saneliv – Species

Artist: saneliv
Title: Species
Keywords: experimental, Minsk
Label: HAZE net label
Reviewer: Larry Azy

saneliv’s Species is a bit like being a laboratory worker at work; having 39 samples of different species to process, check out, determine, research and study. Most of them come across as easy to do, they are seemingly just a couple of seconds in length and only a couple of them are longer. Doesn’t mean that the lengthier they are, the more analyzing they need; it’s mostly the shortest ones that need a re-check to remove the instant invisible question-mark above the head…

It’s like a nonstop list of ‘what’s this?’ And ‘what does it do?’ ‘Do I like it?’ And most importantly ‘does it hurt the ears or not?’. It’s a lot of work, a whole process that takes up a enormous investigation if you want to give it the right verdict… I don’t want to give it any verdict, I’m not a laboratory worker and lazy as hell. So if this process of research appeals to you, you will do it yourself; you can wear a white doctor’s costume if you need some help to get into it, perhaps a pair of gloves and a mouth mask (you never know if these species will give you herpes… there is always a chance… you know what they say; safety first!)

You can download these species for your research for free over here:
but also over here:

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Low Entropy & Kuvera B – Untold Stories

Artists: Low Entropy & Kuvera B
Title: Untold Stories
Keywords: electronic doom doomtechno experimental electronic experimental techno hardcore kuvera b low entropy techno Tilburg
Label: New York Haunted
Reviewer: Simon Hit

Low Entropy is close to a house hold name, world wide known for its unforgivable beats and noise, this creator returns to the scene with a split with Kuvera B, a name that might not ring a bell directly, but big chance is that it’s ringing but we are just to deaf to hear it. Their release title is ‘Untold Stories’ so you could presume that what you will be able to hear music (if your ears didn’t do a suicide on you) that you wouldn’t have heard before.

Low Entropy definitely knows it’s audience, putting the sound at a maximum so even the most damaged ears should be able to pick it up one way or another. It’s a session in three tracks that are ‘Doomtrooper themed’. Of course it’s up to your imagination who these doomtroopers are, but the music clearly is made for militant marching. Marching around like a disturbed horsey, or a soldier drilled to follow orders by a shouting commander; the hardcore kicks and rhythmic noise speak very much for themselves & are easy to follow at home for your own feet. There are surprisingly sweet melodies involved but the pounding sound is clearly dominating the scene. Isn’t it fun to parade proudly around the table? Marching on these extreme sounds? Perhaps losing some fat in the process?

Kuvera B’s tracks do fit along with the marching no mercy works of Low Entropy, but where Low Entrophy goes for a more punchy sound to step around on, Kuvera B seems to go a bit more experimental. With the underlining line on the word ‘mental’ in experimental. Don’t get me wrong, the music is as pounding as it can be, but it feels more on the edge and insane then the military Doomtrooper materials. It’s as if they direct two kinds of marching armies, one robotic, tight and full discipline & the other one of marching cybergoths half-human half-machine that might go berserk into a destroy everything mood…

They might have stepped out of a computer game, shooting lasers in the air while they crush the pathetic tiny humans between their iron toes. I don’t know, more an army for amok then one with a clear goal. In anyway both producers dropped powerful pounding tracks that feel like they could drive up an army into a fight with no hesitation or problem.

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Aaron Bachelder – music for a new dark age

Artist: Aaron Bachelder
Title: music for a new dark age
Keywords: electronic, ambient, experimental, soundscape, sounds, tripping
Label: Attenuation Circuit

If you have been following the news you might get the impression that a new dark age is knocking on our doors. You don’t even need to open it as such a thing cannot be stopped by closed doors. A new dark age might not sound like a very positive and fruitful time period, however out of shitty times always good unexpected things will pop up and flourish. This amazing intriguing and quite frankly fantastic sounding album by Aaron Bachelder is a great example.

