Brent Pella – So Alone (The Anti-Valentine’s Day Song)

Artist: Brent Pella
title: So Alone (The Anti-Valentine’s Day Song)
keywords: pop, comedy, video,

“Hate Valentine’s Day? Let’s be lonely together!”

Brent Pella might be alone, but he is totally cool with it. As you know, he might not be the only one. There are many other people out there who are alone. You might be one of them, or perhaps you aren’t. But whatever as Brent Pella is alone, and he wrote an excellent tune about it. And hack being ‘So Alone’ doesn’t sound so bad at all; you can eat all that you want, have no family walking in front of your feet, don’t need to waste money on Valentines presents & you have more time to write songs & record your own video clips.

And talking about that, seeing Brent Pella’s ‘So Alone’ video clip, it seems that there are plenty of people in it who happily play along. So there might be a chance that Brent isn’t so alone after all. And it’s understandable as Brent Pella is talented; he raps like a fresh Eminem his lonely raps, and manages to sing his lyrics on key with ease. He also seems to be able to act, as the video is a showcase of him dancing, and wide open facial expressions. He jumps from snow to hot dry sandy grounds, and even gets his family involved. Music wise it sounds ready to drop on any possible commercial radio station; not a mind boggling master piece but hey; it’s a nice comedic stance towards all the Valentine’s battlefields out there today.

If you like what you’ve heard, feel free to sponsor Brent Pella’s chocolate supply by buying the tune on Apple music.
Or simply move to his website and send him your valentine’s letters of appreciation.

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Modelbau – Four Squared Wheel

a3756478528_16artist: Modelbau
title: Four Squared Wheel
keywords: ambient experimental drones field recordings minimal minimalism Amsterdam
label: Moving Furniture Records

Four Squared Wheel by Modelbau comes in gradually, bringing a single tone in an establishing need to be heard. It gets louder, gaining more voluminous harmony along the way; getting bigger and euphoric in a way that reminds of a hypnotist hypnotizes a crowd.

Mesmerized and absorbed by sound seems to be the ultimate goal, excluding all unneeded outside sounds to showcase only the essence of singular sound presentation. It might sound technical, but could easily compared as visiting a session with an alternative medium that rinses the head from problems by replacing all thoughts and feels with an intense tonal projection. It’s like massage for the ears, soothing out the whole body and mind without the risk of gaining unwanted troubling side-effects. The only side effects could possibly be the ones that aren’t of a negative order; perhaps slight visuals, a psychoactive touch with your inner psychedelic side..

But from just a pure listening standing point, it’s just a very calming and relaxing experience. Modelbau manages to mold the sound in such ways that it simply keeps on moving, never making you feel like you might have possibly heard it all before. It’s an harmonic event, something that captivates and perhaps even manages to take some listener’s breath away.

It comes in four organic sounding phases, exposing slightly different tonal sounds that follow a similar conceptual style and way of exposing themselves. It’s a smooth session, clearly making sure that all that could disturb is banned from the recording session. See Modelbau’s Four Squared Wheel as a alternative way to find inner peace by exploring sound & you might find that serene place named ‘heaven’.

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B.J. Snowden – Valentine’s Day

artist: B.J. Snowden
title: Valentine’s Day
keywords: pop, alternative, singer songwriter
artist website:

In case you came here in the hope to avoid the happening named Valentines day, you’ll be at the wrong address; Valentines day has infected us too! Flowers, engraved rings, lots of heart shape balloons and looking forward to a romantic breakfast, sensual lunch and perhaps a sexy dinner… As you can imagine our office is a total mess full with postal cards drenched with the nicest perfumes, send in teddybears and someone even even added some valentines graffiti on the front door; it’s a real feast!

But even though all the gifts from these unanimous admirers, lovers and other romantic individuals one thing is obvious missing; the music! But lucky a gracious and talented individual has her song ready, and had been bookmarked by us smarty-pants to be spreading the love at this very special valentines day!

