Bash Nova – Ferox Equus (Siro236)

The artwork for Bash Novas Ferox Equus. Looks like either an amazing and colourful landscape, or maybe just a broken television set.

Artist: Bash Nova
Title: Ferox Equus
Catnmbr: Siro236
Label: Sirona-Records
Keywords: Ambient, Dark Ambient, Glitch, Horror, Other
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

I decided I would take a request for review by Sirona-Records head Arnaud and check out the 4th of the Sirona-Records mixtapes, but I didn’t know if I’d feel secure just yet doing a review for a compilation. In the end, I determined I’d select something I really liked from that and just follow the rabbit hole as it lead to a single artist’s release from that compilation. Thus, I’m reviewing Bash Nova’s Ferox Equus… which roughly translates to Wild Horse in Latin. Let’s get this rodeo started.

The first track is ‘Intro – Gravis’, a beautiful ambient track with deep, evolving textures. It gets you interested in hearing more, then drops off leaving me with the impression that if the album develops this sound further, it will be a pleasant experience. But no, in a surprise move the rest of the album delves immediately into darker territory.

‘Zinc Wings’ features percussive stabs, dark ambient textures, bass drops. Things don’t evolve so much as they stagnate in an air of crypt-like solitude and anguish.

‘Creepshow’ is about as frightening as dark ambient music can get. Droning, dis-harmonic and creepy. Sounds like gusts of air blowing through a cave.

The next track is ‘Ferox Equus’, and remains unsettling while adding and subsequently subtracting layers of percussion in the mix in a way that is disjointed and also enthralling. I found this to be my favourite track on the album for this reason. Some of the sounds are like gates opening in hell. Things move of their own accord. It’s Poltergeist: The Musical.

‘Horrors’ is much like the title suggests. Eerie, deep sounds. Something like an old reel of film running… towards the end it begins to sound as though someone holding a mic is being manhandled.

I can’t think of a better release for the month of October than this record, which I thoroughly enjoyed and might have to remember to play loudly out the windows during Halloween. If you want a great example of dark ambient music, you’ll need this album. My only complaint is that many of the tracks are a bit short, but they get where they’re going quickly, so it’s really just a minor complaint. Check it out at the link:

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