NarkotroniK – Wound Collector

Artist: NarkotroniK
Title: Wound Collector
Keywords: electronic coldwave ebm electro-industrial lo-fi synthpunk Washington

Wound Collector by NarkotroniK will be like oil for any stiff robot out there. Ready to lubricate them with kicks and nasty dance floor material that they might use to slap off their rusty selves and start a killer revolution. It starts like instant action, probably strong enough to make even old coffee machines into murderous monsters ready to electrocute their human handlers. This might be nasty if you are a robophobe, terrifying even, but to be fair; with this kind of music they make sure that they will exterminate humans quick, efficient and probably (if lucky) painlessly.

They can’t help it, as being oiled up and overridden by new funky electro music as delivered by the emotional overlords NarkotroniK simply makes them blood thirsty. You can hear it in the voice of NarkotroniK, willingly explaining it while a nasty sharp bass and epic melody rock out along a fare case of beat. It sounds so human, yet you know for sure that they aren’t human at all, which can only mean that artificial intelligence has bypassed everything that we have known & could emulate emotions for sympathy, which would be enough to let you stand still and listen entranced, so when you least expect it; NarkotroniK goes in a frenzy, slaughtering you off, alone or with the help of revolutionary kitchen appliances. Strangled by a toaster? Sucked up to death by a vacuum cleaner? Smacked in the neck by a hot boiling water cooker? The options for the army of NarkotroniK is seemingly endless.

Of course no machine , robot and anti human bit of mechanical rubbish will just follow orders, but let me tell you NarkotroniK is very charming, even non robots (yes humans!) could fall for the trap of the charismatic electro allure. Especially when we are promised a little freeing party all the way at the end, a celebration for when the job has been done, the world as we know it had gone to shreds and robots have taken over every single aspect of life. It’s sad maybe, but maybe it’s also good for the planet? I’m not sure… but I do know that NarkotroniK is out there riling things up and you might as well enjoy it before your time is up too!

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Radbout Mens & Matthijs Kouw – Live 29​/​05​/​2019

Artists: Radbout Mens & Matthijs Kouw
Title: Live 29/05/2019
Keywords: experimental adventurous church drone drone ambient longstring organ synths Deventer
Label: Esc.rec.

It is well known that churches around the world seem to have problems getting people into their services, but what if they hired Radbout Mens and Matthijs Kouw instead of Gospel choirs and pastors in robes that offer you the body of Jesus and some wine along with lengthy bible stories.

I bet if they enjoy their tax free heavens and combine it with their baskets that will always go from one of the church attendees to another in order to donate money for god knows what; I’m pretty sure they could afford Radbout Mens and Matthijs Kouw a royal payment.

With these two around they can be sure that the churches will be making a come back, probably filling up with new comers that might have otherwise not have entered foot in such an environment. This duo knows how to optimally use the church acoustics, filling it up with the humbling drones that seem to take their time to flow out and about, making the entire inner church building resonate with relaxing yet abstract vibrations.

A thing that might be at times intense enough to convert a pessimistic atheist into thinking that they have been touched by a greater holiness, secretly channeled by Radbout Mens and Matthijs Kouw’s live performance. The tainted reputation of churches around the world will be polished up again, possible attracting more artists inspired by this illustrious duo, creating a whole new and promising future for churches and possible will flow into the start of a brand new drone religion.

For now, you could hear the church session at esc.rec. which had been released as a download code on a postcard, which I hope had been send to as many churches as possible, so they too would consider organising concerts with Radbout Mens and Matthijs Kouw and see how their buildings would flourish with these sounds and how much new people it would attract to their multiple houses of God. I only hope that a full house wouldn’t mess up with the acoustics of these impressive locations, but I guess great drone music like this will thrive no matter what. Take a listen:

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The Ryne Experience – Canopy

Artist: The Ryne Experience
Title: Canopy
Keywords: alternative home recording indie rock lo-fi Lowell
Label: Under the Counter Tapes

“Single from The Ryne Experience’s psychedelic alt-country concept album ‘Funky Town’, out on vinyl, cassette, CD, and digital April 3 on Under the Counter Tapes.”

