various artists – BASTARD GIRL UTOPIA – Reclaimed Noise

Artist: various
Title: BASTARD GIRL UTOPIA – Reclaimed Noise
Keywords: world body horror eai experimental hnw love low frequency noise outsider queer virtual Detroit

A compilation that seem to reclaim noise, one that features a tight togetherness of artists that you do not want as your enemies. But luckily there is no reason to be worried, as the noises that they make are good and fierce. Like warriors who had to fight for their spot & now completely claim the noise as their own!

Emily Glass brings in enough sounds to shiver anyone’s senses. From glass that breaks to mysterious electric buzz, beeps and spooky recordings. She for sure sets the compilation into a unprecedented mood; nobody would have the slightest clue or idea what will be happening. A dark feast, or a celebration? Maybe something in between?

Charlotte de SicaƤ however sets the record pretty much straight; this is a session of abrasive noise, flushing itself out through high hissy frequencies that might make the expensive glass set explode with its precise volume.

Zovi brings a nice moment of mania to the collection, giving a speedy sounding freak show with a quick funky bleep thing brings a possible final mental meltdown in danceable form. When it gets more thick and noisy in volume it simply gets better and more insane… until the insaneness of it all becomes so high that it actually starts to sound quite beautiful.

Rose Cherami takes on the noise show with ease, rocking out in a nice thick distortion that will make the speakers potentially blow up. There are melodies and even a drum to be discovered, but Rose spiked the cloud of harsh noise so up that it will be more of a deep trip to discover them.

Jennifer Walton’s track is pretty nice, offering noises that scrape onto each other, like that crunching sound of teeth that bite deeply in hard apples. But also more fat sounding drone noises have joined her in the tour of awesomeness. It’s a real composition, a soundscape that I wished would be much longer…

tch makes also a nice appearance, bringing electric sounding slimy sounds that made me think of a futuristic world in which robotic machines would have an instant saliva production. It’s rhythmically industrial, but very watery!

Giga Drill Breaker is the one on this compilation to bring some of the fine harsh noise. It acts out a bit like a very harsh sounding wall of noise, but has more to it than what meets the ears. It moves, changes, does things within its blistering sound of hardness. It eventually becomes like something you would hear if you placed a heavy shower head in to both your ears… it’s refreshing and deafening at the same time!

All the way at the finish line there is a Five Star Hotel waiting for you. As special exclusive treatments and services goes, this one treats its customers with a funtastic beating. One that flubbers on the cheeks, feeds electric energy with a mental mentality in vocal & noise form. It’s more expressive punk than your average punk; no idiot on a guitar would be able to conquer similar powers as expressed here. Futuristic anarchy is what this hotel is giving!


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Radj – 8 tracks

Artist: Radj
Title: 8 tracks
Keywords: downtempo, trip-hop
Label: Dusted Wax Kingdom

In case you are addicted to warm record crackles, perhaps love that sound of dusty tapes and scratched vinyl & do enjoy combining these addictions and audio fetishes with comfortable (and also not unimportant!) affordable (it’s free, you see?) down tempo trip hop music… well you can’t go wrong with these 8 tracks by Radj.

It’s hitting all these boxes easily, giving those relaxing beats and grooves, mellow melodies and more… a voice keeps us friendship through the process, guiding us like a holiday leader on top of all that you had ever desired. This kind of relaxed zone of chill out rhythm, dust and mellow melodies might be mighty fine material to get you through the day.

It had found the perfect fitting home on Dusted Wax Records, but certainly is jumping ‘relaxedly’ up and down in the great hopes to be adopted by you, or any of the crackling dust & beats friendly friends in our midst. I wouldn’t be able to write a book about it, it is simply not that kind of thing. But who knows, maybe someone does enjoy the crackles and hip hop vibes so much that it will write a book about it. I mean there have been crazier books published & written. (Hey, check out our floppy book!)

In any case I place a link for you here, you might click it if you want. No peer pressure for sure, but no reason for you not to do it as well. Free dust and beats, chilled but not shaken or disturbed. Anyway, here it is:


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Button and String – Tunes at the Woodshop

Artist: Button and String
Title: Tunes at the Woodshop
Keywords: electronic victoria accordion balfolk banjo dance folk howlin original silly weird yyj Victoria

Think of A holiday place, maybe France, some cafe named the Woodshop (doesn’t sound very French isn’t it?), a street life scene in which everything is good and well. A glass with a bottle of wine at hand, a sun shining over the terrace & life is as fine as it can get. Maybe there are fresh croissants too, nice people dining and moving up and down along with the musical waves of the music.

