The circulatory System – Country Western Loops Malfunctioning Variation #2

Artist: The Circulatory System
Title: Country Western Loops Malfunctioning Variation #2
cat: Siro331
keywords: country , loops, experimental
format: 320 kbps mp3
label: Sirona Records

Good Day People and welcome back at Yeah I Know It Sucks.
As my ears have being tortured to death today by simply listening to these fine noise releases out there, I thought it was time for some stupidity.
Perhaps stupidity is a harsh word but ‘hey after all the harsh sounds the following release sounds a bit funny.

Basically this whole release sound like some old school country western shit played on a broken record player and externally recorded. If this was not the case in production wise, I suspect that the producer was very high on some excellent weed that makes you high as well slightly retarded.
Basically short loops hang and create something that is extremely funny but also pretty annoying.

Good for a laugh in the trend of burning this shit on a cd and give to a friend.
They will probably think the cd is broken (but if they can’t find a scratch) perhaps would think the player is the cause of the problem. Especially if your friends are also smoking this high grade stuff, it could end up with someone smashing the record player with a hammer.

The music loops consist of some idiotic shit like some cowboy saying ‘very   deeply stained within’,
‘there’s a broken bone’ and the utter funny:  ‘I come home with mud on my feed.’

So what can I say? It’s funny, its stoner material, and it’s annoying..
Time to get high yourself and perhaps sing along with mud on my feed with a stain deep within..
Shit, that I have been listening to this record three times in a row.. What a life!
This is one of these records that actually quit suck, but hey at least it sucks on purpose!
Its somehow fascinating too, as I am still listening to this shit..

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