MARIO GUIDA – TiLT {serie2}

Title: TiLT {serie2}
Keywords: experimental, noise, drone, Augsburg
Label: attenuation circuit

With a true delicious kind of distortion this release of audio immediately starts to mess up the silence. It’s like a slamming effect that with every high pitched punch has a troubled after touch of screeching noise at hand. It doesn’t get any lighter, as throughout the album the sound of destruction might come in various ways; they still have no potential intentions to hide and be something that they aren’t; it’s a full on heavy load of ear perforation.

It’s a way of getting some holes for those piercings that you always had wanted perhaps, but still it is probably more painful than going to a piercing studio to get the ears pierced in a very different way. Besides this audio work has more of a buzz to it, takes also a lot longer to succeed with its harsher attacks. Ideal for someone who doesn’t like to have pain for a second, but prefers it to establish itself for a nice longer period of time. They shake and thrill, stab and potentially kill.

At the moment I believe to have discovered that the high frequencies also help a lot to piss off mosquitoes; normally I would have been surrounded by these hungry creatures that see me as their restaurant, but thanks to this album they aren’t even in sight! A great mosquito repellent! , who would have thought?! No more messing around with creams and sprays; it’s the harsh distorted noise by Mario Guida that they seem to dislike… a amazing discovery, right?

An amazing beneficial release so it seems. Enough lengthy pain to pleasure a masochist, free holes pierced in your ears for all your jewelry to hang in & ideal material to bring with you to areas in which hungry mosquitoes see you as their favorite restaurant. Check it out over here if that’s what you need, like or have to do:

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Origami Repetika – dirty habit Ep

Artist: Origami Repetika
Title: dirty habit Ep
Keywords: electronic, techno, drones, dreampop, Lobit
Label: 20kbps
Reviewer: Leo Obit

I’m a huge fan of Origami Repetika, my walls are filled with posters of the artist, print out of releases their artworks and even got a tattoo on my chest. Still there is lots of secretive output from one of my favorite Lobit artists out there that I hadn’t dug up and filled with meaningful words of pure praise! Dirty Habit is one of them… but as you might have noticed; here is a waterfall of words to tell you a bit about this other undefeated underground goodie that didn’t age a bit!

Another Dream Pop Song’ hits all the custom made trademarks that makes a underground hit; the crunchy rawness, the poppy structure of pure lovable nastiness, the unloved sound quality and detested format that no radio deejay seems to be brace enough to feed to the hungry sheep… in other words; it’s perfect! So good that no words or lyrics had been needed to make it sound as big and glorious as it sounds, as Origami Repetika simply knows it’s target audience well & knows they all love a good build-up and a acquired muffled rawness that rocks even harder than Freddy Mercury does at this very moment in time!

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum’ seems like the gifts many of us hope to find under a Christmas tree. Two hookers, the half of a yoyo and indeed that fine bottle of rum… but with Origami Repetika we shouldn’t look under the tree (or in socks!) for gifts as this talented producer and friendly personality brings the biggest gift of all; music! The music titled Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum might not make you drunk, give you something to do or get your hands full with arousing companionship, but the ears would be satisfied enough (just as always with the music by Origami Repetika) to forgive the lack of physical presents…

Our lovable hero ads a ‘Cough Syrup Surprise’ to interlock each others lungs with, it’s the music to wiggle around with like only best friends would do. A voice stimulates the wiggling as well as the kindness of music. Just like all the goodies on this release; the lack of drums is the most interesting art choice of Origami Repetika here, making it a truthful act that stimulates the mind into imagining a beat all by yourself; a great hobby to go for, if you’d ask me.

The last track does have a base kick and does kick hard to keep the alternative Lobit hard rock ambient material rocking hard in all its sweet facets of the track. The name is ‘watery wall 09 18 04’ and takes true advances from the wonders of low bit encodings as the music vibrates kindly and feels almost as warm as a day in the sun in a sunny California. I have never been there, but this music took me there; a free holiday that lasted around four minutes; isn’t it great? I highly recommend it!

