Sarah Eide – Sarah Eide

Artist: Sarah Eide
Title: Sarah Eide
Keywords: americana boston folk feminist folk folk rock indiepiano roots rock singer-songwriter songwriter Chicago

Sarah Eide has created an collection of songs and placed them together as a release that she colorfully named after herself. It’s a sign that these songs are most personal and dear to the artist; the material she feels probably the closest about, the most personal involved, basically saying that these songs resemble her the most. I know from experience that it takes lots of guts to make an album, not only under your own name but also named as yourself; it means that someone is really passionate and confident about these ones & for this guts and courage I make a neat bow of respect towards Sarah Eide; chapeau!

As an outsider, not being Sarah Eide herself, it’s a nice peak to see a glimpse of the personality of this artist. Armed with a set of piano keys under her fingertips and a voice that only Sarah Eide possesses and controls she showcases different moods and zones, from intimate and seriously emotional to infectiously happy and folksy bluesy. I don’t know how to call it, but I can feel it in my own toes when she vibrantly happily sings ‘keep me on my toes’. Sometimes she sounds more dreamy, making her piano sound as if they are little heavenly clouds and her voice a clear case of a soul singing it all out. Whatever place her stories come from (probably her inner core) or do to you; they all sound very dedicated, full of love not only for the music, but also for herself and you as a listener; it feels as if you stumble in a short term relationship between the piano playing singer songwriter and is the open eared listeners.

Listening to her songs makes me want to know more about her, wishing there was a way to see and hear her performing her songs in the same place as me as a human being. The experience would probably blow my mind as just listening to her personal intimately passionate songs is already enough to make you feel as if you have known her for a long time & are in fact long time friends that you have had known for many years before, yet are just discovering. So nice to meet, this Sara Heide:

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Crise Vitória + Animal Cracker – Split

Artists: Crise Vitória + Animal Cracker
Title: Split

Keywords: experimental são paulo uruguay ambient dronenoise Mariana

I went for this four course audio meal at this experimental sound restaurant. For starter I took the ‘Documento, testemunho, fita magnética, carta’ cooked up by the improvising chef cook named ‘Crise Vitória’. When it arrived on my plate it was a hefty meal that for a starter was definitely much larger than expected. The surface was like a moving rubbery drill pudding, the texture was moving, sometimes flubbery, other times it made squeaky mouse like sounds that seem to say; please eat me while I sing for you. It was quite a spectacular item on the menu to begin with.

To try out some more by this experimental top chef I had also ordered a fine plate of ‘Cinquenta vermelhas’. It took me ten minutes to get it all in my head, so you could imagine it being pretty large to be served for only one person. (Bring your friends along and enjoy it together I would say!) it was a luxurious sounding flavored meal, a flat tasty pastry of smooth and rawness most Devine. It melted in the head like a session of someone hovering a carpet next door; some things don’t make sense, yet feel powerfully relaxed and seducing like a healing session at a beauty farm. It was definitely one of those meals that are hard to describe, as the richness simply gave me so much stuff to ponder about. Once you go through the soft layers it might become a little bit spicy upon the ears, twinkling a bit of tropical noises through it before ending with a more hardened crunchy crust.

As another main I had ordered a audio meal by another chef cook in the experimental audio department; Animal Cracker’s Faria Lima colapso. I have to say that it was a welcomed dish that perfectly fitted with the flavors of the meals that I had engaged in before. It was nicely sparkling, comfortable on the tongue that made me dream of nearly cut grass and smelling the blue sky of a windless summer day. Such a nice texture, it just slips in like something that just wants to be inside of you, nicely vibrating in a satisfying way; water drips in my mouth just from thinking about it again…

As a dessert I went for another meal by the recommended audio cook named 4.
Animal Cracker. This one was titled ‘Baila sobre los enemigos’ and was even deeper in its textures; something cool and smooth, like a ice cream with a breeze of holistic shaman activity and mysterious culture sparkled on top. Every bite had something rhythmic as if it was served with a actual heartbeat inside; really smooth and strangely refreshing! After these four coursed meal I felt really satisfied & happy to point out the way for all you hungry audio delicatessen consumers:

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HAUNTS – Room 303 EP

Artist: HAUNTS
Title: Room 303 EP
Keywords: beats experimental noise soundscapes ambientexperimental electronic New Zealand

Good day dear people,

How are you?
I’ve been drinking toe nail beer & you?
Toe nail beer is really nice, but you have to be careful not to choke on a toe nail. Next to the possibility to swallow a descent amount of toenails it’s really a nice beverage to get loopy from. Loopy enough to be on that ‘music review’ level; you know that kind of insanity that you need to be able to actually listen to music and have something to say about it.

