I Killed Techno!/Spacecakes – Macabre/Juice of Mango/Summer in Space Camp



artist: I Killed Techno!/Spacecakes
title: Macabre/Juice of Mango (or Creatures I guess?)/Summer in Space Camp
keywords: badass, don’ttakethisonetomama, yay, woo, digipunk, gigi, allen, mangos, electronic, distronic, supersonic, unf, soul, knocksyourdickinthedirt, and, many, more, wonderfully, descriptive, words

So, I did a thing. I was pretty fuckin out of it/not in a good mood (which you will see).  But yeah, good times and erratic hub bub blub a bubs. Check it out.



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Artist: Hustle Flesh
Keywords:electronic ambient avant-garde canada chillwavedream experimental experimental electronic post-internet psychedelic sample-heavy shareware surrealvaporware vgm Windsor
Label:Museum of Skin
Reviewer: sexy joe

Hustle Flesh is back and sexier as ever! With a sexual sensual ‘stage select’ scene in which Hustle Flesh skinny dips us in vaporwave sounding hotness, you just know that the hustling of the flesh had really gone next level style. Hustle Flesh rubs in the fluffy aromatic creams and cheers us with good looking glasses spiked with ‘Spanish Fly’, as the freely available streams roll out like intimate scenes of touch and feel.

With a continuous slow intimate rhythmic movement Hustle Flesh really does it’s best to get us oiled up & fresh from pure aroused goodness. Hustle Flesh just massages body to body style with these slow inducing sex ordeals. Everything is smooth, cool, hot and preferably steamy. Bit by bit the hustler of the flesh might induce one on one orgasms that stuck these tracks together.

For me personally it kept on shimmering, but I’m sure if you are able to get your hands and ears on the complete album, that you might find yourself soaked in your own pleasure liquids from the pure sensual sounding production hustling with your fleshy parts.

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Tooti – Miko

Artist: Tooti
Title: Miko
Keywords: electronic electronica girl layali miko music orangepop tooti Sweden
Reviewer:Simon Hit

You won’t believe how fruity Tooti’s single sounds. (That’s by the way a really nice tongue breaker ‘fruity tooti’s single sounds’) it’s one of those surprising moments in your life when tunning in unexpectedly to hear the kooky Miko, a tune that with its happy and jumpy melody makes you probably feel all jolly inside. It made me honestly think of a picnic party with jumpy forest animals all dressed up in their nicest gowns and flashy costumes, jumping up and down in excited forms; It’s a folksy party that might go a bit into the mental direction if played on repeat forever…

good for giggles and exploring the sound of a happy time; dancing around like your the magical mix between a lederhosen-person and a accordion player on drugs. It’s funny! This quirky Miko tune is the single representing the album named Layali, and as a source of surprise and happiness it really works to convince, to put on a detective hat and find that album; if all tracks are so fruity kooky fun as Miko than our prayers have been answered!

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Sonic Resonance – Flowing Resonance

Artist: Sonic Resonance
Title: Flowing Resonance
Keywords: field-recording, nature, sound bathing

Let’s follow the stream, the water flow in the middle of nature and enjoy the magical sounds of it. Absorb the beautiful view of the trees, the grass, rocks, and the blessing of a true blue sky that surrounds the stream & appreciate the color combinations. Too bad YouTube doesn’t provide the option to smell a video, otherwise the audio / visual experience would simply be perfect.

But there is a tiny game involved; a bit like ‘where’s waldo’ with ‘waldo’ being replaced by a professional field recorder’s microphone. When the beautiful sight within this video might overwhelm you & the tremendous wetness of the wildness of the little natural sounding water stream does its healing mystics upon the ears, this microphone is hiding somewhere in the visual spectacle. Can you find it, will your eyes be able to spot it through the eyes, or perhaps get enough hints through the ears to exactly find out where this microphone strategically had been placed?

Now you might think, why is there actually a microphone in the picture? Even though it’s a nice game & it does easily seemed to be blending in, it does feels a bit out of place… but no, this microphone had been there for a different reason than you might expected; the making of an album! The sound as heard in this video is not of the same quality as used in this album, but it is definitely the same watery stream that is used successfully within it.

The owner of the microphone and creator of the video

Of course the better sound quality reduces the feeling that might tickle your bladder upon listening to it, but it does sound like you are very much in this relaxing atmosphere of nature. If you close your eyes (be careful; don’t get confused and close your ears instead!) the recordings will take you to some place of peacefulness. The recordings get nice companionship with the calming sound of nice resonating bowls. It’s what the British trendsetters are calling ‘sound bath’ music, & with all these watery sounds it really feels almost as if you are actually there in this little stream, completely in the nude, skinny dipping in perfect relaxed mode into this sound bath. Absolutely worth to put the microphone out and about… http://www.sonicresonancellc.com

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G.H. Hat – Jam 2 (Ode To Kygo), Soft Breeze (Laber Bris), Joyogistic

Artist: G.H. Hat
Title: Jam 2 (Ode To Kygo), Soft Breeze (Laber Bris), Joyogistic
Keywords: edm electronic classical piano Glendale
Website: http://ghhat.com/

G.H. hat apparently knows how to do a piano jam. I’ve been listening to Piano Jam 2 and I’m pretty sure there is a ‘1’. This piano jam(Odd To Kygo) is pretty different than the piano jams that recently had rolled into my ears. I guess it’s the tightness that G.H. Hat is showcasing here while pressing these piano keys. You just can feel how G.H. Hat hits those piano keys not very unsightly. G.H. Hat simply sounds like someone who knows what to do & is not holding back to do so.

