Pollux – tribesDream (spnet043)

artist: Pollux
title: tribesDream
format: mp3
cat: spnet043
keywords: ambient, tribal, soundscape
label: SP recordings www.sprecordings.com

the tropical rainfall has just stopped and the smell of clean leaves unfolds as the clouds are making way for the blue sky to wake up the kingdoms of mother nature. This is how the story starts as we awaken deep in a beautiful mysterious jungle that Pollux has created with all his mighty skills. the jungle inhabitants are somehow marching through the dense layers of beauty and getting ready for when the evening falls. and when the night sets in more miracles are happening as in this intense tropical Forrest everything is beautiful, warm comforting and most of all pure love. The wonderful layers of intense storytelling synth pads are like a ray of light in probably one of the most breathtaking sounscapes i have ever heard.

amazing insects, colorful birds and yet even more interesting Forrest inhabitants are simply going hand in hand to build a wonderful illusion of a jungle that is without any trouble.
deep roaring from probably Pollux himself is like the sound of a beautiful  big but friendly lion that is looking out for every visitor that comes to visit this place of magic. the building up and down of the brightness and change of day and nights is like we have been camping in some kind of amazing time warp. This release is probably one of my most favorite releases of this creative creature as this piece of music is more of a escape into a different beautiful world, than it is anything else.
A jungle without all its dangers where everyone and everything is well balanced and goes together. A place that not exist on planet earth UNTIL now! I don’t know about all of you people but i am packing my bags, tent and boots and go back for a good and well deserved vacation in this perfectly shaped world that Pollux has created ! Absolutely Stunning master piece!


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1 Response to Pollux – tribesDream (spnet043)

  1. giftige_kip says:

    I listened to this and was absolutely in love.

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