Puce Mary – The Drought

Artist: Puce Mary
Title: The Drought
Keywords: noise, experimental, electronic, dark, horror

Things are getting weird, unreal and strangely dry in all its devastated ways. I would even claim it’s becomming monstrous scary. I’m just penning down some of the terms that came to my mind when hitting the play button on Puce Mary’s Drought. Cause whatever this is, it’s predominantly the right material to assualt you or invoke a reason for an upcoming nightmare.

Just the front cover on its own had been keeping me awake for days, the thought of this child trying to grab the coins from the fruit by mouth seems to be (in these corona times) like the ultimate dangerously unhygienic risky thing to do. Somehow I feel extremely worried about this kids health although I’m pretty sure this had all been made pre-covid days.

Mind you, I’m not your hardened horror  watcher, hell, I don’t even have a television around as news and idiotic popular series like dr who are already enough to get me to scream in the middle of the night for a belated expression of fear. So, maybe you will think differently about ‘Drought’ … Maybe you will shrug your shoulders and go on about your daily activities and think nothing about it. For me, its reason to put an extra matrass on top of the one that I’m sleeping on tonight, as who knows… It might make me wet the bed when I least expect it.

Not that Puce Mary seems to have aimed this to be a horror or halloween release, but to me it certainly feels as if there is something to it that isn’t like your average case of sweetness or loveliness. There is something intense and scary about it. Which is cool as that certainly will make you feel like not going to sleep for a while, especially not if you are like me; scared to make a mess. But lets get brave and step into it a bit more as nobody cares about me being a scared weirdo. But they do seem to care about the music… Right?

And this music… Oh it’s like putting your teeth into gravel. Biting it so hard that all of your gums are downsized as useless pedestals for all that had been left of your teeth. It’s a thrilling sensation of something that lurks around, crunching away through your speakers as if it’s you who is the apple that it wants to bite. The sound of upcoming danger, the tones of something that is worrisome, it’s warm and rising like a beast leading other beasts into your perfectly sane and safe world, leaving a trail of death and decay behind them.

You can hear other listeners scream in disbelief as they get annulated by sheer fear, you can hear other reviewers scribbling down notes in fanatic styles, as if their lives are depending on it… Which for some reason I certainly think isn’t at all such a weird thought.

Puce Marcy tells us that she is drowning herself within this material too, with the feeling of decades having past as she had becoming an older woman, decay of nature, the horrors of politics, being desperate to reconnect with the world by an actual human comes across as the only thing that can save her soul from the disinterest in life around her. All of this while dramatic organ is playing the right underlying tones and noises of fear are smothering her words like a true nightmare in which even the creator wants to find some real contact to escape with.

This moment of personality by words helps a lot to explain this scary realm, it makes this feeling of drowning in another person’s angst a real one that makes this scary audio adventure one that is much more understandable, but yet does not do anything to make it less dark and dangerous sounding. But somehow the knowledge that this is the nightmare set to sound that the artist itself is tormented by makes this listening sensation into a next level experience.

This all is leaving my hairs up and my eyes big in its panic mode, searching and looking around for Puce Mary to show that she isn’t the only one here, that we can escape this dangerous sounding zone of horrid fear. Of hard dry droughts of frightening noises that will for sure engrave themselves in our minds to come back and haunt us as we slip out of our comfort zone. I’m not sure if we can find this artist and are able to show actual humanity and trust fur a better future, but I feel extremely motivated to search every aspect of ‘Drought’, facing the music of fear, devastations, decay, hell on earth in search for the other human out there.

Strangely I started to see and experience everywhere glimpses of hope, of a certain beauty that is still there, being overshadowed by these dreadful thoughts of devasted eeriness. If I stay here in this noise forever, bravely searching for Puce Mary the human to show that not all is doomed, lost and dried out – so be it. It gives a reason to life and a mission to go for that I would think is worthwhile even if it makes me shit my pants every few minutes or so.

Maybe you are a more hardened person with a heart full of life, an individual that has no need to bring extra undies into this dangerous realm of ‘drought’ in which beasts of scared thoughts are hunting around to feast on fear, If that’s you i would certainly suggest to volunteer yourself and step right in and save the human who is living the nightmare vividly enough to be able to set it to sound… look at her from top to toe and see her for the wanted life that she really is and save her and yourself from this personal apocalypse. Thrill seekers of the horror allure might also happily jump in! Expect dark clouds, dry sand, sights of nightmares and harsh noise realities.

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Toxic Chicken – Room 9 in Wonderland

Artist: Toxic Chicken
Title: Room 9 in Wonderland
Label: Dog Park Records
Keywords: experimental Perth WITCHFORK

You may remember back in 2016 when we all went to Toxic Chicken’s Alice in Wonderland Tea Party, there was lots of teacups and teaspoons and a confused Victorian girl. We are wondering what type of land this new release will be, an 80s Erasure-style synthpop ‘Wonderland’ with an undercurrent of foreboding: “There’s something going on, Something not quite right, There’s something strange, Happening to me”? How do we find Room 9, and what lays behind the door? We approach a big house and wander the halls, looking for the magic number. The walls play music to us and it is getting louder so we know we are getting closer. Here it is! There is a cubbyhole on the right of the door to put your shoes in, and a cubbyhole on the left full of painted wooden shoes. There is one labelled ‘The Doll’ and inside are the most beautiful clogs in the world, covered in hearts and flowers and spades (playing card spades and gardening spades) – they are perfect for me! Can you see your cubbyhole, what is painted on your shoes? Quick, put them on and let’s enter ‘Room 9 in Wonderland’.

