Dominique Divine – Days That Blur & other tracks

Artist: Dominique Divine
title: Days That Blur & other tracks
keywords: experimental, electronic, noise, ambient, dark

Next to an incredible artist as a visual painter Dominique Divine is also stunningly amazing in audio/music land. She might be lying low & a bit underground, but damn her tunes are worth to check out as they are very visual in audio ways. “Days That Blur” came across as a situation that might be a bit like stumbling on a relaxing dead body, a deceased person that is bubbling away in a soapy bubbly bath, with perhaps an electronic device in it that was responsible to fry all the life out of the life-less body. It sounds amazingly detailed; something a true detective would have a field-day with & a great out-of-its-mind music listener a super nice listen. It’s so nice and warm, yet there is an eerie undertone. Musical bits can be heard in there, perfectly minimal and a bit hidden, hearable enough to add the cinematic effect to make you want to fill up a bubble bath and try to reconstruct the situation by yourself, see if body/bubbles and electricity is a real survivable thing or not… But that would not be a great idea, as nobody wants to get hurt especially when you know that being dead means you wouldn’t be able to enjoy these cool tracks (like Days That Blur) by Dominique Divine had made.

Yes, it would be a real shame to slip the slippery slide as “Dionysis Divine Madness” might also not be missed on your bucket list of ‘music you should hear before you are no-more’. It’s a very intense listen, perfect for on the headphones while high on green fluffy smokes. The details again are pretty overwhelming, clearly showcasing Dominique being one who crafts her soundtracks with lots of attention, thing lots of people miss & lots of others will fall in awe for! Dionyis Divine Madness is like listening to the voices in your head, while they are all shimmering and mumbling calmly; you don’t know what they are saying, but it appears that they agree with you and themselves & the effects are haunting in a peaceful way. It is almost if the madness has become a comforting comfort zone in itself!

Dietsoda’ is a more harsher experimental experience on the ears, avoiding complete hard noise but pushing the volume up with some nice rhythmic nasty hissing cracks that spice up a general weird audio soup that is hypnotically hypnotizing in a very intelligent way. A few coughs of the artist make the happening into a very personal happening, giving the loop material a human touch.

Of course there is no better way to end this intensive listening session into the glorious audio mystics of Dominique Divine by listening to this hot & very sexually charged work named “Porn’.
With strange woozing depth with warm psychedelic benefits we can hear muffled moans of struggling session between erotic pleasure and pain. You won’t expect to find such detail and intense horniness in any of the mainstream of music & it’s best to stay alive and experience these tracks with both ears open:

To keep an eye on the activities on Dominique her soundcloud-account please do click the following link:

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Humanfobia – Dark Noise Anthems – Vol. I

Artist: Humanfobia
title: Dark Noise Anthems – Vol. I
keywords: Humanfobia, Chile, experimental electronic, noise, dark ambient, electroacoustic, soundscapes

Hello Humans that distance themselves to the humans, this volume one of ‘Dark Noise Anthems’ might be exactly the release that you needed to stick your sinister heads in.
Intimate introverted dark themes and vibes are presented here by Humanfobia; pure
material that sinks into the inner core of everyone who suffers (or gains) from phobia for Humans & makes the loneliness somehow less lonely; as now there is music to keep us together in our realm of being freaked out (and probably disgusted) by the humans dominating the earth.

Strangely, there are some dark sounding monks appearing in this collection, doing their seemingly blessings on our dark minds that plot our plans to add LSD to the drinking water systems of huge populated areas that these humans live in. It’s obvious that we and Humanfobia don’t need that special water as clearly we have the sinister mindset and the music to set us free in misery.

Humanfobia mumbles in our ears, hisses comfortable poison upon our minds so we can all hide the biggest sunglasses that we can find to cover our black mascara-drenched eyes behind. We might not say its Goth to hear these sounds of human phobia comforting our own dislike for those strange creatures that seemingly want to rule the world, but it does feel as if this release drags us into our own little circle of minimal darkness as an acceptable hiding place.

With abstract experimental noise, atmospheric material and sometimes singing voices of Humanfobia, this release is a source for comfort, strangely human sounding, while at the same time distancing us along with the musical attitude of anything resembling the mainstream shite of all that is human. Moments in which Humanfobia simply seem to puke in pain from being purely in their own realm of sickness are the highlights to me on this release; you could hear them wishing nothing but ‘death’ upon all who don’t fit their kind & rightly so.. It feels very freeing to puke along while enjoying this collection & it’s recommended to listen to this in a sad and lonely place far from human noises and humans in general. Enjoy this hiding place freely downloadable from the darker shadows of the internet:

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Cinturon Negro – Beats we love

Artist: Cinturon Negro
title: Beats we love
keywords: beats, cinturon negro, instrumentals

So chilled out, so relaxed and yes so very much still shaking my head on beats, grooves and other delicate music bits: The release responsible is a deejay set that is one of those that you could put on with pure confidence & let it do its thing, while you do your things (next to listening and perhaps moving to it all). I had been doing lots of things, but all in good flavor with this material playing loudly on the background. Obviously for copyright reasons and the avoiding of lawsuits and other minor problems, there is no real info on who the artists/tracks/bands/projects are that you could hear in this mix, but trust me; you could trust them to be diverse and trustable in the good flavored music department.

Some of them sound so old (but severely important / classy), as if they had been recorded on a tape and send to the deejay’s collection by tape, clearly smuggled through the stomach of music-smugglers from far away cultural places, while others sound more top notch, nicely dusted off for a clean cut presence. But all of them, in all their diversity, sound very much tasty and together, creating a real soundtrack that feels like it’s done by a true music lover with a good sense for it all, proudly gluing this nice collection of tunes together for ‘us’ other music lovers to enjoy and be entertained by, without the normal obstruction of thinking what we need to play & bother by who made it and other things that could distract the whole music listening sensation.

