Paloma Faith – The Architect

Artist: Paloma Faith
Title: The Architect
Keywords: pop, rock, western, soul,

England’s lioness Paloma Faith couldn’t sound any more triumphantly than on her latest statement of a album. She sings very confident, ruling the music like a directrice that touched upon the charm of the forgotten lost times, the ones in which music still sounded grand, big and glorious. Everything sounds grand like a soulful moving movie, the ones in which clearly lots of time and big money had been spend on the soundtrack. Do they actually still make movies like that?

Big vocal layering, choir like infused goosebumps.. even the song ‘I’ll be gentle’ sounds as massive as a gigantic musical elephant in the room. The whole album, including the short lived intermezzos feel as if they have been made for a time well spend with the family near the old fashioned radio. It sounds seasoned and yet modern, dusty and yet clean. The big pop potent song ‘kings and queens’ sounds like the architected hit of this album. Personally I don’t follow the hit parade, but I can imagine this one doing well; it’s catchy and hooky; if listeners with a hunger for pop where fish and Paloma Faith a fisher woman – we all would be hooked and fished up!

There is lots of tracks to explore on this album, and it’s fair to say that Paloma would easily fill the gap for the lost angel of Camden with some of her big ballads on here. So very close in grandioseness and yet so far removed from the potential moments in rehab. Paloma’s music sounds like a musical in which she is the standing ruler, one that with no matter how massive the sounds become, easily shines through with her bigness in voice. I wouldn’t be able to think of any artist of this kind playing the field at this moment who can do what she is doing. It’s no surprise that she sings ‘I’m a warrior’ on this album, as she for sure sounds like one. But not just one who slaughters brainlessly, she sounds one of the more fun kind! She would just hypnotize and floor her enemies by knocking them out with her talents & than dance all over them.. I’m convinced they would change their minds and praise her as a hero when she is done!

Credits and praise must also go to the all-round production of the sound, as I’ve personally been hearing and enjoying this album while flying high in a airplane & sipping piss poor (but free!) wine.

The sounds of the airplane engine is disturbingly loud and the headphones are tremendously crap; but this album by Paloma Faith is beating these circumstances in every way! Every frequency comes out and all could be heard, fighting the backdrop noises from the airplane as if it is nothing! Respect Paloma Faith and friends responsible for this album! I’ve enjoyed it and could definitely recommend it. Musically well done, huge sounds and enough diversity to keep the attention. Oh and I should not forget to mention her classy voice! Like silk, very strong silk! Beating the sound of the airplane engine like a true classy battlefield-worthy empress!

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Max Cooper – emergence

Artist: Max Cooper
Title: emergence
Keywords: western, idm

I can’t hear this album in the shape and form that it probably supposedly to be intended to be heard; through a pair of high-tech headphones with the eyes closed and no background noises shining through.. but I’m flying high above the clouds and listen like a true audio barbarian to this work of art on a pair of crappy airplane headphones. The engine of this plane is pretty damn loud and all absorbing & even if the volume of this on board entertainment system is as up as it could possible be, it’s sporadically making its way though the heaviness of the engine drone. Still the things that shine through are definitely not unpleasant, with electric grooves, intelligent bits and blobs my ears could clearly identify the sounds of a good electronic album.

Of course it takes one to know one and I’m not a electronic album myself, but I could pretend to be one & if I did pretend I would agree with me who isn’t a electronica album. The track ‘waves’ does it especially well with the loudness of he airplane engine, floating on top with a lush groove that fits with the steady line of flying that I’m in. Talking about flying; do I see it clearly? is the album cover made out of specific designed weed? I ask this with a question mark as the album covers are extremely small depicted on this so called E-BOX thingy.

I can hear some piano notes plunging over the loud airplane sound, something that sounds like finger snapping and a steady rhythm. I cannot really distinguish the bass but that’s okay; I know it must be there somewhere, just the airplane loudness refuses it to be given away. It is selfish and wants to keep it for itself, just like the most part of the beginning of a track named ‘Myth’, I’m sure it’s there, yet the outside noise makes it into mythological music that is hardly there.