Download it directly for free as a zip from the label’s website:
Or check it out on

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Nazorandom – Computer Music Expert

Artist: Nazorandom
Title: Computer Music Expert
Keywords: electronic braindance breakbeats dream pop electronica vocaloid Kurume
Label: 煮印不良品レコーディングス

Are you ready for a nonstop rambling about Nazorandom’s Computer Music Expert? No? Check out the link at the bottom and move on to the fun music… yes? Well this must be your lucky day cause I’m going to ramble straight away:
The feel good feeling of dancing with your brain steps right in with a drum n bass goody, one with warm overtones that might please the people that like them spastic beats as presented in so called intelligent electronica. Wether it is intellectually challenging or not, my tiny brain was instantly bouncing around, occupying every corner of my balloonist head to the fullest. The beats had been fanatically rattling and the artist managed to throw in a whole climaxing area of ambient structures in a seemingly melting pot of melody and acidic bubble baths. You can hear the influences of the big braindance stars, but nazorandom rides successfully upon them as the fruitful owner who is pretty much on top of the entire genre.

Like a curious tropical exotic bird the producer seems to have dipped its feathers in the mind altering mouth of a meowing kitten, together they poison (and inspire!) each other with their coolness, meowing and tweeting their song like a electric rap duo that will get you to wear your clothes in the inside out way (and manage to make you still look cool!) With enough atmospheric clouds within the music the ‘Computer Music Expert’ takes the album through the barriers of intellect and has a lot of audio fun along the way.

Meet squinty squeaky dog Toys as the album plays along, they ‘sing’ while the relaxing chill-out funky melodies (that cover a whole landmark of musical influences and mood swinging mood swings) manage to be one in one go. Happiness, mysterious mystery, feel goodness, anxiety, chilling out jazziness, space rock; and the list goes on and on until you blow your mind like it’s a midnight on a New Years celebration. The melodies and festive recognitions of the sounds that fans of the (now pretty much old school) genre do really feel like a long lasting party, triggering emotionalism and true excitement of reliving the pure beat explorations and melodic electronica experimentations as if it’s the very first time you had heard something like this. In fact it might probably be the first time as even though this hooks straight onto the braindance tag, it does not copy but explores its entire own ways; creating euphoric squirts of brain juices as it plays along!

Who doesn’t love those fat bubbling acid lines, drums that swing and sweet arrays of melodic attention to make us feel like we can be proud to have some kind of taste in music, even though it’s not Beethoven or Coltrane that we bang our heads on. No shame to hear this, right? Besides this album gives enough reasons to throw in a offbeat odd silly dance, a silly walk or an actual good move. Even striking the chin gloriously while looking semi smart feels like a good option when absorbing this album. If I had the honor to describe it in one word, I would say that the word would be ‘fun’. Luckily I do not have to describe it in one word and can ramble on in my right to freely dribble away a whole post about it; nothing intelligent about that but hey, just passing the word that ‘computer music expert’ is a nice album to hear and check out & not (as you might have expected) some random nerd that comes by to fix your computer. Here have a listen and have some fun:

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Evelien Van Den Broek – False Memories

Artist: Evelien Van Den Broek
Title: False Memories
Keywords: electronic alternative experimental female vocals pop Amsterdam

Evelien is a composer, singer and songwriter based in Amsterdam (NL). She combines experimental electronica pop with classical music and sound art. She writes for film, modern dance, live performance and visual art.”

…now that the official info is out of the way, let’s dive directly into this album, shall we?

Like slimy things that are wet and slippery this release opens up. They crawl or slide in the ears and drag in a favorable, less abstract sounding track in which Evelien van den Broek sings in a Bjork-ish fashion with her own authentic kind of voice. With a beat and playful approach of synth sound she establishes a truthfully exciting tune.

With a big beat she comes more into her own peculiar style with ‘CREATUREs’, a cool track which sounds like a comfortable eclectic mix in which her creativity seem to have glued avant-garde and electronic pop together, a nice match for a theatrical collaboration that is fun & yet bizarre. She sings about the millions of purple creatures discussing her daily life, a thing you won’t come up with if it isn’t a truthful fact in a person’s daily life. Evelien comes across here like a self convinced narrator that makes the extraordinary situation into a believable one. She doesn’t sound like she belongs in a lunatic assylum, in fact she sounds so strong in delivering her context over here, that anyone doubting her lyrics of this false memory should probably be wearing a straight jacket in some house for the mentally insane!

‘TWIn’ is next, sounding rather wonderful, combining a moody but lovable trombone and a stringed instrument. The influence of the Icelandic songstress is roaming around strongly, as if Evelien wrote it with the famous songstress in mind. Yet, Evelien her voice sounds more English, crystal clean and easily hitting the right tones that makes all the words clearly understandable. A thing that’s not easy to do with this way of singing / performing and even the best (perhaps on purpose or not) might fail in being clear lyric-wise…but not Evelien as she ules every letter, word and all the formed sentences! If you want to know what the intriguing song is about, you should just hear it & all becomes clear. No need to see a booklet to read the lyrics ida rare thing, saves printing ink too!

