Xtematic – Beautiful Negative

Artist: Xtematic
title: Beautiful negative
cat: SPCD21 &  SPCD21eu
format: CD
keywords: dark ambient, soundscape, noise, harsh noise, science fiction..
label: SP Recordings http://www.sprecordings.com/

SP and SPeu (the European version of this label) has released a monster.. well perhaps not a real monster but they for sure unleashed something on a crafty CD. It is the work of Xtematic which is a bloody good ride for everyone who need some good excitement in their boring lives.
It is called Beautiful negative’ and even though the title not really suggest it, but this release is something deeper than just that. It feels like a movie without the movie.. But the movie will be screened inside your mind while listening to this record. Dim the lights or just spin it in total darkness for the full on mental effect. Beautiful Negative is a story that will bring the listener deep down in space where anything can happen.. if you like science fiction and noise than perhaps cancel your regular movie night and order this copy for a good night of action and fun!
Read no further if you don’t want to encounter the spoilers….

‘Nightmares from future’ is the first track on this cd and hoovers our ears up with the introduction of a nightmare. Out of pure silence comes this incredible force of total destruction. It builds up very slowly and before you realize it the whole place is covered with the most beautiful form of audio filth.
Clouds of darkness filling up your bedroom and sneak into your ears and nose to supply you the toxic poison that Xtematic so carefully have crafted for you. It excites my ears to know that the nightmare has just begun and I can’t wait to hear the bloody rest!

The next tune is called ‘ the truth not exist’ and starts with a calm noise vibe that transforms into something  you would not expect. In a magnificent way Xtematic molds your ears for something deep, a feeling that goes beyond your imagination. Beyond space and nightmares. It is a dark place but yet also exciting. A warm production of deepness that could have been made with reconstruction of field recordings of some kind, but to be honest no sound is recognizable which leaves everything up to our own imagination. I imagine being inside a black hole (no not that kind of black hole..) but you know the ones you find in space.
“dead field transmission’ makes me feel right with the acknowledgement that we are indeed deep done in space. We hear radio signals of lost and forgotten astronauts, space junk that floats around and a tension that reminds me of that space movie Stanley Kubrick made but I forgot the name of it..
The tension that you feel in this track makes it into a nice experience of being trapped in the cosmos of doom.

With ‘Para ermosa negativa’ the producer takes us for a right.. or perhaps I should write ‘ a flight’ .
We hear the engines of our craft and our stupid space suits are not really sound proof. Are the engine’s burning? Are we hitting another craft? Are we hitting space junk or did we just encountered alien contact that not sound so friendly? Whatever is going on in this soundscape it is action non stop! Burning fire, and some octopuss creature that screams something untranslatable.. I am sorry in a earlier review Alex Spalding told us that in space nobody can hear you scream.. but this release and especially this track proofs the total opposite! Exciting!

The next track that Xtematic has prepared for us is called ‘Tempest (Xtematic Deeper Rework) and this starts with a smooth clear space track that seems consistent in its deepness. It evolves like the producer has mastered so wickedly into a sound from the deepest space no human (and even the captain kirk on lsd experience) have ever gone before…

from the deep space we are suddenly slapped in the face by the ‘Pain Of My Soul’ track. We are moving out and that means we hear the engines blasting and burning, the whole ship shakes and moves like a craft that can collapse any minute.  Does the ship hold in these bad circumstances?

we will hopefully find out in the next track called ‘0’. And believe it or not this must be my favorite track on this wicked album of pure space nostalgia. We are in damage, the ship is under attack and there is no way to safe ourselves so it may seem. The alien octopus creatures brought their family’s and our ship is into an incredible mess. Scraping noises, the walls are collapsing, the engine trying its best but something blocks it from running smoothly away from this mess. We are trapped in hell in space but have no time to think about it. So much bloody things going on and your crewmates are going literally crazy from mental-ness. Which button to press in case of an emergency? Oh my fucking Goth ‘0’ is full on hardcore noise action that feels like a really great space movie  and this is the part that everything  goes terribly wrong. It is exciting, penetrating and above all complete madness.. There is no end to this terrorized moment and my hands are sweaty from total panic and fear. If Henry Collins or whatever his name is (that bloke from Black Flag) praises noise, he should definitely take a peek at this track! F*cking hell! this is some harsh stuff that my ears pop with good layers of hidden sounds and we hear our crew members just simply chilling out mentally while all these crazy shit is going on. This is probably the hardest noise I have encountered and I was properly taken by complete surprise.. I had not expected this to happen and the sweat dripping of my forehead from fear proves it… WOWAKEDOWA!!! ‘0’ fucking means perfection!

in the last track called ‘Tehom’ we are reassured that we have indeed survived the incredible terror of the previous damaging action that we were so thrilled about. This is a calming track.. Perhaps I have no legs no more and am squashed in my broken spaceship listening to the sounds of silence and deep space.. Waiting for my time to die?

Conclusion? Conclusion?! Oh my freaking goth this is a wicked cd that listens away like you are in some kind of science fiction movie that is full with hardcore action. Not porno, but pure violence.
Xtematic not give you any clue of what will happen and is a master of slowly transforming scenes and surroundings. From the opening to the end this is a very exciting release of well thought of noise that can seriously give you a adrenaline rush like no other thing can give you! Pure exciting and definitely the movie I wanted to watch! Mentally brilliant!

grab yourself a copy at SP and enjoy the wild ride!

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