I might as well be honest, I believe to have had a little bit too much of the toe nail beer to properly go for a well written review, but still managed to listen to a really nice little EP by HAUNTS (a project made and produced by Stephanie Engelbrecht), a session that I really thought you should know about, just because I thought it was really good… also it will make us have something in common. I know that we probably haven’t had the same toe nail beer for liquid lunch, dinner and breakfast but wouldn’t it be really nice if we would at least share this moment of having enjoyed (and still enjoying) the same music together?

What is sounds like? Did you just mumble that question? Oh that is so easy to answer, you just tune in, play it and you shall experience these lovely calming tones. Your ears might be gracefully greeted by Metallic processed gamelan in a sweet bath of a slow rhythmic procession of backdrop sound; what’s not to love? Later on your ears might dive into a smooth relaxing session of ambient material that feels very spacious and adventurous in a smooth way. As if windows are being opened and a breeze of fresh air is allowed in to spice up the gamelan snippets and the other humbling tones. This is a nice sound palette to calm your day with, wether you have been sipping toe nail beer or anything else; it’s all good!

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Dawn Tuesday – Moons of Jupiter

Artist: Dawn Tuesday
Title: Moons of Jupiter
Keywords:ambient dark ambient electronic musicexperimental noise Alaska

You might have missed your daily amount of updates at this humble place, if not & if so; no worries! It was just the amount of sunny sunshine & the busy super activities had been sucking up all the precious music listening times. Count that, plus a triple return ticket to the Moons of Jupiter & you could imagine that it was hard to update our digital abode like we normally would.

Let me tell you about the triple trip to these super moons; it was unreal! It was a hefty twenty minute flight each, but felt like it was a trip close to a life-time achievement, traveling to the far side of the greater secrets of the universe. I don’t think we even took a space ship to go, in fact I can just remember seeing Jupiter and it’s moons passing by while flying over weightlessly.

I remember feeling warm and pleasant, save and sound, far away from earthily chatters & other electric banter. A flowing stream of pretty bliss in which no wifi connection was available and only the joy of being in space could be felt. It was truly a splendid time away and a blessing to be able to experience such about wonderful relaxing thing as this Jupiter’s moons getaway. So much so that As soon as the twenty minute trip was over, the whole YIKIS crew would hook up for another one.


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The samarobryn – Beringbooding

Title: Beringbooding
Keywords: experimental, Perth
Label: Dog Park

Mediations from a windy night at Beringbooding Rock, Western Australia, 30th December 2016.

Compositions created from combination of field recordings, histograms from a photo converted into frequencies,
guitar, vocals and percussion.

Compositions and performance: Cissi Tsang

It will be very easy touching yourself while hearing the experimental sound piece named ‘Bering’, unless you don’t get excited by dada moans, forceful wordy sounds that reminds of gag reflexes or the noises a person sometimes makes when things needs to go out of the aorta. This description might sound odd and a bit disrespectful, but it isn’t meant that way; it’s just that when hearing ‘Bering’ my slanderous mind simply went mentally perverted by visually providing this strange scene in my head of a modern day experimental theatre, with performers bended over on the knees while bearing wild grimaces on their express-full faces. They were doing weird things, a top notch intriguing performance that left the whole theatre speechless. It felt very libertarian to me, but liberating in a marquis de Sade kind of way… I don’t know, it’s probably just me & other listeners might have a completely different visual vision when hearing this work; but in any case; it made my head go fully twisted. Excuses for that, I know I’m not making much sense right now…

