Consistency Nature & Flat Affect – A Dream Of Anopsia (SPCD16)

Artists: Consistency Nature & Flat Affect
medium: CD
length:  1:15:00
cat: SPCD16
keywords: religious, summer, relaxing, ambient, warm, soundscape, new age, experimental,
label: SP Recordings

Consistency Nature and Flat Affect are here to calm you down into an
atmospheric realm of calmness. Technically speaking this release could be
classified as electronic, but feelings wise it sounds like the whispering
tongue of Mother Nature. Pure natural and gives you the effect of being in some
field surrounding with the crickets who are strangely chirping on a sunny day. In
the far distance the sounds of a church calling for the citizens for their Sunday
donation, or is it?

This child of Consistency Nature & Flat Affect is pure brightness, a
blissful happening that turns every dark day into a beautiful one. Just close
your eyes, lay down (wherever you are, but mind the cars..) and get yourself in
a state of mind to totally sink in this amazing sound scape adventure.

With big eye for detail the listener will have great fun discovering hidden
melodies and sounds in this full on orgy of ‘sunny day’ in audio format.  Subtitle elements in this sea of calm music
are bathing you in a flow of pure love.  It’s
been a long long long time (as a matter of fact I can’t remember) that I have
encountered such a calming and relaxing experience. The way of mixing and all
the playing around in this organic field of electronic nature keeps your mind
busy exploring inner visions.

beautiful melodies I have discovered, but still don’t know if they were there
from the beginning, or if my mind just made them up? This release is an escape
for everyone with busy lives and for people who need a well-deserved break.
Consistency Nature and Flat Affect serves you the best remedy against burn
outs, stress and even headache.  The
listener who indulges in this beautiful warm world these 2 characters have
created are coming close to a religious experience! This music is like an orgasm
that never seems to end without getting rashes or hurt. There was no other and
better way than releasing this beautiful work than how these geniuses have done
it. This long playing cd comes in a ‘Bible on Audio CD book casing’ which made
my vision of a church in the far distance suddenly sensible. The release also
came with a description that it was made by Dishdawash Arnet while falling
asleep on a keyboard and Flat Affect recording s of silence.. Whatever and
however they have made it, this trip was an excellent creation that will
enlightens every new age listener and bring back good summer memories. ‘A Dream
of Anopsia is A perfect capture of ‘no worries’ for the mind and in all its
beautifully oddness simply addictive.

I wonder if everyone could make beautiful music while sleeping? Or is there
indeed a bible-happening at work here, and the gentleman’s are (perhaps without
there consent  filling out the big plan
of the almighty? Whatever happened here; this release sound and looks like a
miracle from heaven!

(review by KN)

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1 Response to Consistency Nature & Flat Affect – A Dream Of Anopsia (SPCD16)

  1. giftige_kip says:

    Possibly the best review I’ve ever read.


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