roMeow – Stoner Keyboard Love (Tape) (Siro436)

This is the album artwork for roMeows Stoner Keyboard Love, and... is that a sexy Anubis? ಠ_ರೃ

Artist: roMeow
Title: Stoner Keyboard Love (Tape)
CATnmbr, lol: Siro436
Label: Sirona-Records
Keywords: Electronica, Trash, Glitch, Dance, Funk-Hop
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Oh, cats. They eat you when you die. They eat all of the time. You are useful to them only for your capacity to bring them more food. But… D’awww, they’re so cute! Like my previous review, this was also decided by random number generator. The artist, known as roMeow, originally put it on tape. This means that I am instantly biased in it’s favour. I will have to listen.

The album itself is just 1 track, clocking in at 29:24. It starts off with a trance-style groove, 4/4 kick with a bass on the off-note. As more synths come in the trance vibe doesn’t disappear, but the track starts to get really good. Thankfully, as I was never a big fan of trance as a genre, at least not where it went musically after people started treating it less like a trance-inducing, slow-evolving thing and more like a one-trick pony for laying gimmicky crap over. Anyway, by the time I hit the 5:00 mark, I was feeling the love. At 5:58, the groove disappears and is replaced with slow horn melodies and another bassline. You start to hear traces of a beat coming in after awhile, and when the track takes off it really goes for it. Here, I’m getting the Egypt vibe a bit… electro-style but still somewhat trancy. Quickly oscillating melodies cascade overhead, often manic. It ends at 13:05, to be replaced by bass hum, then quickly the next track gets started. I like the groove of this one, it’s got more punch in the bass. Still very much trance in the sound. Eventually, what sounds like an electronic reproduction of a violin is put over the top. The next track within this track is more fast-paced, has an almost chip-tune dub sound to it though – probably all the chirping arps! roMeow keeps that off-note bass line going through almost the entire thing, adding to the trance feel. This was my favourite section of the work. Afterward, the section that follows – and the one that ends the record – starts with a bass guitar sound, followed by old-school phaser-laden synth work. The beats here are more like breaks and while the track moves for awhile in a predictable sort of melodic way, eventually a crunchy guitar enters the mix. It really gives this thing an eldritch, 1990s feel. It’s fun, seriously a blast from the past. Tape-noise finishes everything up nicely, I just sort of sat and listened to that for awhile after everything else was over.

So, final word on this… it’s got a vintage sound, not digital-feeling at all, mostly due to the tape that it’s being filtered through. The song structures are solid, the whole thing is heady but danceable, more so in some places… it is maybe a bit too seductive-sounding in others to really make you want to stomp the floor or anything like that. I don’t know if your cat will want to eat it, but you can get it here:

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