Various Artists – NEW 10

Artists: Various
title: NEW 10
keywords: electronic, new, new10,nieuwe electronische waar, adventurous,compilation, Deventer
label: Esc.rec

Nieuwe Electronische Waar is an organization or perhaps a platform that has been around for ten years, showcasing new and upcoming electronica talent from the east of the Netherlands. Every year the organization goes through a massive selection procedure to find only (in their humble opinion) the best producers that deserve a place in the spotlight. Next to helping these artists to be seen, their yearly compilation of these talents is one definitely to be heard. Just very recently the tenth episode of their trendsetting compilation had been made public to the world, and is available through various platforms and websites. There is simply no stone left unturned to get this fresh load of electronic music makers out and about… And listening to this compilation simply explains why!

Take for example Bremer who starts this compilation with a track named Grácia… This doesn’t sound like the sound of a new comer, this track sounds as professional as if Bremer has been around in the electronic music business for many years; everything sounds right. The subtle acid smoothness, the warmth of quality house, accentuating synth use… It sounds minimal, but it’s done in such a way that everything has its right place and feeling. You can hear that the music should have gone for much longer, but as the social practice of showcasing multiple talents on one album it was probably just time to make way for another goody.

On a side note; big props to the one who mastered these tracks, as they sound pretty full on in togetherness, making that next ‘goody’ slip in as if they were made for each-other. This track is named ‘last night’ by Clubfratsen. It’s a track that shimmers in the corners of rhythmic chill out, with deep warm electronic pleasantness and a samples voice that helps a great deal making this stoner friendly music into something memorable. We might even classify it as dream pop…

The third talent in The Welvins, and here the reference to marihuana pops out through a sample, secretly confessing that our prejudged idea of Dutch electronica must be not only done with talent, instruments and groove but of course also with a tremendous amount of THC. It’s probably weird to say, but as a follower of the N.E.W. compilations this stoner friendly electronica is a theme that strangely keeps all these producers together as a reoccurring theme. Perhaps this is what makes electronica from the easy of the Netherlands stands out and gives it their own recognizable personality. But of course it’s the talent that counts and what really makes these artists do what they are doing. And it’s pretty clear that ‘The Welvins’ for sure have earned their spot on this showcase. The track ‘Paradise Dream Stealer’ is one based on a great melody and punchy beat; together they form a dance track that has something Mexican over it. I’m not high on those Dutch weeds but for some reason this track transport me to a Mexican landscape with agave and cactuses, sombreros, ponchos and coronas. It’s probably a prejudice too, but so be it. The music gets a bit dubstep-py but refrains from being framed in a time and has a strong identity of its own. In case you wanted to know; I’ve been playing this track on repeat for at least twenty minutes & still couldn’t get enough of it. (It’s time to open another Mexican beer!)

Rude Gullit totally shred away from the step and goes for public’s favorite ‘dub’ sound! It sounds very good; you can hear that probably years of listening experience has laid off its fruits in a great way. I don’t want to brag, but I’ve seen a English veteran old school dub producer at work in his backyard studio and I am glad to hear that Rude Gullit has all the essentials in his mix to keep the tradition going, but also has brought a own identity to the style; more laid-back I would say.. I’ll throw my dreadlocks up and down and do some high kicks on this Diertjes Dub.

Cloack keeps the high fidelity love high up with a track named ‘Armitage’ which strongly and quickly develops in a thematic electronic that could be easily viewed as a mega summer dance festival tune. It isn’t pounding or focusing on tough hard beats, but the production and the melody has something very epic and hypnotizing.

It’s good to hear that not all the new talents of the east of the Netherlands are all presenting them self in a serious way. Monom3 really delivers a friendly and happy tune that isn’t only great for feel good fun on the dance floor, but also satisfies the ears with humor as an instrument. There is ridiculous whistling on an addictive baseline, human mouth rhythms and a nice rolling active best of happiness. Monom3’s style sounds fresh and is perhaps the perfect candidate you should hire to play at your party! That is if it’s one aimed to bring good vibes…

More chill out is a track by Hanami. It’s a bit sleepy, dream house-ish material that plays out a rhythmic mix of warmth and steady beat with some decorative percussion and additional birds in the background. It’s a track that is nice, but would probably be nicer when you as a listener inhaled some green puff from a coffee-shop in the east of the Netherlands.