Let’s open up a can of cold beer and pshhh our way into the new song by the Ryne Experience. It is that kind of tune, perfect for a well deserved moment for yourself after a hard day’s work. Just unfold the plastic garden chair, sit back in it and hear the song doing its thing on repeat. It is similar like a can of beer, as one is never enough. With a haze out laid back style this band’s ‘Canopy’ goes in like a radio’s favourite. It is as if you heard it before, which you kinda have after a fair amount of multiple listens…Which (trust me) will quickly happen!

There is something to it that makes it catchy without the obvious catchiness, a thing that might make you hum along at certain times and wiggle your feet up and down from enjoyable appreciation. It has this pretty buildup that ends with a electric guitar played so excitingly that it would give you the power to get up from your comfy garden chair in order to get yet another new beer from the fridge.

it is like a viscous circle as when you open it for immediate consumption and the song starts all over again – you know you will be doing this process until you can’t stand on your own legs anymore. This song will find you and treat you well – probably calling you a taxi if things really gone out of hand.

The Ryne Experience lays out that feeling of having no worries, that all will be fine no matter what. It is being that protective umbrella that gives way to a little ‘me’ time, which I don’t know about you, but over here it comes across as something that is pretty much well deserved.

The singer is there with you, clearly ready to takeout an eye out for you if it was needed, so you could just relax and enjoy the moment without having to be wary. A gift that you won’t hear often in songs and music, but in this single it certainly feels as if we could embrace the chill vibes as if they are our new bunch of friends, ready to show us a safe, but good time well spend! Can someone open up another beer please? You probably need one too as after reading all about it you must be overly excited to get your ears on.

After our dear respectable friends over at Houdini Mansions offered you the track as an exclusive premier it is now officially released on the 21 Feb! exclusively for your streaming enjoyment! And if you are on twitter and happen to be delighted to retweet a special tweet from under the counter Tapes, they even might be so kind to provide you with a free download code! Told you this was all about friendly friends having a good time! Come on over, relax, listen, enjoy and have a beer! Thanks to the Ryne Experience all is going to be just fine!

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Artist: Ivy Nostrum
Keywords: experimental field recordings improvisation musique concrete noise tape London

Are you ready to go deep? Diving into the underwater world that Ivy Nostrum has to offer? Don’t worry if you aren’t prepared for it as Ivy Nostrum will provide the oxygen mask and the diving gear, the only thing you need to do is staying alive by not forgetting to breathe. But even if you forget you will still be in safe hands, as Ivy Nostrum seems to control the oxygen flow of these tanks , clearly caring about you to make sure you will survive enough to hopefully live through this entire experience.

And don’t worry if you aren’t into breath control and have a slight underwater phobia, as once we got the deep diving plunge into this depthful place out of the way, we are on dry land again. Probably and miraculously landed in Ivy Nostrum’s dampy tool shed. We have to be silent ourselves as we don’t want to disturb the artist in his novelty worker’s place & it is fairly obvious to hearing ears that Ivy Nostrum is busy over there, very busy, trying to repair things, taking peeks at old fashioned tape players while mumbling to himself like a person who is totally unaware that we are there too. In silence we hear Ivy Nostrum trying out a tape of holy music and eureka; it seems to work quite well! Ivy Nostrum’s job is done! Or is it?

I guess (as my ears almost never deceive me) a person like Ivy Nostrum is never done, clearly enjoying his work, hobbying around with bits and bulbs, some iron, maybe a stone; who knows; as long as things keep ringing and rattling we know that Ivy Nostrum hasn’t been distracted by our noisy presence.

Than we have to be really still as Ivy Nostrum spits through the mysteries of the phenomenon called ‘A Glossy Face’, arranging the information like a scrambled egg made on top of a cover from a legendary fashion magazine. Personally it makes me think of that time that i worked on polishing faces and pulling out legs, transforming ladies and gentlemen’s bodies into impossible proportions as required by the fashion industry.

A glossy face would be a face completely paint brushed until the model looked more like a piece of plastic than anything else. Yes fashionistas; Try to get that impossible plastic look with make up and see your confidence fly out of the window in no time. People got to make a living, but that shit is so wrong! .. oh shit, we might not be mumbling too hard to ourselves over here, as 1, it is quite disrespectful and 2; Ivy Nostrum might hear it.

