Golden Leap – Preludium Nuit EP

artist: Golden Leap
title: Preludium Nuit EP
keywords: electronic, beats, dance, electronica,

Electronic music really starts to live a life on its own when you have passed a near dead experience. That’s the feeling that I get when hearing the first track by Golden Leap that ever entered my ears. There is this persistent beep that reminds me so much of the machine that monitors heartbeats at a hospital, making me exciting to hear it as it makes us aware that our heartbeats still must be beating endlessly to provide enough blood through the system to enjoy the music. It’s good to be alive and it’s good to celebrate this by listening to ‘intro HKT’ which really seems to give us enough delicious electro shocks that mouth on mouth is simply a pleasant but not needed handling! Pretty electronic melow-ness empowers enough to turn the monitor equipment into a rattling beat machine while an angelic voice from the after life really does her best to regain conscience again. I see this track as a electronic life saving recovery, so I’m really feeling thankful for the maker to kindly paste a directional link in a email. It’s so good to be alive!

so good to be alive!

so good to be alive!

To keep it in the hospital tools corner; the next perfectness is a beat orientated tune named ‘the needle’. It could be referring to a needle for a regular checkup injection, something more streetwise, or a needle that people in the old days placed on twirling vinyl to get music out and about. I personally could thick all three options being suitable with the music captures under this ‘needle’ title. It’s happy and up, yet groovy and melting.. Making it a druggy favorite for cat loving addicts and personal pleasure seekers but it is also fairly suitable to have this printed on a vinyl and let it spin around in a club that has still people in it that actually appreciate what’s spinning around on a turntable; I mean; it’s for sure good dance music, but it’s also not ‘unintelligent’ which makes it also suitable for people who just want something good to listen.

^ a person who likes to listen to something good

^ a person who likes to listen to something good

We want something that has ‘Integrity’ and that’s exactly what this music seems to be all about. The track ‘Integrity’ underlines it all with a thick electric baseline, a heavy straight forward beat that steps around as if it had lend a cup of sugar from an industrial neighbor. When the music has a nice breakdown in which all becomes silent and whispery, you can just imagine the track tip toeing around so an angry neighbor who demand it’s cup back won’t know that the track is at home but not willing to open the door and face the outside world. When the unwilling neighbor moment leaves the premises the ‘integrity’ sound pops up loud again and we all could join the private party without further disturbance.

Than of-course it’s time to obey some hokey pokey religious electric music that comes as PS4LM 2-A which grabs everyone by the hand to form a robotic polonaise in which our lord almighty is replaced by beats, rhythm, bass, electronic extras, synths and other mind altering stimulants. Please raise your hands up in the air, enjoy and feel the music and praise Golden Leap for delivering the truth of electronic music!

The last track gives us the dangerous vibe as a reminder of the dark roots needed to be a success in electronic dance music. It’s a track named ‘Sacred Floor’ making me feel as if we have enjoyed this EP so much that we are now slowed to stroll the dark attic for a sniff of sacred secrets and a fine lick of endangered acid. Just pop in, stick it in your ears, let it melt under your tongue and enjoy the music. (*before the music starts to enjoy YOU*)

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JAAJA on gifgrond

From Nagoya, Japan comes JAAJA; a band of must see and most definitely must hear musicians that like old school traveling troubadours spread their mysteriously happy vibes from place to place, city to city, village to village, park to street corner, to anywhere and everywhere.

^ JAAJA!?! Here A member of JAAJA?! On our humble blog?! this proofs the point; JAAJA is everywhere!

^ JAAJA!?! Here A member of JAAJA?! On our humble blog?! this proofs the point; JAAJA is everywhere!

They are like fairytale characters, who might pop up in human form, or in their original forms of creativity. They can be cute fluffy cuddle monsters, they can be bunnies, long eared chickens, hairy friendly beasts.. They can be anything JAAJA!

^ JAAJA another music making colorful identity!

