Once Where Ghosts – Transient Silence

artist: Once Where Ghosts
title: Transient Silence
cat: Siro442
format: mp3 320 kbps
keywords: Post-Rock / Indie / Ambient
label: Sirona Recordshttp://sirona-records.com/

You know these days that it rains continuously outside and you just don’t feel like going out of bed? Sometimes we are lucky and can actually give into that feeling by hiding under the warm blankets and sleep the day away. These lucky moments in time reminds me of the atmospheric EP of “Once Where Ghosts”. It is a very short release with its six minutes in length, but funny enough it doesn’t sound short at all. It contains 3 tracks that would be the perfect soundtrack to skip these rainy days and seek comfort in the music as well as the luxury of a warm bed. Warm melodies played on a guitar will warm you up and protect you from the bad weather outside. A warm keyboard sets more tones of cosines and together it makes the perfect company to spend your lazy day with.
With music like this on the background (on repeat) and a warm bed and a roof on the head, I wouldn’t really mind if it would rain forever.

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