Various Artists – Motion Recordings Compilation 2014

a0764999900_10Artists: Various
Title: Motion Recordings Compilation 2014
Keywords: devotional bucha boys dj 0.000001 dogmaster enis johnny fuckface jonah brown something else th’ mole Oakland

2014 was a good year & I remember listening to this Motion Recordings Compilation in that very same year. I remember even attempting to write about it as I was stunned by these strange talented characters on this compilation, especially Pancake the chihuahua had me licking the back of my pencil… A chihuahua? Oh yes! A chihuahua!

Then the album brought me the extremely green loving sound of the Bucha Boys which basically inspired me so much that i got so instantly high & unfortunately forgot all about the existence of this album… Until today! (So yes, that was indeed a lengthy height, still not sure if it will overrule the powerful THC shots that these Bucha Boys had been rapping about.

So today, after two years I can finally tell you about this talented chihuahua named Pancake. I’ve never seen it but you can hear it is the most adorable cutest little thing ever. With a rasp & a cowbell some tropical Mexican vibes hobble along with Pancake the cheeky chihuahua as the golden middle point of attention. This (at the time) colorful puppy Pancake nicely rules the scene, invites you to do the Cha-cha, or just welcomes you to hear & enjoy this cute naughty little song. Pancake the chihuahua let us know that the habit of eating poop will never harm it, as Pancake’s spit is full of antibiotics, meaning that Pancake never gets sick from eating shit. Next to poop this adorable cute little doggy really loves it’s Sundried Slugs & hearing this; you would probably want to try some yourself.



Th’ Mole delivers an anthem for lovers of wearing the anti-fashionable art of wearing Flip Flops & Socks. Th’ Mole cuts down the haters by even wearing them to bed (that will teach them!). Th’ Mole digs deep on the roots of his grooves and hassles the beats for the very best! The words he spits (probably without antibiotics) are sharp like a pink razor blade! Nobody tells him what to wear; this man could wear a garbage bin with holes for the arms and legs if that was the thing he would like to go out in. It’s about attitude and no fashion guru will be as cool as the person that has its feet surrounded by socks and flip-flops & quite possibly a boxer short on top of his hat! Try topping that!
Then there is ‘Why, Of All Places?’ By Odes To Wizelle that hopefully is about a pet leaving two bottle full of urine and a nice pool of diarrhea all over the bed. This terrible happening that perhaps a lot of people might recognize is brought with slick beats and special sounding ‘why’s’ dressed in drastic effects to truly reflect the disaster.


Jonah Brown’s L’Argent Du Derierre (Butt Money) is like a fest for all that loves the droppings of the word poop and everything else that is shit and asshole related. See it as a nice shit storm in which Jonah Brown reveals he doesn’t have a normal behind like the most of us, but he has one with two anuses. It’s unconventional, but the song does come across that it is practical to Jonah Brown. It’s as if he is terrible happy to have hit the crap-pot jackpot although still so full of dooh dooh that it seems that he must be close friends with a portable toilet. It’s strangely also a romantic sounding song for French lovers who enjoy the inner and outer workings of a delicious behind. Pretty craptastic!
Dogmaster’s Every Day I Play With Dogs is the anthem for the ultimate bunch of dog people who prefers dogs above humans as their friends. The Dogmaster here dedicated this tune nicely to all the sad dogs out there that don’t have anyone to go out and play; Dogmaster sends you his love! Dogmaster will sing along with lots of happy barking dogs about his relationship with his dog, but also explores the friendships of other people their dogs. It’s all about petting on their heads, cuddling, kindhearted playful playing with dogs every day! Woof!
I haven’t found words for the one minute track named ‘Minotaur’ by Johnny Fuckface. I can tell you that a Minotaur is (I believe) a cow face attached on the body of an Arnold Schwarzenegger look alike. Probably walking around some maze fishing for Virgin blood… But that’s all that I know…

