SPRag02 (24 pages, Compilation CD-r, 160 print)

Artists: various
title: SPrag vol.2
keywords: underground must have!
format: underground DIY magazine and free compilation CD!
label: SP Recordings http://www.sprecordings.com

First of all, I shouldn’t write a review at this very moment as I am very extremely busy.
But unfortunately I feel like I am hooked on reviewing and can’t simply stop writing before I will go and work on the things I really should have been working on.
The next following product I want to release so badly it hurts is a magnificent underground magazine that already hits the second volume.  This magazine is of course brilliant as it is made by real artists from all over the globe who brings a great selection of interesting writings, essays, reviews and visual explorations!  It also comes with a free CD so when you read the rag you will have something to hear too, which is absolutely awesome! I will come back later on the content of the magazine, but I would like to review the free compilation that comes with it.. so here we go!

Alexander Bianco starts this compilation of with a huge bang that hits you on the head like a massive hammer! It is a track taken from an earlier reviewed work where knives where electrified on high voltage. As a openings tune it sure does it job in kicking ass!

C4 is up next and makes you want to check all your cables or call a specialized ear doctor as panic strikes! Luckily we stay calm as we noticed that the track is indeed in mono and Alexander Bianco didn’t actually break our hearing capability.  Once we are adjusted to this mono sound we hear a calming freaky minimal dance set by the master of this genre. Sweet rhythms that will make one ear jealous and the other one dance while still being attached to your head.
(That is if you are listening to headphones of course..)

Effervecing Elephant by artist W!de REcEIVER keeps the love story between the SP label and Elephants alive. It feels like a wild fieldtrip that takes us into the deep jungle where voodoo doctors are our possible guides.  The Elephant is huge and somehow in pain. We hope to be on time to save this wonderful creature of nature.

With Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli his spoken word track (earlier released on a well-received floppy diskette)
he opens his mind and especially his mouth and tells you his weird opinion that is not so weird at all.
His words are dropped on a nice salad of strange sounds that are like almost frogs in a mud bath. Yet again, definitely not weird at all.

Pollux brings also a track about self-discovery and feels indeed like a fieldtrip for the mind in the foggy dirt. Walking in the dirt and enjoying the view around us, is what this track is (possibly) all about!

After our fresh air RedSK is here to give us a fresh brainwash with some high quality hiss and noise that feels like a nice and thrilling assault. My boots are muddy from all the fieldtrips but with the blasts of RedSK I simply don’t care anymore! Penetrating stuff!

After this we hear the lovely folk-ish track by toth kina hegyfalu coming from their awesome tape release.. (check out the review on the website, it’s a pretty must have!) . This track is soft and well-spoken and gives us the creeps in a positive way.

The people behind SP sure love animals, with its elephant orientation and now suddenly a worm pops up in the supplied artwork. This is a track by toxic chicken, remixed by flat affect from their cute split where they explain (in music) how to build a floppy house. It is freely downloadable and sure a lot of fun.

Also free downloadable is the excellent ‘Music for Mali’ compilation.  This is somehow protest album featuring great artists that express their feelings about a religious group of nut cases banning music in Mali. By banning music, SP sure helps out to still found its way around this idiotic law of music haters. The 9th track of this SPrag free compilation is taken of the Music for Mali release and is a great track that simply is playable in Mali, as it is music that isn’t music! Legendary sounds OsO4 are here to save the day!

Than its Zom-Belle’s Palsy and the excellent choice of a track called ‘hot walk’. This tune is perhaps one of my personal favorites from the free downloadable album ‘Haunted House. An Album that is definitely one of a kind and worth every minute as it will kidnap the listener into an exclusive Japanese horror ride where pleasure and pain goes simply pretty well together.   The hot walk track is basically the beginning of a hot adventure that is as thrilling as a thrill can be! Love it!
(check out more info and the long review of the Haunted House over here…)
or download it directly by clicking on these words.

Swin Deorin brings a light breeze of fresh air with this excellent bright tune that contains uplifiting breakbeats and a yummy acid based production of pure perfection. Also this track comes from a fun EP that is available for download from SPnet. You can read a complete review of this great EP over here: <.<>E<>W,e.wa,e.a,e,w.,e

What an excellent transition from the brightness of Swin Deorin to the extraordinary music by Ech(O).  This is a great track to get to know the work of this queen of experimental lushness with a heart and a voice. Think excellent sound production, sexiness that drips like a never ending form of lust with a choir of angels that brings light inside the depth of a bursting volcano. Very beautiful work and the fact that this track comes from her debut, promises a lot of great things in the coming future! Check a review of the album here, or directly grab this wonderful album as it is free like a bird!

Tommaso Busatto is one of these characters in the underground that you instantly feel connected with. His music works speaks more than written words can do and this track is one of these highlight on this compilation. A dark groovy track that rocks in all its eternal darkness. Especially loving Tommaso Busatto’s voice in this track, that does a great duet with the experimental sounds. And the lovely bombastic guitar that sits like a master in the music really gives it a great vibe that can be played forever.  This brings back memories as well as it looks forward straight into the future. Excellent! Be sure to check the album out over here!

A great thing to hear is caelicus pugna that delivers the bombastic sound of prehistoric dinosaurs in the track called ‘ Lovely Head.’  I can talk hours and possibly days and months about the beauty of where this release comes from. But I recommend everyone just to take a fun read at its written review over here.

Vziel Projet comes in time to defeat the dinosaurs with something Vziel is very skilled at; a great excellent chopped up sound mash up of pure madness. We hear everything and we don’t know what the hell is going on. Crazy things, loops, lots of people doing weird things and all in a very good fun!

Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli returns on the compilation with a wonderful cooperation with Doomettes.
Governmentally wrong  is a epic win in the world of spoken word and experimental music. It feels like Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli hijacks the telephone line of Doomettes and plays with the wires along the way. It is a rhythmic track that highly entertains and sure is something that must be heard for yourself! Pure and uncut!

last but not least is Schnur with  a awesome soundscape that is of a highly industrial kind. A warm basin of slowly melting sounds that spoons through your brain for pure pleasure.
Rusty crackles and steam machines are the instruments of joy and with these wise sounds and knowledge the free compilation that comes with SPrag vol 2 ends..

My personal conclusion of this compilation is that this is a bumpy ride of diverse approaches of music and experimental audio works. A lot of interesting music that teases the listener that is perhaps not fully aware of everything SP is about, in checking out more of the artists involved.
A critical point in me wants to point out that it is a very difficult task to create a compilation from released work of the SP label, as this label is vibrant as hell and covers every possible corner sound and production style. I strongly advise you to check out the tracks and the artists you like and go and buy (or download) the pieces of your flavor for the full experience.. You will be happily surprised and as a child full of joy! Yeah I Know It sucks guarantees it’s full on hard-on quality!

As mentioned earlier this compilation is included free with the must have DIY magazine called SPrag.
This magazine features articles, essay’s, help and advice, reviews, visual explorations and even a recipe how to bake a bread! Basically everything you need to have to enjoy finally a magazine that is something worth having and reading! SPrag is probably the only thing of its kind that I know of at this time and date and is purely underground with underground music and underground culture.
A must have Rag for every job and a excellent read for at the dinner table as well as the toilet. Be sure to have it around when guests come over and of course to spin the free compilation that comes with it! Basically SPrag is a multimedia sensation with music and visual and brain stimulation that is entertaining as well as just plain brilliant!
go and grab yourself a copy!!


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