As a sober person, I’m very happy when the track by the next showcasing new talent had arrived. This is Haze, and the tune is named ‘Meant To Be’ which is probably one of the strongest songs of commercial potential on this compilation. It features carefully crafted pleasant female vocals that perfectly sit in a mix of electronic modernness that does sound original and new to my ears. This is a good thing, as with so many music around a lot of own identity gets lost; but ‘Haze’ follows a certain pop structure without sounding like one of the million. The electronic programming, the nice melodic piano bits and pretty vocals on a beat that seems to float is a real candy for the ears. If MTV would skip all the crap things and return to actually being a music channel; I would have great hope to see and hear this song by Haze at least once every hour. Good stuff!

Stefano is up next with a lengthy work named Wander vs The Collosus. It comes across to me as a colossal introduction that than towards a colossal ending.

I can’t help but yet again underline that the music done on these N.E.W. compilations are perfect collection of stoner friendly material. The dreamy techno house production by Sonurber keeps this realm of highness nicely flowing, bringing its determent slow dance track into one that fits the tempo of rolling one up, and puffing one in a corner while your head bounces up and down with the rhythm and electric melody. I would say enough reasons to come and download this new addition of N.E.W. at the following link:

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Various Artists – KONTINGENT II

Artists: Various
keywords: experimental, ambient, drone, noise, Sofia
label: Kontingent Records

Black Umbra has the honorable honor to open this free downloadable (pay what you want-or don’t want) mega compilation of quality, diversion and interesting sound. It’s a worldwide compilation with artists and projects coming from so many countries that even the label owner is confused searching for them on the world map. But let’s forget the stupidity of countries as all identities and patriotic culture aside: fuck the borders and live one as humanity… Or well ha, that would have been nice.. Anyway, this track by Black Umbra is called ‘asylum’ and has a dark and yet positive vibe over it. It’s music that fits a certain atmosphere that I personally can’t really seem to wind my finger on. This is of course a good thing as nobody likes to have my finger wrapped in things, as it might obstruct your own listening session. In any case it is worth to report that it also had a kind if nostalgic feeling about it, especially the ending in which sounds of the old times sneaked in before dying out in a lovely warm way.

Then it’s time for another darkish goody done by a certain Citadel Swamp. This darkish delight has also a relaxing ambience, making me think about staring at a lonely coastline while clouds form mysterious shapes and thoughts slip in a mixture of positive and doom thinking ideas. It’s a nice balance that is created over here, something that contains sadness but also beauty. If we had some onions around I would definitely peel them to get some tears out while this music plays.

Embers Below Zero is up next and seems to be an excellent choice by the one who compiled and arranged this compilation. The music has a similar atmosphere, yet it feels a bit more dense and deeper; with lightness over it that is brighter than the previously heard productions. The music simply flows around for a while, slightly refreshing but not too much overdosing on sparkles; it’s all nicely in balance and that’s what this seemed to be all about. Nobody is falling over when hearing this track, and that’s certainly a good thing.

Red Abizinias is the one who breaks the beat-less atmospheric tracks by introducing a nice depth of rhythm. It certainly gives the music a nice push in forward direction; making the ambient music passes by in a kind but determent way.

Now that this part is out of the way we can hear a track done by Kontroljet. It’s still atmospheric (mind you!) but comes across as more experimental, as if it’s painted with a palette of recorded sounds and now comes to live through audio art. There are dirty squeeze sounds, thick warm fluff in the back, mystery sounds.. Perhaps a boiling kettle.. It can be anything really; but the all-round atmosphere is kind of shimmery. It suits a scene in which you can listen with the curtains closed for intimacy..

Mrs. Watanabe spices tis sound art theme up a great deal. Glass can be heard breaking; perhaps windows are being broken for the sake of your entertainment. There is also fuzz, and lots of warmth humming in the depth. The music is to me as if you are listening to the transformation of potential violence and aggression in ambient form. I know that sound quite bizarre but well.. That’s my point. There are wild roaming kinds of alarm signals flushing in more energy, and yet the craziness stays ‘bizarrely’ calm. It’s pretty interesting if you would ask me.