Music for the new dark ages by Aaron Bachelder is so original and equally surprisingly beautiful that it will simply shine a bright light on the prospect of these dark ages. The music is clearly created in it’s very own unique way, one that is so good that you almost would wish that this new dark age would properly settle in quickly just so you could completely hear this album at the right time & perfect atmosphere…

Trust me, the sounds are extraordinarily, nonstop different & yet it all seems so compositionally right; brilliance think of a future in which traditional instruments are abandoned and magically friendly intelligent robotic lifeforms have become the music instruments & composers at the same time.

The music that they produce is unclassifiable, borders genius mentality, takes on a great journey, one set to entertain by bringing the material of comfortable listening towards you the actual potential listener. With the sounds of the unknown that travel beyond genre into unexplainable beautiful captivating composing structures you will be too busy enjoying to even think about how the entire age has become darkened…

…in fact, when I did the pre-listening session for you, the world had become dark, but not because of the colorful sounds and strange sense making music; but my eyes closed, dreaming away in pure bliss as I fell asleep peacefully! These upcoming dark ages aren’t so bad!


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Various Artists – FOOF YOURSELF VOL 3

Artists: Various
keywords: alternative, label, sampler, free download

Suddenly FOOF tweeted the poof with the directions to a free downloadable compilation, aka label sampler with handpicked tunes from the releases released by the foofy FOOF records.This is a voluptuous number 3, so there must be a number 2 and number one out there somewhere… But to me, number 3 is the number 1 to get to hear the FOOF artists, a fair amount of tunes and some of them have TRUMPETS!

Jupiter Cats – A Disengagement Party

Take in tequila, sipping a bottle of randomly found booze and listen to this incoming disengagement party by Jupiter Cats. It has this guitar bit that smells of ska, but there is a bit of blues, gospel organ,rock, swing, big band and even a sentimental out of nowhere trumpet… It’s a bit like multiple tunes in one, a mini album in one single track that these cats have cooked up; creatively catering for everybody something to feel some kind of festive mood; alcoholic liquids flow nicely down the throats when listening…

Ziegler Co. – Clarity

Ziegler Co takes on a moment of clarity, maybe the tequila had come out of your nose and enabled your system to restart pure and new. The song sounds as if Clarity is a name for a person, the enemy of anyone who wants to be drunk, high or completely not sober. It’s the friend you mostly try to avoid at parties or when simply wanting to fool around, but here as a song it isn’t a total bummer.

Harriet J Woodcock – Jessie Tells Me

It would be very silly not to mention and underlining the artist’s surname; Woodcock. Some might find Cocks nice to sit on, but wooden ones could be (I presume) pretty uncomfortable. But let’s forget about the surname, Harriet sings a sweet friendly song named ‘Jessie Tells Me’. It sounds very up and positive, with nice singing, trumpets (again! They are very popular on this compilation it seems) and would do probably well among line dancing cowboys and cowgirls.

The Stoop – Easy For You

It’s time to go to the toilet and do a poop while listening to this song by The Stoop. It’s not needed but just thought it rhymed too well not to write it down. The song ‘Easy For You’ has this American vibe over it, a bit like a golden oldie my dad used to listen. It would fit nice to the Carpenters, John Denver and perhaps Sonny and Cher… I don’t know, it sounds nice, friendly but not very modern… but that might be easy for me to say… who knows what kind of studio equipment they used to make it sounded like one of those classic radio friendly recordings?

Phoebe Robinson – Daytime TV

The compilation hit a serious spark here with sudden modernity mixed with classic dignity; it’s a huge contrast compared to the Stoop, but somehow it works to excite! The electronic artifacts, the sweet round humming baseline, the chopped glitchy stuff that people nowadays heath up for is quite nice, but it’s the singing voice that dominates the song. Phoebe has a great voice, one that feels as big and potentially great as the one of the likes of Annie Lennox… Phoebe will become a huge sensation!

Big Boy Tomato – Head

Suddenly I feel like there needs to be more booze to be in sync with Big Boy Tomato’s Head. A crate full of bottles with alcoholic liquids might instantly be downed to get the room spinning, just to get fully intoxicated to twirl around like a punkish drunk ride on a Funfair attraction. This Big Boy Tomato are pretty much up and running with their punk rock energy material that sounds pretty much tight and when you aren’t drunk enough might be a bit of a contrast from the previous heard track in this sampler. But on its own, it probably is powerful enough to get a room full of alcoholic anonymous drinking again.

