Rita Braga – Time Warp Blues

Artist: Rita Braga
Title: Time Warp Blues
Keywords: pop retro-futuristic avant-pop cabaret quirky singer-songwriter Porto

Happy new year everyone who is here to read and a bad one to all who is here just passing through! Today on the end of the first week of the new beginnings I would like to invite you all to listen to Rita Braga her Time Warp Blues. With this you would have a good time in 1944 all the way to 2021 and probably the many life times that hopefully are  beyond. But let’s not think too far ahead, we never know how long we will be around as humans, considering the current world situation,  it wouldn’t be all too ridiculous to imagine us dancing as happy ghosts in the nearby future. But what happy ghosts we all will be with Time Warp Blues in our transparent ears! So you better spook your way in before a big clock of time collapses on top of your head. Yup, come in and tremble around like a timeless dancing ghost as this stuff is moving, groovy, fun and quirky in all the right freeing bits.

Wether you used to be Stevie Wonder himself, or are just the regular music lover; we can all swing in line with the interesting music, songs and sound style that Rita clearly made her own over here. With those thick organic organ grooves, odd synth sounds, ridiculously catchy violin blurbs, the authentic sentiment of ukulele and Rita her very own unique vocal vibes you be in another world & considering the shit this one is in, Rita’s universe is certainly a relieve to wiggle around in. But don’t worry that it’s olden glory, dusty with a layer of historical analogous from the past as within Time Warp Blues the golden ages are equally edged as the modern futuristic ones. You will be coming across a product of artificial intelligence named amore 002, born out of a algorithm, who meets all your desires… Be careful, as this hotty might be just as devious as irresistible.

But it’s alright to forget sometimes, especially when losing control, as with music like this, all is forgiven. You will be easily teleported to another timeless zone where you wade in the past, present and future of a spacious astro world  all at the same time. This state might sound confusing on paper, but as music it is the perfect place to be right now. Wether you are there to tear up while thinking about sardines or wiggle your new grown cat tail while you shake pussycat-style around with castanets while chasing a rainboe; this is the zone to be, warm, playful, cute, sentimental, humoristic and don’t forget… Very amorous at times! I would say, hop on board as there is no rocket waiting for us to escape earth’s reality, but Rita’s Time Warp Blues is a great (maybe even greater!) alternative escape plan!!

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Cement Tea – Electro Cuter EP

Artist: Cement Tea
Title: Electro Cuter EP
Keywords: Electronic breaks electro experimental idm industrial São Paulo

Ah, do you smell that? It must be time for tea! But can you smell that strangeness in the air? This isn’t just the odor of  normal tea, this is the perfume of cement tea that makes our inner nose hair shake with delight. I also smell some kind of eeriness, not sure if that’s actually tea… That is something that comes across as burning meat? Oh well I guess maybe we are getting food with our cement tea? In any case I think it’s best to check it out and not be to snotty for what we will find over here…

So yeah, lets follow those smells… Oh yes, here it is. Two cups of cement tea and a tea kettle just for us to top up if we needed too. How nice. Have some as I don’t like to drink alone! Yes, those cups are quite heavy and you can certainly break your teeth on this tea, but I do think this friendly gesture deserves a delightful smile by us, after all who would have thought to get some cement tea on a day like this? Let’s take a big load and swallow it nicely down… Oh yes, these dark flavours, feel those halloween tainted breaks as they freakily slip down our throats. Aren’t they delightful? Let’s raise our little pinkies in the air and salute these big beats as screams of cute terror dance in the back. Are they coming from the cool preparing the meaty extras in the back or are they coming from the meat that might be cooked alive?

It sure could be both, but at this point, as our bellies fill up with delightful cement tea it certainly doesn’t really matter as even though the weight of this hardcore liquid, those bouncing beats and taints of evil horror really gets me into dancing mode. Not sure what it does to you, but even though you would think that cement tea would be keeping us grounded, I feel like I can dance like a weightless boxer who might have inhaled the maximum amount of helium.

Lucky the big bangs of thick kicks are keeping me in touch with gravity, otherwise I might have raved myself on those fat beats towards the place where the smell of burning meat is coming from, probably seeing questionable things that will traumatize even the finest hardcore tea drinkers in the world. Instead I stay here, bouncing my head in the zone in which things have been very fine so far.

