The Universal Noise Unit – Untitled (Live)

artist: The Universal Noise Unit
title: Untitled (Live)
keywords: noise,harshnoise,power electronics,noisecore
cat nmbr: HK-37
format: 3″ CDR
year: 2004
label: Hammasratas

FULL-ON FUCKING NOISE-ATTACK FROM SUOMI , this piece of filth fucking takes no prisoners , (Harsh-)noise with hints of PE, noisecore and hardcore/punk …2 tracks of audio-destruction of which the 2nd is the longest and most brutal, TUNU on this release features Toni Kandelin & Daniel Lundh (among others) , 2 well known names in global noise conspiracy , and this is a fuckin EXCELLENT release by the gentlemen !!! TOTAL HATE !!! white disk/xeroxed b/w cover …
2 “complaints” though , it’s way too short …and ltd.21 (!!!)

outdated(?) contact info :


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