Zwaremachine – Be A Light


artist: Zwaremachine
title: Be A Light
keywords: electronic, darkwave, ebm, industrial, synth, techno, Minneapolis

So, let’s start this off by when this was brought to my attention


I’m adding a caption here because it is IMPOSSIBLE to tell where the photo ends and the body of text resumes, and then it just got like not a survival level of unbearable but very much so not happening levels of unbearable

I am sorely tempted to leave the review at that, but hey. I’m all charged up on mate and cacao powder (note: you might want to eat before doing so, my body was doing all sorts of aches and churnings I feel I would not have experienced if I had put the yum yum in my tum tum).

The past few days have been a damn decent jump start back into good music lately. Found a pretty neat label, released my own album, and last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST we have Zwaremachine here with Be A Light. Oh the dark tones. Oh the body gyrations. Enough to make someone go unfunfunfunfunfunfunfsplurt/musclespasmintopleasureoblivion.

We skip the first two tracks (because they are unavailable as of yet, May 2018 is the release date!) and wind up at the 3rd track titled…Be A Light. Hm…if I am right (I know, it’s very hard to be sure, especially in these trying times of misinformation) then that’s also the title of the album. Which means, this is ALREADY A FANTASTIC ALBUM. And again, I’m tempted to leave the review as it is. I mean, seriously? How much better could it possibly get?

Oh shit! Right there’s music involved! Ok, so the eponymous track gets us into sick synth basslines and wonderful percussion. I despise being compared to other musicians, so I try not to for others, BUT if someone were in the mood for some early malnourished baby dog tunes, this is right up your alley. Groovy and dark. Makes the body move. Makes the body sweat. Raspy, gritty vocal machinations round the track out nicely. If I had to say their title of embodying early industrial is correct. I have little to no idea though, because I myself am barely getting into industrial myself. So, I’ll take their own expert opinion on this.

IEYEI makes a lot of sense. I didn’t look at the track title while listening to it, so that little bit of illumination does wonders. All sorts of fun blips and sprinkles are abound throughout the track and come in at the right moments. Crafted very well this has been. Comes together. Leaves together. Swell.

So, finally, we head to the last currently available track. It starts AGGRESSIVE. B E AGGRESSIVE. The snares feel like they’re smacking harder, the synths beaming into my brain which then converts this sonic sexy time feelin into the dance move synaptic reactions. YES.

Not only are there going to be 4 other tracks available for your listening pleasure in a few months BUT ALSO REMIXES. So, a decent chunk of material left to be heard.

In closing, absolutely hot shit right here, like the figurative kind, not like the defecation type because that has a whole negative inspiring image, which we don’t want because this is some great music (also doesn’t help I have been cravin this type lately but even if you aren’t, it’s still solid so yeah)

Check out the three tracks available, and then the rest when they come out below:

| | | |
v v v v

To be honest, i thought those pseudo arrows made via text would look a lot better. But since they don’t that’s all the more reason to keep them there.


In my excitement over reviewing this splendid release I went and posted this onto a different page associated with this account and if it weren’t for the divine properties of copy/paste this may have been lost forever. Anyways, I bid you adieu fair readers. Catch ya’ll on the flip side of the flip side.



Haha! Well, I happened to get into contact with one member of this terrific trio and they happened to send me the full thing, so with that in mind here is the whole experience FROM THE BEGINNING, in the form of words. Also, one might be able to call this the flip side of the flip side. Past me really had it together.

Pulse drags along, as if carrying up a corpse up a mountainside, or maybe some like shiny modern day metal pyramid with like all sorts of dark tones and FEEL THE PULSE IN YOUR BRAIN. I tried to tune my physical perceptors to feel the blood rushing through my head, but that didn’t work out so well, plus can be a bit unnerving so maybe it was for the best. Some light sample work comes in (man, like I get why people moved away from samples being used in tracks, at least as heavily as bygone eras but it is really fun to hear them in tracks!) as we continue our inevitable ascent. Yummy.