KTHRSS brings back a more concrete work that seemingly is based on a dark drone cloud of sound with additional sound artifacts that give a sense of depth and excitement to the session. Slowly these artifacts turn much noisier, as if it’s a controlled electronic water hose raining from your own ears into that dark cloud of drone.

SASKA RR is up next and brings something completely else to the fitting mix of music. Here we are getting served that part of culture that the label had promised while searching for the countries of origin of the artists on the map. The music mixes a part of something that feels authentic in some kind of on the spot mystical way. It’s the performance of the vocal that makes the track very hypnotic and strangely holistic; when this voice plays you shut up and listen!

Osaati Vare has something very epic for the listener; it’s comes across as orchestral noise. It’s abstract but has an appearance as if it’s been made by a classically trained orchestra that is been kindly mixed in a hyper modern multi sound piece in which strings have become vague ambient works and moving experimental sounds. It’s as if the orchestra is going through some kind of morphing process that sometimes resembles the sound of a speeding underground train and then moves back again to its own more humane form. You can hear the wheels and the rails their friction, but you can also hear the humanity surviving within all this madness.

Then there is Problem Anderer Leute a (to me) familiar artist that appears on this compilation, perfectly taking up the pace of the previous work but instead of a human orchestra, it feels much more as if a church choir of doom has been mutilated in order to bring a mysterious moving work that scraps together a noisy kind of holy, dark ambient piece.

Wrist Clutch Explorer brings the perfect follow up to spice up this compilation. It really has been gradually evolving to this point, and it was something that would be coming in sooner or later: HNW. HNW is a highly underrated audio art but seems to gain more and more recognition and admiration for its incredible groundbreaking features. This track is certainly a great presentation of this dominating genre, and the compilation wouldn’t have been the same without it.

Skolyozlar brings more fun and energy to this collection of track. It is still noisy, but it definitely captured the wild maddening punk is sound to it; which makes the noise ready for spastic wild head banging, absurd mosh pits and perhaps even a jolly noise dance to celebrate. It’s pretty fun stuff really!

Spacetimesecrets throws in a little sucking and slurping sounds. It might have something to do with holy angels and trumpets (if we read the title of the track) but (this must probably piss some religious people off) it sounds more like a blow-job by a couple of angels in heaven. There you go.. This is the end if this interesting compilation, something that speaks to the mind and can be heard over at the following link:

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Broads – Care & Handling EP

Artist: Broads
Title: Care & Handling EP
format: CDr / Digital
keywords: experimental, Norwich, drone, folk, fafisa, lo-fi, organ

After enjoying Omno by Broads, my ears really got a hunger for more wonders where this all came from. Luckily the internet has some fine places to explore, and in case of Broads; the official bandcamp account is a highly good start for the ears.
But let’s focus within the so called ‘review’ or ‘inspection’ in a EP named ‘Care & Handling’..
Broads’s Sloe Foresting is unlike my wildest dreams not a bunch of hot broads foresting sloes, but believe me or not; much better: music! And what kind music is it that is been represented here? It’s easy to hear the inspiration of nature, without pulling out drawers full of bird sounds and squirrel feet. Broads can create this feeling of nature, wandering in some imaginative forest of kindness, by just music alone. Its electroacoustic approach is very approachable and perfectly listenable while having a headache.

The kindness of this feeling doesn’t stop here, but gets kindly more euphoric in a dream pop way. This must be ‘Be In Lines’ which adds the warm singing voice and a perfect not-in-your-face trumpet into this realm of Broads-music. It’s a dreamy happening, but not lost from structure and volume to hold onto.

Then there is ‘Care and Handling’ which starts with the greetings of pretty birds brought by Broads that appear to be recorded in summer time close to mini airport from which small airplanes lift up in to the blue sky. The music plays out a very complimenting laid-back soundtrack for this dreamy scene of summer relaxedness.; when you are completely drowned in this loving music, a female voice wraps around the ears and tells a story in a pleasant audio-book way.

In the sink locale is a wordless piece in which the music speaks for itself. In its short duration it feels as if Broads tells three different chapters. The first one has a fragrance of distortion, then an open acoustic part and finally a positive finale.

