Swin Deorin – Minimal Girn EP

artist: Swin Deorin
title: Minimal Girn EP
format: mp3
keywords: breaks, rave, electronic, experimental, dance

Lady”s and gentleman you better ready for some Swin Deorin!
From the first second you listen you know you should have brought your dancing shoes!
breaky beats and the use of raving mad heavy synths will keep you busy, the producer must have thought.
The first track is almost like a teasing teaser where Swin Deorin shows you that he is able to make you wanna beg for more!
just as quick as the jungle breaks kicked in they seem to dissapear.
The second track is also full on freaky break beats that are nicely chopped up with sweet synthetic warm layers to keep your head floathing.
The third tune is an instant favourite with its fun loving beats and manic placings of synth rhytmic melodies.
a freaky combination that is a complete turn on is the moment when the freakyness transforms into a melancholic melody that is a perfect match with the high beats.
Yes ‘Raw Bits’ is probably my favourite piece over here, although the last track ( safe the best for last) is also a eye opening piece that is as compact as it is short.
beautifull melow melody with orgasmic use of heavy cool raw sounding synths is what we are talking about!

all tracks are very short (around 2 minutes) and it feels abit like this is not really an EP but more a sampler of all the wicked things Swin Deorin is able to do to you (the listener)!
perhaps there are longer versions of these tunes out there? and if so i would definiatly want to hear them!
I feel abit like a new customer from a illegal medicine dealer who got a shot for free and now desperatly in need ( and willing too pay!)
for a fresh kick of more Swin Deorin!
lucky to know that there is so much more where this came from!


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