WHΛLT THISИEY – This Stillness

Title: This Stillness
Keywords: alternative electronic experimental mashup’s rock ambient avant-garde electronica Dublin
Label: First Earth Records

I don’t know why, it’s definitely not that I’m always hanging out in the trees, but every time that I listen to a release by WHΛLT THISИEY I seem to be in the woods. It’s a good place to hear WHΛLT THISИEY music as birds and squirrels and even little foxes seem to be highly intrigued by the sounds that I feed them loudly.

They don’t come across as complaining, but seem to be very appreciative & indeed the WHΛLT THISИEY music does go excellently well in these forest surroundings. Birds happily sing and chat through or along with it while other life forms seem to continue their daily happenings undisturbed. I guess the music by WHΛLT THISИEY is so nice and smooth that it just mixes with this environment of fallen leaves, trees and fauna as if it’s a second coat.

I almost feel bad to make noise in this place of nature, but I know that no one (human or nature creature) will complain about the pretty luxurious ambient sounds of WHΛLT THISИEY. What on earth will there be to complain about? It is so calm and pretty, it’s as magical as the WHΛLT THISИEY castle. Long pieces of wonderful ambient atmospheres that easily blend into this environment and strangely seem to make the surroundings and their inhabitants even more beautiful. Even the mud looks like golden pools of luxurious calmness thanks to WHΛLT THISИEY’s sounds.

I’m sure it would sound great in any other peaceful zone, but to play it while this real life field recording of Mother Nature is going on it seems like it’s just the perfect zone to let this audio waves out. One of the squirrels jumped on top of my lap, clearly digging the music so much that it wanted to bring it back into its little tree house. I don’t know, I don’t think that ‘this stillness’ is so still, but it does come across as very calm and gentle. A great recommendation if you wanted to share music with the trees and wanted to be sure they appreciate it.

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SHADOWORLD – Desertland

Title: Desertland
Keywords: alternative electronic rock alternative rock dark ambient dark electro dark folk darkwave electronic folk gothic neofolk western Italy
Label: The White Room Netlabel

There is a place called home where I want to rest my horse. I rest it it in the kitchen, feed it water while I use to beer tap. I wear a cowboy hat and leather shoes to bed. I regularly make a campfire in the living room and sit there with my resting horse burning marsh mellows.

I’m so sick and tired of wandering the street of the Wild West, that’s why I stay in my place that I called home with my horse. We don’t talk a lot so I can rest my voice. We ride each others back around the wooden furniture. We lassoed the bottles on the table and bring it closer for a far west game of excellent bonding.

If you look at the front door there is a sign called ‘Desertland’ that’s how I call my home, as it is placed in the desert area where I would normally would ride with my horse upon my back. But nowadays my back isn’t what it used to be and that’s why I brought my horse to the place that I call home and sometimes I sing dark songs there while my horse plays synth melodies along with them.

‘Dead or alive’ is one of the songs I’ve done with my horse, it’s a song that expresses how the both of us feel when we are living in this homely ‘desertland’. It’s not clear if living in our home is making us feel as if we are taking part of life or that the world just continues without us. Dead or alive is the question me and my horse are asking a lot of the time.

Sometimes I play the synth too. I wish my horse would sing but the horse always says ‘neighhh’, so what can you do? But when I grab the microphone and hear the neighbor’s children through the wall I feel inspiration to sing a passionate song about the situation that I’m in. On those times I play and sing all by myself, while my horse probably sits in a corner licking my boots.

I really like that I have nothing to loose, as that feeling inspires me a lot while I’m in my home with my horse. I sing as if the walls can’t hear me & have my horse as the all loving support that encourages me to sing and play even more passionately. I’m a cowboy of little faith but believe enough in my situation to make the best out of it & you can hear that in my modern western songs that I make in my desertland.

Sometimes I dance with my horse around, licking cans of beans clean as I juggle happily on the strings of a guitar. I love the place that I call home. I love it especially when it rains outside as in my place I keep dry with my horse. We sit by the window looking as the sky is crying and one of us plays the guitar and I sing a song to keep us warm. We enjoy looking at strangers getting wet outside; nothing better entertainment than that. We make good western music with passion and care & catchy hooks while it pours tears out of the sky. Sometimes we fall asleep after a long session way deep into the darkest night. We really are something, me and the horse. We have dug a big hole in the backyard, we cal it our grave. That’s where we will crawl into when we have ran out of food and have nothing but sand and cactus spikes to eat. We want to be buried together you see? We come as a team & go as one; me and the horse rotting away behind the place that we call home.

