various artists – displacement – belonging

Artists: various
Title: displacement – belonging
Keywords: experimental, Perth
Label: dog park

A room in woodside by Antoine De muynk is the ideal opening of this thematic long play of true sounds of displacement & belonging. You could hear the croaking of a wooden floor, the safety zone in which the artist had been laying low like an hermit. With an calm sober warmth Antoine decorated the place as if the music had been generated by candlelights and the windows of this hiding place had been tightly shut for extra safety and comfort. It makes us feel as if we are there with the artist, probably out of our place but severely intrigued by sniffing out Antoine’s personal space.

HARAAM crawls into this feeling as if it a well fitting coat. Or actually as if HARAAM was born into it. Yep, HARAAM born into a jacket made out of pure feels. With a colorful palette of sad kindness we are subdued by the artist’s cozying sounds of disconnections. People, noises of broken connections, a sea, snippets of a lonely jungle… HARAAM uses the nature as it’s secret place of duck and cover & for any outsider this is a hiding place we could probably only dream about. Luckily HARAAM makes it much easier to come to life by making it available in audio form.

Tujuh kuda’s hiding out in the strange, but wonderful sounding Avenue Road. We could hear the artist from up close, blowing a whistle and embracing the echoes and all the shadows that are there to function as a cover. It’s not the best thing to hide under, but I guess they might be just the only things in this road to use for this activity. But to keep save the artist apparently also has some small fireworks in place. It is perfectly scaring away any unwanted visitors, enough to let the soothing wordless lullabies hum around in the space as if they have nothing to worry about. All this perhaps are helping to keep Tujuh Kuda hidden from plain sight, but also occupied and entertained.

The artist with the name that always makes me think twice in order to write it down correctly ‘{ AN } Eel’ had also hopped into this world of displacement and belonging. A good fit as wherever this artist pops up you somehow always think of someone eccentric that had dipped its toes in a hippie world of experimentation for survival among the babylonians. Here he is into giving us a municipal Gum which comes across as a Dadaist spoken word performances from the psychedelic sixties when the acid is just slightly wearing off.

David Nadeau has the reputation over here to be a true piano experimentalist that most composers would look bewilders at. But it makes sense as David Nadeau’s piano music is more like a world, a busy place in which you could be and enjoy the constructed semi chaos in which nobody could possibly drive you insane as much more insaner than David Nadeau’s piano compositions it could possible not be. David surrounds himself with it like a avant-garde business full of instant Tom & Jerry action, but even cats and mice might think twice to invade his space.

Just a few hours ago we dropped a review on Samarobryn’s album containing tracks she made for compilations. This one available on here is probably also on there, yet because of this artist ability to create instant psychedelic music that takes you away to a magical wonderland with fieldrecordings of the pleasurable kind – it is simply hard to tell. Here Samarobryn brings in an deep jungle experience with a wobbly warm hypnotic back drop and a whole collection of tropical sounding birds to find hail in. This is the kind of place I enjoy hiding in, even though we might not be entirely made for it; it does seem to be the best place to avoid human society and be able to come back to our senses. Wonderful.

Talking about Covolux (who also send in. Work) would be silly. But I can reveal that this is the place that individuals like me have been hooked up with the universe and completely wrap themselves around it. It’s highly personal probably, but who knows you might connect as well. But I also connected with the music provided here by Museleon. An artist I’ve never heard on our platform before but are now instantly obsessed by. The music is extremely warm and pleasant, almost like a science fictional drone in which the retro crew from the enterprise had gone through space with. It’s like a trip that with kindness seems to fly through many ozone kind of layers in order to escape the feeling of displacement. The work is called ‘code red is too late’ which completely goes along with the science fictional space flight that instantly played in my mind. Beam me up Scotty! We don’t belong here!

Unknown Rockstar hooks up with the drone-like warmth of the precious two works, surprisingly hooking onto it so well that it feels as if these artists connected somehow, as if they are relatives, family or perhaps music making aliens that have come from a similar root. The work here ‘temporary accommodation’ is severely warm and beautiful, a place that might be temporarily but feels as if we could hang in there forever.

