Project Mycelium – Mundane Behaviour

Artist: Project Mycelium
Title: Mundane Behaviour
Keywords: experimental london mundane samples London
Label: Grumpy Records

Somewhere on the internet some people claimed that only new released releases might be up for review at the many less gloriously colorful places conceptually close to ‘yeah i know it sucks’. I say Bullshit:Music is music and sound is sound & sometimes stuff that had been twenty years older or more, simply sound so much better, a easy case that the act of hearing it simply gets rewarded with a late review over here! Maybe the artists are already dead, but at least their legends will love on. Anyway, I’m going to ramble now so if that’s not your thing – please be advised to do something entirely different. If you like rambling fruitcakes doing a review, then please bare with me:

I’m sick of shaving in the morning’ sounds at first quite like the dramatic hearing piece. We can hear the person breathing in and out, sweat on its forehead as the angst of the morning razor brings instant fear to this personal persona. With the touch of absurd sounds of music and the art of ‘less is more’ and the act of ‘inserting abrupt silences’ at all the right times; we are thrown into a hearing play that will make a person latched on to the speakers enough to be able to hear the rebellious revolution and the kind reward of the decision of not shaving in the mornings anymore! Pure rays of light glow upon the unshaven chin, a little sparkle of freedom can be imagined in the person’s eyes. How wonderful!

Within ‘Tragedy and evil’ we are treated with the act of guitar repetition, playing out as if it’s been recorded on a broken record. Shimmering while the needle is skipping more violently each time until it makes way to introduce a thick carpet of warmth, combined with some quickly done experimental nastiness. Just so you know; It all ends well…

Find their own fan base’ comes in kind and rather calmly. As if the music softly slides around in order to look behind every corner in order to find those beloved fancy fans that will become loyal to any extant. The sounds are cozy, the feelings touchy and graceful. With a orchestral touch and a bit of soft noise that reminds of the friendly happening that is the fall of a refreshing rain. Some shouting people might pop up towards the end, but I’m not hundred percent sure these are the kind of fans that the music maker had send out the music for.

The behavior of Japanese people on elevators’ sounds a bit intimidating. As if the artist envisioned some neurotic people traveling in a tiny room along the many floors of a rather high building. It’s quite the experience, first feeling very out of place within this group of people, but than slightly getting more and more intrigued about it. You could hear the slight chains from the elevators moving outside this cozy box, making you probably feel the power of fighting against the earth’s gravity within your tummy. The Japanese people talk among each other, intimidating you even more as somehow they seem to glitch as they speak; are they actually robotic travelers from out of space?

‘There was an omen send’ comes with a well willing applause and a French presenter that announces something. I mean it has probably a meaning but I never paid much attention while some jerk teacher tried to teach me French. It all sound like ‘jeux de boules’ to me… the French presenter keeps popping up along the middle points of this soundtrack, like a person who doesn’t want to let the listeners listen in peace, throwing alien cabaret elements into a avant-garde ambient session. Eventually the voice might have awaken the sleeper cells of lunacy in there as even the music becomes more weird and incomprehensible. a witch.’ Seems to go further where the former track had left the building. It walks on its toes with kind fuzz injections and kind melodic strangeness. It all sounds a bit fragile over here, but than again showing that is a power on its own. Besides the music becomes more full, creating some kind of soundscape that cries for your attention. Not in your face but more like someone who looks like it is in drastic need for food and the only way to give it, is by frequent listening.

At the end we have ‘down the pornographic food chain’ which sounds a bit like listening to the religious revelation of a professional fluffer. At first we could hear this person wringing out some used condoms but later we can hear the visit of holy angels, showing our friend the righteous way to heaven. How nice! See? listening to a older release on grumpy records doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the mentality to take you to weird sceneries… it sure has! So maybe you want to join as well? Click the following link to do just that:

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[procpod 001]

Artist: various underground ones
Title: procpod 001
Keywords: lobit, podcast, 16kbps, mono
Label: Proc Records

Dj Madam Adam , the hostess with the mostest is back! And I’m all excited and so should you! I mean.. it’s Madam Adam! The deejay!

Oh, Maybe you might not remember or perhaps might have been hiding under a stone at the Madam Adam heydays? In case of this being you; DJ Madam Adam is Toledo’s legendary deejay and radio show host, famous for its quality episodes on the tibol lobit radio show! Madam Adam’s playlists featuring the best music by the best underground artists and Adam’s incredibly interview skills had been beyond next level. If you would think of a level, any level.. DJ Madam Adam would be already on the next one.

