The YEAH I KNOW IT SUCKS Podcast – Dolly Mix 2

And here it is! The follow up to The YEAH I KNOW IT SUCKS Podcast – Dolly Mix 1 where I have once again mixed tracks from albums that I have reviewed into a lolly bag of joy! Please delve in and explore

Main image by Ruby Nekk

Here are snippets of the reviews and links, please check out the artists and share some love, and of course flick them some dosh (only) if you can afford it!

The YEAH I KNOW IT SUCKS Podcast – Dolly Mix 2 by Corporal Tofulung

Love, The Doll xx

00:20 Leila Adu – [flowers, or die #03] Soothe
“Ms Adu continues the onslaught of truths into our hearts. It’s a bit painful to lie there with our chests open as the song pours in but once again there is no way to escape, even if we wanted to. The thought that occurs is that we can either have flowers, bees, fruit, & food – or we can do nothing, let it all wither away and die as we participate in the systematic destruction of everything we rely on for life.”

04:20 Tofujuice – Are We Not But Cicada Husks Clinging To All We Used To Be?
“The cover art is a photograph of a discarded cicada skin on a tree and this delicate track by TOFUJUICE starts out just the same way, crisp, clear and haunting notes on top of a distant drum. We hear the call but we feel fragile, we are suspended somewhere between memory and recognition. It’s as if we don’t feel as brave as the cicada, we are unable to fully let go of what has been, what we have been.”

10:25 Blessed Blood – [Untitled Album #01] Liquefaction
“As soon as ‘Liquefaction’ starts we feel the hypnotic pull of voices calling to us to join them and add our tones to the droner choir. Low repetitive sounds shimmer by like cars crossing the Aurora Bridge. One of the voices starts a wolfish call and then a siren starts to sing, luring us closer into the spectral vocal embrace. There’s no turning back now and we submit to our drone rulers as the darkness of sleep cocoons us. We are curled up in the womb of a goddess, nurtured by sacred blood. Our limbs lose their strength and relax in safety.”

17:00 Despicable Zee – Zahra Haji Fath Ali Tehrani – [Atigheh – عتیقه #05] Atigheh
“The title track ‘Atigheh’ has started to wrap it’s tendrils around us and we are utterly charmed by the languid yet uplifting vibe. Then suddenly the vocals begin to soar around us, bouncing off hills and through the valleys. We are inside a paradise that we never want to leave. The drum drives through our bodies, hammering at us like repoussé, freezing us in place, arms outstretched, hearts completely open to whatever Despicable Zee wants to say, feel, or share with us.”

21:00 Backxwash – Black Magic (Produced By Backxwash)
“We can feel the depth of Backxwash’s emotion as it fills us up and swells in our chests. We are completely under her spell and hang on to every word, we hear the pain and the struggle and the anger and the strength that it takes to fight back. She has a searing way with words, twisting and turning them into wholly new visual pictures inside our brains. ‘Black Magic’ ends with a shimmering hiss moving from one ear to the other, this track is now permanently impressed into our skulls.”

24:35 sylken somers – [Prone #01] Tenderhead Tenderheart
“There is a rustle as ‘Tenderhead Tenderheart’ starts and now a sweet pulsing and the beautiful voice of Sylken Somers drifts into my blissed-out world. There is a pause, a rustle (or is it the trickle of water?) and I feel as if I could wait forever for the song to start again. The break was so short, less than a second or so, but it held me spellbound and on edge. Now, completely wide awake, I paddle my way to the edge of the pool to crank up this slice of aural paradise. Surely it can go louder than 10?!”

28:25 The Kendal Mintcake – [(always in a straight line, from centre to edge) #03] III
“Just in time TKM points at a gleam of light in the distance, quick! kick as hard as you can, using the speedy pulsing sounds to propel you, just like people in rows on machines at the gym. Yes! We burst through with a great splash, our trip is at the halfway point, which is a great factory full of sonic mini-jackhammers pounding on copper sheets. This is not just senseless manufacturing for capital gain, no, they are creating one-of-a-kind artworks that will be put up in public places for all to enjoy. Sound polishers circle around, buffing everything to a pinkish shine, then the artworks are carried outside and given away to waiting crowds.”

32:30 DJ OBOE – [DJ OBOE #02] WHUNKY
“A beat like a bouncing basketball drives us skywards, the neck brace is useless now, we need full body braces. It’s like being on the moon, struggling against weightlessness & zero gravity. Obviously, the only option is to let go, I mean, what else have you got to do, right? We say that you should take a break from the Self Isolation Blues and hit cruise control, let DJ OBOE take the wheel. You can trust him, we promise…”

36:35 Covolux – [Bloom #01] Life
“‘Life’ begins with an achingly sweet handful of tones, strewn like petals around our bare feet as we take our first steps into this aural paradise. Some of us throw ourselves down on the ground and move our arms and legs to make Petal Angels, others stand stock-still, unable to move at all. Life is beguiling, enchanting, we can hear a tiny sound each time a blossom sheds, even quieter than a pin drop.”

39:30 kate can wait – [Veraniegas #01] green greenz
“The opening track ‘green greenz’ simply bristles with brightness and rejuvenation and fills us with a longing to be able to escape from self-isolation and into a huge vegetable garden full of friendly animals, humans, and plants. We follow the guitar as it picks its way down the rows of golden corn and leads us into the sweetness of ‘sal & oro’ which makes us turn our faces to the sky and let the gentle rays caress us. Enchanting voices surround us and we all look at one another, smiling.”

43:05 vylter – [v sea #04] beachin’ harmonica
“vylter is now playing the harmonica in the water, thigh-deep as the waves pulse around, almost swallowing our musician friend. But vylter is undefeated and stands strong against the tide and blows even harder, like a ship at sea sounding the fog horn. We open our eyes to find that we are now lying on the floor in our kitchen/lounge – How did this happen? How is it that we were magically transported in reality just as in our half-waking dream?”

