Unbear – Unbear (EP)

Artist: Unbear
Title: Unbear (EP)
Keywords: experimental atmospheric dark ambient dark electronic dark experimental dope electronic glitch lsd musique concrete noise psychedelic sound art sound collage women experimental Rancagua
Label: Cian Orbe

I’ve got half a mind 2 mind is not only a thing that to me is like a recognizable occurrence, as a music track it’s quite the experience. Headphones should be worn if you want to enjoy the full blown effect of a train, a Alien space ship and a colony of vocal madness to come in. Hannah Birch Carl is the one behind the moniker of Unbear, the one who created this sonic masterpiece with poetic flavors. She presents such dense creations, with fitting field recordings, lush hotness in sound effects and warrior like attire. It’s hot music and yet keeps itself ultimately cool.

She can even make a lawnmower sound adventurous and good. Isn’t afraid to record wolves from up close… She clearly doesn’t have only ‘Love for insects’ as the love for audio treatment that even though sounding (at first sight) quite minimal, is extremely apparent within this full movie for the mind. It’s a shame that it has only four tracks, but considering the amount of detail and the obvious care that the artist had put into it; there is no room for fluff as all that you hear is executed in the best possible way.

The music experience made me hold both my hands tightly on these headphones, crushing my ears just so to be sure not to miss out on a single bit of these detailed details that this EP is so rich off. It provides surprises that you won’t expect and does it in a way that it won’t make you fall of your chair, but does it all in a way that it all fits in, fallen into its place like a out of the box puzzle that is complete and well thought about.

Everything here is where it should be! From things going backwards, fire flames, bugs, rhythm, bass, lushness, kicks, electric twinkling… slowly but surely parading about like a friendly ghoul in the night. it’s worth to write a book about, but on the other hand it’s best to listen to this as if you are a blank canvas, just so Unbear can color it in with her creative mind and sonic colors. Free download, so things can’t be any better really! Check it out over here;

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Miggs – Inertia

Artist: Miggs
Title: Inertia
Keywords: Australia
Label: Disco Cinematic

Sonic experimentation is what the person behind this request had promised while supplying Inertia by Miggs to our professional reviewer’s office. Don’t they know that such conclusions are for us to decide and analyze? But yes, this person was very much right, as this seems to be all about sonic experimentation. But don’t worry, it’s not of the scientific kind, so you won’t have to worry about hearing frequencies that aren’t made for the human ears or sounds that will form no music at all.

No, this case of sonic experiments are one that all people should be able to understand and follow; no need to have finished kindergarten with high grades or having a high grade scientific hobby on the side. The music is concrete and is followable, and even if you had been brainwashed by the mainstream music a bit too much, you too will eventually get it…

the bits and build up of these electric works are long and dense, taking the time for anyone (wether having short or have been blessed with long attention spans) to get accustomed by them. No shock effects, yet these experiments might blow some minds along within its graceful sounding process. They are of the kind that take no prisoners, sound strong and bold; at first there is no niceness but more a rough metallic look that reeks of pure industrialism. You know, big rusted beats, weird massive sounds that sounds as if they are made out of iron, caught somehow unscientifically with a dream catcher in a unknown scene from perhaps somewhere in outer space. But later on the album moves away from here, goes for a friendlier sound, something that you could sit down too and lower your shields with; it gets pretty!

Somehow I have the suspicion that these experimental sonic experiments are not executed in a laboratory down here on earth, but maybe have been produced in a alien vessel somewhere in the galaxy, a place where aliens have studied human psychology in order to know what they like music and audio wise and than somehow transmitted to us lucky people down on this earthly ball (or flat pancake – according to some revolutionary skeptics) . This feeling especially creeps upon me when the music removes the beats and let it all hang out in all its floating ways. Here the album gets really spacious, humming in a friendly base that will play with the mind when you close your eyes.

Inserting sensible melodies that are of emotional kind, things that will make a listener relax and feel at ease in. In fact the sounds somehow show that they are not all coming from a bold and protective place,as they simply come across more as if they had come in peace. Bringing nice sceneries over time, not at all difficult to get into, but more gifted in giving not only what a brave listener wants but also what it very much needs. Unexpected moments of calmness are something of a blessing here at our reviewer’s office & to be fair; sharing this work with you (dear reader) is obviously a pleasure:

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IOK-1 – Void

Artist: IOK-1
Title: Void
Keywords: Lobit, ambient, 8kbps
Label: 8ravens https://8ravens.blogspot.com

Are you a Lobit fanatic? Ready to swim in pure hormones of complete low fidelity sexuality? Well, this might be the Void you had been waiting for.. The delicate sound of deep under water space, the pleasure of bubbling data frequencies that are trembling the inner ears into its orgasmic ways; it’s all there and sounding very true and on point. They will make perfect food for any Lobit fetishist, the non exclusive kind of sexy material that would make them all aroused and excited at the same time.