Wow! It’s so bright in here, colours on the walls and the ceilings, and in the middle of it all standing beneath a skull-shaped disco ball is our host, the poisonous poultry themselves! They spread their great plumed arms and greet us, head bobbing back and forth to the music. Until you see them come towards us, you had forgotten how chooks must move their heads in order to take a step. It’s addictive and soon we are all bouncing our heads and a bass has started contorting out of the hidden speakers. Lights flash and we are all Rising Up and slumping down, Rising Up and slumping down, we can’t stop ourselves.

But what is this? The chicken had disappeared for a few seconds into another doorway, and now is back riding a toy pony on wheels and blasting the sounds of ‘Bible Bike Techno’ into our ears. The pony has bells around their neck, one that bleeps like an alarm clock, one like a cow bell, one a tiny plinkyplonky piano. Our feathered friend gets off and offers us a ride: “You, yes you, with the black-neck ducks on your shoes, jump on!” The pony starts spinning around and then moving back and forth, it has become a bucking bronco! Hold on tight my friend! The song is getting frantic, the pony moving so fast as we watch in horror… but it’s ok things are calming down now, just like a fairground ride there’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s just for thrills.

In fact, I’ve only just noticed that there is a machine to check in and to check out just like in old factories – everyone, you must put your time card in the machine! We are in “A place that I don’t understand, with rules and regulations, lots of them, bureaucratic bullshit” and the bleeps and bloops of red tape are all around us. A long corridor has opened up and we march through it, ducking to avoid protuberances coming out from the walls. Look out under your feet, there are pot holes and trip wires, Wonderland is a little bit dangerous and hard to navigate!

Phew, we made it through to the kitchen! As you would expect, there is a tape player and a stack of Kitchen tapes, ‘Patatten’ is just finishing. We chose a tape labeled ‘Toxic Chicken and Furchick – morning after’ which we know is going to be a Total Banger, we love all chickys whether they are poisonous or fluffy! The tap is running, filling up the sink and the dishes dance in and out of the soapy waterfall, cleaning and rinsing themselves. Seagulls fly past the window with chicken & chips in their claws. Don’t worry, these aren’t dead cooked chickens, no one eats their friends in Wonderland! The chicks are lost and being taken home to their families. The chips are, of course, for the seagulls picnic party. There are Nine of them, and after they deliver their charges back to the hen house they settle in the park (we can see it through the kitchen window, we are very high up and have a Bird’s Eye View!). You would expect there to be a feeding frenzy but this is not at all the case, the seagulls politely wait until everyone is ready to eat and make sure each of them has enough tomato sauce before they start. We smile and turn back to the room, where the oven is being opened and a cake decorated in cherries with the words ’13 euro cent’ is waiting fore us. Our host (somehow) has put oven mitts on over their wings and takes out the cake.

They lead us through another door and we find a big table with everything you could desire laid out upon it. The cake is placed in the centre and plates passed around. There is a boy who is called Crow sitting at the table and his eyes light up at the sight of the dessert. What’s happening now?! Crow has climbed onto the table and somehow shrunk himself and climbed into the cake! He is truly inside Wonderland now, buried deep in the sticky layers and clinging crumbs. Will he ever escape? Stay tuned in for more news from Room 9, anything can happen in a place like this.



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Netta Goldhirsch – Love Doesn’t Exist

Artist: Netta Goldhirsch
Title: Love Doesn’t Exist
Keywords: experimental, singer songwriter, classical, electronic, noise, opera, theatric, pop, avant garde
Label: Wormhole World

Experimental electric opera that will tingle the hairs on the back of your neck. Daring and inviting, dragging you in like a magic spell with the real magificent potential to blind you by its results. Netta Goldhirsch sends out herself and the accompanying music like a whirling hand with flexible fingers, taking you in some kind of hypnotic spell in which you find yourself fascinated while stepping without question into her realm. A place that once you are there, is gentle receiving you with pretty strings, a certain high class classiness that caters the big vocal and hauntingly artistic talents that our hostess is clearly so richly blessed with.

Moment of bewildered wonders or experiencing severe intimate personal times in which we seem to be able to meet the artist and her grand allure of ultimate perfection lay at our ears and imagination. Both of them stirr up many feelings within, warming us as if we had stepped into a superb grand mansion of forgotten times. Something sweet and  dramatic, build by the artist in her own liking,  like a theatrical play that is more real than you have seen anything performed on a stage. You can touch it, sniff the curtains and look around like a flying spectator that has the magnificent green light to explore something of a magnitude of spectacular bigness.

Chills will go down your spine and eye brows will be happily raised from being exposed to talents previously unknown. This being the debut album by Netta Goldhirsch might have all to do with it. She is giving it everything, letting her magical wand of music creation bedazzle you until you are tumbling around in a dizziness that strangely feels like something so refined that you wished to keep feeling this way until eternity. She has so many tricks up her sleeves, not at all afraid to use them… Creating so many different ways to impress and be bewildered by that all you can do is accept and follow blindly the urge to still your curiousity.

Like a ghost of theatrical spirit, Netta Goldhirsch seems to occupy every aspect of this album, letting you slip in deeper and deeper until you are deeply in the middle of it all. Unable and unwilling to escape the generous universe that the musical artist has created over here. You know that she had been sitting on this for years, that she build up every stone from scratch in order to get to this point of perfection. You can hear and feel it in any corner, making you respect every challenge as it appears in front of you.

But all the time being spend over here on production clearly resulted in a timeless production with wild layers and many floors full of explorative differences. You open one and fall into extreme electric glitch experiment combined with her never lacking vocality, while you open the next and feel like you have stepped into a glass room in which a  militant jazz drummer placed itself on the electric chair while drumming. There is so much to be excited or bedazzled about.