44:35 Dusty Mantle – [In The House #03] Meat Locker
“Dusty chortles to himself as he works to get it ready for us to come in. The white noise calms us and we watch all of the tiny agitated particles floating around in the sunlight. The tones of the vacuum rise and fall like waves, we are in our Happy Place. He’s done a brilliant job and now the room is sparkling clean and go in and poke around for a second but then we’re off to the Meat Locker…”


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Various Artists – Dwert

Artists: various
Title: Dwert
Keywords: experimental
Label: dog park

How are you today? Hope you are fine. Now that we have the fine chit chat out of the way, smalle we poke our noses into what this is really all about? Maybe not our noses, but our ears might be a much better tool to use today on this fine expedition into the deepest depths of Western Australia. What can a visitor expect? Wil they be falling over koalas crossing the road while riding the latest robot dogs as they text their friends on their brand new designer flip phones? Or… Will the western side of Australia be filled with cowboy hats and warriors in pretty skirts made out of hay? The things we see in our mind when we think of Western Australia is pretty wild, eh? Wild wild western australia! But is any of this based on reality?

I guess the only way to find out (especially in these covid days) is to travel there through the now already instantly legendary dog park compilation mayhem. This one is filled with very typical Australian names like Azariah Felton. Azariah Felton is also the one who colours in the beginnings of our journey thanks to giving everyone a most welcoming feeling. There is room enough for everyone’ is seemingly the message that this artist is giving us. And indeed Azariah gives us a giant space to pace in, to float around with and be simply bewildered by. Here massive audio nature sees to reveal itself around us, one with a fresh windy breeze, pleasant soothing water structures and a sensuality of something that reeks of a higher spiritual ground. To decipher it you might have to be enlightened spirit, but to enjoy it you simply must have ears, a heart and perhaps a brain to process it all.

Here within this piece of western australian art your blocked chakra points might open up, hopefully letting the relaxing welkome vibes of peaceful wiseness deloghtfylly crack your head, just to the point that you might feel like a guru without a bad cult following. The space of warm pleasure is simply put all around us over hete and it might fade all modern technology out of the window by replacing it with the sounds and melowness that wil stretch out for miles on end. No longer wil you feel claustophobic or are you being filled with an anxious trrtot in a world full of hasty people… no, here its social distancing in all the best relaxing ways.

With music like this by Azariah Felton, western australia simply sees like a warm wealth of pretty horizons that you could chill in without any worry whatsoever. I dony know about you, but hearing this, i would in fact press some kind of ‘hold and repeat’ button in order to stay for a while. Unfortunately if i would opt for that option, i would have never been able to hear and experience the rest of Western australian, which in truth; would have been a damn shame! As there is more. So much more! Which in all frankness is ridiculous as one warm welcome like this should be enough to satisfy any traveler going this way. But i guess the people and dog at dog park love to spoil their listeners and so we all should accept it and move on forward in this audio journey. Also equally going along this madness that is this ‘review or write up. So lets not waste even more time as
on second base we find the very western australian name in the history books: Chris. Yes, Chris is a very typical western australian name, but the Chris featured on this compilation is not your average western Australian Chris, no this one is: Chris Cobilis. Who hasnt heard of Chris Cobilis? I mean you can only hide away from Chris Cobilis for so long… but escape? Never!

It is simply the name to be tattooed on your hand, just so you not forget about this terrific journey through time and space, one that is so lovingly guided by the sounds of music the Chris Cobilis way. Let this name be your eve of distraction as this person wil take your mind of things as soon as you spin its sounds. Oh the glory, the twinkling pretty sensations that come across as rays of wonderful sunrays that heat up your soul from belly, toes to the top of your head. You might have a feeling as if you are covered into a veil of hypnotic goodness, one that is generated by a wise melodic shaman whose intelligent mind wil soon take over your openness and trust, instantly loading it up with the fine taste of a designed madness that is positively brilliant, yet cheekily kicking the sane. It really seeks to shove all the trustworthy elemenents to the side and park a instant baffling experimental sensation into it. Its like taking away the comfy chair that you sit on and replacing it with bewildered awesomemess. Before you go and throw your butt out of an open standing window, the peace wil eventuallt return and all you are left with is the urge to look on your hand to seek out the interesting wonders of Chris Cobilis again! Is it music or magic? Probably both! And you know what? Its great!

Magic music and plenty of welcoming room for experiment is definiatly a thing western australia is clearly richely filled with. This of cource leads in normaliter circumstances to a whole lot of tourism. But thanks to another typical western australian name in the business: Errol H Tout, we dont need to go travel physically anywhere near the western side of australia to still be able to visit the best hotel in the region. Well, maybe its the best hotel in town, but as we dont know which town it is exactly, its probably best to presume its the best hotel in the entire west. Here in this hotel we are served with tropical cocktails along with kind and gentle strokes of excellent service. Getting a high vallued view on the beach is obviously a done deal over here, but also an indoor swimming Pool with interesting frogs running the luxurious happenings all around seems to be one of the things this hotel is equiped with. Unlike a typical HH Holmes hotel, this one that is so deliciously cerebrated by Erol H Tout is clearly avoiding all angst & simply provides us a quite unique and original experience. Sunshine is laced all over here and the helpful frogs running down the lobby to deliver you great service is simply outstanding. Its fair to say that you wont have an hotel adventure like thid anywhere else in the world…

But its not only polite frogs that rule the polite service orientated western side of Australia… there is also the Checkout Chick! I mean, forget all your checkout experiences or simply toss them in the bin, as it is nothing compared to any of it. Unless perhaps you are the lucky person checking out at the checkout chick on a regular basis. I salute you with your luck! The Checkout Chick for sure makes the act of checking out a highly inspirational happening, a hot pot for experimental ideas, a grand moment in which many Light bulbs of ideas pop on above your head as the artist presses us the utter importantie of washing the Future Girl Dick. A thing that in these times of important hygienic safety is one thing that cant be warned enough about! With strict politeness and in a fresh breeze of hip coolness the Checkout Chick makes this point in a wat that even the stiffest customer would wiggle its hips while thinking about giving that future girl dick a intensly good rinse! All wil be shiny, spotless as Checkout Chick makes sure you wont forget!