Allison Labs hits the darker tones, they are intense but also as personal as they could possible be. She goes in to your head trying to understand what makes you happy & going all psychotic about it. She will burn your shit if you don’t tell her what she asks and I guess that is also an alternative way how to deal with the concept of displacement and belonging. It definitely feels like Allison is one of the people not to be messed with, she probably will aim the flamethrower at you if it would suit her. Still, music wise it’s one of them that stays in your head, as she messes with it in an extraordinary way! An unforgettable experience is what she delivers here on this compilation carefully curated by Cissi Tsang.

The last track is by djskein who brings us the sound of a seaside, extremely calm with a salty breeze and a handful of seagulls. It’s utterly a safe place, outside far from humans that might or might not come to disrupt the inner and outer peacefulness. Even the low lying drone is as comfortable as it could be; the perfect woolen sound to use as a cover and block the outside world with. It’s a bit wet perhaps, but you might also say that it is of the rinsing cleaning kind. Making the end of this beautifully intense compilation into one that feels relaxed and refreshing.

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Phantom Circuit (we are going deeply inside…)

Facebook claims we are journalists, so it might be the ideal idea to prove them right. Gosh, what can you say? Lovely day for a intense research isn’t it? It must be the sun and the sea nymphs drowning me enough in order to go balls deep in to Phantom Circuit: but (or shall I say butt?) it must have been one of the best seductions we at yikis had ever had. We might lose some of our loyal fan base because of it, but hey; it’s worth the sacrifice!

Now you might think.. Phantom Circuit, what’s that? Some kind of electrified ghost perhaps? It sounds pretty awesome, right? Maybe that is all that you needed to know, but as balls weren’t deep enough; I was going in even more with the whole crotch, legs, knees, toes, torso, arms, everything all the way to the head. Phantom Circuit probably didn’t needed that kind of extreme research, but pleasure was all mine. Don’t worry, it didn’t hurt. Well, maybe a little. But fear not it was a short awkward experience & some kind of happy ending.

As crazily enough when I was deep inside Phantom Circuit (for pure researching reasons) I noticed that it was a pretty inconvenient place to be in. This phantom had plenty of organs still intact, if I squeezed them a little, tons of music and information would come out, it was like one big aorta full of sounds & music knowledge. When I quickly licked the appendix of Phantom Circuit I noticed that it had an extremely good music taste. But what was surprising me the most was this excellently gigantic heart and soul in there; both of them must have been the biggest ones I’ve ever seen and they had definitely combined their strengths in order to (and to be fair not unsurprisingly) push me back out. So just as if phantom Circuit was going into labor – I quickly got thrown out, covered in love, music artifacts and music info – I cried like a newly born baby who had seen the light. Mamma, mamma! I shouted, but strangely for someone with such extreme appetite for music Phantom Circuit didn’t have any ears for my cute crying baby shrieks. I guess, it was because it wasn’t nice music that came out of my mouth…

Now that I was evidently reborn I instantly took up the dictionary and searched for more wisdom than anyone could possibly handle! After all I was in dire need to understand my new mum that stood there ignoring me. There it was in the C section:

1. an act or instance of going or movingaround.
2. a circular journey or one beginningand ending at the same place; a round.
3. a roundabout journey or course
4. a periodical journey from place to place, to perform certain duties, as by judges to hold court, ministers to preach, or salespeople covering a route.

My head was spinning around in circles, from dumb to wise all the way back to dumb again. So much information about just the second part of Phantom Circuit! But why didn’t it mention the massive amount of musical knowledge? Or the love that I felt while being inside Phantom Circuit? Maybe it was written somewhere else as I couldn’t help but seeking out the P section as well. Indeed, famous as Phantom Circuit was – Phantom was also taken into the dictionary. This is what it said:


1. an apparition or specter.
2. an appearance or illusion withoutmaterial substance, as a dreamimage, mirage, or optical illusion.
3. a person or thing of merely illusorypower, status, efficacy, etc.:
the phantom of fear.
4. an illustration, part of which is given a transparent effect so as to permitrepresentation of details otherwisehidden from view, as the innerworkings of a mechanical device.

