Execution Support Act – As The Inhabitants Slept

artist: Execution Support Act
title: As The Inhabitants Slept
cat: SPNet14
format: mp3 320 kbps
keywords: harsh wall, noise
label: SP Recordings http://www.sprecordings.com/

execution support act is a project i personally not know a lot about. Is it a group of local housewives that comes together every Wednesday afternoon to play cards, knit socks, eat cookies and talk the latest execution gossip? i understand their stand on support for execution but still would love to know more about this group of lady”s and what kind of execution they are into. i mean nowadays you can execute someone with a sandwich, a inside of a jar of peanut butter and of course the electrified wheelchair, hanging or a more creative way.. anyway listening to this release doesn’t give away any of this information BUT i have to confirm you that they execute this 12 minutes of harsh wall of noise pretty damn well. Its cleaner than chopping someone”s head of and actually is really not a bad piece of sound.

Play it very loud on your speakers for the best result and you can actually see and touch that wall of noise this group have created for you  on one of there fine meetings.
It is not the kind of aggressive noise as you perhaps should had expected from a group with such a name, but actually i am happy for that. Its like a stable slow moving snowstorm continuous wall sound that as long as it plays would make your hair dance in the wind. It can also do a great job for when you are in need for a ambient track at a after party. the kind that you want to please everyone”s ears with without too much focusing on music genre dilemma”s. A sound that is very present but yet not too much to chit chat about when serving the left over guests some salty crisps and slices of home baked chocolate cookies.
i just saw that this Execution Support Act comes from the UK so perhaps we can add some English tea with our cookies too! mmm i fancy a cup of tea myself! and why not some bacon and eggs too? Just add a little execution in between and we will all be happily pleased and entertained with contempt belly’s of joy!
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