The ones that wronged us are about to get it, not nice style. Our revenge establishes the groove. The kind you bounce your head to absentmindedly while waiting at the red light. Involuntary dance because it’s just that moving. Rolling toms and higher note synths tie in the in-betweens Oh, they’re saying this isn’t our revenge. I guess it’s time to roll back the devious schemes into something else for the time being. Excellent instrument choices, it’s just so good. It hits you in all the right spots.

Similar synth with a slightly more sinister tone comes in, and suddenly our drums appear as we come back around to Be A Light. The pad over the same bass and crisper voices pick the pace up a bit more. Definitely being drawn in. I’m imagining wiggling around as one of the spines clad in translucent flesh, finding the next piece of machinery to possess.  Uh oh, the over before you know it phenomenon has occurred yet again. So sad really, but alas the show must go on.

With renewed vigor, IEYEI sidles into aural view. It’s coming to get you. Those quick bursts of lets, be it four or three and such drive home the feeling of being hunted/pursued/etc. Those keys nigh spliced in adding accents that one didn’t think you would need but so want right now. Outro got rather percussive. A nice way to bring us out.

I thought Person to Person (I realize now that all the titles are capitalized but it’s too late to go back now, leave them all behind they’re just dead weight, baggage if you will) was aggressive, but Another Way comes in with a whole different wavelength of violence. Like ear splitting grin because the mind just snapped and lookout whomever it is that next crosses your path because they’re going to get it. For whatever reason, I can feel the heat of the club in this one, that level of it’s too warm to be comfortable but that’s exactly what makes it comfortable and what you need more of.

DRKNRG. Repeating. Pound it into my skull. Feeling it so much I can’t even see. Samples featured much more heavily going rapidfire in not quite the background as the synths aim to make a straightforward statement of rhythmic movement, crepuscular imagery, and overall badassery. On a tangent, I always think it funny when astrophysicists and what not talk about dark matter and dark energy. At least in it’s closer to mainstream infancy, it seemed it was thrown out there because we had no idea what the hell it actually was. Personally, I can’t wait for when we have better understandings of that part of the working universe because that kind of stuff interests me from time to time. Anywho…I feel they need to look no further than this track for dark energy in spades.

We dive into inter personal interactions as Person to Person returns to our ears. I wish I could be person to person, dancin along to the delectable tunes of Zwaremachine. Assuming I could dance of course. I can’t so I’d do some flailing and hope that they wouldn’t really notice and just have a good time of it all. No central authority. That’s excellent. Who needs it? I kind of got away from the music again, but like all the releases I really enjoy, it’s something to feel yourself!

On that note, go ahead and check out the link above for quite the rush. And as a reminder on May 18th, 2018, you too can hear all the tracks plus I am sure the many splendid remixes. Ta ta for now.


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Quimper – A Soft Day

Artist: Quimper
Title: A Soft Day
Keywords: experimental artpop avant-garde dark haunting instrumental lofi outsider music psychedelic wonky pop United Kingdom

Like a hypnotic session Quimper seems to be able to drown its listeners instantly with the intriguing sounds of mystification. There goes our brain, being carried out of our heads by Quimper’s little melodically helpers, almost like ants that bring a entire picnic scene to their ant colony. There are no little footsteps, and you won’t even really notice what will be happening until the mysterious music of Quimper already displaced your mind with a bunch of minds from other listeners.

While we realize that our brains had been placed together with all the other Quimper listeners, we can hear the spirit of Quimper herself coming down the royal stairs. With a organic sound that feels like a hot headed pretty dream with a feverish undertone, every captured brain (including the one previously belonging to you and me) will stare at it with a respectful gaze.
Once the graceful deity had placed itself on our level as a almost equal; hot dance music erupts!

This music is loaded with voices that feel hot and intoxicating, perfectly engaging in eroticism that will make the dance floor party music in such a hotness that all the kidnaped brains will get a little jiggly with and among each other! Brain cells rubbing brain cells and it feels oh so good! They keep on rubbing our minds and we keep rubbing happily theirs until a happy ending erupts.

All the brains (including our own) will be happily satisfied, flowing around in this melodic Quimper state that feels like a warm wishful wish, a Melody world of well wishes, happy thoughts and love. Quimper hugs you with its good hearted kindness, cherishes your companionship and fills your mind up with faithful joy. No brain wants to ever go back into their own skull, that’s how lovely this brand new EP by Quimper is!

