Various Artists – ''best of various'' a LEM compilation

artist: Various Artists
title: ”best of various” a LEM compilation
keywords: Noise, Experimental, Ambient,HxCx
cat nmbr: LEM – 06
format: CDr
year: 2003
label: LoveEarthMusic

Older compilation by one of the longer running and imho. BETTER DIY labels from the USA…Very diverse collection here ; BRATFACE opens with some Boston xHxCx, not too aggressive but still a decent track , nice opener…ECKANCORE from LA are supposed to be a 2 piece band (!) but I hear some weird noise experiment in their contribution , although that may be guitars being abused right there … weird and hypnotic headfuck , lotsa distorted mid and high frequency scraping inside your skull will make cells ejaculate … FECAL FACE & THE TOILET SLAVES , weird uptempo “garage” punk/HC , CA-style….POST NATAL ABORTION comes with what could be described as heavy HATECORE, aggressive stuff , has member from previous band… +DOG+ offers up some filthy LOFI NOISE…synth? tape-experiment? dunno…sounds DIRTY !!! WEIRDO stuff from CROATOAN , some spaced out easy-listening NOFI psychedelica on their piece , very curious and very relaxing, pretty sure this would do a great job with some acid, shrooms and pussy …organ and guitar-like orgiastic rituals !!! dunno what the HAYDEN ROWE in the title stands for but fact is that this is a great piece of so-called “outsider” music … ROY MACKINNON & MARK D’ANTONIO deliver a clean guitar piece which feels kind of “outta” place on here but thenagain narrow-mindedness never helped anyone I suppose…AMERICANA they call the genre i believe and should be of interest to guitar buffs and people into the genre as well those into country folk and possibly blues… OFC is 8th in line and comes with some weird breakbeat-driven techno tunes featuring heavy rockguitar … CRAZY fucking compilation this…this track has (believe it or not) 80’s movie soundtrack feel to it…also reminds of 90’s Joe Satriani stuff…Not really my thing but amazing to see stuff as diverse as this pop up on comp. of label which i presumed was noiselabel…Good to see things like this can be achieved on the DIY level , strictly UNDERGROUND but as DIVERSE as you couldn’t imagine…And for some strange reason it works here…OHJI HAYASHI has track which I would describe as “percussive ambient” , kinda like slowed down IDM stuff…Good when hitting BONG or getting HEAD , 8 minutes of pure RELAXATION !…He supposedly also engineered (and is famous) for THE BOREDOMS and other Japanese artists and this may explain the great production on his track …VEXATION track is 2.18 minutes of pure HC-PUNK fury , or is it HATECORE ? I DON’T FUCKING
FEEL HAS RAW POWER ! …ILLICIT is another HC/PUNK band from USA , less furious than VEXATION but still aounds quite PISSED-OFF !!! Another good band …THE SHILLS track RESIST is a weird one does remind of a kind of easy version of a hybrid between ALIEN SEX FIEND & SONIC YOUTH with weird guitar solos…Not the music I’d usually listen to but not too bad , quite the contrary !!! VINNIE & THE STARDUSTERS comes with instrumental track that sounds like bastard child of heavy/thrash-metal and surf-guitar…Funny stuff and well-executed !!! Nothing for the average noise-head but once again , some openmindedness really helps a lot…DUE PROCESS is RRRON of the well-known RRRECORDS and this is one of his earlier pieces , cut-up noise , audio-abuse , sonic freak-out baby !!! If you’re into NOISE you really REALLY can’t go wrong here people, nothing too harsh but weird and chaotic , prolly turntable/record-abuse and electroacoustics , wtf,
does it really matter ? According to sounds at end (public) recorded “LIVE” … MAIMED has atmospheric synth-driven dark-ambient drone with downtuned percussive elements/weird voices/vocals gradually changing into dark ‘n’ doomy LOFI weird rock sound that borrows elements from metal/industrial/garage/punk and more … beyond description but damn good , pity though that song cuts off after 4.50 min. , seemingly unfinished , printed cdr comes in fullcolor printed covers and more info from , could be still available when publishing this (2012) …CHECK !!!


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