Oh yes, it’s been banging over here, the cement tea really  keeps itself bouncing around inside with a contagious twist that feels like we are happily killed from the inside out & we are quite happily about it. These electro industrial flavored cups of tea are being refilled and emptied in our mouth holes as if it’s an energy boosting drink that we must drink as our lives are depending on it. At this point I certainly am too full for any bonus meat, even if it had been cute as hell before it arrives to our tea party as a sweet side dish. Too busy freaking out, partying, wiggling and consuming more cement tea than the FDA might have approved! Who cares if we collapse after this and than chopped up by a chainsaw in the kitchen area with the other cuties? I don’t! Come on, have some! There is plenty of cement tea in this teapot over here to get a whole bunch of you dancing!


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Ivy Nostrum – The World is Solid the Universe is Solid

Artist: Ivy Nostrum
Title: The world is solid the universe is solid
Keywords: experimental ambient drone improvisation

Please sit or lay back in relaxed state and concentrate on Ivy Nostrum. Let’s become one with this artist goodwilled session of sound, let it take over the control by you responding to it voluntarily and in your own open minded ways. . Pay attention to your breathing in and out as these sounds reach you, feel your inner chakra points as your belly goes up and down (if you are alive) and let the massaging tones of meditation-noise in like the touch of a masseuse with the majestic hypnotic flair of an experimental musician with burning incense sticks deeply stuck in the head. They have the look and the smells to get you hypnotized in a state of wellbeing in no time!

Things are going in and out, so please do your best to try to be in the moment, concentrate on the noises as they twirl around the navel centre. Feel those comfortable self healing meditations  as the sounds that  ring up that feeling of balanced self help, slipping around like ticklish fingers up and down your spine until you feel hard… in fact eventually this is the goal… Everything becomes stiff. Your bones become solid. If you are a male, it’s like you are getting ready for a happy ending, so solid it is  that you are becoming.

The air, the world , your body, everything becomes one big mass like a rock that feels as one. Only Ivy Nostrums meditational sounds are the ones that keep themselves fluid over here, dripping around you like the smoothest and juiciest massage oil that will even reach the most hardened buttcrack. Your throbbing solidness is a sign of becoming one and in total peace and harmony of the universe itself. Eventually you might melt again, but that kind of therapeutic gong invested hardness certainly will make you feel stronger, more mindful and hardened than you had been without the experience of this true Ivy Nostrum session!

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Whettman Chelmets – The Poor. The Reign.

Artist: Whettman Chelmets
Title: The Poor. The Reign.
Keywords:  ambient drone modern classical noise post-rock shoegaze Joplin

Whettman Chelmets is at it again, opening the curtains of the peculiar music world and let us in like a delightful audience ready to be entertained in the vague way. It starts with a work named ‘she is your grandfather and grand mother’ which comes with the heavy ways of mystery, roaming around in the trend and style of a innocent child looking up at their elderly in similarity to the weighty shadow realm of respect that many adults could identify as similar as when someone bad ass like a darth vader walks into a room. It has that grand allure of authority, of someone we are perhaps slightly in awe from, even though we know it might just be the cape, the grey hair or just the enormous age gap that makes us feel this way.

Break in Fluidity is of a different order, calm and sunny flavored, with lights that come as if they shine through a window that hasn’t been cleaned in years, still that doesn’t stop the powers from the almighty rays of sunshine to crackle in and light up the place with a pretty dose of well needed vitamin D. The mysterious music equipment in the room starts to respond and play ‘vespers’ like a monks play, a hymn of strange surreal chanting, spaced out oriental weirdness that is amazing and delirious at the same time. The monks chant like they are on the edge of cumming, preying their life cells away in order to live a happy stainless life in a mindful state of true dedication to the devine state of absence and self restraint.

They might not have their natural climax, but instead their prayers are answered by wordless talks about love. Spreading out like a wonderful bush of delightful sound, sliding the waves like a harmonic surfer who continuously manages to drift along a magical never ending wave, riding it out as if a shore to crush on doesn’t exist and love stories  are a case of infinite inspiration. Eventually the beautiful ride does come to an end, but it slides by so smoothly that it’s easy to imagine it keep on going in the far back, as we get served up another mood to think and wonder about.