But than… there it was… just when I was starting to believe that phantom was just some kind of illusion; there was a mention of Phantom Circuit in full blown combination! I couldn’t be more happier!

Electricity . noting or pertaining to a phantom circuit.

Holy smokes! Phantom Circuit was even clickable! It was oddly electrifyingly exciting , as i didn’t noticed that it was one of those digital dictionaries. Somehow I imagined that it was an actual dusty book, but there you go! I clicked and there it was… the information we all apparently had been searching for:

Phantom Circuit.

a circuit derived from two suitably arranged pairs of wires, each pair being a circuit (side circuit) and also acting as one half of an additional derived circuit, the entire system providing the capabilities of three circuits while requiring wires for only two.

I read it multiple times and although I didn’t understand one word that this dictionary blurb was actually trying to say, I decided that It was a case of going to act as if I did understood. Sometimes going out for answers simply make you find things beyond your mind, far ahead of the tree of knowledge. It was a bit as if I got an answer from God herself, but was too small minded to understand how special that was. Most people start a cult after such an encounter, but not me… I was looking at Phantom Circuit with optimistic mystified eyes… there must be more to this, I thought. Almost losing my marbles in the train of thoughts…

I settled down and licked some of the love that had still been stuck to my skin from going so deep into Phantom Circuit. It was sweet and more knowledgeable than any dictionary could give me. I started to stare at Phantom Circuit and connected the obvious points to be made. Love, music, circulation, giving, taking, information, an acquired taste…. hmmm… if Phantom Circuit wasn’t my mother I would probably had fallen completely in love. If only I could turn back time and didn’t check the inside from Phantom Circuit so close… after all, all the important information had been there, out in the open, for everyone to see and hear. Where? There on the digital home of Phantom Circuit, hidden in plain sight in which it’s been written loud and clear:

Phantom Circuit is a radio show of strange and wonderful sound waves – featuring music that is alien, electronic, exotic, essential.

A sigh of relief came over me. Finally an answer that I could understand. A synopsis that I fully agree with as I’ve been deeply in the body of Phantom Circuit and it definitely ejected me like an alien, but being there and even writing this blurb of insanity about it, felt exotically essential. I guess the Apple never falls far from the tree & we definitely have a love for all-over-the-place music and sharing in common. But this radio show’s roots are deeply tucked away in the ground of music support.

Browsing around on the site simply reveals tons more of information that any dictionary won’t give. It also reveals an enormous list of all the artists that had done some special thing for it. An interview or a live performance – familiar nanes like Elizabeth Joan Kelly, but also Whettman Chelmets, Faust, Cousin Silas, Matmos and so much more…

hmm, in fact it seems like there are (by the time of writing this gigantic blurb) 251 episodes! And every Thursday there will be a fresh new one broadcasted live at radio station Resonace Extra.. but most interestingly, most of the shows could all be found back to hear on demand on a thing called mixcloud! A thing that is probably better for your time if you had been fishing for a diverse eclectic interesting mix of music than anything else! Hell, you might forget all about yikis as your favorite cuckoo source of music recommendations and bizarre info, but in this case its worth the sacrifice. Plus, it’s family! So it’s all good! So if you really wanted to know Phantom Circuit, you should listen to all 251 episodes )and the upcoming new ones) & evidentially expend Your musical horizon at the same time too! Trust me, it’s. The best thing to do and also the less drastic! I mean it was nice to be deep inside Phantom Circuit, but it was kinda dark and I’m not totally sure the stains of love for music will come out of the clothes. So don’t do as I did but go to

Or directly dive over to the mixcloud:

Total music bliss, info and fun will come at you until it will bedazzle you! To me Phantom Circuit is a bit as if mister Rogers ( the neighborhood guy) had a radio show. It’s evident as work full of love and passion… This is what Phantom Circuit is and it is bloody amazing! Goodbye dear loyal yikis readers, have a life time of fun listening at Phantom Circuit!

