Genetic Trance – Tha Acid Walkah (20k311)

artist: genetic trance
title: Tha Acid Walkah
cat: 20k311
format: mp3, lobit.
keywords: acid, techno, live recording, lobit
label: 20kbps netlabel

good day! lets push the chairs and tables aside and get smoked up with this party that Genetic trance has prepared for us! released on the epic 20kbps netlabel ( a dinosaur mum of lobit ) we find a live recording that make you wanna pop pills like they are asparines! the magnificant sound encoding of this party gives you the feeling like you are partying inside a telephone line! And thats even without the effects of the smiling pills! Genetic trance lays down a insane feast of micro acid that swings and grooves in all its nastyness! and trust me, it is nasty!

You can hear the producer seriously enjoying himself in a state of genetic trance and even to the point that he shits from his mouth on top of the track from pure extacy! and trust me this party would have well received on the lobit festival in Lobith as it sure works well in the pleasure centers of the mind. even though the music in all its force sounds nasty on my headphones it sure was somehow word the damage. especially for the brave who sits out the whole track will be receiving some wild drumming electro beats that will make you go wilder than a kangaroo on new years eve! somewhere in the track (around 5 minutes) a rabbit fucks it up but we keep on raving!  and we must be raving mad to admit it but we (me and my smiling faces inside me) are raving hard! this release is not for the faint hearted but neither is my uncle Joe. Get it or you dont, but if you get Genetic Trance his epic acid trance than you are probably lifting up into space as the music wildly evolves! mad shit! how did these glowsticks end up my nose? and how the hell did i manage to rave inside a telephone?

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