The workers had taken over, showcasing their workspace in a intense but truly intriguing way. They clearly want us to see their natural place, show us around the back door as we slowly are pushed into the Fair Apaiser. A hotbed of calm audio magic, with pretty strings to wrap our ears in, warm like a sahara dream, yet not as deadly or hot to be flame up by. With this it’s all coming to an end, the world of Whettman Chelmets closes its surrealistic curtains once again, unless you slip all the way back to the beginning and enjoy the abstract ride again. Who is stopping you?



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A early ride with Santa, an alcoholic deer, flying Pyjamas and Steffi Starshine’s Paulstretched Christmas tunes!

Is it Christmas? Did I sleep for a thousand years and now it is that time of the year? It does clear up why there is everywhere a firm amount of flickering lights, the smell of freshly chopped trees and the sad sound of never dying Christmas hits from the year zero popping out at every street corner. Oh no! Where to hide! Can Santa quickly deliver me a bit of wool and a needle so I can poke my eyes out and sew my ears shut?

As you can certainly see the Christmas spirit already got to me, ready to walk me down the gallows to hang myself up by the balls like a creative and let’s say alternative Christmas decoration. But as I walked slowly to my end of suffering something different came to my ear.. the bells of a sleigh? A tune I knew but all screwed up? There he was, it was Santa Himself hitting me with the bells on my head! Ho ho ho! Trying to kill yourself, aye? With his eyes full of laughter and a belly fat of strange movements he picked me up and tossed me in the sleigh next to him! Look friend’ he said! We are here not to give you or anyone a hard time, we are hear to bring joy to the world! A world that also you like, love and support! Said the wisecracking Santa like he was the real life bunch of Christmas spirits all in one.

He pointed with his fat fingers over the land as the sleigh slipped through the sky by the horsepowers of a bunch of hardworking dears. I stared and saw Wormhole World, completely piled up with laughing and smiling inhabitants, waving warm to me and Santa as we flew by… Ho ho ho santa said as he tossed down multiple free copies of more ‘joy to the wormhole world’. Normally you would think that throwing anything from this height would have been disastrous for the music gifts, but strangely these bits of joy are being delivered to safety by flying pyjamas! I couldn’t believe my eyes, yet here I was seeing the phenomenon as I sat next to Coca-Cola’s marketing invention in a flying sleigh. And as the overweighted Santa kept smiling and laughing as he said Ho Ho Ho, I couldn’t help to get infected by it. Also the joys of happiness as people downstairs took not only the joy but also the flying pyjamas as their gifts with great pleasure was doing something to my bitter state of irony. I started to laugh and said Ho Ho Ho too as we flew around delivering more happiness!

Me and Santa going to be great palls, it’s only for one night, right? Pretty sure I could flip him out of the carriage if it really becomes too nice, but somehow something had broken in me. The ice of my heart had melted too, maybe it was that moment that Santa have me a few of those flying pyjamas to toss down myself. It really elevates to give happiness and joy away for free .. here… I see you reader! You want some too? Go and catch it before I turn full scrooge again! Ho Ho Ho!


Me and Santa became great palls, especially when we chatted and laughed about how one of his deers kept falling over itd own legs. Santa explained that this was due to the deer being so afraid of heights that he was doomed to a drastic case of alcoholism. But he did have a cure to get the little hooves in control and away from the bottles of whisky. He pulled out two wonderful boxes, presents are they mostly called in this time of the year and gave me one to open as he handed the other one to the alcoholic red nosed deer. I always like the sound of unwrapping gifts, but Santa told me that I would dig the sounds inside way much more. Oh my goodness, no wonder that this would bring the mind of the deer at ease! These had been nothing less than volume one and volume two of A Very Danish Paulstretch Christmas by Steffi Starshine!