P.s. Don’t forget to eat and that we love you!

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Samarobryn – …together

Artist: Samarobryn
Title: …together
Keywords: experimental perth acousmatic ambient field recordings instrumental Perth

Samarobryn might be the kind of artist that you want to be looking out for. She is living in Perth, Australia and her music is more interesting than staring at a local koala. On her ongoing collection of music donated to compilations, you could slowly hear her work expanding in new ways and directions. What I love about Samarobryn’s work is the sheer psychedelic content of it all. I do not know how she does it, but just in a few minutes of listening to her music I feel as If I had munched upon a couple of dangerous mushrooms that would visually alternate space and time into something extremely trippy. It’s alright, as I’m a professional psychonaut, still it always makes me surprised how music not just enhances psychedelic experiences, but also could be the full blown trigger of them.

The works of Samarobryn are clearly the ones that somehow stand with one feet in a psychedelic trip world and the other within the zone in which we could all connect. Forming some kind of connection that makes it possible to go from sober to an instant intoxicated feel. I don’t know how, but Samarobryn does this ‘trick’ with each and every work on this collection of compilation tracks, resulting in deep tripping mind f*cks that takes me to places that probably might not exist, at least not in this concrete dimension that we are now sitting in, but they are wonderful nonetheless.

I could understand the connection with one of my biggest inspirational sources out there ‘Furchick’ as Samarobryn also hits that vibe of using every day sounds and mold them easily into something spectacular. It’s than not a complete surprise that Furchick and Samarobryn also made music together, which also happily landed on this collection of compilation tracks. It’s a great collection to find all the pieces all in one place, which of course saves a lot of searching all over the internet in order to find them. But also is just nice to hear them all in one go as a fruitful collage of psychedelic music of the experimental kind.

Samarobryn even manages to make the sound of water and birds into something that closely makes you feel like slipping into an zone in which only LSD got served as food. It’s really nice though and I’m certainly not complaining. I like birds, I enjoy nature and perhaps not all too dirty from something that expands the mind into the reals of peace and love. It doesn’t come as a real shocker that these tracks go by so easily. They slip into eahother as if it was meant to be an album and Samarobryn simply had thrown those works out at compilers working on compilations; that’s how miraculously they fit together.

Only ‘disrupted silence’ was a bit strange, as it was clearly one of the tracks made to fit a Christmas compilation. It wouldn’t be so weird probably if there was no reference to holy night / silent night & enjoying this entire collection while seated in the sunshine somewhere in spring, but still… cannot really complain! For now the collection ends with the buggy ‘the insect apocalypse’ which again immediately throw psychedelic dust in my ears to enable this trip to another dimension. I wish to stay there for a long time to be honest, so I truthfully hope Samarobryn will make either more excellent albums or simply would make more single tracks to be featured on compilations. Either way we all need more music by Samarobryn in our lives, as it is (to be frank) the most easiest and healthiest way to get high – ever!

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Sarah Schonert – Because

Artist: Sarah Schonert
Title: Because
Keywords: electronic eclectic experimental electronic improvisation indie pop instrumental piano singer-songwriter Peoria

I know this is not about me. But I need to inform you about the amazing privileged circumstances. That is that I’m in the woods on a lovely day surrounded by singing birds of various kind and lots of sunshine peeking through the trees that had gone in full spring mode. It’s lovely.

I know I must be pushing my luck, but I decided to even push this wonderful bit of freedom and nature with something that goes ultimately well with it. Why? Because I can.. what was it? Well, hmm it was because. I mean because which is the title of an lovely keyboard release by nobody less than Sarah Schonert. I didn’t wanted it to be in my ears in private, but wanted to give it to me and the birds (and the tons of unidentified bugs, insects, plants, flowers and trees) as a gift to reward them for their lovely companionship.

