Various Artists – The Rainbow Floppy Diskette Box of Joyishness (SPB004)

artists: Various ( Mhz_ , Mr.Bull , ReAL.alTEr.Ego , Alexander Bianco, DJ KAOS, Pollux, Toxic Chicken, Graffiti Mechanism, Covolux, Flat Affect, Microbit Project & Kai Nobuko.
title: The Rainbow Floppy Diskette Box of Joyishness
catnmbr: SPB004
format: boxset of 8 x floppy diskettes
keywords: ambient, soundcollage, electro, drone, dance, experimental, jazz, noise, lobit, etc..
label: SP Recordings

Some things really can bring a smile upon my face. Music of course is one of these mood factors that can either make you feel like hell or injects pure happiness into your vain. It also covers probably all motions in between these states of mind, but that’s why ‘Yeah I Know It Sucks’ is here, to cover all these elements.

Another thing that makes me on top of the world of happiness is Music + Floppy’s!
and especially the winning combination of music that is released on Floppy’s!
Today I want to tell you about this wonderful compilation that contains not one but 8 floppys!
(isn’t it funny how every sentence I tick ends up with the word Floppy’s?)

Anyway this is not just a normal compilation, this is something that is a must have as this is The Rainbow Floppy Diskette Box set of Joyishness! For adults only, as the cover is made by poor children that will never see their own mother again… but even in that sad state of mind, the children been affectively creative and made a colorful cover of rainbow finger paint!

So let me have the honor to reveal what the buzz is all about and why I count this as a-must-have!
First of all simply opening this package and exploring 8 floppy disks completely full of music of a diverse kind, is seemingly something extraordinary and indeed a lot of fun!
if you want to keep the fun for yourself than do not read further, but go directly to the SP website store and order yourself a copy, for total exciting musical entertainment!  It feels abit like Christmas, or a birthday party with finally the gift you have always wanted!

As it is a Rainbow floppy box set, it comes as no surprise that the diskette’s are all collored.
Green, Red, Yellow, Black (is black a color?) , orange, grey, blue and a leftover color!
It cannot be more cuter and almost orgasmic visual wize than this package…
but let’s get to the content for the hardened listener who wants to know all before he grabs this deal of pure joy in a box..

The Green Floppy Disk.

–// Mhz_ –  For Crazy SP Floppy Box set!!! \–
01 – I Still Use To Wonder What Friendship Could Be (3:50)
02 – USB Populism VS 1394 Hipsters (2:12)
03 – Wiesz Co, Chuj Z Tym Ze Nie Jest To Noise Z Syntezatora, To Z Audio Editora, A Ta Sciezka Jest
Kurwa Moja (1:10)

a wonderful floppy filled up with the excellent sound producer Mhz_.
‘I still use to wonder what friendship could be’ is a soundscape that sounds like a human heart that contains Vulcans that are crying, soft earthquakes are rumbling and transistor radio’s are catching up alien frequencies of bad weather forecasts. This is a sound recording of the mind of mhz_ in all its purest and sincerest mind, and contains a mood that is probably very recognizable for the listener as their own.

In track two we are invited into a soundscape that is deep as the depth of the soul.
This highly interesting piece of music feels a bit like we are stuck in a ice cave or a boat that has sunk a long time ago. Unexpected movements and things are falling apart slowly, while we wander about in a state of sub universe.

in the last track and long titled tune of this floppy we hear a excellent piece that continuous the story of the previous track but it feels slightly more hopeful. The ice is melting, or the ship that sunk sunk even a little bit further down the drain and we really don’t care because we are dead anyway!
A great story created by mhz_ on this green floppy, that is worthy replay material!

The  RED Floppy Disk.

//–Walter Toro Hernandez – Rainbows–\
mr.Bull – The Path of No Return (4:34)
ReAL.alTEr.Ego – Love/Strings<3 (1:53)

on this wonderful rainbow themed floppy, obviously (as that is what I understand while reading the  text file) compiled by the famous Walter Toro Hernandez, we find basically 2 separate releases by 2 different artist.  Both with stunning music and of course cover artwork.
the first folder I open contains the great work of mr.Bull. He manages to lay down a somehow jazzy cool funky electronic record that will pick us up and kidnap us to dreamland.
A fine relaxing base makes you want to wear a top hat and smoke a cigar and keeps you from flying out of the window. This is high quality music in a warm format of lobit that swings, grooves and makes hippies jealous that they didn’t had floppys in the seventies!
uber coolness by the always amazing mr.Bull. really love this piece and I am sure to pass it over to some famous lobit radio dj, to give it some airplay in the near future…

on the other side we find a single by  ReALalTEr.Ego that is simply delighting the ears with its acoustic sounds of pure floppy joy!  The artwork gives us a hint of strings and indeed the acoustic please that the producer has created here is made by strings that takes us to heaven.
A wonderful relaxing piece of music, that is of a high vibrant originality kind.
Simply love the warmth and the depth that really feels like the sun is shining (and its raining, otherwise we cant see the rainbow). Excellent!

