A few minutes to spare with Gullible Thieves / bluboy62 / Mestre Chapeleiro

With limit time on my hands and festivals to attend, I thought it would be thoughtful to post some short releases that are freely made available by the NOUNOUHAO label. How efficient and nice of this label to keep things short and to the point. According to the label itself it is a D.I.Y label that focus on experimental music and alternative raps; with members being divided between Brazil and USA. Nice, isn’t it?

artist: Gullible Thieves
title: Cleaning up the mess we made
keywords: hip-hop/rap alternative hip-hop art rap experimental hip-hop gullible lo-fi hip hop thieves rap underground hip hop Brazil

Let’s start with something friendly: Gullible Thieves that are cleaning up the mess. How nice of them! They not only clean it all up, they also made some excellent sounding hip hop tunes with experimental melodies that sounds surprisingly lovable. I like their voices, they sound proper and streetwise. I wouldn’t mind to be robbed by these fine people, as they come across as professionals leaving it all spotless and with nice smells.

artist: bluboy62
title: bluprinting
keywords: experimental hip-hop/rap alternative hip-hop art rap beat tape break beat experimental hip-hop lo-fi hip hop trapwave underground hip hop vaporwave Brazil

Apparently bluboy62 had made some music for ears to listen aswell. It’s best that these ears are attached to a head of a person who isn’t all too serious. Not that you have to be a comedian or a clown to appreciate it, but who knows; maybe it has some benefits. Maybe people who are attracted to memes or simple open minded people with short attention spams could also be satisfied by what this Bluboy62 had created. They are all very short, all six tracks of them; making it also a great time killer for if you have none & still want to cultivate your mind with some bad beats & lightweight repetitive peaces of shit sampling. The label suggest that the artist itself has been missing & to be honest; who can blame Bluboy62?

artist: Mestre Chapeleiro
title: Tudo se Repete
keywords: hip-hop/rap alternative hip-hop art rap experimental hip-hop lo-fi hip hop underground hip hop Brazil

Who else we can listen in a short time frame? Yes, Mestre Chapeleiro’s Tudo de Repete. This is a collection of 5 short experimental hip hop tunes that aren’t half bad. It’s like a half cup empty which equals to a cup that is half full. We can hear lush beats with those clicking ticking rattles and some saucy keyboard sounds laying a backdrop for the Mestre to rap words over. I’m not really good at languages, but I presume it is one that is spoken in Brazil. It doesn’t matter if you can’t understand a single sentence as his voice is pleasant enough to understand that it lays pleasantly in the mix & that the music is genuine.

There is lots more of this kind on the label to attend, but unfortunately my time has left me no space to explore more. Still, you are free to do so yourself you lucky person!

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Eli Gras – Grass Velvet

Artist: Eli Gras
Title: Grass Velvet
Keywords: experimental adventurous Deventer
Label: Esc.rec. http://www.escrec.com

We can talk about this artist for ages, how she invents and builds her own sound machines & installations, converting found materials of her artist residencies to build new material & create her own ways of music making. But instead of staring into the abyss of the nonstop fascination of how her music is created, I rather go and stick my ears into one of her creations as perceived in the audio way. Although if you look at how this music was created, it’s pretty much a fascinating process:

I had chosen ‘grass velvet’ as my listening material for the day and was dragged into a rusty sounding outside world that felt small and intimidating. At one moment I felt like being in a intimate place with lots of rusted greeneries, a spot with healthy grass that was cut short and natural, yet felt also a bit as if it was in more need for oil than water to drink. How bizarre! At other moments the short audio work made me think of fingers-as-knives as attached to a Freddy Krueger type of character, one that creepily uses its blades to sharpen & incite fears on the walls and fences of Elmstreet.

It’s definitely a strange combo of visual thoughts when hearing this grass velvet: One is pleasantly comfy and the other is a bit more nightmarish. The switch between these two visions can be easily made, so for my own comforting reasons I had chosen the one of the environmental green (but hungry for oil) robot grass. I closed my eyes and opened up my ears and felt the imaginary grass between my fingers, it was as if a small amount of sunlight shined through the audio, like a small spotlight focusing on a square meter in which the music made me sit silently.

