neuroSampler – phlegmatic dirty dances (MBR-052)

artist: neuroSampler
title: phlegmatic dirty dances
keywords:electronic, experimental, techno, minimal
cat nmbr: MBR-052
format: Mp3 40 kbps
runtime: 17:40
YEAR: 2009
label: Microbit Records

this release from neurosampler really kicks arse if you are into lo fi ass shaking electronica.
it starts of with the track ‘fantastic world’ an weird but very happy techno track to dance on.
and be happy to listen to it anywhere and at anny time of the day!
decompressor is just as insane as the previous track!
completely bizar with great quality baseline and other weird electronic sounds.
it got the insanity and hits the groove!!
the 3th track ‘antikwark’ is just plain quality insane electro!
wicked baselines and coockoo sounds for banging head madness!
the ep ends with noisology and leaves my ears begging for more! groooooooovy insane stuff!!! TOP!!!!!
search no further if you are in need for pure hi class experimental electro music in a fine lobit rate.

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1 Response to neuroSampler – phlegmatic dirty dances (MBR-052)

  1. giftige_kip says:

    Love neurosampler! One of my favorites of all times!


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