Psykiatriks – Hop Hop Free Your Mind Mix

Artist: Pyskiatriks
Title:  Hop Hop Free Your Mind Mix
Label: Sirona-Records
Keywords: Hardtek / Tribe / Old School / Mixlive
Reviewer: Justin Coughman

01 – Hop Hop Free Your Mind Mix
Total: (30:41)

Released On

I have to Say This release Releases a Natural Speed In Me. Without even Having a Point of METH. I began To Taste And Feel It. And That is the Truth.
I Abouslety Love this Set And you can See Why. Who Wouldn’t want to Taste And Feel Meth For Free. Well This Music Will Do That Too You.
It’s like the Party Starts and only gets better. As you progress through many Stages and Many Peaks. Its not until The Climax near the end,
That you finally see this Peak We have been building too. It Turns into an Orgasm Or as I like to Call it an Eargasm or both.
Going faster and faster until you finally BLOW. AHHHHHHHHHH!!! THATS BETTER!
Its Like All The Parties in the World Combine to Give You, the listener an Adrenaline, Straight From the Adrenal gland itself. For FREE.
The Music Will Make you Dance.
It Will Make you ALL PARTY.
It Will Make You ALL HIGH.


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