Vziel Project & Flat Affect – Split (SPFD07)

Artists: Vziel Project & Flat Affect
title: Split
cat: SPfd07
keywords: folk, ambient, soundscape, drone, chill out.
label: SP Records http://www.sprecordings.com

A fine day has arisen . Time to check out one of these delightful floppy’s I that
are dusting away on the table. This particular floppydisk released by SP
Recordings is drawing my attention as it is number 7 of its kind. Number 7 is
in my world a highly popular number as it brings luck to Chinese people and
other people too. Today it will bring luck to my ears because before further
writing I can tell you that the music that is squeezed on this little floppy is

Vziel project has laid down a beautiful morning with his folk-ish track that is
extremely calming as it is spaced out. Think harmonica played from the soul in
the middle of the night (or in my case; the morning) we hear crisper sounds
that possibly comes from a campfire.
Vziel is not completly  unplugged as we  can spot
some electronic synth too that is here to make you feel good.
The producer is having a laugh as if he knows the music is insanely made of
pure gold.
A very warm and nice track that works very well in the fine lobit rate of 16

In the room left we found to our surprise another track by the person who runs
the SP show, Flat Affect.
Till our surprise the combination of Vziel’s modern folk piece of campfire music works
extremely well with his tune. A smooth sound work that is pure audio
editing that if listen closely, makes your head spin. A seemingly loopy loop of
perhaps mumbling voices that could be friendly machines are making you feel
like you are in a carousel of sound.
A bit like the sound that you want to wake up too, that is massaging your
shoulders as it tells you to stand up and go out and see the world.

this cute little floppy contains really nice music  and listens away like a massage for the brain
(and the mentally insane?) . nice one!

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