When a track titled ‘order from chaos’ played I quickly checked the airplane windows; did I fly through a rainy cloud? It sounded like that.. but indeed, of course it was not the raindrops on the window pane but the chaos transforming into a pretty order. Raindrops become melodic and the noise becomes like a singing mermaid lost in space. When I placed the crappy headphones a bit better on my ears I could hear these drops actually being active drums & a thump piano like Melody line that sounded like music for warriors with a gentle soul; very cool to hear high up above the clouds but probably also while on the ground!

I’m actually quite surprised, not about the music being so great, but that they would have this hidden among all the other newly released crap from music land. It does sound quite underground, not at all made to be a household name of success of taking over the pop scene till it cracks. No this is quite the trip music wise (from what I could distinguish that is) . I really like a track named ‘cycle’ it’s one of the few that the bass could out-groove the aircraft engine bombastically.

There was more… but than food was getting served and convenient concentration had been lost. Should listen it in better circumstances while flying high in more grounded ways.

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GIFGROND #63 party report

Remember that horrible series that we all watched but are too ashamed for to admit we seen it? The “Full House” one? Finally the horrors attached to this title had been erased by a voluminously ‘Full House” at the very latest Gifgrond party! It was so full that you might as well say that it was packed! Still there was enough space for the live acts (four of them! -told you it was a full house!) and DJ Down The Rabbit Hole to do their thing. Also not full enough to fill the left over space with a colorful happy dancing crowd of all ages and a well willing glow in the dark barman! Rumor went around that Gifgrond’s own miss T was celebrating her birthday & that it would be celebrated with a massive program of top notch good vibes & over the top entertainment!

Of course this was Gifgrond 63, ‘the beginning of ages party’ in which memorable memories would be made & forgotten at the same time (sometimes the poisonous gifgrond drinks might wipe out a entire memory!), of course as your faithful and loyal reporter I had refrained from any intoxicating items other than the music, musicians and the excellent atmosphere. I was so high on the atmosphere that someone had to hold me down otherwise I would have flown up to dance upside down on the ceiling! Not so crowded over there, yet i stayed on the floor as it’s nice to pretend to be one among the lovely people.

I came in when the party was already taking shape in a brewing form. This was all thanks to the scientific work of the energetic super duo named Satellite! They had come all the way from France to show us how it’s done. They created the right atmospheric darkness with the entrancing fatness combo of full on ballsy synths, intoxicating vocals and human’s best friend; the guitar. They did not just enhanced the beautiful gifgrond location with their intriguing rhythmic soundscapes that glued post punk drunk , krautrock and future blaze together, they also seemed to be impressed and possessed by it all themselves. You could either stare at them as they wobbled in a trance on their own sounds, or let the music crawl into you and join them in this almost voodoo like session of a take over! Many of the faithful Gifgrond party people combined the two; multi tasking simply never had been so much fun!

After this steaming hotness of a opening, it was time for Dawid Liftinger to do his thing.

My memory had been tainted throughout the years by sometimes mixing odorless paint thinner with alcohol, still I believe to have seen mister Liftinger performing before year’s back. It always makes me extra excited that I remember things, so I chatted in any unwilling ear that I could find enthusiastic gibberish like ‘I’ve seen him before, he is so good, I’ve seen him before, oh you have got to see this, it’s so good, I have seen him perform before and let me tell you, it’s so good”. Luckily for the unwilling ears, most of my headless chatter got absorbed by the experimental audio created by this artist of the highest order. I say this, because you have art and than you have artists; I think out of all the musicians that night ‘Dawid Liftinger‘ was ‘the artist’. You wouldn’t need to go into a museum as this artist had simply the skills to bring his art to you & turned the entire location into a interactive canvas with his lights and audio show! The sounds cluttered and the whole place was lid in a stroboscopic fun house kind of way. There had been no reports (that I know) of acute epilepsy, but than again it was too beautiful to go in a shock for!