Even though I usually hide out in a cave until the festive season had passed by, this somehow secretly had my interest so much that I had doubts of this years grumpiness. Now, high above the many chimneys of houses with many Christmas stockings to be filled i felt thrilled and super excited to have received these gifts! Santa said after his trademark Ho Ho Ho that he too had been delighted with Seffi Starshine making these stretched out Danish Christmas anthems, as for reasons I certainly understand, he too was sick of the usual Christmas songs that are mandatory played to death every year on each and every radio. This, was so so so much better! Santa listened, Rudolf (the alcoholic deer) listened, me and the other deers listened and we flew higher and higher while deciding which household deserved such music gift? It didn’t take too long of Santa decided that the answer was all of them, but especially you, dear wonderful reader, as these ambient works contain the true christmas spirit, fulfilling even the biggest hater with a heart full of calm tolerable joy, melting the iciest of spirits the danish Paulstretch Christmas way! Santa pulled two fresh presents containing ‘you-know-what’ and sticking it at your face, ready to grab the  joyful sounds of a delightful season straight from the Ho Ho Ho addicted man himself!



Me, Santa and all the deers flew and flew until we realized it wasn’t even Christmas yet! We laughed and cheered and you can say Ho Ho Ho all you want, but with music as good as a very Danish Paulstretch Christmas and Joy to the Wormhole World you simply cant stop the Christmas spirit!

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DJ ANY WAY/Spaghetti Castle – DJ ANY WAY/Spaghetti Castle

Artist: DJ ANY WAY/Spaghetti Castle
Title: DJ ANY WAY/Spaghetti Castle
Keywords:  dark drone ambient electronic dark drone drone drone ambient drone dark ambient meditative ambient meditative drone Portland
Label: Girly Girl Musik

We have gone through a case of being victim of a tropical shipwreck, washed up ashore to stare at nothing less than the legendary Sinbad whose heated body got nicely toned from being toasted by the sun for days. The sea is glittering in our eyes, making the view of the healthy sailor a sight that is just as remarkable as a fatamorgana in the middle of a dried up desert. Slowly but surely we observe as Sinbad owns the place like a robinson crusoe & the day ebbs by smoothly as if it might just have been a little trick of the imagination.

Eventually when we pass out and wake up again, another peculiar moment arrives. Something that we knew from the fairy tale books, the movies and word of mouth stories. We somehow see ali Baba entering the magical cave, hear the stone entrance roll open, making way for this human to decent freely into the world of golden wonders, pretty sparkles and of course the famous wonderlamp. Somehow we sit on front row and the hero doesn’t notice us being there. When our legendary hero is fast asleep it is clear that we can’t contain ourselves and make good use of the moment by crawling up next to this hero, calmly nibbling away on his resting body while calmly warming up on his natural health. It looks like we are invisible and our hunk doesn’t even notice us nibbling away on his most intimate body parts.

When we slip away in a further dream, we arive up in a moment of tea time. One in which the finest aromas cone at us from the wonderful tea leaves, nice and warm the aromas and the liquid slips with little drops down our thirsty throat. At this moment this tea is all that counts, as nobody wonders wether we had actually undressed sinbad like a pervert with our very own eyes from a safe distance or slept with Ali Baba without him even noticing it… It was probably just a dream, a mild feverishly erotic fantasy, but it might also be that it was just music for you and me.


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Pettaluck – Herd Impunity

Artist: Pettaluck
Title: Herd Impunity
Keywords: alternative, experimental, improv
Label: TQN-aut

Are you ok? Perhaps stuck in the United Kingdom? Having some time to spare? I guess if we obey the rules and are in some kind of government favored lockdown mode as they battle the vaccines through long clogged up roads in true brexit style at the border, things couldn’t be much better, eh? Empty streets, closed playgrounds and tears behind closed doors… But don’t worry, Pettaluck is here to safe your day, bringing in a true theatric music masterpiece  to escape any confinement, wether it’s real or imagined, flawlessly providing proof that you can be locked up at home, but that those walls can’t stop you from traveling the music way.

Yes, it’s time to put the bananas out of your ears, avoid going bananas yourself and see the positive effects of this unexpected covid-19 weirdness. Yep, jobless, no money, no backup, battling with the kids, distressed by house mates, nothing to eat, no place to go and  nobody to see (or you get ill or be fined!) But there is all those years of creativity, brilliantly sitting there for you to play with, finally expertly having found the perfect habitat to come out and play yourself. And if you don’t, than let’s appreciate the offer of brilliant escapism while fully embracing the situation with Pettaluck. An artist who made an entire corona musical, one that goes through passageways of all the various and recognizable  moods, themes and vibes. From sadness, thinking of the better days, finding peace at a needed walk in nature among the trees all the way to a certain clownish rage of true understandable frustration!

