Deafness – Mutation I, II, III (GT489, GT494, GT520)

artist: Deafness

title: Mutation I, Mutation II, Mutation III

cat: GT489, GT494, GT520

keywords: Abstract, Ambiant, IDM, Industrial, Darkwave

format: mp3 32 kbps

label: Genetic Trance (

Get active, grab this Deafness trilogy, and live an experience. Grab Mutation I (, Mutation II (, and Mutation III ( Get at it!

First and foremost, if there is one caution to heed here, it is to not be beset by the outstanding repetitiveness embedded in almost each and every track of these releases. Instead, view it as the artist’s intention and embrace it… I view it as rhythmic noise, or better still, rhythmic ambient. In fact, it should not work, but it elegantly does work!  I can listen to this stuff for hours in the background… The oppressive repetitiveness marries well with the sombre timbre of the sound samples used to concoct this devious trilogy, giving it paranoiac undertones.

This is a mood-setting work. I especially appreciate the tracks that have little snippets of melodies, sounding like a glimpse into a dark underworld. Despite the trilogy’s science-fiction-themed name (i.e., mutation), I contend that this is truly a soundtrack for the present; the filthy, violent, dark, and fear-filled present. You don’t have to like it, but yeah, it does feel like most parts of this world are going in the pits lately, isn’t it? Like I’ve said, this is a fitting soundtrack for the present if you ask me. So grab a beer, download the trilogy, and listen to this Mad God while you read junk and propaganda-filled websites on the contemporary internets, well hidden in your homestead, will-you? This reminds me: I miss 1990’s internet so bad… However, too much of this depressive stuff, and you might need to listen to some Toxic Chicken and what-not, to adjust your emotional PH and the end of the day.

Oddly, like it tends to be with almost any trilogy or series, I find the first one, Mutation I, to be the best and most engrossing of the three works, but thankfully these are in the lobit realm and thus you can indulge in QUANTITY and not be beset by needing to find a GIGABYTE to host all these tracks. Seriously, kill hi-fi, because hi-fi is really killing us, and who needs hi-fi when you’ve got DEAFNESS.



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