Don’t Flow is the last track and starts with what people might recognize as noise that might have come from a walkie-talkie which is a refreshing wake-up call, waking up enough to feel the subtle and sensitive sound of the lovely words and pretty minimal intimacy that follows. It’s very nice and fuzzy; music to cuddle up too.. This is something to crawl back under the blankets for, and seek out a cuddle.
Pretty nice music, very lovely and not too afraid to playfully experiment & if this sounds up your alley then here is a friendly link:

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Bottlesmoker – Hypnagogic

Artist: Bottlesmoker
Title: Hypnagogic
Keywords: electronic, experimental, IDM
label: Dystopiaq

Indonesia’s bottlesmoker have been taking the free music scene by storm with fun live shows and their extremely melodic and pleasant music. If you are a fan of the music from Adventure Time, this is definitely for you.

Aurora Twin is the first track that brings the love in music back to our attention. It lights up my heart as it tickles it’s kind and friendly electronic music through the ears. This is the work of a artist named Bottlesmoker. In case you have been sticking around over at YIKIS you might have heard of Bottlesmoker before, as a part of the lovely Wrieuw Recordings family. A family that is been growing and in a corner of kindness has collected and organized a fine source of cute and lovely music releases. Hearing this free downloadable album by Bottlesmoker certainly fits that label, but also the labels of being sweet and cute.

The album in the spotlight over here is named ‘Hypnagogic’ and is a full on 22-track love fest! I can’t say it enough, the sounds, the choice of them, the sweet melodic compositions, the energy.. They are like what pink and fluffy soft cuddly hopping bunnies are for the eyes and hands, but then for the ears! But don’t think it’s just relaxed cuddle time as Bottlesmoker has a fine nose for really catchy and friendly sounding pop format. No stone has left unturned or untuned as Bottlesmoker brings happiness with active drums, fluffy pretty melodies performed by electronic sounds that will stare at you with adorable eyes in order to open your heart and engage in this free fest of pure sweetness.

At times I would like to drop some names as a reference, but its for sure that there is only one Bottlesmoker, and whatever it is that Bottlesmoker is smoking from these bottles; let’s hope Bottlesnoker keeps on smoking them as the audio results are a total turn on! Mind you ‘turn on’ is in this case not a reference to a sexual feeling as, as active as the music of Bottlesmoker can be on this album; it keeps its innocence in sound high up!

It’s a true love extravaganza and without me being sarcastic, joking or (as we sometimes do here on YIKS) lead listeners into some kind of audio death trap; this is without doubt an album for the young and playful at heart, and 100% sure a happy album for adults and children to enjoy alone or together. No pedophile jokes intended, as I’m definitely serious!

If I had to drop a name, I would say the Icelandic group múm; not because Bottlesmoker’s music sound anything like it, but the choice of sweet sounds is something they both seemed to have their preferences in. But what múm is to sleeping music (I saw them once playing a half hour set, an in five minutes the whole audience was snoring innocently like babies on the dancefloor..), Bottlesmoker really keeps everyone alive and twinkling with positive vibrations and active songs, something that perfectly suits all kinda activities.. Sleeping might be an option, but might serve up wild dreams of those pink fluffy bunnies dancing; so be aware of that side effect..

Of course I could go on and on about Bottlesmoker’s album, discuss each and every track into glorious detail.. But for some reason that too will turn each reader in five minutes in to a innocent snoring one. Sometimes it’s just better to not read so much, not take life too seriously and simply embrace the child within, bring over your kids (or if you haven’t any; someone else their kids!) (mind you, kids: never go home with a candy giving stranger!) download this amazingly free album and pump up the volume… Enjoy love the active music way!!

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Josh Quillen – Steel Drums

artist: Josh Quillen
title: Steel Drums
keywords: steel drums
reviewer: Willem van O.

Josh Quillen has drums of steel! With these steel drums he plays music for his wonderful wife, and kind that the musician is; has now recorded 15 of these pieces for the entire world to be enjoyed. He plays the work of various composers, with names like Roger zahab, Cole Porter, Dan Trueman, Jeff Moss, Paul Lansy and more…

I believe if we admit being unfamiliar with these composers that we will obviously reveal our secret identity of being the worst music reviewers in the world. But if we just pretend to know them, nod our heads a bit and say that we like the work of Josh Quillen more then the originals, than we probably will get out of this sticky situation just fine.