Still DJ Madam Adam has the human personal touch that keeps it all low key. And also now in this brand new return DJ Madam Adam keeps it interesting and lovable with a full on eclectic mix in which techno meets acid and chip tune meets big beat oh and some organic melodic pieces too! All captured in the lovable sound of 16kbps lobit in full size mono! Just making everything sound even ridiculously better than it would sound in any other way!

Tibol might not be here no more (eaten by the giants capitalists that swallow the internet), but DJ Madam Adam sounds as familiar as back than but now with a brand new show that is very much his own! The Procpod (named after the DJ Madam Adam’s own legendary netlabel Proc records) has just be born, but already making a lot of steam in the true underground scene. Many episodes will pop up and many new generations (just as the older ones) will (re)discover good and honest music thanks to the taste buds and mixing skills of DJ Madam Adam! Go check it out & enjoy this first epic episode:

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Body Says No – 3 songs

Artist: Body Says No
Title: 3 songs
Keywords: rock, Slovenia

Three songs by Body Says No. One ear to listen through them & a volume button as low as possible / not to wake up the entire household: that was the situation over here. How is the situation over there? Not that my body really cares about that at the moment, but you know it’s all part of the ‘social skills’. Anyway back to me and Body Says No:

Even through having only one working ear and Body Says No being played through at this lower level of audio levels, it’s easily noticeable that Body Says No isn’t a slogan again rape, but a product of rock. Not a stone, but the music version of the word. I could hear that they have guitars, a voice and drums and all that. I tried to let my single ear focus a little harder and put the volume even a tiny bit lower. As if my body seems to say ‘no’ as well, as at this lowest of volumes it’s as good as impossible to hear anything and playing it through only one ear (the other one had been going through a successful shutdown) makes it even harder.

Why did I put the volume even lower than low? No idea! It is probably my body on automatic pilot sabotaging the listening session. Why did my other ear shut its function down? Probably also a case of Body Says No. still, I tried with the force of willpower to revolt against my own body, putting the volume a little bit more up again. Not too loud as if the other members of this household would hear ‘Body Says No’ their sleeping bodies might want to wake up to unplug the functionality of my own body & place it in a body bag. I mean it’s in the midst of the night and none of them are known for their love of rock music of this kind. With ‘this kind’ I mean music by Body Says No.

In any case I focused again and did my best to hear, and did somehow hear it. Whatever ‘it’ means. It simply wasn’t needed to put the volume up to the highest level to be able to feel that these three songs are filled with energy. That they are loud as played through any possible audio level, even indeed as thrown out through the lowest of all. It might be that the vocals are sounding reasonable shouted, a skill to keep themselves up from the rather effective rock formula. No body knows what this formula is exactly, but we know that it involves hardness.

Funny thing is that even though the shouting music and singing lyricist on top of it, the words are all coming across as crystal clear and with minimal concentration of a half working body it could be easily heard and understood. Not that I would bet my life in order to quote words or entire sentences as heard in these songs, but that’s just my mind and my body’s life insurance saying no.

So yes, It’s been a bit of a personal struggle to go through these three songs. The fingers on my body kept sliding the volume button up and down at the lower sections of possibilities. Trying hard to use the left over ear to press against the speaker in order to fork it all up & get some writing material to either praise or simply report on this release of songs by Body Says No. praising seems hard when you are not in the optimal position to blast things out loud, a thing that might be handy in order to feel this obvious source for energy in your guts, blood, bones and uhh… the rest of the body. But maybe it’s enough to say that even on the lowest volume and with only one working ear available; it still all could be heard. The bass, the guitar, the drums and the vocals popped out as if they had been masterfully mastered to battle such difficult circumstances. Body Says No meeting up with a body saying no and a environment that also said pretty much ‘no’ and still popping it out like a well lubed victory! Body Says No is simply unstoppable! You can tune into these three winners (in hopefully better circumstances?) from the following link:

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microbit project – I love lowbit disco (megamix)

Artist: microbit project
Title: I love lowbit disco (megamix)
Keywords: Microbit-Rec, Microbit-Records Netlabel, microbit project, Disco, megamix, sampletronica, lobit, 16 kbps
Label: Microbit Records

Russian’s most beloved prolific artist, poet, music maker, label owner and probably professor of some kind is also the one responsible for the mega famous Microproject project. With this project he has conquered many hearts and souls, all delighted with millions of freely available music releases that have scattered all around and over the entire internet.

