No Peafowls / comingforever – Split

Artist : No Peafowls / comingforever
Title : Split
Label : Cuerpo
Release : November 2016
Reviewer: Wayne Rex

Here at Yeah I Know It Sucks, we get quite a few review requests from the good folk of Mexico and each release never fails to surprise me. Some fantastic and vibrant artists are seeping up through the underground scenes of this fine country and all various streams of musical styles.

That leads me seamlessly (cough) to this ‘ere release. Out now on Cuerpo Records through digital download via their bandcamp site. There, that’s the sale spiel outa the way so now on to the music.

No Peafowls kicks of proceedings with a track entitles ‘Purpose.’ If I am to take the title literally (and being English that’s kinda what we do) then the purpose of this track is conjure up instant darkness but not fear. Deep altered vocals send vibrations from the ear drums right down to you beating heart, though I suspect the guy who sung it quite possibly doesn’t poses a beating heart as the undead springs to mind when listening to this vocal. There’s rumbling and spacey effects throughout the track and all held together with some customary classic rock drumming. This however is no classic rock track. Classic black metal, maybe? Definitely a retro sound and I strangely envisage some guys on the front cover in studded leather vest and pants, holding up a faux medieval sword and freshly prepared mullet but, that’s probably just how my mind works..

Comingforever bestows us with the next track, which sports the title ‘Svarte Natten’ Don’t quote me on this but I think svarte means black in Swedish and I’m going take a stab in the dark and guess that Natten means Night. Please feel free to correct me and call me a bell end, if I’m wrong. This is classic double bass drumming, black metal, cheesy goodness. It doesn’t make you feel intimidated but smile. There’s some really competent playing here. It’s a good track, quite catchy for black metal. I genuinely never know how to take this genre of music. Is it deadly serious or tongue in cheek? To my ears I can appreciate the musicality of the playing and tightly honed craft of playing that tightly and the stamina needed for the speed involved. I’ll leave the serious or tongue in cheek question for you the listener to answer as it is after all, subjective.

No Peafowls is next with a heavy arsed track entitled ‘Eye’ This has some heavy fuzz guitar playing going on with a riff composed to take your eye out! Superb double bass drumming albeit with a basic beat but that is exactly what this type of music needs. It’s short and to the point and leaves your heart racing and wanting more but also glad there isn’t any more as 3 minutes is the perfect length for such a butt kicking song.

To finish we have Comingforever with the song ‘Eradicate’ That is a cool word so bonus points for that. Satanic vocals that remind me of a cradle of filth vibe but with an almost pop riff. I don’t mean pop, like Prince but in the sense that it has a riff more accustomed to a commercial rock track. That is no bad thing and really works with the vocals. I think that it even makes the track come across more serious and less cheesy, which is alas something black metal can do too well and too often. This however is not one of those cheesy tracks. It’s good and surprisingly listenable. I mean that kindly too, in the sense that it has a broader appeal that just the black metal scene.

To sum it up I think if you’re a fan of this style of music then you will love this record and it’s well worth the download. If, like me you’re not sure about this music then I would still recommend opening your ears and mind to it as you may just end up tapping your feet, banging your head and singing an octave lower in future.

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zheimeer – nineteen twenty

Artist: zheimeer
Title: nineteen twenty
Keywords: Drone / Experimental / Other
Label: Sirona-Records

The last and brand new release on the greatest netlabel of free music is ‘nineteen twenty’ by zheimeer. It’s one that I listened in the early morning with a couple of birds chatting my ears off. I mean real birds, the one with feathers and beaks. They seemed unaware of the music, or just didn’t seem really bothered as they clearly had no sense of shutting up.

The music however I felt was the perfect music to wake up with, something that should be adored in silence and not with birds singing disturbingly away. However I did try to focus, and trust me; its highly recommended to put up the volume to the maximum as if the place isn’t decorated in silence, you might have actual trouble hearing the whole show.

There are loud moments you will certainly not miss, strange moving almost panically haunting ones, funny cut up words (did a person just say ‘man-hole’?, but also some sounds recordings that feel like the artist has been reimagining a swamp with its natural creatures all with its mouth as the instrument. A good impression of some seagulls is included; something that obviously pleased the birds that had been listening along with me… next to some British documental voices the sound session predominantly consist of sound that needs your ultimate focus or you might miss it.

