Sina Khani – Shrek

sinaartist: Sina Khani
title: Shrek
keywords: pop, weird, hit, video, logosamphia, sina khani
label: Blowpipe

Sina Khani was born 32 years ago in the mysterious country called Iran, but had to leave it during the Gulf War with Iraq. His journey of growing up happened in Bochum, Germany where he learned how to appreciate zauberflauten, beer gardens and lederhosen. From there he could smell the city of Amsterdam (Netherlands) and ended up there to study something that becomes more and more apparently useful; the art of audiovisual arts. When Sina Khani had studied enough he moved to Berlin to work on his legendary live life performances.

We got to know Sina Khani half way, as an established audio visual comedian, artist and host of his very own Sina Khani show, a part of the successful pop formula group ‘Bos, Lanting, Douche & Khani’ and as super fan of the always merry; Harry Merry. But now he informs the media through words that all his precious activities will be on hold. No more pony riding, no more dancing around the clock, and no more time to be spend by Sina Khani on crossword puzzles; this time it’s serious!
Sina Khani will from now on purely focus on his career as a mega pop star!

With his background, his intensive training school of being in front of hostile audiences, being in music groups and the right amount of fresh energy; he is certainly well up for the job of storming the hit parades. He has his plan ready and will score one hit after the other by not focusing on an album, but will give all the attention to high quality video clips! The first potential hit single is ‘Shrek’, an easy to remember name with a vibe that makes everyone who watches it, a bit wet and slippery. A great intention to lick the screen dry with your tongue had come up many times over here when our team watched this spectacle in all its glory.

Smart moves is the thing that kept Sina Khani’s life together, and to team up with megastar producer Logosamphia for this hit has certainly been received with great applause. Sina Khani might not have the golden voice of an angel, but still his tropical appealing trademark sounds are hard to copy material that even superstars like Lady Gaga had envy for. His slender body, his well-groomed face and his excellent dance moves give him the sex appeal that will turn the male diva high up the map of super stardom. Here is his first upcoming song that probably will conquer the world charts in a very rapid speed;

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Logosamphia : Unmasked!

^ This is Logosamphia

^  Logosamphia

There are very few producers out there who have such a massive impact on popular culture like the one named ‘Logosamphia’. He stands proudly in the Guinness Book of records as producer with the biggest shadow, and with this shadow he basically has overseen tons of projects, artists and music productions. His acclaimed high profile reputation as a producer is tightly kept by him and his professional management, by only claiming credits for the most awesome tracks that have gone through severe specific editing, tweaking, peeking and peeling until that trademark ‘high standard quality’ that he is known for has been reached.

^ Logosamphia live at Gifgrond

^ Logosamphia live at Gifgrond

It’s hard to keep up with all the work he does, and even harder to review… Quality music like his solo albums for example is done in such a high level, that no review could ever do it justice. There are no words of praise to qualify to describe any of them all, besides they are not made to sit still and read about; they are there to make you yell, pull your hairs out and go in a dancing frenzy!

^ one of his massively impressive unspeakable high tech quality solo albums of Logosamphia. Play this and expect instant dance spasms you’d never thought to experience

Besides his many serious productions, his collaborations and producer work; he also has plenty of time for the outstanding gigs he does. If you think that Elvis was worth the ticket fee, than please wake up and go and see the live performances of Logosamphia. The way how this producer swings his hips, takes the piss and still manages to get the whole building shaking in some kind of psychedelic breakbeat spasm; is something you’ll be happy to end up in a hospital for.

^ the impact that this solo neopolka album by Logosamphia had was tremendous but expected. If you could get your paws on one of them, you will be the proud owner of a collectors item that has the strong potential power to even turn the pope into a breakdancing weirdo...

^ the impact that this solo neopolka album by Logosamphia had was tremendous but expected. If you could get your paws on one of them, you will be the proud owner of a collectors item that has the strong potential power to even turn the pope into a breakdancing weirdo…

The thing with Logosamphia is that he is on the same level as Daft Punk and that Deadmau5 guy. Not that his music is on that level; he is far beyond! But he has the secrecy of having his face all masked when making public appearances. In fact I also could have said that Logosamphia is on the same level as Batman, Spiderman and Zorro; all masked fellows with secret identities, because nobody wants to bring the burden of their work home. But because we are bastards who love to stir things up, and bring you the revelations you never had thought you would wanted to know:

We have unmasked Logosamphia!

We know who he is!
and how to find him!.

