A kLoKwErK kAoS – Sailing Over The Edge Of The World

artist: A kLoKwErK kAoS
title: Sailing Over The Edge Of The World
keywords: industrial/metal/electronic/goth musical
artist website: http://www.akksite.com/

A kLoKwErK kAoS had arrived to our attention through the World Wide Web and its mysterious ways. Apparently one of the lucky people who know the man behind lobit hero ‘The Cryovolcano’ had been told by this very man to try contacting us for a review. Apparently the power of word of mouth is still doing its magical things in these modern times.

There is a lot of things to say or explore considering discovering A kLoKwErK kAoS, so to keep things easy and understandable; let’s discuss ‘Sailing Over The Edge Of The World’. With this I mean not literally the action of sailing over the edge of the world, but indeed the music that is living a life under this title, that was so kindly given by A kLoKwErK kAoS.

Sailing Over The Edge Of The World’ is described as a ‘single’ in the written words written by A kLoKwErK kAoS in a interesting email that was send to us. It comes from the newly released album positively titled ‘Suicide Note‘. Hearing it opens up possibilities and rips out the whole concept of ‘single’ apart in a thousand pieces. I wouldn’t call it a single, I would call it ‘a best horse in the A kLoKwErK kAoS stable, a show piece of excellence that frankly makes all written words unnecessary. The music here does have rememberable things of a single, with melodies that come back and the reappearances of themes; but in general it’s a track that will simply use smart moves to create wow-moments after wow-moments. A true showcase of A kLoKwErK kAoS’s ability to wow us all away in a fair amount of time.

Of course it is pretty much recommended to hear this beautiful pony for yourself, as nobody is better at being wowed away then you reading this. But in case you need some more words to be convinced, here are a couple more; ‘Wow Wow Wow Wow and Wow!
I realize that even though writing a fair amount of Wow’s, it is of course still just one word, so let me try to describe it a bit further for your convenience:

‘Sailing Over The Edge Of The World’ isn’t just coming across as one show tune, it is coming across as a travel tour from different themes all Sophistically draped and put together in one. It is difficult to describe it other than ‘Wow’, but see it a bit like a ride in Disneyland’s ‘it’s a small world’ in which the theme track music gets transformed and adjusted smoothly as the ride progresses and the view changes. Of course ‘Sailing Over The Edge Of The World’ doesn’t sound anything like ‘it’s a small world after all’ but it’s the thought that is behind it; a singular track that smoothly goes into different explorations without hiccups or awkwardness & yet full of different materials.

Just to be clear, when ‘it’s a small world’ is fairly annoying, super sweet and (in my opinion) a bit sickening; ‘Sailing Over The Edge Of The World’ is the total opposite! There is nothing that caters a sweet tooth; this is a ride that is wowing us away as it is on the edge of the world. When I close my eyes I envision the theme ride having the scene of the psycho-dad from the shining axing down a door while saying ‘here’s Johnny!’, a strange apocalyptic parade of blue demonic dwarfs knifing away, while lemmings jump over the actual edge of the world & strange ragingly mad rave-inventors taking shots of poison to be blow bubbles out of their nose holes.

I didn’t say ‘Wow’ for nothing really, as this show track is pretty much the happy welcoming ride of the end of the world & it’s done so amazingly smoothly. You will be happy to balance on the edge of the world when it is sounding like this; it’s this flow of excitement, lunacy, darkness, fantasy, fun and being close to death; you know – material that unleashes the dopamine until you can just say ‘Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow. Check it out here:

Of course there is a huge chance you like what you can hear above,
which probably means you want to hear more from where this had came from.
Luckily there is lots of music available through all the big online music outlets
which you can all find at the official website:

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The GUIGUISUISUI Show – Wu Xing《五行》

title: Wu Xing《五行》
keywords: 8-bit devotional blues horror noise punk Beijing

Easy meets West, Girl meets Boy, chip tune game boy galore meets guitar punk? This duo contains the best of both sides of a lot of things, and provides with this fun blend a punk release ready to glue the past deep into the future: Lots of energy in a grim world that seemingly fits eyes surrounded by black mascara and a bracelet full of pointy spikes.

