Machine Girl – The Ugly Art


artist: Machine Girl
title: The Ugly Art
label: Kitty On Fire Records
tags: drum & bass, electronic, breakcore, cybergrind, juke, jungle, neo-noise, nintendocore, post-cybergrind

So, I’m definitely late to this party. I knew about this a while ago and fell in love with it a while ago too but I have been lacking in the ultra high energy that this release puts out and therefore felt I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. But then I remembered I never do anything justice, so let’s just mess this whole fucking thing up once again.

Unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Such intensity. I have probably used the term ‘sonic assault’ before, but that’s what this is. What it starts up and what it maintains is a campaign of blissful destruction, never wavering. Incessant. Please, harder daddy.

Even in the beginning, when you hear some sweet melancholic tunes it sidesteps back into the trademark machine, the machine that is girl and before you know it your body starts thrashing whilst also strangely dancing. It’s such an odd mix but it’s pulled off so well. Then it turns into straight robot rave. Which is my favorite kind of rave.

Each song is a bit of a journey too. Before you know it different melodies start kicking in and if you haven’t been paying attention or if this is the first time or first time in a while you’ve been listening to this release, you’d swear that there were 3 or 4 songs in one.

Status. One of my favorite tracks on this release. Makes me want to surrender and feel all sorts of teeth digging into my flesh as mine slip through my lips. Seriously, it’s just auditory orgasm after orgasm with this shit.  Pulsing, broken, limp, unf unf unf phew.

And I’m skipping ahead to Congratulations. Because it’s hands down my favorite track. I don’t know why but it’s got what I call a shutter synth because it reminds me of a camera aperture opening/closing/camera sounds. It’s probably one of the poppier tracks but it’s like not? So, it’s funny? I don’t know it’s good and awesome. Congratulations for making it through that paragraph.

As we continue on our journey where no pore is left unfilled, we get all sorts of slight switch ups, returns to the same and then different shit. It’s one of those hallmark things of a fantastic artist that I keep touting. Different but still them. Fuck Your Guns. Mmm. Sorry, lost my train of thought there.

And since the train is lost, why bother trying to find it? Join me and many denizens of the interwebs and get your copy today, or tomorrow or well whatever time frame you see fit just be sure you get this

no seriously

get it

i’ll suck your dick/clit/sex appendage (although really I shouldn’t have to because it’s so dang ol good)

  • <Caffeinate>


Did I mention that the album art is great? Like, it’s neat. It’s got edges but then it’s got that smorgasbord of dogs on it. Are dogs ugly? Is the art itself ugly? Is the artist ugly and therefore their art ugly? Is art ugly in general? These and many more completely useless questions to be asked.

I’m supposed to be done with this aren’t I? Well, I’m just sitting here letting A Decent Man wash over me. Got lost a little while ago. Going to get lost again in this outro. Get lost with me. Yeah, that’s it. Oh man, just when I thought we couldn’t get back into the Machine Girl vibe, they bring it back within the last few minutes. An excellent work. Beyond excellent. Masterfully crafted to say the least.

Here, in these closing moments I’m going to confess something. Yes, it’s something I’ve been holding back for a while. So like, Kitty On Fire Records is awesome. A fantastic label. I just, I don’t know I feel so outside the scene, like some filthy outsider that can’t possibly hold ‘true appreciation.’ I mean, I’m gonna keep on listening anyways but I just wanted to let loose that fear and worry and thought. Good nigh and good morning and good afternoon und guten tag y buenos dias.

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A night of excitement: Gifgrond #67!

I had such a wonderful time at the last Gifgrond that I intended, that I had simply made everything out of the way to go to the next one. I decided to be fully mentally and physically prepared for it, that’s why I took some weeks off from writing for yeah I know it sucks (in case you had noticed) to pre-drink in a hardcore schedule only comparable to rocky’s training in the rocky movies. When my liver was stronger than ever and my brain ready to party hearty, I headed down to Gifgrond episode 67; the XL edition!