IOK-1 is not pounding around the bush over here with this release on the legendary 8ravens label, but goes straight to the most pleasurable points. It somehow made me feel like a fish at home in a pond, very spacious, cold and rich, surrounded by other Lobit lovers all in a orgasmic suspense at the same time; all senses are feeling it, perfectly sedating us all as the dark water supports the weights of all our floating bodies.

It’s here within this 8kbps heaven that body weight, your class, religion or where on earth you are coming from is of non importance. There are enough deep bass frequencies available for all of us, and the non discriminating supply of bubbles will also be enough to give oxygen to all who needs it. You can’t go wrong with this Void as everyone who loves this place will love each other, potentially embraces the watery vibes of the lowered bit rate level to engage in a orgy of lightweight love making. The sounds are hot, yet the frequencies cooler than the best shades to hide away in at a summer’s day.

Come on over if the 8kbps sound is your thing, don’t feel ashamed while feeling yourself as this Void plays; it’s just what happens when audio pleasure swims your way in its true undisputed shape, color and sound. The orgasms that you share with all the other lovers of this phenomenon might never reach the mainstream, so no worries as here you can be true to yourself. No dirty looks or disapproval judgement from out of touch lookers that won’t understand where you had been coming from; just a orgy for the extreme cult of the true 8kbps sound!

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Rangers – Late Electrics

Artist: Rangers
Title: Late Electrics
Keywords: electronic pop psychedelic rock experimental indie rock psychedelic synth techno Los Angeles
Label: Doom Trip

Like being seated on a electric chair and instantly being fried up by a shockwave that comes instantly. That’s what ‘Dog Mom’ made me feel when it kicked off this album by Rangers. But this electric shock isn’t unpleasant at all, in fact it’s the opposite. It establishes this kind of derangement within my head, making me believe to listen to the pleasant voice of Beck in his ‘devil’s haircut’ heydays, while rangers slamming on guitars and a bandaid of epic melodic kind is all wrapped around it.

The instant wake up call made me feel dissociative in some way, setting the scene for hearing the tracks on this album in a special kind of mood.

None of my ears are bleeding, even though the beginning thrill made me rip off the chains previously chained to silence; I bit them with my bare teeth as the music barks like a dog.. the high that the music establishes is of the kind that makes me feel half there and half in some kind of subdued state. Like a candle that is half burning while almost drowning in its own melted wax, almost gone and yet very much alive. ‘Never expected much’ , ‘Dish Rags’ ‘catalonia’ all of them tracks have that effect on me, fully living it and yet having this glazed eye feel and vibe of not being fully aware of what is happening around me, while at the same time being fully awake and in the know.

The music on this release has the pop rock structure that goes in like a cake laced with a bizarre mix of Xanax and speed. It’s a odd combo that flips its way throughout the album, feeling lots of energy and yet sounds blurred from reality, cloudy and clear – to not really know what’s going on. Half awake and definitely awake at the same time, the vibe of being switched on and at the same time being switched off.

Apartment Scene is another killer track in this case; with a structure that is straightforward, upbeat and melodic dramatic with a happy clap along theme, yet there is a divine grogginess about it. Sedating tea and strong coffee as music mixes greatly together but as drinkable products probably not so much, making me feel that as a lucky listener of this album, I could chose which mood to be in, flipping between up and down, awake or dreamy, all while actually hearing all these same individual tunes.

The Rangers take on the ‘Dutch Oven’ which makes me sink away in the thoughts of smoking up a big spliff, something that indeed feels as complex as the vibes that the music on this album had given me. At one point, the smoke of a joint is exciting and liberating, yet at the other hand it’s a sedative; this is what this album is to me; bringing two opposites together on a fine balance & the listener can choose itself which one to experience, if not being able to enjoy both all at once. I like this dissociated state that this album gave me, like a good stout with enough sugar in it to keep me energized and yet subdued by a firm layer of alcohol. No stress at all!

