Various Artists – Sincerity Is The Key [Siro300]

artist: Various
title: Sincerity Is The Key
keywords: Diversified / Anniversary Compilation
cat nmbr: Siro300
netrelease / Mp3 (various bitrates)
length:  more than 9 hours!
label: Sirona Records

Various Artists -Sincerity Is The Key

the compilation we have all been waiting for is out on Sirona Records,
featuring 9 hour of a most diverse collection of music in multiple genre’s by
a huge selection of artists who donate their tracks for free under the creative commons license
for all ears to enjoy. This wonderful compilation is split on 7 virtual cd’s for you to download
in a carefully selected playlist put together by Arnaud Barbe with lots of love.

This compilation is probably a great start to take a great look in the world of netlabels and all the amazing
good and above all creative music out there.
Why should you pay or download illegal music from lame ass commercial big shots
if you can find more astonishing music made with a human touch for free?
Just Download this huge audio feast and see and hear what is out there
and treath yourself a fine audio gift!

the first cd starts of with a beautiful track by

Red Wine Riot.
a perfect start for a compilation called ‘Sincerity is the key’
it takes the time to take you away into a beautiful world.

Xrin Arms brings the cool factor with a smooth hip tune to light up too.
not only great to bumb your head too but the lyrics are also fine to sing along too.

Swin Deorin delivers a beauty with the amazing trip track Foleyakkite.
the melody’s are melodic, dark and sincere. a masterpiece!

Cyril M. takes on a sincere prayer and takes up the groovy blues guitar
the perfect song for sentimental rainy days to keep you warm and comfort.

Fabiorosho brings in the fun with a modern retrotasty feel good robotic interesting cyberfunk dance
its good to know that after prayers there is freaky fun!

Golgotha Communications Ltd has come to to give the listener some fresh air.
the track is highly electronic but it got the feeling of being in the middle of nature on a midsummer’s day.
Golgotha is there with you and whispers in your ears some strange story’s for you to enjoy and chill out on.

track 7 (my goth time goes quick when having fun) is a astonishing track by Xenodrome
it takes you away on a dark journey keeping you on the edge of your seat till the end.
but when you least expect it a super upbeat drum n base drill core hits you on the head like never expected! kick ass!

2nnt takes over perfectly with the track Mecharaknoid and brings you all the way back for some more insane wicked dancecore
the smooth building up and down in this track and the mashing beats really get your party started!

Annoying Ringtone does what it is famous for and delivers the annoying ring-tone sound it is so famous for
it kicks back for some fine happy upbeat breaks, catchy singing . melody’s and some catchy hardcore for all to enjoy! the neighbors love it!

Koobaatoo Asparagus & Hlo are partners in crime and what a crime it is! they made a perfect child together with all its nasty features!
it is a beauty of nastiness and will color not only your speakers in the red, also your lady friend cheeks! love it!

Subterrestrial delivers as expected a perfect return to sanity with a perfect chill out tune called Ocean Beach.
it is not very difficult to imagine yourself with a cocktail in bikini or in shorts (it depends) on some tropical island in the hot sun. chill to the max!

Iranon takes you away on another master piece with this smoothly produced track
it slowly transforms your head while spinning its intelligent rhythms and acid under tones. a perfect track for chill pill lovers!

Material Action gives a blast from the past with the track ‘ Tortured Photograph’ its well produced cool rocky industrial chill vibe track
should be the perfect track for any action movie! smooth operator!

John 3:16 comes to heal your fears with its great beautiful sensitive tune, his smooth playing melody’s and humming makes this track a unforgettable experience.
it is definitely a amazing chilling track with some dark undertones and got ‘handmade with care’ written all over it. perfect!

Microwaved & Michael Gira are the last track on cd1 and make sure your ears will want to hear more.
the smooth ambient brings you the warmth of a nice fireplace to your ears, soul and body. fly away to another galaxy smoothly!


GL[D] takes of where microwaved & michael gina had left with this great produced catchy electronic dance anthem. perfect music for in the sun or at every other minimal party.
this track is definitely worth to listen on repeat while you have the change! sunny mindsets included.

Skrubz makes your ears bleed, your head rock and your feet wobble like maniacs with the great party track ‘Get Fucked’!
and Skrubz couldn’t give this tune a better title because its the truth! if everyone just go to party and get fucked up it would be a very fun loving peaceful world! pure sexy A class electro dubstep wickedness!