I came in at the appropriate time of 9 o clock and already witnessed the place getting cutely filled up with new and familiar faces. Eventually they would become a blur as it wasn’t taking long for the first performer of the evening to do his thing. This was somebody I had always wanted to see live as he is quite the legend among the blip blob beep world. Goto80! Finally dreams turned reality, I knew it would be great, but it was still surprisingly different than expected, mind you; this was not at all in a negative way!

Goto80 by Frank Janssens

Somehow Goto80 did the remarkable thing to take it slow, build up a sound trip that you could see evolve on a big screen as he programmed it live and on the spot. He himself sat along the crowd at a desk with his keyboard staring at the same screen that the audience got attracted by like moths to a flame. This approach was so unique and friendly, totally unique and exposed; where normally a lot of electronic musicians hide behind their desk, Goto80 showed the polar opposite. He showed the desk, himself, as a man of the people for and with the people; it gave a really friendly and homely atmosphere to this brewing Gifgrond event.

He had nothing to hide, didn’t come out all the way from Sweden to play a game of digital patience or check out his emails; he sincerely laid himself and his music process bare, naked in front of you with astonishing music as a result. To me (as a frequent Gifgrond visitor) I thought that this was the best opener in Gifgrond history, Goto80’s honest approach felt as if you just walked in to a familiar family environment, no star allures, no flashy lights but a stern welcome home for anyone who just walked in to enjoy this multi cultural party. Strangely the coziness that Goto80 created felt at the same time educational, there is simply something truly mesmerizing in getting the option to peek behind the magical kitchen of music makers & that was exactly why Goto80 will always stay on top of respected beep bleep entertainers. He started so nice and mellow but found it’s way to build up into a uplifting orgasm of sound; it truly felt like computerized alchemy at work!

For a more of a free hand job kind of alchemy there was something amazing going on at one special corner of the Gifgrond location. There YoYoYo, a lovely visual artist from Thailand from the legendary tattoo shop YoYo had taken over & showcased her lovely colorful pieces to anyone who liked to see it. Even better; you could also go home with one of these unique drawings, not on a piece of paper but carefully crafted as a tattoo on your very own skin! What could be a better canvas and a way to remember what happened when you wake up sober the next day? Her visual happenings would make everyone happy, but there was more music to explore…

YoYoYo creating art from Gifgrond visitors

Coming from a entire different colorful cultural backdrop is the man behind the Chinabot label, under the name ‘Lafidki’ the from origin Cambodian artist (born in a refugee camp in Thailand) had came down to Gifgrond to bounce his head and create pounding electronics with hard four by four beats and synthetic trips in melodic forms. The atmospheres that he created could be best described as traditional roots music from Asia, with its gamelan-like sounds mixed in a futuristic bliss to form eventually wonderfully done psychedelically peaceful ambiances. The color arrangements of the sounds felt like electrifying rainbows to me, they all had a very positive energy to them, making it a exchange that could be fully felt by the thrilled and engaged audience!

Yoyoyo & Lafidki as photographed by Pisitakun

You could feel his own enthusiasm about everything that he invented, a thing that seemingly happened live on the spot and everything turned to gold! Sparkles flew around while the hero seemed to go into a deep trance by engaging in the act of frequent head banging and music making at the same time; it was a fascinating watch and even better; a intoxication audio happening to hear!

For a quick break (which might be needed to digest the new found bulge of energy), you could still watch Shopyoyo creating more playful art on the most lucky canvasses ever; the gentle Gifgrond visitors! To see this tattooist doing her thing was just as exciting to watch as the music that overwhelmed the sound of the needle plucking the happy flesh. It was simply a case of no escape for exciting inspiration and passion at this Gifgrond episode!

More visual beauty by Yoyoyo

The next performer had already made its remarkable mark on the Gifgrond wall of fame. He must have been summoned come back thanks to the high demand and truly positive reactions of his intriguingly previous show execution! All who had been previously exposed to Hassan K and all who where Hassan K’s virgins would form a pact to be fully entangled by this Persian man his enigmatic persona and his truly passionate music delivery.

