Antoine Young – Childhood In The Wood

artist: Antoine Young
title: Childhood in the wood
cat: Siro417
keywords: Electro / Breakbeat / Trance / Other
format: mp3 256 kbps
label: Sirona Records

We from Yeah I Know It Sucks love nature and its creatures. From butterfly’s to lions and of course ducks & chickens. Unfortunately there are also a few bugs we are not so fond off. The nasty cockroaches and the biting red fire ants for example, we sure could live without. Why this mental mumbling before starting to review the next album? Well it seems like artist “Antoine Young” “s album made me think of the intriguing Wood Termites.
The title of the album “childhood in the wood” just simply created this whole Disneyesque story of a termite growing up in the wood. Perhaps a table or a nice tasty wooden cupboard? It is sure an original and cute idea to donate a album to these little wood eaters, and i bet their tiny ears will be thrilled!

The first track is called ‘We Are Legion’ which is also officially correct in the termite world. Although the music is probably not mend for humans, we will take a listen anyway! It is crazy, freaky and makes you want to be a termite!
Dancing with six funky legs through the tunnels deep in the wood! Funky baselines, fun sounds and really a lovely production that will make you smile and move your ass. It sounds like a funky party and love the wobbly baseline that will make every cupboard into a party! Really fun stuff!

The second track brings our little friends to Jupiter, and of course the French people have already moved over there to greet us. And glad they did that as they brought the good electronic dance vibes with them! As well as croissants and good wine. The music is difficult to explain but it is simply a lot of fun with a lot of stuff going on, that still keeps the technoid freak in a happy mood. Really cool stuff with sexy Jupiter-ish melodies and above all off the wall cool baselines and beats.

I mentioned before my love for chickens.. I forgot to mention I like dogs too..
But Antoine Young knows exactly what we want and need and delivers a wonderful track called ‘Chicken Beat’. It makes you into a freaky dance machine and after some French woman has a speech about the chicken, we all walk in a row pecking the floor and moving our tiny chicken wings!
This is sure a lot of fun! So much things going on, but without disturbing the basic feeling of what makes electronica into a dance feast.
I maybe high, but I simply can’t deny that I love this!

Oik Oik… I have no idea what it means but the following track is sweet as chocolate cookies. A tasty sound that supply’s the baseline and melodies and a lovely freaky beat really gets my head dancing. The termites come out and show off their dance moves for all of us humans to see! Freaky fun is where Antoine’s record is all about! It gets crazier and crazier and it works sooo well! Awesome!

‘Rise Up’ is the last track of this release and is also the longest. It starts of like a trippy dance track of the best grade and I am smoking it with delight.
It is probably the most steady track of the album but moves like river into outer space. Packed with samples that simply create a wonderful dance track that will do well at any party. Rise up is its message.. Rise up and dance!
Malcolm X sings and freaky acid sounds really lift us up into oblivion.
Excellent stuff!

Conclusion ? I wish I had the childhood of a termite! As it sure as hell sound like the most fun way of growing up EVER! I am very glad to tell you that humans will enjoy this album too and you don’t need to have 6 pair of legs to dance your ass off. 2 legs will do fine! ❤

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