Some other times are more majestic, proud to show us around in the neatly decorated environment in which Netta Goldhirsch rules with a stronger voice than any english tea cattle flute could achieve. She delivers comfort and personal personality, like a true romantic in a massive dream house on a hill that is ruled by only her and all her musical fantasies. It feels like an honor to be so lovingly lured into it, being able to feel and experience this place made out of passion is simply better and more direct than reading any book or watching any movie; it’s very physical and real; music that provides all kind of colors and shapes, flower decorations, wallpapers of gold and grandiose window panes, expensive wood work, ballrooms and lush staircases with shiny chandeliers powered by fairydust.

Some playrooms to me are the most fun, especially the ones in which melodies melodramatically are enjoyed being  played around with enough room for noisy experimentalists surrealistic powers. But the balance of all of these songs and music in this entire realm of wondee is of such diverse variations that you simply cant have one without the other. It’s the togetherness that created this wonderful work of madness, a devine creation that feels like a apprehension of a delightful talented soul that has created this album that stands fierce and strong like a amazing house of craft, emotion and talent.

You can feel the spirit of Netta Goldhirsch ruling every aspect of it, completely thrilling us visitors deeply into our bones, yet you can also feel a certain loneliness, one that makes your thought of moving into this album as a permanent resident as not an entire weird thing at all to do. As having such an amazing musical space to wade through, it is clear that you won’t find yourself any time close to becoming  bored and as you keep being surprised by all its mind blowing art I’m pretty sure that Netta Goldhirsch will also be happily pleased with you around enjoying her music, voice, wonders, world… Her debut album!

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Various Artists – Poverty Recordings Vol. 1

Artists: various
Title: Poverty Recordings Vol. 1
Keywords: experimental, noise, electronic
Label: Poverty Recordings

I have had a strange surreal feeling that I’ve had already written about this compilation a long time ago. But yet, I’m not sure of this case and that’s why wether or not I’ve written about it, I will give it a attempt. Why? Because it’s poverty recordings and a compilation full of interesting sound creators. I mean, even if I had written twenty reviews about it, it would still feel perfectly okay to be writing about it, it’s that kind of material that always can have a little extra attention from the dubious sideways down the poor person’s lane.

This all first starts with one of the best glitchy artists out there (that is just my opinion, but I suggest you take it in as a hardened fact!) His name is Jukka-Pekka kervinen and the track that opens this first compilation is like an outmost adventure similar to putting your teeth into a new kind of fruit. It has that nice feeling of fruitful chewiness around the teeth, fresh around the gums and sparkly along the sides. Yet, unfamiliar as if it’s something that fell down from a tree that had grown on another planet. Can you feel your mouth filling up with the all mighty lubricant processor named saliva? Well listen to this and you might experience it.

After this it’s Orda at work, with a very cool, almost too cool for school attitude of a track. I really dig it as it makes me feel like running after something super hot that always seems to have the ability to be a couple of steps ahead. It’s so cool with all its rhythmic grooviness, highly electronic and even attempting to be smarter than us regular listeners and … Achieving this state rediculously well. So here we feel like slam dunking out marbles in the bin, making happy spastic moves like well lubed robots that had gone on a rampage by freaking the hell out in all the good ways.

Now two artists that I’m scared to type arrive… Not that their names are scary, but I’m just afraid that I spell them wrongly. But oh well nobody would shoot me in the head for a spelling mistake would they? If they did I would be long dead by now… Ilia Belorukov and Kurt liedwart… Yes, I guess those are their names. The track title that they provided is ‘konijnen’ (which means rabbits in dutch) is fairly easier to pen down and how it sounds like makes me feel like I have zero reason to be in panic mode, let alone being afraid. It does hit the high frequency tone that might be turning the ears of a sensitive dog into a firm twist, but for us humans it somehow feels like it could be the added sound signal that comes from a television on standbys mode. Slowly we got introduced to a drum, it comes in so strangely that it made me play with the volume button in order to check if the sound was coming from something inside the house other than the speakers that it came out from. But when it ruffled up like a mad jazz drummer on a busy time schedule I was certain that it was the experimental impersonation of rabbits going wild.

Now if rabbits doesn’t make you happy, I’m glad to inform you that the happy project that rolls up next on the poverty recordings gathering, will certainly excite you in the good sense of the word. It’s what the proffesionals would call ‘happy noise’ introduced by a very interesting noise producer named Carabiner. It’s a celebration of cuckoo loopiness, the kind of fun sounds that would not be misplaced in a colorful example of what would go around in a always smiling joyful person at the lunatic assylum.  There is enough reason to smile and twinkle the face into a brightness star as this loopy weirdness rolls out in excessive craziness and all I can think of is saying that this sounds similar as how my own personal brain works. Which is a nice added bonus; making me not feel alone in the crazyv side of noise-lovers land.

After this it’s time for Steve Moyes to take the center stage. Might I stop one second and just applaud Steve Moyes for his name? I mean… Steve Moyes.. I don’t know if I pronounce it well in my head,. But in there it sounds like a great beauty. A glimpse of the beauty they couldn’t afford’ is what Steve Moyes brings to our humbly spoiled ears. It crispers like a micro flow of fresh water, clean and sober from a hidden spring that slowly gets a warm greeting from a rising careful sun. Things feel as if they are awakened to life by it, little creations rise up to engage in livelier activities, looking around in wonder for explorations of their livelihood. They seem to have the abilities to open up their tiny eyes in solidarity and wobble around on a mutual groove of pure satisfying survival. Yep, I’m aware these are big words, but don’t blame me, but compliment the music experience for it instead.

