Various Artists – 4:00 [Siro400]

artist: Various
title: 4:00
keywords: Diversified / Four Minutes
cat nmbr: Siro400
 netrelease / Mp3 (various bitrates)
label: Sirona Records

Arnaud B. (the owner of the prolific and succesful Sirona Records) came up with a great concept for its 400th’s release)
A compilation featuring a showcase of Sirona artists with tracks all in 4 minute size each.. no exceptions!
lets take a deeper dive in this production, containing 3 virtual cd’s of free music:

cd 1
1 – 01 – Aden Ôhm – Aden Ôhm’s theme in Ethan Hole’s drum

a great opening with lots of smoke of high grade marihuana straight in your face. think Bob Marley with his fingers in the electric box skanking his legs up high & dreadlocks all over the place! a killer opening for a killer compilation!

1 – 02 – Symplocarpush – Am I There Yet

take birds of joy and add a delicious light hearted melody, a steady rhythm +a phat baseline & you got the perfect feel good minutes that reminds us of the good times we had and still having. with sunshine, friends and all that!

1 – 03 – Le Projet Ardéchois – LIA

martin luther king introduces another good killer tune! light & lots of happy fun! perfect company for people who like to dance and hop around in pink bunny suits! actually i had a dream about pink bunny suits.. this is super smooth electric happiness for bouncy sneakers and ballet shoes!

1 – 04 – Nusa – Gianni (Sirona 400 Version)

the mysterious wonderful warm and sexy wonky sounds of Nusa are a pure joy to listen to. its laidbackness and its sincere sounds goes straight in your heart where it will comfort you with great joy. it is a mysterious piece with some sadness in it, but mostly underlining that whatever will happen, its all good. love it!

1 – 05 – Hu Creix – Oasis For Idealist

Hu Creix takes you on a journey into a beautiful mind, a place where culture of the world and mostly it sounds are collected, restyled and made into a modern work aka a dramatic masterpiece. i imagine the story of a Russian princess lost on the run traveling from country to country. and just before the four minutes are over she found her safe haven in the arms of her well beloved lover…

1 – 06 – Toxic Chicken – Robot My Brain 2012

a track by toxic chicken. restyled, re-pimped and remastered in the highest quality for the year 2012 and the years to come. may there be many musical robots in your head… or at least this electro flop 🙂

1 – 07 – Covolux – Sirona
a tribute to Sirona ( the label that celebrates its 400th release and is still growing strong ) . the music is made by pollux but covolux claimed it its own by changing the tags. isn’t it a marvelous relaxing piece?

1 – 08 – 10Konekt – Les 400 coups
after a moment of rest its time to celebrate! and whats there not too party about this funky psychedelic rockabilly electric run-run-run around the table with your cowboy hat and grand-mum on top of your shoulders? cats and dogs are dancing with mad cows and that all in your own living room! pick up a guitar and jam along if you dare. pure happy retard party ness! yihaaaaa!!!

1 – 09 – Noisesurfer – Nebula

Noisesurfer gives us some space to recover from our mad dance session with a delicious breath of fresh air. the perfect time to roll some joints and open up some new bottles of fun. the production skills are a joy for the ears and creates a warm and safe place to relax in. that’s some good green, i tell ya!

1 – 10 – X – Ink – Kahar’navaal
X – Ink takes over and makes your head bounce of a interesting piece of music, combining cool with cool and is as heavy as it is funky. we are stoned as fuck and sure getting drunk too! the music is jolly good company!

   1 – 11 – Cyril M. – Floating Between Opposites

than another moment of sincere music has come. this time its Cyril M. who delivers a hon oust and intimate song where the listener can shimmer in. his voice and guitar are like a perfect couple, delivering food for thought in a comforting bitterness.