Hassan K in action as photographed by Frank Janssens

There are few artists out there who show signs of their inner child popping out at the height of their performances, even fewer ones who channel this exciting attitude all the way from beginning to end; but Hassan K did it & with his excitement he got the Gifgrond crowd hooked on his wild music radiations. He would dance, bump around, jumping joyfully on one leg like a flamingo with electric excitingness going through his body. At every moment It felt as if the artist was surprised by his own sounds, pleasantly shocked by his own ability to rock out these funtastic riffs and deliver his own self made brand of culture to a very appreciative wild going crowd. It was a case of a music maker that wasn’t only a joy to the ears (and the bodies that they are attached too..) but also a feast to the witnessing eyes.

Hassan K ‘feeling it’ (photo by Frank Janssens)

Just like the first act of the evening, Hassan K’s performance felt like a honest exchange from artist to the audience and from audience back to the performer: an ideal environment that maximizes the show to reach almost a sincere feeling of small scale mass enlightenment! His skills to rock out with his strings could be fanatically compared to a Persian Jimmy Hendrix, solidly mixing breaking mashups with solid headbangers! Speaking of headbangers… this Gifgrond XL episode was the one of them that was loaded with head bang shows.

Pisitakun doing his charming thing (photo by Frank Janssens)

From Thailand came the man with the biggest pounding blasts of them all; Pisitakun! This was the last live performer of the night & with this in mind it was as if the gods had given him permission to smash the crowd in a loud trance. He remarkably used a Thai folk instrument (might it be a Aerophone
?) and molded it into a frantic cold induced industrialism that made me think of a warm hearted but still angry sounding Asian brother of Converter. The stale base kicks and acidic underlying bubbles felt very European, yet the things that he gained it from was clearly from his homeground; the result was a refreshing hardcore mix of ear deafening industrial music with a warrior kind of vibe woven into it. Ideally the sound of what I would imagine to be best played at ‘a uprising’ or a people’s revolution! It’s upswiping and got a certain angry tanginess to it but it can clearly be felt that this comes from love, a fight against silence for freedom and Pisitakun comes out as the ultimate winner!

Pisitakun in full force! (Photo by Frank Janssens)

He himself is also fully in the moment, going in his zone which was a true delight to see. Even though all artists of the Gifgrond XL edition came from different regions they somehow had a unwritten theme going on among them; all loved what they do and truly enjoyed themselves while performing, which simply brings out the best music, visual entertainment & above all ‘uplifting and inspiring vibes’ to the party! When it was time to go home everyone could feel their energy levels updated with their new found excitement!

DJ IBRAHIM KAZOO III by Frank Janssens

This excitement could clearly be felt back into the only person who could keep this party pumping until the deep hours of the night; DJ IBRAHIM KAZOO III! This legendary deejay flip flopped his way behind the desk and kept spinning one delicious flavor into another, with humorous dedication you never knew what to expect, only that it was always unexpected and that you could truly create blisters underneath your feet from giving into the pleasure that is excessive dancing! All enthusiasm this DJ and tone fair; all that was Gifgrond 67! Truly can’t wait for the next one, so I stay intoxicated until it comes back in December!

Thank you Gifgrond for a positive experience of pure cultural exchange, a night that made me feel fully enriched with new found energies and inspirations!
You should come too if you haven’t!


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theo krantz – wednesday two

artist: theo krantz
title: wednesday two
tags: devotional, experimental, anxiety, crying, hypnosis, laugh, peace, subconscious, tape collage, weirdo, Santa Fe

Been a little quiet. Don’t know where the people have gone. Hope they’re well. In the meantime, here is this. Soothe something. Maybe. I don’t fucking know.

