Noise Nazi Featuring Bagman – Mind Altar

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Artist: Noise Nazi Featuring Bagman (@)
Title: Mind Altar
Format: CD
Label: Medical Malfunctions Records (@)
Rated: *****
Noise Nazi is the enigmatic and often offensive harsh noise project of Matthew Bonk of Wisconsin. Noise Nazi boasts an intimidating catalog of over 100 albums, EPs, and split releases in a variety of formats. Bagman is a power electronics noise project from the United Kingdom. I have had limited exposure to Bagman’s work, but he appears to have released almost 30 albums, EPs and splits since 2008.Mind Altar is a CD-r released by Medical Malfunctions Records in a plastic sleeve, which is pretty standard for this genre. The album consists of 4 tracks ranging between 6 and 10 minutes each. The sounds presented in Mind Altar are dense and old-school: gritty, harsh, and dominating. This release captures Noise Nazi doing what he does best, creating a world of his own, tempting the listener to play Mind Altar loudly, but leaving the listener in fear of severe hearing loss. Bagman provides a vocal compromise to the noise that manages to perfectly match the intensity–sometimes yelling, sometimes talking, never decipherable–but ultimately becoming a source of comfort amidst the aggression.

Mind Altar album would fit nicely into any noise collection, reminiscent of Massonna or Merzbow, but with less churning and more cohesion. By the end of Mind Altar I actually have the impression the artists have reached into my brain and are massaging it for me with their violently soothing work. Certainly now that the album is over there is a numb feeling where my brain is supposed to be.

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1 Response to Noise Nazi Featuring Bagman – Mind Altar

  1. AndyTithesis says:

    best name ever. bet he is a scatologist.

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