Sascha Muller – Untitled (7-INCH Vinyl)

Artist: Sascha Muller
title: Untitled
cat: SMSM1.01
format: 7-INCH Vinyl in black (100 copies)
keywords: Acid , Techno
label: Psychocandies

After many digital releases and the floppy disks and music on CD’s I thought today to do something different. It has been a very long time ago that I have seen a record spin around on a table but today is the day that miracles will happen. After receiving this release I was rather surprised as this excellent looking piece of black vinyl came as an undercover floppy disk.
I love floppy’s and I can’t deny that I like vinyl too especially if it is filled up with acid!

Let us no longer waste any time and let’s spin this record like a boss.
Side A gets us in the mood directly. No introductions, no mercy. Welcome in the Acid zone! Old school acid that with its pounding rhythm and slow movement is trippy as f*ck and makes us dance in a killer way.
The track got something of a twisted character inside, like a ghost in the machine hiding between the uplifting tones of acid woofers.
The layers of acid do a great work lifting you up like a fresh shot of adrenaline! Sascha Muller’s work goes directly into your veins and creates you in to a state of highness. A full on production that has one thing on its mind; dance till you die! Killer on Acid style!

The other side of this vinyl leaves no time to rest as the rhythms simply picks us up and push us back to the dance floor.  It sound a bit more lighter than side A but when your mind hits the right connection you will be hopelessly dancing around in pure trippy-ness.  A nice menacing sound that fly’s around in the mix that creates a giant depth in the mix is good fun for psychedelic moments. The acid never stops moving and Sascha Muller knows how to add all the right elements to make this dance party in to a complete drugged up happening. Uplifting, trippy and even sexy!  The track is a perfect directed one and the producer inserts nice elements and perfect breaks that just sucks the party people in another state of conciseness.  Unfortunately the time limit on vinyl has run out and that means the song fades out rather quickly. It should have gone on forever and ever. As a Deejay I think it would be best to buy two of these records so you can actually spin this track forever by mixing them together.

If good old school deep acid techno is your thing and you are ready for some psychedelic action, than this is definitely something for you!  It will lift up your mood like you are on fire. Remember Acid is good for you and so is this delicious record!

get yourself a copy over here:
or check here for a pre listen (while you order the copy 🙂 ) –>>

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