Maybe herd immunity won’t work, but herd impunity by Pettaluck certainly seems to do everything conceivable to get it right. A music master piece in which collages of playfulness gets us happily through the situation, conveying what we think and are going  through & brilliantly converted it to a melodic expression that will hopefully will be going down in history as a chapter to inform the future what the hell happened in 2020, as we certainly hope this stuff not resurrects in the beyonds. But it has to be said, this 19 minute COVID-19 themed pop opera would have been deeply missed if times had been gone entirely different. The world is all vile, but this cesspool certainly created the most fanatically real and brilliant music expressions that  I doubt would have been born if situations had been all rose-colored and perfect. Although crazily enough I do think that Pettaluck would be gladly sacrifice this album to return the world into a less sick and deadlier controlling place. You just know it, that is the kind of an artist that Pettaluck must be, even though so much work, passion and soul had gone in here…

Luckily such sacrifice don’t need to be made as let’s be frank; this must be one of the best things artistically and musically coming out of this really crazy pandamic time! Highly recommend checking this one out, as it offers not only a great escape, it’s also a world of relativity and rather excellent music too! Almost making me want to say that it’s been not so bad after all..  which i’m not, but I did, almost! Give it a spin, you will probably love it:

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Elizabeth Joan Kelly – Stay Safe

Artist: Elizabeth Joan Kelly
Title: Stay Safe
Keywords: experimental psa ambient classical collage doom electronic instrumental quarantine pop robocalls robot vocals New Orleans

Elizabeth Joan Kelly is staying home, a place where she had been recording a single that does it’s ultimate best in trying to convince you to do the same and stay evidently safe. It is clear that this is an artist who clearly cares for her fans and whished them simply the best…

Now you might have guessed that we certainly are living in a strange time period, one in which alternative musicians are making the grown-up but cool tunes to inform us weirdoes what the hell is going on in the world. Elizabeth Joan Kelly obviously wants us not to catch covid-19 just as much as another music maker named d3k4 does. She made a song in which the producer clearly reminds us to wash our hands frequently for minimum 20 seconds and to not touch your own face… powerful and to the point messaging and yet creative, short and very clear! They care about us!

Both music makers are cleaely inspired by these crazy times, but didn’t let it get to them but instead did their best bringing their powerful and handy messages in their own and unique ways & all I can say is that it is heartwarming and appreciated over here. Simply because  not everyone is equiped with a newspaper, internet connection with the news or a mainstream television to tell us what the hell is going on outside and how to stay out and away from the invisible trouble that had been lurking around. Now that it’s cool futuristic music informing us weirdoes and music nerds while at the same time  educating how to keep safe from terrible stuff is ofcourse a true bonus fact. So yes, let’s stay safe, cause I’m pretty sure the likes like Elizabeth Joan Kelly will certainly have more epic music popping out, material so good hat you don’t want to miss any of it in the nearby future!

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Audiosmogg – Home Office Ambience

Artist: Audiosmogg
Title: Home Office Ambience
Keywords: comedy czechia field recordings noise Prague

When we work at home (and many do in these times of need) we don’t really think of recording our daily work routines in our home office. But when you are a sound lover like Audiosmogg you simply might be your own private stalker with a microphone. Luckily for us as now we can listen along like a true peeping tom & that’s okay as Audiosmogg is not your dull bathrobe wearing casual work at home kind of person… So pretty entertaining at least if you are into the more riskier side of weirdness…

Audiosmogg first does it’s best to perforate the ears as if they are rotten teeth and the sound the dentist demolishing them with one of those crinchworthy noisy tools. Ah, working at home never sounded so bleedingly painful. All has been fixed instantly, yet that doesn’t stop Audiosmogg of giving some more working material to humanity. Its as if this artist is filling up the holes with a public gathering of angry people from a time period before the overdosing amounts of mouthmasks hitting the streets.