After this pretty impressive show the Gifgrond ground received a massive load of love thanks to the enigmatic duo named Lovataraxx. I believe it isn’t the first time to have seen these two perform on the Gifgrond ground & I certainly hope this won’t be the last!

What a amazing and impressive energy these two managed to extract out of themselves and their table worth of equipment. They too came from France, clearly showcasing the country’s
advanced underground culture to the rural observing Dutch pigeons! They say observe and you shall learn, but this tricky pair made it impossible to stand still and get your pencils and notebooks out; they made the music that the Gifgrond audience could not resist to dance upon, creating a energy that pinged back and forth like a mutual exchange between the music makers and their happily entertained crowd! With their lively played fast and fattest electronic brand of synth punk they made the sounds bounce off the walls, hypnotizing the crowd with their sharp vocals like hyper poets on acid.

After this excellent duo, nobody less than Lone Taxidermist came out like a bomb of pure feast, ready to positively remind everyone (and anyone random that had walked in) that there was a amazingly good party going on! With colorful characters filling up the small area, armed with possibly the biggest auras ever to shine on Gifgrond, they occupied and ruled the space assigned to music making entertainment & the dance floor!

With facial decorations and state of the art fashions of fun, they sure had been the bright positive candies of the night, sweet and sour, poisonously positive and rare like a sight of tropical birds in a self redirected paradise; this band brought the instant carnival out on demand and made its festive presence flow like it had been the most naturalist thing to hear, see and feel.

A perfect ending of a new beginning, interacting with the audience to fill up their empty batteries to be loaded up with enough positivism to fearlessly face the upcoming hangover!

To finalize the night, the knowledgeable music man, aka the title holder of ‘DJ of the year’ as claimed by DJ Magazine ‘The DJ’; DJ Down The Rabbit Hole had made a amazing appearance. Normally playing his deejay sets in gigantic football stadiums, in massive clubs in Ibiza and even doing a massively acclaimed set high up in the Himalayas at last seasons ‘Burning Woman Festival’ it was a great surprise to hear and see this legend among legends back to his low key party roots at this incredible Gifgrond venue. No star allures or big ego nonsense coming from this man praised for his co-ownership of the successful Ordo Viatorum record label, only good vibes spinning out of this rabbit’s hole’s vinyl collection! All in all delivering the excellent end to a party (and a secret Birthday party) to remember and definitely not to forget!

I don’t know about you, but if you missed this episode it would be a really good plan not to miss the next one. Every time with Gifgrond you just think, oh it can’t get any better than this one & yet every time the gifgrond parties will proof you wrong! Never one single night the same & yet always a great time well spend!!
I drink some odorless paint thinner just to cheers on Gifgrond’s yet another rigorously successful event & some more on all the madness that the future will bring!

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Chlorine – The Wanting Seed

Artist: Chlorine
Title: The Wanting Seed
Keywords: experimental, Leiden
Label: Smikkelbaard

For the vague birds under us it’s always good to see and hear a new Chlorine album on Smikkelbaard. It has those oily pastel looks, not very touchable perhaps, yet it would definitely stain a pair of white pants. The main reason for this fine mess is the potent seedy sounds that shake and clutter the recordings like automatic rhythm doctors. Wobbling like a fanatic ritual as executed in a hot savanna environment that only gets hotter with the addition of sunny but poisonous ambient tones.

You just know that after being early fingered by tickling Fingers by Chlorine on a stringed instrument like a true trooper, this artist would cool you down like a cool refreshing snowball in your neck. It’s because this artist knows how to compensate sun fun with a gritty bald gridlock of a beat that sensitive dogs will not really approve off. Lucky you aren’t a dog, or are you? Humans are fine to bump heads and act like they dig it big time. What’s not to like, right?

A little bit more vague is the grilling cooking session of sounds in a pan, brewing some butter and old grandma’s clock playing a melody of Alzheimer’s in the back. The sound of nostalgia comes along with the smell of burned potatoes, but because this is a audio release only, Chlorine is so kind to leave the smells out of the free download. Luckily for us only the audio pleasures of grandma’s Puddle Dress are conserved and recorded for your pleasures.