^ JAAJA another music making colorful identity!

but in whatever shape or form they present themselves; they are always good spirited, armed with a warm heart, a good sense of humor and of course lovely adorable cute happy music…

^ a member of JAAJA in good humored human form

^ a member of JAAJA in good humored human form

A bit of online research reveals tons of videos of JAAJA delivering their folkish happiness all over the world, concerts that (if you had been lucky) did not miss (but as most of us are unlucky) had indeed missed.

If you had seen them you will remember them as JAAJA leaves a long lasting impression behind.Especially when you notice that they will be as happy with clothes on as well as off!

But even if you have seen them, you should really take no chance and see them again! As with JAAJA you never know how they will look like, what they are going to play and if there will be slight nudity involved! Of course you can travel to youtube and see the concerts of JAAJA that you had missed or not had missed, but nothing beats the real thing of course!

Luckily it came to our attention that JAAJA will strike again this upcoming Sunday (30 August 2015!) at the well known underground independent podium for outlaw music in Tilburg, The Netherlands, named:


click to visit the online GIFGROND site to get directions to the offline party!

click to visit the online GIFGROND site to get directions to the offline party!

So in case you are in the neighborhood this Sunday, or at least in travelings range; get your shit together and get over there, as this is a JAAJA concert you really should not miss out on!
Don’t even eat before, leave immediately; as there is booze (poison) and food waiting at your arrival. Would it be just as fun and cozy and eatable as the JAAJA happening in the following video?

Next to JAAJA there is also an A-team consisting of UKSKé ORCHESTRA feat. HELMUTMUT, DUMBER and DJ ZACHT G .. they are waiting for you to entertain you to the max!
JAAJA is a bit of a mystery online, but is on myspace
and don’t forget, this upcoming Sunday at GIFGROND

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Selfmachine – Breathe to Aspire (video)

3Artist: Selfmachine
title: Breathe to Aspire
keywords: metal, speed dating, video

Speed dating isn’t the act of taking some recreational speed and then go out on a date, but it’s this weird conceptual thing in which ‘single’ people meet other ‘single’ people for a quick chat and then at the end they can decide if there was some sparkle or not to take it a level further. To be honest, I have no idea if I described it correctly; but I’m sure you know what it is and if not; get of your ass and do your own research.

Or perhaps don’t! I mean do not get off your ass but keep it seated on top of whatever it is that you are sitting on.
Thanks to a music video by Selfmachine we don’t really need to go anywhere to get a good glimpse in how a speed dating session would go as the video smartly used this as a conceptual concept to turn it into a original-original. You can view the video as if you are one of the girls having a speed date with Steven the singer, or you can pretend to be Steven the singer by imagining you being inside his shoes. Mind you, I know from a good source that these shoes are of a large size and you know what they say about people with large shoes, right?
Unfortunately most of the girls in the speed date session don’t really seem to be over the moon speed dating with the Selfmachine front man… I was expecting that one of them would stand up, kick the table, and then kick the man’s nuts until he would squirt out the most fantastic grunt you would ever hear… But the most violent speed dating scene is the one in which a dissatisfied speed date throws water in Steven’s face and pours one on his head; Refreshingly different.

refreshingly different

refreshingly different

All in all; the camera positions, the reality of the whole speed dating dates scenes, and of course the music really seems to give every random watcher a real first person perspective of a speed dating experience. The twisted and unexpected ending of the video is one I’m not going to spoil for you, but is one you should see and live through yourself..
But I can tell you that just by the experience of watching this speed dating based music video that ‘speed dating’ sucks… And I’m not talking about a speed date sucking your sensitive happy erogenous zones.. I’m just saying that speed dating sucks as in the meaning of it being sucky.

What doesn’t suck however is the great music video of Selfmachine,
so come on and dare to ‘speed date’ it over here:

For more Selfmachine you definitely should check out their official website: (because you are worth it!)

