Strange Visitors – Arrival EP

Artist: Strange Visitors
Title: Arrival EP
Keywords: punk minimal wave space punk synth punk weird San Diego

I promised myself not to do any more music listenings but oh well… promises are made to be broken and so I heard these strangers coming to land in my hearing range. They must be aliens of some kind, all mysterious dressed in shadows and stuff, ready to jump out and probably scare people like me as if it’s a fun thing to do.

But as long as I felt well prepared for the worst scenario, I felt that these strangers couldn’t really do a lot of harm hammering on my door of interest. Their first actual song didn’t seem to be the sound of my kind of enemy, more about a group of freaks that I could collide by. They have synth sounds and words, you know the kind of weapons that you could win an audio war with.

I don’t know, listening to them I felt like I’m teamed up with menacing weirdoes that enjoyed Devo and ‘the screamers’ as they had picked up their sounds from a place beyond the curtains of normality. It’s nice on my ears, probably because it’s always a feast to hear music by freaks for freaks; it just makes you feel kinda ‘normal’ which is a nice thing to experience so once in a while. Don’t you agree, freak?

In this case & from my insane point of view, the Strange Visitors are bringing back the sound of exiting normality as i feel is nestled deep within. They shout / scream their lyrics consisting of words that I can’t distinguish & play their sounds like punk rock electro heads from the past that are far ahead into the future! I really seem to like them, dig them even further.. they make me want to bang my head into the madness, showing my approval for it all with an enthusiastic newly generated whiplash!
I don’t know about you, but I approve the arrival of these ‘normal’ strange visitors!

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various artists – Houdini Mansions – House of Cake

Artists: various
Title: Houdini Mansions – House of Cake
Keywords: experimental ambient bizarre cakewave dark ambient noise vaporwave Easley
Label: Houdini Mansions

Houdini Mansions has a sold out release that might get those crazy collectors who have missed out on it all up in arms, probably stalking owners of these tapes night and day in order to get their hands on them. But don’t go mental, or let’s say ‘more’ mental as you always could go for second choice : a digital version! It’s not that great perhaps, but it’s better than nothing, right?

I mean you won’t get the Houdini mansions sticker and probably not the secret bonus material, but you still can get your ears towards the music. Music that will please you very nicely with great story telling togetherness. In fact it’s quite remarkable as the tape ‘house of cake’ is a compilation of sorts, the result of a concept in which artists had been urged to send in an unfinished work, sound, bit, an idea etc for the audio bakery at the Houdini Mansions to create a mysterious cake from.

The result is strangely something that feels as if it was all planned, as if it had been well thought off and directed with full awareness of its directive. It starts as if it’s a Hollywood movie of the mysterious kind. Including the movie opening and a very intriguing introduction to set the mood and atmosphere up for a case that will get the mind of a listener ready for a audio journey of a special kind. The most amazing thing of this compilation is how each track is waved together; it’s done in such a natural way that it feels as if it had always been like this. As if it is the soundtrack for that movie that had always existed, a film about a mysterious abandoned house in which sweet smells come out,driving the entire neighborhood nuts as they proceed to go into a full baking frenzy.

I could and should probably talk about all the artists, producers & projects involved to make this soundtrack of this non existing movie into a real thing, but as they sound surprisingly like a collective work I feel it would be wrong to do so. The quality and different styles of audio works here might be diverse but they do all seem to work collectively into making this trip in one that is worthwhile to take. It’s strange, bizarre, odd, surreal and perhaps even twisted. But weather you are listening to what people call music or to a far ranged out example of audio art; it somehow is planned, crafted and inserted in such a way that they all have equal meaning to the story. And story I should really write between brackets as it’s pretty much to a listener’s own interpretation. Maybe minus the introduction part as a setup, but from after that point in time it’s all up the listener’s own imagination and feelings to make sense of it all.

I heard that Seffie Starshine felt it as a horror movie, but to me it was more like a chill pill series that intrigued, entertains and opens the portals of bewilderment, but by no means didn’t scare me to the point that it made me wanted to shit myself. I personally found that to be a very positive thing as I’m not very good at going for horrors, they give me cold sweat nightmares while this pretty adventure or ‘story time’ gave me smells of various artists, tastes of their workability, flavors of their artistic skills and even provided the names to put only personal list of research worthy music makers.

It’s true this release is sounding very diverse and seems to cater perfectly for the open minded, but if we could see this as one big mansion made out of cake; it’s probably best described as the gateway drug to an entire world of new music discoveries! With twenty four artists lending their works to this excellent production you bet that we will be busy listening, exploring and researching these audio providers to at least the end of next year! It got everything, drone, electronics, brightness, darkness, fun, vaporwaves, vocals, instrumentals.. anything really!
But all baked together as if it’s one big cake full of curious wonders!
Take a listen here if you didn’t manage (like us) to get that physical tape into your hands! It’s pretty much all you need for the rest of the year! Pretty tasty!

Oh! We just got a call.., some very good news! The tape isn’t sold out! You can still get your hands on a copy… a thing (that considering how great it is) you really should do!