Chlorine’s jealous levels are of a fine thin veil, not very hard or in your face, yet they are definitely there to pick up and pull in front of a bridesmaid’s face. The Smikkelbaard label is talking about this work as a romantic release, and it feels hard to say something else and undermine their statements. A veil for jealous bridesmaids and a fancy old dress might indeed bring romance to mind, yet if it’s the kind of romance that comes with the scenes of candlelight, poems and hand in hand lying in bed for a cuddle session is yet to be seen. The additional bit of feminism all the way at the end might just be enough material to start a conversation, ruining the wordless for-play. But who knows, maybe intellect is sexier than a dimly lid room and fluffy satin bed sheets, so who knows; there might still be a happy ending involving that wanted seed!

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Stephanie Merchak – Eine Frage

Artist: Stephanie Merchak
Title: Eine Frage
Keywords: dark minimal dark techno electronic dubtechno experimental electronic Montreal
Label: D.M.T. Records

With a mysterious veil of electronics Stephanie Merchak aims straight at the knee caps, making them spas out involuntary rhythmic ways. It’s like a doctor hitting these special muscles with a cute little hammer to see and measure the response rate of the muscle. Maybe if you are paralyzed this trick might not work, but in all other cases the new music of Stephanie makes one dance with it without consent. The rhythms are simply irresistible and the ghostly ambient artifacts that surround them are like the spirits that make sure to pull you in a deep dancing trance.

They are deep and to the point, aiming directly to the most effective areas with baselines that will pull even the biggest resister into this dazed fancy state of body & mind movements. It is so effective that even a dead body might be turning around in its grave turning the grave into a personal rave. Stephanie Merchak’s atmospheric ambient techno goes beyond the four by four beats, lifts out our souls so we can see our bodies dance through a out of body experience. Brainless body dance moves on a automatic pilot can be witnessed as we view ourself from a distance; flying and floating around on these thick ambience synth sounds that are heavy and yet light enough to be like strong weightlifting clouds.

Even when the techno pounding dance infusions have left the premises for a hike, the music still cares for you mr vessel of a carcass. Pampering it with a surreal dark taint that keeps you hanging in there in the hope to find that new pulse of automatic dance move engagement. No bone will be left unturned as in this audio collection the end will be a successful banger. Resistance will be futile, the kicks will thrill any stiff pile of bones into a flexible tap dancer tapping away like a well oiled professional. Stephanie Merchak did not just aim to please, she aimed at taking over and control; I bet she is laughing from above, seeing this illustrious group of infected listeners dancing uncontrollably at their best of their abilities.

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Cadeu – Echoic

Artist: Cadeu
title: Echoic
keywords: experimental adventurous Deventer
label: Esc.rec.

I had shivers going down my spine when opening this Cadeu from the illustrious Esc.Rec label run by Harco Rutgers. A while ago the good man had giving me this Cadeu and now I have felt content enough to pass it onto all of you lucky readers. This Cadeu made me into that character from Lord of the Rings, keeping it close to my ears while whispering ‘My Precious’ to it. It’s no wonder that it took a while to realize that this is a Cadeu not just for one single selfish person (me), it just totally had occupied me. It’s an eclectic Cadeu, one that if Oprah had placed it underneath the chairs of her studio audience would have affected them a great deal. Every bit of this Cadeu has been one that is like a magician’s hat but instead of rabbits and birds coming out, bizarre yet entertaining happenings are up for grabs.

You wouldn’t know what to expect, from a swarm of buzzy bees, to electric massage sonar sounds blubbering up your bubble butt; every bit of this Cadeu seems to be of the adventurous kind, in fact you might even find the sound of snoring sleeping machines that vibrate their elastics to renact the audio similar of purring cats. It’s hard to say concretely what a person gets when opening this pleasurable present of Cadeu, as half is directed and produced & the other half is up to what your own imagination will make out of it. But it’s definitely not a case of a tale of ‘The Emperors Cloths’ as the fabrics of dreams are defined and there for all to see and (mostly!) hear!