Think art house and Chinese tradition, Yoko Ono versus Yoshi and you get a point that you quite frankly might be pointed out to a bombastic new meltdown of culture, something that might be in deep contrast with the established musical boundaries. Sometimes they keep things seemingly in the east but then surprise you by feeding it lots of the West; a well-mixed middle point in which electronica is meeting the human attitude with hands playing the guitar, mouths sing or electronic music with melodies are conquering like melodic babies born out of differences & common shares of interests.

I don’t know how to describe it better, and feel like these tracks all deserve personal attention. If I ever open a beauty salon I would invite each and every track over for a free session of care and understanding; but for now I feel this is just a great release that is not only good entertainment, it also gives lots of things to analyze and think about. Besides all of this it is also excellent proof that when seemingly opposites come together they clearly create something new and worthy of your time & listening space. Your time and listening space’ are they opposites? Put them together and find out if they match like the sounds of The GUIGUISUISUI Show!

Why so serious? Come on and rock on these bleeps and riffs!

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The Dark Thursday – 92117611661 6210317 433

artist: The Dark Thursday
title: 92117611661 6210317 433
keywords: harsh noise, HNW
label: The Dark Thursday

“A harsh noise/hnw release made of a field recording of a septic truck,
raw data and image synthesis.”

The Dark Thursday’s 92117611661 6210317 433 might be all that what the description tells us it is, what it doesn’t mention is how it is actually sounding. It comes in two sides (each of them at least 15 minutes long) and instead of tearing ears away with a gruesome blast, this is actually as relaxing material that is certainly not unfriendly to anyone’s hearing systems. It sounds rather posh! So whatever you do, don’t let the album description put you off, as who knows this might just be the relaxing material that you had waited your whole life for. Who needs a rolex when you can have 92117611661 6210317 433?


listening in style

It’s mostly a hissy scenery, but how it moves and sounds is pleasing, it will not cater the crowd that wants nothing more than instant heart attacks in sound forms, but it does more care about the sophisticated listeners that are fed up with all the opera works and classical music in their collection: There simply has to be a limit! Somehow I imagine the middle class and upper class all brunching along with this on the background, sipping wine from golden cups and saying ‘chapeau and cheers to all of us’. .

This image of the rich and pretend-rich listening to this at a eyes-wide-shut party is of course easy to imagine, but as confirmed; this is a release that will please all layers of society. Not just the high, but also the commoners relaxing in the pubs, on the streets or hard at work while scrubbing golden toilet seats. To make it available for all kinds of people, the release is available for free download; making it a production that even though someone might be penniless; they too can listen and feel rich, posh and good about them self. Taste the high life, forget golf and listen to 92117611661 6210317 433!

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Industrial Hydrophobia – Picking A Painting

artist: Industrial Hydrophobia
title: Picking A Painting
keywords: experimental abstract field recording harshnoise wall noise soundcollage Auckland
label: The Dark Thursday

Industrial Hydrophobia takes us into a (according to the artist) very important house & record there a session for all of our very own ears. If you listen to it, it feels like a cozy session and the house has a comfy atmosphere, not extremely large and hollow sounding, but more a house with wooden floors, tea cups and plates to play with. Industrial Hydrophobia doesn’t say a word, making the session a lot to guess for..

Where is Industrial Hydrophobia going next?
Which room, or which corner of the house Industrial Hydrophobia will explore?

You can follow Industrial Hydrophobia’s footsteps and hear Industrial Hydrophobia’s joy when stumbling on an actual guitar. With this in hands Industrial Hydrophobia strums an ode to us and the important house. It’s nice, comfortable and clearly a case of an artist that is keeping things real. Also a bit short, but it might not have been a very large house.
Check it out over here if you’d like:

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Felix_Helix – Vibrations 1

artist: Felix_Helix
title: Vibrations 1
keywords: experimental Minsk electronic IDM
label: HAZE Netlabel http://www.h-a-z-e.org/
reviewer: Simon Hit

Like a true pro this artist provides an intro to the EP. It is a short one as very long intros are a rare kind, but does do the great thing of stimulating the ears in order to pay attention to whatever that will appear on the official start of this EP. It reminded me of Madonna’s Ray of Light but than just a lost bit without the whole madonna part.

