Sven Meyer – Yellow Snow EP

artist: Sven Meyer
title: Yellow Snow EP
cat: Siro138
format: mp3
keywords: minimal, electronica, braindance
label: Sirona Records

In search for a break of daily life i went out to search for some entertainment, and came across the work of Sven Meyer. For who is not familiar with this producer his output; Sven Meyer stands for quality electronic music.

To proof this, i simply grabbed a random release made by mister Meyers hands and will (hopefully) tell you how great it is..

the first track (that is also the title track of the album) starts of with a weird rhythmic sound. A dancy bouncing beat hops along and locks in a tight groove. Than strange things start to happen as the whole track seems to turn into a orgy of groove that sounds bombastically and fun! The tune is called Yellow Snow and with that in mind my visual brain comes up with a picture of a dog pissing on a perfect spot of previously white snow. a yellow spot has colored the snow and Sven Meyer has successfully recorded this fact in a track that is simply a party!
i imagine a parade of drumming bunnies hopping  in circles around the miracle of yellow snow. getting high on carrot juice and keeping warm by fresh dog pee, this track is sure a lot of fun!

in the second track “return of the yellow snow” Sven Meyer takes a similar approach than the first track but adding even more crazy friends to the party. a robotic walrus slides over the ice and a mad hatter drives by with his musical machine full of delightful sounds. penguins are breakdancing and the dog is doing handstands, while the rabbits are jumping over each-others bodies!
the nice adding of the bass sounding sound really keeps this track steaming hot. we hope the ice will not melt from all the animalistic fun and the dancing, because this is too much fun to stop!

Sven Meyer next track is called “the curse of the yellow snow” and even though this title suggest doom is on its way, it still is shit loads of fun what i can hear over here!
a rhythmic session that will make you dance or at least bounce your head. Sitting still is slightly impossible on this track And perhaps maybe that is the curse where the producer is talking about. this track feels More highly hypnotic than the previous yellow snow sessions, and really turned my small room into a dancehall of madness!

in the revenge of the yellow snow we simply can say; here we go again! Sven Meyer invites some electronic birds to the party and a nasty nifty brew of rhythmic fun starts to take over control of your sound system. a drunken pirate plays his drunken accordion and a panda bear who is drunk scratches a old record in the gigantic brew of delicious groove of insanity.

Too bad that its over.. Really too bad because this is really a party record that never should be stopped! this should be played continuously until the end of time and you need to sit down from all the dancing. Sven Meyer knows probably the most of Yellow Snow than anyone else on this planet, but he is definitely kind and generous to share his knowledge into a really fun dance party!
thumps up high in the air for this feast and download yourself a copy if you too would like to dance with furry friends around a spot of yellow snow!  lots of fun!

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