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Plankton Dada Wave – Dada Niet

Artist: Plankton Dada Wave
Title: Dada Niet
Keywords: punk dada new wave no wave post-punk zolo Varese

A instant party starts as Dada Niet plays, it’s a silly joy in which we can clap our hands, stamp our feet and throw drumsticks on the ground or perhaps on some hot coal. Everything is up and positive, rocking us with a generous psycho wave pop that is crunchily mastered, delightfully freaky and more efficient than a NASA rocket in putting us on the moon of festivities.

The audio version of a bottle of rum might be flowing richly, as the sounds of fun and delusional arrangements are all coming to life on this album. It shakes with excitement, quacks like a duck and blast through our veins without injecting anything hurtful; it’s a feeling of upbeat enthusiasm generated by humor, confusion and light weird weirdness that makes you feel like a drunk mosquito happy to burn up within these party vibes.

Perfect for the barbecue weather, with nice upbeat material that will make everyone into the happy zone & if that is the zone that makes you normally uncomfortable grumpy to be in (like a goth in the sun) than its best to stay away; but for all others it’s the soundtrack to be happy and gay in a delightful dada Wave pop way…

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Olivia Block – Heave To

Artist: Olivia Block
Title: Heave To
Keywords: experimental electroacoustic electronic heave to olivia block sound Chicago

Thanks to a suggestion dropped by Feminatronic my ears got sucked into a very spacious and fantastical release that made my world go upside down. It was as if a pleasant tornado had rocked the land and blew everything up in the air. But instead of it being scary, it was a way of getting things together, twirling around in circles with what sounded like a entire orchestra.

They somehow stayed in their seats and flew in this massive circle of stormy activity, adding the right tension and melodic tensions to something that might have been otherwise probably pretty terrifying. Now it has become a fascinating audio trip in which we could expand our ears for the best experience & flow about in this phenomena of Mother Nature and it’s musical inhabitants.

Raindrops might make us all wet, flying rubbish might bump into us as we twirl around too; but somehow it sounds like a safe exposure that is full of excitement and probably delivering a higher thrill than going for a case of listening to some fanatic thrill seeker doing a bungee jump.

In the end the music directs us al to safety, not only giving us a amazing thrilling audio experience that felt as being with a microphone and recording device in the middle of this musical tornado, but also as a feel good experience that we are all able to survive without damage to either our ears, clothes and mentality. I’m happy to shove you towards this natural phenomenon of audio and music:

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rosemary loves a blackberry – snowfake

Artist: rosemary loves a blackberry
Title: snowfake
Keywords: despotism experimental dark darkness glitter goblin haunting russia silent snowflakes Leiden
Label: Smikkelbaard

Be aware of the vague language ahead as even though the music is excellent in accessibility, I just feel like I need to be throw in some vagueness. Let’s go:
To dance only is as if a dream had come to life, trampling over the lines of pure aromatic divinity. Electronic layers of music spread out like cool mushrooms in my garden, a army of softness that is trembled upon by light feet of a dreamy vocal of a female person that sings in temptational forms in a language that is to me unknown. It isn’t a problem, only adds to the dreamy atmospheric conditions that makes this release into something that provokes to wear sunglasses at night & persuades the bouncy feeling of sitting on a niche of soft pillows, while getting a massage: it makes you feel cool and good.

The music continues in this order, with rattling rhythms, loungable cold beats and feverish hotness in vocal style. It’s like a level that hangs somewhere within a dream and something that balances it self more like a ballerina in the fairy world. I wonder how this provider of girlish dreams had ended up to release with the legendary Smikkelbaard label, perhaps this isn’t real and just a imaginary release coming out of the fact that I’ve been drinking early again? In any case; the beats will swipe anyone that can hear it up, and everyone into electro pop that are quite sick of the likes of ladytron and want something more underground; make a welcoming bow to your newly found goddess!

I don’t know anything about this music, where it’s coming from (besides the internet and a specific place on bandcamp), I don’t know who made it and in what purpose these tunes have come to life for; but I do think they have that elegant touch to be happy, endorsing that feeling of being half asleep and slammed in the face by something that tells you to wake up: A complete complex feeling, yet not at all unpleasant.

It inspires me somehow to travel back to smikkelbaard more often, as it has always kept its promise to bring releases that will surprise the ears & in this case I feel they might have not only done that; they also have brought some audio gold to the table. Lush electronic music they has huge potential to cultivate a large fan base; where do I sign up? I’ve cleaned up a entire house while tiptoeing respectively on the sounds that this release provided & I’m grateful for the fine music and also for another courages act of discovering it… let me share this pleasure with you as I raise my drink in the air and say cheers! Cheers!

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