Hectic Head – XX FAIL XX

artist: Hectic Head
title: XX FAIL XX
cat: Siro150
keywords: ambient, noise , experimental
format: mp3 102 to 151 kbps
label: Sirona records http://sirona-records.com

We enter through a nose hole of choice where a surreal sounding sound awaits and welcomes us in the head of Hectic Head. A fun electronic sound that is programmed in a manic musical pattern of insanity takes us by the hand. We enter the guest room and before we notice gravity has lost its weight. everything is suddenly unreal as we are floating like a never written chapter of alice in wonderland.

Its a magical feeling and when hectic head makes a appearance in his own hectic head, we know everything is going well. the fun electric sequence of madness keeps us company as we are flying upside down and Hectic Head surprises our ears with the depth he creates with his voice and singing in a perfect tone and pitch. to cut the crap: this track works very very well and is a great mood setter and opening of this release. The melody makes this song surreal, while Hectic Heads pure and sincere singing and spoken word capability makes it real. so if you count these factors, it is indeed a logical experience that this tune makes us weightless. Its a good experience and way better and cheaper than shooting yourself in outer space to throw a bag of flying crisps in your mouth. I am terribly sorry if i make no sense in this part of the review, but this is probably one of these albums that you just have to hear for yourself, no matter what bullcrap i write.. anyway: this is a excellent song and track & i love it. and i am 100 % sure, you will enjoy it too!

track 2 is called “why you” and we meet Hectic Head as i know him from my wanderings in lobit land, but here we experience him in a higher bitrate. Why you hate, you fuck? is something that is entering the ears and ends in a fucking climax. music wise it is like a brilliant soup of warm helicopter sounds that drones away in a melodic sub universe. This is a perfect blend of music to support Hectic Head’s open question. Yet again i dont seem to find the right words to describe this track, but perhaps you can check it out for yourself (its worth it!) and try if you could describe it better than me..

after all this seemingly important music, hectic head shows us the ballroom and orders everyone to do the cha cha cha. Personally i have never danced the cha cha cha, so this is my chance! this song is something i love for the obviously wrong reasons, its idiotic-ness! It sound just like my cha cha cha dancing skills shoots through my mind while i tumble down on the floor. The other listeners who are like me a guest in the Hectic Head’s Head keep on cha cha cha-ing like they have never cha cha cha-ed before!

next up is a nice surprise in the shape of a track that is definitely more my kind of dancing track. whoever wins loses is the title and it makes sense! When everyone else is searching for breath from the previous dancing class session, i simply hop around them happily in shiny sneakers! Probably my personal favorite on this album as it is sweet, compact and groovy and even though its hi fi, it somehow smells of something i love; lobit.
it ends with some cute blibs and than we are off to a new track..

And what a nice and special chill out experience this is.
synthetic synth pads in a far distance and Hectic Head’s voice who lurrs you into a state of relaxation.
This feels like another high light and is sure a calming experience of interesting music. It is like a cup of tea with biscuits but than more heavenly. Really nice and a calm source of rest..

how nice and friendly Hectic Head is? He gives our brains a good rest with a massage of ambient/drone. it is a moving piece that simply rolls along without getting boring. every corner of our brain gets a good soft scrub before Hectic Head will send us back to reality.

this was a cute EP that is of a highly entertaining kind, but also very upfront and personal.
It really feels like you have visited Hectic Head and experienced the great feeling of being welcome.
Each track is like a likable present, and Hectic Head is a great host that keeps its guest highly entertained!



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