Was just browsing through the request page. Found this. Glad I did. Things are in that phase of the cycle. The sad times cycle. The things seem pretty useless and no amount of work will get things done cycle. But anyways, here comes the music.*

And by that I mean go for a walk, smoke some cigs, and then comes the music


(note: I haven’t left yet but I just found out there’s a whole video for this here fangled fuckin thang. imma have to watch it when i come back. if i ever actually leave that is)

(further note: it’s been a few days since then)

I am trying to write words but they’re not really coming out. Everything is sort of off and to the left. The writing instruments are as these vocal explorations explore into the background and into my brain.

Ouch, my finger hurts. We’re already at track 3. A blaring pace. Indeed, one such pace set that could not ever be picked up upon by the regular travellers by.

It’s all so subdued and so strecthed and so familiarly barren but full. It feels like home really. Whatever my home actually is.

I almost cry every time friend comes on. It’s got just the right stuff to say hey I’m here and we’re going to get the waterworks flowing. It just feels like something not so great has gone down but the fond memories are there.

Glimpses into another world as we proceed on. That’s the scariest bird I’ve ever seen. Came out of nowhere. It sticks around. I just…it’s making it’s presence felt and I don’t know if I’m ready for all this digital freedom flapping in my face. I try to look away, at the koi but the music forces my eyes onto that damned bird. It’s inescapable. A cosmic force.

Bobbing along and popping up for air every once in a while. On this wheel of ventilation. Ah this is called looking at rings. Well my rings are moving and are probably not very real at all. Imagined, one might call them. Then they shatter and seize into the grits. Them grits. And that applause. Oh, what a joy.

Olive. Who is talking. Who are we blessed to hear speak? I have not a clue but we’re able to hear their prowess over the spoken language for a time. That’s the way to be. Point blank in the face of obvious subversion. Can see it creeping on the horizon there, just waiting, mocking almost, as if it knows it’ll never be fully revealed.

Voices flitter about abandoned chords and plucks into the artificial atmosphere. Always talking about what They want. I apologize. These tones are plucking away at my soul and I was to have something a bit more heartwarming at the moment. Excuse me.

You ever get that feeling that the air inside is just as fresh as the air outside? And it takes on the same tinge and feel to it too, so you know it’s real. Perhaps not, but such a feeling does exist.


And it’s been many days since that romp. Let’s just summarize this with a ‘it transports you into that realm where things are significant even though they aren’t goodness vibe.’

Pick it up here:

Here’s the video shenanigans as well:

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Diamondstein & Sangam – The Ocean Between Us

Artist: Diamondstein & Sangam
Title: The Ocean Between Us
Keywords: electronic synth ambient beats electronica found sound indie rock krautrock psychedelic synth Los Angeles
Label: Doomtrip

This album settles in like a rainy day while sitting warmly under a attics window. It’s dreamy and cozy, lounged out with a bubbling bass and a sensational touch of pure groovy kindness. It’s a reason to stay inside, trip away on kind petite touches of melodic repetitions that pass by in circles, fly around like small particles of love; making you feel all safe and well from the core of your refreshed inner being. It’s a circulating hypnotic sensation that the music will give you, better than a warm heather or a highly praised indoor fire could provide.

Passage Spear’ brings more of this warmth to the ears, lounging its way to your sensible senses with a ultimate intimate touch of love and care. It’s going by so quickly, but it’s audio vibes will stay around like a well perfumed flower that hangs around for a righteous atmosphere.
It made the road clear for the goodness that is ‘Orbital’, which brings the fine synthetic synth sounds out like a pleasant hug, a relaxing full body massage while letting your outmost favorite cocktail slip into your human system. The bald baseline, sliding around like a slow motion dreamy rollercoaster and the supporting rhythmic twinkling touch gives it a revitalizing glow that seems to make you feel almost brand new like a new born.