Oh, let me tell you: it sounded so wonderful here in these hidden woods, with the sunshine and the sound of those appreciating birds flying around my head. The music was utterly flourishing and complimenting the landscape with every melodic melody. I couldn’t help but smile as the trees seemed to wave kindly on Sarah Schonert’s world of wonder. She made the birds sounds come out even nicer than they had been without; in fact her tones and style of playing seemed to be made for it. And yes, it felt extremely privileged to be here, all one with nature in the sun and being with these sweet compositions by this talented composer, but I felt the need to maximize this amazing moment as if the hundred thousand billon people who aren’t in the same position / situation could simply enjoy this time semi-through me. I know that must sound crazy but so be it!

Of course I could have done this in silent and in private, but just because I could – I had to write about it. Basically rubbing it all in for all who is lesser blessed. I did it for you, honestly, as I believe we are all connected somehow. All together as one and now you are all here with me in the forest, in the sun, between the chatting birds and the incredibly wonderful music that Sarah Schonert had donated to the world. It made my already wonderful day into one that was even more beautiful. Thank you Sarah because ‘because’ really enhanced my day! And I hope that someone who reads this could implement this lovely melodic music to their own day as well, after all it’s only a click away:

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Void Vertex – Distress Beacon

Artist: Void Vertex
Title: Distress Beacon
Keywords: experimental Lancashire
Label: Wormhole World

This is the album that people at the end of the century will talk about. They will say things like remember Wormhole World releasing the album that everyone had been talking about? The one in which blistering beats and octopus sex had gone in to make our ears red from sheer eclectic joy? That album in which excessive electric guitar riffs got spiked with extreme breakbeats! Who cares about politics of the year 2019? Nobody will talk about whatever happened to Brexit or wether or not the president of the US had turned into a carrot.. nope, everyone would just be talking about Void Vertex and the album ‘Distress Beacon’! For hours and end – and when they wouldn’t they would play the album on repeat.

From all corners of the world, all different ages and cultural backgrounds they would all come together to chat about how inventive & all over the place this release is. Sheer timeless bashing of hardcore noise, classical music, good humorous adventures for mind and feet. Sniffing up the old and the new in an excellent multi mix in which everyone could raise an eyebrow or too! Nobody would discuss the weather anymore as everyone simply would be occupied discussing how cool distress beacon was, how massive the impact it had, how powerful these tracks had been. How funny it was as the tracks instantly made heads explode upon their first time listen! Cleaners would talk about how much work it was to clean the left over bits of blown up minds all over the globe…

Wormhole World was right!

People would chat about how countries would forbid the release because it was simply too good! How embarrassing the commercial pop world was as nobody gave a toss about them anymore and instead only cared for Void Vertex who would never sold out to Babylon! People would all have that special sparkle in their eyes when they talk about Distress Beacon. The lucky few who had the only copies on CD, the very first print & how rare it was & how more worth it was than gold! How the melodies moved the masses into a perfect state of being happily flabbergasted.

Hot headed conversations would be allover the street, people all coming together thanks to this album. Nestling in people’s minds like a virus that they all wanted to have deeply nestled within them. This ratatouille of an strong album had gone through the roof, defied gravity, flown through walls of concrete and banning it made it even grow more! Yep, all people united just like the genres that it had brought together. From classical chamber music, acid,heavy metal, breakcore, noise, pop, industrial, experimental, comedy, big bangers – it defied the entire concept of musical boxes which makes it that prospected talk of the town, city, province, country, continent, the world – the entire universe! Even aliens might have come down just in order to check out what the fuzz is all about… one of the most dominant albums of the year!