I think the only way to get myself textually out of the mess that I’m making is by attempting to tell you about the next track named ‘If An Echo Could Talk’. Unfortunately and fortunately (at the same time!) this work continues the spirit of the previous one, yet feels so much more psychedelic and trippy. These theatric expressed dada words might float in and around still, but the whole audio had been sucking me into a complete different dimension; one that abandoned the presumed eroticism, but created more of a cozy strange traveling warm industrial trip to slip through. The psychedelic visualization that it injected in my head was of floating as a miniature character through all kinds of carton boxes that had been decorated as brewing on-the-road science labs…

‘The Sentry Watches’ is the work that sounds like a next level, one that is probably below a basement with weak lighting and corners mostly draped in shadows. A mysterious drum seems to connect to our heartbeat and goes slow yet fully deferment to keep on beating. This brings us to ‘L’appel Du Vide’ which stays in the mysteriously sounding shadow areas, but now has a soft windy breeze flying around on a environment that normally should be filled with dead air. A rhythm that shivers keeps the atmospheric tension as high as the soundtrack of a intelligent thriller with root-tactic vibes. It’s almost as if our ears are experiencing a dark empowering shamanic experience & as a result you’ll probably feel strong like a Amazon warrior!

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RX-101 – EP 3

Artist: RX-101
Title: EP 3
Keywords: electronic braindance electro idm rephlex technoNetherlands
Reviewer: Ronaldo Dildo

Rumors go around that a new ingredient for a perfect underground acid techno rave is going to hit the streets, hardly being contained on its own vinyl home, probably freaking out its acidic bubbles in such deferment ways that even the cook serving them up to hungry ravers has no opportunity to keep the head cool & the body non moving!

This acid techno has already the reputation to kick in hard & going easy under the skin as if it’s liquid drugs that contaminate a user in just a few seconds.
When it’s in and doing it’s thing, the users soaking in this upbeat acid bubble bath will feel warmly confident inside, making it easy to flap around while going for flubberish dance moves that no dance teacher would have come up with… that’s what the rumors say, at least… on the 20th of June (that’s just a couple of days!) these rumors might be truly confirmed as that’s the date these upbeat acid techno tunes will fly out like crazy! Apparently there are only 500 available, so it might be a good idea to jump on the bandwagon and preorder a copy:

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godofgaps – Monsters In Cloth

Artist: godofgaps
Title: Monsters In Cloth
Keywords: power electronics world anti-pseudoscience anti-theism experimental folk godofgaps grindcore harsh noise noise punk world New York
Reviewer: Simon Hit

if you like getting your ears pierced with high fiddles from an unknown kind, you probably would pull both of them open for ‘Monsters In Cloth’ by godofgaps. This one has absolutely no problem to fill them up with loud crushing noises from a wealthy strength & those higher ones that love to hit your eardrums like a manic psycho. It starts with a explosive work named ‘altar wellfare’ which speedily penetrates those ears like a beyond control accident; something that feels just as heavy as falling down a snowy high hill through heavy cliffs, or jumping in a hellish pit of no return. Thrill seekers will be extremely pleased when a encouraging voice flips in to make sure you feel like you have gone mental.

In the next piece of heaviness named ‘Anointed and disappointed’ you will not be disappointed to know that escaping this voice & its crushing noisy action didn’t go away to make space for some easy listening music. Here the situation seems to be even more destructive, with the sounds having a enraging attitude that compliments the mental shouting quite well. I have no idea what the trapped voice is announcing, but it feels like a panicked attempt to warn us from. Ore upcoming ear damaging disasters.

Speaking of that, there is one last bit on this release that might surprise you. It is called ‘vestigal grasp’ and is quite different than the crushing madness that you could hear before. Maybe the speakers (or your ears) had been blown up, leaving only the best bits available to hear… but no… the crushing bits & the voice will come back to bite you just after some time listening to some easy going broken piggy sounds. It’s nice to be among the pigs in the piggy pen to chill out before witnessing the voice recording it’s raging powerful mental disorder. Might this be the ‘monster in cloth’ that the album title refers too? Pretty loud and mental!

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