Than suddenly the scenery changes, France turns into a friendly cowboy zone, a saloon with sing along pleasantness. Than the environment changes again, mixing and sipping them all together with a British Columbian spirit; I’ve never been there but these songs and music really gives me the great impression that it is a cultural place in which all goodness comes together, blending it all sweetly to provide everyone something that they needed to hear or feel.

It’s Kate (buttons and vocals) and Kaitlin (strings and vocals) who bring these lovely songs like true troubadours. It’s fun as they sing this song about cats and give many reason to meow along & cry along too when the poor one broke its whiskers. I don’t know about you, but it’s nice to hear some music like this once in a while, as it’s always warm and friendly material that will be remembered as the good times soundtrack. In fact it made me think of being on vacation, somewhere nice and pleasant and some money in the pocket to enjoy the good things in life. This is such a soundtrack to such a happy moment & even if you aren’t on vacation, have no food or drinks & opportunity to sit in the sun whatsoever; this music still works well as a surrogate for that holiday feel. Cheers!


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The Dirty Earth – Aurora

Artist: The Dirty Earth
Title: Aurora
Keywords: hard rock rock female fronted guitar rock

Guitars, they can be loud. Drums can be loud too. But this prominent voice of this peculiar female fronted hard rock band has the capacity to overrule them all. Like a voluminous volcano she brutally sings every note loud and clear, making her vocal ability the biggest weapon in the Dirty Earth band. When she sings ‘don’t you lie to me’ you better be honest, as for some reason I could visualize her on stage (a bit like a female ozzy Osborne) biting the heads off from reviewers and critics that dared to say something other than the truth.

So truthfully I try to type on, praising this band with the knowledge that i do not know anything about this kind of music. I mean, I probably shouldn’t be the one writing something about it. I can’t really compare it with other rock bands (I’m just too obnoxious for the happenings in the genre) and have definitely no authority to say if something sounds great or if it could have been a bit better. (I never have that, no matter which genre, but with rock it’s even worse…) To me it sounded like proper hard rock material! Not the stones, but one in its rawness, the kind of band that kicks the floor hard and wave their head in circles, twirling their hair as if it’s in a dryer….

Of course the electric guitars are epic and the drums are hard and tight, they beat and they go mental in the extreme riff department. Somehow I imagine the hands of these musicians bleeding all over their instruments. They certainly seem to work hard enough to bring the best out of this voice, one that stands like a house; one as powerful like a dinosaur that did survive extinction! Probably because she knows how to adapt, as she feels to me as if she is just at easy at home in softer parts as in the more louder destructive ones!

This is probably all that I could say for now. I know it isn’t a lot, but at least it’s truthful. Maybe I can use this space to tell you who the owner of this voice is? It’s Tenille Rogers; remember her name well! The epic sounding smirking guitars are done by a certain rock god named Raff Iacurto, the bass is played by a daring Darren Staite & those hard hitting blasts on the rocky drums are provided by muscle man Leon Cadden. Hail them in the name of rock & if that is your music genre of choice than why not let these four people rock your world. Only thing you have to do is follow the link:


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Artist: EM1LY
Keywords: hd world club experimental gabber hardcore hardcore techno hardstyle harsh noise love noise outsider queer techno virtual Detroit

With just two tracks EM1LY hops in to go and give the unexpected listener some fine shocks. First one is the icy one, one in which electric shocks, thundering kicks, hardcore poundings, space age weirdness are all knocking on the door & than ultimately let themselves in by bashing through it. It’s loud and distorted, active and crazy. It made me think of cyber elephants running around in a thin attic floor, eventually falling through for a fine explosion. The house might be a mess as flutes wobble up and down, but the short brew of craziness is for sure worth the chaos.

The other shock is one in which EM1LY makes your body melt. She does this in a more bombastic way, making me think of a train being stumped down by an miraculous force, a gigantic fist of fury… something that comes out of the sky to go for a blast, hitting and shooting travelers like a enormous alien out on a hunt.


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Motion Sickness of Time Travel – Totality

Artist: Motion Sickness of Time Travel
Title: Totality
Keywords: electronic, ambient, drone, minimal

This release will seduce you in all its totality, with its low drone pastry & angel-like vocal hums it has everything to do so. They will keep you companionship throughout the entire session, becoming your best audio friends for the time being; ones that never stop so you won’t need to talk back to them & can just relax and enjoy the ride.

But just to be sure, additional crackles and experimental warm noises have also been included. They are friendly in their colors too, but they will do their best to get some anti gravity thing going on. They will give that extra push into thin air, they are the builders that will try to pick you up by the ears so you could see some things: Might it be complete bliss?