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sp3ct3rs – micro doses

Artist: sp3ct3rs
title: micro doses
keywords: drone experimental improvised noise sound art sound collage East Montpelier

sp3ct3rs did again an amazing job, one that will blow your mind away as if your mind had been a sexual organ and ‘the job’ a way to pleasure it. But let’s not start this review off with sexual thoughts as the music on this release sounds way to significant to be associated with hormones that go all over the place. This music is pure headphone bliss, filling each ear (both left and right) up with warm doses of micro love, quick tracks that seemed to be interwoven into each other like a deejay on a journey of good taste and a quest for the ultimate chill out.

sp3ct3rs simply knows how to provide the warmth that will give any listener that ultimate feeling of bliss, making these micro sonic pleasures stand out within their own delights. With warm tones, abstract smoothness and intoxicating tones and attitudes they will do anything within their charms to seduce you into a well willing listening blob, one that will just sit there in front of the speakers, or blanked out with headphones on. This music is like a poison that you would want to drink as its taste and by effects are simply so nice and irresistible that it would be worth dying for.

With acoustic allure, not afraid to play itself backwards for great forwards respect; these sounds form their intoxicating tunes. They are so lovely and friendly, making them come across like innocent drinks, that will knock you out in the end from an overdose of pleasure. These music bits might come in small doses but their strengths make them sound like the Goliath under the microscopic giants!
These amazingly crafted cases of headphone compositions will be happy to knock you out in the kindest way ever; an overdose of excellent audio / music!

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Lone Cosmonaut – Unity

Artist: Lone Cosmonaut
title: Unity
keywords: electronic experimental charity collaboration instrumental synthesizer
label: Trixie Delight For Charity

Instant happiness generated by sweet thick sounds is always a pleasure to feel. This emotion that will generate a smile on your usually stubborn face, mixed with your body making movements that you haven’t even been aware off that they had been possible; they are simply proof that something beyond your own self has hijacked your system to inject that pure sense of musical joy into your mind, meat and bones! There is no reason to wipe off the smile of your face or to stop moving your body parts as long as this music plays.

It is simply because the music over here will make you feel so very good, loved and flexible. As if the electronic sounds are the oil to smoothen your body up, making it all lose and free. Resistance will be an undesired action because the music overrules all shields, lowers them down in order to fill a listener completely up with love and the music form of it. It is groovy, thick and impossible to fight against. If anything it is something to lean against, as the melodies are so nicely thick that you will bounce back between them.

These melodies are so cool, so synthetic and fat that you feel like you are listening to a actual classic synthesizer album from way back in the day, one that has delivered golden records hanging on the producer’s wall & are now collectables in every self-respected record shop. But now, they are brand new, high class in a superb quality! With nothing but goodness to give, making it a great gift to play for yourself as a music lover, or for you and your lover as lovers do. There will simply be no chance that anyone would dislike what they would hear or experience when this music is playing. Even the sound of a guitar that sneaked in will not harm a fly or an opinion; it’s truly a really nice release of music! Add that all the money spend on this lovely release will be going to the paypal account of “Phone Credit For Refugees And Displaced People”. So donate to this case of good music + a good cause!

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Tatira – The Light Will Disappear

Artist: Tatira
Title: The Light Will Disappear
Keywords: electronic dark ambient noise techno New Bedford

Apparently techno had met up with drone to make some kind of new firm collaboration. The brain behind it is Tatira, a name that brings many questions as is this the name of a project or a beautiful name for a artist / person? Either way, Tatira had been putting one and one together and came up with this techno drone album. How does this go and does it work well together?

I guess so, depending on which genre of the two you are into.. it would be handy if you love both of them as otherwise it wouldn’t make much sense. Still drone and techno separately feels a bit like miles apart, so to hear them laying next to each other as on this release, is a bit like a intergenrial culture gender bender that somehow ended together to share a room in order to pay the rent. They manage and respect each other, probably be friendly palls that have no problem sharing the toilet and bathroom facility. Still the neighbors might whisper; what a odd duo!

