Shibboleth – The Death of Shibboleth

Artist: Shibboleth
Title: The Dead Of Shibboleth
keywords: experimental ,expressive, post-noise, folk, rock, spooky, Ireland

Shibboleth is the band you’ll meet in your dreams and haunt you in your nightmares. Their determent strategy of conquering with their crafted music and other output (see their video here, and check their T shirt over here) , they captivate handfuls of fans on an hourly basis. In the end a fanclub will reveal itself consisting of caring sweethearts and trolls with an attitude problem. Together this miss-mash of individuals will go to heaven and hell to support this band named Shibboleth, which will be obviously bringing them a very luxurious and flourishing future of singles, albums and EP’s.

We from YIKIS are so blessed to sit on the front row, to see the band from when they laid eggs on the internet and how they took their firsts steps into the world of bandcamp, YouTube and how they battled on the Weirdest Band Of The World.. Now we are here once again, but this time to witness the ‘Death Of Shibboleth’. An necessary sacrifice in order to get the music career of Shibboleth really of the hot ground that they are standing on. Death of Shibboleth is their latest EP and will be like a heavy handed first grave yard stone on their lengthy stay in the experimental music scene.

The EP starts with the dramatically played set named ‘Judas is my friend’ which is a bit like being trapped in a bad acid trip, having Judas hanging drooling all over your face, in an piece that is too weird to put a distinctive description on.

…off the world is another track on this EP that is difficult to define as your regular piece of music, it’s more like a walk around in someone who might be mentally disturbed while being in a chill out phase. There is talk about the people that are mentally dead, creepy string solos, scary laughing and a base of guitar that doesn’t get hot or cold, no matter the commotion that runs around it.

Than the EP features a slow but almost humbling track named ‘electric boy’. It has the atmosphere in which a handkerchief could turn up to catch some classy tears from victims of an unclassified drama.

The last track is very short and seems to function as the lady final call of Shibboleth to their fans and future fans. Remind them, keep them in your head as this band isn’t dead just yet; they will return and will conquer again!

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Various Artists – Big Pennsylvania Noise Compilation

artists: Various
title: Big Pennsylvania Noise Compilation
keywords: Pennsylvania, punk, ambient, diy, drone, experimental, harsh noise, lo-fi, musique concrete, noise, Pittsburgh
label: Kull Collector Culture

The American state of Pennsylvania is well known and documented for it being the home in which the real Dracula originated from, also scientists of this state invented the now well-known tool for writing; the pen. It’s also (according to the Guinness Book of records) the home state of the American people with the biggest penis. All in all we can agree that Pennsylvania is one of the fascinating and most well-known states in the USA, but there is more.. Something that seems to be lesser known and a bit more under the radar is that this state has an illustrious underground experimental noise scene. It’s not every day that we can come to one place to hear music made by these eccentric and legendary inhabitants that this region is rich off, but today is the day that we indeed could hear a lot of Pennsylvanian sound makers all in one place. Isn’t it marvelous?

This compilation starts with what professional drink stirrers would call ‘ stirring drinks perfection’ by Skeletonized – Hide , it’s done so fanatic with a long spoon in a long glass that it feels like a pimped up steam-train traveling in high speed over the rails close to a crossing with the flashy lights and alarm bells going off. That’s amazing, as this is a visual generated just by someone stirring a drink. No intoxication needed!

RJ Myato – Big Ups PA is a bit less steamy, but certainly is coming across as hot. Hot as in ‘with a microphone inside a fire’. Yeah, that’s hot.. Nicely stuck between the burning wood, crisper sounds of the flames all recorded for your pleasure; I hope the artist is alright.

A more classy experience is the adventurous noise and sound session Stephen Boyle – ~ding~ . It’s very, very quick and done before you can actually get your head straight to know what has happened. It’s difficult to write anything about it because of its quickness; making it impressive in speed but not so much registered in the memory department.

Guillermo Pizarro – Amor y Cenizas is a session of more traditional noise, screetches, high beeping.. It’s like an assault on the ears, but done with care and in a polite kind of way. Like a gentleman’s fight in which both sides wear a velvet glove and slap each other on the buttocks.

