mhzesent – There Ye Go… (EP)

Artist: mhzesent
title: There Ye Go… (EP)
keywords: Net Label, Experimental, Hip-Hop, mhzesent
label: Terminal Station Records

it’s been an entire week without any update here, but we have come out of hiding to report to you on a neat little underground happening! There ye go… by mhzesent, freely available trhough Terminal Station Records! Whoohoo!
With its cool beats that are coming out of the coolest cooler available in underground land this EP seems to turn entire stadiums upside down. People will automatically clap simultaneously; they will bounce and wobble their head in synchrony upon listening to these fresh tunes, quite possibly making the earth move a little out of its natural orbit.

These are the speechless hip-hop goodies that are as delicate as you wanted them to be, or as in your face as you could prefer… The cute little twinkling sensations of mellow melodies, the pockets full of unafraidness, for experiment in lushfull sexiness are temptations in their own right. They all working hard not to only expand the colorfully rich discography from mhzesent, but also proofing the point that music that is free is probably much more worth anyone’s attention than anything that people would pay for.

This artist brings music that is coming out of a brilliant mind and does this as if it’s something lightweight and easy, with the material that comes across as a graceful flying butterfly who wears a fuck you hat we can get the message loud and proud; mhzesent kicks always quality ass & does it with a shoe full of love!

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various artists – Interesting Results

Artists: various
Title: Interesting Results
Keyword: experimental

Sometimes you just want to hear some interesting music done by equally interesting characters. Since me tip toeing on the horrific Babylonian platform ‘spotify’ I started to be quite surprised that there had been a great bunch of rare rarities on it to explore. Which made me do the ludicrous act of trying to make a yeahiknowitsucks playlist with interesting music and interesting artists; a dangerous thing cause when you start to be involved with evil streaming surfaces there might be a chance of addiction. Many of the collected artists on that (now still little) playlist are featured on this compilation of interesting results. I found it by searching for the all time favorite artist BJ Snowden (kudos to her!) and I’m grateful to share it here with you. This collection is to me also a bit like a radio playlist in which some favorites and some new found glorious artists could be heard doing their personal interesting things.

It started with Ariel Pink, a artist that’s quite popular so it seems. His name always pops up everywhere and you can even find him in a YouTube series in which they ask popular artists to go into a record store and get their favorite records.. I mean that’s a thing no one would like to see if you are a total no-one, right? He seems to be a alright guy, yet I don’t think his music is speaking to me personally that much, don’t know why, but nobody should be having sleepless nights over that. It’s probably personal taste (might it be too good to touch upon the golden foretaste of suckiness?) anyway, Ariel Pink’s haunted graffiti found its way all the way to the front of this fabulous compilation of eccentric oddities. It’s a hard carry, but the artist seems to carry it well, singing and playing in all sincere honestly his tune and that’s perfectly alright.

The eccentric artist named Peter Grudzein found a nice second place, giving a song about nothing, which is something to the mix. With a drum that sounds like a ping pong bat hitting a ball and a melody made with a fuzzy guitar and a sweet keyboard, which drives the song to nowhere. It absolutely goes about absolutely nowhere, as if frozen in time in a contagious loop of self explanatory nothingness. It seems to stay there for years, as if the lot of nothing is there to test out your patience and dedication to the cause of pure nothingness. People laugh and dogs bark within it, but don’t worry it’s all nothing. It is a interesting curiosity though!

Personal favorite Lucia Pamela’s hit Hap-hap-happy heart is also included on this compilation, probably kindly inserted to spice up the happy activities. With the swinging washing up board vibes, the lady (who is happier then most people) sounds effective and attractive. It’s a feast to hear her joyous vibe, like watching a black and white show in which props made out of paper have formed a entire alien backdrop, one in which Lucia sings and dances like she is perfectly at home. A happy go lucky star that shines comfortably within it as a purest hero!

The one and only phenomenal Harry Merry also joined the glorious looney bin with his fine original style, sounding like a young frank Sinatra while going on the merry go round at the local funfair. It’s a charming affair, playing out like a party for the mentally deluded and as handsome as a colorful persona could be. He sounds still wet behind the ears, as if he sung it in his early years; cool and confident & as unique as the word unique itself. He should get a knighthood for putting his brand name out there as somehow the harbor city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands feels forever interlinked with Harry Merry’s name, probably doing more for tourism than the orange royal family!