To stean of the highly pressured air of life, one of the ptofilic genuises out there takes the centre spot. Yeo, it’s mhzesent who brings a decadent noisy cloud of gently flushing hiss, perfectly vacuuming out our deranged thoughts of any grandiose expectations and cleans it up with outmost sucking preciseness. While mhzesent does this manic hovering, kind tones balance nicely through, really making the harsh noise into a much more homely / familiar family kind of moment. It makes you think if lifting up your feet in the air while the artist sucks up the dirt straight from underneath it.

If this wasn’t making you feel clean enough, there is also Steve Flato who comes in with a warm sentiment of flushing noises. It’s indeed very warm, as if it’s the sun itself hovering the living room with an outmost obsession of cleanness. Sitting in this sensation makes you feel kinda blessed, as if all those shining sunshine vibes in the middle of the noise are providing great amounts of vitamin D to your mind and body. It’s of a nice temperature, making you feel ultimately relaxed while you zone out on crisp summer hiss in which if you trip long enough, could eventually envision joyful wedding bells from a local picturesque church doing it’s thing. If this isn’t wonderful than I would not know what else would be!

It’s hard to take over from. Such a jubilent sunny noise sensation, but Top Bad by the artist of the same name (Too Bad) does it’s best to gear up for this task to provide a little breathing moment before the poverty recordings people throw us back into the wonderful world of alienation. Too Bad makes it a melodic one, a micro time in which music has to be reversed and all we can say is that this kind of technique and technology that makes things like this possible, has brought alot of joy to music lovers and music producers alike. I mean… Doesn’t everything sounds great in reverse? Or shall I say: ?esrever  ni taerg sdnuos gnihtyreve t’nseoD

But while I’m delightfully drooling away with all the reverse melodic content, sometimes it’s time to move on. And with the knowledge of it moving into the alien world of Total E.T. I for sure seem to be not able to wait. Total E.T. has never disappointed me, neither did this artist disjointed me. The work title named ‘Cracked&Droned’ might suggest that if this producer wishes any harm upon us, now is the time.. and with such a good reputation Total E.T. can crush my bones and drone out my dreams any day, but of course our friend doesn’t mean it in the violent kind of way, in fact the sounds provided are still very sweet and likable. Like mini fishes trying to swim from one gargling zone into another, sharping micro blades to cut up future fishers that might lure around at the end of their wicked adventurous journeys. Total E.T. makes us feel as if we are swimming in high speed along with them, clearly flushing through those pipelines as the school of fishes sharpen their sharp weapons along the outer structures. It’s utterly exciting, but never threatening to our own humane listening listeners that chosen to dip themselves into this sensation.

(X)ora vs. Danger Games is up next, more aggravated and angry sounding. As if this is the moment that the previous potential murder fishes as presented by Total E.T. had now found themselves a enemy ready to be plunged, stabbed and deformed into a bloody pulp. It’s very unfortunate for the receiving end, but as we stand alongside the agrressor, it feels like our reaction must be one in which we cheer hard on the side line, clap in excitement with the enduring energy in which the assault of sound comes out like a bad maniac ready to kill for a thrill.

Luckily from all the instant bloodlust we can cover up under the nice blanket of true safety as delivered by Jon Thoresen. This artist caresses our ears with a comfy sound of sweet drone, one that feels as if we kept ourself under the surface of some pretty water without any evil fish around. In fact, we might be the only ones in this pool of sound, really giving off a relaxing vibe in which it is really nice to swim and chill out in. Here we aren’t provoked, or at slight risk of being tediously chopped up or cracked… If anything… It might be that we enjoy this spot so much that we wished to stay within it forever and ever. Not a bad thing at all if you have no other sounds and music to check out, so if that’s you: be my guest.

Although hanging out forever in the drone of calm waters might be indeed very nice, it would certainly also be lovely to hear and experience almeria trials by cays. As the uprising within this track will make you feel as if you are finally got your approval to descent into the realms of heaven. The gates are being opened, the escalator rolls down and awaits your feet to step on it and brings you all the way up in the realm of the holiest of holy. Here ambient chains are dressing you up with lush wealth, you are adored and welcome. Not sure if you are allowed back to the earthly realm ever again after this, but who cares? It’s a shithole compared to this anyway.

Besides it gives the weird transformed or mutated voice of Robby Kee all the way at the end of this compilation the extra grotesque element of it being the so called voice of God. God sounds different than you would probably expect, especially if you always thought that  God would sound like a wonderful lady, but who knows… Sometimes a voice can’t tell you the almighty powers behind them. In any case, the voice slow and slightly deranged makes the journey of going through the entire Poverty Recordings attire like the unmistakable end to our journey. One that for sure will get you off the street and in a world of enthralling wonders, edginess and liberation.

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Roger Eno and Brian Eno – Mixing Colours

Artist: Roger Eno and Brian Eno
Title: Mixing Colours
Keywords: ambient, easy listening, classical

Roger Eno and Brian Eno. Somehow we all have heard of Brian Eno, but Roger Eno? Might this be a brother, nephew, or perhaps a serious alter ego? I’m sure it’s super easy to find this crucial information out, yet as I’m without internet (dont ask me how I post this) I will refrain from any info digging and just take it as it is. Roger and Brian, it sounds on paper like an epic duo similar in fame as bert and ernie, yet the music that they cooked up together is much less of the comedic kind. It’s pretty.

In fact it’s more of the kind serious stuff, music that you can hear with your ears and be not at all shocked about that you are enjoying it so much that you won’t even have to grab once to the ‘skip’ or the more drastic ‘stop’ button. This is nice indeed, calm, melodic, slow but harmonic. Sometimes it hits the eery notes, which might make it a nice one to chill out with in the resting corners of the upcoming halloween? What are you gonna dress up like? A virus? Or a quarantined musician? Bert and Ernie? brian and Roger?