Luckily when the intro had left the actual music had left that idea quickly by coughing up a awesome mix of electronica with full on weird breakcore-ish electronic beats that people would dig if they enjoy the energetic IDM-ish materials. It’s pretty atmospheric in a dark way, energetic like a stabbing psycho with nice vocal materials that feel like the saving angels that will save the ears for total electro-destruction.

This path of so called smart electronica continues with a fierce collection of rattling materials break beating away in a hyper nerve breakdown in which even Mario sounds are chopped in. There are melodic ambience materials floating around on too of these active drum and rhythm programmed materials but the focus seems to be in showcasing the nonstop changing of the sounds or the rhythms. I don’t like to call names but it is unfair to say that there must be a big chance that this artist is heavenly influenced by cat lover Venetian Snares. But as this artist shimmers in ambience and no frontal melodies as our worldwide known cat lover, it is more like a floating thing with rhythms than a frontal assault.

The last track keeps the trend on with more rhythm explorations and ambient combinations. The mellow melody of synth material is a bit more prominent here, getting a more angelic feel on top of these wild drum programming materials. The beats do get harder, hacking away into the ears but strangely it never really comes across to me as music to bounce your head too or try out idiotic dance moves; ambient music based on rhythm experimentations is what this EP seems to be about. Might want to light up a joint before riding the vibrations over here:

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Kim Zordon – Feelth

artist: Kim Zordon
title: Feelth
keywords: electronic experimental avant-garde lo-fi Katowice

The album starts with the thematic atmospheric sounding benjin, that with its rolling free style drumming and warm trumpet ambience creates a track that feels very late night too me. I can just feel the darkness of a city, a certain dramatic vibe that still keeps itself buzzing as a city never sleeps.

The short telephone themed ‘you don’t answer my calls’ also comes across quite dramatic. There is something light to it because if the melody, yet you can easily feel a tension of someone desperately listening to the other end of a telephone that isn’t being picked up.

Then there is something named ‘something’, which features a nice clear and light drum loop with bright tones that seems to be played out live. I can just imagine the artist holding down the keyboard keys in lengthy times to create this light weight, yet dramatic sounding material. It’s weird, it is bright yet it sounds heavy on the emotional side.

feelth’ even sinks in this emotional side a but deeper, played out with the keys of a warm sounding piano in combination of fuzzily sweet noise.

To sink even more into the depth that this release has to offer, the artist provides the dark, lonely and sad sounding ‘artax dies in the swamp of sadness’. A track that like the other ones feel very heavy and yet use bright things to create this strange vibe. It’s in that way pretty original as normally dark and sad vibes would be easily created by using dark sounds. However this track with its minimal progression of emotional melody has the potential to drag us deep into the abyss for a cry session. A good soundtrack for after break ups, or when you release everything is fucked up. Sometimes it’s best to sink into it, and why not with this emotional release as the soundtrack:

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various artists – A Documentary of Women in Experimental Music

artists: various
title: A Documentary of Women in Experimental Music
keywords: experimental experimental electronic hip hop lobit noise noise step women New York
label: Philosophy Records

“A Documentary of Women in Experimental music is a collection of noise and weird sounds from women across the world. From Sweden to England, from New York to Hungary– reflects just how widespread and varied experimental music and noise is. Come enter our world and get to know the ladies of noise.”


Anastasia Vronski starts this compilation with a work titled ‘A Doc of Women in Experimental Music’. In it you will be greeted with a warm alien voice that talks probably about this doc of women in experimental music. It functions as a nice introduction.

Then Anastasia Vronski expands her contribution to this compilation by providing a very interesting track named ‘Expander’. I don’t know what it is that I’m hearing in this track but it feels as if lots of croaky wood is being expanded, with additional crashes to turn it into a exciting session of stretchy woody sounds. Pretty darn interesting!

The psychedelic-friendly music by toth kina hegyfalu has also made it into this compilation with ‘Gouge’. Gouge is very strange, like a hollow space with gigantic alienating teeth being brushed by a foreign version of a flexible singing saw.

Than a true force in the field of experimental music and noise ‘elizabeth veldon’ pops up to deliver an intriguing worldly statement in ‘My piece for this collection is called’. It is done by a voice that takes no breath back to tell you what this artist statement is about & in the end it’s clear that elizabeth veldon wants to bring back the music and art back to women from which it originally originated.