It’s like a elevated new age kind of album, something that keeps the stigma of massage oils, of drops of nice flower smells boiling above candlelights. It’s missing the voice of the masseur to tell you where your mind is traveling towards, yet the music itself is so dense and thoughtfully executed that the ‘journey in to the unknown is a trip that speaks volumes on its very own. Just relax and. Lose your eyes and you’ll be traveling to gorgeous futuristic nature places that haven’t been touched by factories and trampled on by muddy feet.

The futuristic essence is especially shown when the album seems to go into the zone of ‘finding peace where there isn’t. It’s here that the lushness of technology is going hand in hand with feisty (I presume) hand played electronic beats and a orgasmic delight of stereophonic melodic ear orgasms. It’s lifting a low lying person up, floating into the sky carried with the touch of robotic angels high above your own occupied mind. It’s a elevating experience that gets rewarded with a soothing ‘burgundy’.

Here the tempo goes into a much slower pace, keeping the ears pulled through the cozy music room by sensitive snails whose slime leaves you intoxicatedly intrigued. Everything becomes a play of warm and wet, of light and shadow, of a sentimental sadness and happiness. The deep touch of the senses is being also played out in ‘the price of failure’ which feels like a nightly drive through city recordings, half empty rainy streets and dimmed neon adverts glowing up the darkness. The emotionally ‘singing’ of synths are like deferment whales that can’t be taken down, floating around elegantly in the sky while a cool straightforward beat keeps them suspended in some kind of battle against gravity. The music scenery stays in the city, although the north of it. Here things are much more at ease, less hectic, people drive slower, road workers fixing things at their own time and pace & the flow of a rising sun seems to give every aspect that golden glow that the heart always seems to positively respond on. It’s a case of audio love dressed in music, calm and Devine, dressing the city up in the emperor’s clothes of sheer beauty.

The album takes a sad detective kind of directive with ‘Tinker’ which is as beautiful as it is tearjerker. It feels as if we are deep inside the brain of a person that tries hopelessly to put all the clues together, boggling the mind with facts and hints while supportive emotions touch upon the low and the high of the hunches towards making sense of it all. Music that comes out like a dense emotional puzzle that is in progress, at the brink of being solved and still doubting that it’s ever going to happen. The dramatized elements gets underlined with the last track on the album which title says it all ‘here is where I sit’. It leaves us and itself hanging, making the most out of the fact of being clueless, settling with a gorgeous sounding ambient album that travels from the safety of a person’s attic, to massage parlor towards shimmery wet city zones all the way into the brainy affairs of a troubled detective with too many questions on its mind to solve. It’s not something that feels like it’s made to be backdrop music, but more like a adventure that soothes the thought that we are all searching for something and sometimes that there are no answers, just accept, go with the flow, make the most out of it, enjoy and slip away with these shared emotions that this album feeds you:

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David Liebe Hart meets Jad Fair and Jason Willett – For Everyone

Artists: David Liebe Hart , Jan Fair & Jason Willett
Title: For Everyone by David Liebe Hart meets Jad Fair and Jason Willett
Keywords: comedy electronic avant garde electropunk experimental novelty outsider pop tim & eric Los Angeles

When you have stumbled somehow on the enigma that is David Liebe Hart and his brand of colorful songwriting and the extraordinary way of him performing these songs, you might be just as hooked as intrigued. With his long career that covers the unbreakable grounds of a ventriloquist show for kids and adults on public access, big time television and his colorful set of YouTube presence, he gained new fans from all over the world wherever his art popped up to reach people’s hearts.

He is a true living art kind of persona, the real thing who collects model trains and goes on sold out world tours for enthusiastic audiences. He is the only one who can get away with a praising of vegimite, or who can sing about his lack of sex and turning it into a success. Now out of the blue, after the revelation of his heavy birth of a cartoon book drawn by a whole collection of people, he has returned to the medium that is called vinyl. (Also available as a untouchable digital format!)