These noisy ignorant neighbors and perhaps some extreme followers and fans of the drone genre might be a bit confused over the nonstop techno flow of beats and unforgiving train rides of rhythms between their favorite drone friend.. Not that they might not like it, it’s just so very different than their usual sandwich of fluffy cloudy ambience without a single bit of pounding involved. Also the extreme techno fans might be a bit shocked as they will probably have no headache relating to this music, yet will be all confused when they hear the drone without a beat; how can they relate and dance on this? Expand your mind people – do more psychedelics!

The lack of concrete upfront techno melodies might not even be noticed among the neighbors and extreme drone and techno fans, this is also depending on how much xtc the fan of both these genres had munched before plugging into this album. If anything, lovers of minimal techno might be the most beautiful crowd to receive this release. They would probably think that the pure drone sessions among the pounding beat techno tracks have simply gone so minimal, that there was no need for a beat anymore!

Personally as a fan and frequent listener of both genres and a activist of the acceptance of genre – diversity; I think it’s another historic piece of history for in the books! If you would be active and dance to the beat of the techno and than can get a chilling rest on a smooth drone to refuel your energy again, I simply can not see why anyone would be annoyed, have complaints or would be seriously freaked out by this come together of opposites. As actually they do seem to go well together! Like a extreme yin and yang even! I say hooray for the braveness of pushing for a perfect oddball partnership and bravo for equality!

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Dave Jackson and Wayne Rex – First Offence (Live in London)/ Sticks and Stones (Live in Bristol)


artists: Dave Jackson, Wayne Rex
title: First Offence (Live in London)/ Sticks and Stones (Live in Bristol)
keyboards: dave jackson, experimental, freeform jazz, live jazz, skronk, uk jazz, wayne, rex, experimental music, free jazz, noise music, noiserock, space music, Florida

Firstly, and dare I say it, most importantly, the astute among you will have noticed that I put in keyboards instead of keywords. Such was the nature of my state of exhaustion. It’ll be a fun one, kiddos.

A note of warning though, if you don’t like free jazz, you might want to take your exit immediately.

That being said, Wayne Rex and Dave Jackson come out full force, launching us right into the action. One might call it a First Offence (ha ha ha, you see I pretend to be a writer some times and this is what happens). Ok, moving on. Bombastic snares and a daring sax cause such a commotion that one can’t help but get lost in the revelry before slightly mellowing out, somewhat disjointed tones and moods beginning to take shape.

Hey, here’s a side note. Every time I listen to this release, I can’t help but get the image that I’m in some sort of exotic (I’m feeling of heavy Moroccan influence but I feel somewhere else might be a more suitable locale, maybe some sort of remote Southeast Asian island, yeah that works for me) cafe, filled with expatriates to form some sort of creative collective, with this duo in the corner playing their soul out, me clickety clackety on a typewriter, feverish sweat pouring down my face as some sort of literary masterpiece escapes my fingers, everyone taking drags on their cigarettes every 15 seconds combined with the copious consumption of illicit substances, yet somehow that being the reason for how the place even functions to begin with. Still, everyone is tense for no reason because there is a sense of things needing to be done that aren’t and even those things get forgotten by the next drag. That’s just me though, and maybe that’s more Naked Lunch than me. Some sort of beatnik dystopia. Alright, let’s scrap it.

Minute 6 passes us by, and well, shit I seem to have forgotten how to review these sorts of things. This type of music, more than any other, I feel HAS to be experienced and dove into headfirst, and no amount of picturesque scenes and words can do it justice. It’s something you have to feel, and if you don’t feel it now, I hope you feel it at some point in your life. When it clicks for you, it is a wonderful feeling. Best thing to do is take your time, and if now isn’t the moment, at least keep it in the back of your head to try again at some later point.

And then silence. A few crying notes, and some light taps and a tension fills the air. What will come next? The anticipation, the waiting. Hints of something more and then dead silence. A few more clues, before a quick return into all sorts of ideas that decide to spring from mind to instrument and so forth before coming into some solid outro. Intense! I had to go back three or four times to hear that climatic finale yet again, what a burst of energy from seemingly nowhere. Ah yes, cheers! Well deserved indeed, and glad the audience liked it to.

