PL433 – Disagio

Artist: PL433
title: Disagio
cat: Siro511
format: mp3 211 to 320 kbps
keywords: Experimental / Electronica / Noise / Dance / Chiptune
label: Sirona Records

PL433 sure created a attention seeking piece of album art which actually really looks good
and creates the urge to actually listen what is behind this cover.
Perhaps I can only speak for myself as this grabbed my attention in rapid speed with this review as a result. Keep in mind people, even though you release on a net label , good artwork sure is just as important as the musical content.

Anyway I hope PL433 music will be a shot of psychotic madness as the title slightly hints at that.
Blow my brains out with your ray of electronic madness, we so deserve it.
I have to be honest with the people reading every word I write, don’t judge me to seriously as I can only hear the things in pure mono as my speakers have been blown up from an earlier listening session. I still don’t want to let you down or give up reviewing, so here we go!

Like a great book this EP starts with a intro that looks like a recording of a Italian movie with lots of ‘strontso’ comments.. Italian for shit I may believe..

Than the real shit starts and I may have mentioned my bad taste, but I rather am enjoying this crazy stuff. Even listening this in mono brings my head into psychotic dance mood. It’s a blend of experimental acid weirdo stuff that is a lot of fun!  The track is called ‘alienating Current’ and sure will work as a great filter for people who aren’t really into freaky fun.

Random Variable starts of with more nonsense in Italian that funny enough is easy to understand, even not really being familiar with the language. After a short break some nasty odd loop starts and creates some lofi bit punk hop (is it a new genre?) it’s a steady things and I can imagine a live rapper (on ketamine) spitting his or her heart out over this robotic nastiness.

The theme of ‘strontso’ comes back in the next intro and after 30 seconds we are off to 8bit land with digital tomahawks on our heads! We ride along a group of hells angels who instead of driving on motorcycles sit on the back of a family of Yoshi’s. They are the coolest things in 8 bit land and probably deal deadly drugs to its absurd citizens. It hops along as one big loop and I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it.

Magnetic Field in Chaos is the 5th track of this EP and contains a short wonky piece of craziness that rolls along in its noisiness. In between this we hear more Italian craziness and than we hop along to the end of Disagio.

Disago is a very short EP which is fun and probably of a perfect length.
It is probably recommended to know Italian for the funny out takes in the Italian language,
although it’s not that hard to understand while using your logical brain.
But it is a big part of this EP as the ‘musical’ content is really rather short.
Would love to hear more of the crazy experiments perhaps as they seem interesting enough
and smell of a lot of fun.  It didn’t blow my mind away as the cover suggested,
but hell I give this crazy EP thumbs up anyway! The Italians gone love this! ❤


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