Then it’s time to get the feet up in the air and enjoy the monkey beats of DJ 0.000001’s Drum Solo (Live). As the name suggest its full of drumming, grooves; great for ninja style dancing & chimpanzee armpit twirling. It has this energy that sinks into the little toe, gets it to wiggle and from there the whole body would go in some kind if dancing frenzy. Dance like you just don’t care is a good motto over here!
Ah here we have it, the most dangerous track on this album. This is the track that f#cked me up two years ago & I must say I’m afraid to enter this time portal one more time. But in case the lyrics get us all super high; see you back here in two years’ time okay? So yes, it’s the ‘Bucha Boys’ with ‘Jah Dammit’. It’s like an over extending ‘our weed is stronger and better than whoever else their weed’ claim that is as believable as faith. The words that Bucha Boys come up with over here will make Cheese and Chong grabbing for their phone book to find the green goods that Bucha Boys had been smoking. They are so high that they had become revolutionaries ready to blow your mind with their wife open root chakras. They have their Chrystal balls, they play ultimate Frisbee, they are so up there that they could see the future! They are Weedy Gonzales eating ganja lasagna and cannabis corn-dogs; this duo must have had the best weed on the entire planet!

All the way at the end there is a little cute song by ‘Enis’ named ‘Her Veins’ it is pretty laid back, with lots of lovely hand claps and a tickling guitar that fingers the friendly vocals. A lovely ending for an insanely wild imaginative album that you must hear!

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Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – EARS

Artist: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
title: EARS
keyword: experimental

this album starts like a young baby bird that is kindly being pushed out of its homely nest . It opens its tiny little wings and realizes that is had captured the miraculous ability to fly in the great sky. It is so happy that the bird starts to sing with wide wakened eyes along with a euphoric feeling of success. Within its little feathered body it realizes that the whole world is at its tiny feet!

Then the album moves on with its audio appreciative wings all over an intriguing scene of the wetlands. This is the place in which frogs & toads gather and fishes stick their heads out of the water to see and hear what this wonderful music is all about. It’s Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s music and she brings it all out to give the soggy landscape a wonderful make-over with lots of pretty sparkles.

Time to open up the magical envelop and develop our love for this artist and her sound of music a bit more. Time to appreciate the melodies that are like harmonic little ensembles that makes me envision the legendary MoonDog dancing upon them in heaven. If heaven is a fair place it would be definitely broadcasted to this man’s quarters.

When I Try, I’m Full’ is a title that makes me want to type that when I listen to this magical album ‘I’m full and content’. There is enough pretty music going on along with miraculously done melodies to fill anyone with up. Add that there is also the sweet singing to add to the intriguing audio scape of kindness over here and you’ll probably be full for at least a whole week. The music is like a busy conversation but held in such a lovely music language that everyone could hear and understand.

With ‘Rare Things Grow’ Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith shapes an energetic landscape in which everything seems to be full of life. The music instruments are like living plants, trees, flowers and even wild life. They are all sipping water and growing into wonders of togetherness. Let’s hope that the music also makes the ears of a listener grow as with lovely material like this, it will sure be handy!

Arthropoda’ brings the sound of building up, of a happy energetic unity, a togetherness in which the compositional elements and voice work together to generate a wonderful positive world full euphoric love. This is the time to get high from actually hearing beauty!

Then there is ‘Stratus’ which seems to move through the calmer ways, with nice mellow melodies of a lovely day with an obvious warming sun shining all over them. All is laid back in this mild progression of natural kindness that parade around as if it’s doing so while walking on eggs.

Existence in the Unfurling’ showcases the strange but pleasant voice of the artist, comfortable at home in her natural musical habitat. Around her sparkles an electrifying sound around that slowly shows us the way into a hole in space to go and embrace yet another galaxy: one of clear eternal peace and beautiful happiness.

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Ironska – Abuse (NJMP3-0075)

There's an eye on the front cover of Abuse, by Ironska, but don't worry, it's not watching us.

There’s an eye on the front cover of Abuse, by Ironska, but don’t worry, it’s not watching us.

Artist: Ironska
Title: Abuse
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0075
Keywords: Techno, Breakcore, Experimental
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Hello, dearest readers! I’m about to begin telling you all about the 75th album released at my decade-old defunct net label Noise-Joy! I’ll have you know, it gets me so excited in a very special place to be able to do this with you.