Then it’s a time for a live performance of The Helmet Song by Blancah. This touches upon the fantasy of strange bizarre and surreal realities. Music can be heard of different kinds, a guitar jamming in the night, strange synth material putting on a weird atmosphere that even contains Blancah performing the actual song with her voice. It is such an original kind of music that my ears are not sure where to pay attention; but listening to all at the same time is something you won’t easily forget. Blancah pushes out her words through the mysterious dark magical music combo of something never-heard-before. It’s punk, it’s goth, it’s avant garde, it’s a experimental master piece! I don’t know about you but I’m going to search for more music if Blancah in the near future because this is sounding like it demands more ears!

elizabeth veldon returns with ‘music if for women, it belongs to women’ which is a well-balanced realm of a woman choir that is seemingly processed to create an angelic calmness for each and every one who tunes in. It’s quite the moment to feel enlightened about. To completely please my own personal ears ‘elizabeth veldon’ drops one last track on this compilation. It is called ‘lost to the classical tradition as it is lost’ and sounds perfect. It is like a calm vaporization of sound, close to that lovable sound of lobit. It soothes the ears until complete relaxedness kicks in.

Weird Shit by mascara is really nice and personal. We can hear a voice talking positively about how her story to noise making came about and of course that alone is intriguing enough to tune in, but it’s nicer to know that this story slowly but surely gets fins tickle hijacked with nice energetic fun noise! As if mascara put power to the words by doing the excellent noise deeds! Fun!

Also lots of fun but in a completely different way is ‘something fast’ by
Christina Amelia Diamond. This tune swings in an electronic punk way with noises, strangeness and lots of wild energy. It’s very original, shitting on boring punk rock by introducing a completely new level of middle finger sound exploring! And how crazy it all sounds, it is surprisingly danceable & rock-able at the same time! Such a cheer up, this tune! Awesome!

iky iky (also known around here as Ars Sonar delivers a private talk with her work in talk. She talks about her experimental music, which is very interesting as after when it’s finished she will actually play one of her tracks for you. ‘What About Future (No Future)’ it is called, a shimmering dark world in audio form in which the air seems dead, last breaths are descending over the tormented landscapes and ghostly spirits roll around the soundscape to fill it up with lovely lives and artifacts.

Then it’s time for Bird Paradigm’s found poem which is raw and poisonous. A noisy world of bumblebees and magic spells zoom around in here, creating a dangerously tough environment that suddenly gets silenced.

Carolyn Fok also delivers with a grotesque piece named ‘Music For Breast Pumps’. Just as the title suggests we could imagine a scene for music for breast pumps; carefully introducing singing babies with music that evolves through different stages until a full and frontal amount of beauty that comes across as the music of relieving proportions.

mascara returns with a rhythmic experimental work titled ‘i lifted this with my hands’ which features a nice amount of plastic fantastic sounds, strange snippets all working together to create a dreamy version of noise, rhythm, melodic hints and ambience.
It’s such a togetherness of things that it’s easy to lose yourself in and wonder what it all is that we are hearing. Stuff to think about!

Then it’s los babies with a quick and short sounding raincloud. It’s warm, strangely provocative, as if a jazz band has been captured through radio and then chopped up in a delirious glitch machine.

‘Cherry!’ By Mikrofon Vilag is adventurous good fun too! Experimental music meet up with spicy words flowing put like the coolest thing you have ever heard. Cherry is what her momma called her, cause her cheeks get red’ has never been delivered in your face like this! Mikrofon Vilag keeps the finger up and delivers another track ‘Russian Boy’ which gets her delivering her words about a an Russian boy named Sergei feels tough, honest, spontaneous, slick, tight and adventurous! A powerful sound!

To make the story even more excellent and worth it, Christina Amelia tells us in a track named ‘why I make noise’ why she makes noise.
The words of her story come together with carefully crafted noises. For some reason I had strangely thought the last (and her last on this compilation) track named ‘Where have you been all my life?’ Would be a harsh wall of noise… But my guess was totally wrong! Christina Amelia goes in rhythm and beat mode, together with electronic bleeps, piano, and watery bubbles she shoots the end in with a spontaneous flow of energetic chamber space jazz! A great ending for a little celebration!

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