeffish: is that your hand? Hehe
Budhead: yeah hehehe uhhuhu
Beeffish: hehehe uhhuhu nghe nghe
Budhead: when is someone going to die?
Beeffish: yeah die die die die! uhuhuhu nghe nghe
Budhead: ah now the tongue vamps are coming to take the dude out of misery… Hehe
Beeffish: agh what? It’s finished?
Budhead: well that sucks uhuh
Beeffish: yeah vampires suck hehe
Budhead: but not in this video nghe
Beeffish: sucks ngeh nghe
Budhead: oh there was music too, you know?
Beeffish: really? Didn’t notice it! Hehe
Budhead: uhhuhu
Beeffish: too much chick distraction hehe nghe nghe
Butthead: and the dude… uhuh
Beeffish: yeah, Budhead give him a lapride hehe nghe
Beeffish: wanne hold my stiffy, Budsmunck?
Budhead : sure Beefpiss! uhuhu nghe nghe

for more info & the long version of the ‘Vampire Blues video’ please be free to visit:


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David Valentine – Computer Love

artist: David Valentine
title: Computer Love
keywords: video, dance, art, modern, electronic, romance, love, chatting, computer, love,
reviewer: Corry the computer

There is a lot of love going on in this artistic looking Romeo & Juliet inspired music video… Actually I’m not sure if it is actually a music video or that it is more classified as a ‘art video’. Music video or art video, there is one thing that holds them together and that’s that it is indeed a video.

And in this artsy video with music there is (as I’ve mentioned before) lots of love going on. Visually we see two webcam appearances of two youthful individuals who appear to be logged into some chat room. We know this as we can read along with the chat room lines and are able to trace that one (probably the chatter on the left) is secretly reading what chatter on the right is typing about chatter on the left, without actually knowing that chatter on the left is the one she is basically chatting about to another chatter…

Confusing, isn’t it?
Well the video is perhaps less confusing, but that doesn’t make it less artsy in a lovable way…

Next to the modern love story among the chatters we can see their private reactions when they don’t stare at the screen and not chat with their fingers… They will do weird things, handstands, backflips, nerves weird modern day dance moves that you normally won’t expect to see in a bedroom in the middle of an exciting love chat. I believe that the chatters do these moves because they are excited by how the chat is going along… Me too, I did some upside down spastic breakbeat moves while reading along & even peed a little while doing so…

But there is more love in here… More love? How is that possible? Well it’s possible because of the music, as the music is pretty much a bunch of lovely love on its own. Perhaps bit your usual sound of love, not Sade’s lovers rock or anything of that kind… It’s more of a ‘computer love’ kind of love. And that’s a good reason alone to listen and hear (and see) the video, as who doesn’t love the sound of computer love? You can also watch the whole thing with your eyes closed to feel the sound of computer love even more closer, whispering romantic computer beeps into your ears like the most romantic computer known on earth…

And yes this music video / art video or artwork with moving visuals, film, text, dance & computer love music might be up a notch to the normal standard of material that we shine a light upon, yet I truly wish you would accept the challenge and feel the love in all the facets presented in this multimedia master piece of young love among chatters & computer love. Lovely isn’t it?

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