These drones are sounding so very deep, it really feels like you need to spice up your bass receiving frequencies to really make the most out of it. Even when I said ‘screw those birds’ and went from speaker to a headphone listening session (how selfish could a person be?) I really needed to put both hands on either side of the headphones in order to press it down my ears to fully hear the depth.

Halfway zheimeer inserts a electric clicking rhythm and makes the album sounding more engaging to even persons whose ears aren’t great on receiving lower frequencies. The sounds here feel like a experimental parrot along with some old fashioned stories of ‘how to speak English’ nicely screwed to funny extend. 

It was here that I’ve unplugged the headphones once again and shared the left over album with the birds once again. And believe me or not, with a tiny interference they mostly kept silent while they hopped on their tiny feet curiously, as if they finally unplugged their tiny ears and showed the music the attention that it so much deserved.

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The Das Kaput – Puts It All Out There

Artist: The Das Kaput
Title; Puts It All Out There
Keywords: electronic know your rights this is not normalelectro electropop post-punk post-rock resistanceBethlehem

The Das Kaput is Jimmy Kaput & Ivana Kaput, they sound as if they are from the past landed in the future that is now. Right on time to sit on the front row for the promised apocalypse. Let me chat about the tracks while we are at it… it’s gonna be huge!

The New Regime’ gets nicely thrown in with instant hyper sleekness, quirky beats, funky music with poppy synth and spicy guitar mentalism. The singing is being done by a robot and human interaction, asking how do you like ‘me’ now? The New Regime sounds so convenient for this time of the year with the orange man sworn into the White House. Words get dropped like ‘tiny hands’ and ‘loser’ and the place gets newly redecorated, what was once was marble is now being pimped up with a layer of urine-gold.

Like A Magnet’ keeps the upbeat apocalyptic future vibes rolling with nice grooves, underlying dark growling bass, sweet mellowness on top and singing ‘like a magnet’ on repeat in a style that is wet and sharp. Not so sure if the magnet theme is a metaphor of something, but let’s say that this tune is nice enough that it makes you wish the tune and your ears are like a pair of magnets, hopelessly attracted to each other. It’s electronic rock music for happy cyber people and probably ‘you’ and ‘me’.

Ain’t Whistling Dixie’ is the next step in the operation of Jimmy Kaput & Ivana Kaput. They take up a desirable notch up, swinging us into space for a stoner robot friendly track with lots of electronic dubbed vibes to function as plasters for upcoming hurricanes and earthquakes. The future they sketch might not be bright, but at least there is good music when the earth ends.

TDKTS Prelude is probably referring to the next The Das Kaput Theme Song, setting the trend with an atmospheric militarism, something that is rhythmic & shimmering, still very sci-fi. It makes me feel as if the Kaput duo have emulated them selves into half machine half human -humanoids- in order to convey this kind of tripping far ahead of time future music.

At the end, the promised, ‘The Das Kaput Theme’ which does some quality brand branding, burning the project’s name in a German accent with nice synthesis and mechanic structure that feels like we are back in 1987 with the underground filled with electronic projects that had something to say, beamed up into the future to stand out and bring themselves and their music to the upper crust of the surface. The music gets hypnotic, probably making sure to go under neath the skin to be forever remembered.

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Hanin Elias – Get it Back

artist: Hanin Elias
title: Get it Back
keywords: electronic diego sagredo electronic lorenzo montana marcel degaz mismerizer mutfak new wave postpunk sindaddy subpop tikahiri ting tiffany vigilante yeti popstar Berlin

Hanin Elias’s ‘get it back’ is like a super punch to the chin to all oppressors, evil goers and enemies. The music slaps around like the best revenge, a battery charger for anyone in need for a power-upper to go and kick some ass or simply get you through your personal mission.

The album gots the energy to blow doors wide open, the beats are blasting determined & hectically, the noises are manically engaging, it’s the material that take you to the front line, jump over barriers and make what is wrong – right!

