Flat Affect & Alexander Bianco (SPFD02)

Artists: Flat Affect & Alexander Bianco
title: untitled
catnmbr:  SPFD02
label: SP Recordings http://www.sprecordings.com

It is always a great day when physical releases come through
the mailbox. Today I was happily surprised to find a floppy disc release all
wrapped up in Psychology examinations.

With a enthusiastic impulse I quickly got the always nice old school looking
floppy into my player and found 2 tracks by these two respectable artists.  No particular playing order so I followed my instinct
to see which track would be the first to enter my ears.

My instinct had opened the Flat Affect tune called infinite. And even though it
didn’t came in the instructions I think this piece of well-made audio could be
played on loop and create a extra-long playing (as long as the user wants it to
play) track.  The track sounds like what
you could have expected from Flat affect; a totally unexpectedness.  It sounds abit like some kind of sea monster
who filled up the living room with water and start to harrash your family
members. But all in a good way of course, I mean after all sea monster do have
a good intentions and social skills.

Basically if you are allergic to house pets, Flat Affect gives you some kind of
A sea monster audio pet that can swim in the background of your house for an
infinite time that is.

Alexander Bianco has an untitled track ‘untitled 3’ and is indeed a well-fitting
match with Flat Affects contribution. It is a different kind of audio animal
that is represent here and is definitely a more rhythmic piece that you could
actually dance too (if you wanted). A monstrous blobbing track that is eating
and munching on your family members, for times when it all gets a bit too much.
At least that’s what my instincts are hearing in these little but well made
precious tracks that shouldn’t be missed in any audio and pet collectors
collection. Both tracks are a perfect match and the package is definitely worth a good read

To describe this floppy disc in a few words is always very difficult because
probably everyone has a different view on what these sounds mean or visualize
in specific brains. Too me, it is animalistic animals that are very rare and
yet never be seen in some kind of zoo! Only on SP you can find things that are
breeding and coming too life. I have no idea of this floppy is sold out or not,
but if so:

these wild animals are probably worth lots of money!

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1 Response to Flat Affect & Alexander Bianco (SPFD02)

  1. giftige_kip says:

    What a great review! We wrapped our pets in psychology exams to keep them fresh!


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