We have hired 25 lawyers in case Logosamphia will sue our asses because of publicly revealing his identity, but for your entertainment dear reader, we are happy to take this risk..

Are you ready? Are you really ready? It might be a shocker!
logosamphia2Yep, that’s right.. It’s who you think it is.. He has been around for years, wrote hit songs for Michael Jackson, toured the planet in one of the first boybands in the world, has his own yellow submarine, and is of course stunningly rich and good looking.
Not sure who’s whose side project, but in all cases:
much respect to Logosamphaul mccartneyia!
You can send your love letters and dirty underwear to him on Bandcamp and Soundcloud

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Zoran – Creations Drive Zero.infinity

Artist: Zoran
title: Creations Drive Zero.infinity
keywords: electronic, dark ambient, dreamwave, drone, soundart, soundscape, Slovenia

Zoran made a release that seems to be covering a blank mind that travels over an endless road. It’s the moment of the travel in which the background becomes a blur, the lines on the street a repetition and the whole driving experience a fuzzy business that borders a dreamstate.

These tracks are perfect to generate this effect in a much safer environment, as driving on such a state of mind on such a road might be extremely dangerous. Imagine the eyes basically not registering anything, the wheels are basically steered on automatic pilot and a slight unexpected twist in the road might be a disastrous end to the driver and the driven ones.

^ a disastrous end

^ a disastrous end

This release however captures this drowsy moment perfectly, and has no risks like riding off a cliff, or falling asleep while steering an automobile.. It’s just a long infinite sounding collection in which it’s comfortable to sit in, go for a nap with, or just usable as the soundtrack for a spiritual journey of the mind into a pure and warm sounding nothingness. Pretty relaxing, but definitely deadly if you decide to listen to this, while driving on such a lengthy road…

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Pharmakon – live at MOCAT

pharmakonArtist: Pharmakon
title: live at MOCAT
keywords: experimental, noise, live, improvisation, concert, gig, video

When you have missed a concert that you really shouldn’t have missed, you might feel a bit left out of a true happening. It’s such a bummer when everyone around you have seen it, are completely hyped up and ecstatic from enthusiasm and you have no clue what really had happened or what the folks are talking about.  Luckily in these modern days of today in which people’s rock finger signs have been replaced with camera phones and other visual recorders, we can basically enjoy being at such a concert without actually really being there. Yeah, that’s right; you can just sit at home and still be at the front row of such an epic happening. You might even have cheaper beers available, a snack on your lap and a comfortable couch to set your ass in. Just make sure you have a good sound system and the sound up before going for such an experience.

^ watching Pharmakon's live performance at home could be a bit like this

^ watching Pharmakon’s live performance at home could be a bit like this

One of those concerts that is recommend to watch and you might have missed, is Pharmakon live at MOCAD.. It’s a set of 14 minutes and thanks to a powerful performance the atmosphere is excessive in its intensity. What a show, what a spectacle, what a sound performance! Pharmakon knows how to hold those close watching judgmental eyes and ears intrigued through the entire set. They even might be paralyzed and shocked by the quality and kick ass ness that is live happening in front of them.. Some might hit the right spasm to form a human metronome, but most others can’t take the eyes and ears of the whole happening; as if they are realizing they are witnessing a concert that will go down in history as incredibly epic!

This is the stuff you’ll brag about to your children when they are all grown up; I might not have been around when Jimi Hendrix stole the show, but was definitely there when Pharmakon did her thing! And now.. thanks to youtube and the helping hands with a camera we can just pretend to be there, as it is as close as it gets and even on screen like this; it’s a massive impressive set in which live performance, rhythm and noise and vocal expression come along with floor discovery and attitude by its creator. I’ve munched through all my popcorn, drank as much cheap cans of beer while watching this concert on repeat. I believe I was there? Do you wane meet up? Tune in for a Pharmakon live session of pure awesomeness:


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hfae presko – untitled

Artist: hfae presko
title: untitled
keywords: experimental, ambient, drone, experimental, electronic, improvisation, lo-fi, electro ,noise ,noise ambient, psychedelic, Russia

hfae presko had send us an important message. Unfortunately our spam bots had mistakenly thrown in it the trash bin. With a pair of glove the cleaner fished it up this morning and now it stands in front of me all soaked in a layer of egg-paste, tissue and rice leftovers. When wiping it softly with a spoon a link became clear, a link to a new release which the artist had the following things to say about/;

I can’t say anything about it, that’s why it is called Untitled.. Music without any ideas, thoughts and words. Just an impulse, fleeting moment of abstract improvisation. It could be a trip in emptiness. Longvoid trip into yourself.

