Alyiann – Gravity Escalation

artist: Alyiann
title: Gravity Escalation
cat: Siro278
format: mp3 320 kbps
keywords: dubstep / chillstep
label: Sirona Records

Alyiann drops a short EP called Gravity Escalation. it contains two tracks in the time-span of 8 minutes.

Surprisingly the clock just passes 8 o clock in the morning and i have to say Alylann shaped a perfect track to wake up too. It really combines 2 seemingly divided genres together in a great match of chill out and crafty dubstep.
The sound choice and the slightly dramatic themed melody of the first track fits the wet air of morning gloom. The sweet sounds are softly trying to wake you up well the womping bass is rocking your ass as it shouts: time to wake up you lazy ….! This fits perfect in a playlist of moody music for driving long nights in the rain and general walks (with headphones) in less favorable weather.
“how to obey” is another track that fits perfectly in the described mood and mindset of the previous track but is more chill out than its brother. sweet synth pads shines some light of the doomed streets we live in. A sad dramatic melody seems to be your best friend in the cold air of the early morning /night or rainy afternoons. (never play this on a sunny day, it just wont make so much sense..)
I feel saddened that the music has departed and the clock hits 8 past 8. A feeling of emptiness creeps up inside of me and the only reasonable thing to do is listen to the music again, in the hope it i could spot some sunlight or hope in these twinkly bits of melody’s. If not i will perhaps have to find myself a more happy-er themed release to wake up too.
These two tracks of Alyiann are definitely not taken lightly and with its heavy mood it can perfectly modify your state of mind. Be sure you can take it and that you are mentally strong and fit enough to get sucked in the feeling that Alyiann has created. If you have problems crying at a funeral of your best friend, simply secretly plug this into your ears as it will probably help you to get these tears drop.. this is certainly heavy music for the strong minded. or is it just me? find out for yourself by grabbing these tracks for free over here:

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