Andy Warhol To Se Vrati ‘BOYZ by Malga Kubiak

Artist: Malga Kubiak
title: Andy Warhol To Se Vrati ‘BOYZ by Malga Kubiak
keywords: movie, documentary, experimental

We don’t really discuss movies over here, but the three ‘Andy Warhol To Se Vrati’ movies directed and created by Malga Kubiak should be by definition be the perfect material to say ‘to hell with the rules’! These movies aren’t your standard ones; probably not findable in a last standing Blockbuster video store (if they still exist!) or featured on Netflix. But that’s probably why they deserve a ton’s worth more of your attention!

Because at the moment there are three of them, it’s only fair to focus on ‘one’ of them in the series for now. The one I choose is ‘Andy Warhol To Se Vrati ‘BOYZ’ a work that is probably as innovative as it is groundbreaking. Let me try to explain:

The movie is unlike any other movie that you have probably seen. It doesn’t take the usual road that movies follow; it doesn’t direct you with clear shots of things you should see, but instead gives the viewer multiple shots at the same time. Clearly giving a viewer the potential to choose what they want to watch, but at the same time providing every shot all at once. From a distance it gives a voyeuristic experience, and makes the movie not just one movie, but strangely multiple movies in one. You as the viewer are the one to choose which part you want to watch, which scene you want to see and is fancy enough to get your inner peeking Tom out.

Technically speaking this is a completely brand new thing; a movie in which your own eyes could zap over the screen in order to watch the things you want to see, ignoring the things you don’t want to see: basically creating an analogue but interactive movie that is all in your own hands and eyes.

And trust us, you want and need to see this movie (or movies in a movie?) as it’s pretty much material that might be voyeuristic, it is also very upfront, close, erotic, exciting, and bloody interesting! I won’t go and tell you about the story, or any plots because that’s something you should find out for yourself, but I can tell you this:

Expect to be taken in through sneaky ways deep into the factory workings of Andy Warhol and friends, meet Basquiat in a way that you have never have seen before, see Nico in a way that has never been captured on screen; see things that have been hidden away in privacy, now shown out in the open with all its interesting sides, but also with its more darker twistedness. See the fun, the workings, the friendship between the recreational processes and become hopelessly entrapped and intrigued by the world of the edgy Andy Warhol arts and friends.

The scenes are coming at you like there is nothing left to hide. See Andy Warhol being ordered to lick boots (probably that’s where his shoe drawings had come from), view the injections of mind altering substances, see the erotic seducements of nude photography, envy a little white dog who might as well be the real living wig of Andy Warhol himself!

The movie is not just visually exciting, erotic, and valuable learning material for futures next to come; there are also the perfectly fitting soundtracks. There are the experimental ones that feel just as artistic as the arts that the intoxicated creationists are creating, but there is also great use of a rockier soundtrack, something that perfectly turns the very hot and sexy scenes into ones that are well lubricated. Malga Kubiak did a great job in turning these romantic / erotic / violent / voyeuristic / intimate scenes in BOYZ into ones that will be imprinted in a viewer’s memory forever!

Also the wise learnings implanted in the movie will make a good impact. I’ve learned that ‘Nude Photography always sells the best’ and that a photographer of ‘nudes’ always has to be careful. These are just a few valuable life lessons within this pretty epic cinema graphic master piece.

If you are a glasses wearing watcher you might experience your glasses getting foggy from the excessive hotness that is captured here. But it’s all in the name of seemingly telling it like it is or was. There is no room for holding back here, and all is shown even if things are pretty nifty and in your face. If you imagined Andy’s art world to be brewing then think again as it might as well be much more steaming then you’d ever thought it would have been!

Never have I seen a movie in which I was glued to the screen when there was the on screen action of ‘eating an egg’. (Something very Warhol, mind you!) But there are also lighter moments of humor along the way. The scenes of Basquiat are clearly my personal favorites, simply because it is showing the artist in such a light that it’s hard not to turn your face into a smile. The drugs, the lines, the togetherness of a group of people; everything is shown like a true documentary full of scenes that speaks to the imagination.

