Simon McCorry – The Light Only Blinds

artist: Simon McCorry
title: The Light Only Blinds
keywords: experimental analog dark ambient dread drone experimental noise psych sound design space United Kingdom
label: Herhalen

Simon McCorry comes in my ears like a abstract orgasm that keeps on giving. One that is like a stimulating ray of sound, solid in airy form – taking up the left as well as the right ear in some kind of competitive role play between and among them.

Who is going to get the most attention? the right one? The left one? Its a nice and impressive balancing battle of true stereo-play, while still trying to do its hardest best to look serious along the way. A bit like a porn star who is armed with enough lubrication and ego to play this game without any tracable lack of confidence.

Simon McCorry experiments with its listeners like a true scientist, but it’s not experiment of the scary and twisted kind. More like a bewildered stereophonic cloud-play that eats the ability to hear other things completly. Making listeners bewildered in not knowing where the sounds are coming from, what they are indentifying with and how to deal with them in a respective matter.

But whatever you do, they come for you and both your ears – begging them to be heard on a good pair of working headphones and eat you alive for the best and optimal results. You might not be high or out of your mind before Simon McCorry’s experiments, but hell; when you are wading deeply within them I don’t recommend to crawl behind a steer and do some driving: this music will simply occupy and sedate all your other senses – just so you can fully emerge in the stereo treatment of pure abstractness.

The release by Simon McCorry might be short, but it is severely impressive, absorbing all your thoughts that your mind could possible have & let it tumble in this surreal experimentation in which it’s making your ears feel like they don’t know where to look, almost tricking the mind that it’s not just left and right, but a whole collection of option in between and beyond this aspect.

In fact when Simon McCorry is doing its experiments I feel as if I have ears all over my face; front, sides, top, and even a couple strategically placed under my chin: It’s immersive and impressively fantastic even though there is absolutely no way I could describe any of it! You must hear and play it out loud to experience it!

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video premiere for the magical: Bloom de Wilde – Do & Be

In a turbulent time of big and unstoppable change, one in which systems of oppression are revealing that they are deemed to fail & solidarity, peace and creativity will win for the greater good; a hard battle is busy destined to create a new world in which elitism will be erased & replaced by equality and justice from the heart. Eyes previously shut are now unstoppable opened, which is great news as we have something amazing to show them!

As you can see and hear above, it is within this hot bed of time that we have the honor to reveal the magical and colorful video for “Do & Be” from Bloom de Wilde’s upcoming “The Heart Shall Be Rewarded By The Universe‘ album. One full of golden light, magical wonders, a massive vibe of love that is being one with each other. A kaleidoscopic adventure that is like an encouraging feast for the eye, ear and soul, so let’s hope they will be all open and receptive too! Behold a color explosion for all your senses!

It comes across as a revealing special dream in which shapes, forms and motions are all in it together, hand in hand in, enchanting happiness and strength, bewilderment in a playful spell of visionary and audio riddles; showing that illusive dreams do come true – you only have to believe in them, going forward to push yourself in order to make them come alive and being true. Do and Be is like a wonder that is at your fingertips!

A thematic spellbinding song and video that is strongly filled with spiritualistic passion, symbols of power and dedication. One of love that comes with a colorful palette of universal goodness, one that seems to bless and encourage all to do what we have to do and be what we needed to be!

Living in the moment, following your instincts, doing what feels right and acting out of goodness and not in greed or tucked away in assigned boxes. It’s revealing the true animist in all its magical shapes, patterns and colorful movements. A blissful happening that will delight all & sprays sparkles that will tickle and inspire your fascination.
0017849911_10Within the video a box of universal opportunities seems to be opened up, revealing a wondrous place full of hidden treasures, knowledge and amazing secrets that are now out there ready to be revealed. You can see them, interacting, slumbering through the fields of Oscar Wilde and poems of J. slauerhoff & all that is in between.