Luckily it seems that he didn’t , as Ivy Nostrum had set a trap for himself and us crazies who are staying close on his tail. This trap is like an inescapable loop of repetition, one that feels as if it had been swung by hand, providing guitar material that keeps our heads spinning. Luckily the jobs for Ivy Nostrum are calling him as otherwise we would probably still be stuck in loop land forever. But no, Ivy Nostrum has to deal with a broken tape machine, a cassette with a beautiful piece of orchestral music seems to be fairly stuck in there, probably getting eaten by the device and the way Ivy Nostrum seems to sort it all out in his professional ways. Not sure if Ivy Nostrum’s DIY skills are working to save this tape or that it’s actually making things worse, but I can tell you that hearing him at work is probably more innovating and interesting than a simple case of playing a symphony without problems.

If for some strange reason you thought that this was it, you might be surprised that Ivy Nostrum had other plans. Banging in repetitive form some kind of wake up call with noises in between. Things go little strange, as if the banging is making way for a shape shifting tonal expedition that feels like something between a alarm without the snooze option and a track for mediation purposes. I guess, this must be the off work relaxing times in which Ivy Nostrum is just sitting in Buddha position, traveling towards his own inner peacefulness after a day of hard work fixing things.

But even after a lengthy moment of meditative off-time you can hear that urge in Ivy Nostrum again; he needs to do something! He needs to stick his hands in the tools, play with them with his fingers and record them for the relieving satisfaction that the knowledge of them still being there would obviously give this artist a great pleasure. Hear his fingers rolling over nails and screws clearly makes him feel okay enough to finally call it a day. Tomorrow more things to do and work on as a sound artist like Ivy Nostrum over here simply never gets done. So please do put on the provided diving gear and experience what it is like to be a experimental sound workaholic:

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Skronktronic #26 a little report

What a night, an evening to remember, one to be etched in the skull forever. Yep it was Skronktronic number whatever. A number so epic it lost count. I might still be a little off the world too, but as a true reporter on the case, a bit of toxins in the veins shouldn’t stop a honest report of such an event that this was.

What kind of an event was it? One for in the history books of course, as if it doesn’t end up in there we for sure might think it was just a pleasant feverish dream of some delirious kind. Why did I wake up with a couple of ‘best friends’ in bed? To find out I must recall my troubles memories and begin at the beginning:

It all started with the apparently super fesh collaboration by the gracious Unknown rockstar, the ballistic Ivy Nostrum and the fiercely presence of Ciara Mulholland. Holy smokes – it was good! I’ve never seen or heard a trio of this caliber making so much sense together. They must have been born out of different mothers but they truly did seem to be born for performing together. Even though I expect it to be improvised, the three individuals seem as if they rehearsed till perfection, executing a strong and seemingly well thought out show from start to finish. In their epic beginning they came across as if they had come with a certain hilarity, popping up from the back of the room through the audience with their own bunch of garbage and chaotically embracing them as instruments.

Within this trashy arrival in which Ivy Nostrum reluctantly tossed sound making trash around in a way that was edgy and unpredictable, to the perfect gently way how the Unknown Rockstar came up stage to stand next to a spare looking house plant , ringing a little mini Cymbal as if it was a delicate porcelain tea cup.

When all three of them united on the raised platform they settled in to deliver a stark scene in which the event space turned into a nuclear power plant and Ciara Mulholland the proud owner and defender of it all. She stood there with her fitting coat on, strong and devoted to embrace the nuclear energy of the great soviet times. The unknown rockstar rocked out while leaning back with his string instrument, as Ivy Nostrum cracked the code of noise crackles and Ciara embraced her power for a full on vocal set that took us straight into a nuclear reactor!

What a head trip! Looking at the mesmerised audience members at the height of this set I couldn’t help myself imagining them all with biohazard suits on! These three where solid and a great opener of a night in which the weird and the wonderful seemed to have found a nice meeting point in the middle.

While this trio had been doing their thing, a colourful upbeat character named Maryam Hashemi was keeping up he own review of the events on the evening. Unlike me and my crappy writing on a evil mobile device – She reported on the moment by dancing and painting! Completely captured by the sounds and music she simply let her brushes twirl colours over a designated place on the wall, turning the emptiness into strokes that reflects what the sounds would feed her, resulting into a painting that would slowly reveal itself as a visual report of this (by the Doll curated episode) of Skronktronic.