Phew, and so does it for our first track. Onto the next then. This one titled Evidence. Dave Jackson leads us off as Wayne Rex joins in. I will be truthful here, I tend to get lost with these types of things. Seem to forget where I had began, and seem to forget that there is ever really an end. I am no expert or even a casual listener, so it’s easy to get lost in the moment, which if I had to wager might just be the point. Fast paced this track is. Hits hard and then disappears real quick with the sax plowing ahead, forging a path of sorts. It is incredible to me the depth that these two men are able to conjure up with their sonic sorcery. What I mean is, I have heard plenty of songs, with all sorts of rhythms and patterns and instruments and they are cleverly crafted and all that but they seem to be lacking a certain something. I’m not going to call it soul, because I don’t think it is, but it is a certain something that some musicians are able to tap into and I wholeheartedly feel these two are able to put forth in spades. Well, just to show how lost I got, the track is already over…

Which concludes the first portion of the live recording. So the second act begins.

Sticks and Stones starts off a lot more tonally. Still just as frantic but with a touch of some more solidified ideas. Cracking. I don’t know where I heard that descriptor but I feel it fits this bill rather well, fracturing minds into absolutely mental soundscapes. I have no idea why, but I am already having fun just listening to this (accompanied by some chair dancing)! Again, it is so easy to surrender yourself to the music, which I am doing more of now than just typing away in a sort of spaced out sort of way just letting words slip off the fingertips so that really there isn’t any meaning just fluff but hey fluff can be good in pillows and such and it seems I’m making less sense. A resounding feeling of YES! YES! YES! as the saxophone plays some heart stirring notes and then our percussion comes riding in, building and building before tip tap tapping back into the thick of it. We’re only halfway through folks, the ride just keeps on going. Round and round and round we go, will we stop? I sure don’t hope so. Then it gets into some nigh ritualistic screams of such a primal variety that I’m left out of breath. Jesus.

Lighter. That’s the feeling I get from Broken Walls. A rather big switch up, coming around, a bit more intrigue and maybe some seduction rather than the in your face madness I had come to expect from the previous tracks. Subtle to, it draws my ear in, to see the next step. A segue into an enrapturing percussion session. The tingling begins anew, energy coursing through the veins before being stretched back out, back into the lighter feel. My word. The moods and the flow they’re able to create on a dime is superb.

And all too soon we reach the final act. The Sharp End. Yet another one sprinting out the gate. No need to hold back to close it all out, just let the arms and fingers flail til there is nothing left. Well, maybe not nothing, then they wouldn’t be able to play, but you get the idea.

Well, so, I would say that this was a joy to listen to, and can’t wait to see what they do next. You can listen to/pick it up here:

And if you like to check out their individual efforts, you can check out the links below:










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Angie – Angela Garrick Piano Performance at Sisters Akousmatika

Artist: Angie
Title: Angela Garrick Piano Performance at Sisters Akousmatika
Keywords: rock glam Sydney

When you go for the ‘weird’ tag line on bandcamp you might actually find a lot of stuff that isn’t weird but rather beautiful and more personal. I guess it means actual ‘weirdoes’ are more free of mind to make actually truthful music that is heartfelt and without being pretentious or fake. A good example was stumbling on this lovely heartfelt piano performance by Angela Garrick. To me it is as if she had wired her heart to her hands and they connected (on their part) to the keys of the piano. Together as one they played and played and I as a listener just fell silent and hooked. Listening to every note and every color the piano keys – heart hand connection would take me! From light to dark, and from dark to the light; but all done in such a way that it has a natural never ending flow of intrigue.

I loved how she could plug into all kind of emotions with just herself and the piano as the channeling tools. The melodic colors that this piano would brought out flew into my ears like natural waves of going up and down. Giving equal love to the whole spectrum of the tonal range, even though the darker bits I felt as the most pretty ones. How she made these low tones flow into calm prettiness with a natural flow felt like something I could listen to forever and ever. It is the perfect material to hear after a long tiring day as it will take the mind to a soothing interesting place. When it is finished you will feel like you indeed have arrived at the right destination. I would say that this performance took my breath away, but no, it actually gave me reasons to keep on breathing!

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