We can follow every step of the revelations as strong characters explore and tumbles down the world of powerful possibilities, Shells of the sea, flowers from a pot of tea… Enjoy a flight of escapism among the all knowing stars while seated on a smiling fish or standing on top of a flying planet: there are no limits! If you do and be; there is nothing that would stop your wildest dreams to come true!

Pre-order the magical trip named  ‘The Heart Shall Be Rewarded by The Universe’ & fuel up on powerful music by an artist, writer, singer, songwriter and video maker (Bloom does everything!) over at the following link:

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The Doll’s recommendations on how to spend your hard-earned Dolly Dollars on Bandcamp fee free day


Tapes, Cds, Vinyl, T-shirts, Comics, Totes & DLs to peruse. If you can’t be bothered reading any further, here’s a Buy Music Club list, otherwise, here goes…


(Steep Gloss, April 2020)
Dada collaboration between 10 vocal artists and their appliances. Feat Mariam Rezaei, Bryce Galloway, {An} Eel, Mira Martin-Gray, Yol, Jonny Marks, Dea Karina, Toxic Chicken, Despicable Zee, & myself. One of a kind experiment that went right! Artists from Indonesia, UK, Canada, Nederland, & Aotearoa NZ. Collage art, collage sound.

‘ (Fractal Meat, May 2020)
“SKEEN was composed entirely under lockdown and is meant to be performed live. Using one Technics SL-1200 Mk5 and one Vestax Controller One turntable, the album manipulates each sound through a myriad of turntablist techniques, pushing the limitations of two hands on two decks with only two sounds to the brink. The album ruminates over the semantics and etymology of language used around and by people identifying with multiple ethnicities. It depicts the frighteningly casual attitude of racist right-wing politics in 2020 Britain and the nuances of white privilege coupled with regressive feminism found in everyday ‘lefty’ online writing.”
Hell YEAH! And, also, all monies made by the artist from this release will be donated to Gateshead Food Bank.

WENDY MIASMA ‘Press F’ (Liquid Library, March 2020)
“Wendy Miasma is a pop star from Earth. She wrote these songs when she died.”
Don’t believe the hype, this lo-fi Bristol pop princess is alive and well, she just has a naughty sense of humour

SAMAROBRYN ‘The Light At The End’
(Dog Park 2018)
Only 2 tapes remaining in this world! If you’ve never heard the sounds created by Perth (Australia) artist Cissi Tsang then you need to immediately! On this release, waves & guitars, and waves of guitars. Mesmerising.

OV PAIN ‘Nothing Immune’
(mf/mp, 2019)
“Tarkovsky-esque sci-fi meets the memory of free jazz in a blender amongst experimental post-punk and attitude.” Brilliant, like everything on this Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland) based micro label


V/A ‘We Are The World’
(Sonic Protest 2019)
“Created in 2003, Paris-based festival Sonic Protest now organizes events in other french cities and even abroad. Focused on all forms of experimental art, Sonic Protest offers a unique vision of music where accidents, improvisation or hazard are the gateway to beauty.”
Double LP compilation of international experimental music being made by people living with disabilities. Guaranteed to rock yer socks right off.

OKSUN OX ‘I Don’t Care I Already Told You’
(Round Bale Recpordings, pre-order for June 20, 2020)
Stefan Neville says that “his music bubbles & stinks with the murky depths & humming life of any bloody river in Aotearoa. Also, the electricity & power he generates when you hear him shoots pretty sparks that could easily warm & comfort your house this NZ winter” and I am in complete agreement! Get it on yr turntable & in yr earholes


V/A ‘LOCAL TIME – Green’ & ‘LOCAL TIME – Blue
‘ (Noise Bombing, 2019)
16 noise & experimental from around the world – Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, Canada, Ireland, UK, USA, & Aotearoa NZ. Stunning art and surprising sounds. Feat Joee Mejias, Carla Ori, Morher, Menstrual Synthdrone, Overleaf, Marlo Eggplant, Robot Kokako, Yuko Araki, Sarana, Nur, Furchick, BAHV, Tujuh Kuda, Natalia Beylis, Kat Whatley, & Abiboss