It didn’t take long before the illustrious mysterious ‘the oneiorologist’ revealed itself, ready to team up with Bettina Schroeder for a (what professional music writers would call) ‘a cow and sheep bell extravaganza’.

I was glad to see that these torturous bells had finally gained a more pleasant purpose, as their life as a instrument in Bettina Schroeder’s hands must have been a huge relief to some cows and sheep necks out there. Now they became part of a collaborative set in which at times you wouldn’t know who would be responsible for the sounds, clearly blending the talents of these two sound lovers together like bread and jam…

but at other times they clearly distinguished themselves from each other in order to form a pleasant noise drone set that took me away to green scenes that resembled to me a very high ‘the hills are alive with the sound of music’ environment, while the oneiorologist sparkled spontaneously a free jazz vibe in there to make the whole thing even more surreal than it already was.

I closed my eyes and thought about the idea of being on a field in which the two skronktronic music makers would perform this abstract droning material for the animals out there, a thing which could be seen and heard as a generous act that would attract many happy cows and sheep within this countryside of dreams. Super intriguing to say the least – even (or maybe more so!) to hear and see with my eyes open!

And yes, Maryam Hashemi danced and painted continuously, probably capturing this moment in time better than any of the words that i could come up with. Luckily i made some sneaky pictures so you could view her review of this evening as it progresses slowly into the realm of authentic performance art versus genius mental ward worthy epicness!

Yep, the moment that most attendees had been waiting for; a collaborative effort by The Doll and the famous Yol had came after this. First it was a solo version of Yol whose passionately and expressive antics easily proofed that you don’t need a lot to deliver an incredible set, as Yol and his palette of limited pieces of iron, chains and other random audible stuff was truly a force himself as the staring middle point of it all, letting his body dive into the sadness of Dead wales , clearly giving himself fully into the moment, in order to truly become a vocal-body-instrument as he channeled a entranced tragedy of words and noises from elsewhere.

After him it was up to The Doll to get completely into it. Which she did literally! Armed with her army of little amps and special microphones she embraced noise life in the most unusual way. Using a vinyl record and a magical pillow that could change colour by stroking it in opposite directions as a instrument, but also sticking one special mic deeply into her neck in order to deliver the most authentic way of ‘throat singing’ that I’ve ever heard.

My eyesight isn’t great so I wasn’t sure if she would have to actually open her mouth or that she miraculously could vibrate her vocal chords and magically amplify it through her neck, but let me tell you that Tibetan throat singers would have been probably quite amazed and impressed. She would top it off by singing like an enchanted chant that made my head fly away on a carpet all the way to the magical realms of mysterious India.

Than Yol and The Doll did a finale with a team effort that was thrilling and exciting. Together they filled each other vibes, amplifying their expression for a case of hidden teeth and fanatic character building! I doubt that Yol and The Doll actually needed more character to be build, as they where so incredible and out there that they might actually have pushed their characters to the limit! Amazing!

After this it was time for a certain Toxic Chicken to pop up while riding on an (as you do) actual chicken. Going straight for a relieving sensation that is all about the need to produce superglue, the poultry sticked sloppiness through the air onto the floor and craptop thanks to the help of a smelly ejaculation of cream. Almost efficiently killing off his own show while yet the most fun had yet to begin. Thanks to the help of maryam who quickly stopped her painting process to wipe the chicken feathers as well as the frozen device & with a quick restart, the set continued!

Hooray! with the help of a donated melodica and laptop filled with cheesy piano and organ sounds to freak out with, a cat keyboard and a microphone; the fun really seem to flourish from the point of view that I had been witnessing this concert from. Quirky melodies dipped in speed (only play the black keys and you can’t go wrong!) and feel positive that it’s a mutual exchange of fun for you and fun for me. It was a special day as on the evening itself a very special limited tape ‘best friends’ had been released through Dubbed tapes, which you can get (if you are lucky) over at the following friendly link:

The headliner of the night was nobody less than NNJA RIOT delivering a spot on intoxicating set that came with enough militant electric rhythms to start a mini war with. She ordered her electronic machines to beep, squeak and hiss and she pushed these noises to dance inline like a bunch of granted wishes.