Is that weird? No, it’s not weird. Not weird at all.

So, this came out in the earlier daze of N-J. Ironska is the project of Heng Chia, an awesome Taiwanese breakcore artist who founded Sociopath Recordings — really cool label, check it out — and was one among the first people to find me out there in cyberspace to put some music out. Really glad that happened, because…

… as you may have guessed, this was excellent! ‘Abuse’ is the first of two tracks here, and it hits you with surges of noise and then some bass drops in, a giant snare, rapid-shot hats. There’s a blast of distorted acid, then these speed-junglist tech-breaks. This track is hot!

The second track is ‘Nightmare’, which begins feeling like some drum n bass, then develops some really interesting percussion! Alien noises, like we’re flying around through solar systems with little green people. There’s some transmission failure, made up of tiny fluttering synthetic warbles and clay drums. The groove kicks back on and we’re dancing to zaps and chill dnb.

Wow! I’m just going to drop a link now and let you check this one out. I’ll probably see you later. Bye!

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Wayne Rex + Ross Taylor – You Can Never Go Back

Artist: Wayne Rex + Ross Taylor
title: You Can Never Go Back
Keywords: experimental ross taylor wayne rex avantgarde jazz experiemental free jazz freeform jazz freejazz improvised jazz lo-fi noise space rock Florida
label: Muteant Sounds
reviewer: Jazzy Jeff

Are you aware that when you go into the world of jazz you will never go back to the crap that you had been formerly listening? It’s sitting and going around in these underground club of bars; Ronny Scotch, small staircases leading to hidden venues in which the stage is cramped with all that Jazz and the Jazz lovers all side by side in their jazzy gear.

They are usually armed with a drink and a hat & always blocking the entrance for any newcomer to be stuck until the mind has been reprogrammed and they too get infected with that healthy jazz disease. A virus that proofs to be immortal, flocking from one person to another, feeding from the young and the old like a happy parasite that actually does a rare exchange of ‘give and take’.

Yes jazz will obsess and possess you, but it also brings joy, a good time, a special set of thinking and a whole secret society of jazz infected friends waiting for you with open arms and heart. Jazz gives you these beats, these swinging drums, the pulses that you can feel in the legs and in the arms. The Jazz gives you these horns, these New Orleans style blowing horny horns that colorfully spurt their sounds like an adventurous happy bunch of gooses. Think of those birds that quack and squeak their sounds of freedom in that groovy jazzy way.

What can you say? Yes, you can’t go back after becoming a jazz head, but hell; who in their right mind would actually want to go back? Jazz is the way forward, down the staircase all the way upfront the tiny stage where all the magic happens. Jazz is soul good in music form, the vibration that will convert a spasm into a jazz dance move! A rotten voice into a classic sound and the lo-fi muffled recordings; a must hear happening of golden age and modern glory!

And yes, Wayne Rex + Ross Taylor might not be Jazz, but they ‘are’. They are clearly infected and you step one foot into this release of them and these jazz bacteria will gladly jump in your ears and neck and hold onto you like hungry suckers, they will provide you with enough jazz vibes until you are one jazz-vibe yourself. In that state you will probably regularly listen to this album for the rest of your newly Jazz life, as a first one is always special & it makes sure ‘you can never go back’ to your old days before ‘the jazz’ kicked in.
Are you ready to get infected?

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Various Artists – A box of 78s recording – Katzwijm

Artists: Various
title: A box of 78s recording – Katzwijm
keywords: experimental, Leiden
label: Smikkelbaard Records
reviewer: Willem van O.

The Smikkelbaard people lately regularly post updates on their social media consisting of videos featuring half-drunk label bosses hanging in bars talking in a specific kind of English you could only understand when you had added the right amount of alcohol percentages in your own system. But it’s not for nothing that they do this, it’s the state of them at work; brains rattle, mouths with loose lips flubbers and ideas pop out.

