Orphax – 2.20

Artist: Orphax
Title: 2.20
Keywords: ambient experimental drone field recordings minimal psychedelic Amsterdam

Drones; as used in weapon in war I can’t say that I like them. They are such a clear act of cowardliness, having someone send in a drone from a distance, dropping bombs to kill families, children, pet canaries and occasionally a bad person in the crossfire… there is not even a possibility to shoot the one responsible for flying the damn thing out of the air; an unfair kill for total pussies. It’s like people who like to shoot at demented unarmed people with no arms & who had their legs unfortunate stuck in quicksand; it’s not even a act of war, it’s a act of cowards that don’t play by the rules. No eye for an eye or tooth for a tooth; just blow everyone up from the comfort of some office building (I presume..)

Luckily not all drones are bad & thanks to the likes of Orphax they might even gain a better reputation. With this producer’s album over here he will highlight the music possibilities that comes with the drone. No sounds of bombing or twats pressing buttons to steer a drone towards the next village of innocent people. But actual music; the music that is ‘drone’. What is a drone in music form? I haven’t the slightest idea, but personally compare it to the ambient variety of a wall of noise. Walls have the purpose to exclude all aesthetics, but ‘drones’ seem to be all about aesthetics. Because they are done by so many individuals, variations of the drone sound and music is quite diverse. They will leave no dead trail behind, on the contrary; they will leave anyone targeted by these drones into some kind of bliss of peacefulness.

Orphax his drones as captured on this album are one of the most nicest kind, full of that atmospheric sound, that calm flow in which minimalism is the key & yet so much things is going on. It’s all in the tones with these works, but of course also in the sound that Orphax uses. Somehow these acts of kind drone experiments are sounding like classical music compositions; they might be electronic, but they sound organic as if he was a modern day “Andre Rieu” and the drone is his well instructed orchestra of kindness. This to me is enough to compensate the bad reputation that hangs around the drones as killer weapons; Orphax brings the name of the Drone onto the good side of the war by turning it into a pacifist soundscape that will bring peace to all that it reaches! In fact Orphax deserves a world peace prize!

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Cum Gutter – Saints Of Stone

Artist: Cum Gutter
Title: Saints of Stone
Keywords: dark ambient, drone, gay, experimental, soundscape

The one and only Cum Gutter is back with a new soundscape, one that seems to make us go on a slow shimmering lengthy slide, one with enough little lubricant to go down into continuing form, as if the slide surface had been covered with lots and lots of semen. As we slide down through the tunnel like a sedated gerbil in an endless bum ride, it becomes apparent that sound-wise we are dealing here with an intensive drone.

A drone that is deep and dense and nonstop on the move in a continuous flow of slowness. Down, down, down it goes into darker areas in which no woman or man had previously gone before; it’s a dark and lonely sounding place, like an endless aorta with no such thing as art on the walls. It’s very dark and too small to go down in with a flashlight.

The fact that it is dark and almost claustrophobic is the beauty of it; it’s like a place to be alone, to either sort out the thoughts or simply have no thoughts at all. Just slide down on the never ending supply of cum lubricant & enjoy the ride into the deepest depths of queer nihilism.

I enjoyed this long lasting sliding experience that I went down on my bare behind; the surface as layered with that male juice really felt nice. No harsh sounds and feels, just soft and smooth like a hairless pampered butt.

If this slide is actually passing through the private area of the Saints of Stone, than I must say that it’s even better. It makes sense as the more we go down on the slimy trail of perfection, a holiness in sound form seems to softly erupt. It’s a sign of enlightenment; the light at the end of the long dark tunnel! Let’s hope we don’t drop into a toilet bowl when we fall out into the bright side, but even if that would be the case (Trust me it isn’t) it would be a nice way to be reborn into reality…

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Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet – Wisconsin Mining State

Artist: Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet
Title: Wisconsin Mining State
Keywords: industrial ambient sweden thet liturgiske owäsendet ambient dark ambient forwind Berlin

I was half asleep and tip toed through a state between dream and reality, this was the perfect mindset to get down with the music of Wisconsin Mining State by Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet. It simply was a good match, as slowly but surely & with a pretty fair amount of lovely sound-waves, the music seem to have made reality disappear. Replacing it with the sound of a place where once was a busy life and now it’s been silent and empty.