I will refrain from giving the name of this artist, so just to focus on him as his Microbit Project, as there is simply so much to hear that it will be just as impossible to get your head around the fact that he had made it all (i still secretly suspect multiple him’s, probably cloned up in his private laboratory all working together to create his enormous online empire of music delights and artistic happenings in all their possible ways.) but also how in the world anyone would be able to find and hear all of these excellent releases?

It’s like a mission impossible, one that makes climbing the Mount Everest seems as easy as eating a piece of cake. To write about these albums would be the work of a crazy person, as we would simply have no time to write about any other artist, band or music project around here. It would be Microbit project all day and night and that for many years to come. And if there would be space it would be posts about all the millions of side projects that the artist behind this project has…

we could in fact build an entire internet just for all the music that this artist had brought out; it’s that kind of craziness! And if you think; oh but if he is so prolific it must all be crap, than think again and do wash your mouth with soap as the answer is NO ! Whatever the artist does, which genre it touches (as this one covers all genres like a true adventurous experimentalist) it always is done in such a skillful quality. It’s just one bulging bulge of talent!

Just when I thought I knew about all these kind of genres that Microbit project had placed its fingers in, I suddenly came across this short but fun loving lobit disco release. I mean, it just proofs my point that Microbit project is like a fish that can swim in every scene, in every genre, in every music and non music style as if it’s his own cozy pond! So just to celebrate we should send him some love by doing what we might not have done before: dancing to Microbit’s lobit disco and feeling the love!

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yung ΔFosB – january 13, 2019

Artist: yung ΔFosB
Title: january 13, 2019
Keywords: lobit, field recording, ambient
Label: sub65

The need to relax with music is sometimes bigger than the actual thing. People will seek ambient releases, drone albums, harsh noise walls and sometimes even the kind of music labeled as easy listening. But even though the boredom that is associated with such music styles the ultimate search to always have something new to hear among them seems to prevail. I would say toss all these search actions in the bin and forget about all these genres as we have found something relaxing that feels like a new thing.

yung ΔFosB – january 13, 2019

Yep, a artist name that might be difficult to pronounce or remember, making stressful people already sleepy while they are trying to decipher it. Don’t bother too much about it as the music will probably bring a much comfortable way to pass out. It is tagged as a field recording and ambient piece in one, but it feels like it’s something completely different; material that probably can’t be really boxed, tagged or categorized. Even describing it is asking for trouble, but I’m not all too dirty for ‘trouble’ so here I am trying to do impossible things in textual ways. Probably trying to be as groundbreaking as this actual free release of interesting music is…

So how does it sound? Hmm! You are asking the impossible! Besides you have ears, right? I mean if you are really that curious why not jump in and get this one playing in your own time and space?
But yeah, if you really insist… hmm, how can I write this successfully without it putting you off? it sounds like someone is chatting away, mumbling, unbearable, glitched perhaps, muffled maybe.. it’s a male character, he sounds like the uncle that I had always wanted but never had – that kind of vibe. His chatty show goes on for endless times, making you potentially feel safe, comfortable and in astonishingly good hands. Or at least it gave me this feeling, the one in which it’s okay to let yourself go and fall in a comfortable deep sleep (or a lucrative happy nap.) without being bored to death by another ambient, HNW, easy listenable thingy. It’s a good deal, especially if you realize that it’s free for download from the sub65 netlabel!

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Carter Fox – Welcome to the universe

artist: Carter Fox
title: Welcome to the universe
keywords: electronic
lael: Biblioteka Records

this lovely fox named Carter Fox can be spotted in the green zones of nature, with a red top and a orange cute face and it’s ears all up in the air it perfectly fits in. But this foxy fox walks alone, sits by itself and even enjoys the waterfall with the companionship of no one. Might this be a hit for you that this lovely animal might need some companionship?
Your companionship?

Join this lovely fox called Carter Fox on its beautiful tour of discovering nature as it is intended; through a computer screen: follow this trail with Carter through natural side of the universe, seek out the green leaves and watch its smile grow as it stairs right into your eyes. You are it’s new found friend forever!

When you feel slightly worried discovering that this fox doesn’t have a tail,
please don’t be all too alarmed or fuzzed by it. Nature is Carter Fox its natural habitat and with a bit of creativity this lovely fox will get a tail from all that nature gives! Some collection of beautiful leaves will be perfect!