Now back to view more of the interesting beauty that is Western Australia..  what is a better place than the tourist hot spot Sandy Circle? One glittering area that is also present for all of us to visit through this special compilation. Indeed it is a cozy hands-on tour in which glass bell twinkles wil lighten up the place of interest. When you step around the Sandy Circle you Will notice the inmediate intimicy that it has to offee. It opens up with a kind of one person-fanfare as a micro start, smartly marching us into a small area of wonder which is outlined and shaped by a typically talented western Australian named Amy Church. With voice and rhythm Amy Church guides us in this intimate zone in a way that it feels like we are loading up on power as we look around. We have no time to take selfies as Amy Church keeps us in a energetic sweet tempo in order for us not to clog up the scène.

Its a very polite thing to do; making way for other tourists to visit all these pretty spots that Western Australia is so evidentually blessed with. The Polite Society of Western Australia is simply outstanding enough to be a future example for polite policies around the world. Great thing is that when we wade our bodies deeper into this trip, the actual representatives of this polite side of Western australia actually are there to welcome us strangers with affectionate wide open arms. Out of these arms flow tremendous overwhelming synthetic landscapes, mysterious and calming,  glorious and mystiquely pleasant. When we are lay our ears in these arms of sound these polite hosts whisper spiritual mumblings in our ears as a bonus gift. The gift of being so welcomed in such a state of warmth makes it almost as if Western Australia is more related to human dignity and nature than anyone could have previously guessed.

But Western Australia is one of wide openness. A side of the world that is open to experiment and internal differences. Also good humor and party times are presented over here. For this reason the Western Australian party pleaser named ‘vetch’ had made its way to the compilation. With vetch as our personal guide we could unplug the corks and fill up our glasses with the finest western australian wines & follow the easy instructions for the typical Australian electric dance. We walk and move in lines as if we are drunk pac-men creaturen that follow the digital dogs that our friend is shooting the needed chips away from. What follows is a moment of hilarity, a stale fun robotica movement that Western Australians call dancing. The fun is easy, as the groove is even doable when you see four bottles even if there are one. In any case it is evident that vetch will make you feel loved and is able to offer a safe party to ‘play’. Gosh, at the end we all love vetch and do not longer want this vacation to ever stop.

But we cant go back or out like this & luckily western australians know exactly what needs to be done to make our stay the best thing we had done. As traditionally the bright inhabitants of western australian end their tours with a highlight on their tourist checkpoint of must sees! Yes, a True visit to the legendary best open secret “The Unseen Horn”. Its a tricky thing perhaps as if you would go and visit it on your own you might not even see it, but thanks to the pleasant guideness of the enthousiastic Scientia the unseen horn is shown in plain sight. Expect a wonder of pure craft, a delightful instrument that is not only a beauty in the eye of thr beholder, but also is played scientifically by Scientia, that we could actually dream and wobble on this sedative groovy bits that Dreams could be made from. Oh yes, mesmerized and intriguided by everything we have heard and seen, felt and experienced… tired but happily inspireren by all the fascinating things that Western Australia clearly has to offer! I dont know about you, but im going to book another visit to this compilation very, very, very, very soon. Maybe even right now! Are you coming too? See you there!

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Various Artists – Yokine

Artists: various
Title: Yokine
Keywords: experimental
Label: dog park

Hello! Welcome! Or perhaps welcome back? In any case glad to see you having found your way to yeah I know it sucks, the only safe place out there about music that just doesn’t suck. I’ll knock wood on that fact, but you are free to ofcourse not take my words for granted.  While you are here, feel free to go around this place, perhaps click the random link and dive into this giant mess, or… A much better idea: stay here, read along and (even a much much much better idea!) Listen to the music that I’m going to discuss. Why? A spot reserved for me in heaven, that’s why…

But before diving down this review or (let’s say) potential write-up, I would like the brave and utterly courageous readers to know that at this moment in time I’m strangely not utterly all ‘there’. No drinks or ‘medicines’ are floating around my body, yet my brain seems to be as disorganized as a busty tip dancer trying to make some click clack sounds while standing on a floor made out of egg shells. Maybe I do need meds or booze to ease it all out, but for the moment I had chosen to find a spot on top of a green teletubby-hill and tune into the music at full volume… As the good old Karl Heinz ‘beans’ Stockhausen once said: music or medicine. And I would reply to him into his grave: why not both?

Anyway, now that we got the mental state and ‘introduction’ out of the way, shall we go together to the land of Australia? And than specifically to the west? Yeah?! Great, mate!

What do we know about west Australia? I do not know what we as a collective know. From my own perspective I know that the pet shop boys sang ‘go west’ but if that was the west of Australia? Perhaps, as in all fairness the music of west Australia sounds so good, you really want to be a part of it somehow. Maybe if you are in Australia and luckily in the west, you could actually be  THAT lucky, but for all others I reckon that listening to this compilation is the closest to your heart you could get to that real west Australian vibe. And trust me, it’s one not to be able to be pinpointed down. As clearly this West side is very much full of diversity and yet (very surpringly!) a case of when the curtains match the drapes.

First up we have some very typical western Australian names to open this experience. Namely: Adam Brown and Connor Hart. The music title ‘Wake up to yourself’ seems to be totally plugged into my cuckoo mindset of today, but the music is totally different. In fact it is an excellent opener to get me out of the state of personal madness and instantly export me into another sonic realm. One that I’m feeling very cozy and comfortable in, to be terribly honest… it has that hanging piano key and that vocal escapade that makes you instantly think of an outer body experience that is about to happen. It’s like an excruciating pain had taken over the musicians to marvelously create an scene in which even Alfred Hitchcock would peek out his head from his grave for. The bass sounds like the only sensible  being out there, keeping the harmony together as the mood rises into a humane but strange seductive thriller. The visions that I had when hearing this was one of deemed darkness, of students failing their exams, old dirty basements in which things happend that the daylight rays would be completly traumatized by. So in all sufficient realness it is an excellent opener for a trip that will burn into you like a memorable memory.

