Corroded Master – Distorted Conception

Artist: Corroded Master
title:Distorted Conception
keywords: electro-industrial/harsh EBM album
format: mp3 320 kbps

When I was young I had some time to dance in caves and catacombs of forgotten churches in between highly fashionable Goths of many kind. As you know many like to be dressed in pure black (cloth wise) but on these party’s it was full of cyber Goths with colourful neon clothes that smells of sexiness and a devilish form of kawai! Why am I bringing up old school memories you might thing.. well, this album of Corroded Master would have probably done very well in one of these caves full of people doing twisted and above all spastic dance moves of evil darkness.

‘Noche’ is a upbeat track that with its highly electric atmosphere shapes a dance track for a rotten youth. The pounding rhythm that is locked in with the robotic filtered vocal work is of a kind that works obviously very well. The quality of this track is as high as any production I have heard of in this genre and this is truly’ nice stuff to dance on.

the second track ‘nightmare’ I have heard on repeat. Already a instant favourite with its long and saddened synth strings that is layed down on a bouncing EBM groove. This is a nightmare for if you are not into this kind of thing, but I have to say I personally think this track is a killer. Its moody, its good for on the dance floor and is highly addictive.  The doom and gloom reminds me of some work of Gary Numan’ s sound work. But then again Gary was a big inventor of dramatic synth music that is utterly dark from the core… As you may notice I have forgiven him for his ‘Cars’ track..
anyway to keep focussed on this track: Its perfect!

the survivors’ is the third track on this smooth album. Like the first tracks this one is also of the same quality and is a dance floor pleaser. Halfway there is a nice break where the singers voice fills the cave and the dark mist gets blinded by a fast stroboscope that blinds the eye. I especially love the bass and the high crisper melody’s as well as the moody synth pads. The EBM beat is making me dance in a spastic way, and that is totally oke!

Oke here we go! ‘Torturess’!  Is it time to forget my earlier favourite track and go for this one?
This track brings a perfect mood and its rhythm is more awakening and uptight. This is what we call ‘a party pleaser!’ This is electro in its hardest and darkest ways that will make you wanna travel down to these dance caves to get your ass wet from dancing! This is a happy upbeat industrial tune that is in the same time cool and dark as fuck.. I pick up some words as ‘die!’ but I have to admit I am too busy and too focussed on my robotic dance moves.
The ending of this track ends with some feel good words about the creation of hell…

in the following track we hear the tune ‘Overtaken’ . It is in my opinion not the strongest track compared to the ones before. Its kind of stripped down music wise and got a bit of a trancy sound to it, which I am not such a big fan of. The track isn’t bad and halfway it evolves abit more. It just feels abit empty compared to the bombastic impact of the previous dance crackers. Perhaps it feels like that because ‘Torturess’ was such a in your face track, that this tune doesn’tcome out so much.

‘Rivet Stomp’ is kicking my sorry ass for shiting on the previous track. This track makes me fly while knives are piercing my body! A wave of aggressive but nice sounding rumbles of sounds are a perfect match with the industrialist harshcore that is presented over here! A track that is too kill and die for!
Would do extremely well on any vampire filled dance party ! a must hear on giant speakers and it will guarantee make all the depressed characters dancing like wild baboons in their black robes!
This is machine gun dance gore galore! And absolutely a must have for anyone who is into good industrial ebm electro dance epicenes!

the following tune has some very positive lyrics too as we hear a delicious poem where Corroded Master tells us that whatever we do ‘We Gonne Die!’ and seriously you should listen to his words, cause he has got a point. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, or next year.. but one day for sure!
This is a very aggressive song and with the nice element of a sample of a female psychopath waiting for her execution, it is a dance track with a logical depth.

and on the last track of this album we find yet another great dance track that is like a perfect blend of all the tracks we heard before! Aggressive lyrics loaded with the truth’ on top of a nasty nasty (did I already said nasty?) dance track! Lucky for us there is some sunshine in the darkness with the bright melodies that are waved into this totally destruction!  Corroded Master is spitting its heart out and this track simply picks us up by the arms and we fly through the darkness of the night.
the building up of this track feeds the pleasure centers of the brain and this is where the saying comes in; Save the Best For Last. As this tune is simply a killer!

My heart is still racing from the excitement  these tracks has given me.
a total rush of evil and upbeat industrial dance music is surely delivered and if I had a cave,
I would definitely create some wicked party’s just to spin this album on massive loudspeakers.
or even better, invited Corroded Master to perform in real and mash the place up into a hot and sweaty feast of evil darkness! Seriously minus ‘Overtaken’ this album contains all killer and no filler!

for more info and spinning this album for your own ears, you can check it out here:

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