In ‘Andy Warhol To Se Vrati ‘BOYZ’ everyone and everything seems to be art. Everyone and everything is filmed in such ways that it’s like reliving a memory of someone who had been there observing it all for future generations. Think the unexpected while diving into this grotesque world of Andy’s angels. Big boy’s belly dancing? Oh yes! Wine based intimate horniness? Check! Swinging on a swing in the middle of the art studio by a happy Basquiat? Double check! Circulating art installations? Certainly! Intensive bathing scenes involving candle-wax / Boys having a good time? Of course! Interesting music? Duh! Sex? Bet ya! Happy spaced out faces? Oh certainly!

The main line (next to the ones that gets sniffed into some noses) seems to be the little white dog, perfectly stealing the show with its resemblance of Andy Warhol’s hair. In any case, the new way of showing the visuals, the option to interact with it as a viewer to see what you want to see & the insane brewing content based on (probably well researched) truth of Andy Warhol and friends are simply making this one of these thought provoking movies you really shouldn’t miss to see!

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Carton Sonore – Animago

artist: Carton Sonore
title: Animago
keywords: belleville experimental avant-garde drone folk lo-fi pop stories vocal Paris

Carton Sonore (Pierre Chandeze) has one of the most valuable instruments a person could need; an amazing voice! With this he manages to create all the sounds other voiceless people would have used instruments for. His voice is the magical item that can form beats, whistles, special effects, synthesizers, shakers and it even can be ‘a voice’.

You might know about this singer from Iceland who had made an album that was also solidly made with a voice and guest voices, but I feel Carton Sonore’s album ‘Animago’ captured the ‘no instrument vocals only’ concept much better. Perhaps because it’s all him, no external Icelandic choirs or pop star singer collaborations but just one artist squeezing out all vocal kinds of shapes and materials from its own throat floating out between his lips.

But it’s not just the creation of sounds and rhythm that is making this album one for a good music collection, it is in fact the things that Carton Sonore does with his vocal abilities; making good and interesting music. There are really nice ones on this album in which it’s full of holy warmth, trippy tongue licking grooves; these are my favorite things!

Carton Sonore might not be an Icelandic diva, neither have wings to fly away or dance on the backside of a moving truck while sticking out his tongue into a camera; but Carton Sonore has this magical mouth, tongue, lips and a musical brain to arrange and create things that is not only a very personal output; it is also a very good one. I would say to try to do something like Carton Sonore at home by yourself and see for yourself that it’s (1) not easy to create usable music sounds from only the mouth and (2) to arrange it to make pretty music with. Check it out over here:

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MetAteM – The Middle Remixes

artist: MetAteM
title: The Middle Remixes
keywords: bipolar sunshine cover dj snake edm electronic gay genderfluid memes minimal superhero vaporwave Clayton Le Moors

MetAteM brings a single that is apparently a cover. I’m not aware of the original that this is a cover of, but that really doesn’t seem to matter as this cover covers everything quite clearly. The song named ‘middle’ has this neat combination of vapor waving vibes, electronic tropicalness and a very happy up melody. Lyrics wise ‘coffee’ is an important issue, but in general the song is brought in a sincere sounding voice, down to earth, a little bit sad perhaps but it also might just be the case of the singers voice still sounding a bit sleepy. (The coffee obviously didn’t kick in yet).

The tune gets also a couple of remixes, perfect in case you can’t get enough of it; which might be the case if you like catchy material with a sleepy morning feel and flow. Although you must be warned, the music is not for sleeping and should be more seen as one to wake up too… Indeed this single and remixes would go perfect with your first morning coffee, trying to open the eyes and facing the new born day with a fresh light.