But it’s alright, as with Steel Drum music like this it isn’t necessary to know the writers, or  composers behind them.. It’s perfectly fine to just lay back and enjoy together Josh Quillen’s big Steel Drums. You can hear the love he has put in, as if (indeed don’t freak out!) he plays it for his beautiful wife in all intimacy.. Only now we, the listener, have turned into the beautiful wife of Josh Quillen.

Josh Quillen’s steel drums are not hanging around, dangling unwanted between the man’s legs; instead he plays them obviously with care and kindness. You can just hear the love that he has for these steel drums, and the result as a listener is a bliss and a pleasure to hear.

As a kid I always felt attracted to the sound of a steel drum, they have something very sunny and warm. But never did I hear anything like how Josh Quillen uses them, and it really feels as a rediscovery of this youth sentiment that is the sound of the steel drum. I heard them on fun fairs played by happy character with long dreadlocks; but now through Josh Quillen and his music taste and  skill of romantic steel drumming; the instrument really seems to have grown up as something that you should be taken more as serious instrument of emotion and not just a instrument of sunshine fun.

I can write perhaps much more about steel drums, but like those composers that Josh Quillen’s his steel drums are introducing me too; I’m fairly touching upon in the unknown in my steel drum knowledge. Of course there is wikipedia, probably loaded with wise wisdom, dodgy origin stories about the steel drum and other forums of steel drum fanatics.. but for now with it’s 15 tracks counting album by Josh Quillen I feel perfectly satisfied Steel drum wise… No need for information, just chilling out and let Josh Quillen be your loving musical steel drum player for to day. This is a kind and recommended listen:

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Randomform – Furtherfield

Artist: Randomform
title: Furtherfield
format: tape / digital
keywords: detroid, electronic,IDM,apocalyptic,atmospheric,experimental,glitch,sound design,techno

With a bit of a space fart mixed with atmospheric samples, an introduction track introduces itself. It’s named ‘further’ and without further mumbling it makes way for the first legitimate track on this album, named ‘slow crash’.

It is highly recommended to put the volume up so bit to miss out on the semi abstract low riding groove box. It comes to me across as if I’m playing a game of Asteroid, which involves a little alien space ship that needs to avoid being hit by asteroids and destroy as many as it can by shooting them in midair. The music might not be exactly like that as there aren’t any explosions that I’m aware off, but it certainly delivers an equal adrenaline kick.

The next track ‘broken fractals’ keeps this flashy sound of high tech low riding electronics but adds nice hymns in the far back, and sometimes a sound that resembles a bass. It is sounding like something that IDM fans and space rocket engineers would enjoy. It comes across as quite technical with minimal tools forming an intelligent blend of space-rhythm.

Then ‘Cylon Fracture’ which sounds at the first beginning a little beet more cleaner, a bit more relaxed as if the previous sounds had gone through a drastic selection progress; something which involved the candidates that got through to take drastic polishing in order to sound like plastic fantastic shiny tools of rhythm. There are some of course who stayed rebel, and when they hobble in against the flow the music becomes nice and trip-worthy.

Surfaceslide brings us more into a deeper layer of the rebel zone in space. Here space dirt, slight robotic movements and scrap metal meets up with the squeaky laser sharp beams in order to create a structure that might be abstract to some, but when listened on the appropriated sound level; is easy to step in and lose your mind in. The music in this track becomes more and more rhythmic, as if the robots and laser cuts have found the right amount of harmony and are now working hard together to become this groove on which fogged up humans can dance on. This is very good, and it unfortunately stops at the end of this track.

But do not worry ‘accd’ is here and with a title like that will probably not disappoint the bouncing heads that endorsed the previous work. But no.. It was an blip on the scales of hope as the real fun starts when the trail of ‘accd’ start playing out and doing its thing. Here the artist throws in a deep knowledge of acid bubbles without getting to house, or techno. The acid bubbles are carefully melted together with the previous style of clean cut electric rhythm collages of an intelligent order. It can only be enjoyed loud, as the music deserves to surround listeners in able to do its magical thing of self-hypnosis. And with a lots of elements a bit hidden in the mix, it’s just that extra push (or turn) of the volume button to launch your private self in to space! With a nice ending with a bit more melodic euphoria this track will end, only to be followed up by Hex Collider. Here the music becomes more melodic, mixing moody sounds with the distinctive clean intelligent programming skills, to create a nice headspace to lounge in. Of course the music stays in its deep but minimal genre, carefully crafting crunchy electronics into each other like a smooth mechanic bonbon for the ears.