But just musically speaking; it made most things dissapear, but did replace it with substitutes for the things that had disappeared. For example, reality got exchanged for surreality. Silence got replaced by flowing sounds & music had been swapped for minimal abstraction of nostalgia.

Even wild actions like a wild adventure, flying high, jumping out of airplanes or eating cakes with too much sugar; they too had all been replaced. Not with exciting other options, but more with the acts of kindness, of shimmering the day away in laziness, of sweet afternoons in which we could stare at the pretty nothings on the wall. To hear the ghosts of industrialism, to take the tension in other words the sound of the Wisconsin Mining State is one of relaxation, of chilling out somewhere in a nowhere land of non existence.

It’s not a release with the sounds of a coal mine in action, there are no hardworking people recorded here, no sounds of digging for gold and crystals; it’s as if all the mines within the mining state had closed down & all the people had become a bit baked in the brain department. Nice and easy, floating away on audio waves that took everything away and replaced it with unmistakable chill out nothings. Anything to calm you down, anything to blow away the booming days of the mining business, now placed with empty streets, humble breaths of ambience and joblessness. And look… out of nothing a link appears:

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Grey Pale Sinister – plexiglas

Artist: Grey Pale Sinister
Title: plexiglas
Keywords: experimental heavy metal lo-fi noise wtf? Champigny Sur Marne

Very rarely we receive music from artists that are made to be golden stars in the music business. Ones that shine among the dark corners of the underground, out-doing their colleagues by challenging the mental norm & giving their own cult of personality a platform. Grey Pale Sinister is one of them!

He is always making music of a very distinctive kind, very ‘grey pale sinister-like’ and quite bonkers in a dark sounding way. Occasionally we get send in fun private videos through the mail in which grey pale sinister plays his music live filmed with a strange camera angle, or a little email rant about why we never respond to our mails and when we going to write about another one of his masterful master pieces. Let’s say Grey Pale Sinister is full on & lives and breaths his music in all that he does. It’s quite clearly his life and truly passionate about it.

You should respect it as there are maybe many artists out there who don’t even dare to get their stuff out, especially when it’s so on a planet of its own. If you had never heard of Grey Pale Sinister, this album named ‘plexiglas’ might be a nice way to start checking the madness out. The thing is that even though obviously being mad as hell, the artist seemed to have gone in a more ‘positive’ sounding sound (compared to the artist’s more earlier works), it still sounds like a demon making music perhaps, but it is a positive demon who slightly seem to have implanted a uplifting feel of excitement within it’s grey palette of songs.

There are songs of singing, of extreme toxicity, of folkish elements, threatening throat sounds, little melodies to lift you up and humming vibrations of guitar noise and awkward drum rolls. It’s a strange melange that feels a bit like a party for dark hooded people, goblins, evil wizards and their admirers to go to. A place where they can indulge in toxic drinks, listen to the poetic nastiness, to noises that buzz and fuzz like a lively played full one-man-band-mad-house; it will be eating your brain away, but does it in such a way that you probably allow Grey Pale Sinister to do so. You will be surprised to find out that the music making grunting and mumbling monster of music shows more humanity than many other artists are able to bring within their music. It’s as if Grey Pale Sinister is more and more descending in the freedom that is within his own marvelous world of madness, and it shows very much in sound and feel on ‘plexiglas’.

It’s a excellent craziness, free from the norm and social obstruction of stiffness, rules and regulations; it feels as up as a downer could go & there is lots of energy to be excited about! Why not check out this release by this prominent character that lurks around in the underground, one of the few to have found his own style and sound. It’s bloody good excitement, mate!

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The Noise Eating Monsters

Artist: The Noise Eating Monsters
Title: –
Keywords: dub experimental free improv funk garage music noise eating montsers rock squarepusher uk avant garde experimental music free jazz noise music noiserock space music Florida
Label: Muteant Sounds

Shit! I’ve been hanging out in London and can’t find anything that I like to go and hear & suddenly I stumble upon a release of excellent improvised cool music that’s basically recorded not far away (in this city!) from here! Shit! You know that feeling of pissing next to the pot? I’ve missed out on a great opportunity to hear and see this excellent group of monsters rocking out! What a shame! Shit, shit, shit! I hate it when that happens; but hey ‘shit’ happens & in this case this was the good shit! Monstrously shit even!