Poulbo’s contribution to the compilation is a instant feel good one! a happy upbeat fun track that makes you smile from within.
the melody’s are intelligent and in general so filled and flavored with a healthy portion of complete love! whats there not to love? ❤

Kn’K is great as always (check out his other releases on Sirona) and brings a cool sincee electropop song that makes you warm from inside
his voice and the musical skilled production are perfect together. really beautiful amazing talented electropop. the girls (and boys) will fall in love with this irresistible smoothy! great work!

if you where not hot enough Reecea is here to help with a great ambient work with subtle changes full of warmth.
really relaxing and above all amazingly good company for your eager ears in this hectic world we live in. perfection!

Nonima suprises you with a excellent experimental headbanger for those idm phreakz out there! excellent work to space out and chill & dance on!
Hadran is a a track that is so full of wonders, melodies and strange but perfectly fitting sounds! pure brilliance!

Ars Sonor & Meklabor really are a great duo with a perfect mindset! this track is so f*cking cool that it will instantly blow your mind away!
they have created a dreamlike state of audio world where everything can happen but glued together to an amazing cool rhythm. it left my ears begging for more!

Your Name the artist who doesn’t need no introduction delivers a great die-hard-to-the-point statement with his track I PISS ON SOPA-PIPA-ACTA. and what a beautiful piss it is!
this compilation is proof that nobody needs to download crap music from these so called idiots parading with these acts and anti freedom dickheads. music with a heart is here for free to enjoy you motherf*ckers!

Marc Broude had the difficult task to take over from Your Name, but he done it so extremely well!
his great amazing track makes me wanna hit a bottle of whiskey while looking at the beautiful stars in the sky. this is seriously great authentic REAL music with a heart and soul! Vampire Salt!!

3MUSIC gives your head a great trip with this excellent trippy experimental mentalistic space audio adventure.
who needs drugs when there is 3MUSIC? really great intelligent produced work with so many bizarre effects working all hand in hand to create this fantastic world. 3music is Wowing us all away!!

Topi Reta keeps you in the druggie scene with this great case of psychedelic experimental space rock. fly over hills, above skyscrapers and feel fantastic!
Recuerdo de un recuerdo is absolutely a great and cheap way to fly out of your head!

I’m a big fan of Avs_Silverster so this was a nice surprise to see and hear them on this wicked compilation. Tales From cryptographic options is a pure treat for lovers of psychedelic rock with a human touch.
the perfect universal music for moments around the campfire, to share with your friends and family or just to enjoy by yourself. check out the albums on microbit records if you like what you hear! ❤

Død Beverte invites us into his dark mind, which surprisingly isn’t that unfriendly of him to do so.
this dark mind is a threat to a place everyone went once in there lifetime. empty dark,hate but you can still feel the love although he kills it at the end! great!!

Lezet takes us away on a experiment exploring sounds in a way you not had thought it was possible. the sounds take you by the hand on a melting road
where only Lezet will know the way. watch your step and enjoy the view ❤

RedSK music is very colorful and this fine noise track explores every expect of it, every frequency will be touched and when you go through it
you will see the animals in your mind moving around on the music RedSK injects straight into your brain. RedSK is a living legend and his work are masterpieces totally out of this world!

The ending of cd2 with a wonderful soundtrack by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt is a dream come true!
his music really takes your head into another level an keeps your head floating in the night. sublime!


Hu Creix starts of the cd with something that sound like the inhaling of a spliff which is the rhythmic sounds introducing a very fine trip of music.
his track is called No Escape but to be honoust we sure don’t want to escape from these great sounds!

KaraKara does a takeover and brings in a funtastic beat and features some smooth wave shape melodies for all to enjoy!
this track is a pure headbanger of great delights. this track actually makes you feel cool while you spin it! nice beat shifts too & gotta love the dramatic piano at the end! great stuff indeed!

of cource we can count on the captain kirk on lsd experience to deliver a well mind dramatic electropunkcoremetaltastic track to fight the vulgair vulcans, the borg and the dildo’s from outer space.
his Melodie’s and programming skills are chillingly good so shoot it like laser beams straight into your eardrums! warp 666 style!

Randomatik Blast is not only a great breakcore producer with a talented kid he also got a good sense of humor, next to sympathy for the joker of course!
Hill Hates is a short track that is all killer and no filler! Randomatic Blast kicks ass and you know it!