Hanin’s voice is like poison, takes no nonsense, cuts to the truth; sabotages the established culture of bullshit super stars who show off soulless money-bling and features women as some prop; they all suck and will fade to shame in the presence of intelligence.

Maybe it’s inappropriate to take some time off in the middle of an engaging review, but this all made me think of these modern day heroes like Vanessa Beeley who went to Syria as a independent reporter when no western journalist was on the ground. while the west was reporting pre-scripted propaganda, she bravely risked her life for the truth, things she seen with her own eyes, unbiased and passionately. She still has to fight every day with her heart against the payed zombies, trolls and other war mongering psychopaths who only worship money & couldn’t care less about human lives or reality.

Or Eva Bartlett, the Independent Canadian reporter who also is brave enough to go and see for herself what is really going on in Syria. She reported her honest findings even though it swims against the stream of the narratives from the wests mainstream media… the expression of it taking balls to do something like that can go straight into the bin, as it takes brains, love, passion and courage!

Somehow I imagine this album being the fire and the flames for anyone who needs that bit of bravery that these women have, to stop sitting behind their desk, spooning up whatever the television feeds them  & go out for themselves in order to find truth themselves and share & defend their findings independently & in the good pretense to hopefully make a difference. It might just be the push in the back to bring out your inner power and grow some brains and guts!

It’s sad, but one of my favorite Hanin Elias songs ‘Future Noir’ (gosh I played that tune so much that I can probably dream up every word…) is unfortunately as relevant today as when it first came out. It makes my hair stand up, it doesn’t just tell the harsh truth of reality today but also offers solutions. People who think for themselves, woke up from their prisons of propaganda, break the spell, become the dragon to resist this bleak future run by psychos. Don’t believe nothing, do your own research, shrug off the claws of the brainwash machine!

‘I Want You’ is a love the love song, a duet that music wise marries my earlier thoughts of Syria with the slight desert-roots, it is a sensual desire that could perhaps suggest a love between peoples but somehow the song with its Arabian vibe feels more like a all loving love for a specific part of the Middle East.

The album sharply cuts on with ‘money’ in which it feels as Hanin imagines herself into the mind of the psychopaths who destroy the world. The thoughts are terrifying, love is not for sale but money is all that they want or care for. Forget world peace – there is no profit to make with that concept; money is all that there’s lunatics want. Funny thing is that after being banned nonstop from every go find me page for not being with the establishment – Hanin Elias, actually ask for your financial support to help the people in Syria. She has Syrian roots, growing up there and family still holding strong onto their grounds. She has been personally collecting money to send to Syria but got blocked from PayPall cause only money supporting terrorists by governments is probably allowed, not her sending money for kids to play sports and buy some descent foods…

It’s a long story, but this whole review was a bit of a decoy to come to this point and let you know that this is the only fundraiser campaigner that you can trust. Hanin will go herself (she has been last year too) to Syria and will give all the money collected to the Syrian families in need on the ground. You got to respect that and I beg you if you can afford to give away some money please donate it to her for this cause.


Hanin Elias her space ship is ready…

So don’t give it blindly to terrorists like the ‘white helmets’ but give to someone who goes there personally who does want peace… and if you know Hanin her music throughout her career you know she ain’t bullshitting you; her words are just as her actions; honest, smart as she put her mouth where her heart is. She is one of these artists who use their medium to engage in truth, no egos or manufactured agendas.. so please if you can, please donate to this cause over here:

With people like her, burning for goodness and destroying the greedy sickos we can really change things, not like fake presidential promises or burning limousines because George Soros paid you too; but actual action! This album is the oil on the fire, the high heel slicing the capitalistic throat, the wild power that cannot be contained, something that comes from the inside and will never ever sell out! Get yourself ready and start a riot by using your own brain, mind and liberation; let this music be your source to get the best out of you!
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Harsh Noise Movement – Death Valley Jazz

Artist: Harsh Noise Movement
Title: Death Valley Jazz
Keywords: experimental free improvisation free jazzharsh noise harsh noise wall harshnoise wallhnw noise

