saneLIV – peninsula

Artist: saneLIV
Title: peninsula
Keywords: experimental broken machine films drone editelectronic experimental florida illuminated paths livenoise pop porn sample saneliv vaporwave Florida

Down in the peninsula, dangling with your external body parts to the short pieces of spread out vapors of music bits. It’s a bit like being on a vacation spot in which you have never been before, yet do feel reasonable at home with. Bits of culture, things that you might know, or yet never had heard, material and feelings unknown to mankind & others familiar and recognizable… it’s a human place with all its facets of life; some good, better and others a bit more dodgy; an adventurous place in which it feels as if it isn’t adventurous at all, yet, it is…

bits and blobs of sounds all passing by within it as if they are little holiday goers that like to say ‘hi’ before moving on in the mass. Perhaps they go to the beach, maybe not. Maybe they dangle around as well, checking out the others, saying hi to them as well while waving their audio feathers like proud characters. Everyone seems to be in a good mood, just taking it relatively easy and all act out more friendly than they would do in normal day life… oh sniff that holiday in like it’s a line of snow.

But don’t worry this isn’t an all time cheese fest. There is plenty of doom glory holes to crawl through and discover the final highlights of your alcoholism. Going out in and explore the local dancings with the more upbeat locals or simply swing somebody’s hips on the tropical island. It’s a groovy world out there, you just need to leave the holiday zone and go for a walk into the finer fun bits of the peninsula.

Some areas are a bit lonely, like the tiki bar or just the ones that go to less busy places, zones for a perfect long (but short) walk… also a recommended activity in the peninsula is going for the evangelical tour; one of blissful containment that you can pass by with like minded religious audio love. I don’t know this peninsula, but I presume it’s central Florida & going there for a surprise sound holiday was more promisingly exciting than I would have thought it would be in reality.

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eldritch Priest – Fly Agaric

Artist: eldritch Priest
Title: Fly Agaric
Keywords: experimental free jazz psychedelic weirdVancouver

The dead flowers on the wallpaper are moving, seemingly alive they greeted me after munching down the hallucinogenic Fly Agaric delivered so kindly by eldritch Priest. They waved gracefully as to say come on over and be with us on the wall, hang out and drink tea with them, sit on a leaf or a sad looking rose petal.

I could feel the music kicking in, although it did so in a gradual way, making even the absurdity of accepting the invitation of the flowers and the act of actually going inside the wallpaper into a normal thing to do. There I sat with the dead images of lively flowers, sipping tea from imaginary cups looking at the place where I once sat staring at the wallpaper; there I could see myself staring back at me. I waved and told myself to come over and join me and the flowers on the wallpaper for a cup of tea. I also whispered as not to disturb the music that had been going on, music that had triggered the whole psychological weirdness that had quickly became so normal.

I gave myself a hand, sat him down on another rose petal and cheered the imaginary tea cups again like a true magical picnic among good friends. With a little pinky up in the air among the dead but lovely depictions of the flowers the hallucinations really started to go next level. I saw another copy of myself again, staring at me and myself and the tea drinking flower friends. We invited him over and now there were three me’s sitting and tripping balls while being in the wallpaper… thinking of it now makes me feel insane, but at that moment in time it was just a thing that was not outrageously nuts.

It was a process that didn’t stop, a continuous one in which more and more me’s had been spotted who stared at the unlikely tea drinking scene, inviting them all over to join us within the wallpaper and yet again stare at ourself again who looked at the now busy scene of many myselfs among the same amount of wallpaper flowers. Trust me, the situation was intense but we had a good time. A psychedelic magic mushroom experience without the bad taste & the companionship of pleasant guitar quartet music to hang out with…

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Knarsetand – Fuckup

Artist: Knarsetand
title: Fuckup
keywords: Garagepunk/Breakbeat

Hey! Hey you! What would you do when you are beaten up violently by a bunch of cowards? Will you go cover up your bruises with a bunch of makeup, run to your mother and cry, or are you one of those positive people who actually turn the results of the unfortunate incident into something that works for you creatively?

I don’t know if you had ever been beaten up, but there is something to it… endorphins might come out of their comfort zones and you might actually (I know this might sound unlikely for anyone lucky enough not to have gone through such an ordeal) make the victim feel very, very, very high!

