Bo & Slimonosaures – Explorations in wonderland EP

artists: Bo & Slimonosaures
title: Explorations in Wonderland EP
cat: RDV012
format: MP3
keywords: minimal, electronica, idm, dance
label: Redevice

Browsing around in the early morning in search for some quality electronica, i came across a netlabel i had never heard of and instantly fall in love with. Its name is “redevice” and  its releases are of a extremely good quality, that deserves some special attention. Counting 12 releases so far, it is clear the label chose quality above quantity, even though there is no label statement or any other information explaining the vision of Redevice.

And who cares about that really? Its obvious they are careful what to release and the works are perfectly suitable for people with a specific taste in the electronica field. the quality music and of course the ability to download it all for free makes me personally feel like Christmas came early this year.

I would love to praise this netlabel even longer but its probably a lot more fun reviewing its latest release.
Artists Bo & Slimonosaures are next to the label a complete mystery to me, but after hearing this work they will be stuck in memorie forever.
the virtual records is called “explorations in wonderland EP” so take some magic mushrooms and enjoy the trip!

Bo delivers the first track on the EP and creates a trippy atmosphere with a beautiful dubby tune that is as warm as a ray of sunlight. This on top of a nice base of programmed white noise and clicks that reminds us of IDM-ish chill out music we so used to love. The warmth created by the low bass and melodic glow works out very well with the dub rhythm. A calming piece of  electronic music to trip and feel good too.

The second track is part 2 of the wanderings “Bo” has created for us. This time it feels like a different approach with a movement of spacey electric sounds that adds a layer of trippyness through the recording.
Slow notes on a detuned piano creates a safe heaven between the sweet dynamics of well made trippy electronica. The Lovely intelligent sound production really transforms this tune into something that lifts up slowly but surely into a world of beauty. The warmth of a french female vocal that is waved in keeps the track human and the melodic ending comes as a never expected surprise. I wish this track was longer as it sure is a beautiful wandering of the mind.The programming skills of ‘Bo’ are highly  interesting pieces of work, that will give every electric chill out fan something to keep and remember.

“Slimonosaures” seems to be a perfect match and takes us where the previous track had left us. A lovely laid back rhythm made of relaxed clicks and computerized sounds and a nice electric drum kit are the basis of this extraordinary work of tripness. Minimalistic synth pads on top creates a excellent atmosphere of dream music.

In the last track Slimonosaures introduced a wobbling baseline that really was exciting as it took the tune into a lift off of psychedelia.
Unfortunately the ending of the track made it seem not worthy enough to mention it before. Lucky for us “Slimonosaures” did notice the well working effect of that wobbling bass and reintroduced it in the next track.
It is called “no room” and builds up rather slowly with extensive use of inter grading sound recordings that launch themselves in outer space.
When the baseline disappears and we are left with this spaced out atmosphere created by obviously stoned recordings we feel a bit lost. Lucky Slimonosaures fades the baseline in again which guides us through the rest of this very minimal production. sometimes less is better but in this case i had expected something more exciting to happen, as it sounds a bit repetitive.

Falko Brocksieper does a great job remixing the first track of this EP in a smooth dance track. Very deep sounds makes me bouncy my head and fly with my dancing shoes in outer space. The melodies of “Bo” are very well integrated and this is definitely a sweet tune that will do well in the dancefloor or anywhere else. I love the returning of the dub feeling inside a straight to the point dance track. Really a fun and exciting tune for these fine high moments. excellent!

It comes not as a huge surprise that Bo and Slimonosaures are french producers, as their electronic sound production is uber sexy and hot. This EP is definitely worth checking out if you are into quality minimal electronica that is not too much in your face. A real joy of programming skills with building ups and downs ending up with a happy feel good ending with brocksieper’s remix. not bad at all and sure smells like fun!
download it here:

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