Tommaso Busatto – Flesh Tales

artists: Tommaso Busatto
title: Flesh Tales
keywords: noise, industrial
format: mp3 320 kbps
catnr: DLR002
label: Deep Lake Records

Do you know the famous monty python phrase “and now time for something entirely different?

This Tommaso EP fits this description pretty well as it may have tricked your brain by the netlabel noting its genre as noise / industrial.
The genre is a bit messed up over here as its proper genre tags should have been: Tommaso / something entirely different .
Although there is definitely a industrial feel to it, but different!
So what is this EP all about? And why is it so entirely different? because it freaking is, you idiot!
But let me describe it for you if you really want to know:
the first song comes absolutely out of nowhere and is a huge fun surprise when you dont expect it.
Tommaso is getting his expressions out in somehow blues-kind-of-way.
Preaching soulful poetry that reassure us that we are all in this together.
accompanied by indeed strange but well placed noises on top of a electronic groove that walks like a lion in search for its prey. But without getting dark that is.
track 2 is based on a wonky sounding rhythm that sounds a little bit more sinister than the previous track.
Its called assassins speech and Tommaso is damning the nation with his words and makes sure that you know that this assassin doesn’t give a shit about you or what other people think.
And rightly so!  the vocal parts are sincere and somehow my fantasy imagine Tommasso singing this to himself on the top of a roof after yet another successful
in the next track the producer gives us some hints about what i think is his secret identity “cover”.
the music sounds like Tommaso is cutting up body pieces with well equip-ted electric knives in the back of a sinister butcher shop.
This track reminds me a bit of the singing of venetian snares on his album “winter in a belly of a snake”.
of course its totally different, but i just want to drop some names as some other reviewers do…
after the friendly butcher track it is yet again time for something entirely different as Tommaso brings us a rather cute and fun combination of his industrialic voice that gets nicely insane and animalistic, on top of a rhythmic layer that wouldn’t look strange in a retro Nintendo  game.
After this we are left upon our own imagination.
what have just happened? to be hon-oust i really hope that there will be a follow up on this EP as i feel that this story isn’t over yet. This release is like a short movie with definiatly a interesting character playing the main parts.
This is definitely one-of-a-kind-material and like what i said: something entirely different.
cant wait for part 2!

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