Then it’s time for Owner – Second State Theme, a track that has a rhythm, featuring strange fuzzy sounds that made me think of those alien dogs in the Half Life game franchise. Now they are shot in space like friendly nifty lasers, instead of aiming to bite your crotch with their sharp teeth.

Crown of Eternity – Empty Mirror treats the ears with what all people love; a warm drone. It’s a humming one, something that floats around like the background sound of Spocks space funeral. Salute friend, live long and prosper.

Daywand makes the next appearance on this compilation and its sounds very refreshing. A fresh jazzy beat brings in an atmosphere of darkness, sampled pieces of voices, some kind of holistic choir of males. Thematic music for a theme that only the artist knows the true details off.

In the beginning of The Garment District – Goodnight, Mr. Castle dogs howl, or perhaps they are wolves. They announce a vampire kind of soundtrack that is melodically sad, dark and Grimm, making me feel like a dark Lord will soon make some bite mark in an exposed neck. Better spray some garlic perfume or wear a colt sweater.

a toypiano softly crunches itself in the Anna Azizzy – Toy, it’s as if it’s still wrapped in old newspapers while the artist plays on it. Or perhaps it’s paper from candy? Why is this toypiano packed or surrounded by crunchy papers? Did the artist move home, or is this done on purpose? So many questions and so little time to do research and find the answers. Let’s just come to the conclusion that it’s ‘fine art’.

Curious and Ruin – New Animals From the Wreckage of the Old’ brings the sound of the mysterious and the exciting. It’s a very strange exposure of something electronic that is curious to meet us listeners, but isn’t sure if we are edible or that we deserve to get away with it in the friendly way. I guess we get away with it, as otherwise the compilation would have ended by here, but still let us refrain from ‘spoilers’ in this review.

Holocene Ensemble – 17_12_14 18-46 (exc) brings a live session to the scenery, and it’s of a relaxing but psychedelic kind. We kind of fall into a session that is seemingly already going on, reaching a part that makes you feel like walking on toes while wearing socks made out of glass. There is something sexy about a feet  surrounded by a glass sock, making it an fragile museum piece and drool material for the perverted foot fetishist.

A dark but stimulating soundtrack comes by Morgan Tindall – A Birdstooth In A Nightjar. It’s like a science fictional session in which we are the witnesses of a launch in space by a potential alien. Hold on to your seats, snatch some popcorn and enjoy the quick show. Do not, I repeat; do not close your ears or wink twice.

Satyr/Elfheim – | In Ruins | begins slowly but soon illustrates a monstrous industrial world of grand illusions. It’s highly electric how a guitar is used to create something that sounds like it’s crafted by a superb evolved technology. Aliens are so 1961, superb evolved technology sounds just way better..

For some good fun the compiler of this compilation brought in Whoopsydaisy – VN810474, a  session of electronic wahwah experimentation that reminds me of a robot specially designed of brushing teeth in a sufficient and quick way. It’s possible that this robot doesn’t exist yet, but if you feel like it; please do invent it.

Now it’s time to chill out. There is no better way to do so at this moment in time then with the Hunted Creatures – I Almost Don’t Believe You. It’s an strange piece of modernity, building an Mad Max atmosphere played out in a psychiatry ward of a electronically wired insane brain. There is nothing more relaxing than being trapped in madness, right?

The Butterfield Conspiracy – Death, It Is So Creepy is the moment that the listener gets the pleasant reminder of  this compilation being a noise themed one. The ears get delightfully penetrated by traditional noise so loud, that it makes you feel like being skull f#cked by two long sausages. (One for each ear). If you read this on time; better prepare some lubricant.

Requiem – One Year and Eleven…goes more for the drama, for the cinematic music of an abstract traumatized wasteland in which we can look forward too after all the nuclear natters have unleaded their toys upon Mother Earth. It’s a sad theme, but also captured the feeling of human survival. Everything has gone to the shits, everyone is dead except you and your own futuristic ‘Adam’ or ‘Eve’ to rebuild the future.

More ear shredding noise is coming from A Life of Arctic Sounds – Moog Birthday Collage. It’s something that is a bit loud, painful and quite possibly terrifying if you’ve never experienced such a thing before. Keep your painkillers close at hand as big chance that you’ll need some afterwards.