Upbeat Sneakers – Hope & Glory

Trumpets! They are back to sound their trumpet sounds! Toot toot! You know when they add trumpets to any kind of tune it will instantly sound richer, it has a grand sound, warm and smelling of cash. This track is a great example; the track a power punk rock pop-ish tune with bass, guitar riffs, drums and a typical energetic singer who could have gone the Blink 182 road but had gone its own less cheesy and catchy way is pretty much alive and kicking, but would have sound ordinary without the great use of those horny trumpets! They bring instant class to the tune & I can only praise it because goddamn those trumpets are fantastic!

Janina & James – A Good Man

Of course I’m dying for more trumpets, but ‘A Good Man’ sounds pretty much perfect without it. It’s hard to slack it off as the combination of music and the voices of Janina & James are giving me the personal shivers. Their vocal contrast is very nice, James sound like a voice of reason, very pleasurable to hear on the ears; a voice you could trust. Janina’s singing voice is very sweet and dreamy, creating a lovely atmosphere that only gets better along with the light but uber trustworthy music… got to love these two!

Jupiter Cats – Ma Cherie Est Mort

More swinging and uptight energy is being flushed around and showcased here with more music of these Jupiter Cats. The song ‘Ma Cherie Est Mort’ would be great for in the middle of a party, playing before being too drunk to take in the carnival punk with guess what… trumpets! But the happy guitar madness, the insane driving baselines and nonstop hitting of the drum kit and the singer singing something about ‘looking good inside a hospital bed’… it’s a whole package of bolstering energy. (If you hear this later at the party when the liver is full of toxic liquids, dancing wildly to this tune might turn you into a vivid wild spraying provider of puke! Better play it half way before being too wasted…

Ziegler Co. – Tunnels

Another instant classic sounding classy classic by Ziegler Co named ‘Tunnels’. I can’t get rid of the feeling that it sounds like it comes from a time that television had only one channel and radio was the music and information provider numero unno. Ziegler Co does bring great drums that feel more modern, nicely putting the energy up in a friendly way. The music is nice and fun, could have used some trumpets though…

Big Boy Tomato – Armpits

Big Boy Tomato comes back again with a children’s friendly tune named ‘armpits’. It’s going for those menacing guitars, and the singing that feels like a children’s rhyme without actually rhyming. I don’t know why but somehow I see a mosh pit of children when I hear this, all dressed as little mini punks pushing each-other, perhaps punching around with the elbows & placing each other’s armpits into random kids their noses…

White Deer Grotto Academy – Gulf Of Ob

I don’t know about you but when White Deer Grotto Academy’s Gulf Of Ob hits this sampler compilation it felt to me like the booze had been replaced with some alternative mind altering drugs. But as soon as you settle down and think; now it’s going to be good! The music fades out and leaves you unsatisfied, hyped and properly drugged…

(Exclusive bonus track) Ziegler Co. – Grind Me Down

Luckily there is one final tune to wipe up the disappointment of Gulf Of Ob’s shortness. It is Ziegler Co who suddenly feels more punk, full of live and not entirely das-proof; great! Yes, it is very short too, but it has everything; a beginning, middle, ending and a good bulge of energy. Grind Me Down anytime! I was definitely missing a final appearance of a trumpet, but in this case the lack of trumpet might be missing ingredient that makes a person begs for more FOOF?
Get the compilation for free at the following link:

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Merzbob – men’s nipples

Artist: Merzbob
Title: men’s nipples
Keywords: boston experimental hip hop drone drone ambientexperimental hip-hop noise Dudley
Reviewer: Simon Hit

The world renowned reputation of Merzbob knows no boundaries. Merzbob (who lives under the sea) is known for the noise created by squeezing the duo’s own men’s nipples. If there had been more circuses around in the depth of the sea Merzbob would have been a great traveling side show, but now the sound of the manly men’s nipples is quickly bearable on the internet, saving us a dive to the ocean’s bottom and a wet pair of ears.