That is probably how the latest Smikkelbaard release has been born; a work that comes across as a collectively made one in which it’s not entirely clear if the ‘artists’ are aware that they are contributing to this busy soundscape. You can hear them all together, lots of chic chat, glasses tinkle, women and men mumble in feel good conditions as if it’s someone’s birthday and you don’t know how the hell you ended up here. On top of that, it’s a Dutch birthday party, making it even more awkward as the people talk in this alien language about things like soup, drinks (it’s all about the drinks) and random nonsense that hangs around neatly among the smell of beer.

But what is so nice about this inside field recording? It does clearly capture that Dutch coziness but also just the whole atmosphere of people and friends hanging out in an alcoholic fueled surrounding. It’s like an episode of Big Brother without the cutting of an editor, a dashboard camera that isnt attached to the dashbord but to a local audio-loving alcoholic stuck in the middle of it all.

In a way it’s a perfect release for when you have no friends, or have to spend a day alone and can’t stand the silence, or perhaps bragged to your neighbors that you will have a little party (which was a lie) and now you can put this release up in full volume to proof the neighbors that there IS actually a party going on.

See it as a medicine against silence, a look in someone else their life, another culture, another kind of giggle and at the same time see it as a nothing: A nothing that is at the same time everything!

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Train Cemetery & How I met Lauren (with remixes by See Through Buildings & Bonechurch) – Buried In The Cosmic Silence

Artists: Train Cemetery & How I met Lauren (with remixes by See Through Buildings & Bonechurch)
title: Buried In The Cosmic Silence
keywords: anw dnw experimental hnw ambient Elektrostal
label: Reason Art Records
reviewer: Simon Hit

This is an album that gives me the feeling of sitting too close to an open fire, in fact it might be the only place that isn’t going up in disastrous warmth of hot heated flames. Somehow the front of the open fire is the only safe place as you can watch through your ears as the flames rise up, clearly keeping it a bit under control in order to see if left over sparkles jump out to burn holes in your clothes.

I expect that outside this +- 1 meter safety zone all have been burning for a while. All seems to be going up in smoke as if the world has been a gigantic cigar. I can’t really tell if we our-self are actually on fire yet, as my ears are muffled from airborne ashes, asphalting the hearing capabilities like freshly laid highways.

In fact I would say that the +- 1 meter safety zone in front of the open fire is perhaps the only place left in the world that isn’t going (or had gone..) up into flames. Sometimes I feel it must be all coal out there, everything has to be like burned chicken wings; it isn’t edible but you can stare at it in all its bleak blackness.

Listening to these immersive lengthy works makes my nose hair grow back inwards,
and the hair on my head slowly pulling themselves back into the skull; that’s how hot this scene is. If you decide to join me in this small place between the flames, please bring some marshmallows as that would be a perfect occupation while waiting for the music to turn us into ashes.

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Tilted Axes – Music For Mobile Guitars

Artist: Tilted Axes
Title: Music For Mobile Guitars
Keywords: post-rock, alternative, art rock, experimental

Tilted Axes is a project created by composer / performer Patrick Grant, it markets itself as a processional event and an ensemble of electric guitarists. In the case of ‘Music For Mobile Guitars’ it manifests itself as a firm album that anyone into guitar sound and melodic mind-fucks will probably love to hear! There will be no hinder of vocalists trying to steal the show, this is a record that (even though some other instruments might pop up as a helping hand) is solidly about the guitar and what amazing things you could do with them.

One of the things you could do with them is delivering a fresh energetic start, like Tilted Axes is doing with the first track on the album ‘Shapes‘. It’s here that we get introduced to the sound and feel of bright electric guitars. I don’t want to break the balls all the way up front, but do think it’s a minute too long in my humble opinion; fresh energetic openers are nice but in a smaller dose it would have kept the feeling of surprise going.

Perhaps it also got to do that I’m pretty excited about the next composition waiting in line ‘Circulation in G Maybe’ which consists of really nice tones of guitar ambient that feels a bit like a quick daydream of pleasant minimal tones interwoven into each other. You can’t let such a beauty wait all too long to be heard!