Music wise you don’t need to be worried too! Carter Fox makes wonderful music, we don’t know where it comes out from, but when you go for this little journey along Carter’s side, you will be able to hear it: a free feel good sound that makes you think of having no problems at all, just living in the moment and listening to music that amplifies this feeling of newly found friendship between the fox and yourself.

If you enjoyed what Carter Fox and video maker Kyle Paterson had cooked up, why not getting the song from any of the following possible ways at the upcoming link below:


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moduS ponY & VLK – (split)

Artists: moduS ponY & VLK
Title: (split)
Keywords: cassette electronic experimental germany split field sampling plunderphonics post-vaporwave prog tape label weird Cologne
Label: Strategic Tape Reserve

This split starts with the (I presume) pony called ‘moduS ponY’ that got that funky galloping sound, one that flips over from steady steps to full on horseback riding. The grooves that it provides over here on this kind split made me crack my hips in fortunate ways, the sound of ‘dogs barking in time’ in the deep barking background makes me think that I’m not the only one that feels the rhythms and speedy hoofs in their wonky systems.

The odd thing is that this pony isn’t your normal kind of horsey as somehow this animal friend has the perfect mingling position of being a creature of mother nature’s making and something that had been cooked up within a electronic universe, one in which experiment is the righteous thing of the day. So let’s say it’s half meat and half electric wires, all glitchy yet grooving like the true muscular legs that his honorable beast provides.

In the second track you can clearly hear it standing up on only it’s back legs, hairs fiercely in the air, proud face in the sky. People call them hairs ‘manes’ but we call them hairs. We just call the things as they are you see?

With ‘human consumption’ the pony provides a joyful experience of loopy confidence. The music munches on the well baked and boiled humans as they are being enjoyed upon this food feast with a relaxant that is named ‘wine’ of a good year. Many other ponies have arrived to eat and munch upon these well willing bunch of interesting people. Don’t forget to floss pony!

En route to the business plant’ grabs the ankles for a fierce swing of rhythmic music. It’s a short road, but long enough to twirl around on like a fakir that knows how to roll. Chapeau to that!

The pony goes back into a sensible swing probably to celebrate its successful backflip without breaking any hips. The music that comes along with it, can be felt in all the four legs, slightly drunk and yet vibrantly confident and happy in the ways that it is moving. This is the theme for ‘black lasagne’ which is obviously moduS ponY’s one of its few favorite things!

After this it’s ‘infrequency’ which is a short beauty, twinkling like a failing modem that somehow channeled a bit of the Beatles-vibe before saying goodbye without actually saying goodbye. Sometimes it’s just best to sneak out without a big grandiose gesture!

So now that we have the pony out of the way, we have a takeover by VLK. No idea what kind of animal this must be, but it brings ‘compliance with dreams’ which sounds like a true charming charmer. Some kind of kindness that hangs against the realms of absurdity and surrealism. It brought strange visual things into me as a human being, visions of frogs in a lukewarm pool sitting along a group of mermaids that had some kind of lush tea party going on… it’s probably not really suggested in the music, but I do clearly de it.

Next track is ‘Gallic shrug’ which has a joyful rhythm and quirky personality. Somehow it made me think of a baby snail sleeking out baby sounds on repeat while the snails family went into avant-garde funk mode to get a chance to either laugh about their own experimental music creations, blow their own horn or simply tweak the knobs of some synth machinery.

Chic cevapcici is like a pretty lightweight experimental ballet performance in which I presume multiple ponies (including the moduS ponY) had been dancing sweetly over. There is some electric interference but somehow this makes the show even more intellectually interesting than your average experimental dance session in tutus.

The last ferry’ just shimmers a bit off in the sunset. It is all excited at the beginning, but just goes away to do it’s own business. Not unkind, but we all should have probably wanted to have a spot on board to fully capture what is going on the ferry itself.

As the final track we have ‘Dizzy’ which is the name of my beloved nephew. But in this case it’s strange music by VLK. We can hear a bit of twinkles and a lowered voice and than it’s simply all over… what do I think of all this? This entire split between the pony and the mysterious VLK? Freaking gorgeous mate! It’s pre chewed psychedelics for anyone that like it’s sweetly compact and together: don’t miss out to ride that horsey and don’t miss that ferry!

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