V/A ‘Alternate African Reality – Electronic, electroacoustic and experimental music from Africa and the diaspora
‘ (Syrphe, January 2020)
“It includes 32 artists and bands from 24 African countries and the diaspora, and last but not least, 14 women are among those vibrant musicians and composers.”
You have a hole exactly this in your cd collection

V/A ‘Black Moon – Waxing’ & ‘Black Moon
– (Sofia Records, Feb 2020)
“What parallels of sound connect time-specific recordings created beneath the same lunar influence? All tracks written and recorded under the BLACK MOON Supermoon, night of 30/31 August 2019.”
28 artists share their moon-fever, open your arms and let the light in

BLOOM de WILDE ‘The Heart Shall Be Rewarded by the Universe’
(Self-released, pre-order for June 12, 2020)
Georgeous, magical, abundantly glowing sounds! And the DL comes with beautiful digital booklet with lyrics and pictures. Sigh…

PINNEL ‘Animal Wife’
(TQN-aut, February 2020)
Loop based vocal improvisations, hand-made covers, Recorded by the artist on location in Pendle/Tees Estuary/Co Durham/ Weardale/ The Cairngorms.


CHINABOT ‘HKH Cryosphere’ t-shirt!
(Chinabot, April 2020)
Striking tee, guaranteed to make you stand out even if your face is hidden behind a mask. Check out the album too, it’s a “10-track compilation featuring contributions from countries that link the 10 major rivers to the water tower of Asia. The Hindu Kush Himalayas (HKH) encompasses an area of mountains in the eight countries of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan.”

GRIMALKIN limited edition of 20, ‘Friends For Equality’ t-shirt!

Cat, Snake & Bird in harmony, designed by the talented Elizabeth Owens. You’ll look cute and you’ll be helping fund future physical releases on Grimalkin Records. Grimalkin Records sampler releases on June 5 too!

DJ OBOE limited run t-shirt

Riki Gooch y’all! “DJ OBOE is a musical reaction to kuduro, which is a form of Angolan dance music from the barrios of Lisbon. Jeff Henderson properly introduced me to it and since then I have fell in love with the jerking rhythmic concepts and intricate layering of sound, which form something unique to me and something I’m not quite sure I have achieved.” The album itself is made on MIDI instruments, Percussion, & Vibe

MARLO EGGPLANT t-shirt, just 3 XL sized shirts left in the world!

Designed by Jorge Tapia & printed in Australia. Loads of good merch on Corpus Callosum Distro – compilations, Ladyz in Noyz t-shirts, even a Spaces of Making Artist Pamplet/Zine by Marlo Eggplant, that’s only $1 so you can chuck it in with your other goodies!

SOMESURPRISES album t-shirt!

Freaking dreamy, just like the Seattle-based band’s music. You want to be the best dressed punter at the live streaming gig, don’t ya?

EIDERDOWN RECORDS Hootenanny t-shirt (orange or grey)!

“Just in time for your harvest hoedown! Debauched woodland revelry via the unique lens of artist MAX CLOTFELTER. Wear this shirt and people will know that “you were there”…”
Also check out the May 2020 ‘CosmoPraesidium compilation’ – All proceeds from this compilation will go to food banks in Washington state, California, and New York

CHEMICAL IMBALANCE t-shirts (black or white) + digital copy of label sampler!