For this specific return, the earth had given its most precious fruits of music; the legendary Jad Fair and the notorious Jason Willett. These two super stars take on the part of excellent music producing in order to make David’s vocal stories of pure surreal reality into a kind of warm loving trippy experience. The entire collection is not called ‘For Everyone’ for nothing, it truly feels like the ultimate gift that these fine artists could give to their loyal supporters, but also to the world and its newbies itself.

I could go and tell about all these historic precious songs and music individually, mention that the strong opener (Martin Lawrence’ feels like a dream that only wants to make everyone smile who hears it. I could type that the unconventional hallucinations of the music becomes instantly apparent when the album instantly drives itself into ‘i like Viviane Vance better than Lucille Ball which goes for a ballroom-like Hollywood tell all psychedelics song that feels as insider as a outsider could get.

I could note down that the music could make the most sober minded mind become blurry, freaked out with subjects in a way that hasn’t been covered in such lucid ways before. Just listen to our hero telling a signing story about his likeness towards Frankenstein, music wise it is a real swinger, intoxicating like a feverish fever and hot like a instant case of the flue: it’s the stuff to call in sick for just so you could stay home and play this on repeat.

I could write about Beatrice Arthur, I Love You’ which Is another love making attempt by David and friends, which sounds fairly passionate, almost licking her intimate parts (mind you: it’s all done with nothing but respect!) showing her a last goodbye with nothing but sincere passion and excellent music as the gracious gift.

I could type about another set of highlights on the album. One of them of is the notion of ‘I like Donald Duck better than Mickey Mouse’ a excellent one that hasa nice groove, a duck tale wiggle and a soulfulness to it that sounds ultimately real. It’s a love notion to this pants-less cartoon hero, placed highly on a pedal by these classy music heroes like no quacking other.

I could mention that ducks would be fairly pleased hearing this album as it keep the feathers happy with ‘Ducks’ asong that had lots of ducks quaking within it. It’s here that David Liebe Hart announced the love for them ducklings, explains the intimate acts that ducks do and how much he loves them for their romantic habits. It’s the songs that will make you want to go to the local pool in the park and really observe these ducklings and their romantically engagements among each other.

It’s like a case of sneaked in education and a token to go out and enjoy nature with a brand new set of mind. While you at it, also notice the water lilies and how they give oxygen to the lake, making it also a watery case of romanticism again. I could write all that… or note how crucially important the message is in ‘my bisexual friend’ for any listener that it reaches, or how good the must hear music is & what a thematic wonderful case of togetherness this album is… but I won’t say a thing! I don’t mention or pen up anything at all, as with such a statement and a record that stands strong like a house, you should just get it ‘blindly’, uninformed and totally blue and hear this all as it’s a gift from the gods!

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K. Fenrir – Cycles

Artist: K. Fenrir
Title: Cycles
Keywords: experimental dark ambientm drone experimental electronic minimal noise Eindhoven

Emptiness, long hallways full of it. It sounds like an empty place yet super full. A place where nothing is stored but air and dust, no thoughts are really allowed to get inside, yet thinking of the emptiness has always been a fair thing on my own mind. So by listening to this empty world of cycles I feel as if my own brain is ruining the experience, I can’t just stop he thoughts;

Is the emptiness alright? What does the emptiness feel? Does the emptiness like to be filled or does it enjoy itself the way it is?

I wondered and wandered for days in this emptiness, not knowing where Togo, where the exit had been or where the start was. I was in fact going in circles. So if you missed me, blame the emptiness of cycles as it really made my head crack in a continuous spin. I wanted to analyze it, to explore the alleyways and walls, to put my nose into the details of pure nothing…

But at the end all I could come up with was this very badly written write up that left as much to the imagination as the release itself did. Want to get lost in it yourself? Tune in:

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Review of JK Hansen Best Of Songs from Various Projects 2013-2018


Review of JK Hansen Best Of
Songs from Various Projects
From Hectic Head

Brief intro… What you are about to witness in your Stereo, Computer or MP3 player, Is One of the most fun CDs or Free download release I’ve stumbled across in quiet awhile. HuorrouH, The Cursed Little Kid and Little Brother a.k.a. JK Hansen. He is changing his styles with each outfit. HuorrouH is the 90’s band you would dream of becoming. The Cursed Kid is the Hip Hop side of thing.
Little Brother Going by the look of it may be a bit of a collaboration project.
I will give a track by track feel I what I felt while listening. And I was feeling quiet a blast from the 90’s so I shall start.

