Sister Soleil – Haunted EP

Artist: Sister Soleil
title: Haunted EP
catnmbr: Siro463
keywords: Alternative Rock , ambient, trip-hop
format: mp3 320 kbps
label: Sirona Records

Sister Soleil? It must have been a heavy stone in front of my cave where I have been hiding all these years that this name doesn’t seem to ring a bell to me. I have noticed great enthusiasm in net label land full of appreciation that Sister Soleil has come to release her music under a creative commons license. Perhaps I am underground to the core and simply not very aware of what is been playing on the radio or television, but as the enthusiasm rules I became very aware that Sister Soleil already made a big name out of herself.  To be honest I had to google her to be sure if Soleil is a girl or a complete band, but lucky Wikipedia is there to fill every idiots mind for free!
and even more lucky: I found out that Sister Soleil is indeed a girl and she is also known as Stella Soleil. I also read a lot of great things about her career in the music business and above all that she made a official remix of Nine Inch Nails song.. How cool is that?
Anyway before I slide down on my sarcastic ass I would be probably the right person to review a little EP she kindly donated and released on the wonderful Sirona Records. With not knowing her music, style and not really giving a shit what Wikipedia has to say, I will just listen with a open mind and give it a try… lets dip in!

The artwork of this release contains a girl that is snapped while dancing. Not snapped in half, but snapped in full action with a picture camera. This girl with the Leila (from starwars) haircut is probably Sister Soleil. And I have to admit; I like what I see.
a girl that really doesn’t give a flying fuck about what I write with a certain mystifying attitude.

lets start the music… Hey what happened? In precisely one minute in the first track I am convinced that this is the good shit my parents always warned me about. (Did they? )
A heavy production of high quality that makes even the most anti pop idiot wobble their heads off.
This is a quality production of free music that sounds like it should indeed be played all over the globe on the alternative side of the radio! It rocks completely with its bouncing bass and guitar work that locks in pretty with the hauntingly nice and cute vocals coming from Sister Soleil her mouth
This track features a nice French word grooving Dolphin who also joins in the chorus in English?
To be honest I have no idea who Dolphin is , but in this case ; who gives a flying fuck! If things work, they bloody work well! And this track swings, rocks and is a really nice gift for anyone who is into industrial trip hop rock tunes!  ‘We got no time to save him..’ she sings in my ear at the end of the song and indeed I’m totally lost. I would have loved to write a shitty review just for a warm welcome in netlabel land, but unfortunately and fortunately I have to admit that this is really enjoyable.

What is even more enjoyable is the second track on this EP. It is of a different kind and is completely based on Soleil her voice and heavy played down music. If Enya was a punk
she would have possibly try to do something like this. Lucky for us Enya died many years ago and Sister Soleil is very much alive! And I love her!  Before I forget, in the credits of this track it is mentioned that it is produced by Trent Reznor. So that should be enough info to know that this is of a high quality and that you are probably a melted banana if you didn’t download this goody for free!

The third track is probably the coolest thing I have heard from this artist. It is called ‘Eyes’ and begins with a lovely intro where Sister Soleil sings on top of a choir of her own voice. Her voice is crystal clear and goes straight into my heart. Did I already told you that I love her?
Smoothly the track shifts in what I mentioned before; the coolest thing I have heard from the swinging Sister. A nice rolling filtered groove , locked drums and a snappy played baseline introduce themselves and the male person who is also represent on this tune does a great job with making the track even more groovier with his perfectly spitted words.  Ah yes! I remember now: its Dolphin who gets the credits for this, and he sure is not to be missed on this track. Around 3 minutes the track evolves with a smooth electro beat and beautiful atmospheric music that fits like perfect clothes around Sister Soleil’s beautiful voice and singing skills. Nice one!

The last track on this free EP is a perfect track to chill out too. Sister Soleil keeps us warm with her hauntingly beauty of a voice. The music is rolling and grooving like a ship that sails away for a long journey. Warm and angelic vocals making me in some kind of trippy trance that on one side lulls me too sleep, while on the other side I’m scared what will happen if I do.. But Sister Soleil creates a magical piece of music and she sings her heart out like a mermaid that sings on top of the waves in search for fresh ships to sink. Not that it sound nasty, it sounds like a legend; a beautiful angelic voice that will crawl in my head forever.

This is a lovely EP and with its outstanding quality it is almost unbelievably kind that she has chosen to release It for free with the world.  Not saying that other underground artists are of a lower quality than Sister Soleil, but just saying that it sounds like she have been in a massive studio recording these tracks for you to enjoy. She has definitely convinced me (or perhaps bewitched me?) with her amazing soothing voice where you have to fall in love with. Can I marry your voice please?
in any case, ‘Haunted EP’ surely was a great introduction to Sister Soleil and probably don’t mind to hear more from where this came from!

a beautiful EP that just screams to be in your collection of good music!
go and fall in love yourself over here:

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