1 – 12 – Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Return oF The Jester King To Higher Ground

insert a perfect track in the playlist order and you got Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt. this track is a blend of sinister sounds, hip hop and horror movies but than the good kind. i can”t help to notice that this would be the perfect track for a walk on a grave yard, to spot the newest zombie in town!

1 – 13 – StruKtur – TrAAA_sH 4.00

gather your best friends, give them all a hammer and a helmet. put them full of alcoholic products and put the volume at the maximum! lots of good friendly family entertaining minutes in this very fine dance track for the mentally disturbed! enjoy your helmet and the music of course!

1 – 14 – mr.Bull – Return of The Fire

when the party people are huffing and puffing for breath, mr Bull comes to the rescue! he delivers a wonder full feel good piece of music that will let the light shine wherever you are. the beautiful melody”s are interacting with your heart and soul and telling you its all right! uplifting and comfortingly good!

1 – 15 – Pogohm – Strong Weakness

Pogohm takes over with a nice old school sounding breaky freshness. a sample featuring the voice of the uncle of cryovolcano for some extra groove and rolling drum n base and sparkles. pogohm serves tropical cocktails on his roller-skates to the guest of this happy sirona party. lets rock on! bitch!

1 – 16 – Kai Nobuko – Lo Fi Family Drama 6.3 MB

and just as Pogohm served the new tasty drinks, one of the guest (pogohm”s grandmother) has spoiled it all over her. the uncle of cryovolcano starts to argue and the whole sirona party from cd 1 ends up with a little lo fi family drama. of course it is just for 4 minutes and in the end everyone is happy again! cd 2 is awaiting!

CD 2 Review

2 – 01 – Swin Deorin – Im Over Here

A beautiful opening for cd 2 comes as no surprise with the always amazing Swin Deorin.
laid back beats and warm melodies go hand in hand to give your ears and heart all that is good.
I’m Over Here is 4 minutes of pure rewind material that makes you feel like you are floating in the blue sky. enjoying the fine breeze and no worry’s in your head. until the four minutes are almost over and you get hit by a passing bird and tumble back down to earth where you will definitely search for the replay button..

2 – 02 – KargO- crOp circles in underpants

circles in underpants is a weird title for a great track by KargO. It is probably one of these overlooked gems you certainly cannot overlook! the song gives me the shivers, but certainly in the positive way.
KargO sings his heart out in a sea of overwhelming accompanying music in a song where most people can identify with. catchy , and replay worthy and full of melancholic action. what the fuck indeed!
great stuff KargO!

2 – 03 – Isoleren Lawaai – Fleur De Sel

Isoleren Lawaai delivers a very interesting track that is full of delicious surprises and hidden melody’s, playfull glitches and weird transistions that crazy enough make so much sense in this piece. full of audio dimensions, layers and fun without losing its cool! We don’t like to say it but this is the work of a audio genius, so just take a bow and show some respect by dancing to this awesome track!

2 – 04 – 3Music – Chauliod Song (Gabriel Millan mix)

Another wicked tune has arrived. this time 3Music delivers something truly outstanding in its originality aswell as its quality! this track gives you the feeling of being the guest of a modern tribe in some computerized jungle of sounds with mad industrialist electronic machines as it rhythmic source. i bet the gods 3Music are feeding with this ballistic music are pleased!

2 – 05 – iky iky – the bottle is always half empty (a piece for an empty plastic bottle and effects)

still out there iky iky takes us even deeper down into the jungle. a great soundscape that is so well comforting as well as intriguing. perhaps its gonna rain? iky iky nows its way around and guide our ears into safety.

2 – 06 – Consistency Nature – Oh So Azure

on a open place in the green jungle we find a weird spot where Consistency Nature tells us the truth and nothing else but the truth. He tells us that we are listening to yet another track on yet another compilation. the mysterious happy orientated music dances with his poetic story telling. he coughs abit to let us know he is the most human form we came across. this track is one of my personal favorites because of its sincerity surrounding it.