When I heard this album I was getting severely enthusiastic again as this ob contains genre-breaking tracks that will probably amaze you. Think serious jazz, lounge avant-garde with actual melodies and soulfulness with harsh Noise moments.. I can’t think of anyone who have brought these kind of worlds together & the results are something that could bring jazz lovers and noise fans together…let me describe you the tracks included:

A walk amongst the damned’ is the kind of walk that feels like it could only be done with a limp leg, maybe boozed up, walking sideways over the graveyard of former jazz musicians. Music wise it’s as eccentric as a lama’s ass on the dinner table. The strangeness of vibrant weirdo jazz that slowly meets up with odd noises are such a never-heard-before-combo that it made me pretty much thrilled from originality.

Death Valley is another cat in the bag of ‘you-got-to-hear-&-feel-it-to-believe-it tracks. First it’s served in a weird avant-garde story telling way, half drunkenly played with crashes to lick your eyeballs for. But when the noises drop in the track becomes very awesome, like a marvelous crazy sandstorm in the mind of a eccentric jazz player in the middle of an epic meltdown. There are not enough words available to say how awesome this is!

Death rides a unicycle’ has also enough crashes to feel like you are at some avant-garde jazz show. However it also comes with a lonely eerie melody that feels so like you should encounter it in a seventies trash movie. Movies like ‘Don’t look into the basement’ or ‘nightmare in Seattle’ (the last one I just made up…) these themes gets a nice young round of being roughed up by cute screeching harsh Noise. It’s so weird this combination of avant-garde and noise that it makes both my thumps doing a automatic thumps up.

The Enlightenment’ throws in a spiritual connection to the album, we can hear some (probably) wise person mumbling some magical prayers, slow strings and high-hats open the way of more unidentifiable noises. It is really weird as for sone sadistic reason I had expected that the s track would end up in terrible terrifying harsh Noise but it surprised by just keeping it nice and gentle; don’t F with spirituality!

The next track is ‘night parade’ which comes across lonely and waving the nightly mood in a romantic way. Real music that sounds like its made by blowing air through a oboe is what I’m talking about. But there is also so drumming and noise to wake you up and keep you on the edge of entertainment.

‘Dream Sequence’ is up next, growling in a bit of a grumpy mood. It is here that I once again feel like the artist is discovering untouched new territory. The music gets a asking feeling while harsh cruel noise lays down a firm crunchy layer. I can only say that this is opening doors for harsh Noise to be played at avant-garde jazz shows & avant-garde jazz being booked at harsh Noise nights. ‘Rise of the Summertime’ flies in a similar direction, mixing a sweet and lovely played melody on repeat with a hot bed of brain damaging loudness.

After that it’s some time off with a pair of drums that apparently drum to call upon a storm. The title is more scary than the actual content which also surprisingly moved into a reprise of enlightenment which is also very polite and kind sounding. Somehow this release shreds off all boundaries by doing something unexpected. All the way at the end the album goes for one more lengthy lounge jazz vibe, something you would probably expected the least of Harsh Noise Movement but you got to respect it; its in fact really good! Besides true fans won’t be disappointed as when you least expect it all hell will break loose! This must be the most groundbreaking & shaking release of 2017! Highly recommended!

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Angela Sawyer – On The Pedestrian Side

Artist: Angela Sawyer
Title: On The Pedestrian Side
Keywords: duck that experimental exusamwa preggy peggyweirdo records avant-garde boston electroacoustic lazy babymakers modern musique concrete noise weird popOakland
Label: Weird Ear Records

Angela Sawyer has a typical voice that probably isn’t for everyone. It’s like the marketing slogan for marmite ‘you either like it or not’. If tuning into this album is your the first time to hear this artist sing and play, it might be a good tip to just throw away your expectations and play it with a fresh open mind (and ears). The more you hear it, the more you probably enjoy it.

I guess it might be a bit of a shock ‘the uniqueness’ of Angela Sawyer’s potent singing sound, she just doesn’t sound like any other singing person out there. At first glance it can feel a bit overwhelming to hear her vocal abilities skillfully cheering up the authentic experimental folkish notes of weirdo music playing, but when you take a step back, keep your automatic judgement a bit at bay you will probably notice that her voice is a miracle. It’s an instrument on its own, a very unique instrument with tonal resonance that made me think of a bizarre flute-trumpet, something that has never been seen or heard before, carefully able to create music in a complete new level and style.

