StruKtur – Non Ame

Artist: StruKtur
title: Non Ame
cat:  Siro521
format: mp3 320 kbps
keywords: Noise / Electronica / Techno
label: Sirona Records

Oke baby here we go! No time for bullshit! Press play and get hypnotized by StruKtur!
The first track name is of no importance as the rhythmic beat gets you in its grip and drags you in a hypnotic state of trance. Is this rhythmic noise? House? Minimal freaky techno? Whatever it is we from Yeah I Know It Sucks completely love this shit! It is a success formula of the minimalistic kind that sounds still raw like a rebel. It starts with a base kick, adding some well-placed sounds and distorted house sound of some kind. Throw in this soup a low base that sits deep in the mix and dance your fat ass all around wherever you are. This is sexy! This is Hot! Why not dance against a pole? Why not press your sexual organs against your mother in law and shake that booty?
Now is the time, now is the place! StruKtur gives Thumbs up and a seal of approval, who can resist this hypnotic nastiness? If this all isn’t enough StruKtur adds a fine nasty noise sound that (believe it or not) is a pleasure for the ear and really makes the listener in a raving mad baboon!

The second track makes me happy! As it takes over the wonderful effect that Struktur had created earlier. We hear rhythmic warm noises that are perhaps loopy, but incredibly groovy. Of course to the delight of our insane needs StruKtur adds a little bit of acid under our tongues!  Hoppa! After a toilet break for about a second we are ready to move like fanatic crazy people! This is trippy and this is excellent! I am sorry to praise this shit in to heaven, but I really enjoy it! It is great shit to dance on and even music to work on.. It is fun, and makes you happy and I love the slices of wonkeyness that are added in this crazy mix. It reminds me a bit of listening to a rave when actually being so close to the speaker that you are actually raping your ears.. Of course you are so high on whatever you swallowed earlier and can’t simply stop dancing to this funky shit! And trust me this track gets me in my ravers soul and around 6 minutes StruKtur makes sure you will not be able to sit still! Oh yeah and oh FUCK YEAH! Bit hip hop Hooray for that funky noisy shit!!

and after the second track it is of course time for the third tune! Lucky for us it is still in the rhythmic zone.. It is perhaps less raw than the previous things .. haha what am I saying? When the bass and the high sounding sound rolls in it is still as raw and funky as fuck! This is the music you would like to hear late at night on the radio while driving home in someone else their car…
You know to experience the feeling of ‘Oh Yeah! What Is This Channel? Pump Up The Volume! Oh Yeah!’. These kind of moments are very rare, so if you are a radio deejay who plays records in the middle of the night that nobody normally doesn’t tune in to: give this record a bloody spin! And make the lucky birds that tune into this radio station wet genitials by playing this excellent stuff!

The last track is ‘OOOOOO’ and makes your head roll around with its loopy noise that sucks you deeper and deeper in the psychotic trip shit of StruKtur. It id moving, the loopsare changing in sound frequencies and this is yet another classic master piece of the stuff I personally love to hear on my wonky ears. Fuck music with horns and keyboard riffs and melodies, this is the essence, the purity of what some dance music should do.. Hypnotise the listener, don’t be too cheesy and creates some trippy noisy shit with balls that goes through the bones of your lame body! Dance to this shit until the end and repeat it all over again! Chapeau! I will sign up for the fan club!

tune in to this noisy madness:

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