Sean Derrick Cooper Marquadt – Selestina / Amarin

Artist: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquadt
title: Selestina / Amarin
cat: Siro459
keywords: soundscape, drone, noise
format: Mp3 320 kbps
label: Sirona Records

A feeling of comfortable discomfort is entering my body. Sean Derrick Cooper Marquadt invites the listener in a world of psychedelica that feels like we are in a dessert where everything is hot and sweaty. The side effects of poison in our last mushroom meal deal have suddenly over loaded our body. Nothing seems real as this track creates a state of being that is truly hypnotic and feverish. Someone pops out a cork of champagne, lizards are your friends and a local cactus seems to be your biggest amigo. “Selestina” feels like a place in the dessert that you recognize from your collective subconscious, but actually never have been for yourself. Sean Derrick Cooper Marquadt has managed to create a hot world where your mind keeps on wondering as you were high on peyote or any other medicine for the mind. Even though its warm feverish feeling it feels to me that he captured the moment of “the edge”. The feeling of transition from tripping and simply losing your mind to experiencing heavy hallucinations is created over here. In my opinion it is clearly the work of a master of sound to capture such weird states of trance transitions and even though it can perhaps be labeled ambient, i would like to add that its more too thrilling to completely chill out too. I always wanted to go to the dessert to trip my balls of and suddenly with the work of this producer I feel like I have actually done that. This is more an experience than anything else and i am very grateful to Sean Derrick Cooper Marquadt ( the artists with the by the way longest name i know..) for recording and sharing this drug fuelled and above all excellent mind fuck. Thank you!

the other track of this EP brings us to another layer of being as it feels like i woke up after a long night of tripping. Someone has fallen over a cabel of our audio equipment and everyone has been listening and jamming to a buzz from a lose cabel. but wait it is not what it seems! This is yet another magical mindtrick of the artist that is Sean Derrick Cooper Marquadt. It is not just my imagination here at work as in the depth of this awakening buzz there is a soundscape of warmth going on. Perhaps we have lost our mind somewhere along the way and wake up next to a long lost highway. we recognize the sound of bypassing cars that softly come and go like the waves of the sea. Even though the warmth and the seemingly stable form of audio output, it keeps me completely on top of my toes.
By reading the track title I even slightly freak out as I strongly believe that I am listening to this track is a bit of a personal message from the universe.

My memory is of a very short and simplistic kind (like a fish) and i never ever seem to remember the name of the road to the place that i call home. Yesterday I saw a building somewhere along my journey in the night with in neon letters “Amarin”. After this my brain finally made a link and remembered and storage the road name i never could name to the taxi to bring me home. Arun Amarin is the name of the road and (oh oh this can’t be a total co-incidence!) the track that is as awakening as it could be is called “Amarin”… even not under the influence (well actually I always feel spaced out..) this Amarin track blows my mind and i simply freak out a bit!
even so much that i had to google the word to find comfort in the following founded knowledge:
Amarin Vision • Amarin is Thailand’s NUMBER ONE in content business delivering knowledge and pleasure through “TOTAL AMARIN EXPERIENCE”. • Amarin enhances…
Well for a business slogan it fits pretty well to what have happened here while listening and experiencing this work of Sean Derrick Cooper Marquadt.

Perhaps this is a release that will be experienced for every listener as a different thing, but too me it feels like the producer has touched upon something special. There is something more upon what we actually are able to hear. Magical music i would like to call it. Not your average ambient to calmly chill out too, but definitely worth the trip if you are in search to gather new knowledge…

Whatever happened while listening to this release, let’s keep it a secret. perhaps I am schizoid but if you listen to this EP and you experience similar magic, please let me know or just contact your local doctor. Feverish magic!


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