Luckily they have the recordings to proof it! What a magical togetherness of music makers, it’s almost unbelievable that they are improvising everything that you hear; they are so into each other, feeling each other like butter and cheese; they seem to belong together & have their heartbeats aligned together as otherwise I have no explanation how great The Noise Eating Monsters are sounding on this live record! Might it be some kind of voodoo magic?

Obviously I wasn’t there (yes , I rub it in a bit, so it hurts extra…) so I don’t really know how they look like, how monstrous heir faces have been & what kind of fingernails they had, but hearing it like this (without the visual distractions) is making my brain focus purely on the music. Their wicked, wicked, wicked music. Can I type ‘wicked’ one more time, please? Oh sure; wicked! Wonderful! It seems like Too Many Zooz with a heavy noise, hard rock, punk, impro funk , free jazz , groove, madness influences!

I don’t know what to say, it’s mad! It’s insanely good! Their rhythmic timings will automatically make your brain go freaky & the body goes instantly on automatic pilot as it transforms itself into a unstoppable kamikaze-dancer! This is so mad and it’s so good! Don’t know what to say other than damn glad that there is a recording & shit how shit it is that I’ve missed them. Was there audience allowed when they played?

The Noise Eating Monsters responsible for this amazing music consist out of two monsters named Alex (one on the drums, the other being a guitar god!) and a sax baritone player with the best & easiest to remember name ‘Tim Hill’. These are the ones that you shouldn’t miss out on when they play together, if they ever appear in your neighborhood or area you must go and see them! Otherwise you will be slightly sad to miss out on legends that fly nicely under the radar & yet are killing it in explosive good shape and form!

with all the monsters that they created live on stage, done in full improvisation mode, captured on this must-hear release… they certainly created a new monster! Wether this monster is the actual release, or me who turned into a instant fan who is hungry for more; it is a good question… But maybe if you heard this release you will become wildly excited too! We can be monster fans together, just lets prey that someone let’s us know when The Noise Eating Monsters are out to play again! Can’t wait to set my teeth into that! We might be so enthusiastic that we would scare the The Noise Eating Monsters! Ah, that would be a real shame; us screaming in our enthusiasm as if they are the Beatles in their heydays & we the high pitched monster groupies that faint in their presence! Maybe, to avoid the monsters to be distracted from creating great music, it might have actually been the best to have missed out on them as I’m sure this record over here would haven’t sounded as awesome as it now sounds! Although they might have just devoured my screams of appreciation, after all they are the noise eating monsters! Anyhow, they clearly rock out in psychedelic energetic ways on this brand new Muteant Sounds netlabel release & you should hear it! It’s Monstrously good!

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various artists – Noizemaschin​!​! London #15

Artists: various
Title: Noizemaschin​!​! London #15
Keywords: ambient electronic experimental noise Osborne Park

First we had a report about Noizemachin, London, but now thanks to Sam Gillies and James Ross we can actually present you with the actual audio content! Isn’t that great, the wonders of audio recording on the spot & quality mastering? I think it’s rather unique and magical as now we can either relive the event, or indeed hear it for the very first time.

The music starts with weselle who creates a beautiful soundscape of an ambient kind that made me think of being hot in the Sahara desert and dreaming of a oasis. It really sets the collection into an adventurous atmosphere, one that certainly doesn’t go away when Spiritwo sneaks into it. She uses her vocal abilities like only a cultural person with roots deeply inside of her would be able to do. She sings, she freaks and sings again! Making her set into an unbelievable exchange of words that come out of her mouth & modern day trickery!

How nice it is & how nice it was that the phenomenal performance got joined by this young group named False Idols. They knew how to improvise & how to create a wonderful layer of musical interaction with Spiritwo! But even on their own grounds they sounded like true intoxicating professionals, channeling through their music instruments a ambient scene unlike no other! Very charismatic and dreamy, live and on the spot, delivering a kind of wonderland in which you could dream by the act of simple listening!

Towards the marvelous end of their set a certain piece of poisonous poultry comes in, blurring the lines of good taste and bad taste into a very thin one. You cannot see it when hearing this music, but from a very good source we know that the chicken almost dropped all of his pants, almost showcasing by accident his wiener! Never knew chickens have wieners? Well thanks to reading this review you actually learned something! Towards the end of this material the very popular Iris Garrelfs joined in.

