Various Artists – New 7.0 (2012)

Artist: Various
title: New 7.0 (2012)
format: free mp3 netrelease
keywords: Alienating trip hop, heavy techno, old school house, future garage
label: Esc.rec

New 7.0 is a compilation of talented electronica producers from  East Netherlands.
Every year there will be a new compilation popping up, showcasing a great selection of young talent in the electronica field. This and more important info about how, why and when this production came to life can be found on the official release page: New007.
Not that I don’t care about the concept and the welcoming good thoughts behind this release, but I rather dive into the music. Want to hop along?

The first track is by Sam A La Bamalot and delivers a mind blowing track called Subtle Growth.
The whole production sounds strangely warm and above all very wonky. Controlled wonkiness that is, as we can hear that every second of this track is cherished and taken care of.
This work is an excellent opening and a great teaser for what will happen on this sweet compilation.

Badencourtrecords is a strange name but fits totally with its musical output, as we can hear it here with his ‘The One’ tune. It is of a light kind that feels a bit like a pop record without the pop.
It feels perhaps a bit midi-ish in sound production, but got a lovely feel good vibe that will make you smile regardless. Feel good music is what Badencourtrecords has baked for you. Be sure to enjoy your tasty meal!

Next up is something that grabs my attention more than the previous producers in the name that I feel this very good. Producer Youri creates a hilariously named track ‘Oh Crap’ that definitely doesn’t sound so crap at all!  This piece of minimal electronic music with its good choice of synthetic sound wobbles directly in the pleasure centers of the mind. A great track that even in its 3 minutes length convinced me that this would be a great tune to light up too. Excellent!

Lopende Paddo is another producer that captured the heart in a cute way. His track ‘communication’ consists of chopped up electric click beats and some kind of strangled tuba.  This may sound strange perhaps but Lopende Paddo creates a whole audio orgasm out of it. Lots of stoner fun!

The fifth tune is made by Sonurber that introduces more crispery sound clicking beats. On top of this Sonurber adds a lovely layer of feel good warmth that feels like an electric sun that shines in our hearts. This is a lovely piece of work and indeed delicious for audiophiles.  A layer with a simple but lovely melody keeps it all together and makes this track into some kind of summer hit.
Or perhaps not a hit, but something you would like to hear on the beach for sure! Sweet like sugar!

Addicted White Guy brings in a dance groove that brings us back to the house days. The nice sparkly sounds, in combination of a wicked bass transform this work in a dance track of higher states. A perfect track that would do very well on the dance floor full of other addicted white guys and girls.
put on your dancing shoes and let the music make you high!

Here we go! What follow is a track by ‘The House Arts’ and this brings us back in time to the early house scene. This nice club record reminds me half way through that the drugs in East Netherlands must be pretty good.   Although you don’t need to use anything to enjoy this track as this track simply is a drug on its own. The buildups in this track are extremely nice and enjoyable and the pounding rhythm gets me dancing.

Near Earth Object is next with its tune ‘Red Moon’. It is a lot of fun I can tell you and this one I personally give it all my thumbs up! This is an original funny dance track that makes you want to shake your booty . This swings and makes you laugh at the same time, crazy shit that is probably the nicest thing I heard on this compilation. A lovely break in the middle to show the producer its skills and then we go back to eternal madness! A lovely baseline that drops and this track kidnaps us to outer space! Perfect and very enjoyable!

Suddenly angelic choirs are singing in the headphones? What is this? Grimm Limbo brings its electronic angels to deliver a fun shambolic dance track that is heavy on the bass. A nice track that rolls nicely into a fine groove that keeps on surprising. A weird melody waved in with a sampled male voice can be heard in the middle before it transforms more into a space kind of track.
The change of melodies works very well although the track is not able to stay in the head. Nice work though!

LevingtQuatre comes up next with a tasty work of brilliant craziness. Think a dramatic chiptune melody versus electronica and a church choir singing inside a blender. It is definitely weird and to my big surprise it works very well. The melody and heavy baseline and the other ingredients I already mentioned,  creates a locked smooth and above all sick track!
It turns out very trippy with its quality mixing and catchy cuteness, and I would definitely want to hear more of this artist. Sweet!

Nobody less than ‘Knarsetand’ is up next with a delicious tune called ‘Min La Vita. It contains a blend of perfect warmth that is a feast for the ears and the heart.  The lovely cute melody goes hand in hand with a heavy low baseline and sits in a delicious steady beat. It feels like a perfect goodbye track, as it shines through a complete positive vibe. Very nice stuff.

Last but not least the encore by ‘Taprikk Sweeze’ with the track  ‘Glimm (Radion Remix).
This is a sweet tune that is of a different kind than all the previous tracks as it feels like a electrified pop track. The singing in this track is as warm as the synthetic pads, which is of course a good thing!
I imagine a monkey in the chorus part, but hey who doesn’t like monkeys?
With this nice tune that has its special charm, this fun compilation has come to an end

NEW 7.0 (2012) is definitely worth the download as this whole compilation gives the listener the chance to meet the sound of quality electronica producers that you probably would not have heard of before. Perhaps not all the tracks are your cup of tea, but all of the music has got its own charm and feeling and it is impossible not to fall in love with some of these freshly squeezed electronica works. All tracks are in an extraordinary high quality, especially for those high times..
And the playlist is like perfect party food for hungry ears and dancing feet!
Go and grab yourself a free copy , enjoy and spread the word ❤

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