Sydney-based label that works hard releasing loads of people, check out their catalogue while you’re there. My fav release on this label is Axis Trio ‘Fragments’

Other Merch

SONIC COMIC ‘Sonic Comic book’, Large format 31.43 cm square, 36 Pages (Self-released, 2017)

Curated by Ducklingmonster, Indira Neville & Chris Cudby. Comes with a download code for Sonic Comic the sonic compilation! 35 musicians from Aotearoa NZ who are also comics artists. Yer what!?! Yes, you heard me right, mind blown, eh

NIGHT SCHOOL RECORDS ‘Strong, large Canvas Tote Bag. Silk-screened’

“Screenprinted, featuring the original Logo design by Yong Yong’s Rodolfo Britto”.
Who in the hell doesn’t love Night School? While you’re there be sure and grab an Apostille ‘Feel Bad T-Shirt’ too

WOMEN COMPOSERS COLLECTIVE “Her Indoors‘ (Self-released, May 2020)
This is a compilation to benefit charity against domestic violence, curated by Jude Cowan Montague. 48 tracks! What a treat for your ears

SELF LOVE SONGS ‘Self Love Songs’
(Self-released, April 2020)
“Self Love Songs is a charity compilation by members of the female:pressure network curated by Venus Ex Machina. 100% of proceeds from the compilation will be donated to Women for Women International, a humanitarian organisation that provides practical and moral support to women survivors of wartime sexual violence.”
Electronic, experimental, & everything good

MEE ‘ Mujeres en la Experimentación Sonora Residentes en España
‘ (Sisters Triangla Records, March 2020)
Translated to ‘Women in Sound Experimentation Residents in Spain’. Maia Koenig, founder of the label, moved from Argentina to Spain, and put together this compilation. So good.

V/A ‘Sonic Trade
‘ (TC5, may 2020)
More dada collab from Australia, Aotearoa NZ, Nederland, Deutschland, & USA. Feat Morher, Furchick, Margaret Feeney, Madame Klaw, Cath O’Brien, Trium Circulorum, & myself.
Tapes are sold but digital is available! All profits go to The Aunties, a charity that works with people living in or survivors of Domestic Abuse.

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Frood Of The Loop

artist: Frood Of The Loop
keywords: electronic experimental analog improvisation soundscape visuals Stuttgart

Frood Of The Loop wanted us to tell what the music sounds like. This was way back in 2019 and see, now we are all the way in the depth of 2020 and we have still no clear answer. I guess leaving it to sit and grow roots into our waiting room was one option to deal with it, but someone (me) thought NO it is too nice to be rooting away. Speaking of ‘that’ I guess that’s already a way how to describe this music: It is very “Nice”.

From the start Frood Of The Loop calmly waves us a lovely set of trip-ambiance with melodies that are sweet and kind, softly flirting with a candy-like distortion. It feels as if the Frood Of The Loop has pulled out something of a vibraphone to give the nice noise a sweetened glow, lovingly steering the ambiance sounds to a more musical direction.

I can truly understand why Frood Of The Loop doesn’t know what their music is exactly, genre boxes are for OCD meth-heads anyway, but I guess that Frood Of The Loop must be okay if we categorize it in the ‘Nice’ category. As with its soft assembling of nice sounds this relaxed audio undertake has something that should be friendly and listenable to anyone, any age, any taste-group out there. Isn’t that nice?

Next to “nice” I would also say that this music is quite psychedelic, although it’s not in a hurry to space you out or has the intention to twist your brain in a dodgy knot. It’s more the calm bunch that with its underlying pulsating rhythms are clearly fishing its listeners easily into some kind of nice (!) and friendly trance state.

With flubbing synth sounds and guitar drone-tingling mellow melody-vagueness Frood Of The Loop continues to do it’s charming nice and cozy ‘easy listening music for all’ naturalness & all I can see when closing my eyes is a zone of niceness. I expected to see trees, a forest, calm creatures holding hands; but in fact I saw the word “Nice” decorated with flowers, daisy chains, lovely sunlight sparkling the word up & here and there a happy squirrel dancing on the letters of this music’s keyword.

Even if Frood Of The Loop brought a bit of coolness to the mix by visiting Lake Everest, adding some (what sounds like) bamboo-flute to the texture – the scene stayed highly in the nice corners of listening delight. Maybe the vision of the word had now been in the lake, cooling down with sweet umbrellas hovering over it in order to provide it some lukewarm protection from the rays of hardcore-vitamin-D.