Porion kicks ass too with this wicked tune Extraction, with its rolling blasting beats it takes me back to the drum n base scene in London while being high on mdma and speed
dancing around with broken feet adopting druggie’s from the dancefloor! this track is pure evil wickedness in all its brilliance!! love this shit so much!!

hiyohiyoipseniyo kicks ass too! well hell this whole compilation kicks ass! but the ass hiyohiyoipseniyo kicks is somehow without beats but surely gets the slapping well done!
a sound collage will bitch slap you around like no other! there is no way out only ear holes and no ears to close down! enjoy!

hataken is opening the gate to another world with the 2012 Open The Gate track. 10 minutes of pure beauty to trip and fly away on.
simply start this track and let the smooth rhythm introduce itself into your heart and enjoy this until your happy thoughts are all dancing in your mind.

Mass Hypnotized keeps you in its grip with a short but hypnotic space sound collage (headphones recommended).
ready or not, Mass Hypnotized will take you by the hand and let your whole body float in the sky!

FluiD brings a dramatic cool dark piece called Temporal Disjuncture. the perfect music to play at any funeral (the guests will love it)
really great piece of work for these dark moments and mindsets we live in!

Hoodooengine puts a spell on our heads with this amazing track Eye Of Set, creating a serious world to explore in audio waves before kicking off it ultimate cool raw poprock of darkness!
the lyrics are amazing, the guitar is amazing, Eye Of Set is amazing! really great find to bang your head on, really great music!

with Syrinx we stay in the dark zone of the compilation with a incredible track that will haunt your ears.
this track keeps you warm in the cold and keeps your mind thrilled to the end

Ohotniki za Golovami gives me the creeps but i mean that in a good way! really nice building of this track
and really keeps your head in a world that is full of terror, insane psycho’s and loyal bankers. Not worry because Ohotniki za Golovami will kill them of course!

MushroomWavved Collar is the third prayer on the compilation this time its from a complete different kind.
his audio production skills are unique and this track shows you how great the power of sound is in the right hands! excellent stuff!

Zero Nowhere let a little flow of sunshine in and tells you that everything is not so bad as it may seem.
really a nice relaxing beauty of a track to end the third cd with. sincerity is the key!


KargO is a great opener of cd4 with a nice smooth sweet electropop track which stands out in originality, next to that it is also kinda cute 🙂
the production is very smooth and we im not sure if KargO is french but if so: France should be proud of this super producer! very excellent beautiful work! definitely want to hear more of this!

Asmik should change their artist name into Fantastic because it simply is! really nice rolling blasting bass and sexy melody’s enjoying hot sex with nasty beats!
really nice headbang – with – a – spliff – in – the – mouth – material! melodies are deep and like stars in the night!

Skyzo Maniak dont need to change its artist name cause Skyzo Maniak says it all! the track really got it all! fun skyzodimanical hyperbeats
abd teasing nasty riffs to slap your face with pure pleasure! makes you wanna hop around like a bunny on pills!

xTremLawyer – F*ck you SOPA ! F*ck you SOPA, F*ck you PIPA, F*ck you ACTA! FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!
and while your at it eat this piece of wickedness by xTremLawyer! high class Dubstep and Totally Free! no copyright infringement just pure FUCK YOU SOPA!!!

3bc takes you on a wonderful journey where only love and beauty exist. a place inside your head brought to you in a very nice music form.
excellent music obviously made with a heart and soul for the people with a heart and soul themselves!

ADD – Digitalism brings a smile upon your face of pure beauty and happiness! this track is so hot it will make the cold hearted hearts instantly melt.
beautiful melodies, beautiful sounds and singing birds. what else can i say than just enjoy this ultimate beauty and source of pure happiness. this can make me cry!

First Dream takes on a fine track that u cannot resist to dance and move your ass on! take out your shaker and shake along for the ultimate pleasure!
If you search in wikipedia for ‘cool’ you will find this track and its creator! the ultimate coolness is here to shake your ass! funky!

I really love the ‘The Corporation Killers’ (Hectic Head & Codey if im not mistaken?) and whit this track /surprisingly my love for this great duo their music has even grown more!
they could definitely be missed on a compilation with the theme of sincerity, because this is where its all about! real music, played, created and sang from the heart. beautiful pure music!

TheSonnyBono shaking up the house with some lovely Japanoise! who doesn’t love japanoise?
really great eye brow raising fun track to dance around on like a baboon in a rabbit suit! pure funtastic!

Iamdeadsmiles58 is redecorating your house with some fine fun insane and above all great punky musical madness for all to enjoy!
the use of samples and insane mixtures and layering is very unique and surely makes you go crazy in a good way! really nice party stuff!