BJ Snowden sings her heart out & plays the keys on her keyboard perfectly to deliver the best possible song to celebrate. If that isn’t enough; it comes with its own very fun video in which the artist’s aura shines, her infectious smile infects our own & of course a bunch of flowers and fancy lights! BJ Snowden knows what valentines day is all about as she brings her song with love and lots of fun to your eyes and ears! Behold one of the true reasons to love Valentines day: BJ Snowden’s Valentines Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! <3 <3 <3  <3

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Artist: Mismerizer
keywords: experimental, Electro-Glitch Experimental, industrial, alternative electro-glitch cold wave experimental industrial minimal synth postindustrial synthpop

An dose of beats mixed with wildly scratched vinyl that talks to you like a mouse in reverse, a deadly whisper & a totally menacing melody. If these ingredients get you excited, you will be entirely smashed when the beats gears up for a machine gun assault that will make you fly!
This is not a joke, even though a vocal might imprint it; this music got the power to shake you by the shoulders, throw you around as if to say; get up from that chair and go out to kick some ass!

This is music that will get the blood stream pumping, the heart beat raising and your brain going a little out of control. And this is only the audio part… So beware when you hit the complete audio and visual experience; you might go into a shock of hyperventilation! … But even if so; it is well worth it, as the instant exposure of refreshing creativity is one well worth to experience.

The video is best watched in High Definition and completely in the dark. The music video will light up the room with explosive flickering images that are just as menacing and powerful as the sounds. But it is also very refreshing, it gives hope in a way that when you think all creativenesses seems to gone mild & everything is slowly beginning to sound and look the same: this will wake you up like a powerful shot of creative caffeine!

Pink neon lights, sharp teeth, twirling special effects, a pair of legs, red hot smoke, toxic slime, gigantic fingernails, bat-like glasses, a magic bowl, butterflies, a knife; this is a scene of audio/visual witchcraft & it totally gets the adrenaline rushing! Better switch of the lights, put up the volume and watch this video over here:

For more Mismerizer, please do visit and check out the official website:

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Eumig – Eumig

a2524147955_16Artist: Eumig
title: Eumig
keywords: electronic eumig ambient drone electronica experiemental improv improvisation noise synth United Kingdom
label: Courier

Courier Sound is the quality micro label that always delivers interesting music and hand packaged DIY beauties. It has been quite a while since the label released its last album, but as they prefer quality above quantity their latest album is pretty much worth the wait.This time the label brings the debut album of a very promising sound artist named Nick Dawson, someone who manages to provide the best in what seems to be a minimal shape and form: Molding the soundscape with its bare hands into a moving master piece of drone works.
It’s a conceptual album, triggered by the sight of a found 1965 Eumig ‘Electric R’ camera back in 2014. The ambient pieces are inspired by the mechanics of this unique camera, and by staring at the sun through one of its rotating lenses.
Nick interprets his inspiration by improvising in a single take with an Arturia MiniBrute routed through a Boss ME70 effects unit and a Strymon Big Sky reverb unit. That might mean pure abracadabra for anyone who is just here to listen, yet, it would be stupid to leave these details out. But all technical and conceptual details aside, how do these individual tracks come across?

F = 0.5x
This is a warm welcome for each listener; going for a humbling drone of kindness that even though the technical concept, feels more as if we are listening to a temple full of spirited souls who hum that special ‘ohm’ word in perfect harmony. It sounds very holy and in sync with the universe and the mystical side of it.. It calms listeners down while pulling them into a realm usually only attended by professional meditators. The sound gets a little soft-bottom rhythm inside, keeping the peace and harmony in sync with time and space.
Electric R
Now that every listener is welcomed warm and nicely, the more industrial side of the internal clock works can be revealed. This is the task for ‘Electric R’ which is not only the name of the found camera but also a perfect choice for the title of this track, as the sound that will keep listeners entertained sounds very much like an electric RRRRrrrrrrrrrr. It’s perhaps difficult to explain on paper, but when you lend your own ears; you’ll understand what I mean. The electric rolling ‘R’ might be coming across very minimal, but it’s the sound production and treated effects on the sound, that turns this track into a gateway of magic mushroom generated states of mind. Or perhaps something more unnatural, as the sound is fairly industrial-like, but moves around like a steady bumble bee that goes from flower to flower.