You can hear on the recording that Iris Garrelfs is a not called a natural treasure for nothing; she knows how to deal with things and how to improvise and make the most out of it. As a true professional she dealt with the tragic circumstances of a technical error & does not only deal with it, she also use the entire situation as a art-form! Iris Garrelfs made the most out of it, implemented the technical issue into her worldly performance, dealing with it where other (less dominant and less secured) artists would have been in big trouble; she was amazing! As you can hear, even with a bit of silence she recovered & took her worldly performance of words to the lime light! To me that is proof of someone being ultimately focused to deliver a great performance & with this in mind; you should definitely applaud her show as captured on this free downloadable live-release!

After this the album covers the music of Electric Elizabeth, a musical genius that knows no boundaries of the imagination! On this release you can hear what she could do with her imagination $ her special sound bucket. It is something you won’t even can come up with; how intriguing this art of sound sounds like! Think of the artist in serious concentration, carefully caressing her special bucket in all the best ways possible, creating a serious soundscape that many ambient & Noise super stars could learn from! Her sounds had been a great mix and match with the poetic audio arts as lively crafted by the duo named Blanc Sceol. You can hear on this release how well they blend their audio art into each other, how great their interaction is & also (not unimportant!) how they took over so respectfully and do it all on their own! Their set sounds ultimately intriguing, very hypnotic and also quite the cultural event of the release of live music. To me it felt like the music had so much more to offer than just music; it was art, poetry, the dark side of the moon converted in sound; you know: The big thing!

But all the way at the end, another master of the audio arts popped in. This time it’s Dave Webb to be the highlight of the release of live music experimentation! He somehow knew how to bring abstract sounds aka noises into a very hypnotic danceable form, something that truly overrules the need for techno to be the winner in the clubs, as Dave Webb’s audio art is probably even much more danceable than any boom, kick and clap together! When I enjoyed hearing this set live I just thought ‘wow’, there aren’t a lot of people who can intrigue so much with their abstract sounds & make it easy to pop in and enjoy the hell out of it as this sound genius! It was there that I though to become a fan of his work, but even listening back to it while almost sober; it still is and was a live recoding of a performance that deserves lots of praises and hard clapping hands at the end! What a night & what a amazing thing to be able to relive (or hear it for the first time!) it all over again! This rules!

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Title: 4 Track EP
Keywords: australia experimental canberra noise Canberra

There was this magical time in which we used a hell of a lot of speed here I the offices of yeah I know it sucks. And no matter what all the clean cut people say; we had a ball of a time! It makes you find adventures (trouble) and you will enjoy the most outrageous idiotic things. I remember the whole crew all ending up in front of a mirror shop display chatting to our reflection in the mirror through the glass how wonderful we looked! Hell, we fell in love with ourself! Which other thing does such a thing than speed?

Now a billion years later and toothless; this soeed ball rolls in on our desks. Shall we do it again? For good old time sake? Of course in a billion years we have grown up, learned so much, got families, children and bills to pay; we are now responsible adults so yes… of course we did it! The whole crew hitting the speed ball as if it was just a second ago that it was the last time that we had done it. This was a big mistake! As there our responsibilities vanished in a few seconds & we went on a roll around town. We even went to the zoo and unlocked all the cages! It’s outrageous but again a beautiful experience!

After this fest we probably need more speed to fulfill our life time opportunity to be a complete crew of idiotic fuckups! Each one of us took a hit, dubiously nicknamed by the provider with names like ‘positions’, ether, arc and 2. But even though the different names & us experiencing it as disoriented adults in our personal own ways; the effects had been quite hilarious… we became hooked again on speed, we broke up with our families, many tears and drama was involved but we didn’t even noticed any of it.. until we woke up together on a miraculously hard day at some rehab center in some far away country…

shall we try to contact our family and friends? Perhaps clean up our act and live the normal less adventurous life again? Hell no! We searched and searched & found the magic speed ball online, but this time we do the devil’s job & not only take it ourselves, but also want to share the speed with you people at home. Will you take it? Can you handle it? Come on, don’t resist the peer pressure & just be the tough person that you always pretended to be: life will change immediately! Come, take it… We dare you!

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