Julia Van Der Piller – Alternative Awakening (Siro412)

Pictured: the cover of Julia van der Pillers album Alternative Awakening. It would be an alternative for me to awake looking out over such a scenic balcony. Typical would be more like... on the floor looking out over empty bottles and crushing poverty.

Artist: Julia van der Piller
Title: Alternative Awakening
Catnmbr: Siro412
Label: Sirona-Records
Keywords: Electronica, Remix
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

I found a little extra time tonight with which I could think of nothing better than to use a random number generator again to determine another bit of music for review. I felt pretty lucky when I hit the button. It’s like hitting the slots, only you win more often. I don’t know who Julia van der Piller is, but since there are no girls on the internet, I could only conclude it’s a moniker of some kind. Looking a little further into the matter, I discovered that one should not always look too far into matters like these. Here’s a fun message I found on the artist’s MySpace page!

“Hi Julia Van Der Piller, Cities crumble, skies ignite spontaneously in your presence. So charmingly silky, your skin is like a teardrop on a popsickle [sic]. Your eyes show as many deep and full shades of fire as a volcano in heat. Your beauty is multiplexed in contemplation of your multidimensional effervescence. The music that flows from your instruments overwhelms me with creativity. You breath as delicately as vapors flowing towards an attractive flame. I desire to see life through your hallucinations so that they massage my viscera into an eternal state of turgid flux.”

I felt much the same shade of purple, listening to the remixes alone! By the way, I whole-heartedly recommend viscera massages. They’re very turgid. Getting now to the music, which is certainly the most important part of any music review…

Track 1 is ‘Awakening In Empty Room (Derex And 3music Remix 1)’. It starts off bassy, already sonically interesting. When the beats and morpho-hypnotic squelching starts you know you’re listening to something wrought by a skilled artist, unafraid to twiddle knobs. This remix was clearly forged in the metaphorical fires of creativity, as a volcano in heat. It’s charmingly silky, multidimensional and effervescent. Breathy vapors of vocalizations float in and out of the mix. I was flummoxed, cast adrift on the fluvial riptide of sound. Listened to it 1 and 1/2 times through.

Then I had to let myself move on to the next remix. ‘Awakening In Empty Room (EugeneKha Night Mix)’ is a darker experience, very minimal. But, again, sonically it shows it’s expertise. Mutually harmonic sounds fade in and reverberate out, at times it is as though space is being sucked through a straw. My favourite part comes in at 1:59, a filtered little synthesizer line that… complementary in the track to all else, and not sounding out of place or in any place really, it gives you something to focus on as dark ambient textures swirl around it. Eventually, some glitchy clicks sound off and more synth lines, like the whole of reality is breaking down around you… contextual interferences, skies igniting spontaneously… this one was probably my favourite of the 3 remixes.

Lastly, we have ‘Awakening In Empty Room (Derex And 3music Remix 2)’, which is a more multiplexed affair than the previous track. It’s somewhat techno, but utilizing a sort of breakbeat-style programming instead of your usual 4/4 kick – and it’s damn near acidic, like a citric tear on an orange popsicle. Complex, ever-shifting basslines for which the closest references I have might be Jokke Ilsoe, Trentemøller or maybe Laurent Garnier at his best.

Overall opinion? It’s great, danceable, very well produced. Get it. Don’t even think twice. In fact… here’s the link:


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