toth kina hegyfalu – Tollasbแl (a) live (SPcs07)

Artists: toth kina hegyfalu
title: Tollasbแl (a) live
format: TAPE
catnmbr: Spcs07
keywords: punk, lofi, noise, avantgarde, folk
label: SP Recordings (

We from ‘Yeah I Know it Sucks’ have received a particular tape release that comes in a well done looking piece of artwork. It is straight away clear that this tape continuous music from a live band that should be slightly alternative. On the back of the tape we can see tiny printed Lyrics, and with a magnifier glass we can actually see them bigger! This must be a real band with real lyrics, like we didn’t come across a lot these days.. So without hurting my ears any more lets see where this tape is all about and play the fucker…

The beginning is always the best is what they say, and indeed this tape start of with  an extraordinary jazzy freestyle lofi  intro. My ears are open, what the fuck is this all about?
But wait till you hear the next track that is as magnificent as it could be! A lofi piano and keyboard bass is doing a hauntingly brilliant duet with a female vocal that  is sweet from times until she completely blows your head up with her violent voice! My hairs are up! My ears are widen open too!
this is surprisingly a very good opening! Lyric wise I have no clue what she is singing or if it is in a real language. It sound abit like dada-ism with words like ‘fork, I found my key’  but when this vocalist is blasting her throat saying it you ‘better listen!! Or you probably die trying.. (just my 50 cents on this..)

The next track I realize it must be a foreign band as I bet the things she is singing must have a meaning as it is spoken with so much hatred and anger. Swedish? Danish? What ever it is: it is a follow up but goes even a little bit further than the track we heard before. The vocal rage and avontgarde is even accompanied with some squeezing trumpet that sound like a duet (and abit of a fight) with the singer and a aggressive swan. And trust me the swan with its impressive wings doesn’t win in this case..

‘elvagtak’ is the menacing song that follows up and is as utterly brilliant as it is taunting you in all its sweet madness. Its frustrating not to know what the lyrics mean but trust me, it must be something nasty or freaky. Whatever she is whispering in your ears it is pretty and freaky, and whatever you do: write a good review or these people are probably going to fuck you up big time!

what follows up next is something of a fresh breeze of air. The band introduces a strumming guitar and a beat which sounds perhaps corny but in this case it is totally not. The whole lofi wonkiness of this track is really up my alley, backwards, awkward fantastic music over here! This is really nice stuff to trip on and to spin to your friends to impress them with your taste of brilliant obscure foreign music.  The wonkey ness is especially well working out as it gives this whole song a impressive psychedelic feel. This track truelly interest me and is a pure invitation to see this band live as that would be (I bet) an amazing mind altering experience! Sing and played by the soul out of possible despair and resistance, this is totally brilliant!

next up is the folkish hyper speed track ‘kirakosbol’ that is as manacing as the previous songs but this time you want to dance totally drunk , high and out of your skull naked around a table or a chair or whatever you find to dance around too. A kind of a gypsy feel over here, and abit short to go completely mental..

at this moment I have picked up the artwork again and for the first time I noticed the name of the band. It’s called  ‘toth kina hegyfalu’ and is definitely a name to remember. The music plays and is haunting as it is warm and comforting in all its dark mysteriousness. I can imagine them playing this along the campfire in a dark shed with the smell of whiskey in the air.

a more pop-ish orientated track that is as funky as a jazz quartet high on pills is treating our ears with some special relief for the soul. A cool track that is as funky and cool and most of all freaking real. Power full words are also here present and the uplifting vibes of this poisoned track is beautiful as it can get in a raw way. A yet again menacing tune that would be the perfect soundtrack to plan a murder too. (and laughing about that)

‘Neni’ is a dark cute piece (you think dark and cute wouldn’t be possible together, you think wrong!)
that with its strumming and almost childlike poetry  is really a short but charming piece. It could never prepare us for what is coming up next on this tape..

Backwards strangled strings and unidentified sounds through the reverse blender in combination with straightforward kind of creepy sounding vocal work makes this track outstanding in all its obscurity and brilliant sounds. It I very dark, and in all the mess up of quit scary sounding sounds we could identify some minimal animalistic melodies of instruments getting violently strangled.
this could have been a perfect soundtrack to  a real horror movie about seeing dead people, with lots of gore.. it slightly got a industrial feel to it without all its mechanical bullshit. Yet again a good track that strives to freak you out! (and it succeeds)

what follows up is a brilliant dark sounding track called ‘it hurts’ and is of a very animalistic kind.
growling, crying screaming sounds, vocals of pure animalist intentions in combination with pure nasty layers of dark melodic noise produced by (what I think) a distorted guitar or synth?
hyena’s or pussycats? Lions or wild bears of madness? Whatever it is this song express the stuff that comes from the inside in all its mad forms!  Epic win and end of this album…

But there is more!  What follows up is two live recordings of this wonderful band.  Featuring more manacing material that is haunting , thrilling, cute, nasty as it is powerful. Above all very fucking animalistic cool! This is a tape that I probably will never forget as it has grabbed my throat by complete surprise. I was expecting some kind of metalrockband, but what I got to hear was out of this world powerful ass grippingly tracks of pure realness that you don’t fuck with!
a must have for anyone who is into punk, lofi, avant-garde, noise and even dada-ism!


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