HuorrouH – Lobit Madness

Artist: HuorrouH
title: Lobit Madness
keywords: electronic, experimental, rock, lobit, Denmark

When the dinosaurs ruled the world they threw parties, fake lobit parties as lobit wasn’t invented yet. (Because the Bandcamposaurusrex didn’t tolerate such things – and you know; you don’t want to screw with that Dino as it would have torn your private ‘exit’ apart..)

Archeologist Huorrouh had managed to dig up some fossils that contained a detailed piece of when indeed those dinosaurs had been partying all over the place. It gives us now -so many decades later- a good surprising look as scientist and archeologists might had the collective view of Dinosaurs being peanut brained and probably not intelligent enough to know how to compose melodies useful for those Dino parties; but thanks to this discovered recovery by Huorrouh we know better: Dinosaurs had a taste for them and -as you can hear- were able to compose them too with an added primitive rhythm to step their groovy claws and paws on. If anything, it seems that Dinosaurs had a better music taste party-wise then us humans in the way future; it’s easy to hear the devolution when comparing the party music from the than dinosaurs, with modern day dinosaurs like Madonna.

Skipping the Dinosaur;s it’s good to hear that Huorrouh also brought himself to this collection of Scientific fun. He sings a personal song in which perhaps he is slightly troubled by slowly starting to transform into a jolly good dinosaur himself. The lyrics that Huorrouh sings are perfect, I love the part of ‘Don’t know what is happening’ as it really seems to capture a friendly and yet bewildering artist with a lovely voice and good vibes – heavily influenced by its dinosaur fossil findings, but definitely much more pop! Don’t know what’s happening in my body, maybe it’s genetic’ is a killer lyric and strangely it can be sung along before the song ends its own presence itself! Lots of fun!

And then there is the ‘cat song’ which strangely reminds me of my own cat song (be aware: shameless self-promotional plug over here…) , but Huorrouh doesn’t need no shameless self-promotional plugs as people of all ages and universes love cats; so they will automatically (99 percent if the time) will adore and love this happy nifty song and tune enough to make them all smile together while virtually stroking a cat. Life is beautiful! And so is lobit madness, even if the Bandcamposaurusrex doesn’t agree..

But Bandcamposaurusrex is so huge it probably has no idea that there are tons of lobit fanatics hanging out on its back; partying like there is no tomorrow! Jumping up and down on a piece of flexible skin, perhaps a gigantic prehistoric Dino pimple now used as a trampoline for lobit lovers who like to bounce on the happy madness. Calculated madness, mind you! As the melodies and prehistoric to the point beats are programmed on authentic tracker software which gives Huorrouh great control of sound, melody and delivery! I think it’s beautiful all these lobit pop melodies jumping up and down on this gigantic Dino pimple! I bet you will like to join too? And you can do so at the following fun bringing link:

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SPOIWO – Salute Solitude

artist: SPOIWO
title: Salute Solitude
keywords: alternative, ambient, soundtrack, instrumental, post-rock,

Softly a sound is becoming vast; it grows quicker when it has found the entrance of a possible listening ear: Music erupts. It has a voluptuous movie feeling, making me think I’m a raw sailor sitting on piece of wood in the middle of the ocean thinking about my life and what happened to the boat that the floating wood had come from. It is the melody that feels right with the breaking waves and slightly dark thoughts when thinking of the crew I once knew and now probably all drowned in the cold waters of the sea.

The next chapter starts as if we have stranded on land, perhaps a unknown island with all its possibilities of being dangerous and yet fruitful of discovery. The music that creates this place goes for a full on effect of bombastic drama by bringing the drum crashes, heavy whaling electric guitar and synthesized singing nymphs to create a feeling of being doomed but also excited to engage in an adventure of survival. A light weight piano at the end is like a kiss on the forehead, making me feel as if it’s going to be all okay!

