Ech(o) – The Grace Of The Appalling (SPNet036)

title: The Grace Of The Appalling
keywords: Ambient/Spoken Word/Experimental
cat nmbr: SPNet036
Cd  & netrelease (mp3 128 / 320 kbps)
label: SP (

This is the debut where everyone has been waiting for
( or should have been waiting for, if you wherent waiting for it!)
a beautifull exploration of the mind of ech(o) takes the listener
by surprise in a extensive listening session.
the thing is that this release is very well thought about and well made
and delivers a fine and mysterious sexyness to the audio adventures.
The world of Ech(o) is hot smooth somehow disturbing and very erotic,
if i may say so!

the real touvhable release is a cd packed in a handmade kind of package with real blood from the artist all over it. the net version is a little bit cleaner but if you like what you hear ( and you will..)
i recommend to grab the real cd for the extra real experience!
smell the blood, touch it, lick it and play those disturbing wonderful sexy tracks with great joy!
(you know you need and want it!)

next to the 5 wonderful tracks by Ech(o) (the last one is done together with the famous producer Flat Affect, who also happens to be the creative director of the SP label who released this magnificent production) the album contains also 3 amazing remixes of ‘This Could Be Enough’ by Pollux, W!DE ReCeiver & toxic chicken. Sure you cant get enough of this outstanding debut of Ech(o).

(review by K.N.)

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