After Harry it’s Chris Butler singing a song about a chemical make over juice. He sounds alright, passionate and with kind tones in his voice. You can easily imagine him in front of the mirror showing himself his elbows after his own juice treatment. The song sounds quite wonderful and that’s selling this juice perfectly, making me wonder what the name of his juice is and how to get my hands onto it.

I haven’t heard of Petra Haden before, but thanks to checking out this lovely compilation I have now… what a wonderful artist this is, easily convincing me with ‘Armenia’ (city in the sky) which features her voice in all it’s might and glory, forming the music and the words of the song. It’s a wonderful thing to hear, like throat singers, sirens, a rock goddess, cats and frogs had come together and become one in this song. A love baby made up out of vocal sounds if you’d may say so.

Shooby Taylor also joined the club, which is always a sign of a curator’s good taste of music . He is one of these artist I want my grand children to know about. The legendary human horn does his horny horn thing with his mouth on this song ‘Indiana’ and does it in a warm, pleasant and motivational way that this can only be done by someone who believes in himself.

Bob Vido, another discovery that this compilation had given me.. seems to be a good match for Shooby Taylor, with fun music that feels utterly pleasant, happy and warm we can hear some bits of human horn intertwined with the actual real thing; it’s a hard choice to see what sounds nicer? So why not have and love & adore both!

BJ Snowden is one of the purest heroes out there in the artistic world. Her honesty and talent alone was the actual reason that I stumbled upon this compilation. She uses her songs to tell stories, but also to inform or change things. You can hear the teacher within her here, her care and worries… she sings a positive song about being drug free, and by doing this she sets a glorious example for the youngsters that might be tempted by the junkie lifestyle.

The mysterious character Y. bhekhirst (Google him and you will find mystery hunters and a artist in hiding!) has somehow dropped his big and popular hit ‘hot in the airport’ to this collection. It’s the most tranquilizing piece of music in existence probably. Absolutely brilliant and maddening at the same time. If you are unfamiliar with it you will be in for a serious great treat in music discovery! Nobody would be able to create, write or even just come up with a song like this except of course this artist.

Hooligan Hotline by Eric Alexandrakis emphasized on the rumble shackle Lo-fi trashy pop. It’s like the Beatles but with distortion and on speed. It’s party music, a bit beach boys but heavy and roughened up; what’s not to like about this unclassifiable mashup of energetic madness?

All the way at the end we have R. Stevie Moore asking questions, and doing it in a delightful way. It features him in all his delicate palette of vocal skills, wrapping it in all kinds of ages and sounds for a story of a life time. It’s the longest track on the album, yet it left me as good as speechless to say anything about it; it was the incredible interesting ending of a very interesting compilation:

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Dino Felipe – as: Flim Toby

Artist: Dino Felipe
Title: as: Flim Toby
Keywords: 4-track electroacoutics electronic rock ambient experimental electronic impressionist synthpop United States
label: Schematic Music Co.

Dino Felipe’s classic as: Flim Tobin is still a master piece to be reckoned with. Let’s say it’s a master piece of it’s own kind, not just a ‘kind’ but it’s of a kindest kind. With the most loveliest sounds, the ones that touch upon the sweetest melodies & caress the ears with warm love and sweet delight. It’s the creator with its electronic computer and a simple four track recorder who created all these interesting feathery beauties that are as personal as they could be.

You could hear the fanatic fantasies flowing while he went deep into the creation zone. Making a fierce amount of originalities that are surprisingly satisfying as little caring carers , mind crashingly noisy at certain times but mostly sweet hearted like cute exotic pets that you just want to keep on your lap for stroking purposes. Peace of mind is what they seem to bring and deliver, they are your friends and you could trust them more than your own behind.

Some of them are fixed on the groovy side of life, evoking the love to hook in easily within the glorious generous avant-garde adventures. They are all so lovely, so adorable and flimsy. It’s intelligent material made with sounds carefully crafted… they are all like new born babies that had been lovingly pulled out from the artist’s own womb. All twenty four of these cute baby puppies on this album have their own character, their own sense of self and identity. Together they are a concrete togetherness that is as pleasant as visiting a animal lover’s house full of your favorite pets.