Tilted Axes indoors: working on a beauty

The pressure of delivering a confident title track that honors the bands honor might be high. But Tilted Axes’s Tilted Axes Theme clearly shows no fear and comes across very confident. It’s packed with nice riffs that are melodic & feels rather friendly. For some reason I imagine it as a perfect theme track for a story about friends, it feels good although it does end on a mysterious cliffhanger note.

The track named ‘Pedal Swells’ goes for that mood of pure ambient chill that will surprise you as it is a sound and atmosphere that you wouldn’t expect to hear coming from a guitar based band; it sounds as if they are channeling their kind electronic side through non electronica. The guitars are playing a nicely pulsating pleasant mood, something that sounds intriguing and very interesting in the way how it is played out. Concretely speaking; the music flows around like a soft comforting dream with pleasant tones and emotion. Pretty beautiful and sensitive: sign me up for this one!


Tilted Axes bring their mobile guitars on the road

With ‘Theme Variation’ things get roughed up, drums are brought in and the guitars are a bit rawer. They sound a bit sharper as if they had been setup at a rougher side of town, perhaps behind a fence in a saloon that protects the band from being hit by beer cans. The tune halfway drops the drums for a nice break, giving the guitars the time to shine before they melt together again to become a much more practical force of melody.

A romantic mysterious sounding track named ‘Rivera Court’ follows up, it has something that sounds like you would expect to hear coming from a Pennsylvanian castle tower. It is something that suits the taste of a music loving vampire in need for a backdrop to compliment the sacrificial act of drinking the fresh blood of a virgin. The music has this elegant darkness over it that fits the scene of a cape wearing gentleman who loves to howl at the moonlight; Together with the melodic howling guitar provided by Tilted Axes, this act would set the scene in a perfect mood.

It’s pretty daring madness to go from such an atmospheric track to go directly in to the insanity that is ‘Techno Tilt’. A theatrical piece that feels to be made for lots of leather pants wearing characters with long haircuts twirling their heads in circular motives. Somehow I imagine them doing this on the beach, as it does sound like its a ‘everything is good, dude’ kind of party time. It’s as if rock n roll on the beach meets a blues brother attitude; very cinematic with fanatic energy and crazy riffs that would fits car chases & definitely a fun scene of rampage. It’s a very intense track that with its nervous bass line will drive you either to the discotheque or the nearest mental asylum. Obviously Tilted Axes has some quality internal communication going on as this is perfectly done math rock, something that for this case specifically I would like to dub as ‘mad-rock’.


The mad genius of the Tilted Axes project: Patric Grant

A strange friendliness comes out over here within ‘Kneadke Variation’, to me it’s a bit like the act of spiders knitting. The guitars are played very sweetly, and feel like they are teamed up by a sweet hippie flute to give it an extra cuteness. After this nice setting of kindness the track goes through some interesting variations, creating a weird passage that sounds incredibly smart and intelligent but also might drive the brain of an everyday listener into a complicated twisted knot.

Asciae Obliquiae seems to bring the sound and feel of positivism at its finest; it comes in the shape of a melodic guitar anthem that says without words that everything will be fine and all will be alright. The music comes with an on point thick guitar crust that clearly helps the higher melodic ones up to reach that state of happy sunny optimism to come out & play. If this track was a person it would probably be that positive uncomplicated buddy that is always happily popping up to pass out high fives, hands you a free beer and points to the sun for no apparent reason.

More serious (including a more dramatic kick start) is this tune named ‘Alamo Tilt’. The melody is on the edge of touching certain eeriness; it swings like it’s on its toes bringing the highest possible notes that feel to me a bit unnerving: The sound of being easily triggered and being on the edge. If it tells a story it would probably be about something that is tip toeing on a final chord that separates sanity with insanity. The more it plays the more it freaks me out, maybe it’s a bit too long for my personal taste as it is hitting these nervous points that is driving me (more!) mental then I was before. It probably got to do with that the music stays high, never seems to tumble down for a bit of relief or a little break; as if you are watching acrobats in the nock of a circus tent doing nonstop dangerous acts without safety cords attached to them.