Then there is ‘Yos’ a piece that gives the tropic island of darkness and unknown pretty glow of fantasy; enough to pick yourself up, gather wood, make a campfire, a hut and catch a fish. Perhaps a little tear of sentimentality here and there, but when the music erupts into one uplifting ball of ‘get on with it’ energy; the tear buzzes off and survival mood goes into full action!

The music becomes a bit foggy, as if we again realize that everyone we once knew is now swimming at the bottom of the sea; and that this tropical island that always seems to be covered in darkness is probably deserted.  This is ‘No Kingdom’..

Then it’s time for a little bit of sunshine to break through. It seems to be another day and the music and mood is more of a positive kind. We take it easy, look up and down in the search for an escape plan to go back home wherever that is. We look out for maybe a ship in the horizon, or an airplane? The music speaks for itself and in the fairest corners of our imagination through music indeed a ship can be spotted! Oh good lorry! We might be saved, not all is doom and gloom! It’s time to ‘Call Me Home’!

The escape plan might not work if the ship doesn’t see us here stuck on the beach.. We have to make a flame, shoot a ‘Flare’ or something to get noticed. It is absolutely weird that the dolphins are singing songs above the sea, and a gentle piano spins a positive spin to the story. There might be a flame burning within our listeners’ soul and when the music opens up we can fly! We suddenly don’t need a boat; we can lift up and touch the sky! The music becomes epic, grotesque and basically conquering all the earthly boundaries; just listen to this stuff and flap your arms and fly along!

The last chapter feels as if time is flipping back, all the oddness of our time being stranded on the doomed island, our flying episode, the ship sinking and the crew dying; it all goes reverse like a movie you are promised to see when you are about to exhale your last breath. Was this just a dream, or a rather weird psychosis? It was a good adventure that’s for sure!

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Yôko Higashi – Dzera

Artist: Yôko Higashi
title: Dzera
keywords: electronic, electroacoustic, experimental, electronic, experimental, pop, France
reviewer: Willem van O.

Copy and pasted from the artist bandcamp page for informational exchange:
Yôko Higashi – hamaYoko (born in Japan) is a performer,
vocalist, butoh dancer based in Lyon, France.

Dzera is a track of around 8 minutes, if Google translate can be trusted it was made out of improvisations, in the image of Dzerassae , a legendary fallen goddess named Nartes… Yes, I know.. I have no idea what it means too; but you know the French language sometimes can be L’horrible for non-French speaking and reading people / or lacking google translators. So let’s listen to a language everyone in the world could understand; music… Or maybe even better: Sound.

Yôko Higashi’s Dzera comes to me across as an unreal world,
a soundscape in which the air to inhale has made way for a slight inedible toxic fume. A room or perhaps a spacious Victorian house is sketched out of sound,
and within this space an old clock hits an occasional hour of doom,
soft ambiances slips like a ghost over the abandoned walls,
and sometimes small hints of instruments (like a guitar string or a piano plonk) are making themselves known.

But it’s mostly Yôko Higashi’s voice making eerie screechy squeaks of wordless sounds that seems to bring this strange scenery of decay, back to life again.
Her voice makes the mysterious work into something that conveys an aura of witch craft,
much more then what you would expect from something you could claim to be avant-garde dada-poetry. To me ‘Dzera’ has the effect of being in a haunted room or small house,in which we aren’t able to really get our lungs to work and be filled up with fresh air, and yet it somehow appeals to the thrill seeking ghost hunter that we all have roaming inside of us..