With ‘BREATHe’ the artist throws herself in the deep depth of experimental voice art. A style of avant-garde that I really seem to enjoy personally. Here she manages to give me the feeling of going up and down in flowing motions, sliding over a non existing slide in which her beautiful voice clearly shines as a wonderful wonder that defies gravity and lack of imagination. Beautiful and honest, picking us up with a arising flair and setting us back to the ground with a kind touch of a intriguing angel; it’s fair to say that I love BREATHe.

Evelien shakes up her album with a contagious sounding BIRTh, a track that musically is cleverly smart, bringing a freedom feel that comes with sounds that are highly original, something that flirts with the sounds of a side freak show and a top act in the piste of a artistic circus. It’s a track that would be difficult to recreate in all ways; music, vocals, lyrics, performance style and the amazing togetherness of it all! Another strong complex work to cherish and discover!

More experimentally channeling challenges come with her interesting sounding ‘MOUTh’. Evelien’s use and choice of sound keeps the ears twinkling, she manages to creates another exciting work, one that wouldn’t sound out of place on Björk’s Homogenic, but she gives it her own classic cartoonish touch and feel (soundwise) in combination with her sensitive theatrical vocal style. It feels like something on the edge of music and art.

THROw throws in the squeaky trombone to compliment the rhythm in which Evelien sings her song upon. Halfway the track speed up, pushing both the artist as well as the music towards lunacy, before calming down one last time. A song named LANDSPo sounds more like a ‘vespertine’ themed work, with Christmas bells and a winterish fairy tale atmosphere, one in which the artist maneuvers itself grandly while singing like a classical story teller.

FLAMe spices up the energy and eccentric electronica again, making it a rattling sensation in which Evelien’s voice is the shining star of attention. It feels like the soundtrack of a lively performed alternative musical. It swipes up the attention with a twirling almost warrior like precision. With a rattling rhythm and soldier-like approach Evelien establishes another false memory in ‘JAPAn’ and nobody is complaining.

The final touch of the album, the dreamy sounding FLOATh feels like a classic Disney moment. It made me think visually of a romanticized version of Mary Poppins floating away by holding onto her umbrella. But song wise also of classics like the singing in Alice in wonderland, Cinderella and doorknobs and broomsticks. It’s s nice and lovable ending for this fine album, one in which we can clearly hear a lot of the potential skills & talents that the artist has. From intelligent song constructions, vocal abilities to sound playfulness.

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Test Unit – unit 1 . 1 (un ) easy listening

Artist: Test Unit
Title: unit 1 . 1 (un ) easy listening
Keywords: alternative experimental ambient analogue dark ambient experimental electronic library music noise piano Edinburgh

Uneasy easy listening perfected by this ‘Test Unit’, who created this ‘test’ that combines pretty listening material with the irregular shock value kind of glitch noise, or somehow interlaces the avant-garde melodic playfulness with sounds that might not be in the book of appreciation. However to me personally, a listening session to this easy uneasiness is quite joyful as it kept me on my toes, reducing the risk of falling asleep (a thing that with easy listening music happens frequently) & feeding the brain with a certain sense of unexpectedness that people might find pleasure in.

Wether it’s a kind drone occupying the backdrop space of a light weight piano session, or a heavier set to keep the music on the edge; I do think the balance is there, keeping it all together to become a incalculable audio work that you can count to not be able to complete count upon. Is that a sensible sentence that makes sense? Probably not, but who cares? The grammar police would probably hang itself instantly when visiting this place anyway. Here’s a rope and a chair; have fun!

Stuck come unstuck’ feels like the track that flirts the most towards the noisier side of life. It’s fairly minimal, as if Test Unit plays with the sound of pulling out a sticky roll of tape, followed by placing a fork in a electric socket and finally seductively playing the piano like a gentle soul stuck in the lobby of a posh hotel. Also the voice plays a important part in this Test of uneasy easy listening. A poetic voice might nibble itself in like some kind of storyteller at a open mic night, or one that pops up multiple time in the last track (xenolalia) to tease and probably annoy you until the uneasy easy listening session becomes a easy uneasy listening episode. Is this something for you, your friend, friends, neighbors, family members, lovers and pet animals? I haven’t the slightest idea; the best thing is to gather them together and do the ‘test’ with them by playing this release out loud and check their (and your own) reactions. My personal reaction on listening this whole thing through? – I still had fallen asleep, but unlike normal easy listening sessions; my eyes had stayed firmly opened!