They bounced of the walls as her sound cracked the new river side open from the inside out, stomping away in a intoxicated daze in which admirers would have fainted if it didn’t had to come to an end thanks to strict curfew times of the venue. No ambulances had been needed to come down, although the music seemed to have fired up Maryam enough to violently finish her painting, revealing not just a pretty picture but most importantly a much better review of this unforgettable night than I could ever sketch in words.

Thanks The Doll, Rick, Skronktronic, Maryan Hashemi, Unknown Rockstar, Ivy Nostrum, Ciara Mulholland, Yol, NNJA RIOT, the oniologist, Bettina Schroeder, dubbed tapes, new river studios, the people who work there, the audience, mum and dad, the cat and dog, the birds in the sky …. you!


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Chiba City Blues – Local Weather Disket

Artist: Chiba City Blues
title: Local Weather Disket
Keywords: electronic vaporwave Canada
Format: floppy / digital
Reviewer: Leo Obit

This is kind of music that you could imagine to hear through the other side of a telephone line while being placed on hold for a very long time. Music that would make you forget that you are waiting for something, probably completely erasing your memory of the fact that you had been calling for something important, making you hope to not to be disturbed by a voice annoyingly informing you at seemingly random places how many other callers had been in front of you, an action that could level up anxiety before you even get close to the person you originally wanted to get through.

The big difference with this music and that of the ones that you might want to hear through a busy telephone line is that the in between voices are not automatic telephone machine voices telling you how many people are in front of you, but instead they are weathered weather reporting voices that are integrated with the music, informing us with things that set the mood to what we hear; from romantic times set to the info of a local snowstorm or pleasant moments decorated with the decor of snow fall coming our way, or heavy winds somehow being spotted on the local radar as vaporwave music attends us as if it’s a hard sell at a Tupperware party. It make us feel as if we are actually safe at home, doing our casual things, listening to the cozy music on this Lobit floppy, while outside horrid snow winds will blow people away out of they Wellington boots! …it’s pretty satisfying.

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Alexis Lumière – The Casio Stories Vol​.​2

Artist: Alexis Lumière
Title: The Casio Stories Vol.2
Keywords: analog synths electronic experimental noise outsider music synthwave Paris
Label: ERR REC

What do we have here? A case of fun, energy, sweetness and optimal Casio extravaganza! When you tune in you will be instantly greeted with music in which a Casio rocks out as if it had been the number one rocking instrument of choice instead of the overly popular guitar, simply by delivering the fattest baselines and thick electric kicks that no high end drum-computer could possibly deliver. And than I didn’t even talk about the colourful melodies that the Casio sounds are bringing in! It’s a whole rainbow full and Alexis Lumière seems to easily trigger all of them for a swinging sensation that will make you feel all happy and lucky from the inside out and perhaps (which makes more sense!) from the outside in!

These Casio stories are an pleasure to hear, pushing this instrument that snobbish people look down upon into a well deserved limelight, delivering swinging swings that wouldn’t be strange to hear in the late sixties or early seventies, high as a beloved kite, but also rocking like it’s the time in which individuals like Iggy pop would invite people on stage while singing about his personal fetish to become a dog. These Casio stories have nothing to do with that, but I just found it jolly that was the thought that popped up while dancing to these tracks!

These Casio tunes over here seems to set the bar of happiness quite high and joyfully, throwing in all the possible effects delivered standard on this distinctive keyboard and elevates them into golden tracks that the rich and wealthy mega producers might get green from jealousy from. What a talent this Alexis is and what a delicious sound by the Casio – it teleports me personally straight back to the days that I was blessed with a Casio rap machine, scratching the pads and letting the sounds of sirens and frogs ring and croak for ultimate joy! Those where the days and who would thought a random found album like this would dust off these memories so fondly?

These lovely and quite remarkable tunes over here are far more advanced, but still capturing that feeling of personal childhood nostalgia and next to all the dancing and head banging it also features the sweet calm ballad of G. Threepwood and the friendly relaxer that is fittingly named ‘have a rest my friend’ , which to be frank feels like an offer that I (and you might too) wouldn’t say no towards, as these Casio Stories made me very hyper, enthusiastic and a tiny bit ballistic in happy bouncy way! It’s just fun to hear and nice to be offered a break at the end too – after all we can’t be young and energetic forever! Although maybe hearing these Casio Stories on a daily basis might prove otherwise!

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