I’m not sure if it is within the music, but I could hear bird sounds, softly singing while the showcase of the electric flying R passes through the ears. The birds might be imagined, or actually in the recording; but the music is of a psychedelic kind, which makes it hard to keep reality from fantasy.

Eugon A
A very short track, but a great appetizing quick moment of attention grabbing…
Rotating Lens
Personally I think Rotating Lens is the best soundscape on this album. Sound wise It manages to become a nice balance between F = 0.5x & Electric R. The sound is industrial, natural & ambient in a psychedelic atmospheric way. It’s easy to forget where you are and who you are (or who you are with), when this wonderful track plays itself out. Just sit back and let it be the sound that will guide you to a nearby dream.

Eugon B
This is an interesting short work, making itself present like some kind of plastic tightness that didn’t sound like anything else, then itself.

Is another fantastic drone based work, hypnotizing in a way that is focusing purely on one sound and manipulating it as it passes by. It zooms in the air, like a horn in the distance at a competitive football match without the game or loud supporters. Perhaps it’s more a horn you’ll hear when bad weather might hit the country, but somehow the artist makes this potentially unnerving sound into one that is smooth and pleasant listening material.

f = 2.0x
The last work on this album is the one who covers the listeners with the final audio blankets. The harmony presented within the drone is one that has the volume of an honest male choir humming their hymn in peace. When they have finished their delightful job, there is a big change to feel superbly relaxed and at ease. An album that might successfully turn the ones who suffer from sleep deprivation into a lovely bunch of dreamers & for others who would like to stay awake; just as adventurous.


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Big Hare – Hasyayoga

a2909032336_16artist: Big Hare
title: Hasyayoga
keywords: alternative guru ecclectic electro electronic experimental handsfree orient The Netherlands
label: Blowpipe

Blowpipe Records has a terrific artists roster, big shots like Harry Merry, Rooie Waas and Sina Khani to name a few… But through a very ultra-polite snail-mail we received the invitation to pre-listen to an album named Hasyayoga by Big Hare. It’s will be out and about on CD from 27th of February, but feel free to pre-order it as a gift for your loved ones on valentine’s day. Not that it is a romantic album, but it certainly is a fun one. Here is a what you could expect:

‘Tahiti’ is a confirming tune that probably is inspired by a holiday on Tahiti. A place that sounds much more appealing in the song then a land of wooden shoes, and cold canals filled with bicycles. These holiday enjoyers are soon to be fully emerged in their vacation activities, from wearing skirts and flowers in the hair, to spending the day fishing. It’s basically the tune that will make you want to pack your bags to Haiti in the hope to find the band that produced this song, completely integrated in their new cultural habitat. Music wise it’s very inviting, really giving the feeling of a fun vacation, promoting Haiti perhaps a bit too well; tourists will never want to return home! Tahiti should be warned, as it’s going to be crowded!

Then there is this special sounding song named ‘Yellow Eyes’. It has a classic David Bowie feel, making an merit to harmonious vocals & exotic mysticism within the actual music. It all get nicely carried away by a trembling lo-fi friendly beat that comes across as the sound of someone with high heeled feet slightly falling and yet never falls… But despite this and the exotic backdrop music, it’s definitely the style of singing that makes the song.

As ‘yellow eyes’ had a classic Bowie feel, ‘black tape’ gets its funky coat on! It got the uplifting fun guitar riffs, the swinging rhythm and is openly more ready for the future by combining outsider sounds in a full-on happy assault that will make any packed party! The vocals take a great presence, even claiming the music to stop while they wow the happy listeners away. It’s a perfect case of happy places breaks in a mad sound world that pushes the borders of music, instruments, what’s right and what’s wrong; and is a full escapade of happy experimentalism in a funky format! I got to borrow the slogan of Ronald McDonald as ‘I’m lovin’ it’.

At this part of the record your reviewer has personally lost its cynical approach… Not because I wasn’t careful not to fall into the trap, but the music here is simply overruling with fun and pleasure. The track that pushed me over the edge, ready to sign up for a possible fan club is ‘Fun Face’. A work that you got to hear and feel, it’s so good that I don’t even know where to start…

First of all the length; it’s perfect! An enormous rhythmic peace that gets into your ass like a hot pepper, and itchy powder; making you want to move and never want to stop. It’s perfect material to hear when you are in the mood for a dance party, tripping your head off on this delicious groove, repetitive vocals (that sound more like ‘Fuck Face’ than fun face.. which is even more helpful to bring in more fun!)… It’s the tune you want to hear this band play live for, especially while you hold that Stamp drenched in LSD under your tongue; fun, fun, fun!