Look behind our heads and see that the two of us have gothic antics, empty eyes and industrial tendencies that we like to let out in music form. If you knew this you would know that the whole house on the prairie life style is just a camouflage for what me and my horse really are; aliens! And our place that we call home? Our alien spaceship! We have plenty of empty rooms on board so if some locals have disappeared you know where to look. But for now, we found life on earth and our western life style quite comfortable, taking the human and horse lifestyle pretty well and enjoy making music together. In fact our alien overlords might have send out many messages to get us back but actually we quite prefer to stay here on earth. We have been away for so long that probably nothing had been the same if we ever get back to our own alien homeland. It’s here that we make songs like ‘neptuno’ and celebrate our undercover life with ‘I’m alive’… me and my horse in the house that we call desertland will be forever together! We sing, we strum, we satisfy each other! Come and be a fly on the wall and hear our music as we enjoy ourselves incognito!

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stukot – circular objects speaking colors

Artist: stukot
Title: circular objects speaking colors
Keywords: experimental ambient drone drone ambient drones solo drums solo drumset Warsaw

Circular objects… the round shapes of drums, cymbals and crashes. Stukot seems to know them all very well, or at least it appears to be this way as in this album over here the artist seems to have taken place behind a bunch of percussive instruments that could be grooved upon for scientific colour analyse. Apparently Stukot drums and shakes the lot in the hope to find a way to let them speak colours. It seems to me that Stukot succeeded. Yes, feel free to clap and give Stukot a applause. Drumming colours isn’t a skill you come across daily.

I closed my eyes and saw first a bit of kaki green with here and there a bright amount of yellow. I don’t know if the artist wanted to make some notes upon that? If so, if you are Stukot or just pretend to be; please be my guest to write down the colours that hopped into my ears . You never know where it would be good for…

For the second track I closed my eyes again as we here over at yikis are never too lazy to help out a musician with our expertise of seeing music. Yeah, yeah; giving yourself a compliment once in a while is nice as who else would do it? I saw a occult blue that Stukot seems to play with here and there like a young Picasso. Oh and look how Stukot inserts a drumroll of dark orange. A more fletched out ticker of gold Sparkes and blue towards the energetic parts. What a painter! So happy to be not hindered by colourblindness over here! It’s fun to hear Stukot’s drumming equals speaking colours as the artist for sure seems to speak this language energetically and fluidly. The tracks are Stukot’s canvasses and the drums sticks its brushes…

The third track… let me see by closing my eyes… oh yesbanana yellow, orange peel orange, tomato red and crazily enough some white to compensate. Lots of cymbal sound which provoked a whole rainbow of glittery lights. Not bad at all, right? I wonder if Stukot could just let the drums speak of a sturdy rainbow so we could find the pot of gold underneath it; we sure could use the money! Or even just for Stukot himself… an artist of tis kind can use some good gold too!

The fourth track… oh blue, the kind of dark deep blue similar to the colours from balls of a virgin forbidden to touch his private parts before marriage , a appetising slice of percussive purple, pub brown and many militant elephant colours among the way! Actually this contains very colourful warrior lights at the end, like red, yellow and green; boy George his favourites. It’s not just colours that I see; I saw a whole monkey family dancing happily with their hairy arms up and down! Isn’t that great? We get more than we bargained for!

The last track… dark black, petite grey, hints of deep kiwi green, potato peel colours, medium rare yellow fever yellow, slight never mind the bollocks pink, Toxic green, fire coloured smoke… gosh I had no idea that with percussive playing so many colours could be discussed, Stukot simply must be a professional circular objects speaking colours speaker & probably doesn’t need my skill to see the colours of music at all. Oh well, I guess Stukot can use the promotion of being featured on our humble blog? Next up I hope to place an album by a person who uses squared objects to speak the language of insects. But for now; enjoy the colours and expressive drumming skills by Stukot. And remember if the colours are too bright and flashy; you can always put on some sunglasses when hearing this release:

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Artists: TOOTHKICKER / 16403
Titke: SPLIT
Keywords: experimental punk electronic no wave noise power electronics split vocals Montreal