I know, it’s not funny and neither is the music. But it’s very nice and relaxing. As good as it is, it’s also heavily providing either the soundtrack for doing things that cost outmost concentration, it would probably also do well with some kind of religious revelation, or perhaps as a soundtrack while you are having some mental wellness case of inner exploration or (easier) some nice time-out time in which you can sink and possible pass out with. it’s the kind of material that is nice and gentle enough to be able to bring you to bed and caresses you into a sleep of true wellbeing. It’s so calm and lovely what  Roger and Brian had made.

A voice inside of me wants me to write down the expensive word  combination of it being ‘wonderfully translucent’. It has that gracious old fashioned style of classical music performed by someone who has its performing  fingers directly wired to it’s heart. I wonder whose heart and whose fingers it is… Brian or Roger? But in the end does it matter, after all they share their Eno surname like a seal of approval in quality and care? As whoever is responsible (maybe they had been playing both!) the result is all that counts with music and I have to say, even though I would have loved and probably praised it too if it had sucked…

But in fact; It is all rather lovely and sweet, like the kind of music you would play to a baby or a toddler to make sure it will have sweet dreams. And yes, even the eerie notes are not eerie enough to evoke nightmares, so it’s all good, safe and sensible if you’d ask me.  And as far as I can tell i’m not a baby or a toddler and this actually might be deep into the hundreds of  times that I have been coming back to this album, so there must be something really appealing to ut. There must be really something to this work that keeps me hooked and coming back for it again and again.

It’s a mystery as mysterious as the actual music. Cause that’s also something that makes me so intrigued… The mysteries of the music as brought to us by Brian and Roger Eno as there seems to be something about these compositions that even though they are all titled differently, somehow they are all wonderfully connected melodic-wise, somehow they are coming across as if they are born out of a concept in which the compositions are a familiar family of eachother, as if they are being played with by their inner DNA of melodies that comes from the same place, as if they all had been one of the same, yet coming out differently. A bit like Roger and Brian, they are probably different (unless they are twins?) But they must share similar genes, just as the compositions here all seem to be intertwined with each other. It gives that  great dehavu effect of ‘hey, didn’t I hear this melody before’, but considering that I have heard this album hundreds of times by now it’s also a possibility that it’s just me recognising certain points on the album over and over again…

In some way this all helps to lower the senses, as why be on edge when there is an album in which the tracks consists of good hearted nieces and nephews coming from a trusted good family? They all share the same roots, that high trustability and similar emotion and somehow when you love one of them, you will easily love them all. And yes, I think it will take a lot of effort to dislike any of it, you simply must be a real music hater or some soulless prick just out their fooling yourself as you troll around in order to compensate for your own lack of talent.

I mean, personally I had no intention to praise anything, I had no intention to fall in love with this album or either to hear it, it just happened to come across my path and kept me coming back to it while my media player is eroding the overly-played files away – but yet here I am… Still listening and even attempting to write my thoughts about it. I’m not an academic, a writer or some renowned reviewer that you can count on, but let me tell you… For me Roger Eno and Brian Eno certainly made something really emotionally appealing over here. I guess I wrap this ‘write-up’ up and find myself a comfy chair, pour in a nice cup of tea and play ‘mixing colours’ again as strangely I never seem to get enough of it. You might have to try it out sometime if you have a chance… Play it for your relaxing  self, the youngsters at their bedtime or at that halloween chill out zone. It will fits all those areas and probably won’t even be weird at a funeral aswell. In any case… Roger and Brian made something to love & for what it’s worth: I do love it very much.


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Travis Johnson and Gintas K – into the void

Artists: Travis Johnson and Gintas K
Title: into the void
Keywords: experimental, electronic, glitch

Into the good might be a title implying something that we have heard before, as weirdly the word void seems to be unstopable in its popularity among experimental sound musicians. I don’t know why, I guess because it looks nice, sounds perhaps mysterious or leaves some room for the imagination as a good void might be hard to encounter these days. But because of me alreadyfalling over the title of this album, I like to proceed and tell you what this one seems to be filled up with. As just like many of the audio voids around, this one is not at all empty or refraining from shapes and forms.

To get a good idea of it’s content td best to look at the front cover as that might go and gives you a good enough hint of what this void is filled up with. The exciting electric sounds of what I imagine as a wonderful lovely bug that I so happy to be alive that it simply can’t stop moving it’s tiny legs and rms, flapping and wobbling them around like a fresh born little one who is just discovering it’s wealth of energy and it’s use to make it’s mini muscles move freely.

Now you might think, oh but that will be weird for us humans to listen, but let me tell you, none of it will be weird if you dive in with a open mind and open ears. You will find out that if you listen carefully you might spot all kind of various exciting sound variations that at  times strangely seem to form technoid patterns and at other ones like a great energetic glitch that makes you feel as if you just drank a lot of caffeine and discovered something completely new and exciting. Which of course is not strange as if you listen to this album for the first time it is indeed very new and exciting to endure and face. You might feel like you need to study it with a magnifier or simply pick up one of the forgotten glow sticks from the cupboard  and give into that rave feeling that you will certainly come across when giving this void a chance.

It’s not your average kind of dance music though, but I’m pretty sure you don’t need to be a critter or a bug to get that hidden secret wealth of glitchy grooves in here. With music like this it’s even possible to dance or move in any way that you want and feel, as the beauty of this content of void is that it won’t judge you and neither is there a real right or wrong way of reacting, moving or simply listening to it all. I mean, i’m no great dancer but you had to see me dancing around like a lady bug in the middle of having a stroke.