Another very special West Australian name ‘Scientia’ is the one who had the difficult task to go next. Luckily Scientia brought out something super special… Yes, a Static Frog. Now we don’t need to be a crocodile dundee to know what a static frog is, but it is obvious that if you lick this creatures behind you will be tripping for many days. The static frog makes its own distinctive static frog sounds, which to me sounds like electric hopping mating sounds and indeed (hence the name!) beautiful static. But to proof Karl Heinz wrong again, this time the static noise are defined as music pieces that will make even the Amazon jungle frogs look bewildered. The static frog has that deep spread of sound going on to let its mates know where it is and of course how handsome and ready it is for humping. Of course it’s hard to say, as I’m not a static frog myself, but the call from the static frog as captured by Scientia does sound higly inviting. I wouldn’t mind to hop from pond to pond like a confused kangaroo to get to this one. I’m sure lots of static frog eggs will be made!

Now if you thought that this was special already, I have plenty of news for you: as after this we have a special name that  sounds as if it’s been exported from Iceland, but is in fact a west Australian household name for many centuries. Heck, this artist is so famous in West Australia that it will ring a bell even if you hadn’t even set a foot in any of these territories. Yep, ofcourse I’m talking about the legendary Lürgid. Bjōrk once names her canary after Lürgid… Unfortunately it died on a volcanic ski trip… anyway, on this wonderful compilation Lürgid (mind you: not the canary!) brings a swinging modern sensation named Icarus to the happening. You can hear the rhythmic groove that makes a person think of dancing on the wooden hallway while the mysterious electronic experiments of a mad scientist are smoking up the same place with utter tension. A sensation that is like a wonderful trip as well as a deep dark experience into the depths of the mental health of the atypical western Australian. Pretty damn special, eh?

Funny thing with west Australia is that sometimes they write capital letters mid sentence. I do this too, but I’ll blame my bad spelling, but in wester Australia it is perfectly normal and totally accepted. But besides of this crucial fact, crONes had delivered a gracious work that seems to flow preciously out of some kind of dream. It’s one of these very special moments on this collection of excellent music as it’s so hard to define or describe. It makes ‘my job’ incredible hard, but also so much more enjoyable and interesting. To me it sounds like a portal had been opened and we don’t even notice that it had happened. crONes simply does this all in front of our faces and yet moves us in so gradually that without much resistance we are suddenly in some lush lucid dreamstate. Personally I feel cozy in here, bewildered but cozy nonetheless.

Now that we might be all into delightful confused happy headspace, I would really shake you all out of it again as now it’s the time to discuss the genius that is Gabbi Fusco. I know, it’s not cool to say genius and can lead to lethal abolishment of an artist’s craft (so please Gabbi don’t read this). But it is true that I did enjoy the music of Gabbi Fusco for many years now. As soon as I first came in contact with it (or rather my ears!) I have been ever thrilled to hear any material of this artist. The truth is that Gabbi simply never disappoints with the ability to surprise and entertain me with her music. And indeed, now happily included in this compilation of west Australian artists Gabbi Fusco simply slays again. Not with violence or bloody mayhem, but with exposing another side of the artist that simply wiped me out at first lissen. Seriously, Gabbi Fusco’s music knocked me out in all the right sentimental ways.  But here with the piece named ‘mess in slow motion’ it was the voice of Gabbi that brought me to my knees straight into the adoring enfant mode. Wow! It just blew me away! With the warmth of an angel who is so true and successfully abandoned the whole destroying-ego bit to transmit a pure moment of voice and guitar that most artists would certainly sell their whole soul for. It’s what I would call a beautifull moment.

And from here on the feast of recognition just keeps on overflowing. As now it’s Samarobryn to take over, speeding our asses towards the dog swamp of west Australia by absolutely tuning into all the aspects of experienced  experimental stereo enhancements. In here the magic of eating an apple can simple be turned into a gigantic happening of futuristic robots biting their electric teeth in these organic delicious pieces, while at the same time delivering a deviant serious piece in which the ears will be attacked from all possible (and impossible!) sides with simply the best that the west of Australia has to offer.

Legend has gone around the clock that when it’s full moon west Australian artist Jean-Michel Maujean transforms into a wolf to howl all hairy in the night. So far no evidence had been available, but here with the provided ‘Wangathaa Papa’ the artist included some really interesting audio evidence of this super natural skill. We can hear clearly the howling, the kind that gives any unexpected listener great shivers of inspiration… The mysterious sound and vibe of it all will be enough X to get agent Mulder and Scully on the case. From the first second to the last you will be doubting all your doubts about the existence of werewolves… And you know what? That is perfectly alright!

Just as it’s very hard to be an opener in being the presentable artist of west Australia, it is also very hard to be the one who closes it as a headliner. This honor here goes to Dan O’Conner. Again a very typical western Australian name that speaks to the local folklore as well as the ones interested on the outer spectrum. Dan O’Conner decided to end the compilation with a controversial statement named ‘human person against human people. Which indeed sounds like a hard battle and a slight mission impossible, but as a sound / music production it is coming across as something perfectionally reasonable. Somehow I think of plastic pipes, Tupperware airflow that goes from one side to another as if they are blown out in a hurry, rushing like a poisonous tea kettle that just needs to be on the edge of borderline-fluting to drive this all to a very satisfying end. I’ll hope you agree!

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K Tel Dancers – The Lost Tape

Artist: K Tel Dancers
Title: The Lost Tape
Keywords: experimental, Perth

The K Tel Dancers might have lost their marbles while having fun back in the days, but luckily their energy tape that had gone away was found again! There the kind of energy of having multiple coffees while poking metallic objects in a electric socket is dumped to the stable of a weasels act, as it’s nothing compared to what listening to this cassette has provided. You can just feel the fun, the adrenaline speeding through your blood, your hairs rising up without the need of high voltage or a jar of gel.