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Gypsy – Sehnsucht

Artist: Gypsy
Title: Sehnsucht
Keyword: experimental

This is one of those pieces of interest that would get your attention if you are into the sound of the stranger than strange. It starts with ‘Outer Limits’ which already sounds like a fitting name for a genre that is beyond WTF, it can only be described as the music that’s beyond the borders of what the normal norms of music seems to be. How can I describe it any other way? Maybe by a comparison?

Imagine the space between the earth and the ozone layer is the space of what people know and recognize as music. Outside it would be the sounds of aliens or galaxies and space, but now focus on the blind spot. The one in the middle of that ozone layer – it’s here where this music hangs and brews to do its thing. It’s very listenable though, it got rhythm and a certain voice bla bla bla bla-ing through a lot of the beginning. This is no coincidence as this is not for nothing called ‘Outer Limits’ the blah blah blah remix! Yep, interesting isn’t it?

Even though the release page on the archive server says that there is only one track, we are served with two more. I’ll call that good bonus service! Imaging pizza deliverers delivering three pizzas while you expected only one! I’m very glad that the artist (in this case) isn’t a mathematician, as the one titled ‘Sacred Moon Dance’ is one of those pleasant works that you shouldn’t be left out from. It might be less hanging around in that twilight ozone layer of sound and more down to earth music style wise, it does in fact makes you fall in love with the artist’s art. With a very beautiful, yet simple melody on a sweetly calm rhythm, it easily shakes by like a happy snake that loves making positive IDM music under pretty moonlight. It’s very charming and humble.

The last unexpected bonus piece ‘so far so good’ goes straight back to the outer limit zone. I was quite impressed as I thought hitting those layers is something I thought as a one off, but no, here the artist slips in a totally different sounding work that made me feel as if gravity had no meaning and the rules of life as we experience them usually simply don’t apply in this bit of music. It made me feel very pleasantly disorientated, as if the ground had melted and there was nothing concrete to hold yourself on to. While still sounding pleasant and pretty. It’s a odd feeling that it gives, with sounds that don’t seem to care if they are in the right human key, that do not obey to tone scales as stamped in through social education; creating an outstanding out of the box vibe that feels prettily drugged out. Which is nice and powerful especially because there is absolutely no need to physically poison yourself with unhealthy chemicals as this music is simply enough.. it has a happy humane ending too!

Grab this interesting work for free at the following link (you might be worth it!)

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Frikan Rhym – Warior Grooves

Artist: Frikan Rhym
Title: Warior Grooves
Keywords: experimental, groove, drumming
Label: Top Of The Flops

Let’s be sentimental and travel way back to the year of 2010. This was a special time as one of the rhythmic sessions that had stayed with me for years had been released on the now defunct Top Of The Flops Records. Still, till this day I play these tracks by the dubious drum formation Frikan Rhym. They had this very raw power thing going on, as if they didn’t rehearse anything on their debut and also one and only release out there (that I’m aware off) making them sound more spontaneous than your average busking percussionist.

Somehow this group had never lost its charm on me, I’ve even printed out their album cover many moons ago and placed it on top of my chimney. I don’t know why but I liked to look at this picture for many years, always imagining this being a picture of this mysterious group together. I’ve looked at it as good as everyday, but never seemed to notice the resemblance of the people depicted on the cover until recently a peculiar friend came over asking me why I had this picture of multiple Obamas above the chimney. First I thought the guy was having a colorful imagination, than when I payed attention I did see the facial resemblances of the ex president of the USA.

My goodness! I had never noticed it! How crazy that is and how weird! Might Frikan Rhym be family related to this famous man? Or might this be a secret side project of lookalikes, like a one off hobby to test the waters of the underground? So much questions arrived in my head, but no roads available that would lead to satisfying answers. Than I thought that it simply doesn’t matter who Frikan Rhym is or how they look liked. It’s those freaking rhythms that are the ones that have done and will always do ‘it’ for me!

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Un Jardin – S.P.

Artist: Un Jardin
Title: S.P.
Keywords: alternative thc ambient dreamy music love one man band pills psychedelic folk saint brieuc Saint Brieuc

The psychedelic folk, all tripped out of their heads stuck in a production studio. Their eyes twirl in circles as warm music plays. ‘What’s the music?’ we wonder as we find out that we are one of the psyched out folks listening. It sounds really nice and warm, with singing and of course a guitar, some kind of mini organ and a little hymn. At least I think it is what it is, as I gaze at the wallpaper as it is coming to life…

I guess because we are the psychedelic folk, this must be psychedelic folk as well. I act confident as I tripped out of my head when realizing facts beyond me; is there an entire genre named after us? The psychedelic folk? Or are we as the psychedelic folk the reason why it is psychedelic folk? Are we even real or just a name for music to be stored under? Oh my! I’m so spaced out right now! Must be them special pills!

In one second this psychedelic folk experience had simply wiped life as we thought we knew it, from the table. The minds of me and the other psychedelic folks have been blown into billions of pieces. Is someone among our midst making this music? Is it psychedelic folk because it’s made by one of our own kind? It does make me as a member of the psychedelic folk feel quite proud, also secretly applauding the one responsible for this music as looking around over here, many of us psychedelic folk can’t even stand on their own legs, let alone bake an egg. (Someone did manage to bake some well tasty space cake though: thanks Catherine!)