Electro Plus brings what is does best: Bringing the plus back in Electro! enjoy this smooth electro track to the max because its simply a great excellent tune!
the sounds are sweet, and the melody are cool and the beers are cold! this is what electro plus is all about! great electro for cool dudes and dudettes on dancing shoes.

Marc OFX & Doctor Noodle are making me smile from ear to ear. this track is just so much good fun! lets call it Funtastic!
really nice electropop with a funky baseline to get your freak on! really excellent alternative electropop!

Zreen Toyz without seeing the title of this track i thought how perfect this track is now while im recovering from a hangover (too much whiskey..pukepukepuke)
the title cannot be a coincidence ‘Promoting Digestion By Gastric Juices’ … this track is a great chill out adventure filled with sounds from another world. enjoy your digestion (with care)

Unknow Artist is one of these artists who pops up on alot of compilations, but here he simply delivers a great wicked track with track 14!
the melodies and strange beats makes your eyes flicker and your head twists! you got to love Unkow Artist!

The Tleilaxu Music Machine brings a track that reminded me abit of kraftwerk before they became lame sold out rusty robots.
this track put some special oil in the machines and feed the robots some organic drugs and so they go crazy as fuck! good fun on the dancefloor!

Kai Nobuko is the one who write this review, so here is my change to give myself a really great credit.
oh my goth Kai Nobuko really did it again! a masterpiece! lobit music encoded in hifi! bleeby computer music and a sweet sexy melody to top it of! excellent work kai!

atsunogogo contribution to this compilation is wicked in its pure wickedest form! totally rocks my (and your?) socks!
nasty Bostonian sounds that makes your body make spastic moves and wobbling around! extreme nice madness!

Flashroyal did it again! this excellent track is a true statement and showing off flashroyal brilliant slick programming skills.
he even re-sung a line by some top 40 hit of the same title (sorry sopa pipa acta wankers, no copyright infringement here!) to top it off! excellent!

Genetic Trance comes around the corner with a happy head and floppy funny ears and a boom blaster of fun music for everyone!
this track can be enjoyed by your whole family, it is super fun, super tasty and ultimately delicious! better than candy!

This compilation is a great way to explore music and acts and if you don’t know the music by Rainbow Valley than here is your change.
he takes you away on a stripped off journey of pure heaven and he does it in a bitrate know one has gone before. this is the sound of heaven on earth.


Hugo shows his sincerity with this beautiful track that is painfully beautiful. the acoustic piano and delay are a smile in the night.
everything makes sense while listening to this outstanding track of pure wisdom.

Origami Repetika takes up the good vibes with this lovely tune that is a pleasure for the ears and the soul.
he even picks up a great guitar to highlight the madness in all the beauty! great stuff!

Iampervert puts his heart out on this melodically track. it mixes a mood of sadness with happiness in a moody world where the rain falls and the sunshine shines?
i am not sure if it makes sense what i am saying? but its definitely beautiful!

VI_KING! kills it off and let the happy gnomes in and nothing you can do to stop it! these little rascals will jump around in your house, invades your kitchen and pee in your pans and pots!
absolutely mad skills these little gnomes have accompanied by VI_KING! sounds of pure madness! yoyoyoyoy!

Elecronica saves us from the rain and takes us to a Happy Place where the sun always shines and we are all dancing around! we even dance with the gnomes!
happy faces everywhere! colorful cloths and delicious free meals! everyone is happy with Elecronica! thank you for the sounds of happiness!

Sascha Muller is here to party! and we are all invited! aren’t we a happy bunch of crazy people? Sascha Muller gives us a great theme of mad dance music to jump style on!
drink xtc, smoke beer and shave your head bold and enjoy this rave to the max! good vibes for everyone!

Evert Jan Smink lightweaver brings more good vibes for everyone to be smiley about! blow your flute and dance around because you deserve it!
this tune is light and bright and so much fun! enjoy it while you can!

Sodomize me delivers us the happy side of snow! snowball fights and carrots noses on snowmen and sliding!
the melodies are super sweet while the whole music ingeniously rocks your socks!

iky iky comforts your ears with a nice sound scape that will surprise you in its beauty
it is certainly a track your ears needed to chill out to after all the dancing with the gnomes and all..