Who you are going to call? Ghostbusters?
nah, not really.. In fact this haunted sounding audio work is way too pleasant and visual to be sucked up by a bunch of actors and a flying slimy green blob. But if you really have to suck it up, it’s here over at the following link:

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Meeko Cheech – Miss Bolivia

Artist: Meeko Cheech
title: Miss Bolivia
keywords:dark pop, psychedelic, rock, weird, Toronto

Meeko Cheech is like a surfer surfing on top , over and under the lines of pop and psychedelia. It’s not the psychedelic movement that will make me trip and see auras of plants and toilet bowls, neither a talking toothbrush; but it’s definitely coming from this realm of unreality. If you mingle that with a pop formula that is not the formula that you will hear so quickly on the radio; and you’d probably get a hunch of what this album by Meeko Cheech is sounding like, or perhaps not because that’s what happens when things wave through blurred lines; you can’t see them properly. Yet this album is seen and heard even, it has even be reviewed before. Let’s see what the professionals had to say?

“…psycho candy-pop goodness. Even the Russian judge would have to concede this new Meeko Cheech jam is a 10.” – Quick Before It Melts

Which Russian judge? A ten? Candy-pop? I didn’t think it sounded that sweet.. Oh but psycho candy-pop.. Psycho as in psychedelic or psychopath? I don’t think it sounds like we are dealing here with a psychopath lurking victims in with candy floss pop, that just sounds nasty.

“…Miss Bolivia takes the listener on a sonic adventure through an array of styles and sounds. It opens with the dark, hallucinogenic vibes of the title track, which morph into the spooky, orchestral “Art & Sofa” then veer into the spiralling, synth-driven “Hotline.” “Parallel” and “Robert Fripp” serve up some atmospheric, post-punk grooves before it all wraps up with the crunchy, guitar-heavy closer “Shock Unit.” – Exclaim

Yeah, yeah if you don’t know how to describe it, or simply have not much to say about the music; just drop names of the tracks.. We do that all the time.. Sometimes even write down the track number as in ‘track number twenty-four’ That will fill up the space, making it look like a true hardcore music journalist at work that knows what it’s talking about.
Hallucinogenic vibes.. Nice one, I think the Russian Judge will give this review a 10 for the jam!

“…I have listened to your band, and I really don’t like your music” – W.G Agreda

Finally an band with the balls to actually proudly publish the word of a cultural crushing phenomena that had something to say that was of a to the point personal opinion kind. It’s good to know that this person doesn’t like the tracks, but what’s in this information for everyone else,  except the info that someone is being a slight wanker? Is this the Russian Judge?

Goth, I love reviewing reviews; it’s so much fun! But it’s true, the music is the kind of music that is good but perhaps difficult to actually say a lot of words about. Sometimes I feel like I’m listening to a The Gorillas cartoon character that had gone solo and now performs in a smog of weed brand new songs.. Other times I think it’s just too good, too technically well produced to be a sofa crashing Meeko Cheech band that drinks and smokes to forget its previous career as a pop icon in a fictional cartoon band.

Perhaps this is the power of this release and the music; it knows how to integrate psychedelic artifacts, with kinda odd unexpected twists in the music giving a feeling of drugs at work; without being clueless with no boundaries or direction to keep it all tight and together.

Might we just deal here with actually good music by Meeko Cheech who has a love for drinking wine from a glass of fuckedup-ness once in a while for inspiration, but doesn’t go full retard with the music to deliver a smart ass unexpected album that is musically actually blowing me away! Yes! It’s really good! All over the place, musically, melodically, creative, and even beautiful.. I can’t give it a ten, because we don’t give numbers out over here; but it’s probably a ten floating through blurred lines of a 9 and a psychedelic 11.

Difficult to say or pin down this release on paper in a review, but oh so easy to hear and be entertained by! You should just give it a spin and when you receive a trumpet in that last (look out for a track name drop!) ‘Shock Unit’ song, you just know you made it through the whole album without a single bit of boredom; and it feels alright, doesn’t it? Psycho candy pop my ass, this is Meeko Cheech! (Whatever that means)

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Luis Resquin – <333345678&";[;=~ç9FUCK!1

Artist: Luis Resquin
title: <333345678&”;[;=~ç9FUCK!1
keywords: Brazilian music, experimental, done poorly, lo-fi, Sao Paulo