2 – 07 – Session-2207 – Rapture (Siro400 Version)

The madness of the forrest made us suddenly go crazy, we want to run, run away, away from this place into a place without tree’s! back to the city! back to the trains, the cars, the smog! back to the stones on the floor and the smell of hyperspeed live hard die young kind-of-living! ession 2207 delivers the perfect soundtrack for running away from all your claustrophobic demons!

2 – 08 – Iamdeadsmiles58 – Anthem of a Freedom and Noise Revolution

Iamdeadsmiles58 is happy to welcome you home in the industrialic city and invites you to an act of freedom with his anthem of freedom and Noise Revolution! it is mad, its definiatly intense, its utterly nuts and its fucking brilliant! you have to hear it to believe it, but Iamdeadsmiles 58 sure as hell tells it like it is!

2 – 09 – Hectic Head – Disconnect Myself

Hectic Head’s track makes me think of a little story. i can see a little cheap hotel room with a phone of the hook. some hot girls with animal heads pop in and start to dance around. smooth and sexy but the person in the room who sits next to the phone has no interest whatsoever in the events in the room, cause he is obviously disconnected. perhaps i am wrong, but this track would be a great soundtrack for a 4 minute independent movie!

2 – 10 – Genetic Trance – Summer Times

talking about sweet, sexy and smooth! Summer Times by Genetic Trance got these words all writen over it! the sun is shining, fresh air is entering your nose and love is in the air. (and maybe some space ships too?) perhaps some of our alien friends will come down to earth and celebrate a wonderful summer at our little planet. make love to earthlings and dance and smile away in a very fine and happy mood! nice job!

2 – 11 – Corroded Master – Army-Navy-Marines-Air Force

oh yes! time to party! time to dance ! Corroded Master lays down a perfect industrial dance track!
get your cyber goth gear out of your secret cupboard and feel the electric grooves and fill the room with your moves! a sick track that will do good on every machinefest dance floor as well as wherever you are now!

2 – 12 – Doomettes – Midnight Sun

oh yes! oh yes again!! the Doomettes are here to deliver a delicious fun song that is as warm as the midnight sun. the voice and the guitar are yet again best friends and the strong structure is a delight.
opening up when you least expect it and leaves you before you know it has gone. the midnight sun.

2 – 13 – O.S.I.S. – New Horizon

yet another good example of a perfect tracklist order, O.S.I.S. takes over the Doomettes in a super smooth move. a great sounding soundscape full of animals (and demons perhaps) and some fun wonky circus kind of melody that drives all the creatures along in its carousel. a perfect nice track that triggers the imagination all the way through the new horizon.

2 – 14 – Dairyola – Get Out Of My Head

The carousel of sounds is not stopping now, in fact Dairyola has completly mastered it and brings it directly into your speakers or headphones. a menacing act that is so well extremely mind blowing as it is trippy.  personally i feel abit claustrophobic being in this circle of sounds but luckily there is the end at the tunnel and the light will shine in. this track makes me believe i am on drugs. what did i do along the way? great audio stimulant!

2 – 15 – The Musk-rat Cult – Inhale, Exhale (edit)

yeah definitely along the way of reviewing this album someone has spiked my drink. somehow this wonderful track of The Musk Rat Cult has come to life. a 4D surrounding, full of trippy madness, things i wouldnt normally see but i am seeing them! was it the mushrooms on bread i ate this morning? breath in and breath out because we dont need to worry; right on time when there was a slight panic attack comming up, the musk rat cult delivers a feel good arm around the neck. come on buddy, its just music man! great stuff!

2 – 16 – Demolay – Home (8kbps)

a delicious end for a delicious compilation. Demolay takes us back home where we awake and everything is getting back to normal. the music makes it a easy to digest the transition of the whole sirona4:00 adventure. a nice and warm welcome awaits and we had alot of fun and gained alot of knowledge. Can’t wait for Sirona 500!

(review by KN)

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