Things rattled as minimal tones made me zone out pleasantly. I felt like time had been passing by slowly & as if entire days had gone when the music had stopped. Only to notice that only a little bit more than 5 minutes had gone and a entire day was still ahead waiting for me. It made me feel relieved and slightly rested. Things that are handy in this age of hecticness in which time and relaxedness are a rare find. Speaking about rare finds, the actual sound machine responsible for the music recording ( which is stored on a one off piece of vinyl!) is a unique work, crafted by the artist herself and available for the true collector. It looks stunning too, which is great if you are indeed the kind of collector that needs this in their life & do not want it to look like like some ordinary piece. In any case, you can find Grass Velvet over at the following link:

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Mismerizer – Ghost Train

Artist: Mismerizer
Title: Ghost Train
Keywords: alternative electro-glitch cold wave experimental industrial minimal synth post industrial synthpop Buenos Aires

Mismerizer is the one almost too hot to handle, with her unforgiving electric hardcore music she instantly drags your ears into the oven, fills it up with raw electronic gas and fires up the flames; blowing your brains up with her tough touch of witchcraft technologies. With every bite you will feel more trapped and slapped around in a ballsy Halloween story, one in which sharp nails tear your hearing receivers into a bloodbath, ready for her to stick a straw in and suck it up like a thirsty vampire.

Screams by frightened listeners might be captured within these tough industrial killers of tunes. She kills all her enemies with ease and happily sing about it like a hammer hammering the nails in a coffin. All these banging bangers of violent anger are pure and on point, perfectly tuned to make sure you will call your mommy begging for protection, even though there is the obviousness that once Mismerizer is on your case, you might as well throw yourself to a bunch of hungry wolves. No one can save you! She will rip you apart in a second and scare the hell out of you within the range of a couple of minutes.

But maybe that is a single side of the story, as if you need to gain some flawless unforgiving energy, the raw fire ready to fill you up in order to burn your enemies in a instant; mismerizer’s music might also come in extremely handy. Her Ghost Train EP simply slays in both ways; one side energizing in ways that will kick closed doors open & on the other end; make anyone that deserve it, jump out of the window for a long flight towards the pavement. There is just so much Wild power going on here, bouncing around in this uncontainable sound that you simply wish she will be on your side of the fence, cause if not; the end is not only near, it will be a gruesome one!

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TWINSANITY – Ancient Acid EP

Title: Ancient Acid EP
Keywords: experimental acid ambient idm noise weird Berlin

In ancient times the acid was still squeaky clean and neat, melodic, powerful and sweet; purer than the purest form and harvested with care and delight. Just like everything from the past it was simply way better; smooth and curious, full full-filling flavor and heartfelt rhythm that would elevate a ancient mind easier in the future than the ones now enabling to go into the past. Luckily some of this ancient acid treasures are kept and stored with delight, perfectly in tact for anyone interested to feel what the ancient ancestors had been experiencing while flying high on their authentic acidic supplies.

Thanks to this well kept supply of ancient acid we – citizens of the future – are able to go for a full on grande spectacle of a trance inducing bubbling acid sensation. With rhythms that cavemen and cavewomen could wiggle their hairs on their hairy legs with & knock ancient looking malamutes their brains out, this special collection is the kind of study object most archeologists have been extremely jealous about. This ancient acid EP has been the talk of the town since its discovery and has spread among the world in a rapid speed. Getting everyone into historic history and interested in acid intake come together for a good case of social gathering.

Personally I took this ancient acid and felt outstandingly delighted, it was indeed a cleansing experience, one that felt far removed from any modern day acid trip. Things have been laid out slow and dense, perfect for deep inspections and intense close ups for further study. My conclusion is that ancient acid is so much more kind to the mind than the one that got fabricated on a later date. There is soul and sun inside it, probably stored there for ages and now coming to our lives ones again in all it’s full uplifting glory!

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_isca_ – baixa qualidade v. 2

Artist: _isca_
Title: baixa qualidade v. 2
Keywords: hip-hop/rap alternative hip-hop art rap beat tape chiptune experimental beat experimental hip-hop lo-fi hip hop trapwave underground hip hop vaporwave Brazil

If you like those hip hop beats and the occasional raps & enjoy them with surprises of experimental elements; you might dig the hell out of baixa qualidade v. 2. I have to be honest here, the style of music is in general not my normal cup of tea, but for some good reason the experimentation and fun twists (sample and sound wise) made this release into one that even my pair of lame ears enjoyed. It’s exciting to hear all these little sound projects after each other, coming at you like a family existing of odd members that had come together to show their skills and individual characters.

I listened in the midst of the night and was quite entertained by the diversity of voices and crazy unexpected music bites. One moment I fall half asleep and the tracks became part of dreams, popping up like pixel games that came to life. I woke up halfway wandering where the sound of a groovy fax machine had been coming from… Some programmed rhythms are leaving space for your own words to spit on and others are featuring a crew of colorful rapping word suppliers. The tunes flow into each other like butter on bread; and if you feel like it, you seem to be free to add some jam on top.

Yo, I’m not a rapper. I’m a nut cracker.
Cracking nuts with my mouth,
Feeling oh so proud.
Crack crack crack
Quack quack quack
This is wack!