Meet the music of Luis Resquin, our possible non English writing reviewer that had the hilarious idea to bring you the best and the worst music culture from Brazil written in the Portuguese language. We at yeah I know it sucks are all very excited about this, and hope indeed that this cultural exchange will take off in a rapid matter… I thought to maybe review those Brazilian ‘suckers’ in the English language too, so to make it really a thing that brings English and Portuguese readers together in a state of friendship and cultural bonding.. But who knows it might just be Luis pissing off the English readers by providing reviews you need the hilarious translations of Google Translate for to decipher…

But for now.. It’s good to know a bit more about this Luis, and music tells probably more than a thousand words. But this is a blog, so we write a thousand words anyway..

Meeting the music on this specific album done by Luis (our potential future correspondent) is like listening to a concept album that covers the difficult to achieve concept of ‘bringing quality good music, but performed poorly’. A concept pretty much a challenging one for the music maker, but in this case Luis seems to know exactly how to do things, and then execute it poorly in a great loving way. It really takes great musicianship skills to do such a thing without sucking, and Luis’s concept album manages to stand like a house in this challenging compositional era of experimental challenges and dilemmas.

It all starts with the ‘intro’ that proofs instantly that Luis is a great skilled musician with a skill of playing guitar and playing a beat at the same time. You can hear how good Luis secretly is; you can hear his virtuoso knowledge and expertise throughout his conceptually poor execution; it rightly justifies him as a potentially great reviewer, who has an eye and an ear for unconventional playfulness and exposure. Perhaps I’m wrong, but it might even be that Luis is an actual music genius and cleverly camouflages this fact by his concept of ‘poor executions’.

If you search ‘poor executions’ in the dictionary it will say something among the lines of a lethal injection or electrocution by electric chair that had slightly gone wrong, or poor people being executed (I expect this to be something Mister D. Trump will come up with as a idea to generate new jobs for the new America). But in this case of Luis; it’s good music done in a poor executional way, which is a concept so rare, that it didn’t even make the cut to be in the dictionary.

With ‘toilet’ Luis brings also his voice along in order to deliver a song that is channeling a happening that we all can relate too. Toilet brings this really coziness to my ears, a thing that in fact is related to my own toilet visits; I love them, as it’s a place where you can relax and be with yourself and your new friends that are either liquid or of a more touchable content.. The music and sing slightly made me feel as if it was done by Beck, while taking a shit, but as we all know this is Luis performing great and poorly at the same time; you should remove this image of Beck shitting and give Luis the full credits as this song ain’t easy!

Another hit song with great lyrical content is ‘people will wear which colors?’. Music wise it gives me the great feeling as if it is done and recorded while working on the phone at a call center, the little sounds; the friendliness in the voice and the strong dialect… But it does sound like it’s making a statement of something you might love if you are into loving everyone no matter the color of the clothes that they wear.

What also seems to make a statement is the song named ‘Roi’, it is also reminding me that the Portuguese language is going to be gigantically difficult to decipher for people like me that don’t know a single word of Portuguese; but don’t worry we will be together in to this challenge when Luis joins the nonsense over here. Oh and the music here sounds a bit like a car klaxon.. Toot pep toot pep!

The best tune / song on this album to me is ‘hey hor I love you more and more’ . It’s making me flashing contracts with payments in golden turds in the hope Luis signs up as a lucrative writer. This song (and the music) is absolutely thrilling and fun, covering the mind of someone who loves a whore because of being a whore. It’s really adorable, strangely odd but really fun too! I love the voice and how the story changes to give the unexpected twist; it might be that the concept of poorly executed music is a bit lacking over here but who cares? I think it’s great!

Luis puts another spoon of great lyrics and music inside this album with ‘I see stars’ which has this unconventional humor induced sarcasm shining through that makes me all smiles and happy. The music has a nice turn into unexpectedness and damn it’s here that my ears fall in love more with the music of Luis because it shines like a successful condom.

