Various Artists – VK LOBIT COMPO

Artists: Various
cat: SPNet049
format: MP3 Lobit
keywords: Lobit, Electronic, Experimental
label: SP Recordings

Lobit is a genre that doesn’t have any limitations of musical styles or choices.
A track released in lobit encoding environment is always exciting as you have no idea what is going to happen, except that you know it sounds full of warmth and love.
I don’t want to mention its handy effects in rapid download speed, instead of the frustration slow downloads of audio recordings in hifi. But hey I think I just did it. 🙂

In Lobit land anything can happen and is reachable in just a matter of seconds.
Last year we had a lobit festival in the Netherlands, unknown hifi artists experimenting in lobit and shit loads of movements of great lobit producers and its fans!
A big deal of regional lobit artists (and sound artists in general) is based in Russia.
This is simply something Russia can be proud off and the non-Russian can only dream of.

A Russian speaking lobit community called ‘VK Lobit’ (( has done a great job
selecting a great group of  latest lobit hero’s from the regions of the massive country.
Some of them are very well known in my book with legendary names like
MushroomWavved Collar, Jjoth, Razxca, Genetic Trance, Avs_Silvester and Vlad Shegal.
But it’s very good to see more artists on here that I have never heard of.
It totally excites me seeing 13 tracks of pure lobit goodies! kindly released on SPNet for the ultimate free downloading pleasure!

Wane go for a wild ride exploring this compilation? Grab some tissue for some possible eargasms and enjoy!

The artist called ‘?tâm’ opens the compilation with a track called ‘rele∆seme’ It starts with some crackling sounds and when the warm notes comes in I just simply came in my pants.
Cum all over my keyboard when the beat drops and the melodies take me away to wonder land.
What a magnificent track to open with and what a great atmosphere has been created here.
Smashing beats in combination with plain smooth coolness took control of all my senses.
What a great tune and what a brilliant groove that seriously needs to be heard! Super sexy!

After I cleaned up the big mess with the tissue ‘Jeno’ takes over. A awesome layed track called ‘Dreams’ goes directly into my soul. It is haunting track that combines a dragging kind of darkness with laid-back trip hop beats. A warm melody just simply makes your head fly high up in the sky.
What a joy this is!

MushroomWavved Collar’ let me fully enjoy my new headphones with a deep spacey track called ‘bb-b-beach’ It is also quit in the trip hop zone but more experimental to the core, with its use of great sound effects that will simply astound the listener.

one of these fine artists names on this compilation is ‘äåòñêèé êîìñòðóêòîÒ
and you will be very surprised when you hear its contribution to this compilation. It is called ‘nizverzhenie’ and is absolutely lovely It feels like a classical masterpiece but made with non-classical sounds. It gives me the feeling that if Mozart of any other classical composer was born in Russia and had the opportunity to play around with electronic devices, something cool like this would have come out… But after a second thought, Mozart and co seem rather boring personality’s compared to äåòñêèé êîìñòðóêòî. From organic melodies to a madness in noise, this is really a brilliant piece of music!

Sunshine Weekend’ brings a lovely piece of experimental music that works pretty fine in stimulating the higher pleasure centers of the brain. ‘Little Timmi & LSD (LB)’ is a slow and deep track that is at the same time bright. A perfect example how a lobit encoding can make warm music even warmer.
Really a nice piece of experimental music.

from the very first notes I recognize the music of ‘Avs_Silvester’ . I cannot deny that I simply adore his musical output as it always delivers a great psychedelica vibe I completely fell in love with.
This track is outstanding in its producer quality as it combines a lot of different elements and brings its all together in an intense track of psychedelic joy.
A filtered voice that sound like it comes out of a didgeridoo, a acoustic guitar, percussion and perhaps a synthetic keyboard? A harmonica? I am not sure what my ears are hearing, but what I am sure of is that this track really works. It really creates a wicked atmosphere of spiritual beauty. Excellent!

Legendary sound artist ‘Razxca’ donates a bit of his genius with the track ‘blast yogonanda’ . It is a short track, but certainly convincing that there is only one Razxca out there and that is Razxca!

To let the world now these fine people sure know how to party, there is ‘Toxic Resurrection’.
Releasing pure breakbeat/jungle/madness into your ears that sure makes your feet dancing in hyper speed. In the meantime the artist feeds you Russian counter culture and will sure entertain you for the rest of the ride!

another big star in the underground scene is ‘Genetic Trance’ he delivers a excellent track that is based on a heavy baseline. A cool beat takes this track away into the depth of midnight driving.
This grooves and moves into a track that makes Michael Knight from nightrider fame looking like a American pussy. It reminds me a bit of the track ‘a Forrest’ by the Cure, but of course 500 percent different! Excellent work!!

Space Squeal’ takes the compilation into the deep depth of madness. Think bombastic experimental insanity, that sounds as wonderful as it is crazy. Bombastic animals have taken over your stereo and you will simply enjoy this fact very mutch!

‘I see You Drowning’ is the title for a track by [dying:dust]/ It sound like a soundscape of multiple field recordings and keeps the listener on its toes until the end. Sometimes silence pops in, sometimes footprints.. This track is as mysterious as it can get, and is for sure a excellent example of audio art that thrills the mind from the start. We hear some television, a few dogs barking in the distance (which is almost the same as the news on the television) and then we are off to the next track..

Vlad Shegal’ is one of these names that pop up on a regular basis with lots of quality and original music pieces. This time he simply delivers again with a track called  ‘Call Of The Jungle’
A slow moving piece that creates a atmosphere of a walk in a electronic jungle. Breakbeats in the depth are forming sounds of animals and insects. A heartbeat comforts your ears that wherever Vlad will take us, it will always be made with care and love.

one of the main artists in the field and also owner of the best possible lobit netlabel ‘8Ravens’ is the person who got the honor to end this compilation ‘Jjoth‘. And with an amazing track he does this! ‘Persophone’s Pearls’ is simply beautiful to say the least. Warm melodies that even though at times sharp are simply music that will charm every girl on the planet. Who needs diamonds if you have a Persophone’s pearls? Simply a wonderful piece of music on a extremely good compilation!

I can say some more words about lobit and how wonderful this all sounds,
but instead I want to highlight that this is just a very good and cool compilation!
Excellent music, wonderful collection, and a great vibe all together!
Melodies to melt your heart in, psychedelica to enjoy your trips with, and entertaining pieces of experimental music that are just thrilling! Really a brilliant compilation that really deserves to be downloaded and burned on cd’s all around the globe!
Big up!!! And be sure to download this here:::

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