Of course , Audiosmogg isn’t the nastiest and always polite and kind enough to fix in a little work break to rest our deluded souls, ready to spit out bloody saliva and mouth gravel while exciting tropical birds chit and chat in their locked up environment. Maybe they are free, but somehow through Audiosmogg’s recording skills I just have to presume that they are nicely packed in a cage. Working hard for Audiosmogg and our pleasure I guess… Oh well, I guess that makes them not fly away & easier to record and provide us some nice burst of feathery action in our little communal break of listening to Audiosmogg at work at home.

It’s a thing that we might need, as after this it’s that time of the year again : time to get seriously ill! Oh and yes Audiosmogg illness is one that we all will happily accept as it’s not diarrhea or any form of sneezing problems, but more the kind of illness that makes us do things with our hands, like strangely frolicking around nonstop rattling things, kicking our legs a bit as if we needed to pee but actually don’t need to go and do this at all… That kind of illness… Yes, you might scream for help triple times when this kind of sickness kicks in, but it’s doubtful anyone will be running towards you and even less chance a helpful person will call up an ambulance… But poor Audiosmogg, as the illness is changing more and more in time, like a colorful asthma attack that leaves us this hard working at home individual short at breath, but strangely we are invited  at the same time to enjoy the inhaling bits as if we are doing a joint excersize of some kind of military fashion.

But don’t worry, rain will come and help out, clearly soaking each and everyone worries out, but also draining the illness away, letting some fresh air in and silencing those birds as if they hadn’t even been there before. The world outside Audiosmogg’s window certainly is wet, but isn’t it refreshing and calming in a tropical sounding  way? Especially after such an attack on a hard working persons sanity? But after a bit of chill, Audiosmogg is getting us back inside again, clearly now in a state that we really should have called an exorcist for, at least more than a average doctor… But yeah what can we do?  besides I doubt that any priest will get the demons out of our audio loving artist body, besides Audiosmogg has clearly no time for a weirdo preaching while holding a Bible, as this busy bee has to type nonstop on a keyboard like the true workaholic that Audiosmogg is. Maybe the demon are helping to get the final bit of the home job done, which is fair enough as after all nobody can occupy a body and get some kind of free ride, right? Besides someone is paying for this work at home, right?  In any case, like it or not, you can’t deny that Audiosmogg home office job certainly feels quite special and different than your average accountant being at home pretending to work. Jolly!

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loka – Träumer

Artist: loka
Title: Träumer
Keywords:  berlin experimental german germany ambient drone electronic meditative new age vaporwave Fairfax
Label: Ingrown Records

Just imagine  like we are going away for a nice and cute little travel. We are fully packed with a sweet little backpack waiting patiently at some quiet station as our pink rail sliding vehicle arrives for us to enter. As we  step happily  into our little monorail thing of choice and speedily move into a world of friendly melodies, a true joyful bliss falls down on our eyelids, eardrums and you know all the inside bits that is keeping us alive, warm, happy and well.

With all this electronic fancy bliss that positively keeps shining on our carriage from all sides, it’s like we are moving through starfields that light our beautiful paths up ahead. Like we slip through dream dust and go underneath fancy rainbows. Dreamy melodies pling fascinatingly around as our way of getting around slides through a curious wonderland. No need to sit politely on a chair, feel free to stand near a window and look outside to see the lights and pretty colors moving by. The movement is fast but yet there is no reason we would fall down. No driver will hit the break when we haven’t arrived yet and no shaking or weird movements are out to get us.

The mechanics of this place are just as fascinating as the way this traveling wonder works. It’s going so smooth, like a feather forwards into the abyss of lovely beauty. We are not holding our breaths, we are not packed in a subway system like a bunch of crowded sardines, but are in fact breathing around spaciously, looking at another hand full of passengers that all look like they have shopped for clothes at willy wonka’s candy floss fashion store. They are friendly, big eyes wonders of nature, all lovingly and sweet and you feel not at all like you want to slay them or push them out of the nearby exit door. There is no hatred or the need for it over here.

No stress, all is full of love and every single one of them is going to where we are heading. Everyone is enjoying the experience, smiling, friendly and happily calm as we set through this communal shared experience that brings traveling through music as a true destination on its very own. When we arrive we might wake up, knowing it had just been some fancy dream. But wouldn’t it be good if we could just go back, hop on board of this train of dreams and just disappear for a bit. Enjoying the glow of warmth, electricity and wonders as we slide to nowhere!

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