But not everything is hectic chaos or full on turbulent in buggy speeds, as within this void there is also plenty of room to chill out and relax. Sometimes you feel like you are listening to the sound of an biologist’s bsckpocket, out in the field stepping around to collect information of weird nature, at other times it’s like listening to hip hop, crickets relaxing at night or ants doing wicked jazz drum solos…

All those variations simply exist in this brainmelting endeavor of Travis Johnson and Gintas K, clearly showcasing that you can never underestimate the electric elements of the void. That in fact it’s more full than you can imagine, it just takes a little bit of your own imagination and inner feels to hook into it and fall into a scientist wet dream of fascinating micro glitchy electronics. Do with it as you please, but for sure give it a try… You might be flabbergasted by what you’d discover along the way. https://gintask.bandcamp.com/album/into-the-void-2018

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Two Fingers – Fight! Fight! Fight!

Artist: Two Fingers
Title: Fight! Fight! Fight!
Keywords: electronic, beats, dance

Two Fingers Fight Fight Fight? Oh well, I guess fighting has a different meaning in my world than the one that this album seems to imply, as over at the fat  music that this release contains I’m more dancing freely my ass off than kicking around in some triple fights. I can hear the fierceness of a fight though, but to me it’s more a big massive party with the biggest fatties of beats, bass and energy rolling out of the speakers.

Or in my personal case; out of my headphones, making me instantly feel as if I’m at a groundbreaking party that is hotter than hot and full of massive fire burning in the tender insides of each party goer. Oh yes, think of it as you wish but if this is fighting than let’s get ready torumble as this is so moving in all the right directions. Loud as it can get, a ear defying wickedness in groove that won’t sit nice and quietly in the back, but jumps up front ordering you to get off your lazy bum and react to the music. And why not? I bet you all can use some exciting exercise!

Is it angry? Oh yes! But it’s the good side of anger, the one that reminds me of dodgy underground drum n bass clubs from the past in which grim individuals heavily mashed on drugs became pretty puppy dogs that follow you back home. It swings, it hammers, it moves like an unstoppable movement that won’t leave you until you are entitled enough to feel whatever it is catering to you. To me it’s banging in a unstoppable party, dark but upbeat and positive while still showcasing bulging muscles for a grand display of power.

It’s hard to stand still and not to react, you will give a F when this music is on and if you play it at a gym, you might see all those idiotic sporting devices being picked up and tossed through the establishment’s window. They said you could use the machines, right? And picking them up and tossing them out is for sure a sign of  superhuman strength. The fitness place might not be too happy with the damage at first, but trust me, the news articles will provide plenty of good advertisement for them to make it profitable.

Oh yes, rough, raw, muscular like a rhino who went to a rave a few times to many. Yet, it bounces nicely, like it’s not at all in a hurry or worried to be able to pushed over… These tracks stand their ground and probably are nicely comparable to a bulgy cool visitor down the club with a big massive golden chain around it’s neck. You know instantly that this person is someone, something, somebody… You won’t want to fight it, but if a fight breaks lose you bet you want yourself to be on that individual’s side of the mashup.

So yes, what’s more to say about this fight! Fight! Fight! album over here? That it needs to be played loud and with care perhaps? I mean blasting this out in a shop full of fragile porcelain might simply end up in a broken mess with an expensive bill at the end.

But do blast it out somewhere as you got to feel this somehow in all its might and glory. It makes you feel a bit more stronger, a bit more bad ass if you will… And that’s cool, right? Maybe feed it to yourself when you need that extra bit of energy to lift up some bullies in the air? I wouldn’t call it a fight, but more a sign of force and respect. Yep, this music got a lot of empowering possibilities, although it might also just be nice to dance by yourself home alone quarantine style. It will make you forget shit, you know?!



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Norm MacDonald’s favorite stand-up comedian Brian Regan

As I have 13 euro cent on my bank acount, I have had no plans to afford internet in my little hideout, but gladly found a sporadic spot at the nearby train station that sometimes provides some access to steal some precious data from. I have been lately using it to download stand up comedy. It takes forever as it is not only slow and a weak signal, it also cuts off plenty of times. So you must be grateful if you managed to download 25 minutes of some douche telling a joke and hope it is laughable at the end. As nothing is really as good as having a free laugh at the cost of standing in the cold, reconnecting multiple times to some idiots person’s unsecure internet rooter.(but seriously,  Bless you my unanimous friend!). It does take forever, but it also makes you appreciate whatever you can get your hands on at the end. But as it cost so much time and it’s getting freezing cold outside, it’s best to be sure to download something worthwhile.

Oh by the way… its not that albums of stand up comedy are better than music, as those recorded shows have a very low (almost as good as zero) replay vallues compared to a album of music. Which is considering the time in which there is a wealthy overload of artists and releases out there,  already a rare rarity on its own. Only a few will make it to the replay stage and all who have seated there are gathered to cater various moods and moments. Gg Allin’s rock n roll terrorist for all those times you want to ease the urge to take a big dump on society, or Nico’s Chelsea Girl for when you are in a sentimental mood or a Renaldo & the loaf’s the elbow is taboo for when you are feeling silly as you chop carrots in a random person’s kitchen in your unwashed undies. Vormir’s Untitled for when you are taking out the trash… To name a few.. 