The first remix is up tempo, speeding the whole thing up as if you just have invited a double espresso do its caffeine thing. The same with the last remix; going for a up and speedy vibe of it all, perfect material to realist how late it is and go for a run towards the nearest form of transportation. (If you had need to go somewhere that is) The remix in the middle of these quick friends is taking it much easier, so if you needed another moment before running, or perhaps didn’t need to run at all; it is a perfect tune for another cup of coffee.

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Paul Kidney Experience – Psychedelic Apocalypse

artist: Paul Kidney Experience
title: Psychedelic Apocalypse
keywords: experimental improv noise psychedelic Melbourne
label: Neumusak

With a certain roll straight into the deep fried brain zone this release instantly begins.
It’s as if the music had been waiting in a secretive line long enough and certainly had no time to waist time on introductions and other preparations;
no, this music is as if you had swallowed a bathtub full of LSD and you hadn’t even noticed that you had swallowed it. The material that you will hear is as if the grounds have melted, the walls are walk-through and the sky is a bouncy limit. It’s ‘Dry Eye’ that has the honor to pull the listener into this psychedelic frenzy, but it might as well been called ‘third eye’ as it’s punched open and twirling around like a maniac!

The release continues to release its psychedelic brew of insanity upon the surprised ears, featuring of course instruments and intensive wordless vocal material,
but it’s all so done and done in such a thick pack of sound that instruments and voice are simply one big massive rainbow glue of brain waving audio soup. The expression comes across like being rolled through the corners of a wild beast, a scary creature that screams in pain and might be suffering from a mental breakdown, (or simply a bad trip) but for us as a listener the situation is not a scary one; more as if we are the closed up observers in a Neanderthal expression with proud members of a lunatic asylum ruling the scepter until they tame that wild beast.The music is intense, the feeling is panicky and yet so very interesting; you’ll just feel like you have been taken the wrong corner into Jurassic psycho park and don’t know if things are fascinating or that its time to make a run before getting eaten by a tripped out tyrannosaur.

But with all psychedelic practices, running is hardly an option as its just a adventurous adventure we all have to go through. Luckily our reward will come with ‘Pretty’. It’s a moment of calm before the storm, a windy fresh breezy breeze of friends that twirl around in a tunnel of absurdness.This is the place in which visions of meowing cats, round twirling images and long haired Australians are flying through the extra ordinary hallways.

What also might be scary is that there is a track title with ‘Gary Glitter’ inside of it. ‘Invocation of Gary Glitter’ it is called. The music is like stepping around on a muddy field in which the sinking stepping stones are mad of louche marching band members,
and the air is filled with little flying satanic helpers, sweet horny horns trumpeting in a time and space that will make the hall of rock a hall shiver. This is the zone in which music can be heard in the distance as the light to fly towards…

The last bit is ‘Mutterings’ a muffled and seemingly dry experience that feels as if we have been bounced back from the weird trip through decadent tunnel visions and have now fallen back on to earth surface. A bit like a mister bean without the Hallelujah gospel choir, besides the world as we once knew it sounds still very much refrained from how it once was.Might we still be tripping our heads off? Is the floor real, are we moving? It feels as if ‘Mutterings’ is traveling us forward over a psychedelic train rails through another part of insanity: reality.

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Various Artists – dog park – Dogzzz

a2500514937_16artists: Various
title: Dogzzz
keywords: experimental
label: Dog Park

I’m listening to Dogzzzzzzzzzzzz with the help of two dogs. As a human chicken I can tell you that I’m an animal person, love cats, monkeys, fishes, birds, beers (and bears), rhinos, dolphins, snails, koalas but as the two dogs have a thing for hunting cats, birds and other friends it’s just me and them over here. We will be your reviewers for the time being. They might not say a lot, but their expressions are pretty expressive. Let’s start shall we?

dog 1: woof woof!
dog 2: mioux!