1. HuorrouH: Touched By An Alien… This track has some really cool sounds in it. The Wah Wah part reminded me of old retro games one in mind Alien Commodore 64 Theme song. The lyrics are easy to follow. The words to the songs are like a story you would hear in your childhood years about an abandoned house that is Haunted. And going to this house alone. I like the sound of JK Hansen voice a lot.
2. HuorrouH: Surfing to Jutlandia on a Toilet Seat… Funny words but a seriously cool sounding song. Reminds me of 90’s scene in Australia with bands like Tism, The Mavis and Regurgitator. Something to think about when doing your shit while surfing to Jutlandia.
3. HuorrouH: ‘Til The Sun Comes Up… One Of My Favourite part in this song is singing the Yeah Yeah Yeah Parts. Reminds me the lyrics to this song about staying up all night until the rise of the sun the sparrows first fart of the day. When birds start calling and singing.
4. HuorrouH: Thorns… Another catchy chorus song that will you singing WOOHOO or OOOOHHH HOOOOO. The 90’s sticking out like dogs balls on this track. Catchy would be good to see a band play this song with the crowd surfing to Jutlandia style.
5. HuorrouH :Friends With The Devil… Now the guitar in this song from the get go. Reminds me of something I would have been proud to make when I was a teenager. I loved Seattle Grunge back in the mid 90’s so I can really fit in with this music playing. The quality of these songs seem like someone in the Big Business should pick JK Hansen up and sell some Great music and do some shows. Would love to hear this how this music would sound live. Or if it is one man making it all some how its amazing what you can do at home these days.
6. HuorrouH: Song to a Fellow Witch Doctor… These intro to this track reminds me of another 90’s band From Australia Machine Gun Fellatio. The Voice and Accent I really like and the sound of JK Hansen voice reminds me of some of my Favourite music from Germany De/Vision but vocal only. This HuorrouH Is Great to listen to if you loved your 90’s get in touch with it all over again
7. HuorrouH: Fatal Woman… Can anyone else hear the Cure Robert Smith Singing this song in your imagination. 80’s synth with 80’s to 90’s dark pop music. All Been Catchy Hits so Far..
8. The Cursed Kid: Ode To a Soul… Lyrics flowing the honest truth in this track. I change from the 90’s stuff I was really enjoying. But this track has word for word truthful Rhymes coming at you. And The Chip tune part gives me flashbacks of those 80 90’s video games. Cool Stuff
9. The Cursed Kid: Osiris….. I really love a lyric line in this track lets see if I can pick it out while listening. “We Hear The Name Isis it use to be a name for an Egyptian goddess everything is not what it seems Greenland is Ice and Iceland is Green” Fuck yeah that line really hits it home but keep listening and you’ll find truth rhymes coming at ya.
10. HuorrouH: Truly Something…. Nice Weird Intro “Ghost Dance Around me It’s True truly Something” Something to get your goosebumps going while singing at the same time.
11. HuorrouH: Katinka…. Reminds me of playing some great video games that had all the cool soundtracks.
12. Little Brother Ft. Cloe: Keep On Trying…. Nice Duo I have to say. To think all this music has been from the underground people I get along with. To Hearts and Voices Share a beautiful song.
13. Little Brother: Ode TO Indigos (Lyrics by Thomas S. Olsen)…. Something that seems like a perfect gift to someone who writes words to but can’t make music. This song is probably made for a friend who wrote the words while his mate puts the words into music. I have had a ball listening to this album as I Write. And Thanks for reading. If you would like to support JK Hansen download the best of JK Hansen Best Of Free download

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