Nevhar Anhar – Transistor Transmissions goes for a post-apocalyptic experimental guitar piece in which birds have survived and a pair of lips is farting out a trembling sensation. Perhaps they aren’t lips, but fingers or something else, but as it’s cool for non-musicians to play along; just make your lips a little wet, and move a finger up and down over them when releasing air through a small gasp. Isn’t life beautiful?

Time to be entrapped in the haunted motorboat engine with Check Engine Palace – Bridge Ahead Low. It’s just what you would think that it would sound like, very loud, gracefully in gear progression but nonetheless explicitly damaging to the hearing system. Chapeau!

RAQVB – Saw Hallucination Circle is an exciting piece that is exciting. It’s not clear what it exactly is and how it is made, (which is already exciting on its own) but feels a bit like people being under attack of some kind of cloud consisting of killer insects while enjoying an outside party. It’s really exciting! (Did I already mention how exciting it is?)

Oh my goth, the next track is wonderful. Check Engine Palace – Bridge Ahead Low Is like the soundtrack for a scene in Starwars that never was. An sensual massage between the yedi fighter and that princess with the quirky haircut. How romantic, how sweet, how epic.. George Lucas should come and hear it and make a short movie for this track, just because it’s that fitting and for the people who hate him for selling his shit to Disney. Make it happen, George, make it happen..

SUPERVOLCANO – U THERE goes for laid-back bongos, some smothering mumbling and background sound that is warm and yet a bit windy. It’s a good moment to drink a mushroom tea and talk to your dead elders.

A perfect fit is this Mark Emhoff – Awakeningas here it seems like we meet spirits, higher spirits, ghosts, figures and figurines flying above our heads just to get some attention. You can ignore them , but you can’t unhear them.

Highseer – Naraka is more druggy, more lounge, more spaces out.. It’s like being in James Franco’s head while presenting the Oscars. A beautiful place to be, very laid back and yet a tiny bit bizarre.

The next track D. Rifle – California 7 is a bit like being a tiny insect sitting in next to an artist that is fumbling with something. I can’t see what the artist is doing, it’s like fiddling with something, doing something we as insects have no clue or idea about; yet it’s fascinating.

Brother Ong – Clock Watcher is the soundtrack of love, or perhaps of being in love.. Or maybe the seduction of the prospect of love? It makes me think of this fable of pretty naked females bathing in a lake who get a lost male soldier in the water and then drown him for no understandable reason whatsoever.

Ventriloquist – DSM-IV #295.30 is covering this act of fear, of a male being tormented by flames, a tornado of destruction, unexpected force of nature that probably has drastic effect on this person’s stamina. You can hear him scream like a football reporter in the height of the moment, but no idea what the guy is saying. No help for you my friend, no help for you..

Another pretty work is Mike Tamburo – Tiny Smile, think of a pretty piece of music that is as feather light as an actual feather, but yet made by music that contains (probably) no feather at all. It’s a moment in which we all can breathe in and out, find a piece of peacefulness in music before going on to the next assemble of sound.

OMNIVM – BoRG-58 is the one that follows and isn’t an unpleasant work either. A very smooth and lovable audio track that comes across as a fluffy warm comfortable cloud, something that has no intention to harm its listeners in any way. Thank you for that, it is tremendously appreciated.

Birthie – Big Truck sounds very American, very Pennsylvanian, very hardcore in representing this state and all what it all stands for.

This is also the case of this incredible short track Tape Monster – I Need A Nap which basically covers more it’s bombastic grounds than the traditional ones in the previous track. Harsh noise that gets you an erection even if you don’t have anything to get erected; a phantom noise erection!

Buoyhood – Lincoln Way Glaciers features more the underbelly of the state, going for a heartbeat that beats, stops and continues to beat. It’s basically a task between life and dead, but even if we die it’s a nice comfortable ending.

After enough rest it’s time for a bit of rhythm and noise with Onewayness vs. Alex Wilson – Scag (Iteration) . It’s probably the closest encounter if experimental techno that we can hear on this compilation and let me tell you; it’s exciting! From laidback dance material the whole track suddenly lifts up, wrapped us all up and throws our ears in a matrix kind of eye opener.