Then there is a track named ‘entitled’  which begins with the distinctive sounds that this release is so rich off, but because of its in your face-ness it brought in a funny picture of a strange alien eating some kind of juicy fruit. But the smile and smirk of this funny image quickly faded out as the artist introduced subtle background electronics that gives the track a tremendous psychedelic layer. If you add that the slurpy juicy electronic rhythm sounds become kind boxers that dance against and in each other flows, you can imagine how the music becomes this tremendous enjoyable trap for all psychoactive explorers.
Then there is a tiny moment to grab your head again with a intermezzo named ‘phi’ which shimmers a bit in order to keep the industrial space atmosphere. And then there is ‘Metaver’ which feels like a bonus round for all who had enjoyed the previous tracks on this album. The rhythm rolls against each other, and there is a nice dark moving under tone which takes the music to a higher height. Here electronic industrial delight becomes focused and clear, providing a more to the point dance floor track in which aliens, robots and humans can find their joy in.

All good things have to come to an end, so also this album needs to make space for other things. But lucky it goes out with a nice work named ‘field’ which brings a more ambient atmosphere to the scenery. There is the noisy squeak in the rhythm, good use of sound placing; but it’s the deep synth strings that are the true heroes of this track. A nice ending of an intelligent sounding modern release, out on a pretty futuristic cassette tape:

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Flácido Domingo – Furrr Ist Deengerouz! EP

Artist: Flácido Domingo
title: Furrr Ist Deengerouz! EP
keywords:electronic,hardtek,idm,reggaeton,amen,breakcore,dancecore,darkstep,hardcore ,speedcore,Madrid

Flácido Domingo is like a flipped out master chef. After getting his hands on the finest collection of useable (and abusable)  groceries for the ears, he takes out his master knife and start chopping, cutting and pasting like a total maniac who knows what he is doing. His dishes are like a tasteful assault as with every bite your ears might taste another flavor; another theme, another ingredient, another beat and another speed. His breakcore meals are legends overseas, but let us assure you that they are as real, as real can be.

Flácido Domingo never overdoes his recipes, he knows how much salt, sugar, and garlic and hot pepper to mix in with his four Michelin star rated tracks. Yet, luxurious dining on this music isn’t really possible unless you like to munch (like an immortal monster) all the food in no time down your throat. There is a high guarantee that you’ll suffer a slight spasm here and there, probably bite on an infectious ulcer that demands you to dance as if you ate too many hot beans with an overdose of spicy sauce; but it’s worth to wake up in hospital for.

Ingredient highlight of the first meal on the menu definitely will be Cindy Lauper. She is good enough for you and me, and taste as if she didn’t age at all! Look how happy and perfect she blends in with the rest of the blender bending mixture of chopped up speed freaks delight: it’s the way a meal should be!

The next deal on the plate is this superbly spiced up spiciness that involves old classics, trumpets and a bash full of ravers. It’s like eating while you are running for a train and your stomach is burning up from the impossible digestion things! You definitely don’t need to bring extra spice, add extra pepper or any pepperoni to this speedy happening; or you’ll be pooping on the toilet like a rocket from NASA.

The tune that follows seems to start with exactly that. We can hear the poor guy scream ‘oh my god!’ as he clearly empty his bowels in order to engage in another wild adrenaline rush of a diarrhea party!  breakcore gets flushed out from his backside, and rushes into our ears-inside! But don’t worry it’s all about fun, shitting bricks of musical jokes, radio friendly gatherings all intermixed on a spicy blend of hot beats and chili peppers.

Flácido Domingo even brought in some yodeling, marinated it with over speed dating madness that is such a wild rush that the only way you really can handle it is by blowing your own brains out with a nasty mix of chemicals and pots of coffee; a curious culinary delight that feels as if you are dropped at a rave and all the other ravers are dancing in rapid speed over your head. It’s pretty intensive! So better be prepared, empty your stomach and load it all back up with a unhealthy amount of unethical drugs and tune into these ready to eat speedy breakcore meals by Flácido Domingo:

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