Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & Consistency Nature – Space Between Scorpions

artist: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & Consistency Nature
title: space between scorpions
Catalog: MBR-184/2012
format: mp3 40 kbps
Keywords: Lobit dark Ambient, Drone, Noise Ambient
label: microbit records

Artists Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & Consistency Nature team up for a split that almost cannot go wrong! these two sound professionals are the topping of the best cakes in town and i look forward to the music flavors!

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt starts this record with a full on soundscape that creates some kind of mythological forrest atmosphere.
I hear sticks of wood breaking under neath our shoes while we are exploring the damply woods. Somehow there is mist in the air too and when we realize we have lost our way back, the green of nature surrounds us. Sean Derrick Cooper Marquandt sound production speaks to the imagination of the visual thinker and creates somehow a magical though scary environment of wild nature. Where are we? what are we doing here? and why did we ever followed that nice guy into this creepy Forrest? a lot of questions arises and the sound artist doesn’t give us any clues or a happy ending.
Shall the next track safe us or shall we be lost forever?

as the first tones of Consistency Nature sets in i am curious what this all means? is this just a part of my imagination? suddenly from out of nowhere we are in some kind of transportation machine. sometimes it remind my ears of a moving train with a incredible speed and sometimes it reminds me of something more in the trend of a alien vessel. it increases speed and there is no escape. we are traveling in pure darkness or i cant open my eyes correctly. whatever the problem is, i must be stuck in some strange cargo area of a moving object..  and the bloody thing doesn’t contain no windows! the quick fade out at the end doesn’t give me any feeling of a happy ending any time soon..

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquandt creates a soundtrack that fits perfectly to the previous track which seems to create the whole death trap experience even more hopeless. This sound like we are still stuck in the belly of that metallic beast without windows but it isn’t moving anymore. It is doing something, but my ears have no idea what it could be. From being lost in a spooky Forrest to kidnapping by some kind of unknown transportation system that doesn’t contain no ability”s to escape.. what the hell is going on my mind thinks..

Is there a sign of life or perhaps a sign of hope in the last track? The tones Consistency Nature brings are a nice balance of disturbance and comfort. We hear some warm things as well as some drastically more sounds that makes my head panic. Is this all a illusion? Suddenly the heavy bass sounding sounds make the floor shake and i have a feeling that this is the sound of an unidentified flying object and we as the listener are simply trapped inside it. lifting up through the crushing sound barrier and nothing to hold on too. the floors and walls are shaking but still everything seems to be in total blindness. It is a exciting experience although also frightening at the same time. Everything still shakes and moves until suddenly… pure weightlessness! what the hell happened? and before we can enjoy our new experience to float around in a UFO in total darkness it seems like our journey didn’t come to an end just yet. here we go again but it feels like we have landed somewhere and drive or float in a different direction. after more traveling it seems like we have come to a standstill and my mind wanders if this is actually indeed a ufo or the belly of some alien life form.
.. or is it just a dream slash a nightmare and are we just sleepwalking in some dusty corner of the attic? no questions are answered in this release but it sure is a experience that is sorted out by these two artists.

This release is not for the faint heart-ed as the visuals generated by these soundscapes can seriously generate a panic attack. the last title track contains a word that simply fits to describe this split more precisely: “the isolationist” .
I think that is what i personally felt while listening to this sound adventure. Isolated and deprived from light inside a giant unknown object”s belly. it wasn’t a funny ride but was more of a science fiction action drama kind of feel! no time to eat popcorn while this movie for the mind is playing!

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