Jared C. Balogh made a huge present for all our ears to hear. a perfect track filled with love!
you can hear it, this is made with a heart and soul and makes you happy in an instant and oh my god i love the drumming!! ❤

Bedawang comes with a amazing mind blowing track called Asteroid 116. it is science fiction of a audio kind in high class!
i personally recommend headphones to have the ultimate spaced out experience of your life! enjoy

Consistency Nature brings the wild natural life in digital audio format. think elephants, lions, birds, and other unspecific creative creatures and oh some African pygmy’s and aboriginals too!
this track reads like a movie and certainly will make you trip out of your head while spinning it! do i see some garden gnomes in ballet costumes? amazing psychonautic stuff!

Hollywood Video Game Kill Bot makes you remember the moment that you choose which pill to take (the yellow or the pink one?) and delivers a great experimental mentalistic mentalist track for the mentalist mentality!
really love this shit so much! it reminds me of the great Throbbing gristle before they died! but so much more upbeat and fun! really brilliant mad stuff! Extremely love this shit!

Dj Kaos delivers a track so sub tile i really really really recommend headphones while enjoying this masterpiece of masterpieces!
Murder VIP hits you with a hammer while bob marley is still searching for one! well done!


L’ardéchois shows you that there is still hope after the hammering on your head and makes you wiggle your tail and smile when the baby laughs.
really smooth track of pure rhythmic dance for everyone in the happy zone! perfect! a great start of cd6!

Fluorescent & Preserver are really making you sweat on the dance floor (or kitchen table) with their lovely funky dance track with high grade musical sounds for high grade people.
the music and the melody’s are a beautiful painkiller for the nastiness of every day life! just dance them all away and be happy and most of all feel good! lsd anyone?

Milf Lover 2000 A.D sings a song about Everyday and it struggles. this track really got some great underground hit potential.
really a keeper this track with all its realness and catchy sounds! they should team up with captain ahab for some tour! although i bet Milf Lover 2000 will rape it! great stuff my son!

Toxic Chicken sings a song for his cat. what do i need to say more? i have some inside information that this track is actually produced by nobody else than the infamous The Pink Blob.
and that toxic chicken just added his own vocals… I’m not sure of course but it could be! meaw meow ❤

Ahtictap gives you a portion of his genius mind in sound form with this absolutely amazing wondrous track.
the track brings you in various moods and is above all a huge adventure and while you are enduring it, it will hit many pleasure points! nice stuff!

KTNISH makes high class digital music and what a music it is! this production really kicks ass so hard that you probably cant sit for along time… but that’s oke its dance time anyway!
this track is probably one of these rare moments you will have by enjoying something so obviously weird, its perfect!

Moustache Adhesive is a fine duo with fake mustaches, this track they have recorded above some petshop in Holland where the only food was instant pancakes (as i have heard)
so take a laptop, a flute and two serious mentalists and a diet of plastic pancakes and put them above a pet-shop and you will probably get this kind of pancakes all day long music too!

The Pink Blob is on it! this time he delivers a fine Mexican dance track with his Rastafarian movement vibes.
you got to love the blob with his fine reggae beats getting your booty hard and your wood soft! all hail the blob!

C4 one of the living legends on the underground is here with a new track for all you acid head minded acid heads out there!
old school analogue for total perfection in a perfect high bitrate for extra warmth! a perfect gift that makes your whole family in a dancing mob! ❤

talking about a happy family, (happy puppy records) Lee Rosevere is here with a track actually sounding like the happy family is enjoying a party at his home.
blow up the balloons, poke everyone 3 times around, play some music, swing on the lights attached to the ceiling and above all have a great time!

Aden Ôhm makes you smile because the party continues big time with a swinging crazy granny dancing in her big lady underwear and uncle joe high on mushrooms!
shake your heads and enjoy your family while tripping and take your niece out for a wicked quick step! this music is mad!!! LOVE THIS SHIT!! insane greatness!

Bradley The Buyer makes your ass drill with its wicked baselines and shaky cool beats and blasts of pure insanity!
the smashing on the drums and the wicked grooves are really ridiculously good! enjoy it on repeat (even if you have more music to listen to!)

Antoine Young got a very cute track for all the lovely people, it is called chiken beat and im sure all the chickens are dancing the silly dance to the max!
really cute stuff that really should be heard loud and with a open smiling heart! he never released on a netlabel before but you can find him on soundcloud which i suggest you do quickly! 🙂 (le-duc-ours)

Sven Meyer does what he does best and is in his complete element with the track he gladly donated to this wonderful compilation. from the first kick to the last one, you cant help falling in love with the dance moves your body automatically makes!
this minimal groove set is so hypnotic that you probably don’t need a hypnotist to get hypnotized! really great groovy music!