An Amazon’ is a more camel-rider kind of tune, it got this rhythm and music style that makes you feel like sitting on the top of this animals back between two massive bumps. It’s a steady right, full of great lyrics featuring things like ‘I lost my nose in the business and my mind in a bullfight’ and ‘I’m your horse now’. It’s for sure some quality song writing at work over here & its execution is quite an hobbling journey.

The next one is ‘Scissor Dance’ which keeps a psychedelic flavor to it; now the camel might be dancing in the background and the music dances in front, like partying nomads in a desert. It has a free spirit roaming around in it, something hippy crowds would love to clap their hands with while parading around a campfire.

Treehouse’ brings the flying synthesizer sound that Gary Numan seems to be married to. Luckily Big Hare has enough creativity and talent to make it useful in a different style and content; giving a friendly spin of rhythm, bass and an togetherness brought by the positive singing.

The last track is ‘Follow the lines’ which brings a beat that seems to consist of a hard working hammering of an iron smith. The male vocals have something at times that reminds of a less intoxicated version of Jim Morrison. It’s different feel, music wise; going for a more industrial coolness that gets more and more bombastic along the way, delivering neat acid lines to follow into melodic hand-picked happiness. It’s a surprising organic end of this in general humoristic debut with fun written all over it. I believe you can order this release over here:

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Ippu Mitsui / Annie & The Station Orchestra – Ippu Mitsui / Annie & The Station Orchestra

a3811019236_16artists:   Ippu Mitsui / Annie & The Station Orchestra 
title: Ippu Mitsui / Annie & The Station Orchestra
keywords: experimental japan break beat-drum&bass-dubstep electronica lo-fi-indie-pop-blues no-fi-psych-technopunk uk pop psychedelic-electronic-noise-pop rock… United Kingdom
Label: Bearsuit Records

Hiya readers at home…
and Hiya, kids!


hello Yeah I Know It Sucks! :-)

What’s up? are you having a good time? Seeing your smiles, I guess you know what’s up!
It’s time for music!! And fun!! It will make everyone who feels like this:
…into something like this:
So you agree that you need some boost?
You need that music to get that dose of bonus happiness into your system?
You want that energy you had, but forgot that it is inside of you (somewhere?)…
this album by Ippu Mitsui / Annie & The Station Orchestra is the solution!

Seriously! It will kick you right under your ass, will twist your face in a delirious look & you will be instantly saved from doom and depression!


Hey! That doesn’t sound bad at all!

Don’t worry, the state of madness comes with new color for your glazed eyes,
will electrify your inner senses and will give you the power of an tyrannosaurus!
Once you are all plugged in, and have that lovely smile secured,
you can dance! Just give into these senses and feel free.. Nothing is weird!


its not dancing in the rain.. but yeah, if you like to dance with the umbrella; who will stop you?

The tracks have various themes, so you can dance in various ways.
From bombastic stepping around, to dreamy circling in circles.. When you reach half way the album to hear a piece named ‘Time’, you will feel a bit like flying…
this might be a perfect moment to whistle from happiness. And if you don’t know what to whistle; be free to whistle along with the meowing synthesizer… it’s so cute! Just like a cat!
I don’t know what to say to convince you that this is a lovely album,
something that will make you happy & entirely free from pirates..


Aye, Mateys.. We will not bother you while you enjoy this album.. hAhrrr

Of course you cant dance nonstop.. but don’t you worry; relaxing time is also included.
It’s a moment in which you can sit down and approach it as listening music. It’s friendly, with cute bells, and strangeness.. You might say it’s a little trippy and adventurous!
And when the trip is over, the album takes us by the hand for a final spin…
All in all… quite a fun album. I couldn’t find the words to do it justice,
but I have been smiling, dancing and exploring along with the music.
Join me, and we will smile, dance and go on a tiny adventure together..
follow the link:




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