Then there is one track in which Luis proofs to be next to intelligent and smart, also to be equipped with an important skill that we like in a reviewer over here; absolute madness! Luis goes berserk but of course it’s all part of the plan, the concept and the musicology! Luis is the best, and to give extra fulfillment Luis goes for a lengthy Lo-fi melodic alien homage to steer this ‘meet Luis’ album that is not only conceptually well played, it was actually also a lot of fun!
Hear and meet the future reviewer his music over here:

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Lekiddo ‘Lord of The Lobsters!’

1Artist: Lekiddo
keywords: happy, good vibes, fun, sunshine, pinchy pinchy kiss kiss!

Lekiddo The Lord of the lobsters is full of happiness, love, energy, sunshine and above all positivity! Instead of keeping his good vibes for lobsters only, he obviously found his calling by finding great joy in spreading his powers of positivity above ground among the human’ beings. Lekiddo does a great job as wherever the lobster lord appears the sun will shine, and he will be in return greeted with smiles and big eyes of pure joy!  Turning  festival fields full of smiling faces is no problem for this fabulous lobster lord!

It has of course something to do with Lekiddo’s aura of love that is at least a mile in size, spreading an irresistible happiness that will change the mood of even the most grumpiest person into a jolly one! But next to this fun loving all covering aura of love, Lekiddo’s power of music, great sounding warm and funky sounding happy active voice, bright humor, his amazing lobster dance and creative ways of entertaining is also a huge part of spreading the smiles, sunshine rays and … Party vibes!

Did I already tell you that Lekiddo the Lord of the lobsters is one experience of positivity and love that you cannot and should not resist? I mean listening and watching Lekiddo ‘s video clips of his hits ‘ to the beach (summer)’ , beautiful London & This Café’ is not only fun must see/hear material; it’s also beneficial for your own health! I mean if you are hanging into a slight depression, you really should get yourself a dose of Lekiddo The Lord of the lobsters as you will be sure finding yourself smiling, laughing & dancing; perhaps you will even be able to sing along! unimaginable? Well think again!

Positive vibes, instant happiness, sunshine and fun loving energy with an energetic flair that will guarantee to make your face in an effective smile that will travel from your face to another! A concept that in the long run will change the world in to one that is a full on happy place!

Whether Lekiddo sings about a positive beautiful day in London, walking out of a hotel for a bright day on the beach, or the happenings in a happenings’ cafe; you’ll be wishing to be a lobster! As Lekiddo lord of the lobsters is probably the brightest lord out there, ready to pinchy, pinchy and kiss, kiss with lots of love! If you think this post is positive… Then expect the music to overrule it a zillion times!
1All hail Lekiddo the lobster lord!

If you like what you hear, please purchase some of these instant pieces of happiness over at the following link:
<KN / thanks to lobster fan Graham Boosey>

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5 music makers you should know about

^ hail the ugliest artwork in the world! Yeah I know it sucks did it again! hooray!

^ hail the ugliest artwork in the world! Yeah I know it sucks did it again! hooray!

Hello dear reader,

Glad you are here.. I have something to tell you that you probably have no ears for, but that’s why I type it here for your eyes. The listening part comes a little bit later, but trust me.. it’s a thing named ‘save the best for last..’ anyway what I wanted to say…

I had this idea of making a coloring book. I know it isn’t a brand new idea as there are many (perhaps even too much..) coloring books out there. I guess the secret reason that there are so many coloring books being made, is that printing picture books in full color is probably a expensive procedure.

But under the smart disguise of ‘coloring books’ they basically bring color books out only with the big difference that (mostly) children will color them in for no price whatsoever. In fact most of the time a parent even pays for these books so (In most cases) they can let their child experience child labor at an early age. Armed with crayon, pencil, or finger paint they are put to the task to change black and white prints into colored ones. Smart move & Way to go capitalism!