The show is quick and efficient, first there are the alarm bells, awakening everyone enough to come and check those men’s nipples out. What follows is some manly moans, almost Neanderthal-like. Some quick cheesy music also gets pulled out of those nipples; glad we don’t need to squeeze these men’s nipples ourselves and just be able to sit back and hear the results.

The meshuggah part of the performance is rather jolly, but also the slow human beatbox versus hiss and cartoonish talking is quite the filler. The chapter named ‘extron’ feels like the moment that we had been waiting for; liquid sausages squeezed out successfully out of those men’s nipples… at the end the whole picture zooms out and we are in for a true revelation; those men’s nipples aren’t only attached to Merzbob but also to nobody less then the famous weirdo named Drake.

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Jonathan Fraser – Lost Within Your Dreams

Artist: Jonathan Fraser
Title: Lost Within Your Dreams
Keywords: acoustic alternative chillout dark ambient droneemo folk indie folk instrumental melancholy noise post rock instrumental post-folk post-rock shoegazeHuntington Beach

Fraser is world wide known for the sitcom named ‘Fraser’, but did you know that Jonathan Fraser has the honorable job to put the name ‘Fraser’ into the hall of legends, not just for comedy but this time specific for the Fraser side of music making? Jonathan Fraser singlehandedly puts the family name in the golden light of the audio and compositional arts, with beautiful strumming, colorful pretty strings and tickling rapid fingers and even stereo effects he creates a fine name for himself in the Fraser family tree.


the sitcom Fraser

And rightly so, as this specific Fraser proofs with his album named ‘Lost Within Your Dreams’ that he might be the artist that the very first Fraser of its kind had been hoping to conceive somewhere in the family. With his wonders of works and the help of many of his talented music friends Jonathan Fraser rocks the fantasies with emotionally charged goodness. There will be no doubt that his ancestors would be so proud of Jonathan Fraser, in fact even you and me shall feel proud when hearing Jonathan Fraser’s music achievements on this album. Seeing the many supporters who supported this release the feeling must be contagiously infectious; everyone loves Fraser!

By the way did anyone here ever seen Fraser? I mean Jonathan Fraser? Perhaps not in reality but in your dreams? How did he look like? Did he talk? Did he perform? Did he do gigs in your dreams? I’m just curious as he never showed up in mine and I’ve got plenty of dreams and was kind of worried that if he was indeed lost within your dreams that it would be difficult to have him visit mine, or even work on a follow up album… he must return somehow and go to family meetings for an special day of honor and appreciation; I mean Jonathan really puts the family name back on the map! so if you see this musical Fraser, can you please tell him to come on over & to make more music like this? Thanks!

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Raw Moans – Safe Sex


Raw Moans

Artist: Raw Moans
title: Safe Sex
keywords: electronic, synthesizer, pop, love, sexy

Oh my goodness, synthpop orgasms are coming your way when plugged into the music of Raw Moans. The satisfaction of those synthesizer melodies pumping, slowly arousing your pleasure centers, fingering your senses until your heartbeat follows the pleasant rhythm of this sensual sound and safe (but sexy) Raw Moans.

The melodies, the basslines, the ever so soothing sexual pleasuring smooth sensual singing voice are like oral favors in audio forms. Listening to these affectional lovable love tracks will take any sensible listener into a state of foreplay until those orgasms will come one after another; an endless pleasure will make anyone moan pleasantly along with those fine tunes of Raw Moans. The great thing of having ‘Safe Sex’ with Raw Moans is that no morning after pill is required; it’s only the pleasure and never the headache.


it can’t get sexier then Raw Moans

It might be not for the ones who only want to pound and skip the foreplay; this is for anyone who wants to be licked, touched, and stroked at every inch of your mind and body with synthesizer pop sexiness. Track after track you will be forced to put hands to yourself, (as Raw Moans just provides the audio sex) you probably just simply can’t help yourself & don’t worry; it’s our dirty little secret! Your source for multiple orgasms will be safe with us! Come and be good to yourself and let these Raw Moans do its arousing thing:



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