It’s a bit like a radio show without the annoying talking host that so passionately destroys the flow; it’s one of the good ones! In fact all this writing here is the opposite what this mix deserves, it should have been more fitting if there was just no writing here at all, no information or mumbling blabla, just a link and perhaps an arrow pointing towards it so you know where it’s at. Something like this:


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Quimper – Wake Up Gastone

Artist: Quimper
title: Wake Up Gastone
keywords: electronic experimental avant-garde experimental haunting pop wonky pop United Kingdom

I woke up with Quimper’s latest EP and it made my morning into a soothing, yet hauntingly mystical one. It made me feel as if my eyes didn’t really wanted to open, as if my mind got slumbered back into a half-way dream in which Quimper draped musical wings over. Like a calm bird who took care over the baby birds in which I felt one of them. It’s lovely to have wings instead of arms and super nice to be under the pleasantness warmth of Quimper’s caring wings.

Her voice sings comforting soothing songs and my ears are simply intoxicated by it all; drowning in this realm of half reality & half dream world. My name might not be ‘Gastone’, but somehow these songs made me into one with soft feathers all over my body. These Quimper songs might not last forever, they are a perfect time for those shimmering early mornings, still giving you a good safe loving start of the day and yet respecting your busy schedule.

I must say that I really had the urge to screw the busy schedule and instead of really waking up to face the realities of the day, would have loved to have gone for the other option: playing this EP on repeat, curling back under these pleasantly haunting wings of Quimper and day-dream the day away! Lovely!

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Floating Mind – Schöni

Artist: Floating Mind
Title: Schöni
Keywords: deep minimal techno
Label: monoKraK

The quality netlabel with the deepest and dopest grooves is back with a very intoxicating free downloadable release by it’s prominent superstar “Floating Mind”. An project that earns and honors its name by giving exactly what its title suggest; a floating mind.

The music provided under the title “Schöni” will take your mind on a detour over devored deep beats, minimal melodic hijackers team up with fat basskicks and micro percussive samples to kidnap you into a groove nobody in their right mind would like to escape from.

Floating Mind simply uses only the needed tools, avoids any distractions and completly knows how to hypnotize a listener into a well willing moving object only obeying to the druggy sounds of deep minimal techno. There is not a lot of things for me to say other than that it would be nice if someone like you could join me in the hands of Floating Mind’s music.

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Jon Tessier – Like The Sun

Artist: Jon Tessier
Title: Like The Sun
Keywords: alternative electronic garage hard rock indie poprock alternative rock doom pop dream pop indie rockSpain

I was walking on a sunny day in the park when suddenly Jon Tessier’s “Like The Sun” started to play through my headphon es. I wasn’t prepared for it, hadn’t heard it before and suddenly the exposure to this track made my pants drop till my ankles, an act that made me tumble until I quickly fell with my nose into the mud. When I sniffed it up I realized it was actually cow-shit and this realization in combination with the tune by Jon Tessier I made the thought that I must be blessed to be stricken down through music & to be greeted with the favorable smell of ‘nature’.

It doesn’t happen a lot that a song or a tune has this effect on me, this was really something that it made me trip over my own feet. While still firmly holding my nose in the cow-shit I continued the listening session; what a warm voice this Jon Tessier has, what a vibe of old and new, a future sound for something that could be a love child between an early “here comes the sun” Beatle & a ‘here comes the heroine’ velvet underground member, yet this love child was massively upgraded with a thick music sound that could (and did!) bring a grown man down!

It was good that Jon Tessier his hit sounded like this & had such an effect that took me so much by surprise. It was also good that it was only one single as I don’t know if it would be possible to listen to an entire album with my nose still stuck into this semi fresh pile of cow poop; but the smell of nature, the sun on my back and the sheer effect of this song that had made me fall down like a tree who didn’t see a chainsaw coming, was something that made me not only respect the song & music production skills by Jon Tessier, but also the entire situation; gosh life is good!
Especially with this song on the ears, horizontally with sunshine on the back and a nose pressed in nature’s delight!

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Mortua Nix – Watch Us Bleed

Artist: Mortua Nix
Title: Watch Us Bleed
Keywords: experimental dark ambient drone harsh noisepower electronics Aurora

Wroaar! This is a beastly compilation of (with the exception of two new ones) tracks previously unleashed ;'(or pending to be released..) on compilations & splits. A thing that all together feels as if a monster had went into the recording booth with a noisy presence and a love for maniacal classical bits executed on piano to create a great suspense of grueling tensions. Sometimes these dark bits of warm noise are actually pretty pleasant, as if a piano had been haunted and hollow breaths of its demonic soul are expressing themselves by blowing out bad breath full of dusty mysterious clouds.

The haunting combination of noisy ambient that rings the ears like a sensation of dark warmth and those tracks in which clearly a beast is brutally awake making its loud presence is one that is atmospheric & terrifying at the same time. Just when you think it’s ‘relaxing time’ a devilish demon simply might pop up to poison your ears with fear and slight paranoia. It’s a semi relaxed thrill of an album that sounds hungry for people like you and me.

It might even trigger you to step on a chair and jump with your neck into a noose dangling from the ceiling; this dramatic tension between beast, classically undertones and noise is simply not for the faint hearted listeners who normally dig an listening session with music of the likes of Beethoven and Mozart, still, who knows, maybe this collection might actually freshen up some of their rustic minds with material that is just as intense, yet fully crafted out of the darkness; a place in which it doesn’t matter if you are wearing a wig, dress or a suit as the monster that lurks around isn’t fuzzy to claim devoted ears to be munched upon. Want to step in and try it out? Here is a kinky link:

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