Blast this in a car and you feel like you are driving way past the allowed speed. Iron clothes with it and you will see the steam of burning clothes as a pretty suitable punk rock special effect. The K Tel Dancers are smoking it up with the rawness that keeps you more alert than any energy drink on the market. You feel like you can walk the darkened alleyways where normally the wild alley cats would come to pick your eyes out. You feel on top of the world, as if you are the owner of a burning vehicle that just will never flame up.

You can sniff the youth like a vampire in the folklore books without having to suck blood or being stuck with a colony of half dead groupies that will annoy you wherever you go. Here it’s all about having no worries, even pimples might be an asset to your looks here as in the end the vibes captures here by these K Tel Dancers is that they are carefree, full of life, hope and just wanting to have fun. So move out of their earthspace or join them in this timeless time capsule of good things.

You don’t be an obstacle or hang around them, you must join and feed on that electricity of the times when all you thought of was having a good time, partying with your weirdo friends, tossing the make-up standards out of the window and embrace the (almost) innocent stage of purely having raw fun! Go, step in their shiny car, become the feared alley-cat and mash the government for good old time sake!

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Hunki Dori – Reverie

Artist: Hunki Dori
Title: Reverie
Keywords: new age, beautiful music, psychedelic, ambient, experimental
Label: ingrown records

Let’s go chill out, order a nice shot of something sweet and liquid. A cocktail of some colorful colours to sip up as your ears get served something equally full and mesmerizing colorful. After having a Reverie by Hunki Dori you simply feel like it’s the best thing to order wherever you go. In the pub, at a fancy restaurant or outside on the beach while talking to a confused takeaway cyclist. I mean sniff this stuff up and tell me that you want anything else. Unless you have a big hatred towards yourself or have other issues to deal with, it’s probably Hunki Dori that you want when you want to feel good for yourself. It’s that kind of arousing goodness that you feel it’s the kindest thing to give yourself, one that makes your inner parts sing, or somehow make indescribable noises from pure wellbeing. It’s as if the friendless gets instant friends, the lonely be suddenly loaded up with a room full of niceness that sufficiently gives them the vibe of wellbeing and being kind of beloved.

The mellowed music that plays out so nicely over here is simply the flute to follow towards a full place where everyone and everything is soothingly friendly, nice and beloved. Sensual solos  dance along with humming harmonies, sweet guitar strokes are unarmed with friendly birds and the cozy background laughs of palls that you feel like you have known for your whole life. It is doe sure a delightful oase to experience, at times even bordering and stepping over to the realms of a heaven that isn’t the boring place as described in the books, but one in which we can joyfully dance to sunny goodness that warm up the cold and cool down the hot. Everyone will meet in the middle for a rhythm, a fancy clap and a tingling sensation of true musicality!

We might not know the secret ingredients that have gone in this beautiful blend of audio delight, but it certainly sounds like a lot of love, music skills and kind heartedness had gone in. Things twirl around like a paradise of musicology that makes it one of the best things you might hear to get to that place of harmonic motion of pleasantness. I didn’t know Hunki Dori before, but pretty sure it is a state of being. Being wonderfully talented that is & so kind to share this state with anyone luckily enough to follow this link and sip it all up! It makes me suddenly understand why the label behind it is called ingrown… As if this music doesn’t make you grow spiritually and your happiness contentment factors to the ultimate Viagra heights than nothing else is… Wonderful!

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Bilg – Rain

Artist: Bilg
Title: Rain
Keywords: experimental
Label: Dog Park

Yes, it’s been awhile. Ages even. But I gave to rise from the temporary burial grounds to go in frontal gibberish mode; this music simply deserves a resurrection. So if you are laying low like the most of us, maybe it’s time for a listen and get back up again. So let me finger your eyes with some complimentary words of praise, only done when it is honest & you know: it can’t be more honest if it’s on yeah I know it sucks!

This album over here hits home like an orchestra in heath, ready to rinse and rise their strings to sound like they had never sounded before. You can hear their respected textures raising the roof of any imaginary theater, opera house or simply a person’s head. All the marbles are sparkling in all their receiving ways.  These sounds, warm and fine, ripe and pure all wrap themselves in a atmosphere of sheer harmonic delights, they wring themselves out in the ether, zooming around in our multiple minds in order to play wonderful audio games within it. 

This music is simply rearranging the way we look at it, sparkling away with pretty mystery in all it’s subtle glory. Here there is no ego or time to go full on berserk, but here it is a glimpse of delight. It feels at first as if its colorfully warmed up like a violinist with tons of experience, readily trained, yet truly on the path of new explorations and not afraid to go beyond possible expectations. Who cares about billions, mars and whatnot if you can’t see that the true beauty of traveling lays in front of us within the music of the incredible Bilg.

Now That we are shimmering in all this beauty, drooling away from the unbiased culture that flows out of here, we are simply still being kept up on our simple toes to keep the unexpected as close to our ears as possible. That is part of the beauty over here, all is serene and beautiful, yet there is the aspect of rawness, like the perfect cookie with here and there still some raw dough. It makes everything much more interesting, allowing us to slip away in a neath state of ear delivery, while also getting our brain a nice bamboozled edgy feeling.