Jim Storch – Over there! In the clearing! proofs that Pennsylvania has more than two sound explorers that likes to explore the house (or shed) in order to create experimental tracks. This one is very creative, homely, a bit strange but all made in good fun. Is that an wookie talking? A pair of keys dragged over the floor? An dustbin?

Than we have a hearing test in which tones go up and higher to see if your ears are able to take notice of them all. It’s nicely done and donated by 185668232 and it seems that you can reward your ears with the actual track, if your ears are still able to digest and capture all the delightful tones.

Then we have Newton – Virtue, Liberty, and Independence who goes for a bit of mystery flavor in its delivered track. It’s a nice presentation of lose sounds, audio snippets, stuff that showcases itself a bit like a walk through random exhibition. It’s better than an exhibitionist flashing private parts in your face and besides there is no entry fee to this sound museum.

Margaret Cox – PGHBlush is a delightful work of fragile sounds; a bit buzzing, lower tones and softer ones. It’s a comfortable straightforward piece to go through, making me feel like an item on an automatic moving floor going through an assemblage process. No idea if that makes sense, but it’s a short but enjoyable process nonetheless.

Last but not least is Christian Mirande – Untitled which provides a perfect ending of this stimulating overview of a (might be incomplete!) noise and experimental music scene from this state called Pennsylvania. This track is very charming, just giving a blimp of sound that comes across as soft, private and trusted. What more does a listener need and wants?

Explore this free downloadable collection of Pennsylvanian sound explorers, get to know them a little bit more or simply be introduced by this scene of American weirdos for the very first time. It’s a nice ride, with the works being small enough to make no room for the larger than life egos to do a hijack, and not short enough to be unimpressive. A nice collection indeed, so please do check this selection of the ‘scene’ out at the following link:

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Marcin Molendowski – POP!POP!POP!

popArtist: Marcin Molendowski
title: POP!POP!POP!
keywords: pop, polish, Poland,
reviewer: Marcel Groothuis

Marcin Molendowski has been a contestant in the polish version of The Voice, but he could have been a contestant in The Face, and if he was a bit more famous he might have been a contestant in ‘Dancing with the stars’. Marcin Molendowki has a hit song on his hands named POP!POP!POP! and his performance on a television show has certainly popped my cherry of attention. His playback show is a perfect example of a pop shaped and planned performance suitable for on a Jimmy Saville version of Top Of The Pops. The music is done in the pop format in which pop music was originally manufactured and intended. A thing that nowadays more and more often seems to be fading from the commercial pop world unfortunately..

The pop performance is a perfect match to the pop song; It got the supporting awkwardly dancing females in the back, the smile worth millions all the way in the front (on the poppy face of Marcin Molendowski) and of course a microphone to hide it all behind. It’s the dancing females that pops me in the most; what an amazing moves, what a spectacular wild popping muscle contractions and so much hair flapping around.. It’s a bit distracting from the song, but luckily the popping frown in the forehead of Marcin makes enough attention to look through all of that. Focus on Marcin Molendowski as he is basically Pop!Pop!pop!pop!poping the chances of Justin Bieber ever to be popular in Poland, as with this natural talent already present; who needs to pop the Biebler if you can POP!POP!POP! Molendoski?

I wish Marcin Molendowski would rise up as a super pop star,
not only conquering the outside corners of Poland but worldwide.
A global popping polish pop artist, singing polish pop songs wherever he goes, and being infamous for pulling cheeky faces wherever a camera is available. Let him be responsible for bringing back the pop in pop! Let him be to Poland what Bjork is to Iceland. Check out his single and amazing televised performance over here,:

If you (like me) like what you have heard and seen, please do support this talented 18 y.o Pop singer from Poppy pop-land Poland; Marcin Molendoski, and feel good about yourself. Check out his website for more music, information, cheeky photos and probably lots more:

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person/people – Internet Love Music

Artist: person/people
title: Internet Love Music
keywords: experimental, idm, dance, electronica, experimental, electronic, love, people, person, porn, pornographic, romance, romance-drone, vaporwave, Tuvalu

Sometimes a modern internet artist knows exactly what has been missing in our modern day culture, something from the glorious days of the past that is as visual as it can get whiteout actually revealing anything. The artist named Person/People went into the depths of vintage soft porn and brought up the forgotten vintage soft porn background music that simply made the scenes into the sexy thing that they still are today.

