Peppermint Pony + Pogohm – Split The Spliff (Siro464) = *Iforgotmymathformulas*

The colours! Its the artwork for Peppermint Pony and Pogohms Split The Spliff.

Artist: Peppermint Pony + Pogohm
Title: Split The Spliff
Label: Sirona-Records
Cat#: Siro464
Keywords: Micromusic, Techno, Lobit
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Yeah, I Know It Sucks, but this split by Peppermint Pony and Pogohm is pretty short… luckily, it is also sweet, like a quality spliff – as well as being a good example of lobit dance music that makes you want to bust a groove. Or bust your ass trying to groove, whichever comes 1st.

The first 3 tracks are by Peppermint Pony and they begin with ‘LCD Of The Dead’ which is really more like a teaser than anything, some really groovy lobit electro chiptune.

After this is ‘Haunted Hooptie’, a ridiculous chip melody with noisy chip/electro breaks.

The next track is ‘Snake Snack’, which reminded me of a game I used to have on my old NES, Snake, Rattle & Roll… that game was stupidly challenging when I was like, 6 or 7 years old. Not as bad as Marble Madness, maybe.

The last track, ‘サイヤ人’ by artist Pogohm, is arguably the strongest of the four, and my personal favourite here. It’s an upbeat techno track that begins with the… internet-famous clip from Dragon Ball Z. Yeah, you know the one. The low bit rate doesn’t feel at all intransigent to the overall sound as lobit (done badly) often can, and it’s not harsh as it somewhat was with the Peppermint Pony work. It pumps up the jams like it’s 1989… it’s also the longest in length, clocking in at 11:03.

You should check this out, it is a lot of fun. The only (slight) downside is that the sound player on the page wasn’t working correctly, so you’re basically just going to have to trust me and download it for your enjoyment. Here’s a link, to that end… and don’t forget to split that shit!

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1 Response to Peppermint Pony + Pogohm – Split The Spliff (Siro464) = *Iforgotmymathformulas*

  1. giftige_kip says:

    nice one!

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