So yes, indeed Frood Of The Loop isn’t strange to not know how to describe their own music, even for outsiders dealing with sounds, noise and music on a daily basis it’s quite hard. But whatever Frood Of The Loop offers here on this album that is available on double vinyl (!) it’s always offering very nice listening material, things that will never bore – always feeding you with something you might have overlooked on the first, second, or third listen.

Perhaps half way you might be even way too deep into the music to even properly get your mind to register anything, making your head all loopy and fruity: if this phase is reached I can only say that you are a very lucky person as you know what? You will wade yourself in total ‘niceness’.

Yep, Frood Of The Loop sounds like Abstract niceness being nice to you. Don’t know if Frood Of The Loop found this of any help, but hopefully it helps for nice people like yourself to discover this excellent album of music cause somehow I have a feeling it might have not only be rooting away in our waiting zone, it certainly looks like this niceness has gone a bit under the radar, which is a shame as the world (& you and me) definitely needs NICE!

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Brian Bordello – Boris Johnson Massacre

artist: Brian Bordello
title: Boris Johnson Massacre
keywords: alternative accoustic indie alternative rock guitar independent indie indie folk lo fi lo-fi singer songwriter singer-songwriter songrwriting uk world music Sydney
label: Metal Postcard Records

The solo adventures of Brian Bordello are calmly going forward, lovingly done in either the left or the right channel – taking on UK’s most populist clown with the for-the-press-shot woozy haircut and silly moves, while secretly being a puppet with a gigantic Torry fist up his ass. Now that Brian and his brain signs about it, it deems to me that Boris Johnson is similar to Ronald McDonald, the mascot clown of the plastic ‘food’ chain; all foolish and funny – while actually parading in front of an evil empire that even hungry rats wouldn’t want to dig their teeths in.

Even though, we at YIKIS are trying to refrain from too much politics, it is clear and common sense that the calamity named Boris is an asshole, almost too good to be getting special attention by such a excellent composer, singer, musician and writer like Brian Bordello – but there you have it; it’s probably the only good thing that had come out of the whole Boris Johnson ordeal: this song & music – so let’s hope it spreads out like a virus so everyone will hear and love it.

It’s out on Metal Postcard Records and feels (for a protest release) all nice and fuzzy. It’s a 2 track-single that exposes clearly a loving passionate realness in which it’s easy to know who to trust and fall in love with. Brian Bordello slams his guitar and sings from his good heartened soul and realness brave heart over here, which is an immediate stark contrast to the sound of cold psychopathic rulers that only seem to care for money, control and acting imbecilic.

It doesn’t need to be printed on the side of a bus, or have to be lied about, as it so clear that Brian Bordello is always keeping it real, writing confessions from his thoughts, unleashing his sentimental words of honesty – bringing out what has been on his mind & releasing it to the ears of the resistance & doubters that will make them know that they aren’t alone with their thoughts and feels. Brian’s music here makes you for-what-its-worth feel good, even in the most shittiest of situations. It works a true charm!

It solidly gives hope that there are true people out there who don’t have hearts of stones or corporate fists stuck in their asses, not everyone has strings attached to their arms to be moved around like a puppet & that not the whole of UK has been successfully trained in the good dog – bad dog brainwash education system. In crazy insane times like these, it’s crazily enough Brian Bordello who is taking up the unloved part of being the unfiltered voice of reason! Luckily he does this all in the most beloved and kindest ways! Take a listen and fall in love with Boris Johnson Massacre… it’s easy and less deadly!


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Umbra Minor – Gimmick Generator

artist: Umbra Minor
title: Gimmick Generator
keywords: bucharest electronic romania experimental electronic noise psychedelic techno Washington
label: Degenerate Trifecta

boom, boom, boom, bang, bang, bang, tick, tick, tick, (metallic background noises) boom, boom, boom, tick, tick, tick – yep: even more banging. Does this sound like industrial techno to you? I mean when I write it down here with words? If it doesn’t, I wonder what else to write to make you think: ah, yes cold heartened techno for the masses. As that’s what this Gimmick Generator seems to have generated. I should pen down the word ‘bass’ and here a sporadic lonely synth-wobble too, but the booms, banging and metallic background noises are the most prominent characters over here.