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Artist: Agnes Pe
keywords: devotional, activation, ifara paella, sid, Madrid, traditional stories, verbena, Lleida

Agnes Pe is one (if not ‘the one’) of my personal favorite experimental electronica artists out there. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that when the news had hit my head that she has a very new album out; i went hysterically berserk from pure excitement. After waking up at the intensive care at the nearest hospital and after a few additional checkups had arrived back at my music reviewers office I was so ready to hear it, so that is exactly what I did. Who could blame me? My good taste in music certainly could not blame me a thing, as of course the music of Agnes Pe was indeed spoiling them with all the delicious sounds that I had craved so much that it almost killed me!

^ me, the agnes pe super fan... in hospital

^ me, the agnes pe super fan… in hospital

So what’s the album like? Well it’s pretty amazing; Agnes Pe seems to have gone for a fun laboratory look and feel, which of-course is surprisingly fitting for her excellent experimental electronica arts and crafts. With my eyes closed and ears wide open I saw brewing bottles of originality, smoke and liquid sparkles in a hot bed of clarity. I mean this colorful sight of an inventors sound lab might be messy from the first look, but Agnes Pe certainly has it all under her thumbs (and the other fingers) as it is all played and programmed in such a way that every single sound, each and every potential new invention is well directed to form an arrangement that will not only satisfy Agnes Pe’s toughest die-hard fans, but probably also generates shit loads of new ones!

^ a few fans of Agnes Pe

^ a few fans of Agnes Pe

This album is of course one of her bestest, bringing musical melodies that you might recognize in a form that gives music a complete new shape and meaning. The art of these tracks are that Agnes Pe uses all these sparkling noises, bubbly squeaks and loudness that are of a sweet and ear candy kind. It’s hard to believe it when you are reading it, but when you hear the album you know what I’m blabla-ing about.

^ sounds are being made in the lab of Agnes Pe

^ sounds are being made in the lab of Agnes Pe

Agnes Pe’s secret music laboratory is simply a place where happy colorful things happen; a place where fax machines become friendly monsters, Christmas-bells become drunken trumpets, computer errors become steady beats and random sounds become a carnival parade of hilarious and happy fun! It’s a real party this new album by Agnes Pe and I recommend it not only as a fan, top reviewer or as someone else; but I recommend it as a person who knows what you want and need right now. You need this album by Agnus Pe in your ears and in your life! Please do listen, even if it’s just for her version of ‘Wrecking Ball’ which is so epic that you won’t even believe it until you hear it!
Tune in and be amazed, bewildered and entertained to the max!

p.s. in case you might have been on this place before.. It seems that I have reviewed this album already quite a while ago.. But the blast of excitement must have erased my memory making it again possible to listen to this album as if it is indeed brand new again!

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Hey Exit – Anura

artist: Hey Exit
title: Anura
keywords: experimental, ambient, doom, noise, moon noise, shoegaze, sludge, Brooklyn

I can’t find my way out of this ‘Labyrinth Impulse’ that ‘Hey Exit’ had created. Its walls consist for the most part of saddening sadness, corners of nostalgic nostalgia and dead ends that you really would like to punch through. Luckily ‘Hey Exit’ does this punching crunch by itself, crushing the walls of the ‘Labyrinth Impulse’ so we can all gather through it and say ‘hey’ to the newly made alternative exit.

Going through this exit, stepping over the rumble and all we see is ‘until desert’. It’s an apocalyptic sounding landscape with lots of noisy decay and fresh noise leftovers all over the place. Luckily there is also prettiness to it, something that twirls high above this mess like a sun that smiles and waves down in a friendly way. And indeed these sunshine waves give the doomed messy mess of rampage noises a wonderful and pretty glow. Everyone might be dead; but you and I are still free to enjoy the sights of a new but messy world.