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William Davison / Wilfried Hanrath / Glenn Sogge – Solos, Duos, Trio (Davison, Hanrath, Sogge)

Artists: William Davison / Wilfried Hanrath / Glenn Sogge
Title: Solos, Duos, Trio (Davison, Hanrath, Sogge)
Keywords: avant-garde experimental noise rock three way dance improvised music Toronto

William Davidson takes us seemingly down in some kind of old abandoned bunker, maybe it’s his basement, but it sounds quite cold, big and paved with cement. We can easily follow his footsteps as he leads us not into safety but actually into the far opposite of it. It is if he has in this basement a thing that is buzzing out nuclear waste of some kind. It’s easily contaminating the listening experience with a foul sound. It’s going through bones and meat as if we are the stuff going through a human sized grinder. It’s kind of freaky, especially when he seemingly slams the door behind us leaving us there with this noisy machinery. Thanks William! I shout as I hear his footsteps walking away..

Oh, but it must have been some kind of optic audio illusion as we might met this fellow abbot later again. But first it’s Wilfried Hanrath that seemingly has come to safe us. Bless you Wilfried, your atmospheric strokes of relaxing tones is as if you had been descended from the heavens to help us from the psychopathic moment that happened as we followed that stranger’s footsteps down into the underground. Your fourteen minutes of utter calmness really felt like an act of care, abolishing the possible inflicted trauma into the forgetful zones.

When we all had been severely calmed down by Wilfred a certain Glenn Sogge made its way in. Apparently Glenn is doing some preparations for the blood moon. Not sure what that means but I hope it doesn’t mean he is planning to sacrifice us to the moon. At this moment we probably till feel very chilled from Wilfried’s good care that if that was actually the case, Glenn could easily do it without any of us resisting. For now we just listen to what Glenn is doing… we could only guess, I guess. It’s utterly mysterious. Glenn doing things in the shadows, making shadowy busy things as if it’s talking to itself while gathering potions in the corner. It doesn’t sound terrifying, yet to fall asleep with it would be not an thing that comes to mind. You just simply never knows if the good Glenn would suddenly rise out of the shadows with a shiny blade.

…or worse! Yep, our tormenter William Davidson came back and this time he is with Wilfried Hanrath! Oh Wilfried are you alright? What did William do to you? Or wait… is this a mind f*ck? Are the two of you really working together? And why are you both shoveling glass? And what’s up about the exciting footsteps? I don’t know about you all, but I wished to be able to get out of here; it’s making me feel uneasy, uncomfortable and worried about the future. What are they doing? How is this going to end? Will they leave us alone if we politely beg them to do so? Hmm, suddenly they seem to have taken some kind of weird device and squirt out bladders full of indistinguishable slime. The stench, the structure, the horror! Oh good lord, please help us out of the evil hands of William and Wilfried!

Ah! There is Glenn again! So sorry Glenn, didn’t mean to offend you earlier on.. could you please help me and the listening listeners over here? We are about to (probably) die thanks to some occult ritual by William and Wilfried… oh, shit! Wilfried?! You are here too?! Oh shit! I think we are so deep in trouble right now. I knew Glenn’s sound was eerie, but now that it is teamed up with Wilfried who first so nicely gained our trust by caring for us – but than teamed up with the murderous William is like a case of utter trouble! But please gentle artists, I know somewhere within you – both of you are just here being held against your will by William, right? I mean I could clearly hear that both of you are the kinder and more sensible ones… could you please lead us all back out of this place and make it an happy ending for all of us? Wilfried? Where are you going?

Oh shit! Wilfried is gone but William Davidson is back and now teamed up with Glenn again. I better suggest we all should do a little prayer in the hope some kind of miracle happens and we can get out of this session alive and well. These two don’t seem to be up for good, I could hear them sharpening knifes. It sounds like a pretty haunting drone – but don’t let that fool ya! They must be generated by knives, no doubt about it! Perhaps a mix of knives and them breathing out poisonous gasses… it’s dark and eerie as eerie could be… Lets close our eyes and hope for the best…

Hmm. Let’s open our eyes again as someone just arrived… maybe it’s our savior? … oh no. It’s freaky Glenn again. Now it’s all three of them, going around with the sounds of an creepy horror flick. It might now be an excellent time to shit ourselves. Maybe the smell might keep William, Glenn and Wilfred away? They play some children friendly sounds which actually makes it all even more disturbing. Especially on this scary case of chains, foot steps, bouncing heartbeats and creepy sound effects. Odd thing is, none of them seemed to finish it off. Leaving us just there – waiting in uncertainty – probably continuing this game of freaking us out in a follow up album. In any case I’m
Still happy that nothing brutal happened at the end as it would have been a shame not to be able to report this all to you. Be aware of Glenn, William and Wilfried! They are out there somewhere and maybe might be up to freak you out!

