Various Artists – WE ARE WAR [compilation]

artist: Various Artists
title: WE ARE WAR [compilation]
keywords: Noise, Harsh Noise,Power Electronics,Experimental
cat nmbr: none
format: CDr
year: 2006
label: Sound of Charge

Blank brand CDR + xerox b/w-cover , pictures of riots on front back and inside… 13 PROJECTS to fill the 14 tracks on this release and since I have boring habit to review compilations track by track I figured I might be doing the same for this one … Intro + Track 1 ; HERR GENERAL IST NICHT KAPUT are by STIELHANDGRANATE and some weird stuff this is…Intro has german wartime speech (The Fuhrer himself?) about the  “awakening” of Germany …Synths, dark and broody accompany the words and after 2 minutes HERR GENERAL kicks in with some more looped vocal samples and bunch of other wartime samples like exploding bombs,screaming women and soldiers,sirens etc…very simple keyboard/synth fuckery lays the pavement upon which the politically incorrect sound-collage stumbles & sweeps , lots of german text here , not for the easily offended or narrow-minded people here, I myself enjoyed it a lot in spite of not being able what to make of the weird tunes and sampling…Nazi plunderphonics ??? Weird stuff , don’t know who to recommend this to and you may hate me now but I kinda liked it…track 3 by SOLAR SKELETONS AND COCHLEA is some weird (slowed-down) looped sitar-like sound with some french speaking on top , not being able to understand I still do sense a certain degree of disgust and anger in his voice…sound is spiced up with almost rhythmic noises here and there , almost clattering mids , strange buzzes and weird soft bleepy things , alienating hypnotic industrialism with taste of what could be described as some form of electroacoustics…A very good track , if COIL would have been French they might have sounded bit like this early 90’s…should be heard to be believed ! …ZHARK comes whit old-school electro/electronic body music , somewhat comparable with stuff like fe. early Front 242…and even KRAFTWERK to a certain degree , also has a bit of a lofi techno feeling to it , possibly because it’s computer-programmed ? or could this all be old-school equipment as well , synths/drumcomputers/samplers etc…I highly doubt it but in any case it’s good to hear this kind of music is still being made and better yet , being released by a METAL/NOISE label !!! I like that open-mindedness and it also makes for interesting/varied compilations… RADIKALES STERBEN track is some military drum/industrial techno-hybrid called I.K.M. …Quite a DOOMY TRANCE-INDUCING atmosphere is created and after a couple of minutes some bells and female voices enter the mix , usually not really my thing but used to good effect here !!! sounds like very good movie-soundtrack , EPIC ! After 5+ minutes most sounds die out and voice of German wartime (WWII) speaker can be heard along with the usual HEILS…COKLUE has weird mixture of darkwave and techno/jungle to share with us…Voice reminds of stuff like Rammstein , music at times even reminds of The Prodigy , hahaha but much MUCH BETTER I’d have to add , because more LOFI and RAW , more of what I’d expect to see/experience live in some dirty squat in one of the bigger cities of our country…Not really my thing but really not bad … FRONT SONORE has distortion,wartime radio-broadcast and 78rpm record with female vocalist in the mix or at least that’s what it sounds like…stuff gets more and more distorted , certain details get harder and harder to distinguish , sounds better than my description … war-samples gradually taking over the mix , lots and lots of bombs and fire in this one at a weird slow pace it drags you into a parallel dimension where WWI & WWII are perpetual and readily available to be observed from save distance… weird description yeah…wait till you hear the track !!! MOURMANSK 150 present us a 6.10 min. piece of their brand of the PE… Bassy keyboard or synth- jerkin around opens the track and the first couple of minutes it all seems to go nowhere…The going gets weird between 2nd and 3rd minute when the noise gets more varied and the somewhat weak vocals introduce themselves… Not much really happens in this track and I must say that is not one of my fave M150 works…I’d go as far as to call this boring material, gets bit interesting after the 5th minute but track lasts 6 minutes , go figure…DISCIPLINA URBANA track opens with military drums over sample of what sounds like Dutch soccer-supporters , “Rotterdam Hooligans” is chanted repeatedly…Distorted Voice and looped percussive sounds and what sounds like distorted guitar combined with looped high-pitched drone makes for enervating and bumpy ride , UNIDOS LUTAMOS is a great track , remind of PE as well as old MINISTRY , know it sounds odd but it does work !!! ESCUADRON DE LA MUERTE opens with weird musical sample which get drowned out by fckn HNW in less than a minute , WALL stuff keeps up for a minute and after that it’s a bumpy ride where various sound-sources are driven through distortion and prolly some other (digital?) FX , even bagpipe version of “Amazing Grace” makes an appearance…harshnoise,plunderphonics and cut-up sounds taking listener into deranged mind(s) of this piece of crazy NOISE , 10+ min. major HEADFUCK , Bravo !!! ZAHNRAD comes with a weird layered droning piece with lotsa backwards samples and loops…Not so heavy but still angry vocals kick in , slightly distorted (and flanged?) which at one point sounds like a quite horny chick , are there more vocalists ? pumping and pushing piece of FILTH this is , conventional Industrial with DIGITAL HC influence near the end , listen and understand , not bad at all…finale sounds a bit corny but hey…ROSEMARY MALIGN may be known by readers for her work with EUGENICS COUNCIL but here she is on her own and she stands firm between all the testosteron on display in these pages…Rather harsh track which could prolly also be put in the PE category , horny and hateful vocals/screams/whispers by the lady in question and looped distortion are the main ingredients of her recipe and it’s ALL DAMN TASTY !!! show me the “POWER” indeed !!! STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES is another well-known name and they also serve up some lethal PE cocktail…somewhat “restricted” LOFI NOISE rumblings and ultra-distorted fucked up vocal HATE , HUMAN FODDER being the title of their piece and this explains a lot , SLUDGY DOOM PE , well enough , although I didn’t get the laserpulses around the 2 min. mark , ah well ,whatever…GOETHIA ORATOR does the fourteenth and final track called STATE TERRORISM LEADS TO ORDER which sounds like a collection of LOFI vocal samples from various sources (think documentaries,tv-/radiobroadcasts etc…) distorted to the absolute fuckin MAX and simply pieced together…sounds like 3 different samples but could offcourse also be that he uses just 3 totally different FX/settings on one and the same long sample…not the best out there but certainly not the worst either and an ok finale to a weird but diverse and worthy DIY sampler themed on WAR, well worth that trade or few bucks !!! Sound of Charge c/o Pascal Blaud , 31 Residence les Platanes – 62950 Noyelles godault – FRANCE


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