The Yellow Floppy Diskette.

//– Alexander Bianco “Voltage Controlled Knife”–\
VCKI (:03)
VCKII (:09)
VCKIII (:03)
VCKIV (:00)
VCKV (:09)
VCKVI (:07)
VCKVII (:17)

Alexander Bianco has very recently setup a online castration. It was not a real tragic story, but a story nonetheless.  We can tell you that his balls should be very proud as he managed to cover the ‘yellow’ floppy of this wonderful boxset. Lets dive into this obviously eccentric approach of music, shall we?  Voltage controlled Knife, sounds like the title, it contains of 7 tracks that are trying to capture this wonderful theme in all its seriousness.
In VCKI we can hear the sharp knives getting charged while in VCKII  we hear them on a very high dosis of electric voltage. This is a pleasant feeling of something that you can imagine but never imagined to hear.  In VCKIII we hear the machine and all its failure. Probably a bad connection or a bump in the cable. It’s a nice surprise as I certainly did not expect this sound to happen.
Alexander Bianco bringsWith VCKIV the warmth back to life and I can tel you that this floppy needed the special attention that it deserves. Lucky for us and for the producer the machine gives into the warmth and start to work again! With VCKV you can hear the proof of the knives being successfully charged with voltage and I can tell you this is a deeply satisfying experience.
I would like to know more about this machine where the sound maker is working with, as it can also stimulates sounds of other kind. In the next track VCKVI I can simply trick my mind in hearing some kind of automobile. It is of course impossible as it comes from a high voltage machine, but still it was worth to mention it. Last But definitely nt least we hear the fabulous track VCK. This track is also the longest and contains the most interesting and curious sounds ever heard! I can’t say what It sound like as I have to admit I never heard anything like this before. Its highly electrified, but also feels abit like the successful sound engineer is going through his equipment and stumbles and get slightly electrified himself. Not in a bad way that is, more in good fun as this diskette is definitely a nice experiment that gone pretty  well! Not loving this mad professor’s work is impossible! Plus before I forget to mention Alexander Bianco donated these sounds to the public and you are free to use them and abuse them in your own work! (great opportunity for soundtracks for movies, documetnaries and probably other music makers who like to enjoy electricity..)

The Black Floppy Diskette.

//– Pollux – skeleton perfume–\
Skeleton Perfum (7:49)

Oh People, what a joy this 8 x floppy disk boxset is! Even the prolific soundmaker and head of the successful Sirona Records is here with its own space of blackness!
This is a track that  comes indeed as a nice surprise as it is of a different vibe than I expected it to be.
A child introduces the work and it evolves in a soundscape where many sounds are hidden in a long lost depth of a warm world. It is probably my imagination at work but I can hear things from the past like steam locomotives blowing their horn.. a spirit is walking on the dusty floor nearby and the overflowing glow on this track is tremendous. It feels like I am listening to a live recording of Alfred Hitchcock his coffin and notice that mysterious sounds come and go from down under the dirth.
In the sky I hear airplanes, and around me I hear the daft sound of friendly wurms eating fresh body’s from other parts of the graveyard.  It is a excellent choice to place this experience on the black floppy, as Alfred would probably have loved it too. Althoughmy words my come across that I experienced this track as a dark track but it is not. It is a fine sound collage that is full of crackles and warmth, but with so many hidden sounds in its depth while still being minimal, it just made my imagination go berserk.   Thrilling!

The Orange Floppy Diskette.

//– DJ KAOS – White Noise–\
300 Low Bit (2:48)

DJ KAOS is one of these characters out there in underground land that kicks faces and asses in a very positive way! He recently fucked my mind with a video collaboration on the 500th release of Sirona Records.  You should check it out! Lucky for the ones who have this work in their possession we are gladly surprised that DJ KAOS is also presented here with a full-on floppy!

In 300 Lob Wit DJ KAOS is gonna fuck my brain all over again! This time he simply infiltrates and penetrates your mind with a unstoppable pleasure of pure white noise! It feels like a hover that sucks your brains out and there is no escape! It will successfully suck and plunge until there is nothing left to think of. The abrupt ending of this work is then also slightly mind altering, in the way that there is no mind anymore.. (can anyone still follow me?) This is White Noise like you have never heard white noise before, and DJ KAOS surely delivers with this work!

The Grey Floppy Diskette

//- Toxic Chicken – Sokkaprok–\
1 Punks on Love (1:43)
2 O Shrimpix (2:04)
3 Snoozing Something (2:16)
4 Sokaprok Monkey (1:44)
5 And Chips (4:15)
6 A track with a Message (:01)
7 Graffiti Mechanism – Blank 3 (Toxic Chicken Bonus Remix) (:10)

It is always difficult to review some artists that are swimming around in the underground, especially this chicken kind of figure is not easy for me to review because of obvious but mysterious reasons.
Lucky for me DJ Kaos has sucked my brain away, so I can listen to this toxic chicken with a open mind and not to forget open ears.