Much more balanced and in the middle is ‘polymeric patterns’, which seems to colorfully mix the music layers into each other like a brainy puzzle. It showcases the true tightness of the band and their ability to mess with your head in a pretty trip kind of way. The music gives polite space to each section; letting the nice slap bass and laidback beat shine as useful friends that they are. Together as a team they help the psychedelic tones of these patterns nicely afloat, creating a soundtrack that feels like the material to smoke a joint on, just to get over the edge and completely absorbed through chasing these refined guitar tones that fly around like a psychedelic butterfly.


Tilted Axes delivering the sound of psychedelic butterflies out and in the open

Then it’s time to go back to planet earth with both feet on the ground, with our cool hats on and our eyes tucked away behind unmistakable sunglasses. This feels like a suitable way to listen to Beaubien Blues, a work that feels like the ‘blues brothers’ having a hell of a great time driving their Cadillacs around through the walls of super malls. It’s a soundtrack for doing quality naughty things and having fun. The main companionship of epic uplifting theatrical guitar riffs will make every scene that they do into a spinal tap. Loving the great funky solos in here, really creating a energetic soundtrack for a great fun story! Someone should write a movie script around it…

Corridor 84 + Krimson Coda is a wild bombastic track that sounds pretty much hands on, but the band is clearly playing so tightly that it’s like they are having no problem at all to keep up. For other guitarists this might be a work of sweat and tears but it’s clearly a peace of cake for Tilted Axes. It especially comes apparent when the tune evolves into a party in which the mind gets treated by the sound of a rock band on steroids; going quicker, speedier, faster like a car chase without seat-belts on! But even though the apparent madness, it is also sounding like a lot of fun!

Then it’s time for ‘Shapes 2’ which covers what we professionals call ‘melodic music knitting’; meaning that the music knits into each other with nice tonal changes. The track is quite bright, a bit like a busy sunny day in which the music goes up and down in some kind of showcase of talent. There is a fair amount of baselines that balances the track, nicely taken over the steering wheel like a captain turning the work over the seven seas of music. That might sound odd but not if you knew that this has a very theatrical atmosphere, making it one of these tracks that would fit a theme for a Hollywood movie. The track has also a notable ending in which it all gets nicely psychedelic, as if it’s delivering our heads on a plate to the biggest king of acid tabs. Don’t worry; you will recognize him when you see him!

At first sight ‘Tuanna Claonta’ brings in that rougher sound, but quickly it escalates into something that to me feels like we have entered some strange Irish palace in the Middle Ages. Imagine ‘lord of the river dance’ with rows of girls in black dresses kicking their feet and a dude in the middle flipping his legs like he is a flying ballerina, defying gravity and theatrical taste in one go. This track has this folksy Irish vibe going on, very full on with its rhythm and jumpy strikes on the guitars. I can’t take it seriously as all I can think of is how to stop my legs from kicking along, as they so desperately want to join in.

Imagine ‘Harmonic Revolutions’ delivering the soundtrack for a pretty winter wonderland of ambience; balancing soft tones that make it easy to visualize a bright snowed under landscape underneath a shining sun, all as seen from the warm comfort of a warmly stoked home. The music seems to represent that cozy, dreamy, homely sound.


Tilted Axes on the move!

Tilted Axes obviously wanted to make this album to go out with a bang, and it’s not a bang of fireworks but the sound of them clearly having a blast of a good time. The sound and style that they bring here is the band at its most fun, clearly skipping their brain sessions & mathematical melody puzzles and just focus on the fun part of playing. They call this ‘The Sound of Burning Chairs’ and for some reason it makes sense as they play like they don’t really enjoy chairs to sit on; as clearly mobile guitarists prefer parading their sounds around freely!  All in all a pretty nice album, cleverly setting each track in a different mood or style; defying boredom with ease & creating a nice flow along the way that makes it an enjoyable and inspiring listen. In fact you might want to take this album with you while you enjoy your own ‘mobility’:


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