Emaciated Waste – Door To Door Drug Dealer

artist: Emaciated Waste
title: door to door drug dealer
cat: TFR550
keywords: grindcore, cybergrind, gore grind, truth and dare!
label:Torn Flesh Records http://archive.org/details/tornfleshrecords

Sometimes you find out that the underground netlabel scene is so huge, that it can be a bit frightening. Today hopelessly lost in the depth of free netlabel land i came across Torn Flesh Records. a netlabel that warns the potential new listener that it is a label that is morally and musically distorted. If you get offended by acts as violence, pornography, horror, and other obscenities they advice you not to dig deeper. I totally appreciate the to the point and discrete warning for young and naive minds and founded a release of Emaciated Waste that consist of six very short tracks to see if my head is sick enough to take it. lets enjoy this madness all together ❤

in the first track we hear a very extreme version of a friendly game of Truth Or Dare among great friends. Listening to This game made me some how a bit uncomfortable and that was probably exactly the vibe that the creators of this track wanted to accomplish! I Dare you to listen to this album!

Roll the devilish drums, the earthly grunts from deep down below and blast those riffs of hell! Some superb track that mixes harsh grindcore with some kind of sick story that continuous the game of Truth and Dare. Short but definitely thrilling stuff!

after a scene of  maniacal laughing we get right back in the grinding madness! “crazy is mild” contains aggression squeezed in a couple of sexy seconds that will blast your head away with sadistic grace! fuck yeah!

after a cute girl daring someone to cut his chest open we hear the rising of the beast in its cybergrind glory!
grunting from the centers of the earth in combination of raw grindcore that will slice your throat by surprise!

“knifing my neighbors” is pure mental-ness that would obviously be a great soundtrack for these pleasurable moments of stabbing the people who live next door. And of course we from Yeah I Know It Sucks distance ourself from violence, but hell neighbors are in general nasty and curious , noisy creatures that sometimes deserves some shiny silverware in their chests…

the “outro” reminds us that we have witnessed the Truth or Dare session and i think we hear some neighbor in pain before the whole EP comes to an end.

Difficult to make a review or a overall opinion on this release as i am normally not so familiar with this genre. But as unbiased honest reviewer i would say that this release is one that is perhaps short, but will certainly make you feel sick or somehow disturbed by this continuous game of Truth or Dare. I have no idea if this is recorded by Emaciated Waste or sampled from some crazy 80 horror sniff movie.. but whatever the case of its origin, it works extremely well with the nasty blasts of ultra violence squeezed in wonderful seconds! if you are into disturbed mental ness than this is probably a short EP for your delight!
The release comes with a free downloadable pdf booklet that dares you to share and spread the music!
And why not?

Experience this extra ordinary game of twisted Truth or Dare by Emaciated Waste over here:

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