The first track is called Punks on Love and is utterly a flop worthy piece of joyful gayness.
I imagine not so much punks talking about love, but more body stapling on the person that they love.  Funny shit, you should try it! (bunny suits not included!)
‘O Shrimpix is a laidback track that is probably sweet as sugar and feels like a clap-along-song
where cute shrimps from all over the world are doing a aerobic competition of Olympic kind!
these little rascals all wants to be a winner, but that is of course slightly impossible in this clownish world… With the next track ‘Snoozing Something’  we hear a girl saying something like ‘every little something.. and than toxic chicken snoozing every line of powder from the table. It’s a kind and sweet thing to see, and the chicken coockeldoo’s and snoozes until the last drop…
With ‘Sokaprok monkey’ the Chicken brings some more light entertainment that is of a poppish kind with piano and programmed sounds for feel good afternoons.
‘and chips’ is a track that sounds like someone has fallen in the pot of lsd and took too much ketamine and Is having a blast on the dancefloor. It goes a little crazy but all in good fun! Happy shit for crackheads and chicken lovers… be afraid though because it may contains melody’s of a light uplifting slash entertaining kind!  In ‘a track with a message’ this Toxic Chicken tells you how he really thinks of the possible listener.. so you have to hear that one for yourself.. some words are better not be written down..
last but certainly not least we find a surprise track by Graffiti Mechanism. It is called Blank 3 and is a remixed version by Toxic Chicken. It sounds like a house full of wonderful hens running and chatting around. Always a good party!

The Blue Floppy Diskette

//– Covolux – Brothers Of Darkness–\
Covolux “Brothers of Darkness”
1 Covolux – Fear (4:24)
2 Pollux – No Violence (Covolux remix) (3:01)
3 Flat Affect – Once More With A Quickness (Covolux remix) (2:17)
4 Microbit Project – Kaodem (Covolux Remix) (2:01)

On this blue floppy we find the work of 3 excellent underground artist that have been remixed by the mysterious act called Covolux. A seemingly weird thing has happened while remixing these excellent tracks, that all seem to be united in the words of ‘Brothers of Darkness’

The first track is by Covolux himself and sets the trend with a sinister but warm haunting  of drone that would be very playable to translate feelings like loneliness, despair, and emptiness.
Heavy on the bass with high melody’s singing through a empty bottle of booze creates a ghostly track that is keeping me comfortable in all my emo feelings.

the second track is a remixed version of Pollux’s – No Violence.
It feels like utter darkness has surrounds us but seemingly it is all of a very loving and generous kind.
these brothers of darkness are not so dark after all. But still this track sound like a moving piece of swimming in a cold underwater world. Perhaps in the deep down below of the bottom of the sea, this is pop music for the predator fish?  To me personally it comes across as very calming and really chills the F  out of me..

Up next is a remixed track of Flat Affect (who is also the big boss of SP records, who has made this wonderful rainbow floppy disk set to life) . his track sound more full and sinister but still keeping he same theme of the previous tracks. It can be under water, it can be a ghost house that sank it can be anything.. but it sure is able to be abit creepy at times.. only listen with parents, kids!

The last track on this Floppy is a remixed version of Microbit Project – kaodem.
This track is the perfect track to finalise the brothership of darkness with and brings hope of sunshine with it. The high tones that comes through the depth of darkness makes the listener comfortable. It feels like a happy ending!|

The Left Over Color Floppy Diskette .

//-Kai Nobuko – “Nobuko Recordings in Thailand”–\
1 Nokia Beeb (:00)
2 Thailand Birds (:02)
3 Thai Fighting Chicken (:02)
4 Thailand Birds 2 (:02)
5 Thailand Birds 3 (:01)
6 Thailand Fighting Chicken 2 (:02)
7 Thai Fighting Chicken 3 (:01)
8 Nokia Beeb Reversed (:00)
9 Thai Fighting Chicken 4 (:02)
10 Nokia Incomming Message Beeb (:00)
11 Waterfall in Thai Jungle (:39)
12 Nokia Incoming Message Beeb + Other Beeb (:06)
13I am a Phone Thai Chicken Bird Waterfall (1:06)

To be fair and honest I cannot review this release, as you may or may not have noticed.
I am responsible for the content on this floppy diskette. And Biased as ‘Yeah I Know It Sucks’is, I think this is going a little bit too far. So I will just say this: this floppy is completely full with recordings made in Thailand on my journey’s. To have a sneak peak you can hear sounds recorded with a cheap telephone with a very limited memory of many kind. A waterfall in the middle of the thai jungle can be heard, and many birds as well as thai fighting chickens.
The last track is some kind of bonus tune that combines all the previously heard recordings into a new composed composition for anyone to enjoy…  Oke, I did not review it, I just told you what it is!

And with this not-a-review the rainbow floppy diskette box set review has come to an end.
I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed hearing all these wonders on the floppy’s
and if you have a brain and taste for a good deal, I would strongly advise you to get yourself a copy before this wonderful box set has run out! Just a few copys left, so be quick!  (
as this is probably the most amazing rainbow you have ever heard!!



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