A split between two thingies is what we find over here. It’s like you have more chance to find something that you like and enjoy than listening to an EP made by one kind of thingy. I’m already happy with the first thingy that had nestled itself on this split. I don’t think I’ve heard anything like what the thingy called 16403 had made, but it goes in like the ideal opener of a collection of thingies made by thingies. It is smooth and a bit like going into a warm loving cave with the walls covered in velvet. Maybe some kind of meditating persona that sits inside, singing intimately while the ceiling of the cave drops and drips for the ideal sound scenery to think of folded legs in a upright Buddha position; i dig this thingy, is what came to my mind when I heard this thingy passing by so quickly. Oh yes, things are happening here!

After this it was a thingy by a thingy named Toothkicker. It is actually all written in capitals but I write it like this as we are the true rebels over here and of course we aren’t cave people that needs bigger letter to read these thingies. This thingy is way short, a bit like a mini slide with some water that makes the downfall on this slide have even less friction. I don’t know what to think of his thingy but it’s not at all kicking my tooth, which might or might not be a good thing! Oh those thingies, always good for a pun!

Oh and than the thingies really seem
To kick off as 16403 really seems to take the time to do it’s thing. A surreal slide down in to a psychedelic abstractness in which seagulls are turbulently slipping down the bizarreness as if we sloppily slip from
one surreality into another, creating a alternative joyful Valhalla for the sound exploring fanatic that enjoys losing control through a audio collage that is as psychedelic as it could be. Before you know it, the thingy had become a big thing and to ride it feels like an incredible intense but joyful kind of experience. The things that a good sound production can do… it’s a good thing these things exist!

Toothkicker must be really amazing to top this thingy off, but instead of trying, it simply throws itself into a completely different direction. Toothkicker opens the red waves of crunchy distortion, with melody and crushing thickness that feels as if something exciting is happening but you don’t know if we are listening to the theme music of the good or the baddies. It doesn’t matter, as the more the merrier or in this case; the more distorted the better it is; good or bad this thingy will suit both. This thingy is called ‘cutting the dollhouse’ but I have no idea why. I guess it’s a title that corresponds to a thingy we all would enjoyed to do?

Toothkicker (still written with the caps lock on) gives a nice ending to this solo of thingies. This one is also forcibly in the red zone of the distortion age. It is handy for people who have problems with their ears, as it should be really problematic if you can’t hear anything of this thingy over here; it’s quite crunchy and loud. But it is also quite adventurous, with lots of things going on that are actually quite wild and psychedelic. There are pretty things completely covered in a coat of harshness, acts of wonder draped in noises, some are melodic while others just hiss and crush but all swim non violently in one big thingy of sound. To me this is the best of the Toothkicker’s thingies on here, stimulating the brain through the ears with a loud collage that slowly but surely fades itself out into the obscurity that all thingies would like to hide away in. It’s not at all aggressive as you might expected from a thingy maker named Toothkicker, but in this case I’ll gladly embrace it with all the yellow teeth that I own. I like these kind of thingies and wonder if you enjoy them too?

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sp@m2000 – HD​.​trx

Artist: sp@m2000
Title: HD.trx
Keywords: experimental glich high res idm microsoundmicrotonal static techno Wrocław
format: floppy diskette
Label: Default

In case you missed any updates from yikis for the last three days, I would say ‘sorry’ and ‘hello here we are again!’ Also don’t blame any of us, but blame this floppy disk release on the default label…

…since we heard the sounds of it we had to close down this online zine and dive deeply in the backyard to check all the wires that lay there under the ground. Had something been broken? A lose wire connection, a chopped up electric cable or perhaps a malfunctioning technicality that made strange pulsating electric sounds of rhythm through our excellent speaker system?

We dug it all up, examined everything but did not find any error or broken stuff. Besides the electric sound kept coming out, making some of the workers standing up to check their
Phones if their signals had been somehow interacting with the music receivers in some kind of weird way. The results had been useless, the sound of broken clicks kept coming
and all we could do is give up, take a break and listen.