Albums of stand up comics are as good as a one time only experience, unless perhaps when you are blessed with the short term memory of let’s say a fish. Or have the cherished comedic content of Norm MacDonald at your disposal, a comic whose storytelling jokes simply seem to never have an expiry date and can be heard over and over again.  If you don’t mind the excruciating pain from over-laughing your days away, its definitely something to look into. Death by laughter doesn’t seem such a bad way to go. Another reason to go for these standup comedic albums that are a one time only experience are perhaps if you are a student-comic, eager to listen to these jokers with care and delight over and over again. Making notes in a little book about tone of voice, timing, charisma and the explicit secret of making an entire audience making a sound at the same time. It’s quite a skill and a talent. For me a joke is just a joke, but the persona character that delivers the joke  is that key thing that clearly makes it funny.

It’s almost cliche to type that Norm MacDonald is the one stand up comic that cracks me up, light up all the boxes and simply is one of the very few that waltzes over my stealth face and makes it laughs out hysterically. It doesn’t matter how offensive, how lame or how long His jokes are – it’s all in good humor! His comedic approach, delivery and timing is perfect. You can clearly hear he has passion for and in it, his style of playing a men’s men (he is deeply closeted so don’t get any wrong ideas!) is charming and charismatic, his jokes are dark, homophobic, sexist or plain old fashioned – like an archie bunker-kind of adorable goofball of the old timer times, not afraid to mention the hollocast or to make a joke about searching for his canadian uncle in the ruins of 9-11. someone that you’d strangely  love to have as a eccentric  uncle and someone who for sure will screw some modern day social justice warriors in the wrong hole.

He can get away with it as it is clear to me that he has a heart, he is one of the few men who actually shows honest tears on television, how he sobs for example while thanking david letterman and saying him how much he loves him on his last show is mind-blowingly refreshing. Or when he went on a apology tour for the crime of defending a friend.  It is those moments that he breaks out of comedic routine and gets overwhelmed by emotion that makes him that special human with all its flaws, insecurities and love. If he offends you, you must take a good look at yourself as there might be a lack of healthy self spot and heart missing. Cause to me it’s clear that this Norm loves everyone, even though some a little more than others.

Clearly, his sense of humor isn’t for everyone, especially not Don Old Meyer who fired him from america’s Saturday Night Life because of him keeping making jokes about Don’s buddy O.J. Simpson allegedly killing his girlfriend. His official excuse of firing Norm was finding him not funny, which sounds a little hard coming from a fairly obese hollywood man that probably doesn’t see his own ding dong (because of the belly hanging over it) and clearly doesn’t  even know what funny is. Norm clearly is just a funny person, no doubt about it, at work and (from what I can tell) also just as a person. He loves sport and gambling but  when you hear him speak about stand up comedy, his heroes from when he was young, the skills, the knowledge about it is coming from one nice manic spot of obsession and passion. Yes those two ‘sions’ in a row clearly states that my conclusion of many months binge watching, hearing, looking and laughing at any Norm MacDonald material and interview that I could find… He truly, truly, truly loves stand up comedy and his love for it might have made him the best of all.

You don’t have to search much to know he is highly appreciated by other comics, yet he seems to be fairly unknown, obscure or just too out there to be the kind of legendary person (is international treasure the word?) that he actually is. His self sabotage of taking down his videos from YouTube with his filmed podcast in which he interviews guests and trolls them around a bit with his side kick Adam Egghead (I know that’s not his surname but it does sound funny), or his endless tweets documenting a entire sporting event, does not help to make him approachable for all, but somehow his fanatic fanbase shimmers like an expanding viral virus over the internet. He has that Andy Kaufman kinda-vibe over him. All I hope for Norm is that he gets money for the t-shirt merchandise that a person named ‘imnotnorm’ is selling around in his mixed up Norm compilations… Best is to buy his book if you want to be sure to read something funny and want to sponsor this man’s gambling habbit. Not that I have done it, after all… I’m the one stealing internet from a person at the local train station. Heck, if I had some money I would get that book though. I heard it’s good. I could always try to eat it or use the pages as toilet tissue… Doesn’t seem like a bad investment in the long run.

…so yeah, back to me and the attempts to download stand up comedy to bring back to my poor person’s place and listen to in the night before sleeping. As apparently I found out that a good healthy laugh for sure is a good way to nod off into dreamland happily. So yes, of course I had heard the two Norm MacDonald albums, one of comical music sketches like an old fashioned radio hear-play and one of him doing standup. Maybe I listened and downloaded a bit of others around but I got most interested and intrigued by nobody less than Brian Regan. Mind you, this is the stand up comic Brian Regan and not the jailed spy of the same name or the many other Brian Regan’s out there that aren’t  the one that I have been alarmingly trying to download with the speed of a snail for my good night rest dose of humor.

Why Brian Regan you might say? Oh let’s say ‘word of mouth’ as Norm had been name dropping Brian Regan in many interviews as his most favorite standup comic. His comedy is as clean as a bat, even Seinfeld could turn it down a notch compared to Brian’s material. After managing to get my hands and ears on Brian Regan’s ‘standing up’, ‘Brian Regan Live’ and ‘Live from radio city music hall’ I could clearly hear why Norm loves Brian Regan’s comedy. He hits all those boxes of timing, being a character, acting dumb so to make the audience feel identifiable and good about themselves, making them all make the same sounds at the appropriate times and tackling appropriate things suitable for the whole family. My conclusion so far of Norm MacDonald’s favorite standup is that he is not Norm, but Brian Regan sure is funny. I might have to go back to the station and try my best to download some more! Oh so many good night sleeps I have had lately!

