Various Artists – Elephant Six Way Shit (SPFD08)

Artists: Various
title: Elephant Six Way Shit
format: 2 x Floppy Disk.
cat: SPFD08
keywords: fieldrecordings, ambient, drone, experimental, noise, spoken word,
label: SP Recordings

Today a speedy Gonzales kind of mailman delivered a nice package at the door.
I was nervous all day because I knew something was up.. And the fact that I have
no mailbox was getting myself very nervous of worry if the postman would keep
the package for himself or that he will just drop it somewhere near the front
door.. No part of my brain had thought that Speedy Gonzales would use the
doorbell to get my attention. But he did use it, and the rest is history!

I was promised a special package from Shaun Phelps (managing director of the US
headquarters of SP Records) but not really knew what to expect. When Mister
Gonzales quickly handed me this present it was obvious he wanted to get rid of
it rather quickly. I knew something fishy was up as my nose recognized the
smell of elephant shit. To be honest I’m one of these people who doesn’t  mind the smell of elephant pooh, also the odor
of cow and horse shit I found rather pleasurable. Human feces and the smell of
it is not really my thing, but I know some people out there who love that kind
of shit till bits… shitting in each other’s mouths makes them horny, you see?

I am sorry, I have problems focusing and have a very short attention span.  And I have to say there is nothing better
than talking about shit, piss and other things like puke and spit.
Blood I already covered ( a little bit) in the review of ech(o) , and that
reminds me that I am actually here to do a review on this wonderful release
that is packed in recycled elephant shit.
So yes, lets put the package aside (love the nice shitting elephants on the
cover!)  and try to stay focused!

So what is hidden in this package of recycled elephant shit? 2 floppy’s!
and Boy o Boy I love floppy’s and shit! So as you can imagine I’m completely in
a state of pure joy!
Let’s explore disk A, shall we?

my diskette reader sounds a bit grumpy today, but after a few complaints the
floppy is loaded.
We find three artists with (what a coincidence) 3 tracks! Title wise we expect it’s
all about elephants and next to floppy’s and shit, that’s probably my favorite
talking point.
Elephant this, elephant that, elephant how and elephant scat.

Alexander Bianco presents a tune called ‘ The Poaching Babar’.
I don’t know if you know, but we know from a very good source that Babar is a
one who where’s a little crown and got a tiny suitcase and a very long long
trumpet thing..
And that trumpet thing is where this track is all about! Alexander Bianco
managed to trace this famous elephant down and recorded it at the perfect time
emptying his Babar lungs in full force!
Never heard Babar the elephant doing like this before, so all the more exciting
that this has been recorded! Perhaps Alexander has tortured the little kid a bit?
Or stole his crown to make sure Babar made the right sounds at the right
moment? Anyway this is a rare recording that is probably of big interest for
biologist and other people in general.

Jason (Evil) Covelli shoots his love with a spoken word contribution called ‘gnawing
at the straps’.
the 8 kbps encoding makes his voice warm as he tells the things like they are. Things
never change and he is damn right that it is hard for an intelligent artist to
live in a world full of retards and other morons.  At this point I start to doubt of myself and
my previous writings, but hey I am too lazy to delete it.. Jason (evil) Covelli
delivers a upfront personal piece and it’s totally appreciated.

The next track is by Flat effect and is a soundscape / recording of elderly
elephants gathering around in a perfect cycle to talk the latest gossip and relieve
themselves from their bowels.
We as humans probably cant imagine talking and shitting (in a circle) at the
same time,
but for elephants its quit a natural and above all very sociable thing to do.
Well done for Flat Affect to take the risk to record this phenomenon  as it is extremely dangerous.
Next to have the change to get buried alive by giant elephant pooh, it would
also be possible to have horrible consequences if one of these elephants
decides to use him as a chair.
But we know from a good source that the producer is ok!

So this was floppy disk A, a nice diversity and indeed very important
recordings and audio over here..
Let’s go quickly to the other floppy!

What do we have hear? 5 tracks by four artists and to begin with we find with
joy in our heart another tune by Alexander Bianco.  In this recording he has managed to records
the brain of the elephant while thinking about bananas or other precious things
elephants care about.
A very synthetic piece  of work that is
highly interesting and above all very educative material!

EyeRabbit Machine is next  and delivers a
beautiful piece of music that comes as a true surprise
in between al these scientist approved elephant recordings. A very calm piece
that uses all the elements of the sound encoding and makes me feel warm from
the inside, and quit dreamy too.
It reminds me that I didn’t sleep for a couple of days and that perhaps after
all the elephant music and sniffing the elephant package it would be good to
take a little bit of rest.
The track reminds me of the king of lobit ambient ‘rainbow valley’, which is of
course a great compliment! The music is very calming, quit dark but without
getting harsh. A very deep track to indulge in and a warm welcome on this
release that’s for sure!

next up is someone I never heard of. Kai Nobuko is his name and it sounds like
also he has risked his life to record these giant animals. A short track that
simplifies the meaning of the elephant.
the elephant is about making sounds with his trumpet thing and producing things
from his asshole for recycling purposes.

Next up is not 1 but 2 tracks by nobody less than RedSK. The Band in the
blender tune sounds exactly what you would expect. A band in a blender! And yes
sometimes the band and their music sounds actually much better when they are
all squeezed together and turning around in a fabulous blender.
the other track ‘because I love you’ is yet again elephant orientated as we
finally hear its trumpet thing in full action. Not blasting his guts out but
simply doing what elephants are famous for; pepping their favorite ‘I love you’
anthem! At the end of the track the elephant takes a huge leak
and that is directly the end of this adorable floppy elephant six way shit

unfortunately completely sold out at the moment! (you know when shit is hot!)
but perhaps owners of this release are easy to trace down (follow the smell)
and could possibly help you to hear these wonderful classics for yourself.

oke, I’m off to take a huge shit!


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1 Response to Various Artists – Elephant Six Way Shit (SPFD08)

  1. Obsolète Broadcast Système says:

    Awseome revire. This, I am sure, is as exciting as getting to actually listen to this rarity.

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