Oh my gosh, I’m sorry but I feel it’s story time… I’ve got to tell you this one, although vaguely, as it is so fitting…. What was it? Oh yeah! Once I was beaten up on the same day I had placed this lip piercing in my mouth. I remember laying on the ground and a pair of feet aiming and hitting my face; it was tough but it was all part of a drunk hero thing in which I believe to have prevented these blind footballers (they must have thought my head was a ball!) from groping and raping someone… So in a way it was worth the beating, especially because the next day I would go with beaten-to-pulp-face in my stolen mc donalds uniform (it was an inside job!) to the ‘burger king’ to beg them for a job as… well.. Ronald mc Donald (as they could see) was not treating its employees so well… so yes that was fun!

In a way this story came up as even though it wasn’t very beneficial creativity-wise, it did made the whole black and blue eyes and big bloody lips into something positive. Also this music video by Knarsetand seems to be connected with it. Here we find Martijn Holtslag, not wearing a stolen mc donalds uniform, but also with a bruised face! This young man had also been the victim of unprovoked violence done by a bunch of (obvious) assholes, but he took it up to good use by dubbing these attackers as his make-up artists and used his facial state to quickly jump into a dirty bath somewhere in a field and started to lip-sync his ‘FUCKUP’ song!

All (luckily!) recorded with a video camera, (one of a presumable high quality!) and the result is stunningly intense and painfully heartfelt! In his own special way he beats the source for his black eye a visual beating, as even though Martijn sings that he is a fuck up, I’m pretty sure anyone (including the attackers) would have loved to be him in this video! Laced with fierce beats, synth nastiness and raw guitar: This song is a tune, a theme for all who feel this way and in its own way it kicks amazing ass!

support this fuckup by getting it over at the following link:

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SURROGATΣ – Objects in Order

title: Objects in Order
keywords: SURROGATΣ, Surrogate Sigma, electronic, lo-bit, 8ravens, 8 kbps
label: 8ravens

Beloved objects, warm and tender, perhaps a bit cheesy, but who doesn’t like some appealing cheese once in a while? SURROGATΣ & the 8ravens label brings them to you, four of them to be precise! They calmly spread themselves out like liquid cheese on top of toast, giving a very family friendly coziness to them.

It feels as if there is a baby included in a couple of the beloved musical objects, creating some kind of feeling of having the perfect morning breakfast with mom, dad and child at the table… all enjoying their cheeses, of course…

In a couple of these perfectly placed objects there is some bubbly bobbly included, making me feel as if someone had been taking a pleasant bath with lots of foam, or even better; a big open bottle of champagne that had also been sneaked onto the breakfast table! We all know that cheese, champagne and the content sound of a happy baby in the coziness of family breakfast time is one of those combinations that are hard to find, but totally pleasurable!

Add this to the beloved 8kbps sound quality and you simply know that these orderly objects might be the best favorite object ever to be captured and released for the public’s enjoyment… Good news is that you have not only found them, but they are also freely available from the following link:

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vōx – I Was Born

Artist: vōx
Title: I Was Born
Keywords: electronic dark female piano pop vocal vocoderLos Angeles

Sometimes music can change you, heal you or simply kick open the door to something that was inside but had always been hidden, perhaps even glue broken hearts together… I can’t say what exactly had happened when listening to the “I Was Born” release by vōx, but it for sure did something good to me. At first it was just that it had impressed me, with its big drum as a heartbeat and smart production in which clever vocal harmonies intrigued and even intelligent placement of silence played a part within the music…

…but than again it might have been something more than being impressed, maybe the music had touched me. Not like a dirty touch, but more like a hug, one that is warm and meaningful. A force momentum of power, energy and caring love that deserves attention and respect; giving so much private personality to us that it feels almost like it it’s a mutual exchange & that it’s up to the listener to give something back to vōx…

Thing is, what can a appreciating listening person give back? I think in this case it’s just the fact that our enjoyment should be enough, along with the good karma that it generates for us and vōx that it might be simply the best and easiest thing to do. Just listen to the music, the rising drums and the ultimate warm voice in all it’s might and honesty & simply enjoy it as it is and we will see that something within us will change, heal, empower, impress us all for the best.