I’m glad this artist did what it did as the result is absolutely one of the missing music albums in my life. The original soft porn soundtracks are truly amazing to hear without the visual suggestions of sensual actions, flashes of flesh, and other erotic actions in fuzzy VHS lightening. The recycled music is not only a great exposure to the classiness that the soft porn once was, but also proof how an important roll musicians had to make this sexy atmosphere complete. Of course this album gives you the chance to reshoot your own vintage porn video with the fitting inspiring and suggesting music, but also without pornographic intentions this release is a pretty wonder to hear.

Capture the passion of the ‘yeah’ & ‘oh wow’ singing singer, the sexy sax, laidback horny funk and experience the full on retro ambient sounds with all its charm and sensuality. It’s a great relaxing listenable soundtrack really, a way to re-enjoy a lost part of culture that is for sure a charming revelation of the importance of musicianship in the vintage porn industry. You can download, hear and enjoy this pretty stuff at the following kinky link:

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Mark Williams – Just A Memory (None)

Mark Williams - Just A Memory

If you wouldn’t mind, I believe it’s time to take a moment, breathe in deep and relax, because you are about to be captivated. The album art for Just A Memory, by Mark Williams, is just the tip of the enormous iceberg of love that lurks beneath the surface of an ocean of melted love and if you’re not careful you could be swallowed in the jaws of the great hammerhead sharks of love to become yet another love poop floating around out there, disgusting and brown and probably smelly, fiy.

Artist: Mark Williams
Title: Just A Memory
Label: None
Cat#: None
Keywords: Dream Pop, Electro Pop, Synth Pop, Pop
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

One of the things about the world and about life that can be great or really sucky depending on your outlook is that each one of us is totally reliant upon everyone else. All of the people out there are what makes being just one of the people possible. All of the small things add up. That’s society and stuff.

I am completely reliant, for instance, on the people I almost never see performing routine maintenance on machines I rarely use, like laundry machines, or powering the lamp I’ve got staring me down from the corner of the room, or writing books to keep my mind active, or, you know, building things like the toilet.

I am also completely reliant on Mark Williams continuing to compose, perform and record music.

If I were some kind of two-bit smarmy music journalist type snob who liked to point and laugh at awful music, which I try not to be, I’d be able to have a field day with Mark Williams. As Karel and I felt when first exposed to the musical stylings of the passionate Mark Williams awhile back, this music is almost irredeemably bad.

I just… I don’t know. I can’t help but love it, not for how bad it is, but how good it is. How good it is at being so good while still being THIS bad.

You just can’t understand… I can’t, rather. Mark Williams’ music is an anomaly of the highest order. As humanity understood once, before Mark Williams came along, quality in the arts was relatively understandable, in a subjective way. It appeared as if the line was quite thin dividing art that was just bad and art that was so bad it happened to be good (some of the best art ever being in the latter category, as far as I’m concerned) while still others were just so bad that they were…. just really, really bad. Mark Williams’ music teeters on the brink somewhere among these categories but magically seems to expand infinitely in all directions defying all logic, all reason, all physics. It’s not technically bad — but it is. It’s so bad that it’s good, except that it isn’t… yet it is. It’s just plain bad… yet you can’t help but love it. You ask yourself time and time again… am I just listening to it wrong? If I listened again, would it suddenly make sense? Before you even listen to it, you’re predisposed to want to love it, but you aren’t able to. Then, you do anyway, somehow, while accepting rationally that you shouldn’t… that you can’t… that it just isn’t working… but it is. No matter how many times I come back, I just can’t force myself to like it, but I do. What the fuck is happening here!?

It’s enough to make your brain explode.

It is because of this that I must write about Mark Williams. I must continue sharing Mark Williams with the world. There is an inexplicable magic to the world and art of Mark Williams… it will defy everything you thought you knew about music, while somehow proving you were right, and through some kind of voodoo portal on a level only Schrodinger’s cat could wrap it’s head around, prove you were totally wrong at the exact same time.