This is a world in which ‘Inextricable Lianas’ reveals itself as a gorgeous epic center of ambient revelation. Pretty sounding sounds are finding a balance through each other, filling up a void with mid-level colors and some darker tones; but all pretty enough to give it a positive sight.

Thread Residing gives it even more of this goodness, giving an acoustic guitar performance that sounds very cozy and comforting: two kinds of the trade that always seem to pop up together as a theme working for goodness. The music than finds another melodic friend, giving a pretty melodramatic touchy feeling over it.

The best things never come alone, and so this music continues with a very last track that is a cover that will be pleasantly covering your ears with sensible singing, parrot strangulation background noises and a great amount of slow intriguing guitar work. It’s music to sit and settle your thoughts in, maybe even squeeze out a tear or two; regain some bite of life and love for well-played sentimental melodrama. Check it out over here by clicking the nearest exit:

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Gordon – Dios Es Amor

Artist: Gordon
title: Dios Es Amor
keywords: acid, ambient, drone, mexico, saturation, electronica, electrosarcasm, experimental, fraskschon, monterrey
label: Σшρτγ
reviewer: Gordon Denderon

Gordon, a gorgeous name splashed around by celebrities with a similar name.
Gordon Blue, Gordon, Gordon Hardon, Gordon Ramsey and Flash Gordon to name a few.



Now we have another Gordon, but this time the Gordon in question has a music release out that should make all the other Gordons move out of the way. If you are perhaps another Gordon reading this; please move aside and let this ‘Gordon’ be the shining middle point of attention.

Now that we have established some space in the busy world of the Gordons,
I would like to tell you a tiny bit about the music of this specific Gordon.
The music of this Gordon is electronic. That means that it obviously sounds electronic;
electronic melodies, electronic beats, electronic things. There is also a voice that pops up a few times; it isn’t electronic, but still somehow it also actually is.

It’s difficult for me to tell you a whole lot of other things about this release by Gordon,
not that it isn’t spectacular, or good enough to flap out some words for; it’s just that I can’t come up with words to flap those words. It is a strange happening when that happens; a moment that you are lost for words, but when it happens you better shut up and just listen to the music instead.

It’s best some times to let the music be your leading shepherd, and in this case just let all that Gordon made for you, come over you…
You probably won’t be disappointed, just think about it; which Gordon did ever disappoint you?


Okay… forget about those Gordons.. There must be a Gordon that was cool, right?
Flesh Gordon was cool, eh? Well Okay… tastes differ, but Gordons differ too!
So don’t judge Gordon for its name… Just play this short release brought to you by the Mexican Σшρτγ records, as Gordon knows how to fill up the emptiness that the lack of words leaves behind.
I’ve got nothing more to say… So here is Gordon’s Dios Es Amor:

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AG Davis – Bent Bible

Artist: AG Davis
title: Bent Bible
keywords: bible, noise, ambient, experimental, electronic, soundscape, holy
label: Poverty Electronics

In case you have never read or heard the content of a complete bible, you will now have an excuse to listen to one. This bible is so effectively reshaped, manipulated and you might even say ‘circuit Bended’ that even atheist and other bible bashers could enjoy the bible to the fullest maximum. I’m not joking; this bible presentation has the great potential of bringing all kinds of religions and non-religions together to enjoy it in a universal language called ‘music’. And trust me, many of you know that music is a wonderful thing, and goddamn this bible made music is even a top notch wonder-fuller!

A spectacular piece of stimulating details that are of an unknown kind,  on its way to bring a mysterious and pretty bliss, that by excellent art and craft turned into something that I can only describe as pretty and beautiful.
The music is a gradual work that as an experimental ambient piece seems to light us up towards a universal heaven; a place so surreal and kind that everyone (even the haters!) would be allowed in to feel the love. It’s ridiculous how a bible could become like this, but then again don’t think too much and just get on this arc of sound and be enlightened along the way. I know it will sound odd on paper but trust me; you will love this new form of bible/music, so please don’t be afraid to check it out:

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