Here is a link for your own exploration needs:

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Edø Pistø Sømi – (3β​)​-​cholest​-​5​-​en​-​3​-​ol

Artist: Edø Pistø Sømi
Title: (3β​)​-​cholest​-​5​-​en​-​3​-​ol
Keywords: dots unlimited radio edø pistø sømi experimental circuit bending electro noise experimental music experimental noise free jazz noise music noiserock space music Florida
Label: Muteant Sounds (net label)

Hello and welcome at another so called review.. actually, it’s probably more a walk through.. reading about what a person is hearing; a idiotic thing to do, but pretty damn okay at times. This time I decided to hear the curious music by Edø Pistø Sømi. It’s in the regions of minimalism, experiment and let’s face it; unpretentious vagueness. It starts great with something that would be a amazing surprise when thrown into a club in the middle of some dancehall classics:

It starts with ‘Boding Saga’ which is having the subtle groove of pure party music within its simpleton skeleton of simplicity. It contains no beat, no drums, kicks or claps; but is ultimately moving like a dance floor filler that would keep the dancing crowd in a sedative trance. Just like a instant case of hypnosis, perfect to be thrown in at the unexpected highlight of the night; keeping everyone entranced and nobody knows by what… is it the pills? Is it the non existent music? A wonder of technology!

The other experiment named ‘Correctness Polar’ is more hitting the corners of the lounge, with its feeding vibrating vibrations of minimalism towards the ears you might want to chill out a bit. Test out your intelligence by trying not to think at all. It is coming across like a lovely played Melody that keeps itself as vague and unrevealing as possible. Perfectly hitting the pulsating pulses for newbie drug users to scratch and tumble their heads over and over again.

With ‘Drillbient 2’ we can feel more secluded, as if we are being lurked in towards the white corners of a secret lavatory; some water dripping on the floor, maybe a puddle of urine moving its way about. That kind of thing..There is something lonely and alien over here & in this case it isn’t us, the listener, but the suggestive non suggesting ‘music’ that shapes these lonely cubicles of possible toiletries.

From Infintity to No is another vague mumbling sensation that feels highly scientific and yet gives no real reason to become a mind breaking ball buster. It shimmers a bit around, creating a audio space that flows more in to the common ambient realms, making it a audio setting to sit back in and position your chair into the setting of relaxedness.

Locators Spot As A is a bit like a sparrow playing a mini guitar with its little beak. But also comes across at times at the sound of a miniature truck that has its alarm on when driving backwards. Warning people not to walk behind it or face the consequences of being run over by this microscopic truck; who knows, a toe might be crushed to pulp forever! The twinkling sensation of the sound feels quite pretty and most human among all these other experiments on this release, yet always vague and steering away from any concreting complications. I don’t really know what I’m saying over here, but it looks nice and feels about right.

As last there is ‘Swept’ which comes across like those likable magnetic balls that hit each-other forever as a table setup in every respected office and house setting. Sometimes a unexpected fart from a long lost bowel seem to have been mixed in, elevating the twinkling rattling sensation into something more dense and third dimensional. All in all, this is a very vague release of experimental music, nicely put together, yet only for the appropriate crowds that are willing to sneak their ears out of the box for a peek and a wonder. I’ve done it and guess what; no harm was done in the process!

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Di Klang – TraiTrioT

Artist: Di Klang
Title: TraiTrioT
Keywords: di kang experimental electronic music experimental audio experimental music free jazz noise music noiserock post industrial space music trip hop Florida
Label: Muteant Sounds (net label)

Distortion and cultural action of wicked energies roll out of my speakers. A Chinese warrior style of ancient times mixed with digital punk music of the kind of rhythmic order that is dark & irresistible. It’s recruiting in forcible ways each and everyone that comes across it, shaking the room with its bombastic presence. It feels as if the beats are made with found rubbish, slamming your head in for a great mindf*ck; one that is ready to receive the tough and yet slimy industrialist voice of a cold-as-ice man of hard words.

It’s as if the Asian mafia of the far ahead future had come out in audio form, ready to kick ass for or with you; offering you the offer you cannot refuse; listen or die! Who is listening? I’m all ears Di Kang! All ears! And in fact nothing but praise… (don’t want a fight with the person(s) behind this music – that’s for sure!)

This music and its energy sound dangerous and based on rush. Marilyn Manson looks like a furry puss compared to the realness of the entertainment that is happening here. With all those wicked rhythms and intense sounds hairs might rise up & you might as well start to swing the hips on these nasty layers of industrial creative culture and anti-culture blending.
Even if your hips are rusty, it’s worth the painful effort as well.. you need to give whatever it takes to please the Di Kang clang, right?

You will pay attention when Di Kang screams in your ears and laces your feet with active dopamine; resistance is futile! This music seems to be the perfect soundtrack for the Monday morning workers, as closing your eyes and sinking away with this might result in vivid images of the annoying inhabitants of the work-floor flying around in multiple pieces; martial arts style & very satisfying! Yep this is tough and violent material, but highly original and greatly satisfying!

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