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Sascha Müller – Acid Acapella, Vol. 3

Artist: Sascha Müller
Title: Acid Acapella, Vol. 3
Keywords: acid, acapella acid

At first you might think that nobody in their right mind would order themselves some acid acapella, unless you are a real spaced out acid freak or someone who is a talentless wannabe techno producer that needs the acid lines premade for them in order to mix and match it with a stolen four by four bass kick of their choice and perhaps find the rest of a sturdy beat to go along with it. Still, Sascha Müller (yes the legendary producer!) has released quite alot of acid acapellas onto the world. To sit down with them is for the most part like being in a club listening to a hang-in-there middle piece in the hope that any minute the needle will drop and the party really kicks off as if there is no tomorrow. But needless to say, with acid acapella there is no whoohoo party moment, there is no bouncing around on a fierce hardcore kick… It’s like being on a acid trip that simply never seems to end or start, depending on what way you would look at it.

Yup, you guessed it. Listening to acid acapella might take some time to be fully grasped, as it’s unusual to come across acid this way. It’s the acid lines stripped from their techno attire, as if they are there buttnaked wiggling their unflattering ass cheeks in front of you while you are wondering if you took the right pills or not. Still, after a while adapting to the nakedness of these fanatic acid lines you might still find yourself moving and dancing as if you are at a party. A very weird party, but considering there shouldn’t be many normal parties around with the pandemic circus going on, I think it’s best to take it as it is and appreciate everything that even vaguely resembles one.

Somehow it got me moving like a wabbling duck, letting the acapella acid quack its own rhythm within my head as I fantasized an oversized rhythm section with it. At one point I found myseif a cooking pan and a spoon and banged it around to dress up the acapella acid lines. Yup, no fun for the neighbors perhaps, but sometimes you need to give into these urges to just go in and bang some noises. Especially with these acid acapella lines almost screaming, begging for them to be dressed. I understand their position though, after all it’s as good as winter and their nipples must be hard as hell.

But yeah, after a while even I got tired from banging cooking pans and when I stopped, the acid acapellas would simply go on and on. Making me realize that it’s brave of Sascha Müller’s acid to be so proud and in the open about themselves. I mean, why should they feel ashamed of their true selves? These acid lines are born naked and that most people dress them up in mixes of other sounds or plain beats is (if you think about it) a strange phenomenon. It’s like humans… We are all born naked, but most of us quickly get shoved on some clothes, or at least a diaper. Maybe because we are freaks of nature, having no natural furr to keep our bodies warm from cold, or cool when it’s hot.

Now we see a little bit of leg and go full mayhem… but acid lines, these proud acid bleebs and blobs brought out by Sascha to shine and do their thing are there shameless and beautiful. The more you witness them doing their thing, letting them wash all over you.. the more they come across as individuals that are intoxicatingly awesome in their own right. They don’t need anyone to lift them up, they don’t need an attire of techno baloney to support them… No these acid acapellas proof that they are strong and hypnotizing independent creations that will make you feel proud to witness them so confidently liberated!

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Waterflower – Balta Gaisma

Artist: Waterflower
Title: Balta Gaisma
Keywords: electronic art pop audiovisual avant-garde electronica experimental Riga

Waterflower adds a fresh splash of magic water to the ear buds to enable the natural growth of her unique world of music. It’s very original, compare it to an experience of being brought to another planet in which Waterflower rules with a mystique strength that almost can’t be deciphered by the average earth inhabitants. Everything is alive, with words that hits us and yet go beyond our tiny micro heads. She sings in her own language on a bed of strange surreal electronics, one of a light power trip that makes you want to bow down as you imagine the artist half floating over a rolled out bright pink carpet, leaving a trail of freshly growing beautiful alien nature on each side and us easy admirers stunned by the charming angelic presentation. She will bring a big ball of bright light with her and trust me, considering the circumstances I’m sure everyone will be happy to be take in by it.

With glittering passion the living being shows us it’s presence over beee and all we can do is lay down in wonder, accepting Waterflower as the new leader who saves us all from earthly devastations. Her heart is big and fluorescent, kind enough to do her best to inspire and ask for us to be strong and step into the most peaceful time in history, a freedom almost hard to imagine outside the world that is contained on the album, but severely infectious and real when you encounter it in the music and textual form. Waterflower sets a safe place, one in which you can let yourself go and do not have to obstruct your mind. Your thoughts can flow freely. In this context Waterflower’s music sets the start for a bright future, sketches a new and pleasant life that sounds so much more appealing than what the dimension of this time is offering us right now.

Like following angels we seem to be devoured by all these new fascinating sensations, this new world with bright ideas and innovations. It’s here that Waterflower comes across as a higher priestess of a goddess nature world and the music over here the magical realm that lays out an alternative universe that any sensible human being would love to live in forever. Begging Waterflower to take us in, let us fly over this occult knowledge of the greater good into a new place that smells and looks glorious. We are promised Waterflower flying over us with a  guidance that will finish of her life work, replacing reality with dreams and all that we wish is to be there at that fine moment when the creating oracle of this album reaches this high state and expands her wonderous land of musical freedom all over all that we can see. Waterflower can be Waterflower now and with that in mind we seem to be happy sparkles under her comfortable wings.

No more politics, no more wars, no more human obscurities or pretending games to just be able to fit in. With Waterflower we can and shall escape to a much more glorious state of consciousness, one in which the ground is fruitful, the air is full of Chrystal clear sounds, the sky is rich of clean oxygen and a new age empire reaches out further than ideas and suggestions can ever meet the eye. A music innovation of pure love that almost makes me wish that Waterflower started a cult, as it would be the happiest and freest safety space to inmidiately sign up for. One in which music rules, one in which surreal nature grows up all around us and Waterflower’s angelic presentation is pleasing for us and all the flora and fauna around us. An album that you just don’t want to end, but also that comes across as a magical bewhitching statement that hopefully will change the world into one of Waterflower and followers own invention.

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