It’s pretty rare that a eccentric instrument on its own is next to producing tones also able to produce words, lyrics – songs. Once you respect these qualities of Angela Sawyer you probably tune in more often, start to respect the unique oddness that makes you feel like you are listening to a life-like fairytale character that somehow can meow like a cat and speak the human language at the same time.

Most beloved song that spoke to me the most on this fine album of her is ‘Is It Really Me?’. A song so fun and compact, with cute sounds and fine warmth in which the quirkiness works so well that it becomes the song you probably want to play on repeat. It’s like a alternative fun pop song that sounds communicated from the artist’s closest personal space; each time it parades out of my speakers I feel a pleasant smile magically appearing on my face. To me it’s the hit on this album, a song that makes instantly happy while not being bombastically in the face, but rather cute and upbeat. If Everyone would play this a million times on repeat the world wouldn’t go mental but probably would be a very happy place.. even the haters of marmite will probably dig this one!

But it’s not just this song that tickles my fancy, the whole album is a good listen. I love the little harmonies, the rhythms, the lack of being afraid to experiment. The literal and physical honesty that drops out of all these songs. The sweetness of thoughts in I wonder as I wander, the sleepy sexy funkiness of muffled drums while expressing dreams of boys in ‘Millicent Bell’, the livability of ‘the knife I carry’… may this knife be used to open your heart if it was closed and let the pure thoughtful music of Angela Sawyer in:

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Jan Strach – Rosknrolmusis E . P.

Artist: Jan Strach
Title: Rosknrolmusis E . P.
Keywords: rock casio experimental pop jan strach polandpolish polska post-pop post-punk post-rock retrowaveunderpolen Poznań
Label: Underpolen

Hello and welcome. If you are into mumblings about music, you might be at the right address. If you like engaging music that goes wherever the wind of creativity blows; I point the finger towards this little left over work created by Polish legendary music maker, game developer, reviewer and all round intelligent life form; Jan Strach. Let me stop wasting your time and start juggling up some findings of this release to convince you that it will probably please you…

Science-fictional scientists will probably make romances in their laboratories while the first track of this original Jan Strach release plays. It has the dreamy science vibe that recalls glazed eyes in test tubes, fuzzy brains traveling through neurological landscapes of dreams. It’s a fairly interesting sound that feels like someone needs to kiss and make love while it does its thing in order to ‘research’ it all properly. What is love?

Skok ze Skarpy? I have no idea what it means, but it does sound rather lovable. Very cute, like a alien minstrel on a sunny day with a lovable breeze in a summer sun. The alien sings beautiful unearthly tones to extreme passion. It’s a wet and strange sensual alien sexual tension that somehow nestled itself in this part of the release. As if an extraterrestrial has come to earth to sing, beam you up and make mad love to you for months in a row.

The next part of the Jan Strach original gives us another extreme story to bewildered about. The music provides a melange mix of something Arabic, something rock and something straight out of a muppet show movie. Visual wise I would think of a fakir directing a snake with a flute and a long haired weirdo who happens to be his best pall out on the streets…

After that the release goes for a fine jamming vibe, with a slow but engaging rhythm, something that feels like being in the eighties with lots of big poofy haircuts, enormous Hawaiian shirts and Jan Strach and friends making the beach unsafe with their dangerously cool vibes.

The moment that this release sets into a track named ‘Q’ is the time to put your head close to the speakers in order to make your own hair wave into the wind. If you don’t have hair on top of your head you might just think of your eyebrows waving along with the fuzzy guitar windiness. Perfect material to hear after a shower; blowing your head dry without ever the need for a towel.

Jan Strach, being ever so kind, ends this release with a nice relaxed work, something that sounds rarer cute and lovely, with soft piano bits, smooth ambience, dreamy fuzzing guitar bits; creating a final destination to hang your head in and think; gosh this is the music I’ve been waiting for all my life… so chill!

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