It is as if Motion Sickness of Time Travel knew exactly what to do & brought all the right ingredients in the smoothest way possible. How she does it? It is for us listeners pretty much a mystery, but somehow she manages to make the solid experimental soundscape to get thicker, lifting the listeners up with sounds that reminded me of pimped-up dentist tools, ones that are zooming and buzzing like a choir of kind machinery… how extraordinary!

The sound palette feels like a live and on the spot improvisation, making the internal changes like a logical trip. One that will not let you go before it had fulfilled its case; no idea what that is exactly, perhaps just giving the listeners a reason to fly for free? Only for a little bit & perhaps from a few centimeters up to some meters of the ground (depending on your weight, imagination and ear capacities). You can try it out over at the following link:


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Gel-Sol – Horse Head Bookends

Artist: Gel-Sol
Title: Horse Head Bookends
Keywords: electronic experimental ambient modular synth prog Washington

Keeping it real. We are keeping it real. This stuff here is certainly unreal… but with body and attitude superglued in reality and ears filled with unreality, this stuff might be well balanced out: Welcome to the Goldilocks zone… a place with noises that go in full stereo mode, pleasurable synth stuff being laid down for your delight & a drum to keep it euphorically on top of its toes. Shit, I’m losing my shit already!

Before I can scrap the marbles of the mind back together this album tells me that I’m now not longer a human being & I’m completely under control of some kind of alien that is obviously responsible for the music here. Even though it goes so far to come up with instructions to destroy some kind of enemy, their musical action seems to tell the polar opposite. The music just puts me to rest, pushed me down on the comfortable chair & I felt like it might be quite impossible to stand up again. Relaxing with a certain coolness that had made me forget my earlier promise of keeping it real; Its beyond my control now!

Life for me as a realist couldn’t become more difficult to hold on to, as the unreal music suddenly made the entire earth melt. With a massaging synthesized sonic appearance this material wiped all common sense of the table, feeding it with active blurry bubbles to go berserk. I would wonder if there would be a beat to ride, but even if it wouldn’t come; you could still ride these waves of audio insanity like a freak whose is now under control of the strong minded aliens. In fact they will talk to you when you meet up with them here; no idea what they actually say, cause you know… I don’t speak the alien language. Or maybe I do… oh well…

Still trying to keep it real, it’s pretty much a lost cause, but at least I’ve been real enough to admit its failure. Luckily nobody cares as the album provides a glorious amount of ‘Smokey Charboneau’ (no idea if i spelled that correctly). What I do know is that it’s best to be enjoyed with harps and a flute, making life (even it being more surreal than real) utterly fantastic. With a funky bass that is more smiley than any of your dead funk artists this charboneau seems to fully gets its groove on. It tumbled into my stomach & has been celebrating a groovy party ever since.

Oddly enough, from here the album feeds into the epidemic of normality, making me feel like that woman of ‘murder she wrote’ who just arrived at a church in which someone might die & I need to solve the case. If you didn’t already know by now; I have lost the plot, all reality is unreal and even the normal things shoot into absurdity. This music is like an interesting drug that no matter how strong willed and minded you are as a listener, will know exactly how to hijack your mind, ready to transform it in a mumbling mess. Conclusion; this music is the best!

The thing is… this album never ends with its amazement. Suddenly and out of nowhere it had thrown me in Star Ring Mi & trust me I don’t even know where the hell that is… but with its psychedelic tendencies it for sure is the place to be. Piano teams up with a whole collection of favorite loops that go in circular motives for he ultimate musical-take of pleasure. It’s the best thing that my ears heard all year long & at this point in time I really don’t care if that means that the music had turned me mental I’ll or not. It’s beautiful!

What followed was ‘Desceptre’ which drums made me think of Marilyn Manson’s ‘beautiful people’. The music however just aimed at all what was left of sanity, picked it up, threw it in the air and hit it away with a gigantic tennis racket! This music was so epic that it can be felt in all the bones (even the funny one!) & becomes epic like an orgasm induced by aliens who truthfully studies earthly musicians for a very long time. Let me say to you (before I lose my ability to write, think or talk) Their study paid off! Awesome!

The album put me back on the ground again with the appearance of ‘two sisters’. An appearance that somehow brought back some sensibility, giving a calm moment of devotion and love with mainly a guitar as the instrument of choice & other things taking the part of the little helpers. Bless them all! After all this, the album goes for the ‘goodies’, bringing bonus tracks to the ears as if it is Santa Claus itself. “Torus” being the main one to take all what had left of my sense of reality into thin air, sparkling it up with successful synthesized material, leaving me feeling like I could never hear or attempt to write about music again… surreality and reality had been properly mixed and f*cked & its pretty damn wonderful! Take me away, please! Straight to the alien version of the funny farm!


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