Kai Nobuko – My Wired Soul (Siro235)

This is not the purple Aztec monster that touches you at night, but it is the album artwork for My Wired Soul, by Kai Nobuko. I spent about a minute looking for any hidden penises in this artwork and couldn't find any.

Artist: Kai Nobuko
Title: My Wired Soul
Catnmbr: Siro235
Label: Sirona-Records
Keywords: Ambient, Electronica, Dub
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Not just because I’m nice to people after they comment favourably on one of my other reviews, nor because I actually came across this album after an experiment in which I opened a page in the Sirona-Records discography at random, closed my eyes and let my flailing wrist decide what I would review next… I am reviewing this album because it’s just pretty damn good. But also partially for the former two reasons. This is deep, ambient synth bliss and something I believe you should download and listen to and love.

Track one, the titular track ‘My Wired Soul’, is chill electronics. Comprised almost entirely of synbass, twinkling synthesizers, oceanic noise and snappy light-touch percussive sounds, it swirls around your head and entreats you to float on it’s icy wings to another world.

Track two, a very pretty ambient drone by the name of ‘One With The Clouds’ is a Kai Nobuko remix of a Covolux track that gives you plenty of breathing space permeated softly by gorgeous, cold, angelic strings. I haven’t heard the track before, so I can’t really comment on how it diverges from the original, but I did enjoy it a lot. You really do feel one with the clouds, listening to it. My favourite thing that happens is toward the end, with the addition of really lovely chord arrangements. Beautiful.

‘Toledo City’ is the next track. It begins with a strange, disjointed beat. It sounds mostly of metal and low congas. It gets hypnotic, especially with the added synth noises. Parts of the rhythm sound like heavily modified and treated samples from a ZOOM DRM. The way the track moves is interesting. It’s polyrhythmic, with things coming and going frequently in the mix. The overall groove shifts gradually but regularly, and sounds industrial really. You could possibly charm a snake with this track.

The final track here is ‘Calm Dub’, which starts very IDM. It gets really engrossing once the beat starts to pick up and synthsounds are added. It’s loveliness comes out just over halfway through, when the dubby (but oddly high frequency) bass comes in.

This was an odd, adorable EP, with a sweet vibe to it that just makes you feel in a good mood while you’re listening. In parts it feels like it’s primary statement is, “hey, remember how we used to love intelligent dance music? Well… this might help!” And for that, I love it. The link:


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2 Responses to Kai Nobuko – My Wired Soul (Siro235)

  1. obsysteme says:

    What are you talking about, I see full of odd penises in this image 🙂

    thanks for bringing this release to our attention, I quite enjoyed it as well.

  2. Alex Spalding says:

    No problem… and now you mention it, I’m seeing penis all over the place!

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