Is it all a wonderful  dream? Or is it perhaps a recording of a  establishing a high definition phone call towards a perfect concert in pandemic times? Who knows? Maybe this post isn’t even real as it’s been a while. But I must come out of the blog graveyard and let these words flow as the music seems to ultimately speak to the soul and mind & you must be well dead in order to not respond in some way to it.  You don’t have to listen, but if you do you will not need to squeeze your cheeks in order to feel that you are alive again, as even though the kindness captured here, it is the sound of life and not the one of misery, pain and sadness, but one that makes you feel like it’s all okay, better, prettier, hopefully a reason to find 2021 to not be so shitty afterall! Might this bit of ‘rain’ flush all your troubles away:

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The YEAH I KNOW IT SUCKS Podcast – Dolly Mix 1

I was very excited to make my first #WITCHFORK forays into the art of the surrealist review, in the enchanted world of YIKIS. Not only could I reanimate those long dead writing urges, but I could use them to share music by wonderful people with an audience always hungry for more! This last year has put a cork in the creativity bottle and I haven’t been able to find the heart to do much of anything (I know, dear readers that a lot of you feel just the same) but I want to spread around the passion and talent of artists that I have reviewed in the past. For your listening pleasure, please listen to this mix, I chose a track from each album or in the long one-piece tracks, an excerpt.

Main image by Ruby Nekk

The YEAH I KNOW IT SUCKS Podcast – Dolly Mix 1 by Corporal Tofulung

Here are snippets of the reviews and links, please check out the artists and share some love, and of course flick them some dosh (only) if you can afford it!

Love, The Doll xx

00:20 Spartan Jet-Plex – [Resurrected #01] Fear
“We close our eyes and melt into the glorious guitar tones and the chest-swelling emotions to be discovered in Spartan Jet-Plex’s voice. We feel revived and could drift in this song forever if we were allowed. There is a bittersweet feeling in our hearts and the tears start to build, the nostrils flare and the sinuses awaken as we try to hold it in. If you spend any amount of time listening to their releases this will become a familiar (and highly recommended!) experience. We subside and our ears are wrapped in layers of sonic emotion.”

04:30 Jen Kutler – Disembodied – Meg Noe
‘Disembodied is a series of audio pieces generated by the vibrations and movements captured by an electronic ring worn on the finger of a feminine spectrum body while bringing themselves to orgasm. The ring transmits nothing but data in a spreadsheet. This is the first step in a series of de-sexualization experiments seeking to discover the amount of separation required to de-objectify a body on the feminine spectrum. The spreadsheet is parsed in Pure Data to create a variety of MIDI files which are given synthetic voices to generate twelve sound pieces (one for each participant’s set of data). The timbres and textures draw from pure tones, field recordings, and granular synthesis to create long drones, complex harmonies and dynamic timbral shifts.’ [supplied description]

08:20 Rumor Milk – Blue Xmas
“While we listen we can easily imagine those people [families of 2SLGBTQ+ people who have rejected them] sitting around a table littered with the corpses of innocent creatures while the blue snowflakes fall outside. There is no joy, no conversation, their hearts are as hard as the ice forming on the roof. Meanwhile we have the sounds of joy and the emotion of love, we have Rumor Milk to lull us into a feeling of warm harmony. Lush!”

11:25 Charmaine Lee – [Ggggg #02] mboobles
“It could be water but then again it might be anything at all! Soon a high kitten-like squeaking blends with the bubbles, adding a texture that makes the outside of your eyebrows go down and the insides raise up. It’s as if a poor little puss is stuck in the liquid and trying to get out. The mewing gets fainter and the bubbling gets louder, it seems our tiny friend has slipped below the surface.”

14:15 Toxic Chicken ft. Furchick – [Tinkerbells #02] empower and enable
“Next our friendly canine approaches some humans in order to extend a paw and to learn how to ’empower and enable’ people. The lesson involves using a frog croak beat & various machines that shimmy, shake, & bleep away happily. Our pup knows all of the basic commands already but learns some important new ones about helping people in need.”

18:30 HEADLESSDOLLS – [Sol #01] Sol 1
“The music created by this artist is in the style of long-form drone with gutterings of neural texture and growlings of guitar that scrape the insides of your skull like slice of dark sunshine. Two tracks make up almost an hour of Sonic Doll Tea Party Music. If you are holding your head, you can fill it with your hot beverage of choice, swirl the liquid around with lashings of sound, and pour it straight down your neck as if you were Mike the Headless Chicken.”

24:10 Noise Bombing – [NB20: Local Time | Blue #07] Robot Kokako – Transhuman
“We can tell by the collage art ‘False Summit’ by Melanie Reed used for the covers of the double cd compilation ‘Local Time: Blue’ & ‘Local Time: Green’ that we are in for a treat. The only question we have is if we will ever reach the top of this mountain of sound, or will we be forever ascending as we traverse the terrain from which these tracks emerge: the Philippines, Australia, America, Indonesia, Canada, the UK, the Independent Republic of Aotea, and Japan. Let’s set off for the first part of our trek!”

28:45 Don’t Do It, Neil – [B/X #07] Deep Love (feat. Berko Lover)
“As we expect from any release on this label, the cover art is so tempting and we’re very glad that none of us are called ‘Neil” so we CAN DO IT after all! Yes, we can dive in to this pink blossom fantasyland and explore the world of B/X … Berko Lover joins in for ‘Deep Love’ and it’s a magical feeling with all of these Grimalkin artists and their friends coming together to create something so beautiful. We are all feeling the saturated vibe of this song and have to take some time to lie down upon the sugar-snow carpet just to take it all in.”

33:00 somesurprises – [somesurprises #05] Airport
“We look out of the window and see an ‘Airport’ nestled in amongst a swirl of light – our pilot is going in to land. Once safely docked we unbuckle ourselves and exit the ship, amazingly we can breathe with no problem. We enter the airport and it is a gigantic tropical garden, syrupy sweet scents drifting towards us. Brightly coloured hummingbirds flicker around us, pools hide gleaming scales beneath water flowers. The music lifts us up and embraces us like warm air.”

37:30 Stephanie Merchak – [Impacts, Reflections and Feedback #01] Impacts, Reflections and Feedback
“As soon as this composition starts we feel like we are inside a hall of mirrors, one with all of those weird bendy mirrors. One moment we have huge eyes and an elongated head on top of spindly little legs, then we are the tiniest creature imaginable. The mirrors are reflecting sounds as well as movement, we don’t know which way to look. Our ears are pulled one way and then the next. A disco ball starts spinning high up above us and the lights are fractured, bouncing off glass and eyeballs. It is all so bright, blindingly so. We wish that we had eye masks like you get on aeroplanes, to shut it out.”