Maggie Ledes starts the Dog party off with ‘Dog Person’. It perfectly describes in an acoustic way the kind of person a dog’s person is. They have a close relationship with their dogs, are playful, tend to look a bit like their dogs, and actually have similar characteristics as the dogs that they love. They are adventurous, loyal and pretty much a joy to be around with. They might like to be stroked like the strings on a stringed instrument, and know when it’s time to go out for a walk.

dog 1: hehehe
dog 2: waf woof!

Hmm.. I think I might have to indeed take my reviewing friends out for a quick walk. They seem to be in need for some exercise and sniffing the neighborhood in search for traces of bats, rats and indeed the smell of street cats. One of them (dog 2) loves to roll over the floor when he finds the odor of a rat. It’s like eau de cologne for dogs… oh and this is information that eats your time away… sorry.. we will be right back!


dog 1: woof woof!
dog 2: woof woof!

Ha, hello! We are back! Sorry for the little break. Hope you didn’t have to wait that long. Might as well have used the opportunity to go for a toilet break yourself. Now that we are ready for more Dogzzzzzzzzzzzz we will listen critically to the next track. Ready dogs?

dog 1: woof!
dog 2: wraf!


Well… well… Boys… colleagues… what do you think of Bruised Retina’s Angry Chihuahua Puppies?

dog 1: awooooowwwww
dog 2: awooooowwwwww

Well, it seems that the two dog reviewers over here are a bit acting like identical twins. They seem to like the track, even though it’s a recording of Angry Chihuahua Puppies. Personally I’m grateful for the title of this work as otherwise I would never have known how to actual write ‘Chihuahua’. And I guess the dogs like Chihuahuas even if they are angry. Once, there was this man who came by with a chihuahua and it decided to attack dog 1, as dog 1 had made sensual advances towards the chihuahua, but dog 2 took the chihuahua in the neck and threw it in the air like it was nothing. The man (obviously a dog’s person) had not seen what had happened but the chihuahua wasn’t very happy.. it was pretty pissed off.. making all these angy sounds that strangely has simularities with this track over here. Memories! I love when music triggers memories! What about you guys?

dog 1: hehehehe
dog 2: Wref!

Angry chihuahuas are simply the best! But {AN} EeL’s Bowser’s Wowzers ( The Dogs of War ) is also triggering some emotions, right doggies?

dog 1: awooooooooh
dog 2: woohoooohh

This track feels cozy, like a campfire setting somewhere outside with crickets, candle light and a fire place with plenty of dogs around. They sound impressive, some of them even letting their inner wolfs out. There is also a clear dog’s person in there, saying things with a magical voice. In fact this whole track sounds like a secretive magic session among dogs and dog person somewhere out there deep in the woofs.. uh I mean ‘woods’.

Another interesting track on the Dogzzzz compilation is Ben Presto’s Seamus Pt. 2. It really features enough howling doggie friends to start a choir with. It’s a busy recording and you can really hear them all so clearly singing their way into the experimental foggy sounding night. My reviewing colleagues Dog 1 and Dog 2 aren’t singing or howling along, but they do move their ears in all kinds of directions as this track played out: They probably want to pay good attention to the latest dog gossips spread by these singing friends inside this recording.

… Hmm. If you don’t mind, Dog 1 and Dog 2 deserve a reward for sitting through the compilation and helping out reviewing it all so professionally. Give me a second, as I provide them with ‘chicken tenders’ , their favorite next to paku paku.. Don’t ask me what paku paku is, I’ve no idea.. but they love it!

“… give paw..
…ahh good boys… ya go…’

Sorry for the wait. We are at your service again. And what a blessing it is as we are now letting you know what we think of W H I T E ft. Manny’s Frenchie. It’s really nice to see W H I T E on this dog friendly compilation, as out of all the music makers he is one of the most dog loving (and caring!) people out there in underground experimental land. With releases money being donated to dog charities and co, it comes as no surprise that the music provided falls in very good ears by me and team consisting of dog 1 and dog 2.