We listened some more and than even some more & eventually some of us heard it… this was not a technical issue at all! This was music! High quality, highly evolved techno music of the absolute minimal kind! The sound of the future’ someone shouted! Eureka we solved the mystery! Another employee with his hands covered in mud enthusiastically replied! Wow’ I shrieked as I stormed inside after the three days hiatus and opened the blog again! I must share this with the world’ I told the stunned workers that stood in front of the window. With my tongue still out of my mouth full of enthusiasm, I placed the link to where you could hear this phenomenon, one so delicate in sound that it could make a whole music blog come to a stand down!

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Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo – Hebra

Artist: Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo
Title: Hebra
Keywords: experimental dark ambient drone experimental field recordings jazz and improvised music lowercase noise Argentina
Label: Adaptador Records

Hebra by Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo is a mouth full, yet a smooth filling filler that will ridiculously smother the senses. It does this with a rich flavour of delicate ambient, one that is consisting of turbulent layers of tasty drones full of light and kindhearted kindness. The kind of thing that makes you feel al warm and glowed up from the in and outside, making the eyes of listeners into glowing windows of rays of soft sunshine, reducing your own staring looks into the ones that fluffy clouds are made out from.

Everything is so kind and gentle over here, making you feel as if you could close these eyes of yours and teleport yourself to an surreal looking quality beach with a soft crackling fire on the side. It’s nice and quiet, seducing the exhibitionistic nudist probably enough to keep their clothes on & making these colourful warm pillows of audio welcome to fill the air with enough co2 gentleness that the ambient atmosphere might sneakily provoke a little trip towards the nearest urinoir.

It’s a delight to hear and feel though, nothing to complain about as these warm tones vibrate around your body like a pleasant tool of stimulation & Heath up your body like a machine at the nearest professional muscle fixer. Everything is okay over here, nice and pleasant, kind and gentle. For the adventurous lot who get a kick out of ambient realms with the possibility to have some baddies in there it might be not the one, but for all others that just want to relax without shooting a needle of heroin down the veins this might be one of the better and healthier options out there! Just chill out and relax and let the music take control – the hypnotist would say!

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Artist: DØNI
Keywords: emo experimental trap experimental grind hardcore noise trap Lisbon

Slam your head into a pillow after looking around in a state of bewilderedness, as somewhere in the sterile surroundings of a surreal hospital setting we find ourself tortured by noises that aren’t the usual voices within our skull. Yep, we are in bed, a hospital bed. How did we end up in here? Did somebody checked us in against our will? Nobody knows! Probably because of a head injury that makes our mind as if it is being tormented with a little nifty bit of an attitude and a hard bang here and there. Bang bang is does and it’s interesting in sound but panicky as we don’t understand why and where it is coming from. Is this the sound of acute brain damage? Did we have an accident and someone scraped us from the floor, brought us to a hospital and tossed us here to rot in a bed?

It does not feel like the baddest kind of injury, in fact we might have had worse things happen to us before, but still… not knowing why we are here in this hospital bed with our head banging wildly around is slightly reason for worries. Who are we? Why we have such a headache? Why are we in a hospital and why can’t we stand up like the healthy creatures that we normally would be? …things will turn even worse! Oh no! So much questions and so much lack of answers!

As indeed as expected from waking up in pain from a mystery situation, the troubles become more prominent by the minute, inserting a headache peak that could be described as the worst of its kind. All we can do now is scream for a doctor, a nurse or someone else that might be of any help. But as the headache is so severe, even a call for help seems to be a mission impossible. Where are they? Is there anybody out there? Where are the providers of the painkillers that we are so in need for?

Things progress into the worst kind of scenario, as a case of painful dehydration pops up. Our lips are crumbling like a dried out prune and our skin looks dead like a cracked up desert. With High penetrative beeps it will pierce our abilities to think. Still nog thinking should be normally a pleasant thing to experience, but here it is like we are slowly becoming more and more I’ll. All that our mind can do is leaking out the last bit of humidity. There will be no liquid left and that might be not beneficial for our survival rate.

At this point we probably wish that we had been fully blessed with amnesia, big enough to forget that we are here in the hospital bed or slightly realising that we are reading a nonsensical write up for an album that is short and noisy & slightly confusing. Why are we here? What is up with these sounds? Will this have a happy ending? Or will the applause at the end be coming from a dead audience that gladly celebrates our arrival into the after life? I’m so confused and yet clearly entertained by this situation. Let’s take the headache for granted and join me in the bodily decay within the hospital bedding.

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