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Closer Bones – The Destroying Angel

Artist: Closer Bones
Title: The Destroying Angel
Keywords: experimental jehovah anti-religious death industrial drone glitch harsh noise power electronics religious

We need to battle the silence. We can try to put some classical music on, perhaps some popular radio friendly music.. but, this release by Closer Bones actually works much more efficiently. It certainly gets the job done, making more noise than Beethoven and Britney Spears layered on top of each other . When writing this I understand that people might take this example literally; but that might just say more about the necrophilic thoughts of these people than anything else. I mean Beethoven must be so dead, it would be just a collection of bones by now.

What did we come here for again? Oh, yes: closer bones! Well what can I say? Closer Bones simply gets that job done to silence the silence with an enormous ear scraping set of volume, penetrating noise and piercing frequencies. Why does Broken Bones do such a thing? Well, who knows – nobody here at our offices have learned the profession of being a psychiatrist or a simple shrink. I think it was simply the angel of destruction calling the artist to take up this job. But please do not think that Broken Bones is simply all about nastiness.. it certainly isn’t that kind of Broken Bones, as there are lots of moments in which ambient could be heard, or simple sound experiments are passing the revue that are of an absolute tolerable kind.

where else could you find a cracking harsh noise wall accompanied with authentic voice of some kind of television retro thingy? Or where else could you hear a angry voice shouting spastically through the wall of sound? I thought that this was the kind of thing that was pretty original and special, making the torment of this harsh experimentation in audio form into something more listenable and (dare I say it?) enjoyable.

Every track on this release is featuring someone. If yikis wasn’t so sucky we would probably mentioned all their names and also the track titles; sadly we have to keep up our reputation of the suckiest music blog in town… that said, maybe because we are seemingly dealing with noise over here, maybe we can actually mention these featured artists, I mean their names are just too good not to be mentioned! Feedback queen, wormhoudt, swamp temple, fire-toolz, straight panic and probably the best one yet ‘peasant farm’. There are more, but hey let’s keep this space for original names. Speaking of the feedback queen; oh my goodness the track this queen is featured on (blood and fear) is pretty ear shredding material. It is also mixed with a vocal expression of someone who might be a listener of this track and than thoroughly expressing itself how these sounds make him or her feel. I’m not really sure if it’s a man or a woman or some special thing in between as through all the noise it’s hard to distinguish vocals.

How could I have not included ‘porcelain MagGot’ on the earlier mini list of strange sounding featured artists? Maybe it was a case of saving the best for last? Music wise the track that this maggot had been featured on does actually quite sound pretty maggotterisc. I mean, we can clearly hear the maggot doing its maggot sounds. So maggot lovers and fans will be superbly pleased with this one! In any case, every fan cheering on the sideline to battle silence will be having a good time in general; silence get a good kick up the butt throughout all the tracks. Not that we could hear actual kicks, it’s more as if there is a flamethrower of sound getting this job done. Burning silence until it just screams in there, in full panic mode – realizing that it simply can’t win this battle.

See it as if silence is that famous cathedral in Paris and Closer Bones and friends are the flames. It’s sad to say goodbye to silence but at least it went out in a way worth a billion of spectacular photographs. The whole world should be watching or actually better ‘hear’ this album as before you know it silence will no longer exist. Killed off by the warrior hired assassins of Closer Bones and the collection of collaborators. But at least you can be on the right side line of history, close to the noises in order to make pictures with the mind of this important act of global ear destruction. Play it loud and let silence burn. No mercy! The destroying angel had spoken!

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