Various Artists – Now That's What I Call Retro-Futurism Vol.3

artists: Various Artists
title: Now That’s What I Call Retro-Futurism Vol.3
catnmbr: DER030
keywords: compilation, diversified, retro-futurism, lobit
label: Diskette Etikette Rekords

The sun shines and a new wonderful floppy arises! For the people that follow
this blog you may have noticed our slight floppy fetish. There is something
adorable to these little data disks, so it doesn’t come as a big surprise that
some creative people adore them before getting pushed in the depth of
nostalgia. from The failure of the potential Zip disk, the usb stick with its
fancy outlooks and the rise of butt ugly and cheap external hard disks, the
floppy diskette sure has stand strong. More people are aware of these cute
little fellows and the wonderful charm is has these days than ever before. The
floppy drives on eBay sell out in rapid speed as the underground scene gave a whole
new purpose to these little friendly friends. From online virtual tributes on
music netlabels like floppyswop and 4m@ until DIY labels like Diskette Etikette
RekordsSP and lots of independent musicians, everybody are charmed by the
charismatic character of the floppy.

floppy diskettes are
cute, brave and as you may have noticed, the futuristic medium for music
producers and other creative artists from all over the globe.

To celebrate these facts and just the god damn good music that comes with it Diskette
Etikette Rekordshas an ongoing compilation series called “Now This Is What
I Call Retro-Futurism”. Of course this compilation is released on floppy
diskette and comes with its own special (slightly poking fun at modern day
commercial crap) artwork for pure futuristic fun!

After its huge success of volume one and two Diskette Etikette Rekords comes up
with another packed floppy with the release of volume 3.
On this compilation anything can happen as the lobit rate scene doesn’t show
any racist remarks against any style or genre. Probably that’s why lobit is
also such an attractive world to swim in, with a genre like lobit, everything
is possible music wise.
The release comes with a little note that includes short introductions aka biographies
of the bands and acts, and that is handy for future reference!
Let’s put the diskette in the reader and have hopefully a pleasant and wild
listening session!

The first tune we hear is by Heirdrain, an act coming from
Quebec that has released a lot of things like black metal to explorations in
the drone, noise area. It also released a cd on Diskette Etikette Rekords and
was also present on vol. 1 & 2 of this wonderful compilation series. The
track that is delivered here sounds like a little wonder that floats between
beautiful brightness with a hint of darkness. A mystical experience in the
shape of a excellent ambient drone that feels like a sun reflection on a water
basin. (and tropical fish swimming in it..)

the next tune is by “Back To The Fucking Future“,
an act that doesn’t need no introduction. Its fame has already raised so high
with output on 4m@, SP and of course Diskette Etikette Rekords. This time Back To
The Future brings back the dance in the futuristic present we live in. Smooth
and sexy are the grooves and sweet and hot and the futuristic melodies. This
tune will make you feel good and tells you that the fucking future is a bright

Next up is a masterpiece by the difficult to write act
called ‘Aaiesieux’, an awesome sound act from Canada delivers a waterfall of
futuristic sound that is packed with fantastic elements. It sounds abit like
all beautiful earthly possessions are gathered on top of the waterfall and then
Aaiesieux push them all down for a good fun ride!

Schaffer is here to make you shake your booty in a rapid
speed! Schaffer is a side project of Martin Safar and hits the road with a fun
loving break beat track that sure is good fun as it is hard, chopped and
slightly insane!

From Norfolk (UK?) we hear noise hero Zebra Mu with an excellent
track of pure retro-futurism. The artist delivers a interesting track that is full
of surprising elements that keeps the listener on its toes. Definitely good to
know that this artist also released a full album Diskette Etikette Rekords, so
check it out!

Avs_Silvester is the second artist on this compilation that
i personally try to follow as i love his output. Released on many labels like
Microbit Records, Top of the Flops, Sirona records and recently started his own
netlabel for hedgehog themed music.

Avs_Silvester acoustic psychedelics are like a warm wind on a sunny day, and
with this Hedgehog song we sure feel like camping! The music of Avs_Silvester
is like a friend you always wanted to have…

Next up is a tune by “Abandonment Issues” that
delivers here with a great lofi hardcore/screamo track with live drums and a
beautiful vocal range. We experience rage, anger and a hunger for trashing
things up, and freaking loving’ it!

To our great surprise the legendary prolific and quality
producer and label owner Sascha Muller comes up with a great track that sets
the dance floor on fire! A lovely trippy acid track that doesn’t let you go
until you are dancing with glow sticks up your nose! So glad to know that the
future contains acid and dance music, and especially to know that Sascha Muller
will deliver its pounding beats forever until eternity! The retro future is

Norwegian’s drone hero ‘Sendra Bjergen’ has the honor to
give this compilation the classic ending that it so well deserves. A final word
from a futuristic cyberspace and then we are of for a cup of tea..

Diskette Etikette Rekords ‘Now This Is What I Call
Retro-Futurism’ Vol. 3 is something to be proud of. A production that is from a
stunning quality, that managed to combine so many music styles and genre’s in a
excellent and enjoyable experience. A great compilation that is truelly
inspirational and delivers in making the listener enthusiastic to explore more
music of the showcased artists. This is a must have for anyone interested in
the future of music And the present, and contains a great collection of music
that is truly enjoyable.. It is a unbelievable diverse compilation that fits
amazingly on a floppy diskette..

Totally recommended!!

Get it from the label and tele-transport it directly in to
your home:


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