But okay; so colored books are expensive, and for some reason stealing colored-in color books by children for resale feels a bit like taking away a Popsicle from a child that had been licking it for quite some time: It might be shiny, and bright, yet somehow pretty much disgusting.

So this idea of making a coloring book is just floating in the air and while it did; I colored in some pictures myself, so the children don’t need to do it and can play in the garden or check their phones or whatever they do nowadays..

Okay, but we came here for music.. Your post promised us a top five of music makers to check out..

Well yeah.. But the pictures came first and then this list appeared.. But I get what you mean.. You want me to come to A point… Well here are the colored pictures drawn of some (in my opinion) special artists out there that you should know about..

^ a close up of Agnes Pe!

^ a close up of Agnes Pe!

Agnes Pe:
I could write something about her music.. some thing along that I like it very much and that its good fun and makes me smile, but I believe sometimes a copy and paste of her official information thingy would be enough.. So here it is (copy & paste!) :
Agnès pe works on sound beyond the limits enshrined by any genre.
Her work is characterised by a fun and overwhelming attitude -all or nothing style-, covering the parameters of lo-fi music, and always seeking new ways of relating to the elements she re-composes.
She is interested in the non-common, regardless of their label.
— AH, it’s me again.. I would like to add that her music is as fun as polka, but then much more fun! Go and check this madness out over at the link:

^ Furchick

^ Furchick

The name is clearer then an artist that has no name; this chick has removed all her feathers and exchanged them for fur inplants. She changes the colors or furs regulary, but what she never changes is her positive appetite in making noise and music in all kind of ways that it will turn respected music critics into binge drinking alcoholics! She plays live with unusual instruments like a piece of ducktape, a chainsaw, a hoover.. Does collaborations but doesn’t need them as her eggs are already golden… Check her out over here and thrill your ears once again:
Furchick on facebook

^ Justin Coffman aka Hectic Head

^ Justin Coffman aka Hectic Head

Justin Coffman / Hectic Head:
I don’t know about you, but i love this guy! He is been active in the underground for many-many years; armed with guitar or electronics, going for the highs and lows with music that is out of this world, and very much into Hectic Head’s world. He has a good heart, makes awesomely strange but great music and above all is a great example of quality madness. I heard from a good source he is into private sock sex, but trust me the music will be clinically clean so you wont have to take a shower afterwords. I really think you should go and check his music out, as mad as you are being here; you will probably like it!

I.v. Martinezz / experiMENTALien / TOTAL E.T.

I.v. Martinezz / experiMENTALien / TOTAL E.T.

I.v. Martinez or better known as experiMENTALien & TOTAL E.T. (and others):
This prolific artist is a alien among humans and his music is probably the best proof of him being from another galaxy. A long time ago he was on a mission to check out on the humans down here on earth and strangely as it may seem; he fell in love with earth and magic mushrooms and decided to stay.
Now he releases lots of incredible audio trips that are actually information streams back to his home planet; but are great for human ear consumption too. think ‘beyond’ psychedelic! As you can imagine his music is far out there and basically everywhere! You might want to know a bit more about him, which you can as one of us visited him for an explicit interview.. but you can also check out the experiMENTALien on facebook and start to hunt for your own information. If you like abstract superbly weird psychedelic soundscapes that you never heard before, it’s definitely worth your hunting time!


^ Paul Mangan of ‘Clockwork Orchestra’ fame

Paul Mangan / Clockwork Orchestra
This man is not just a man, this man is Paul Mangan and he is Clockwork Orchestra! Everywhere Clockwork Orchestra comes a glorious full house of really well produced uplifting music  will try to make you forget how eccentrically mad it all is! Clockwork Orchestra makes time fly with happy story telling music, active energy, videos, live performances and songs with lots of upbeat moods, fun, fish and even a golden nose! You better move on and check it out if you did not do so.. now is your chance.. oh yes! talking about click bait for a juicy fish, doesn’t this link look delicious?

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