Kalciy a.k.a. Ca brings the always classy hip hop antics to the scene and this one really makes you wanna move wigger style (if you are a wigger of course!)
really cool groove and although i cant understand a word of the lyrics but im sure they are sincere in every word they spit! excellent!!

Terra Selvaggia makes my heart melt with this delicious piece of interesting audio work. never heard something like this, it is sweet, hauntingly beautiful, crazy and certainly good fun!
this is another reason why these kind of special compilations are so great because for a fact i have never heard of this artist before but im sure im gonna find more! really excellent soundpiece!

cd 7

Aseptic Void invites you to another world, a world never seen before. step right true and take a seat while enjoying the sounds.
his vision is dark but his soul is warm and well minded. close your eyes and watch the video this audio generates! better than any television!

Cunt Fuckula is here to kidnap you, suck you off and take your blood and when finished he will stick you on a pole as a trophy for everyone to see!
i know maybe it doesn’t sound appealing to be stuck on a pole like that but Cunt Fuckula just gave you some amazing music and that’s how you pay for it! ❤

sOul_sCientiSt is a mad scientist who is equally brilliant and grooves it to you by giving you this beautiful complex drone that will comfort you in your darkest dreams.
subtle changes, amazing brilliant mixing of the sounds really sets this adventure going! enjoy while you are still alive!

Painburn is here to deliver you death and decay and mostly a astonishing source of pain!
he cuts your throat, peels of your skin to see if you are still alive and above all he will feed you his ultimate music! headphones only!

Cold Metal Future is our cool super hero here and comes to safe us from the dark grip of evil. when he give you his magical happy pill please take it!
this music really comforts you in every possible way with all these lovely bubbly sounds and deep baselines! wicked stuff!

Loose Link Future brings us the future of music. with its magical touch the music will blow your mind and is a feast for the soul.
enjoy the trumpets, the singing the dancing the swearing and the confusing moments till the maximum!! ❤

Sid Yiddish takes on his poetic side and will happily cheer us all up with the knowledge that words are just as powerful as music.
this was a breath of fresh air in the digital world we are living and some great lyrics too! enjoy it people!

Covolux what a great track you have made. it is really a lot of fun to listen too! especially loving the beat and the singing of the little girls in the background.
the break-dance part in the middle was a little bit too much for my own taste, but still well done my good friend!

dngl everybody come together and share this amazing track by dngl! it takes us back to the essentials of music and sound.
dngl delivers us drone in all its beautiful form and shape! nothing can beat this! this is to the point excellent!

D0x10 makes the sun look pale with this excellent bright drone track. the sound will go through your veins and will keep you on your toes!
excellent music by an excellent musician is always a pleasure to hear on a excellent compilation!

Playing with nuns delivers a special delivery with a great noise track for all the lovely listeners and people out there! it is indeed a great track and will be greatly received by everyone!
please if you like what you hear check out for them because they got a lot of great releases out there! wicked music for wicked sound people! ❤

Neuronic Org. comes in our ears with a nice drone work called Last Breath and the title quit hits the spot about what this track is all about.
but what a beautiful last breath it is, it feels like every second of this audio-work counts and keep you eager to hear how it ends till the end.

Exomène makes my mouth stand open this track is a pure genius beauty! the sounds are hauntingly beautiful and the perfect sound-trip you can imagine.
water drops, heartbeats, explosions, this sound adventure got everything you dreamy spaced out head so needs and wants! perfect!!

The Musk-rat Cult comes with a nice surprise with a refreshing rhytmic well produced soundtrip making your eyes turn inwards for the ultimate delight!
this track surely delivers in every corner and plays with your head like something you never heard before. really nice trippy brilliant works over here!

Moonsugar takes us outside to a strange place with a great track that will leave our ears and eyes speechless.
it comes up and suddenly you are somewhere you have not been before and before you know it, it will be away too. a great thing!

Expert Toneless reminds me of the weird part of youtube but than inside my head while listening to this. this is absolutly great stuff!
it would be a perfect soundtrack for a Japanese cult movie with girls kissing giant nails and boys opening doors in the middle of the sea. strange stuff but absolutely love it!

Hectic Head & Pollux got the honor to be the last track on the compilation and its true what they say: last but not least!
this track starts quit dark but than opens up, the sun arrives and you can feel the rays of light floating straight in your heart. excellent ending of a magnificent compilation!

chapeau chapeau chapeau people!! a masterpiece!

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