43:45 SHIFFRA – [Crown Shyness EP #02] City in the Clouds (Bespin Rave)
“I have to be honest here and let y’all know that I haven’t been to a rave since, er, circa 1996… it was on an old boat in the city harbour of Tāmaki Makaurau and I was dressed in black & silver with tinfoil wrapped around my hair, and toting a multi-sound-effects ray gun. So though it has been a while, I feel that I will like this place!
Sure enough it has a similar vibe, a city in the clouds is not too different to an isthmus city in the sea. There are hints of thunder and rain, bursts of clattering, and the emcee bringing us back to reality when we drift off into the mist. The sound is pure and clear, as you would expect in an open-sky kind of place, it hovers and thrums over a relentless beat.”

49:25 Ivy Nostrum – [Genuflection Maps #01] When It’s Sunny, We Sit Outside
“Someone seems to be engrossed in typing while the world passes by outside, descriptions of fantastic places rolling off the keys. We are kneeling in the sun, blissfully happy to be entertained as the typewriting machine starts morphing into a chime contraption. Suddenly it stops and we realise that we have arrived in a whole new territory, a paradise of insects chattering away to each other. They are chirruping so hard that their wings start creating a great wind which is temporarily calmed by a strange being playing a stringed instrument. The being (our guide?) puts down the instrument and pulls a radio out of their sack. The insects are in ecstasies over this and fly close to us – we are lost in the music.”


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Woven In – Profess

Artist: Woven In
Title: Profess
Keywords: baltimore r&b dance dark wave experimental house
Label: Grimalkin Records

Woven In makes me very happy, I can’t explicitly say why or how, but this artist definitely haa something that stirs around in my happy generators. I guess it’s mostly because Woven In is very real. I know this because I feel it. In every song, every melody, every rhythm or groove, every word, every loop, every sound, every melody… the reality is spread out in such a way that you can put your head in the sand, but its realness will still roll into your buttcheeks, reaching your soul from the inside out, while still miraculously reaching your ears…

The album that I have been listening is Profess. I can’t get enough of it. It doesn’t matter how I feel, where I am or what time it is. Profess by Woven In got me hooked each and every time. I have been listening to it daily for a month or so and still come back to it every day. A reason why this blog hasn’t been updated it might be, but what a good reason it is. I can’t even really put my finger on it what it is, but it’s very addictive that is for sure.

I guess because it is clearly the material that is daringly real, but also keeps everything compact and fun. Even the sad themes are so compact that it manages to elevate a listener up for great replay situatuons. Woven In makes real issues become digetable. When you hear these tunes you know that there is nothing pretentious going on, no pretend play, everything is honest and real, truly rolled out like every tune is a chapter of a personal diary that belongs to a greater picture of other storjes. Ones that are bravely exposed to anyone who is interested, but done in such a way that you rock out on the perfect combination of minimal Melody and groove mixed with the really pitch perfect, no-nonsense vocals.

And so I plunge into Woven In’s world day in and day out. everytime I think; I need to write about this artist. I need to let the world now about this album, how perfect it is, how ridiculously addictive it all is… I need to express what Woven In does to me, how the catchiness of these tunes have nailed themselves into my head and play them out like the perfect material to come back towards on a multiple times daily experience. But I have no words, no proper things to say… Every time I just keep silent, listening to these bits of reality music and enjoying each and every time they voluntarily plop into my hearing sections.

I love every single bit of it, their homegrown low fidelity, their no nonsense to the point material that  even idiots like myself can grasp, understand and rely upon. Woven In has the art of perfection in the act of making everything from the heart, needing no fancy dolby surround expensive studio effects to speak from the heart. After multiple sessions of attempting to write about them, I can only conclude that its impossible to find the right words that hit the nail on the head or do any of it the real justice that it deserves. Everything is complex, honest and personal & very pure. I’m still too busy listening, enjoying and feeling every single bit of it to be worthy of a picture perfect ‘review’. But let me tell you this: YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS BEAUTY OF AN ALBUM!!!

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Cat Temper – More Than A Feline

Artist: Cat Temper
Title: More Than A Feline
Keywords: Electronic catcore dark synth darksynth electro electropop electropunk meowave synthesizers synthpop synthpunk synthwave vocal synth vocal synthwave Boston

Isn’t it tempting to hear a cat playing wild synth riffs in the garden? Isnt it inviting when the cat meows with its friends all through the night? Is it not appealing to hear them bang the bins at that moment of the day when you just really needed a big nap? If the answer is all yes, you would be happy hear the latest cat temper and friends! It’s so loud and so much fun, you probably could out Meow the cats in th garden if you are able to turn the volume up a notch.

Oh yes, Cat Temper brought so much friends along, it is almost if this cat sat on a huge pile of fish, food to bribe all of them into featuring on this star its album. First one in line is A buddy named Oceanside85. They played like sweet little cheetahs on the sincere heartbreaking synth pop to rock out on while fantasizing  about John travolta in his heydays. It has that leathery Saturday night fever vibe, one of passion and attitude that would certainly bring many cats in extacy.

As the synths meow, Cat Temper and  Swayze hunt down the cool sound of having an excellent cat time. It’s hard perhaps to imagine how cool these cats are, but I think they are the kind that will snatch your tuna sandwich out of your hands and will look at you as they eat it slowly in front of your face & you will definiatly let them get away with it – that’s how cool they are. They have that attitude that will make potential love interest faint in the bushes and swoon away in the moonlight for the lucky ones that can be close to them. Stare them in their cat’s eye and you will see pure confident sexiness!