But apparently this psychedelic folk exist and sounds bloody lovely. Or is that the cocktail of LSD weed and shrooms do the talking? You know, we the psychedelic folk have a reputation to honor, eh? Nobody wants to be kicked out and become a member of the normal folk instead. Imagine how boring that must be; listening to normal folk music and having no twirling eyes and all that.
Speaking of eye sight gone wild, I must focus… yes, the ketamine is taking its toll but I can finally see a name.:: yep! Un Jardin… Un Jardin…

Un Jardin!! I see it loud and clear! That’s the one of our people, it must be the one who made these nice sounding two songs, our psychedelic folk hero who manages to sound not wonky, out of it, or unable to make sense, making us ‘psychedelic folk’ look perhaps high, but also like a very responsible bunch of people. A special kind of folk that could also produce constructive non psychedelic music! Someone give our hero a bag of salvia, he definitely earned it! It feels so fine and high.

By the way; Can anyone roll another spliff? We need to listen to this highly anticipated achievement of this lovable member of our society again, celebrate these pleasant songs in the way only psychedelic folk would do! We as a group of looked down upon / out-of-our-heads-misfits are proud to be represented by such sensible music.

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Susan Drone – The Big Drone

Artist: Susan Drone
Title: The Big Drone
Keywords: experimental ambient dark ambient drone experimental electronic Murcia

It’s precisely midnight as my ears sank into the big drone of Susan Drone. It’s like slipping into a world in which we as listeners are carried by a group of mystical voices that hum all mass for a experience of powerful togetherness. As the show goes on they are progressively intensifying as if more of their magical powers are multiplying, showing signs of strength and holy force without using the slightest form of anger. I admire it, as it ain’t easy to make ambient music that comes across as muscled enough to carry all listeners as if we weighted nothing.

The more I’m in The Big Drone the more intrigued I get. These layers seem to play mind tricks, like some kind of special audio magic that is been displayed in front of you & yet you have no idea how and when or where it all is going. Optimizing a full on stereo perspective as well as the use of the trickiness that time has on a listener’s mind. The big one’ over here, is one that makes entire facets of reality disappear & exchanges it with a beautiful disorientation. Who am i? Who are you? Even the ancient question of the meaning of life is questioned; this is an entire different realm to be in. In the end a single group of the drone choir carried me back to my senses, but the impressive mark that this drone experience had on me, will be engraved in my memories forever. Tattooed even!

Now ten over midnight; it felt as if I had been gone for at least an hour, yet the amazing trip must have been just ten minutes long. I suggest you to take a dive and try it out too. I know you must have a busy life, but somewhere you should have ten minutes to spare for one of the best psychedelic drones I’ve ever heard! If not? Well… I guess you must be a masochist. Headphones are highly recommended to use as a gateway tool to experience The Big Drone’s full potential! Enjoy:

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naraka – naraku ~奈落~

Artist: naraka
Title: naraku  ~奈落~
Keywords: acoustic ambient dark ambient drone music noise Japan

Yes, another personalized piece of chit chat await you here at this blog post. This time I tell you about my nice walk in the sun, into a friendly park and all being well and pleasant. It’s a bit of a boring story isn’t it? Maybe it helps if I told you that I’ve brought this music by Naraka along? No? Still not exciting enough? Does it help you if I said that I played it out of a boombox while in this park? No? At a loud volume… yes? No? Maybe?

Well it should be enough to spice up the story a bit more than without, cause I can’t think of any other thing to tell you than the honest truth. When i blasted this release out of the speakers I didn’t have an exact idea how it would sound like, somehow I expected it to be some very evil harsh noise. I have no idea why I had thought that & why with that in mind I would play it out so loud in this park filled with young families. Not that harsh noise isn’t family entertainment that everyone loves, but still the squirrels and their sensitive ears might become a little annoyed from it.

But luckily for the squirrels my predictions had been wrong, as Naraka didn’t give that harsh painful noise to the atmosphere, but instead created the perfect sound for my Sunday stroll through the park. Perfect for the Sunday as the sound seemed to resemble church bells, probably ding donging away to get the word out that Sunday service is about to start. But they did not come under manipulated, but sounded worked upon to create some kind of ambient luxury dream. Most of the times that a drone artist goes for those bells as a source, the sound always seems to be a bit gloom and doom, of gothic church yards dressed in mist and darkness, but somehow here it didn’t feel as the case.

Maybe it helped as well that the music came out while the sun was out in full force, giving the sound bath a bath of golden lights itself. I thought it sounded nice and friendly, some squirrel even came up to me, sat down on the boom blaster that hosted this music & we exchanged some nuts to nibble. The little fellow with its Rat-like face and furry tail seemed to liked the music as well, making me think that next Sunday I might go to the park again to play this music. If it is all cloudy and rainy I could test out if this had any effect on the way this music is experienced! Can’t wait!

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