EugeneKha – Jam 2 EP (intox016)

artist: EugeneKha
title: Jam 2 EP
keywords: funky electronic dance-stuff
cat nmbr: intox016
format: Mp3
YEAR: 2009
label: Intox noise

All hail the groovy uplifting funk!!
this Evgenij V. Kharitonov is a great music producer.
and this EP is as high class as it can be!
it start off with some funky house and never leaves you alone!
those 4/4 beats and layers of groovy notes makes my toes wobble and comfort my wasted head with some fine programming skills.
this is very happy and uplifting stuff. good for early mornings and late at night after party’s!
happy and uplifting funk, guitars and above all, never boring!
from start to end, i really enjoyed this EP!
you just know when listening to this that everything is going to be alright as these sunny beats are triggering every mussle in your body!
my personal favourite track is Little kosmonaut which is so dancy that even my ears start to do little dance moves on their own!
finger snapping, funky house and sunny fun 4/4 beats and baselines! this EP got it all baby!
yet again a great showcase of the great talent of mister Evgenij V. Kharitonov!

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