All of them are adorable, jumping, sleeping, putting, rattling, giving head, doing silly walks, do pretty nifty things with wool, go for paw massages, look at you with these unbelievable eyes that you could sink your soul in… some are naughty, yet with such adorable sounds they could simply get away with anything! You just want to see what they will come up next, what they will do, how they will conquer your heart with their sense of charm and emotional support. And guess what? They are extremely loyal and await you with their acts of kindness forever here, always available for when you need them the most:

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Little Penguin – Little Penguin Goes Pop

Artist: Little Penguin
Title: Little Penguin Goes Pop
Keywords: chiptune electronic chiptune experimental electronic gameboy trippy-h Brighton
Label: Loser Crew Recordings

Little Penguin goes pop, but it also goes bleep and boing boom. With this fantastic floppy diskette release all lovers of real gameboy sounds will be happily satisfied. It’s as Little Penguin gathered perfection upon its youthful beginners luck in chip tune making. While listening to these joyous childlike tunes that hobble around in this festive release you could simply feel like life is good and bright. With its fanatic loops to get your grooves on, this friendly floppy fellow will simply be the carrier of joy for the young and the old, the hairy and the bald!

You need pepper for on your egg? Little Penguin will give it to you, with a cheerful sound and a glorious good vibe & always a smile. The little friend will make everyone happy with its lovely Nintendo galore. But Little Penguin doesn’t refrain from experiment and walks on the bright side by adding a bit of stylophone to the squared square waves. What we get is more reasons to be happy and excited; steady flows that even whales should be able to dance upon. But if you are more flexible, you might even go for a full on move marathon!

The Penguin simply jams the beeps like there is no battery to die out! With spectacular star like sparkles and hard baselines the music goes from A to Z in a direct line, likable as ever and contagious like some kind of family friendly drug that you can’t really can get enough from. Oh and the love! Only a stone person should not be able to feel it, but every body else will be happy to receive these lovely vibes, wether your name is Wendy, Derrick, Amanda, Pete or something else that you like. The love is apparent in these happy beeps & my excitement for it knows no boundaries! Get your wings, paws or hands at this floppy over here:

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Manuscripts From Beyond – The Dead Valley EP

Artist: Manuscripts From Beyond
Title: The Dead Valley EP
Keywords: experimental concept album dark ambient doom experimental psychedelic folk Oulu

The dead valley is a deadly place, the floors are obnoxiously filled with death, poisonous sand pits and orange skies of despair. But not all is dreadful as there is music to be heard. Played with a sad touch of sinister sweetness. Somehow they make the dead scene into something beautiful and miraculously hopeful. There is apparently a soothing something to the silence of no life.

Oddly there are sounds of life here, especially coming about in the form of a mysterious computerized male persona’s poetic words. Telling a story as if it came out of a old dusty book as performed perfectly at a open mic night. Still the musical scenery of death and decay seems to flourish, inspiring like a trip in the desert with no water in eye sight.

A dramatic cinematic flavor of bold raw guitar sound might come out of a surviving cactus, pointy and prickly for the ears, standing fiercely in the intoxicated grounds as a sign of sinful hope. The Deadly Valley is a experience for experts, armed with bio hazard suits and gas masks that safeguard their sanity.

Everything seems as if the time had been standing still, slow and cold hardened emotions being either burned or frozen into the concept of time. A sigh of ‘help’ can come out of the poet, dreadfully overtaken by the intensive sight that this valley has to offer. Almost as if it had been a sound made as the artist sinks away in the feeling of disaster and fear.

The voice just wants to follow the impulse of getting away from this place, this Valley that lays like a poisonous fog to the human soul. Still the feeling of hope seems to have touched the artist, making the suggestion that out of the ashes of destruction new flora and fauna will perhaps arise for a fruitful future. Amen to that suggestion suggestion within this lengthy EP, beautifully send to us and now kindly offered to you for your entertainment:

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Jason Kahn – Circle

Artist: Jason Kahn
Title: Circle
Keywords: experimental noise Zurich

When I heard these circles by Jason Kahn for the first time I felt honestly worried about the artist’s wellbeing. It seemed that oxygen had a problematic way of passing and flowing in and out of Jason’s throat. His lack of words, the long tones that had gone through squeezed longs… The only indication that it was all alright seemed to be the artist still being able to play a descent piece on a stringed instrument.