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Stank City USA – Bobby

Artist: Stank City USA
Title: Bobby
Keywords: experimental north carolina alternative avant-garde bedroom electronic hypnagogic late night lo-fi minimalist pop vaporwave vgm Windsor
Label: Museum Of Skin

Bobby seems to love them drums, as Bobby’s Bobby is full of them. Steady and stale as if it’s a baton hitting the helmet of a English Bobby in repetitive motion. No brain damage might be inflicted but the Bobby might go home with a mysterious enjoyable headache nonetheless.

Next to them funky drums Bobby 2000 Bobby also seems to showcase its ultimate love for the sound that comes on sporadic occasions out of elephants their trunks. Bobby enjoys it so much that you can hear him singing a wordless song of pure joy, clearly happily celebrating the drums, elephants and himself coming together for a good time. All what is missing is a sweet melody you might think… but no; Bobby can read our minds and gives it that emotionally melodic touching touch to warm even the coldest critic’s heart.

Bobby Bobby Oh My Life For Bobby seems to shake the volume up as that’s what Bobby likes and that’s what Bobby gets. Bobby gets more love with a bombastic slow and sexiness of a fat beat orientated grooviness. Something so round that it might inspire you to drop your pants and dance around like you just don’t care; Bobby-style!

Bobby can’t get enough of rhythm and lucky for Bobby and the Bobby fans ‘Bobby Moral Highground, CUP’ supplied even more. You can hear Bobby himself in awe, screeching out a sign of satisfying relief as the beats sounds wet, tight and juicy. It’s time to take out the pots, pans and spatulas out of the kitchen and join the record by attempting to drum along! For Bobby’s sake and honor; let’s just do it!

The sweet Bobby gets sighted in ‘Bobby Thru The Window’ with a sweet emotional sounding mellow mood our lovely Bobby gets thrown through the window as we all look at it in sheer disbelief. The drums rattle like broken glass, Bobby says nothing (that’s how Bobby is when hearing a cool tune) and house stabs are stuck in his skin, making him bleed for a colorful discotheque effect! Bobby is immortal, would probably jump straight back in to become the resurrected life on the party. With a angelic pure sounding melody at the end it feels as if Bobby had become a light, blessing us all with a last sight of approval. What a pall, Bobby is!

With a last reprising appearance the ghost of Bobby, our hero, lover of drums, elephants, mellow melodies and funky rhythms comes over once more. Here we celebrate the short lived life and death of himself and us all who had known him throughout this cute album; Bobby’s troubled dancing skills are not infected by its sudden fall out of the window as he clearly steals the show among us all! Bobby you will not be forgotten!

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Mescalibur – Through the wall and then ?

Artist: Mescalibur
Title: Through the wall and then ?
Keywords: escalibur, France, experimental electronic, modular synth improvisation, mad sequencing, analog electronic
Label: Murmure Intemporei

If you expected this to be one of those fine harsh noise wall happenings; you have fooled yourself! This album by Mescalibur takes us from the beginning to the end through a enjoyable glow of audio psychedelics. The wall as referred to in the title, might mean it is so druggy that we could indeed go and step through it at certain points in time. It’s all becoming more and more unreal the more you get to know and get absorbed into this music. This would be a great soundtrack to hear when you loaded yourself up with magical mushrooms, although I must say that on its own in a clean and sober state of mind, the music is intoxicating enough to make you think that you had indeed digested a whole box of shrooms.

It feels as if the sounds are lined up to show you the backdrop of the matrix, the unreal mess of reality, the possibilities to go and step through indestructible walls and obstacles as if they had just been made out of a jelly pudding. It’s not clear to me how things are made and the progression that it takes; creating that perfect sound structure to take me off balance, the material that without violence is able to throw us all of our seats and makes you question our position in life, the world, the galaxy and probably if we are intelligent or rather unstable in the mind? This album makes you basically experience the deep thoughts of having a brain that is deeply fried, without having to deal with the chemical side effects. No braincells will die in the session & you aren’t poisoning yourself in order to ‘feel’ this way.

In any strange case I consider that ‘Through the wall and then ?’ Is a blessing to hear, colorfully curating a audio trip with a rhythmic attitude that might alter your perspective of reality. The place might be upside down, colors might not be the colors what they used to be & modular synth music is not music anymore but some kind of head-shop-drug that is available for free! Can it get any better? I would think not!

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