When Jennifer Maher Coleman hops on Cat Tempers music it’s like a fitting glove, a perfect fit. What’s been born is a cat-worthy lady gaga-esque of thick kitten music. Cats the music is instantly forgiven and forgotten when this duo sets their earworm in you with their claws. With thick dirty baselines they parade their sensual precence at you and yah think is to

it’s a fresh start when Frisky Monkey joins the cat-life dopeness. While exploring their nine lives they simply seen and heard it all, placing their survival skills in a glittering anthem in which every paw will be pressed into the right keys for a great melody & every word is sang in such a way that it would thrill any genitalia to the furry max! Think about the glam style in which the alternative kids from yesteryear danced until their mascara dripped off their faces like an oil spill! Frisky Monkey and Cat Temper simply take what’s good and spice up the heath for a brilliant nowadays! What a feast!

The party mood goes next level with Cat Temper and Casey Desmond sweeping us of our feet in this bilingual electro pop anthem that makes even the toughest human super hero meow along like a cute fluffy kitten. It feels like the tune that would fit perfect in a movie of cat woman, one that will elevated the perfect crime with a perfect song that it would leave many of the theater watchers in a excellent state of mind. All hoping that it will roll out again as the credits rollout, so everyone can pick their back in successful inspiration.

What cats really think is pointed out by Gulf Blvd when rocking out on the Cat temper vibes. They simply lift up their in your face secret of them owninh their so called owners, order them to open up  cans of food or scratch you to get it done. High on cat nip they clearly enjoy being served and tempered by their human servant. A meow of good willed encouragement might be their only payment, but don’t they know what an great honor it is to serve such amazing cats? They are gods living in your house, so you better live up to that high level of expectation.

Things just gets better and better, thanks to C Z A R I N A teaming up with Cat Temper we are in for a hot fevered banger! With enough flair of enjoyment the hard fast ninja moves of the feline empire are being praised, let out the killer instinct and let it fill us up to dance like a panther stealing a large ruby without any alarm bells going off! It’s a full blast with golden vocals that ride on the banger beat and bass combo.

Upon eventual collapse is another one who teamed up with Cat Temper for a jolly good music excerzise! Together they created a very big cat of a tune, very bubbly, fat and hairy. You can just imagine the whiskers being pitch black and heavy, complimenting the focused eyes who are focused on its prey. Let me tell you we are mice in this tunes eyes, do better prepare to be eaten!

Violet Candide and Cat Temper now chases the whole lot into space, leveling up the cat and mouse game into other galaxies. From there they protect the earth from the evil rats with a classy allure of sentimental space synth rock that would slap even the biggest evildoer back in to their pest trap. With these cats being out there we all could sleep at night in peace, they are the protectors that we didn’t know that we needed.

Last but not least, a personal favorite on this biggy full of cat hits! It’s a no escape gruesome banger in which all left over rats and mice will be crushed thanks to The Vessel of VVOV and Cat Temper who created a classic alternative electronic gothic banger that will make many lovers drip from sweat on the dance floor. It’s hard, it’s hanging, it’s the end of every sensible thing & goddamnit what’s not to dig about this? It’s a killer!
You need to hear this album! Meow!

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Ohsaurus – Where to Go When Home is Gone

Artist: Ohsaurus
Title: Where to Go When Home is Gone
Keywords: ohsaurus pop cassette sunup recordings tape where to go when home is gone United States
Label: Sunup Recordings

Where to go when home is gone by Ohsaurus’ gives us a bit of hope, as apparantly this is the kind of uplifting album you could run away in no matter what, you will have no problem here to find a happy shelter within these old school 2012 electronic vibes. They are normally very wrong when they say that in the old days things had been better, but in this case it’s good to know that you can actually travel back in a moment in which nobody (except nurses/doctors and bank robbers!) would wear mouth masks… With melodies that are joyful and welcoming in all their almost innocent like ways, there might suddenly something to be happy and smiley about. Just beam yourself into the good days and enjoy a nice time.

First a little bit of free booze to boost up the spirit, making us cheerful with a laugh and a jolly dance & than a dopey experience will follow, one of hanging out in the music equivalent of being drugged up on Dioxazine. It’s here as if humming monks had come down in a group of ufos, ready to welcome us in their midst, feel accepted within their warm pleasant bizarre state of welcoming sounds. Not bad, eh?

And than Ohsaurus just continues with pleasuring our senses on this classic album among pure electric joyfulness. A happy upbeat freakout with sensual upbeat vibes will make you feel all good and uplifted. You will find you instantly in higher feel good spirits, no matter if you had been evicted, kicked out or had to eat out of dumpsters for a while. This music here is an upper, boosting the morale. You can just hear the joy of the artist creating it, really hoping to give us that roof above our head and than (as if it hadn’t been good enough!) give us plenty of quirky upbeat reasons to go through the roof and dance upon it for glorious feel good reasons.

But don’t worry if you are worried that you are too stiff to dance into escapist escapades, as Ohsaurus simply makes you feel at home, no matter what. You can chose to sit back on these tiles and let the melodies and rhythms just play over your head, pick them up with your heart like a playful child that just got a new toy to either play or stare happily at. This music grabs the dark clouds and tosses it in the bin & quickly replaces it all with a certain pure lightweight joy that you can easily flip off the switch of your overworked thinking capacities & just embrace a nice time of no worries at all. Let Ohsaurus do the thinking, while at the same time coming across as if all that you hear cones out so naturally, that it might be joyfully made while on a automatic creative transmission.

Just hear the super fun baselines in Reduced and you know that all falls in place, that all puzzle pieces had come together. Who cares that this is not made in 2021 but probably around 9 years ago? It is very relevant, as who doesn’t want to escape in a happy manic zone of artist expression who clearly loves what it was doing and that fun attitude is captivating and in fact a good hearted escape plan for anyone out there in these harsh days of trouble. Is it not great that thanks to the internet and the digital age, we can just teleport back into happier and more innocent times & just stay there for a bit? Catch some breath, enjoy the music and embrace the fun!

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