This doesn’t mean that it is a piece of fluff that is presented here in the music, on the contrary! This is a slowly drafted dark ambient piece that has the potential move to be stunning as well as thrilling. I’ve decided to try to give it a title and came up with a few of them; ‘The Soft Whisper’, ‘The Breathtaking Buildup Of Darkness’ , ‘Big Black and Beautiful’ , ‘Mama Mia there is a ghost visiting my ears’ … The list goes on, and on and on.. Even things that the artist described could be titles.. ‘Just an impulse’, music without any ideas, thoughts and words’, fleeting moment of abstract improvisation’, trip in emptiness’, trip into yourself’ but clearly ‘Untitled’ is and will be the only best fitting one. A title that keeps things open for the listener’s own interpretation, making it indeed a trip into your very own imagination.

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Various Artists – Retrovision

coverArtists: Various
title: Retrovision
keywords: retro, vintage, jazz, blues, lo-fi, lounge, easy listening, smooth jazz, funk, groove, nostalgia
label: Mixgalaxy Records

Time for some lightweight retro-fantastic hip-shaking? Some jazzy Coltrane-ish side wiggling? Some drumrolls and vintage sounds? Some excellent music released two years ago? This Retrovision compilation will be great fun to engage in. From jolly old school times, visions from the past colorfully spiced up with funky rhythms, happy warm easy listening silliness, and sentimental goofiness; it’s all there!

If you have a cat, it might want to meow along and if you have a dog; it might want to move its tail along from happiness with these fine pet friendly tunes.
There is the old school record vinyl parrot scratching, the homely atmosphere of a drunken piano wobbling in a corner & the unamicable sound of a freaky old fashioned fresh sounding guitar player.
There is the sexy sax, the lounge corner to sit behind the geraniums and enjoy the fluffy happiness, the musical skills on warm keyboards and soft synthesizers…

The old people’s claim that ‘the past was better than the present’ somehow fits this compilation, except that it actually took a lot of those good things from the past, and made it suitable for the present. But as this compilation was released in the past, we in the future might indeed say that the past was better than the present.. Confusing isn’t it? But the music isn’t. It isn’t confusing. confusion that it might be, but not confusing.. no, not at all..
It’s really a nice compilation, easy to digest and very listenable. A bit jazzy at times, but always warm and friendly. So basically good smooth retro vibes for everyone, either being stuck in the past, present-past, present or in the future:

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title: Forest
keywords: SGR, noise, Vaginal Ass, experimental, avant-garde,
label: Strange Guy Records

The people from Warp Records must have a hard time knowing that their most favorite artist doesn’t want to get signed to their label, especially now that this artist returned once more with a brand new release on a completely different netlabel. The artist known as VAGINAL ASS simply waves them the middle finger once more, and point this finger while at it, at multiple directions. It even points to us, you and me; the true hardcore VAGINAL ASS fan and supporters.

VAGINAL ASS does this for the art of hate, an art that VAGINAL ASS gives a lot of gratification, inspiration and ideas. On this particular two-track release for example our favorite producer has produced a rigid form of hate that most of us fans will love. If this would have been a commercial release through Warp, they would have been swimming in a bathtub full of cash, but thanks to VAGINAL ASS we can all enjoy this hate for free.

This ‘Forest’ release has a great build-up, injecting a douchebag drum for unexpectedness, and then makes way for some stumbling words of reason before kicking our skulls in with the traditional VAGINAL ASS harsh treatment. It’s as if the middle finger of VAGINAL ASS pierces through one ear and comes all the way out of the other. If you enjoy VAGINAL ASS penetrating your head, than this might be the moment that massive orgasms will erupt in your listening session.

But do not worry, VAGINAL ASS knows you want to feel more of this hate that you love,
and continues the intrusive skull scraping session in its final finale. VAGINAL ASS spreads the sound of hate deep in all the corners from the inside out, and the middle finger seems to be equipped with pointy spikes for excessive internal bleedings. VAGINAL ASS for sure knows how to give something special to the fans, the talent spotters of Warp records, and the random listeners something to talk about. Be aware that when the professional VAGINAL ASS forest session has left, you might need to swallow a few painkillers and a couple of alcoholic beverages for full recovery.
Here it is people, VAGINAL ASS’s Forest:

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