Not sure if Manny is the one providing the beautiful vocals on this track, but the sparkling barks are vibrating and wonderful. The music brings a beat and mystifying atmosphere to the compilation. It’s pretty white like a furry coat of a fluffy terrier and we all liked it very much, right boys?

dog 1: kef kef!
dog 2: woof waf!

So what’s next on the agenda, boys?

dog 1: woof!
dog 2: woof!

Ah, yes totally right! It’s the perfect go for a walk electronic trip done by Ian Haygreen  that’s perfectly titled ‘Walkies!‘. It’s making us feel like we are walking on another planet, planet Pluto (after all that’s a famous dog) and we are weightlessly exploring while delicious synthesizer sweetness decorates the place into a dog walker’s Valhalla. Peeing, sniffing, running and exploring never had the right soundtrack that it so deserved; until now! .

dog 1: woof woof!
dog 2: ahr ahr..

ah, yes paws up! all four of them for Ian Haygreen’s Walkies! Then it’s time for
Trevor Scruffles ft. Furchick ‘s Trev dog sings for carrots. A collaboration among a lovely talented couple with the best vocals of the entire Australian population. Dog 1 and dog 2 seemingly pleased with the vocals of Trevor are closing their eyes to hear it all even better. I don’t blame them as it’s a work that comes across as a dream, something to indeed nibble on your own tail for (if you had one) and enjoy through hairy dog’s ears. Respect!

dog 1: zzzzz
dog 2: woahawaa

Ah, dog 2 is dreaming and talking at the same time. So adorable.. got to wake him up! The review is not finished yet…

Next is Alien tongue’s Scoopy Doo which is like a long lucid dream in which anything can appear sound wise. All kinds of recordings pass the revue, from rain, to bees, to beats, to house party sounds with happy swinging dogs singing along with a candid sounding harmonica. There is something very cozy about it, bizarre and together, active and random. No words really to describe it. I’m sure my professional colleagues would be much better at it, right? What you guys think of this?

dog 1: woof waf woof!
dog 2: waf woof woof!

Ah, excellent! Couldn’t have said it better myself! Next is ฤŒopor’s Lullaby for stray dogs. Is one that fits the flow of Dogzzz perfectly. It passes by in such a soothing shape and form that I saw dog 1 and dog 2 crawling up in rolled position, and I felt like joining them. They aren’t stray dogs but they have many stray dog friends here in the neighborhood. Some very friendly and playful, others a bit more like a barking contest and showcase of shiny teeth. In any case the music here made us feel good, relaxed and kinda cuddly. If you don’t mind we will continue this write up while cuddling…

perfect! Like this we hear Gravity Feeder’s Junkyard Dog which is the dreamy prettiness that also functions as the final bit on the compilation. It’s so warm, hypnotic, strange and yet so comfortable; it really fits the cuddling with the dogs session in a really good way.
It passes by so quickly and smooth, leaving a long lasting impression of relaxedness upon our ears. I wanted to ask my reviewing dogs, dog 1 and dog 2 for an final opinion but apparently they are vast asleep. I’ll join them, but before I go.. please check out Dogzzz at the following link:

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HuorrouH – F-Words

artist: HuorrouH
title: F-Words
keywords: electronic experimental rock classical guitar Denmark

I wish we had the budget to get the whole Sesame-street cast of characters together to tell you all (with an educational song and a dance) about the letter ‘F’. But we don’t have the time nor the budget, and that’s why we are going for the best option after that: Huorrouh.

Of course our youthful minds aren’t the quickest so with this session teacher Huorrouh will teach us four F words. Flat, Friends, Free and Fatal. Repeat after me please; Flat …. , friends ……. , free …. , fatal …. Really good! Well done! Excellent! Now that we have the educational part out of the way, shall we hear the music that comes with each new learned F words?