So, with the introduction out of the way, let’s talk about Mark Williams’ single ‘Just A Memory’. I was tempted most to review this piece as my project M.A. put out an album last February with a track titled the same, so a part of me almost wishfully imagined maybe that cosmic beams we’d sent out had reflected off a satellite roaming the atmosphere and landed someplace in California to effect the artist Mark Williams, inspiring an alternative take on the thematic element we’d been exploring. It begins like a shiny space wedding, with bells and compression and dense drums folded in like some kind of origami dove shooting out of a white cake. Then the vocals come in. In analyzing Mark Williams’ vocals, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the rhythmic timing that’s off, not (always) so much the pitch or tone or delivery. Just because of the bizarre magic of it, I can’t even offer a critique. It just is that way, and whatever, it must be accepted as it is. It’s a passionate system of rapid delivery of stream-of-conscious poems of love and heartbreak or something. But not so rapid. Just kind of like a reading of something without punctuation, like no commas or something. I don’t know.

It’s pure, unadulterated magic though and you should stop: drop everything you’re doing, hold the phone, and smell the roses at the link below. Like, right away! Hurry!

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From the Willowmeadow – Overcity Dreams

Artist: From the Willowmeadow
title: Overcity Dreams
cat: Siro763
keywords: lobit, ambient, drone, other
Label: Sirona-Records

Hypermarkets is everything you would enjoy if you are into fuzzy warm minimal ambient. It has this simplicity over it that is unpretentious as it has already reached it’s top of relaxing perfection.

2 is another track that seeks out a perfect harmony between the comfortable lobit ambient and the potential listener. If you listen closely you can recognize little parts of natures finest sounds perfectly smothering in pretty warmth. It takes a tough skin not to be thrilled by this pretty atmosphere.

The third work on this recommendable free audio adventure is one of the sparkling kind, proving that the artist isn’t afraid of experimentation, and indeed that this lack of afraidness simply pays off very well. A fine sparkle that seems to bubble up in the ears, like a refreshing sip of bubbling water on a hot day.

This sparkle certainly makes the way for another oracle of prettiness; ambient which sounds beautiful by combining the feeling of light with a certain emotional heaviness on the side. It’s a short moment in time, but leaves a long lasting impression that an ambient lover simply can’t live without.

Of course all these pretty pieces of ambient music makes you lose track in time, and so does it appear that even me (your thrust worthy reviewer) is lost in ambient. It doesn’t matter as the pretty music over here might not give directions to get out of here; it is pretty companionship to stay close with and hang out in. It’s very soft and fragile over here, a bit groovy but in a way that it’s more like very soft and fluffy kind of grooviness. Suddenly I know where I am! It’s a rooftop with the roof completely made out of soft pillows! Hope the floor is covered too in case someone falls off.

Than the last and final piece of prettiness introduces itself, being so very pretty that it is of a irresistible kind. Just following this warm ambient flow with your ears and forget everything around you. It’s the kind of music that get you into trouble because of its endearing Beauty; who wants to work when this heavenly ambient plays? Who thinks about your loved ones if you are heavenly in love with this music?

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Instagon – Live At Witch Room

Artist: Instagon
Title: Live At Witch Room
Keywords: experimental, improvisation, rock, jazz, noise, outsider, Sacramento
Words by: Bertus Ullshit

Instagon’s Live At Witch Room is an online music service that enables its users to take a look at a picture and listen to nine tracks of improvisational audio content, and share them on a variety of social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. The tracks are also shareable through soundwaves created by speaker systems, headphones; hearable on the road, on the job, at home, or any other location of choice. A distinctive feature of this music service is that it confines these various tracks in a rectangled shape, a great contrast to the 4:3 aspect ratio typically used by most other music projects. A nice attribution of interaction is the option in which users can apply digital filters to the listening experience, the procedure is simple; putting things in their ears like wax, kitchen paper or water. The maximum duration for a ‘Instagon – Live At Witch Room’ track is 10 minutes and 51 seconds. The service was released by Instagon in Januari 2015 and for approximately US$3 in cash this fabulous music service could be yours in a digital format. Be one of the first users to enjoy this music service and help spread the word, in order to make this music service by Instagon as legendary as the service in which users can share pictures of their food.

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