From a shaking stereophonic moment that will warm you up as if your mind is a tin can that is being wiggled in a dryer, to a more abstract scene in which we slowly but surely get a free holiday by being abducted by an gentle audio alien. When out of the blue the Cadeu will bring you a male voice that transforms into a DMT affected psychedelic audio experience, you might really feel enchanted and entranced by this present among presents in the Esc.Rec catalog. There is simply no more excuse or reason to do out of the mind drug travels as Cadeu is filled with ‘experiences’ that you can trip on without negatively affection your health. Even the sound of teaspoons might simply be enhanced by Cadeu into something undefined and next level. This is the work of an audio wizard that feels like magic to the open minded that loves to hike in audio unrealities.

Cadeu will bring you the experimental bouncing ball sound experiments from the nineteens and brings them beyond wildest dreams & expectations, delivering you an album that entertains with simplicity and complexity at the same time. Get your own shivers-down-your-spine-worth-of-material over at the following link:

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Secret Salmon – Sex Daddy

Artist: Secret Salmon
title: Sex Daddy
keywords: experimental avant-garde dada free improvisation noise outsider Adelaide

With the sensual touch of a hardened softy the sexy neighbors have lurked you into their web of erotic fantasies. Their invitation to come over had worked and now your heart has been beating with a certain tension from a sight of squeaky matrasses, abandoned wallpapers with yellow stained sunflowers, a few half empty boxes of serial killer’s cereal on the table. Somehow the tension is like a paralyzing fear that feels yet of a kind that is seducing with a fierce essence of interest. We can hear the neighbor tapping his slong on his short pants, we can hear the walls squeak guitar sounds that want to tell us the many stories that they have witnessed here. Yet our feet walk in straight into the scene and somehow with keyboard strokes these neighbors trigger the endorphins of mysterious pleasure upon our mind and crotch chakra points. With great precision the neighbors are dancing with their wooden clogs around us on the cheap floor, they pull weird faces and somehow hypnotize us with their ways of doing. Somehow they manage to pull out our pubic hairs and place them in their nose, they pretend to be cat like animals & somehow they trigger us to feel and act the same… The magic trance breaks as the male neighbor starts to sing an out of the blue song, clarifying that he had been satisfied with this erotic encounter.

When we move to the second adventure we are blessed to meet ‘Sex Daddy’, a illustrious figure with silent shaved testicles, sausages and one with people around him that pretend to be its offspring that ask him the questionable question ‘Sex, Daddy?’ The whole scenery is lush, dirty and liquorish; you can hear the perversity roaming around the room that the Daddy is in… But something is off.. It’s not daddy who is in control, it’s some force, a deity, a demon.. One that wants’s to torment Daddy with interdimensional sex with or without its approval. It’s a good day, daddy, for a thrilling mind f*ck.

For our next adventure we have been invited (with a truck load full of other brainless sheep) to join a Illuminati Party. It’s like a mix of royalty, upperclass nonsense where manners have been not allowed within the club rules. The higher ranking club members have a dodgy time with the sheeps, while so called wise men mumble things from old dusty books. The theme of squeaky rusty bed frames and dirty matrasses returns & that’s all right.

Last but not least we are all invited to spend a couple of minutes in The David Lynch Lunch Hour. Hear we can watch and observe the David munch chewy blobs, slimy products and industry backdoor secrets. The vibrations of some demonic foods are in stark contrast with the wizard of Ozz wizardry of wonders that happens in the back for the big artist (and our) entertainment. In the end, it feels like we are in for a party, one in which dwarfs will dance, abstract creatures drum untouchable rhythms and imaginative squirts of melodies. If we have to bring all these adventures into one, we can tell you that they plug into the mind like horny surreal scenes that is as bizarre as bizarre could be. So why not hop in and make yourself comfortable?

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