Let’s start with ‘Flat’ Earth, which Huorrouh perfectly serenades with lovingly playing the guitar and drums. In the beginning it’s the sound of wonder, and then the sound of knowledge. Clearly depicted by a difference of the use of distortion and not the use of distortion. At the end it feels as if Huorrouh melts both ideas together and spreads the love and acceptance of the world being flat in pure and pretty acoustics. Are we loving this kids? …. Though so!

Let’s get to the next F word that we have learned. F from Friends. And this gets of course it’s own excellent rocket of a educational tune named
Friends With The Devil! It’s an excellent song educating you about the friendship with the devil, always noisy to what you have been up to, if you had done some sinner stuff lately. It’s also warning you to be a but careful when going for such a friendship as friendships are never easy, especially when it’s one with the devil. The music is a great rocker though, so kids we all might be head banging along as a reword for the educational session! Thick drums, epic guitar riffs and the sincere educational voice of Huorrouh himself!

The next F word that we have learned is ‘Free’. And the song that Huorrouh uses to celebrate the expansion of our knowledge of words is ‘Free Music’. It’s not a song with words, but it’s done with music only. Free music to be precise… It doesn’t sound cheap at all, in fact it reminds me a bit of good old quality big name Tom Waits without the lo-fi smoke and gin vibe. It has something that has something cynical about it while still being top notch melodic and pleasant to the ears. A thing that sounds sad and happy at the same time, probably depicting that free music is a happy thing as music can be freely enjoyed by all, yet it also means that the musician might be starving strumming away while nibbling on the back end of its guitar. Free Music, might be just as educational as all the F words that we have learned today!

The last F word was…. Remember? Yes! It was Fatal!
And this word will be getting a music shape by HuorruoH performing Fatal Woman.
Move all the chairs aside, get ready to jump on the tables and be free to let your hairs (wear a wig if bald) bang in the air. This is a song so passionate about a woman breaking a heart into fatality. Perfectly captured with heavy guitar, passionate singing that makes you feel like listening to a real rockstar that rocks the ears in our humble little virtual classroom of F words!

Of course the session for today with all the HuorrouH songs might be finished, but I would like to use the opportunity to add one more word to the session of today. The F word is Felicitation! As believe me or not… It’s HuorrouH’s birthday today!


^ Happy Birthday HuorrouH!

And he took the time to come here and celebrate this with you by teaching you all these new F words! It’s best to send him some love back, enjoy his songs and music and be very free to felicitate him on this happy day!

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Disco Splendor – new wage

Artist: Disco Splendor
title: new wage
keywords: experimental ambient drone noise Augsburg
label: attenuation circuit

Disco Splendor spreads out a pastry of sound that is thick and crunchy. The crusty feel is a bit chopped as if the recording is recorded through the turning propellor blades of a helicopter. It’s also loud like such a helicopter, so it might not be a all too weird comparison. Through this steady feel of helicopter noise, music is being received as well as communicative radio chatter. It has something militaristic and yet carefree and jubilant. Not the whole time perhaps as the noise is quite grilling in its workings upon the ears, and it might be a good idea to wear a helicopter helmet with ear protection before playing this album, but if not; you are definitely an instant hero!

I’m not so into video games, but I remember old school flight simulator. If there is such a similar thing with a helicopter to play, it would be an excellent idea to play the game with this album as the soundtrack; it will definitely add a great deal to the real experience of it all.

The other part of the album keeps the helicopter vibe, but has a slight more grimier perspective in the sound and feel. Some classical opera music might be waved in, but it’s the spiral of tonal windy noises that would lead the way. Not sure if the way of the flight is one of going up or in rapid speed going down towards the earth’s surface, (maybe it’s both!) but it’s for sure not a smooth ride. In fact it’s easy to imagine that the pilot plays the classical opera just to try to calm down the situation, as it’s evident that there might be a hard landing through the bad weather. As a listener at home I feel solidarity with the Helicopter trouble, digging my sweaty hands deep into the arms of my chair; let’s pray for a happy ending!

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