No fear to press those piano keys, no holding back & certainly no hint of any insecurity when G.H. Hat improvises over here. And that’s the thing that surprises me: G.H. Hat sounds so full confidence when hitting these keys that you might think it would be even too much, but no… no, no, no! G.H. Hat, this Hat confidently nails this piano improvisation without illuminating the joy out of it; making it even tightly swingable!

But G.H. Hat is not only just a cool cat while improvising on the piano, G.H. Hat is pretty much, much, much more! For sure you should listen to G.H. Hat’s Soft Breeze (Laber Bris), a very nice and wicked tune in which the enjoyable side of early bird melodic synthesized music gets the pleasant treatment of being memorable in a melodic way. G.H. Hat throws in a whole showcase of different sounding instrument sounds that makes this tune like a fine discovery that never gets bored, even though it has this pop structure that could be the new ‘popcorn’ synthesizer hit of the now & future. The stable rhythm is the driving force of movement to it all & it sounds pretty much fantastic. Even so much, I would gracefully bow and take my hat off for it.

Unlike any other real life hats, this hat tastes like you want to hear more of it. Luckily G.H. Hat has more to explore over at the bandcamp account, like for example the other cool sounding pleasant tune that hides fiercely behind a interesting cover picture; Joyogistic. This tune sounds super electronic, very catchy and not at all yoga-like, unless it’s danceable techno yoga of the future of awesomeness. There might be no piano improvisations in here but the confident sound of G.H. Hat delivering this tune is definitely audible & this feeling of confidence is so interwoven into this tune that it feels like it’s boosting your own spirit up, ready to go out and rock the world in a electric way! I don’t know about you, but this is no cat in the hat trick; this G.H. Hat convinced me pretty much that this hat makes pretty awesome music!

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Keywords:experimental pe schönobyl analog experimentalfeedback loop harsh noise noise pedalcore power electronics power electronix Berlin

Like a gritty mix between a asthmatic Darth Vader and a high pitched sandpaper DIY device this release starts. It might not be nice, or beautiful; but it does grabs the ears and perforates it enough to get the attention. The release simply slips into a heavier coat of extremity, piercing the ears as if it had some kind of beef with it; pretty deferment into making your inner parts bleed as a thank you gift for listening; it’s a weird present, but if you require it… it’s pretty much ready to damage your ears forever.

The breathing Darth Vader style is the only thing that might be the consistent savior of your sanity when even the nastiness flips into a psychedelic melodic glimpse, before totally giving into the case of destruction. The music growls like a hungry beast who simply can’t wait to fill your ears with your own boiling blood from the inside out. The tone of highness might be the sound of your heart flatlining on a hospital monitor as the calm torturous sound of asthmatic breathing might be the finest killers out there in audio form. If this comes across as very appealing to you I’m very pleased to pass you a pretty link:

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Giovanni Cristino – 01

Artist: Giovanni Cristino
Title: 01
Keywords: alternative experimental avantgarde freeinstrumental Mola Di Bari
Label: Fisherground

Giovanni Cristino’s 01 and a devilish drink had been a great combination to take me on a unreserved journey. One of relaxing mystery, high sounds and low ones that crumble away my perceptions of normal day life & replaced them with a blurry ambiance of experimentalism. The high tone is pretty consistent in the mix and in a way deafening, but the undertones are warm and the subtle sound of field recorded bird(s) chatter makes it into a welcoming experience.

I’ve been having this experience together with a lady pussycat and she meowed enthusiastically every time a recognizable piano-ish tone dropped in there. These frequent moments in this trip mix are like the stepping stones of sanity; the materials to hold onto before completely sinking away in a ambiance mix in which cats, booze and experimental ambient music will do everything to make you lose your marvelous marbles.

The tension within this mix gets more and more prominent, as if the producer knew we need more of those stepping stones within the music not to go mentally lost into nowhere’s land. It works like a charm and the pussycat really seemed to enjoy every minute of it. She was giving me more head bumps of kindness when the music became more ringingly disturbed & meowed along to show her sign of appreciation.

Who ever said that cat ears don’t like experimental ambient sounds can screw themselves with the back end of a broom; this pussycat loves it & so do I! To add extra greatness with this release, the artist included a digital booklet of “Non smetti di esistere” with each download, so it might not be exactly catnip, but it definitely is a whole treat!


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