Still the sound of Jason Kahn trying to push out vocal chords through a narrow pipe in his neck felt unhealthy and intense. I imagined the artist recording with a blue face thanks to the lack of oxygen; I hope of course that wasn’t the case, but if I worked at the emergency department of a hospital and this artist came in sounding like this I would have probably made him skip the line and instantly send him through to the operation room. A place where they probably would place a mask on his mouth, do some active checkups and would eventually do all in their might to get him talk again like a normal breathing person.

Of course as a open headed music listener I understand that he isn’t suffering from suffocation, acute pain or a mental breakdown; that it is just part of the act, a touch of experimental experiments of expression, of musical art and entertainment… a expressional meal of soul food if you’d like.. but still, that doesn’t take away how worried I was for him most of the time while listening to this album.

If there was no strings, no hands and fingers playing them and just the artist’s vocal skills the album would have been a difficult listen to sit through. Luckily there are the strings attached, making it clear that this is just a case of wordless self expression and nothing really to worry too much about. Its easier said than done, but maybe that’s because I’m a carer at heart.

It’s just a artist doing its thing, tormenting himself in order of passionate expression, giving it all for the likes of us who love to hear and see a musician making its thing as if his life was literally depending on it. Intense suffering is what I would like to call it. The more the ‘circles’ go on, the less panicked I felt. Whether it is because the artist seemed more comfortable within his own shaped realm of using his voice as a instrument of passion, or that I might have getting used to it is irrelevant; but it just took time to let go of that feeling of wanting to help a fellow human from its suffering; understanding that it was just a matter of perspective and experiencing previously unheard performance art.

It’s all pretty intensive if you would ask me! If I heard my neighbor perform like this I would have called an ambulance straight away & and I’m not joking! Thank goodness that this is music and a passionate musician doing its thing and not a case for hospitalization. You are free to check and hear it for yourself over at the following link:

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Harley Cream – Pathos Ep

Artist: Harley Cream
Title: Pathos Ep
Keywords: alternative electronic alternative pop alternative rock lo-fi pop satanic witch house Poland

Openings track ‘Hello Satan’ by legendary artist Harley Cream must be the hellhole music of the century. With the help of odd looping of a creepy organ that seemed to have come straight from a horror sitcom and a voice that sounds traumatically squeezed out of a pair of lungs; it gets the epidemic sound of real creepiness. This is just the start on this little EP, but already enough to lock yourself into a safety shelter and board up the windows for what this artist will come up with next.

In this case it’s Polly Jean, which sounds less evil, but feels crazy enough to make the most sane person loses its mind in a excellent state of paranoid paranoia.
There is something hot about it, but maybe that’s me; I’m always attracted to craziness and always drool at depictions of mad men in their drug like Hollywood laboratories… but Harley Cream isn’t a fake, a prop or a actor.. which makes this work that made me think of a seduction of satanic ice creams that wants to be licked, a much more intense work than something that was acted out in a screen in the local art house cinema.

The music goes on with ‘the list’ goes for creepy piano notes and a crushed out vocal vibe in which Harley Cream sings and produces like a person on a epic ketamine trip. It comes across like tip toeing on the edge of lunacy & being totally okay and confident within this realm. He gets even more intimate with ‘whisper’ which feels as if he is in your head, sexing you up like a mermaid on the rocks that wants you to steer your ship onto the cliffs ready to join his assortment of sunken bodies in its seductive call of edginess. He wants you and let’s it know like a wizard who’s intense spell can’t be avoided or underestimated.

The last track, a original meltdown of the mind, feels like a battle between a old fashioned ghostbuster and a ghost trapped within its own head. The sucking and slurping sound and the panicked vocal on repeat is incredible to experience & we can only hope that Harley Cream’s device is long enough to be able to suck out these tormented hot demons once and for all!

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