It felt like songs of a love that wasn’t meant to be, about losing oneself and than being reborn and finding your own self back again. A process perhaps many of us can identify with, something that can take you through heart times, an story that will go through the ups and downs of the process and at the end has the power to lift up and gives back that feeling of feeling good about yourself…

But beware, don’t carry vōx reluctantly on both hands as she is not precisely the higher power, but it’s clear that she has no fear to show her sensitivity, vulnerability or ability to lay her heart down bare, which is a remarkable powerful thing to do. This might be the shoulder to cry upon, feel touched by and get your shit together with. Broken hearts might be difficult to clean up, but if you feel yourself again and start to shine thanks to hearing this inspiring release you might as well think that she is a higher power, but that she is like all of us (with a much better voice and musical skills that is…) and that she shows that the real higher powers are within us all.

Because this whole process might be one of feelings, a story in which there might be the possibility of tears being shed, vōx has also a embroidered handkerchief available for purchase. It’s one of these rare personal items that you virtually never see for sale on an artist’s bandcamp page, but one that is most fitting and (considering the emotional nature of the music) pretty much a need to be in your possession! (Don’t fill it up with snot, though!)

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Ewa Justka – Acid Smut

artist: Ewa Justka
title: Acid Smut
keywords: 303 experimental acid drone electronic music electronics gabba improv industrial sound art techno London
label: Fractal Meat Cuts

are you ready for some aciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid?

The sound of complete acid horniness is in the air, purely provided by a pair of speakers and the help of the insanely expressive music sessions captured by Ewa Justka. Her ‘Acid Smut’ is so hot and penetratingly sexy that the rhythms will make you squirm for more! And more you will get, as this acid fest of wobbly wubs and woozing wobbles along with this unforgiving hard beating rhythm seem to be one that will never stop!


This horny acid experiment come across as an acid audio porn of the future, one in which industrial robot sex machines are pounding each other and we just want to crawl in between them!
The horniness is so groovy, bashing its way around, slapping metallic bum cheeks & slipping in hardcore kicks like it’s nothing… Ewa Justka makes these horny sessions sound super wet and juicy; who doesn’t have a weak spot for sexy acid music that will take you to the higher state of horniness?

All these horny works have this amazing buildup, perfectly going for the for-play to heat and warm everyone up for the hard bouncing acid bangers that they grow up to be! They are like juicy meats of pleasure; long, hard and (I have to drop this word a few more times as it seems so fitting…) pounding! The beloved claps, acidic baselines and trance inducing hot roughness will simply smother everyone in phat juiciness! So sexy, so horny, so aciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!!

When completely entranced by horniness you might find out the extreme depths within these works, even coming across Ewa Justka’s own expressional voice as an instrument, giving the whole passionate electronic scene a human heart… connect and enjoy these raw shameless improvisations of expressive horny acts of pounding freedom & be proud to be an acid head!

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Throne of Blood – Everywhen

Artist: Throne of Blood
title: Everywhen
keywords: alternative cassette drone experimental harsh noise meditation metal noise powerelectronics punk rock synth textural Edinburgh

Ladies and gentlemen; please pay attention as this “Everywhen” is so incredibly beautiful!
They might not tell you this, but I believe there is something more to this release with music, as I believe this is actually a secret shortcut to nothing less than heaven! Holy smokes it is so wonderful!

Absolute warmth; a beautiful utopia made completely out of it. Crackling soft and yet so loudly inside this wonderful sound-release. One that has this amazing tone to fly and dream away on, one to follow as the amazing audio world becomes more and more intense, dripping quietly into an orgasmic noise that slips in the next level gear of intensive beauty!

All is gorgeous over here; life suddenly makes sense, all questions are answered! A beautiful world of pure sound, one in which it is as if you have been touched by the universe, been picked up on both its hands like a little Simba in the lion king and that ultimate feeling of being in a state of super euphoria!

This is the sound of heaven, recorded and released & now we are able to skip the big boss and go there by simply listening to it! Play it as loud as you can and feel those angelic wings of your back grow! This music is so intense, so beautifully incredible! It’s a trip that nobody in their right mind would want to stop; such a wonderful utopia of serene noise joy! What are you waiting for? Jump in and see you in the perfect bliss!

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