I guess it’s the kind of music that makes people dance for days. I imagine them being stuck at some kind of festival in Goa thanks to the Covid 19 situation, eyes being all big from living off the MDMA when they had run out of food & had been sick to death of fresh coconut juice from the trees on the festival area. Hours on an end moving around with sticky hairs and ‘uniform’ green clothes to be the intoxicated lot that just wanted to be one with nature by pumping trance inducing boom boom boom tick tick tick bang bang bang bang – metallic background noises – into the area’s air. Birds love it, right?

Nothing wrong with it of course, I mean if the islanders let them do it – why not. I’m sure there are other people out there that will listen to Umbra Minor’s Gimmick Generator too. Maybe even at home in lock-down mode – putting on their backpack costumes and blasting it out through their speakers while pretending that their rooms are the festival area somewhere in the Indian sea. Who knows, they might even pretend to be in some kind of club. It’s all good, whatever rows a person’s boat. Pretty sure the neighbors will love everyone that keeps banging those trance inducing bangs through their walls for hours on end & if not: try to replace it with coughs – I’m sure they wont come knocking on your door & even if they do; you probably won’t even hear it as them banging on the door will probably go delightedly well with the music over here.

Maybe their fists banging on the door will be the solid beats on the final track of Gimmick Generator, which on it’s own is a surprisingly chill out one that had dropped the hardened booms with a more friendlier pace of ambiance. In any case, I think that’s a nice touch as after all the banging, we should all be able to have a little rest in order for you (and everyone else involved) to appreciate the banging again when it’s rewind time!

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leaving richmond – Great Distances

artist: leaving richmond
title: Great Distances
keywords: electronic ambient atmospheric cinematic instrumental Los Angeles

Let’s endure and conquer some great distances and listen to Leaving Richmond. Now you might think to yourself: Who is Richmond? Is it a place, a person? But apparently when you do think like this, you have accidentally forgot that Leaving had been a big important word sitting next to Richmond. Ah yes the combination of Leaving and Richmond is apparently a Los Angeles electronica act. A popular looking one if you believe the many little mini icons of music supporters on it’s bandcamp page. And all the mini reviews full of praises from the buyers and supporters: one big feather up the projects ass!

Going through some great distances, (this apparently does not have to be taken so literally either; as its the title of the album that Leaving Richmond had brought out to our ears) makes it easy to see why it’s so popular and loved. Somehow the quality is pretty much high & with this I don’t mean it’s some kind of drugged up sound for electric hippies with their brain in shambles, but more that it is sounding luxuriously well produced in a high quality. Just hear it on speakers or on headphones and you can hear dollar signs that have gone into this all, or at least lots of hours of many days.

It all sound quite nice, melodic, moving; with elements of nostalgic winks towards electro legends like Kraftwerk and probably others less legendary to be able to pop to my mind. They wave happily towards us like a ray of positivity that isn’t at all sounding sad or tearful, more happy and with gigantic toothbrush smiles: You can hear that Leaving Richmond is a happy project, created by someone who wants to live in a happier go lucky world & basically offers its electronica to make it happen. I must say that it’s appreciated as with more and more technology being used by fascistic creeps to control the masses, this electronica is one that settles with the journey of melodic happiness that technology can bring us. Proving that electronica, when in the hands of the right people, can be used for greater good! Bill Gates; eat this!

With lovely melodies, light, but with energy Leaving Richmond brings the humanity sound back in drama-less album in which we can just be lovingly loved by a nothing-to-worry sound palette in which paranoid listeners like you and me can just settle down safely, travel and feel that electronic music can be a friendly ordeal & a melodic soundtrack that seems to imply that here there is nothing to worry about! Pretty nice, eh?


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