Iranon – Painting The Sound (Siro152)

This is the remarkably gorgeous album artwork for Iranon's album Painting The Sound. It reminds me of that part in Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue when Michaelangelo the ninja turtle is trying to tell the protagonist not to do drugs while letting him get sucked through a horrifying, colourful sewer-vortex. The ouroborous-esque thing in the center is a nice touch.

Artist: Iranon
Title: Painting The Sound
Catnmbr: Siro152
Label: Sirona-Records
Keywords: Electronica, Other
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

This was not a recommendation… I used the AURYN to wish for an awesome album to review from the Sirona label and this was the result. Unfortunately, I can’t remember where I live anymore. Iranon is Luc Messina from Demonseed, who has constructed an impressively high quality and complex electronic sound on this work. At the moment it is definitely one of my faves of Sirona’s massive and ever-growing discography.

The 1st track is the titular ‘Painting The Sound’ and it starts with an orchestral blast. Was that from Star Wars!? Ha! Shortly after, dub lasers reverberate and echo into vast space. The rhythms are like a shuffle, almost modular, and comprised of odd electronic sounds. Stabs of synchords come in, followed by plenty of lush, atmospheric pads. Eventually, a prog-style electric guitar comes in, adding a very cool, rolling old school sound, but the track is still modernistic and primarily electronic. I’m reminded a bit of early Tangerine Dream. The beats begin to coalesce into something more groovy and trip-hop while the atmosphere continues to morph and take new shapes and feelings into itself.

The next, ‘Arctic Oasis’, begins with a sequence that, again, reminds me of Tangerine Dream or maybe Jean-Michel Jarre. Slow-evolving soundscapes subtly emerge. I’m loving the simplicity of the bass and drumgroove – they add to the mix, properly backing everything up without detracting or distracting. They are the pace. Listening makes you feel like you’re standing at the edge of some limitless expanse, the jagged contours of mountains break away and are greeted by endless open air. You could jump off and fall forever, into the sound. The bells are simply gorgeous, especially when they are presented in unison with the guitar later on. Then we come back to that groove. It’s the audio equivalent of potentiality, in terms of energy. There’s kineticism, but always more potentiality… something is being held back, edited…

… a liquid bassline and electro-tom grooves make up the beginning of ‘Civilized Insects’. It moves along, sounds shifting and changing. A choir eventually springs forth, ensconced by chirping electronics. Gradually, guitar and snare audibly fight their way up into the mix. Synth leads of a decidedly Final Countdown flavour come in later, making the track feel significantly more epic in scope, like something out of the score of an old Japanese video game. The drums start to pick up, while the track winds down.

‘Nocturnal Trip’ takes us on a strange alien trip. Synthesized electro-vocalizations play while dark pads with a touch of arpeggio do their best to create space. Soon, analogue sounding percussion sequences start up. Magic, minstrel horns enter the mix and then suddenly things speed up eventually exploding into a nice trance-inducing rhythm/synth section.

Wild echoes of synthbeasts and screaming guitars. That’s right, it’s ‘Strange Critters’. It’s like Ummagumma at first, but then beautiful synth pads come in and take you away to a far off island of your imagination, a lingering scent of salty air and coconut. Strange, wondrous creatures continue making bizarre noises before the track closes.

Last, ‘Polar Tribes’, an ambient soundscape. The ambiance gets really pretty over time, eventually giving way to some tribalistic, liquid percussion and drum groove. The shifting ambient textures re-emerge and continue spilling out over everything, until later on highly arpeggiated synth sequences come in that sound like something out of Star Fox. Things take a turn for the acidic after awhile, then everything returns, folding into the ambient soundscape again.

So, my final thoughts are that this album is exceedingly well put together and something you should definitely put on the download. Perfect soundtrack for daytime skygazing. Here’s the link:

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