Hertzcanary – Birds just wanna have fun fun fun

artist: Hertzcanary
title: Birds just wanna have fun fun fun
cat: 20k295
keywords: electronic, glitch, experimental, dance, idm, gansta birds.
format: ogg lobit
label: 20kbps http://20kbps.sofapause.ch

Birds just wanna have fun fun fun is the all saying title of this wicked release by Hertzcanary. Behind this genius title is a complete album of the same outstanding kind. There is only one Hertzcanary and she sure knows how to translate fun fun fun in a record! released on 20kbps for totally free and dam nit if you have the time to read this review over here while not download this and spin it while reading along? With its lobit encoding it just takes a couple of seconds and trust me these seconds are bloody well worth it! if you wane understand birds better of course or just wane have a lot of fun yourself! Click here to download<—

The intro is short and sexy, so let’s skip directly to track 2. This is sexy too , even hot! it feels a bit like a horny gangsta rap track without the rap or the gangsters but sure as hell wane make you rip off all your clothes and turn up the heather! Hot and sexy indeed and that is where these birds are all about! We hear male attention (dogs barking) and the birds lifting up their feathers to show some naked skin! Feverish dance fun that will turn you on!

the third track proofs yet again who is the boss in glitchy groovy fun land! Miss Hertzcanary that is and we love and adore her because she makes everyone dance their asses of! This track is wicked, it got soul, it got grooves and sucks you in like a tasty ice Popsicle. Funky fresh beats that simply transform for the greater good to bounce your head on. Make sure to spin this at a party for some wicked scenes of stoned dancing!

Telephoning with bass is the translated title of this track and this is a gangsta style bird track, that calls its prey to come over for a original party! The bass is present and so are the beats (and a Jamaican drug dealer too?)

‘Cyanotic feet lovers” is a track that is created in the professional laboratory of Hertzcanary with the well worked out intention to get these human feet moving like ballet dancers on ketamine! Cool shit that is crazy as well as it is good fun to dance too. it ends with a little chill pill, which is always good to have at a wild party like this one..

Now it’s time for some good loving’ music. This is a rap anthem with the rap deep in the music as it is un superior than the lovely melodies and music created over here. Oh goth don’t we just love these catchy sing along tunes when being mellow of these fine chill pills? this track will be stuck in your brain forever! (And trust me, that’s a good thing!)

“Repetitive and” is the next tune and especially the “and” is represented here.. This is funky stuff that is as deep as the deepest drug fuelled dance music can possibly go. this bird is totally in the mood and we love it! Freaky stuff to get hypnotized by and feel good while dancing around the room with all your fucked up friends. This is the sound of the underground that is (don’t you people forget it!) a lot of mad fun! This track moves nonstop and is totally the shit for any party hearty fuelled tarty!
fun fun fun!!

With “these works” Hertzcanary even managed to add some cocktail of speed in the mix of pure fun and madness! Run around the table everybody! run and blow your flutes! Wear your socks as ear accessories and get out the rubber hammers! Run and dance and be happily insane! Birds just wane have fun and if you hear this you will have shit loads of fun too! Completely crazy!!

Then what’s up? we hear a magnificent piece that is the end of the live performance Hertzcanary so kindly created for our pleasure. She simply throws us in the toilet and flushes us all away! Jolly goodness!

when all the party wannabe ‘s are flushed away Hertzcanary is back to work again in her lab of crazy sound production. she likes it when her plans work and drinks a bottle of jack Daniels while pushing the buttons of her machine.. until next time, party poopers.. she mumbles as mad geniuses do.. until next time!

hertzcanary kicks your funky ass!
grab your fun fun fun over here::


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1 Response to Hertzcanary – Birds just wanna have fun fun fun

  1. OBSysteme says:

    This artist is good stuff ! Hertzcanary never does wrong.

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